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Posted 28 May 2008 - 10:29 PM

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What is The Fictional Times?
The Fictional Times is the home of general news and announcements relating to the FP. It will be updated regularly with new content as needed. This is running on a trial basis at the moment, and the name is also subject to change. Please note that The Fictional Times has no relation at all to the e-paper of the same name.

Why bother reading The Fictional Times?
The Support sticky is often showered with questions that quite a number of people would like to know the answer to. Hence, to ensure that the answer is open to everyone's view (as not everyone may wish to scroll through the many pages in the Support sticky), and to save any repetitive responses, The Fictional Times will hopefully be the home for news, announcements, and general responses to any questions asked that may be applicable to all. Please do read this when new updates are made, as it may just save a few posts in the Support sticky.

What should I do if I still have further questions, comments, suggestions, etc.?
If there are further questions, comments, suggestions, etc. in relation to any news, announcements and general responses made here, or The Fictional Times itself, please do, of course, post them in the Support sticky, and we will endeavour to respond ASAP. If your question is one that others also wish to know the answer to, it is highly likely your question and the subsequent response will be posted here.

Thank you for reading!

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Posted 27 June 2010 - 01:54 AM

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The Vertigo Awards are Back for 2010!

Please note: Unless otherwise specified, all nominations may include incomplete or completed stories; and main or supporting characters.

Class Clown - Deleted for this year
This award goes to a character considered most hilarious by MCMB members. This female or male character may be the main or supporting character, who tickles our funny bone and produces laughter (and possible snorting as a result over over-laughing), with a great presence and witty lines.

Hook, Line & Sinker
This award goes to the story that catches MCMB members' attentions from the word 'go!' with the best story summary or prologue that just draws us all in, and makes us beg for more. Funny, sad, happy, heartbreaking - It certainly caught our attention here in the FP. This award hence is only applicable to those stories with a story summary or a prologue.

Amazing Wordsmith - This is our most "serious" Award for the Vertigos and is equivalent to that of 'Best Overall Author' in the Winters.
This award goes to the writer that is simply a genius with words. Their writing style with wonderfully crafted words and sentences that simply mesh together beautifully makes MCMB members marvel at the writer's talent and creations.

Punk'd - Deleted for this year
This award goes to the story with the most creative plot line, filled with memorable characters, great twists and turns, etc. This is a story that goes beyond the usual story premises, taking it to a level above the rest, and hence, is a unique stand-out amongst all the stories here in the FP.

That Ron Weasley
This award goes not to the main character of a story, but the supporting character who is always there with a great presence. They're the side-kick, friend, enemy, family relative, etc. who plays a great role standing behind or against the protagonist.

Romeo & Juliet
This award goes to the couple MCMB members consider as the pair with the most sizzling chemistry between them, and a relationship that simply blows our minds away. This couple may be either the main couple or a side pairing.

Happily Ever After - Deleted for this year
This award goes to a completed story with the best ending. Contrary to what the name implies, the story may be one which concluded with a sad, bittersweet, etc. finale, and not necessarily, a happy one. Of course though, all truly 'happily ever after' stories are most welcome. This award is only applicable to stories located in the Completed Stories section.

I Scream, You Scream
This award goes to the best fight or argument between a couple, whether the main or side pairing in a story. Although, we love peace and harmony here in the FP, MCMB members recognise this to be the most memorable spat, with a fight that tugged on our heart strings or made us laugh at the hilarious nature of the argument.

Bermuda (Love) Triangle - Deleted for this year
This award goes to the best love triangle (or love square, love hexagon, love octagon ...) featured in a story. The male versus male rivalry over a female character or the female versus female rivalry over a male character (or any other variation) saw us all cheering and jeering for one side or maybe, even both sides. Nevertheless, we all considered this to be the best tug-of-war relationship between three (or more) characters here in the FP.

Picture This
This award goes to the best banner created for a story here in FP. It might be composed of drawings, photos, or simply words, etc., but MCMB members recognise this as the best, and one of their very favourite banners. This banner may have been made by the author, another MCMB member, or a non-MCMB member. Please note: All credit for the banners go directly to their original creator, and not just to the author.

Banner Disclaimer:
Original Image Title: magic mirror rose.jpg
Original Artist: jdurham
Original Image Upload Date: 12th February, 2009
Banner Adapted By: Ali (Ari-san)

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:08 AM

The Mega List of FAQs

(These FAQs may be updated, so, please check back frequently!)

If you notice a :spinstar: beside a question, it means that these questions are of particular importance. Please do not ask any questions already answered in the list of FAQs below. If, however, you have a question not addressed below, please post it in the Support Sticky or via 'REPORT!', and we will respond and/or update the list of FAQs accordingly. The FAQs provide just a quick (and, hopefully, easier) snapshot of questions asked during previous Awards, which are applicable to these Awards. Please realise that not all of the FAQs may be relevant just yet.

