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Riding in Cars with Boys.

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Posted 24 June 2011 - 09:02 PM

Riding in Cars with Boys.

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I never really liked cars.

Which was weird, because my dad owned a lot of them. So I have been around them my whole life and yet, I still despised being the driver or passenger in any moving vehicle. They just had this weird smell, especially when they are new, or old. Basically at anytime they just smelled wrong to me.

I still rode in cars, I am not psychotically scared of them. I even own a car; but if I had the choice, a car would not be my number one pick. It wouldn't even crack the top five.

Apart from my car issues, I had a fairly normal life. There were family problems, sibling envy and boy trouble.

Every girl has a life like that right?

I never thought that leaving for a few months would change things the way that it did. Europe is said to change your life in a better more educational way, at least that's what the brochure ensured.

Starting my senior year, with a culture experience like the ones I found abroad was supposed to make me more mature, worldly and confident. Dad thought the trip might even conquer my car issues, riding around in the little cabs and such. It didn't, I was still the same person.

But I never thought I would spend so much time, riding in cars with boys.


Hey Guys! It's me, again.

This is my new story (obviously) and I have been working on it for a while now. I have a reasonable amount written, but I will only be updating once-twice a week. Life is so hectic right now.

I hope you like it! Comment would be love :)

Chapter 1 coming TUESDAY (My time) :)

Georgie :)

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#2 papercut


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Posted 24 June 2011 - 09:24 PM

Hey this sounds really cool!!

Can't wait till your tuesday

May not be able to read it then though


i'm in singapore on a school trip

but it will be the first thing i do when i have internet again!!

mel :)
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Posted 24 June 2011 - 09:28 PM

I just cannot wait to read this!

I see the youve edited the prolouge and EUROPE! hehe
love the idea!
Update soon!

P.S Did you get mr email back? my yahoo acc. has been acting up lately if not please tell me I'll do it again!

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Posted 24 June 2011 - 09:36 PM


Hi (:

So, obviously I adore anything written by you. I'm especially excited about this though since I know you've written some and you won't ditch it. RIIIIGHT? (((:

Anyways. Love it <3 Can't wait till you update Tuesday your time. Haha.


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Posted 24 June 2011 - 11:13 PM

This sounds like it'll be awesome!

Why do you have to make us wait til Tuesday though... :(

Oh well, at least I now have something to look forward too! :D

xxxx, Suze :heartbeat:

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Posted 25 June 2011 - 01:22 AM

Mel: thankyou!
Oh that's okay! Your school trip sounds so much better than my first chapter :) I hope you have a good time!

Anshi: Thanks honey! You have already read the first chapter i think, at least the first draft. But I hope you will still love it. :)

JAMIE!!: Aw, thankyou! I adore you! And yes, I already have the first 3 chapters complete and I WILL finish this one.

Suze: thankies:) I'm glad you think it sounds that way. Heheh, I'm sorry. My internship takes alot of energy out of me. And my health makes it even more restricted:(

BUUUUTTT. My Tuesday, is alot of people's Monday/Monday night. Being all the way over here in Australia I am one of the first places to go into the next day.

Thank you all for reading. And because I love you all for being my readers I'll post a little teaser.

His arm fell slack against him. Here we were, standing in the very spot where we first kissed, where all I needed was to be as close to him as possible. Yet now all I wanted now was to get as far from him as I could.

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Posted 25 June 2011 - 04:02 AM

This. Sounds. Awesome. Just my luck that I have morning shift on Tuesday and can't stay up late on Monday night, waiting for update. *sigh*

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#8 suze.angelova


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Posted 25 June 2011 - 04:45 AM

You live in Australiaa?? That's better for me because I thought you lived in the US, so I'd have to wait til my Wednesday. But now I only have to wait til Tuesday (I'm in Oz too)!! :D

:heartbeat: Suze

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Posted 25 June 2011 - 04:48 AM

Yeepp. I'm a pure bred Aussie :) Hahaha. Its so annoying with the time differences with the US.
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Posted 26 June 2011 - 02:56 AM

Chapter 1

Break up's hurt, but getting replaced? That kills you.

“It’s not you Kennedy, it's me.” My boyfriend, Hamish tried to console me as the tears that sat behind my eyes threatened to fall.

Well, I suppose that term should read ex boyfriend now.

He was breaking up with me.

Without thinking, or taking my actions into any rational thought, I slapped him. Using enough effort to make it sting, my hand crossed his cheek. Taking a step back I was surprised at my actions. I never did anything like this, especially without considering the consequences, though here, my emotions took control, and the frustration and inner hurt won in the end. A brief, shocked look passed through his eyes, but it was evident in his lack of reaction he knew he deserved it.

I knew he deserved it.

Hamish Blake. The boy I had given my heart too, for the past year and a half was ending our relationship. And he was using the oldest clichés in the book to do it. I guess I should have known something was wrong when he said those four words no girl wants to hear.

We need to talk.

I felt one tear slide from my eye and fall down my face. Looking up using only my eyes, I saw pain flitter across Hamish’s face. At least he wasn’t having fun breaking my heart. Either that or I really did hurt him with my harsh slap.

“Kensie,” he cooed, he reached out to take my hand. He spoke softly, obviously not angry with me, but concerned.

“Don’t.” I whispered and shied away from him. It was painful enough hearing his words. I didn’t need him to touch me too.

His arm fell slack against him. Here we were, standing in the very spot where we first kissed, where all I needed was to be as close to him as possible. Yet now all I wanted now was to get as far from him as I could.

“Who?” I asked, not meeting the gaze that I could feel staring intently at me.

Hamish shook his head. “Kensie, no.”

I want to know Hamish.” My voice shook as I said his name.

“It will only make things worse Ken,” he pleaded. He sounded guilty, and ashamed.

“What will be worse is turning up to school tomorrow and not knowing which girl is going to be all over you.”

He sighed and ran a hand through his golden blonde hair. I wish he hadn’t, I loved touching his hair, it was so silky soft and right now it was taunting me.

“I’m so sorry.”

I looked up at him. Meeting Hamish’s eyes I knew mine were boring into his expectantly.

“Hannah.” It was barely auditable, but I heard it. Then my world shattered.

Just knowing that there was another girl, one who Hamish decided was worth throwing our entire past away for, sent daggers into my heart.

I sank on to the small bench beside the lake we were at. Putting my hands to my face, I tried not to let the next wave of tears fall.

“You don’t love me anymore, do you?” It was supposed to be a statement, but instead came out like a question. Either way, I wanted to know the answer.

Hamish sat down next to me from where he had been leaning against his car. The seat was only big enough for two people; however His square frame took up more space. We were touching shoulders and arms, and I tried as best as I could to shift away from him.

“I will always love you Kennedy.” Hamish said as he gave a sad sigh. “But not the way you want me too.”

That was it.

The wall I had tried to build up from my tears broke. They streamed down myface and I knew I was going to look like a mess in no less than a minute. I thought that he was it. The one. It had taken me so long to get Hamish to seriously think of me as a girlfriend and not just as a friend. To stop him from sleeping around with a different girl each week, it was a big task, but I did it; much to the surprise of everyone.

Hearing my sobs, Hamish put his arm around me and pulled me to his chest. I resisted. I really did, he cheated on me and didn’t love me anymore. I didn’t want to be close to him at all. However with the strength he gained from the many years of playing basketball, I had no choice but to be brought in to his embrace.

When Hamish first told me he loved me, I never thought I would be any happier than that moment. He held me just like he was now. Though now I knew that this would be the last time I would be held like this. It wasn’t fair.

“Was it for the sex?” I asked pulling myself from Hamish and wiping my eyes the best I could on the sleave of my dark blue shirt.

“What?” Hamish asked incredulously.

It was no secret that Hannah Kelly wasn’t as demure as some people. Especially me, I was still as pure as snow. I decided that I wanted to wait until Hamish and I had been together for two year until taking that step.

Hannah was like Hamish way back from before we had started dating. Originally he wanted me to sleep with him like all the other girls. Though once I rejected him, he started making an effort with me; he wanted to know why I wouldn’t be like all the others, and like my sister. Kate, my twin, who is just like Hannah. She gets around like a cold, but she differs from Hannah in the waythat Kate doesn’t instigate the hook up. She can be a real bit ch to guys whenshe wants to be.

“Well I know you haven’t been getting any for a long time Hamish. Unless it has been going on longer than the summer?”

He looked at me horrified. “Kensie, of course not. Do you think I wanted this to happen?”

Part of me thought that he did. I have been holding on for so long, denying him, when I knew he could easily get another girl to fulfil his needs. When you were Hamish Blake, getting girls was not the problem.

Seeing the look on his face proved me wrong. He was hurt that I even thought of it. Somewhere, inside of me I knew that I may have some role in him straying. Leaving for the entire summer, to go to a three month tour of Europe with my sister and mother was not the best girlfriend move to make. It was bathing suit weather every day here, and I know he spent each day at the beach wind surfing with his friends.

But it didn’t change the fact he cheated and fell in love. With someone who is not me.

Standing up I knew that I couldn’t be around him for much longer. I turned my back from him, and took a deep breath.

“I forgive you for cheating.” My voice wobbled on the words. “I can’t forgive you for leaving me.”

Hearing him stand and move towards me, I shut my eyes. I couldn’t see him, andI didn’t want to, but I could feel him. Inhaling his vanilla and almond soap scent Hamish bent down towards me and put the lightest kiss on my forehead. All I wanted to do was drag his head to my lips and kiss him, but I couldn’t.

He wasn’t mine anymore.

“I still love you Hamish, and nothing will change that.” I said ever so softly, I didn’t know if he heard me or not.

Pushing his chest with both of my hands, I moved him out of the way before Iopened my eyes.

I ran.

And I didn’t stop until I reached my house. I took a long time, and I knew Hamish had not followed me, but I wished he had. Thundering up the stairs, I passed Kate in her room preparing for one of her hook-ups. She didn’t bother to follow me, though she would demand all the details later.

Slamming the door behind me as I entered my bedroom, I leant against the door and let myself be controlled by gravity and sank to the ground.

How? How could Hamish claim to be so in love with me, enough to change his whole outlook on relationships and then suddenly fall in love with the biggest *^&$^& in the school? Apparently the feeling of love is mutual between them. ButI don’t believe it.

I know I love him. And I know he is still in love with me. He has to be, you don’t fall out of love that quickly.

He just has to realise. I can make him fall in love with me again.

I will be loved by Hamish Blake.

<br style="mso-special-character:line-break">


Okkay. So I know I said I would wait for Tuesday, but Anshi convinced me to post chapter 1.

I hope you enjoy it. Sorry its a little short, but trust me. This is the shortest chapter of the story I have written.

Comments are lovely. :)


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#11 Anshi


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Posted 26 June 2011 - 03:11 AM

*chesire cat grin*

Oh I am liking this even more now

I will not open my mouth or give spoilers

Update soon!

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#12 suze.angelova


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Posted 26 June 2011 - 03:20 AM

Ughhhh! I cant believe that jerk Hamish broke up with her like that!

Doesnt being with her for a year and a half mean anything to him?!

I hope Kennedy finds someone better :)

Pleaseeeeeeeeee update soooooon!

This is really incredibly written and it's sooo interesting already! :D

:heartbeat: Suze

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#13 papercut


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Posted 26 June 2011 - 03:41 AM


i use to know a guy called hamish blake

that was awesome!!

great storyline

great characters


australia is awesome

but i shall make you jealous by telling you i'm going to singapore on wednesday

so not only do i get to go to a hot place now

but i get to miss out on three days of school!!!


australia rules

just as much as this story

mel :)
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#14 sancia


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Posted 26 June 2011 - 04:11 AM

Pure awesomeness! I hope Kennedy finds someone better than that jerk Hamish!
And thanks Anshi for convincing Georgias to post this!

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Posted 26 June 2011 - 09:21 AM


i use to know a guy called hamish blake

that was awesome!!

great storyline

great characters


australia is awesome

but i shall make you jealous by telling you i'm going to singapore on wednesday

so not only do i get to go to a hot place now

but i get to miss out on three days of school!!!


australia rules

just as much as this story

mel :)

Isn't Hamish Blake an Australian comedian?

Awesome story you've got here.

So uhh.. Update soon? :)


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#16 Jcrazy


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Posted 26 June 2011 - 02:05 PM


That was awesome. I feel so bad for kennedy. Hamish is stupid. VERY STUPID. I. Don't. Like. Him.

Plus, he cheated on her. She shouldn't want him back... She needs a new hot guy! :P

The conversation between them was so sad :( and it made me hate Hamish, as I think I've made clear :P




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#17 papercut


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Posted 28 June 2011 - 03:03 AM

Isn't Hamish Blake an Australian comedian?

Awesome story you've got here.

So uhh.. Update soon? :)


he is an australian comedian

he's in the states at the moment

new york actually

but my hamish blake is a different one

and funny hamish isn't the same without andy!!! (andy lee)

they are comedy gods!!

my hamish


mel :)
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Posted 28 June 2011 - 03:18 AM

and funny hamish isn't the same without andy!!! (andy lee)

they are comedy gods!!

mel :)

IKR! I loved the segments they would do on Rove (TV Show that used to be on)

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Posted 02 July 2011 - 12:15 AM

Anshi -
Heeheh:). You just keep your little mouth shut :P
Thanks honey! I am updating right now!!

Suze -
Yeah, in this chapter Hamish is a total jerk. But he tried to break up with her nicely.
Nope. Obviously not:)
Oh she might. Or she might get Hamish back!
I am!! Right below this!!

Thanks you so much, I have been working on this for agggeeesss.

Mel -
Thanks Mel:) I'm glad you think so. :)
Ah! I hope you have a great time!!
It so cold here, I am so jealous!!

She might!! Or not... Never know... Well. I do:)
Right below!!

Solique -
Hahahah. Yes, Hamish Blake is an Australian comedian:) it totally slipped my mind.


Aw, Hamish is sad that you don't like him. He isnt that bad type of a person.
Sometimes, you can look past the cheating. My friend knows this way too well.
It was ment to be sad, so I'm glad that worked. I wrote it when I was sad.
Update below!!

Chapter 2
Tears can be more special than smiles, you can smile for anyone. But you only care to cry for that one special person. 