Reading Period

:spinstar: What do you mean by 'Reading Period'?
Whilst, we always hope that everyone reads the stories that have become finalists before they vote, we know it's highly unrealistic. In order to combat the problem, whereby, people automatically vote for only the stories they know (and not necessarily focusing on quality) or other factors, a week-long reading period has been set aside before voting begins, to allow everyone an opportunity to check out the finalists.

When is the Reading Period?
The Reading Period has been set for Sunday, 5th December, 2010 to Sunday, 12th December, 2010.

If I'm dying to vote, can I send my votes in during the Reading Period?
Unfortunately, no votes will be accepted during the Reading Period. The Reading Period has been set aside specificially, so, it would defeat the purpose of the week-long period if voting was running alongside it. If, however, you'll be away during the entire voting period, and would still like to participate, please let us know via the Support sticky or 'REPORT!'.


What's an important piece of advice when it comes to voting?
There is always the tendency to vote for who we know and what we have read or looked at. Please, if you have time, take the opportunity to check out the other finalists as well during and after the Reading Period. All of them have been made a finalist for a reason, so do have a look around at all the other finalists, especially those you have never checked out before, before you vote. After all, we want the very best choice as the winner.

:spinstar: Where are we meant to vote?
When the voting period begins, please post your votes HERE (Please do not use this link until the voting period has begun).

When is the Voting Round?
The dates for the Voting Round has been set for the 13th December, 2010 to the 26th December, 2010.

What does "secret ballot" mean, and is it really all that secret?
The term, "secret ballot", in this regards refers to the fact that no other member will know how you voted. However, as we conduct the voting via the 'Emailing Ari-san!' link, Ali will see how you voted because each post lists your name. Therefore, no, it is not actually all that 'secret'.

:spinstar: How many times can I vote in each category?
You may only vote once per category, as we would be down to the stage of selecting winners. This is unlike during the nomination round when you could make two nominations per category.

What information are we meant to put down to indicate our votes?
You must put down the category title and the finalist you'd like to vote for. You must indicate clearly exactly who you are voting for, and in which category. So, include information like the character's name, story title, author's username, banner creator's name, etc. Otherwise, if you do not clearly state who your vote is going to, we may just consider your vote null and void.

:spinstar: Do we have to make a vote in every single category?
No, as with the nominations, you may vote in however many categories you wish to participate in, whether this be all or only a few categories. It is entirely up to you.

Can I send in my votes for each category separately via the 'Emailing Ari-san' link?
Please avoid sending your votes individually. Please collate them all together and send them as one post only. You may send more than one should you wish to vote in a few categories that you may have missed out on. But, please do not send them all as separate votes.

:spinstar: Can I vote for myself, my story, my characters or my banner?
Yes, you can vote for yourself, your pieces or your creations. The whole voting process is done via "secret ballot", and hence, you are free to vote as you wish. However, please read the question and answer below.

I want to vote for myself. Is there anything I should know beforehand?
Yes, there is actually. If you are a finalist in several categories, but you only send us votes for your stories or your creations (and no other votes in other categories where you are not a finalist in), we may have a hard time in accepting your votes. Of course, if you send in votes, where some are for yourself and some are for others, then, that's most acceptable.

:spinstar: My friend has been nominated in several categories. Can I vote for him/her in every single category they were nominated in?
Yes, you can. However, as with the question above, referring to whether finalists can vote for themselves, their pieces or their creations, please avoid simply voting only for your friend, and not anyone else. It's a bit suspicious receiving votes (likewise, with nominations) that solely revolve around one particular person. Although, they may be absolutely fantastic, it would be good to see more votes in more categories than just those that your friend is a finalist in.

:spinstar: I can't see myself or my creations anywhere on the list of finalists, but I know I was nominated! Where am I?
Unfortunately, not everyone who was nominated will be a finalist. For some categories, we have had up to ten different nominees. Only the top four or five nominees (with the most 'votes' backing them) from each category will be the finalists. If you do not see yourself or your creations as finalists, we're sorry to say that you were not in the top four/five, and hence, are not a finalist.

There seems to be some mistakes in the spelling of story titles, character's names, author's names, etc. on The Official Vertigo Awards Voting Thread. What should I do?
Please let us know if you notice any spelling errors. We aren't perfect and may have added or left out that extra letter or something the like. Please inform us in the Support sticky ASAP, so we can fix them up.

Have the finalists, in the thread announcing the Award finalists, been listed in any particular order?
Absolutely not. The list of finalists in the thread are in random order and do not reflect any particular rankings from the nominations round.

Can we discuss our votes on MCMB?
No, please do not discuss your votes anywhere on this site. They are, after all, meant to remain 'secret'. You may, however, discuss that you're in the process of voting, but do not reveal any details of how you voted at all. Please avoid winner-speculation as well, for the truth is that no one knows who will actually take out an Award until the results are released.