Kate cancelled her hook up.
I told her not too, she sometimes got cranky without satisfaction from one of her boy toys. But no, she too put on the oldest and comfiest pyjamas she owned and climbed into bed with me. Here, using my sister’s shoulder as a pillow was where I began to sob. Kate held my head close and smoothed the hair on my head, just letting me cry all the tears I wanted.
This was the closest Kate and I had been in years. For being twins, we were more different than two people could be. Our appearances were similar, not identical; we were fraternal but we shared some characteristics thanks to genetics. However it was our personalities that set us apart.
Kate was the girl everyone wanted to be. Beautiful, smart, funny, popular, witty, confident, the list could go on for miles. She was perfect. Except for her tendency to engage in no strings attached sex with many of the males who populated our grade, but then, many guys thought that this quality alone made her perfect.  
I wasn’t the exact opposite of her, but I was more refined. We weren’t in the same social circles at school, though we did run into each other with our groups of friends. Kate had offered for me to come and join her with group a few times, she wasn’t a *%^## to me, I knew she always had my back.
Like now, for instance. This was the first time we had spent alone time together in a long while. She was either with her friends or at one of her boys’ place, while I spend most of my time with Hamish. I knew, now that she had cancelled her plans; Kate would stay here with me until I had gotten my emotions out. I had not told her the story yet, and I knew she was desperate to hear it.
“Babe, I have got to know what happened out there. You left happy and excited and came back, well a mess.” Kate spoke softly, but I could hear in her voice that it was time to spill.
“He…He…Hamish broke up with me.” I stuttered, not wanting to speak the words. Hearing them aloud made it seem so much more real.
Kate wrenched herself away from me to look me in the eye. “You’re kidding me right?”
I shook my head as the tears welled back up in my eyes.
“He fell in love with Hannah Kelly over the summer, while we were in Europe.”
“You mean he had sex with Hannah, not love sweetie. Hannah doesn’t do love.”  Kate sympathised, lightly patting my head in a slightly patronising way.
“No Kate. Full on, truly, madly, deeply LOVE.” I said, my tone rising in frustration.
“But, but,” she said clumsily. “He was a *^&$^&, you changed him. He fell in love with you.”
“Well, obviously he fell out of love Kate.”
“I’m going to kick his ass. No, better than that, I’ll kick him in the balls so hard he won’t be able to screw that little ^$#@$^^.” She ranted, as she spoke, I felt my face drain of colour.
I knew this was one of the main reasons Hamish cheated on me, it was like it was in large neon lights. You wouldn’t put out, so he found someone who would. But hearing Kate rant about how that’s all their relationship was built from and that sex was not a good foundation for a long term affair, made me feel a little better.
“If I had slept with him, would he still be with me Kate?” I looked at her for denial.
She did a double take. “You’re still a virgin Ken?”
I nodded my confirmation. This was moving into uncharted territory with Kate and I, we didn’t talk about this kind of thing. Clothes and the stupid things mum wanted us to do? Yes. Sex? No.
“Wow. That I did not expect.”
“You thought I would start having sex with Hamish just because he was a massive *^&$^& before he started dating me?” I accused.
“No, I just didn’t think that Hamish Blake could go that long without it. God knows I couldn’t.” she pondered. I actually agreed with her here. I knew, going into this relationship with Hamish without sex could lead to him being unfaithful.
“It’s not like we were saints Kate, I just wanted to wait until we reached the two year mile stone.” I added dryly.
Kate just nodded, looking at me worried.
“It’s just, well, what are you going to do now? With school and all?” She asked, the question was not one I hadn’t thought of in the last couple of hours since I had arrived home. After a lot of consideration, I settled on an option I thought I could achieve.  
“I want him back.” I stated, more confident that how I felt.
“And how do you think you’re going to achieve that? Because if there was no sex, I can’t really see what his incentive would be.” Kate stated, with a little more attitude.
“He loves me Kate. I just have to make him see that.”
“You’re going to make him jealous?” she said connecting the dots, and looking at me like I was having a mental break down.  
“Yes. Why, don’t you think I can?” I raised my eyebrow at her.
“Well, don’t get me wrong Ken, it’s just that you are such a nice girl.” The way she said nice, made it sound like a bad thing. “You don’t have the attitude to pull off the ‘I can do so much better than you’ act.”
I gave her a death stare. How dare she think I can’t make my own boyfriend want me? Ex boyfriend, I thought, still not being able to comprehend the change in my life.
“Okay okay! At least let me help you? I don’t think he deserves to have you anymore, but if it’s what you want.” She smiled wickedly. “I’ll show you what it’s really like to make a guy want you.”
I smiled slightly. What did I just get myself into?
Beep, beep, beeeeeep my alarm clock screeched. Rolling over, I slapped the snooze button and cracked an eye open to check the time. The clock read in the green neon 5:45 AM.
Ignoring the time all together, I snuggled back down into my comforter and looked forward to the next hour and a half worth of sleep. Whoever the heck changed my clock was going to pay when I finally surfaced for the morning.
I knew that I had only shut my for a second before  someone was barrelling through my bedroom door, flicking the light on as they entered.
“Come on Ken. It’s time to get up!” I heard the chipper voice belonging to Kate; why in god’s name is she in my room at this hour.
I groaned, “Kate, the sun isn’t even up yet. So why do I?” I moved my head under my covers to escape the light.
“The sun isn’t trying to get her boyfriend back is she?”
“How do you know she isn’t?” I retracted.
Instead of receiving a reply, I was stripped of my comforter. The cold air shocked my body as I tried to grab it back.
“Get in the shower now.” I didn’t move, not wanting to be up so early. “Now Kennedy.” Kate repeated.
Sighing, I picked up my reluctant body and moved to my bathroom. The benefit of having a large house is that each bedroom has its own private en-suite. Turning the shower on to as hot as the water would reach, I stepped into the steaming water, letting in run all over my back and shoulders. The pounding water was relaxing.
Fifteen minutes later I emerged wrapped in a large green fluffy towel. Kate, already impeccably dressed, was waiting expectantly on my bed; which she had made. The girl was obviously a freak.
“Okay. Show me to you make up.” Kate said, leaping from her seat. I shrugged and walked over to my dresser, pulling out a small compact and mascara.
“Here.” I gestured. Kate however raised an eyebrow at me.
“That’s all you have?” She asked, not believing what she was seeing. “Honey, it’s a miracle you held on to Hamish as long as you did.”
I knew she didn’t mean the words harshly, but they still stung. I felt the moisture appear in the corners of my eyes. So I didn’t slather my face with makeup each day. I like the natural look, and I thought Hamish agreed.
Kate ran from the room, scurrying to what I assumed was her room. She returned not long after with her arms full of bottles, tubes and even more things that I couldn’t identify.
Depositing it all on my dresser table, Kate pushed me on to the stool that sat before the mirror. Pulling out a bottle of flesh coloured liquid, she unscrewed the lid and dabbed some onto a small foam applicator.
I hesitated before I let her attack my face. “Kate, just don’t make me look like one of those girls who seem to fall face first into a crayola box each morning. ”
Kate sighed and placed one manicured hand on her hip. “Don’t you trust me Ken? I manage to do my own make up without looking like a clown.”
I waved my hand, to let her continue. First she did the foundation, then a light layer of powder.  Next she held up a black pencil.
“Now this is called eye liner Kennedy, you use it to make your eyes look more defined.”
I laughed at the patronising tone that Kate was using with me. I did know what the items were called, I just didn’t use them. Once she had finished with my face, she moved on to my hair. I usually just wore it natural, with the long light waves that sat at the middle of my back. However today, Kate pulled out her prized GHD hair straightener and set to work. I was amazed at the results.
My golden blonde coloured hair looked sleek and smooth. It was shaped around my face and made my side fringe look more straight cut and edgy. Teamed with the different makeup, I looked like a completely different person.
“Wow.” I managed to get out while staring at my reflection. I turned to look at Kate, but she had already left me in search of my wardrobe.
“Why,” I heard her call, “Do you have all these amazing clothes in here, but I have never seen you wear any of them.”
Clutching my towel, I moved over to my walk in wardrobe. As Kate rummaged around in all the clothes that mum had brought for me and just put in my closet, I leant against the door. I was a normal girl, one who wore shorts and a cute t-shirt to school, not one who dressed up, like Kate does.
“I found the perfect dress.” Kate called, stressing out her syllables.
Wait, dress? I don’t wear dresses to school.
She walked out with a rather pleased look on her face, in her hand a white dress. A white dress, for school, she could not be serious. 
I have to admit, I was one of the dresses that I had looked at occasionally. I had hoped to wear it on a date with Hamish or something, while the weather was still warm. Though here, it was warm most of the time. The dress had a cross over neckline with lace trims and an empire waist. Seeing the length, I guessed it would reach mid thigh, where there was a delicate lace trim at the skirt. It was so not a school dress.
“Kate, you’re kidding me right?”
She looked at me confused, “Why would I joke Ken? This dress is effing hot.”
I began to protest, why couldn't I simply wear jeans and a nice top? It was harmless and I still looked pretty good. However when I voiced my opinions to Kate, she told me to shut up and put the damn dress on. 

Once she had wrangled the dress over my head, and tied with a knot at the small of my back, she was finally satisfied. Spinning me round to face her, Kate studied me intently. 

"What? Is there something wrong?" I fingered my hair tentatively. 
"No, you look like a babe, Hamish is going to be besides himself." Kate reassured me. 

"Then why are you looking at me like that?" she had that strange look on her face, the one she usually gets when there is a difficult maths problem she just can't get right. 

"Physically, you look hot Ken." she paused at me. "But your eyes? You've lost your spark."

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#20 Anshi


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 02:37 AM

*bigger chesire cat grin*

The white dress I just hope he looses his mind when he gets a look at her ;)

Oh I cannot wait to read the next update.

Take your time and update an awsome chapter!
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#21 sancia


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 04:21 AM

Kate is awesome! :D I wish I had sister like her.
I loved this update but the end is so sad. I mean the part when Kate says Ken has lost her spark.
Can't wait to read next chapter!

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Posted 02 July 2011 - 04:41 AM

Wow, that chapter was really amazing! I dont know why, but I just get sososososo excited when there's a makeover!

Although I cant believe she is trying to get Hamish back- you should never chase after a loser who isnt into you! :P

Maybe she'll catch the attention of someone else though...hopefully :D

Lucky she has Kate to help her out- she seems like she's a pretty cool sister; at least when she wants to be :)

Anyway, pleaseeeeee update soon, because this is really good and Im dying to know what happens next!

:heartbeat: Suze

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Posted 02 July 2011 - 08:56 AM

Solique -
Hahahah. Yes, Hamish Blake is an Australian comedian:) it totally slipped my mind.

*Cough* Shannon *Cough*.


If you're a close observer, you would've noticed I hid a "LOL" in between those "YAY"'s.

And no, I'm not crazy. But I haven't exactly been tested yet... :icon_biggrin:


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Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:12 AM


Still don't like Hamish--I'll letcha know if it changes :P

Kate's awesome. I want a sister :( Can I have Kate for a weekend or something???

I'm not so sure that Kennedy won't be attracting attention from guys OTHER than Hamish now, you know...? Lol. But maybe that won't be such a bad thing!

I'm totally tired even though I slept good... *sigh*

ANYWAY (^^Random), I loved the update; it was freaking awesome. I love reading it.

So you gotta update extra soon, kk?

Good :D

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Posted 02 July 2011 - 11:29 PM

Anshi -
You will find out in Chapter 3 :)
I sure will :)

Sam -
I'm glad that you think she is awesome, I intended for her to be.
And, Yeah, I was writing these first bits during a sad patch of my life.

Suze -
Thank you Suze :) Your so nice :)
Hahaha. So do I, which ment I had to put one in this story.
Aw, well Hamish is the love of her life.
And I have some friends who this is loosely based upon. They have gone through a lot of cheating crap and still in the same relationship.
Yeah, I hoped Kate would be a hit :)
I will soon!!!

Shannon -
Hahahaha. :) And yes I did notice the 'LOL' on the first time I read it.
Dont worry, so am I.

Poor Hamish, he has everyone hatin' on him :P
I have a sister, but she is nothing like Kate. Kate is actually based on my Best Friend. :)
Yeah, she may get noticed, but she only wants that one person to notice her,.
ohemgee. I get that too. I sleep for ages and wake up feeling like I haven's slept.
i will update soon!.

Okkkkaaay,. Just randomly, I thought I would post the song that inspired me to write this story :) And then there is a little teaser :)


"Oh hi there Kennedy,"

Fighting back my urge to run away like the pathetic girl I am, I stood therelike an idiot and smiled. Here it was, the first awkward encounter between theex boyfriend and the new girlfriend. I knew it was going to happen, I justdidn't think it would happen so soon.

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Posted 07 July 2011 - 02:41 AM

Got back from singapore this morning

Your update was REALLY cool!!!

always love your work

mel :)
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Posted 07 July 2011 - 03:07 AM

Chapter 3

The hardest part of seeing you, is watching you with someone else.

Walking down the hallway to my locker, I could feel the people staring at me. Their eyes glued to the back of my head. I didn't know if they were staring at my clothes or if Hannah had told the entire school that Hamish and I were over.

Not that our little break up was going last long, if I could get Hamish to see things my way.

"Okay, please tell me why everyone is staring at you? And what the heck are you wearing?" I turned my head to see My best friend Ashlee, looking at me in disbelief.

I sighed and moved my body so that we were facing the same direction down the corridor. "Hamish and Kate."

Ashlee gave me her look. The one that said, I need the full story right now. Knowing that I did not want to start crying in the middle of school, I figured that the best way to handle this was to display no emotion at all.

"Hamish and I are over. Kate thought I needed a new look." I stated blankly, blinking my eyes to mask the water beginning to glaze over my vision.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Ashlee grabbed my arm to stop me too. I didn't want to do this now, not with my peers milling around in our wing of the school, I could hear the bell for the morning announcements going off in my tutor room, and I knew I had to get out of this quick. Releasing myself from her grasp, I spied Kate and ran to the door of the classroom.

"This is not over Kennedy Elizabeth. I need to know details!" I heard Ashlee call from where she still stood in the middle of the corridor.

Ignoring her I walked into the room and took my place next to Kate. Once the teacher had fed us all the insignificant news that was circulating the school at the moment the class moved sullenly on to start their classes.

All throughout they day, I saw the glances, I heard the whispers. The whole school knew, and we only broke up yesterday. It was obvious that Hannah had spread the word as quick as she could. Thankfully, I had no classes with either of them. I did however, have second period with Ashlee, who demanded to hear the entire story through the multiple notes we passed instead of listening to the documentary of weather patterns the class substitute was making us watch.

Exiting my third class of the day, I made my way through the onslaught of kids, trying to make it to their next class before the tardy bell, but making sure they could catch up on the hot news of the day; my life apparently. I was in no rush, my timetable indicated i had a free next. Having a free period, was a luxury only allowed for the upper class men, giving us an extra chance to do our homework or leave school a little earlier at the end of the day. Last semester, Hamish and I had a ritual for our Wednesday free period before lunch. He would whisk me away for a nice lunch and a little private time to make it through the week.

Lost in my own little world, I didn't notice the person behind me until a hand extended to my shoulder and tapped. A voice I knew well spoke as I turned around.

"Hey Kate, have you seen- wait, Kensie?" Hamish looked at me startled.

As I met his gaze, it hurt. It hurt a lot. Like a million tiny needles were being poked into my heart, one at a time.

He gave my body a once over. It was no surprise he thought I was Kate. We shared the same colour hair, but our faces were completely different features to each others. Though from behind and wearing a dress like this? We actually looked like the twins we are.

"Sorry, the dress, and the hair. I thought you were her." he mumbled.

"What do you want Hamish." I asked impatiently. I didn't like the crowd of people who had slowed down their pace to pry into out conversation. "I'll pass on whatever you want to Kate, but I don't see her until lunch."

"I wanted to know how you are." Hamish said, a little taken aback. It was evident he was able to go on from yesterday like nothing had happened and that we could still be the best of friends. My head however, was planted in reality.

"I'm fine." I replied curtly. It was none of his business how I felt anymore. Though remembering I was trying to make him regret breaking up with me, I softened. "I'm doing my best." I tried to smile weakly.

"That's my girl, always the strong one."

Ducking my head, I blinked furiously. Why did he have to use those words?

"Yeah, listen I'd love to stay and chat but-" I was cut off by a high pitched squeal.

"Baby!" my heart skipped a beat. The voice was Hannah's.

Hannah ran the few feet between where she had been standing and Hamish, before practically throwing herself on him. As his arms went around to hold her, she planted a large kiss on his mouth. I wanted to be sick.

Once Hannah had dismounted Hamish, She realized I was standing there. Well at least she pretended to realized I had been standing next to Hamish the entire time.

"Oh hi there Kennedy,"

Fighting back my urge to run away like the pathetic girl I am, I stood there like an idiot and smiled. Here it was, the first awkward encounter between the ex boyfriend and the new girlfriend. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

"Sorry about the little show there, I haven't seen my baby for so long." By the tone Hannah project, she wasn't sorry at all. She like rubbing the face she had my boyfriend right in my face. "I hear you only got back from Europe Friday, what did you get up to Sunday? Obviously jet lag would have killed all plans for Saturday."

I hated her. I knew it was a strong word and I have never hated anyone before, but there was no other way to describe the feeling of anger that built up inside me. I really hated that b#@$.

"Hannah, that's enough." Hamish said, coming to my defense.

"Look, don't worry about it Hamish. I'll just talk to you later." I said pushing past him.

"Kennedy are you crying? I don't know what I said." I heard Hannah call behind me gleefully.

"Hannah-" I didn't heard what Hamish said to her, I had already walked into my free period class room.


Taking my seat I pulled out the novel we were reading in English literature. Losing my self in a new world was refreshing, there was no Kate, Hamish and defiantly no Hannah. I completed the required reading, answered the corresponding questions and then read a little further ahead so that I could stay on top of my studies.

Sadly, my reality break didn't last. I would have loved to stayed in this room forever. It was lunch time now, and all the year 11and 12's ate at the same time. Apparently it made the timetabling issue a lot easier to construct.

What was I going to do at lunch? Normally I would sit with Hamish and Ashlee and a few of Hamish's friends. Ash and I didn't really have many other friends but each other. It had been that way since we first met in pre kinder. They separated twins so that they each had a chance to be their own person. Kate became the social butterfly, I met Ashlee.

As I made my way to the cafeteria, the thrum of noise hit me when the doors opened automatically. This was like any other food distribution area in a school district, there was the buffet style collection row with a salad and sandwich bar. There was also a hot food area, but nobody was really game enough to try the meals. They looked harmless, though looks can be deceiving, especially the tuna bake.

And then there were the table arrangements, the jocks and cheerleaders sat by the large glass windows, overlooking the school sports fields. The academic students and the music enthusiasts sat near the fire hose reel. While the rest of the students who were like me and coasted through the social stigmas sat in the middle seating area. When I sat with Hamish last year, I sat by the windows as his social position elevated my own. However now that we were no longer together, I didn't know where to sit. By going to the middle section I was relenting my hold on Hamish and what it ment to be with him. I didn't care about his stature in the social ladder, but I knew he would have never sat with me away from the rest of his crowd.

Resigning myself to the middle section, I sat down and waited for Ashlee to find me. Pulling out the home packed lunch my mum dutifully made for the first day of school each year I started tearing pieces of my sandwich apart to eat.

"So we are officially norms again." Ashlee intended for her words to form a statement, but as her voice escalated at the end of her sentence it came out as a question. She place her tray on the table and sat opposite me.

"Yep." I replied, not giving much thought to my answer.

"You seem in the mood to talk?"

I shrugged non committedly as Hamish and Hannah walked into the caff. Watching them as they moved through the tables to the one we used to share. I saw Hamish look out around the room, though I ducked my head so that it wasn't obvious I was looking at him.

"You do know that you will drive yourself crazy watching them right?" Ashlee noted as she dug into her fried rice.

Feeling the loss of my appetite, I groaned in response and pushed my lunch forward so that I could bang my head on the table. I felt stupid for torturing myself from watching them canoodle over their salads and burgers.