:spinstar: Who decides who the winners are?
You do. As with nominations, we only sit here with our Excel spreadsheets, counting the number of votes for each of the finalists. The finalist with the most votes at the end of the voting period is the 2010 Award winner for that particular category. From past experience, it has been extremely close for most categories, and hence, every vote counts.

Do the winners receive any prizes of sorts?
As with the 2007 and 2008 Winter Awards and the 2008 and 2009 Vertigo Awards, each winner will have a banner created by our amazing banner geniuses here on MCMB posted onto the very first post of their winning story. The summary section of story winners will be replaced with a small note like: 'Vertigo Awards Winner: That Ron Weasley'. A list of all of this year's winners will be posted in the Completed Stories section, with a different banner indicating their win. The full list will also provide readers in the future a guide to who won in past Awards.

If I won 'Amazing Wordsmith', can I post an 'Amazing Wordsmith' banner onto my 'About Me' section on my profile page?
Absolutely! Just let us know, and we can give you another banner (we like to keep the banners that are posted on the official winners' list, and those that are posted on the individual stories different) to post onto your profile page. Please don't hesitate to contact us via the Support sticky, and let us know!
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Posted 05 December 2010 - 06:59 AM

The December Writing Contest is Up!

(The winner will receive a copy of any book by Meg!)

5th December, 2010

A new writing contest in time for the holiday season is now up! Our lovely writing mentor, Ann, has posted up the mission to write a scene or story on the theme of "The Greatest Gift You Could Give Me".

Check out THIS thread today for more details, and good luck and have fun writing! :)
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Posted 05 December 2010 - 07:19 AM

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The Vertigo Awards are Back On!
(Looking for banner makers!)
5th December, 2010

Thank you to you all for your amazing patience and understanding! The 2010 Vertigos are back on track, with the official finalists now up on THIS thread!

As per usual, we have one week dedicated purely for checking out and reading some (if not all, if possible!) of the stories before the official Voting Round begins. The Reading Period will close at midnight (New York time) on Sunday, 12th December, 2010/Monday, 13th December, 2010, which is when the official Voting Round shall be up and running! You are most welcome to send in your votes any time after that time for two weeks until Sunday, 26th December, 2010. Results of the 2010 Vertigo Awards winners will be released shortly thereafter.

If anyone is interested in making banners for the 2010 Vertigo Award winners, it would be most appreciated! The relevant categories are: :spinstar: Amazing Wordsmith, :spinstar: Picture This, :spinstar: That Ron Weasley, :spinstar: Romeo & Juliet, :spinstar: I Scream, You Sceam, :spinstar: Hook, Line & Sinker. Please post any banner submissions onto THIS thread. The deadline for all banners is Thursday, 23rd December, 2010. Many thanks for your help in advance!
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Posted 13 December 2010 - 04:44 AM

Voting has begun for the 2010 Vertigos!

(Please only use THIS link to send in your votes!)

13th December, 2010

The voting period for the 2010 Vertigo Awards has begun, so you can now start sending in those votes! Please remember that there is no rush at all, so, you are more than welcome to take more time reading and evaluating which story or author or banner you believe deserves the Award for each particular category. Voting will close at midnight (New York time) on Saturday, 25th December, 2010/Sunday, 26th December, 2010. Please click HERE to see the closing time, according to your city.

Please remember:

:spinstar: You can only select ONE finalist from each Award category
:spinstar: You DO NOT have to vote in each category, as you can place a vote for as little or as many (or all) of the Award categories
:spinstar: Please clearly state the name of the Award finalist and the relevant Award category in your post, so, there is no confusion at all, as to who you are voting for, especially, given that we have some finalists in several different categories
:spinstar: Please group ALL of your choices together in the ONE post
:spinstar: Please only use THIS link to send in your votes - If you use the 'REPORT!' function (the old method used in previous Awards), I WILL NOT receive your votes (I also do not receive any messages through the 'REPORT!' function, in general, so, please use the above link for any messages). Please also DO NOT post your votes in any other area like the Support Sticky, story threads here in the WC/FF/AW forums, etc., as the Voting process is meant to remain as a secret ballot

Have fun reading and voting, guys! And, I wish you all the best during this festive season! :lol:
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Posted 19 December 2010 - 06:03 PM

Get Your Vote On!

(Voting for the December Writing Contest is Now Open!)

Monday, 20th December, 2010

Just a heads up that Voting has now opened for the December Writing Contest! Please don't forget to click HERE to lodge your vote for your favourite entry! Every vote counts, and the winner will receive a copy of any of Meg's books!

Please don't forget too that voting for the Vertigos will be closing this weekend! Please send in your votes, as every vote is crucial to determining the winners in each category. Please click HERE to send in your votes now!

Thanks to you all for your participation, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! :)
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