Hearing the scrape of metal against floorboards, caused by the chair next to me being pulled from the table and the tapping of pointy shoes on the hard surface of the flooring I knew it was Kate. I was also confused. Why was she sitting with me?

"There is mayonnaise in your hair." Kate spoke, clearly not approving of my behavior.

"I don't care." I mumbled, barely audible from under my hair.

"Would you care that Hamish is watching you right now? And that you look like a total loser."

I snapped my head up so quickly my hair flicked backwards, it hit Kate in the face. Obviously she did not care for my actions.

"And you couldn't have done that without causing me to go blind?" Kate snapped at me, blinking and lightly touching her watering eye.

"What do you even want Kate? To watch me in my misery? You would have a better seat over there, where you normally sit." I gestured to the windows.

"I did not spend an hour and a half this morning making you look amazing, for you to act like a child." Kate scalded me, "I bet he hasn't even seen how you look today."

"Oh he has." Ashlee added, her tone giving the impression that there was a story to be told. I glared at her, she chose now to interject on the conversation. Kate did so not need to know this story.

"Tell me! I need to know what happened!" she demanded impatiently.

Or maybe she did need to know. Sighing I related my story from after third period.

"No way. Hannah did not say that. Oh just wait until I get that little sl.ut in P.E later on today. There is one basketball coming directly to her head."

I do admit. I did laugh a little to myself when Kate commented. Sometimes it was nice having a kick ass, *%^## of a sister.

"God I love you Kate, you are just so awesome!" Ashlee said, obviously sucking up to my sister.

She smiled at Ashlee sweetly but that was the extent of Kates graciousness when it came to Ash. It had been going on for a while now, because of us being twins it seemed that Ash felt a little out of place when Kate was around us.

"I have an idea." Kate said suddenly.

Ashlee looked excited, I however swallowed hard. There were no words that worried me more than those four spilling from Kates mouth.

"We need a guy. You need a guy."

"I already have one; his name is Hamish." I said soundly.

"But Hannah is controlling him now." Ash commented, much to my dislike. "You need to make him see that you too can move on."

"But I don't want to. I want him." I spoke weakly. Why couldn't they understand this?

"Normally this never happens, but Ashlee actually understood what I said." Kate started to say while Ashlee beamed, not fully grasping what Kate was meaning with her words.

I looked at Kate expectantly.

"Okay. Who does Hamish hate the most in this school?" she asked.

"I don't know," I responded. "Everyone loved Hamish, he returned the favor." Shrugging I turned to face her, "Why? What does it matter."

She looked at me like I had gone off the deep end. "Jealousy, you idiot."

I glared at her for the comment.

"Hamish didn't like everyone..." Ashlee hinted suggestively as her sentence carried.

My eyes widened. "Not Cooper!?" I exclaimed.

Kate had that look on her face again. That wicked smile which just oozed of a plan being hatched in her mind.

"Cooper is perfect."

I froze. There was no way a good ending was going to stem from this.


Tell me what you think!! CC is always appreciated:) I want this to sound, well, real.

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Posted 07 July 2011 - 07:29 AM

Awesome, you updated :D

That was so good! But what's wrong with Cooper? Is he like, a troll?
Anyways, update soon! :)

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Posted 07 July 2011 - 08:03 AM

Their first plan didn't work but I guess they try again until she gets Hamish back? Or maube she realises he's not worth it?
So what's with Cooper? He must be hottie if Ken dating him would make Hamish jealous.
Need moooooooore!

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Posted 07 July 2011 - 10:26 AM


And Hamish *evils*

It's so weird how you mentioned a character called cooper- Im reading the Heather Wells series right now :P

Anywayy, she might just get over that freak soon...I cant wait to see him get jealous! :D hehe

Update again soon! :)

:heartbeat: Suze

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Posted 07 July 2011 - 11:07 AM


Okay. I don't hate Hamish as much. Happy? :P

But I hate Hannah. A LOT.

And I think that's understandable, right? I mean, she's pretty heartless.

Anyway, I loved this update. I like Ashlee too. She seems like a nice friend. And Kate's so funny :D i still want her to be my big sister.

So who's this Cooper guy? And why does Hamish not like him? Hmmm? Either way I hope that he's awesomer than Hamish and Hamish gets extremely jealous and comes back begging at her feet desperately.


You need to update soon, dude. Because you ended sort of on a clift hanger and that's MEAN!!! :)


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Posted 08 July 2011 - 11:38 AM

HATE HANNAH ( wait is that an allitreation?)

Although Hamish isn't on my hitlist but he isn't off the hook

now Cooper well he's someone I'd like to meet :P ;)

Hamishh can rot in the pit of Jealous Ex-es MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yeah sorry a little mad have I become
And I swear its the Historical Romances that screwing with my mind :/
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Posted 09 July 2011 - 08:08 PM

Sorry it took me so long to comment, i saw the updatea and was then cruelly kicked off the computer

Anyway THAT B#^&*#

god i hate not being able to swear

there so many words i could use in this situation which perfectly dipplict it

hamish was sweet apart from the whole breaking up thing

but i can see why kennedy likes him

i loved it you write AWESOMELY AWESOmeNESS

that cherry was the tiny cherry on top of the regular sized cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is this story

(i haven't been watching how i met your mother!)

mel :)
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Posted 15 July 2011 - 08:38 PM

Hey ya guys! Woah, it's been a while since I've updated right?

I would comment on all your lovely comments from the last chapter, but I'm kinda in a rush, so I will do it later on :) but THANK YOU ALL. :D

Update in the next post. :)

Geeeooooorrrrrggiiiaaaa. Xx

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Posted 15 July 2011 - 08:54 PM

Chapter 4.

How can you forget someone, who gave you so much to remember


I couldn't believe they were making me do this. Nor could I understand why Ashlee agreed with Kate to make me humiliate myself.

Turning my head to look back at them as I crossed the cafeteria I was aware of the expectant looks on their faces.

There was no getting out of this.

Cooper sat on the opposite side of the room, in the corner edging into window territory, a place he did not belong. Alone, the guy in question was eating out of a Chinese takeaway contained, his dark head bent over the food. How he smuggled that into here was amazing. The kitchen staff are ruthless in the protection of the cafeteria from outside food.

Running a hand through my hair, tousling it slightly I released some of my nervous energy. My eyes flicking around to ensure that I wasn't being watched by anyone, namely Hamish. We may not be together at the moment but the was no way I wanted him to see who I was going to talk to. Especially if this didn't work out.

I had known Cooper my whole life, we grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same primary school and progressed to the same high school. He was one of those kids who was always in trouble, and up until the age of eight I was the object of his taunts. Then his parents died and he was never the same.

The only person Cooper did talk to from then onwards was Hamish, they were best friends until something happened in the seventh grade. Nobody really knew what went on between them, but from the moment Hamish announced in the hallway on the last day of our first year that he officially hated Cooper, there was not one person willing to spend time with him.

There were whispers, as there is in any school about the kid who nobody knowns anything about. Cooper was the drug dealer to the perpetually stoned students who spent their time in the back corner of the school. Cooper was an underground street fighter.Cooper worked as a mechanic. Cooper had sixteen tattoos. Cooper was part of the gang who roamed the streets at night. Cooper was the kid with the motorbike posse.

The only known fact was he actually did work as a mechanic. All the rest was up in the air at the moment.

I shook my head to clear all those thoughts, it was not what I needed to be thinking about at the moment.

As I approached his table, my heart raced increased, I didn't want to do this. I just needed Hamish to come to his senses. But that didn't look like it was going to happen without my help. So here goes nothing.

Sliding back the chair which was opposite Cooper, I caught his attention. Looking up he looked at me amused, and slightly confused at what the heck was going on.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? One of Northbridges Princess has started talking to me." Cooper feigning a taken aback look.

I ignored the dig at my family business. Dad owned a car dealership named Keith's Car Kingdom. As dad took things way to literally, the building was shaped as a medieval kingdom. People thought it was humorous and cute, but when people associated our family with royalty. It was just plain annoying.

I sighed, "Cooper," I stared, before I was cut off.

"You know, Princess doesn't really suit you. That is more suited to your sister, walking around like she owns the place." he continued.

Rolling my eyes, I didn't want to get involved in this type of conversation. I wanted to make a deal and go back to my regular lunch.

I opened my mouth to speak, and was yet again not given the chance. I didn't talk to Cooper often, actually I avoided it at all costs. But when he inevitable did happen, it was hard to get a word in.

"You don't give off that, 'I'm so much better than you' vibe."

I laughed as he imitated the way Kate walked around the school, it was true. She did think she was better than a lot of the people in our school district.

"What vibe do I give off then?" I asked, momentarily forgetting my goal for being here.

He looked at me, a condescending glint in his green eyes. "Little miss perfect much?"

Cooper looked deep in thought, something I didn't think could happen. Clicking his fingers suddenly, I jumped, much to his delight. He smirked and carried on speaking. "Barbie."

He lost me. "Barbie what?" I gestured with my hands.

"Barbie," he repeated, pushing some of his dark hair from his face. "Your new name. I told you, princess doesn't suit."

He flicked his green eyes down my body. "Yep, definitely a keeper."

I felt self conscious as he looked at me, it was different. Not many guys had the chance to do that, not with Hamish around.

"I am so not a Barbie." I exclaimed. "Barbie is totally stereotypical. And her body is not even in proportion, if she was real her body wouldn't be able to stand because of her breasts and tiny waist."

As I mentioned them, Coopers eyes gazed down to my chest. Crossing my arms, I gave him a glare.

"I may remember a small blonde haired girl who was obsessed with Barbie. She wanted to be just like her." He grinned.

I had not seen that grin for a long time. It seemed to light up his whole face, I felt like I was seeing that little boy once again.

Shaking my head, I leaned in forward, putting my arms on the table and locking my hands together.

"Look Cooper, call me what you want. I'm not that little girl anymore."

He looked at me pointedly. "So you have found someone to finally be your Ken?" Cooper thought about what he had just said, and gave a little chuckle. Barbie, Ken, Kennedy, I heard him mutter to himself.

I rolled my eyes. The boy was hilarious.

"Word down the grape vine says that your one and only up graded on you." he raised his eyebrow at me.

"Nice Cooper. Real nice." I said sarcastically and made a motion to move. Reaching out he touched my hand and looked up at me.

"Sorry Barbie. Didn't mean to upset you." The tone of his voice changed, he genuinely seemed apologetic for his comment. Sensing this was probably the best time to bring up my appearance in his lunch, I lowered myself back in the seat.

"So, I guess you know I came over here for a reason." I began my speech.

"What!" Cooper exclaimed. "You didn't just come over here, after all this time, just to say Hi?"

I laughed at his outburst. "Actually, I didn't even say Hi to you."

He over exaggerated the realization in his face. "I feel sad now Barbie." He drooped his lips into a sad face.

"Join the club, Coop." I added.

His lips dropped lower. I don't remember why I was so intimidated by Cooper. Well, I guess physically he looked like he could kill you. At well over six foot, the guy must have spent a hell of lot of time in a gym, unless the underground fighting rumor was true. Though now, looking at his face, which I swear was always formed into a frown looked softer. Even friendly.

"But, seriously. I need your help." I paused for a minute. "And I know for a fact your not going to like it."

Cooper groaned. "This has something to do with Blake doesn't it?"

I knew he would figure it out before I got to even say what it was.

"Why do guys always reference each other by their last names. Why not just say Hamish?" I asked, sidetracking a little.

"Your point Barbie." the tone was back. That hard unbudging tone that I knew I would not win against.

"I need your help to get back with him." I though for a second and reworded my plea. "To get back at him."

It seemed that the more that this plan was intended for revenge, the more plausible it became that Cooper may actually say yes.

"No way Barbie." He stated bluntly.

"Please Coop?" I said sweetly.


"Why not?" I asked.

"I don't have to answer that." Cooper stared blankly at me. "It's a no, and nothing will change my mind."

His jaw set firmly. I was not going to win here.

"Fine, thanks anyway Cooper." I said as I got out of my chair and walked away. He didn't offer any type of response.

As I made my way back to Ashlee and Kate I braced my self for the incoming explosion that was going to arise.

Before I could take my place back at the table, I was grabbed by my arm and pulled towards the doors of the cafeteria.

Once we were out of the confines and peeping ears of the lunch area I was ambushed.

"What the eff happened?!? He was smiling, Cooper never smiles!" Kate ranted.

"Did he say yes? Man, you two would look SO cute together." Ashlee added

And they went on, speculating on what had happened, based on what they saw without actually asking me what had gone on.

Finally, Kate spun me around to face her properly. "You. Spill."

I sighed. "He said no."


"You heard me." I said, as I sat on the bench in the corridor. "What happens now?"

Kate looked at me like I was stupid. "You try again babe."


As I waited for Kate to come out into the car park, once school had finished for the day; my mind thought about Cooper.

Honestly, I didn't really think that he was actually going to agree to my proposal. Why would he? It's not like we have been super close over the past few years. Add that to seriously dating the guy who Cooper probably dislikes the most in the school, it's no wonder he shot me down so quickly.

It still annoyed me though. But not enough to voluntarily approach Cooper again.

"Well, there you are." I heard from behind me. Kate was standing on the corner of the footpath with what looked like an eighth grader closely behind her, struggling under the weight of a pile of senior text books.

Grabbing her arm, I pulled her closer. "Kate! You can't jut use younger students as your personal butlers."

She moved back and straightened herself back up. "He offered Ken, and it would have been rude to refuse."

I scoffed. Yeah, right. One bat of her eyelashes and that kid would cater to he every move.

Turning to walk towards the car that we shared, I stopped at the road where the cars were exiting the school. As I stood there looking for a gap, Kate spotted something entirely different.

"Look, it's Cooper!" She exclaimed excitedly and moving around far too much. Sometimes it did not take much to excite Kate.

"Yeah," I responded, moving from her range in fear of being hit. "Look it's Cooper, driving away."

"Details," she twiddled her hand in the open air, making her various bangles chime.

I sighed and began to move further down the footpath to a spot less congested with cars, I was followed by Kate, but I couldn't stop her talking.

"It's perfect Kennedy! Just go and jump in his car!"

I stopped dead in my tracks and spun to look at her.

"Why," I spoke slowly so she could understand me. "On earth would I do that? I can hardly tolerate being in a car with you. " I retorted incredulously.

"So he has no choice but to talk to you." she said smugly.

Before I could respond or make any move at all, Kate had grabbed my bag and pushed me in the direction of Coopers car. As we were not that far away from the car originally, I ended up near sitting on the door frame of his Convertible Roadster.

With the shooing gestures from Kate and the utter obliviousness from Cooper, I put my hands on the edge of the car and pushed so that I was now actually sitting on Coopers car.

As Cooper had not yet realized this, his mind obviously off somewhere else, began to take off after the Toyota which had moved in front of him. With this sudden movement I was thrusted back awkwardly, my body landing airways in the seat, my legs out of the car flung over the door and my head landing on Cooper left leg.

This all happened in exactly two seconds. Over the cars frame, I could see Kate, nearly squealing with joy. Shooting her an evil look I tried to sit up.

"Uh, Barbie. Why did you just land in my car?" Cooper looked at me like I was psychotic. Great.

"I thought I would be a nice surprise. Well at least someone did." I muttered the last part under my breath.

Cooper looked at me, opened his mouth and closed his mouth. Studying me for a moment, he spoke. "My car was moving."

"I noticed."

From behind us, there was a high pitched beep, coming from a brand new VW Beetle.

"Alright, alright." Cooper yelled, putting the car back into first gear and moving the vehicle forwards.

He didn't speak to me until we were out of the school boundaries and turning down a street which would lead to the main road.

Glancing around at the car I was in, I became slightly impressed. Even with my utter distaste for anything with a motor and four wheels, I still knew a thing or two about types of cars. A hazard of the business.

"What year is this?" I asked absentmindedly.

"63'" Cooper answered automatically.

I raised my eyebrow.

"You own a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette? And a convertible one at that?" I stated, knowing my car details, but it came out as more of a question.

"Woah, Barbie knows about cars?" He grinned. "That's hot."

I rolled my eyes. Choosing to look at the shops along one of the road that headed out in the direction towards city and residential parts of our area, ignoring Coopers comment.

"Dads only been giving me weekly lectures since I was old enough to hear words."

"Oh yeah, it's obvious that your dad would be a real car fanatic right?" He commented, indicating and maneuvering the vehicle down into the suburbs.

I nodded, I wasn't joking about the lectures. "So this car is yours?"

"Well, it's my Grandfathers actually, I'm taking it down to the shop to get a new headlight."

"It's pretty impressive." I managed to say, as the feeling of uncertainty crept over me. This happened each time I was in a car for longer than ten minutes. It was like I was having a small panic attack.

"Are you okay over there?" Cooper asked, noticing the look on my face.

Most of the time I could hide my problem, like nothing was happening at all, but it seemed Cooper was more observant than I gave him credit for.

"I'm just not to keen on being in cars, that's all." I answered.

"How can you know all about cars, but have a look of terror-slash-panic on your face when your in one."

"Knowing and liking are two different things Cooper." The sun was now streaming straight down into my eyes, as we had changed directions again, moving closer to where the mechanics that Cooper worked at was located.

Changing topic, Cooper tried to be humorous. "Do you feel like we are playing a game of twenty questions. I think it's your turn. Be careful, you've only got 17 left."

I let put a small giggle and he smiled in return.

"How about a proposition instead?" I asked. I had devised this little scheme without Kate's input, in the last five minutes. Hopefully, this time I get a positive out come.

"A proposition?" He repeated curiously and then groaned. "Blake again, Barbie?"

"Look, I know you don't want to, but I could make it worth your while."

He looked at me unconvinced. "Really?"

"Well, obviously you like good quality cars. And it just so happens that my dad owns quite a few of those type of cars."

Cooper studied me for a moment. "Go on," he relented.

"I'll let you take any car you want out for a drive." Seeing the look on his face, it didn't seem like it was enough. "Okay, for as long as this goes on, I'll let you test drive two cars per week."

"You trying to bribe me Barbie?" Cooper questioned, his eyes glancing between me and road.

"I like to think of it as exploiting your interests to benefit myself." I grinned.

He sighed.

"There is a 1950's Lamborghini in the collection..." I trailed off and waited to see his expression.

Just as I has hoped his eyes when wide. I knew with that reaction, he was going to go for this.

"You drive a hard deal Barbie." Cooper said shaking his head in disbelief. "But I suppose I could eff with Blake's head for a bit."

Finally. Now I could really start trying to get my boyfriend back.

We arrived at the mechanic shop and Cooper turned the motor to the car off and opened the door. Once he was out of the car I realized he was leaving me here.

"Cooper!" I called when he was a few feet away from me.

"Yeah Barbie?" he said turning around to face me.

"You are going to take me home right?"

He let out a short laugh at what could only have been a nervous look on my face.

I grinned back, realizing that Cooper may not have been the worst person to help me. I just hoped that this plan would actually work.


Tell me what you think? CC is always appreciated!

Georgia! Xx
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Posted 15 July 2011 - 10:50 PM


No, seriously. That was the best chapter in the history of chapters. :D

I'm just going to LIST the things I loved about it:

1. BARBIE. I know it may not be a nickname Kennedy WANTS, but it is an adorable one :P I love the way Cooper keeps on calling her it! Hehehe.

2. I love how Ashlee thought Kennedy and Cooper would look so cute together! :P because I totally agree, even though I don't have the ability to see them...but that's beside the point.

3. Kennedy and Cooper. How cute does that sound? :)

4. Cooper. He was introduced! This probably should have been first thing listed, but whateverrrr. He's so amusing and funny. But I wanna know more about his past, 'cause I think he's got a serious one.

5. Hamish and Hannah weren't in it :P hahaha. I find that to be a good thing.

6. Did I mention Cooper?

7. The car knowledge. I know you said you didn't know much about them (lol) but I think you did a very good job! :)

8. Cooper. Need I go on?

HAHA! anyway, seriously. I luv you right now! I just love love loved that update. It was nice and sweet and long and lovely!


A little tiny CC:

The tone of his voice changed, he genuinely seemed apologetic for his comment.

Since both the statement before and after the comma are complete, they can't be separated by a comma.

It couldn't be changed to either:

The tone of his voice changed. He genuinely seemed apologetic for his comment.


The tone of his voice changed; he genuinely seemed apologetic for his comment. (This way, because they're related).

Or I'm sure there's some other way. Just not with a comma :P lol. I just noticed you seperate things with a comma sometimes that shouldn't be.


Anyway, lovin this. I want another chapter please! :D


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Posted 16 July 2011 - 12:29 AM


Nice car input!!

But he still has a plastic car that can't drive round corners properlly

And Lamborghini wasn't founded until 1963

they were making tractors in the 50's

offer him a test drive in a miura (1967) or a countach (1974)

Miura was the first proper lambo and the countach is probably the most iconic

Oh god sorry

i started on about cars



forget Hamish


he still drives a plastic

the corvette is the world's best selling plastic car

the second was the reliant robin, and that couldn't stay on it's three wheels upright at the sight of a corner

Kate was being pushy

don't like her

like reading bits with her in it though

just don't like her as a person

goodness i'm rambling

i'm going to stop talking now

mel :)

P.s. And in the heat of the moment, my mouth starts going, the words start flowing

p.s.s AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 16 July 2011 - 06:45 AM


new reader :)

Dibs on Cooper ;)
Yep, back away girls, he's my man.


This story's awesome! Can't wait for the revenge plan to be put into full motion :D
And by 'full motion' I mean Ken and Coop making out in the back of a Lamborghini for all the world to see. And by 'all the world to see' I mean H&H (Hannah&Hamish, Hamish especially)


I don't trust Ashlee. I don't know why, I just think she's gonna start to get jealous of Kennedy and like, take Cooper away from me, ahem, I mean Kennedy. Just an idea....? ;)

-PaRil (April)
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Posted 16 July 2011 - 02:48 PM

I love Cooper! He is cute and funny and coooooool! Hot hot hot!
Great update Gee!

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 03:45 PM


*screams* ok this is beautiful! I absolutely love, love, love, this! Haha yay!

Anyways. I hate Hamish AND Hannah. Totally.

I like Kate. Hehe she has spunk! And I like Ashlee. She seems like a really good friend!

I like Cooper! (: expected that, didn't you? Haha he's mysterious AND funny!! How much more could you want? Besides him having an obsession for older modeled cars. Hot! Lol

I'm a little iffy about what's-her-face....Kennedy! Haha sorry. I really don't think that she should want Hamish back. Because, honestly? He DID IT with another girl why'll she was on another content. HOW! how can you forgive someone for that? Anyways, I think she'll make the right decision in the in. *cough* Cooper *cough* (;

You're writing is lovely and flows! But sometimes you accidentally leave out a word. And in dialogue before someone says another person's name you should have a comma.


"Your point Barbie." the tone was back. That hard unbudging tone that I knew I would not win against

I should be:
"Your point, Barbie." The tone was back. That hard unbudging tone that I knew I would not win against.


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Posted 18 July 2011 - 12:09 AM

Ohhhhh, for some reason Im guessing that she might find herself enjoying her time with Cooper more than she would like... ;)

I loveeee this! And I still love the whole 'makeover' idea, and the fact that her sister suggested it :D

I bet Hamish will totally regret dumping her when he sees that she is wanted and liked by Cooper!

Thingss will get interesting then... hehe :)


:heartbeat: Suze

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Posted 18 July 2011 - 03:02 AM


I just went a little crazy over there anyways whatever

nice update the only mistake I found was corrected by Jamie hehe
this chapter was really good for 2 reasons
1. It had oddloes and oddles of Cooper and
I don't mind hamish that much but hannah well she can get infected by h1n1 and DIE!


imma go and find some food now
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Posted 27 August 2011 - 02:34 AM

So, its been a while eh'.(:

I hope this can make up for my absence. (:

Chapter 5

“Courage is when you’re afraid, and you keep on living anyway.”

The next morning, I made my way down stairs for breakfast. Taking each step slowly seemed to be the best way not to fall and break my leg, due to Kate forcing these ridiculously high shoeson me earlier. They were wedges, which made them easier to walk in but it still eluded me why I needed to be taller when I was already 5’10.

However, I almost threw them at her when she told me wearing heels made your ass look better to guys.

When I finally made it down the eighteen steps leading from the top floor to the living room, I found myself faced with my father, Keith. Dad was sitting on the larger couch in the room wearing his pyjamas while folding up a quilted blanket. Next to him I saw the pillows. He had slept on the couch.

My heart sank.

Cautiously, I approached the back of the couch. Sensing someone behind him, dad turned around and smiled sadly.

"Did Mum...? I didn't hear anything last night." Speaking softly, I didn't want to upset dad. Ihowever, wanted to cry. This hadn't happened for a while and I thought things were finally starting to change.

He stood and walked around the sideof the couch, draping the folded quilt over its back. Taking me into his arms he gave me a hug. My father was a medium sized man, but when he hugged me I felt like small child all over again. We both knew what was going to happen soon and I was dreading the moment.

Hearing large thudding coming down the stairs, I spun around. There stood mum. She was dressed in her emerald green, terry towelling dressing gown. Her hair was not brushed, where it stoodout at all ends and her face looked drawn out like she had not slept allnight.

Mum narrowed her hazel coloured eyes."Keith Stratford. I thought I told you to get out."

She didn't yell. She didn't scream.But the tone she used sent shivers down my spine.

"Mum," I said slowly, and took a step forward releasing myself from my father.

"Stay out of this Kennedy.Your father has no right to be in this house." I stared at her in disbelief. The last few years came rushing down over me, the yelling, the midnight calls and the tears.

Behind me, dad sighed."Katherine, please. Just calm down. I'll go get your medication for you."

"Don't you dare, there isnothing wrong with me. Nothing but the fact I am married to a low life cheating bastard." Mum spoke through gritted teeth.

"Mum!" I exclaimed."Dad loves you. And he didn't cheat on you."

Dad moved from around the couch and stood in front of mum, taking both her hands in his. She struggled to move away from dad, twisting and pulling. Each movement tugged at my heart.

“Keith, let go of me. I don’t want you to touch me.” As mum spoke her words began to slur, she was becoming emotional. Soon she would be inconsolable. We all knew the drill, it had happened more times than I wanted to remember.

A low chime filled the room, thedoor bell had rung. It was eight in the morning, who decides to visit someoneat eight?

I gave an exasperated sigh at the situationaround me. Dad was still trying to get through to mum. Kate was God knowswhere. And me? Well I was just standing in the middle of the living roomwatching everything unfold.

What if the person at the door wasDads business partner? Or one of Kate’s junior friends? What if it was mumsdoctor? No matter who was at the door, I could near enough guarantee that thiswas not going to end well.

"Kennedy, it's okay."This time it was Kate who spoke. She came in from the kitchen, with mum’s favourite coffee mug in her hands. “You go get the door.”

Looking at her baffled I didn’t move an inch. Now she comes in?

“Kate, why don’t you get the door?If you can’t see, I am a little busy at the moment.” I retorted, gesturing tomum and dad.

“Why don’t you just leave this,”she mocked my gesture, “to someone who can actually handle it?

I had no response to this; she honestly thought that she could handle the situation with our parents better than I could? That either of us could do it alone? Apparently she could.

“Move, Kennedy.” Kate pushed metowards the door and sat the coffee on the table and moved towards our parents.This would not be the first time that she smoothed the tension in the room.

I took a few steps towards the front parlour and turned my head back to glance at the rest of the family. Kate had moved mum and dad into the dining room, seated them and was now discussing everything with them. I think she had even gotten mum to take her medication.

Feeling like strangling my sister and the unlucky person on the other side of the door, I reluctantly turned the small brass knob, and found myself faced with Cooper.

“C…Cooper?” I asked, squinting my eyes. The sun was out and shining directly towards our house. “What are youdoing here?”

He laughed, and leant against the door frame. “ I’m taking you to school, Barbie.”

"This isn’t the best time…” Itrailed off. Cooper did so not need to witness a Stradford family meltdown.

Looking down at his watch, Cooper sighed. “School starts in 25 minutes, Barbie. How could this not be the time to leave?”

As to illustrate my earlier point, there was a screeching of wooden chair legs being scraped backwards at a fast pace. And then the yelling stared again.

“You have barely been home lately. Anddon’t get me started on that leggy blonde assistant you just hired, she ispractically young enough to be your daughter!” Mum screeched from inside.

“For God’s sake Katherine, I am nothaving an affair.” Dad said, the sound of a chair falling to the ground echoed.

Hastily I pulled the door closedand moved passed Cooper to lean against the railing of the balcony which adorned the front of our house. Hearing the shuffling of feet I turned my headand saw Cooper standing a foot away from me, he was looking across the street and was trying not to meet my eyes. He cannot have just witnessed that. Not even Hamish saw my mum like that.

I'm not ashamed of mum. She can’t control this. I’m sure that if she had the choice she would not accuse my father of adultery every second week.

Sniffling I searched the pockets of the super skinny jeans that Kate chose for me to wear today for a tissue. After being unsuccessful I thought of going back inside to get one but after a second thought decided against it.

I felt movement next to me, andlooked to see Cooper had joined me at railing. Sighing for the second time since he got here this morning, he turned his head to look at me. “Are you okay?”

I raised my eyebrow at him, “Honestly,I don’t know.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head. “Trust me; you do not want to know.”

Cooper nodded and turned his headback around to watch the large man across the street pack his car.

I looked down at my hands. They were small, bony and the pink nail polish that I had painted on a few days ago was beginning to chip off. I liked it better this way, not everything has to be perfect at every single moment of each day.

“Psychosis.” I blurted out after a few minutes of silence had passed.

“Pardon?” Cooper said, steppingback.

“Psychosis.” I repeated softly. “The doctors called it delusional paranoia. ­­­Whichis just a less crazy sounding way of saying that my mother has psychotic fits.”

Cooper just looked at me blankly. Obviously this was a mistake. I should have never said that to him. Christ I have never told anyone, out loud at least. When Hamish found out, I had to write it down;as I was not able to actually speak the words.

My mum has psychological problems that make her think her husband is constantly unfaithful to her. Yes that rolls off the tongue easy.

“I shouldn’t have said that.” I said to myself and walked down the balcony, pacing. “I really shouldn’t have said that.” I repeated.

“Barbie,” Cooper spoke my name, butI failed to hear him.

“Kate is going to murder me.” I muttered,she was overly protective of not letting anyone know about mum’s condition. I was all for not broadcasting it to theworld, but I did feel that it was okay for us to tell a close friend. Just for mental and emotional support.

Sadly Cooper did not fall into this category, at least not yet.


“Yeah?” I had stopped pacing now,and looked up at Cooper.

“You can talk to me. I’ll listen to anything, Barbie.” His words sounded so sincere that my heart actually felt alittle lighter for a second. Hamish was still my world, but in that moment,Cooper didn’t seem all that bad.

“Thanks.” I near whispered. Myvoice had caught and I didn’t need to start crying now. Not with what was goingon inside and the fact that I had school in less than 15 minutes.

Earning a smile from Cooper I clearedmy throat and told him that he really needed to leave for school.

“Do you want a lift?” He asked. “Itwas my original question, which you never answered.”

I rolled my eyes. “I should probably go deal with…” I let my words fade and gestured to inside my house.

“Okay, I understand. See you there?”

I thought for a second. “Yeah, I’llbe there. Probably after first period though.”

He nodded and started down the path leading to his car. Today Cooper was driving a black Buick Riviera.

"That car is hot." I called down after him.

Turning around, Cooper started walking backwards, facing me. "I could say the same thing about you, Barbie."

I blushed, he grinned.


I walked back inside and sawmy dad sitting in his usual place at the head of the table, with Kate and my mother facing each other in the other seats. Taking the place opposite my father, we sat there in silence.

"Who was at the door?" Dad asked calmly.

Debating on telling my parents it was Hamish, I relented and told the truth. "Cooper." I answered dully.

"Cooper?" Kate asked incredulously.

I nodded and tuned my attention to mum. “Are you okay now?” I asked.

Disregarding my question, she asked one of her own. “Cooper? Who is Cooper? I thought it would be Hamish here to get you for school.”

There was no trace of her earlier breakdown. The doctors said this was common, that some patients couldbe distraught one moment and then perfectly capable of continuing on with day to day life the next. Unknowing in the fact that they just went through a mental trauma. Unfortunately for the us however, we do remember it.

I looked at Kate, unknowing of what to say.

“What is it? What don’t I know?Did something happen?”

“Mum..” I started; did I really want to tell her that he dumped me? I was hoping that I could get Hamish back quick enough that there was no need to tell my parents about his indiscretions.

“Hamish cheated on Kennedy.Then he broke up with her.” Kate said; a disgusted tone in her voice.

Kate!” I exclaimed at the same time, mum said “Oh Kennedy”

“What?” Kate shrugged, youwere taking too long.

“It wasn’t you place to say.”I told her.

“Oh like you were really going to tell them. I just know you were going to lie about it.” Sheretorted.

“Girls stop it. Kennedy areyou okay?” This time it was dad who spoke.

“Yes,” I said.

No” Kate muttered.

“Do you want to talk aboutit?” Mum asked

“No.” I answered.

“Oh you probably should talk to someone.” Kate interjected casually.

“Would you just shut up?” I asked her, rudely. I stood up and grabbed my bag which was sitting near the door frame to open planned living room. “I’m going to school.”

“Kennedy, wait.” Dad said,trying to break through.

“I’m going to be late.” I muttered and grabbed the keys to the car Kate and I shared.

She could find her own damn way to school.


I hope this is Okay (:x

I promise not to take too long with the next one. (:
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Posted 27 August 2011 - 06:52 AM

No, this isn't okey. This is freaking awesome!
I like it how Copper keeps calling her Barbie. He is hot!
Kate isn't bad either although I think she should let Kennedy fight her own battles.
Anyway, I hope you update soon!

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Posted 27 August 2011 - 07:26 PM

I feel really sorry for Kennedy

Having her parents find out about hamish through her sister!

That's just wrong

Cooper was really sweet though

I love him calling her Barbie

Mel :)
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