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Party Princess

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 12:24 PM

megcabot Hey, everybody! Welcome to the April chat on PARTY PRINCESS! LET'S GET STARTED!
fat_louie How old is Mia in this book?
megcabot Hello! Mia is just about to turn 16 (in two months)
mollyollymolly What is the name of the book after party princess?
megcabot SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS, followed in December 2006 by VALENTINE PRINCESS, then Book 8, PRINCESS ON THE BRINK.
Vookie Are writing series more difficult than writing stand-alones?
megcabot Well, it's like the difference between visiting old friends and meeting new ones. Both are difficult (and fun) in different ways).
poodlegirl Will Michael and Mia break up?
megcabot Um, you would have to keep reading the books to find that out.
headbanger4ever do the book plates cost any money?
admin-janey No they are free if you send a self addressed stamped envelope
spartanchic Hi, Meg, I'm a big fan of your series. Will Mia get to go to her senior prom?
megcabot Ha! You'll find out in Book 10, FOREVER PRINCESS.
mega_meg What gave you the idea for Mia to write letters to Carl Jung?
megcabot I was going to have Mia asking for advice from Ann Landers, but I felt she wouldn't actually do that. It made more sense she'd write letters that she'd never actually send.
HRH_Ft_Louie Meg was the part scene with Mia "sexy dancing" inspired by events in your life in the year 1983 like 'Tommy Sullivan is a freak'?
megcabot Ha! Now that you mention it, yes.
xcollie lol.Hi Meg! First I want to say, Happy (very, very, late) Anniversary! and secondly I want to ask if you based JP off of any one you knew.
megcabot Thank you for the anniversary wishes! And yes, like all my characters, JP is based on a couple of people I know/knew.
cheesestick Hey Meg, did JP have a crush on Mia or Lilly?
megcabot You will have to keep reading to find out. There will be more hints about this in SWEET SIXTEEN PRINCESS, out on May 23.
Vookie Is Mia's mother anything like your mother?
megcabot Yes, they are alike in more ways than they are unalike. My mom was married to my dad, though.
pog_mia are there going to be more princess diaries movies? are there going to be other movies made of your books?
megcabot Yes, there will be other movies made from my books, but I have no details on when or by whom. There will not be another Princess Diaries movie at this time. I think everyone involved has moved on to the other projects!
pog_mia who is Carl Jung?
admin-janey A very famous psychologist. Like Freud.
radmongooseglue I love Michael Moscovitz as much as the next person BUT I did find myself intrigued by the Guy Who Hates When They Put Corn in the Chili. Is it possible that Mia and GWHWTPCC will ever get together?
megcabot Wow, I am writing this a lot tonight, but like I said before, you guys are just going to have keep reading.
dudette_red 5. Did your life relate to any part of the Party Princess novel?
megcabot I am not a party person. I guess I do feel a little left out that I don't have fun at parties, and everyone else seems to. But like Mia, I have come to realize this isn't the worst thing in the world.
Maya How did you score on the "Are You A Party Princess" quiz?
megcabot Ha! You know, as its creator, I didn't even take it...I have to do that! I totally forgot.
fat_louie Are the Princess Diaries books going to take Mia all through high school, and up to a senior?
megcabot Yes.
Manteli Janey - How'd you like Party Princess?
admin-janey I thought it was the Princess Diaries book that related most to my own painful high school years.
purrfectprincess Will there be any more novellas after Sweet 16 Princess and Valentine Princess?
megcabot No, after those two and PD8, there will just be Princess Diaries 9 (as yet untitled) and Princess Diaries 10 (FOREVER PRINCESS). We are entering the home stretch!
dudette_red How long does it take you to write a princess diaries book?
megcabot I spend about a year planning it, and about a month writing the first draft, then another month writing the revisions.
Theboynextdoor How many princess diaries books will there be? I heard only ten and I couldn't stand that!!!!
megcabot I'm sorry! It's true! There may be more down the line, but that is all that are planned at the moment.
Vookie Was the alliteration with Michael and Mia intentional?
megcabot Actually, no. I don't like it when two main characters have names that start with the same letter, but in this instance, I liked the names too much to change them.
LaEspanola Which character do you most relate to in the Princess Diaries series?
megcabot Well, Mia, of course. But I am very fond of Lars.
HRH_Ft_Louie I think that Janey might be a huge superstar now that she was in the acknowledgements for Party Princess.
admin-janey Oooh. You noticed :)
fat_louie Do you have names for all the books, up to book 10?
megcabot No, not for 9. Maybe we should have a contest for it!
Alexandra Will we get to know any other AEHS students better in other books, like we did JP?
megcabot I think the cast of characters is pretty much set from here on out.
dealebooks Hi I saw that SWEET SIXTEEN Is a novella Around how many pages is that?
megcabot It's about 60? Maybe 75?
pog_mia who is JP?
admin-janey JP is the guy who hates it when they put the corn in the chilli
Theboynextdoor Do you feel emotions when you right about sad stuff? Which emotions? DO you feel the same emotions as the characters? When I read the sexy dance part I had to stop and take 10 deep breaths,
megcabot Yes, I do. If I'm writing about a character who feels sick, *I* feel sick, too. It's horrible. Also, if I write about a character catching a cold, I *always* catch a cold. It's horrible!
HP_Princess I loved how JP was the guy who hates to put the corn in the chili!! Do you think he'll be able to handle Lilly as a girlfriend?
megcabot Who says they're going out?
Nina What is your favorite 80's movie?
megcabot Wow. I really love Some Kind of Wonderful. Also Reality Bites...but maybe that's 90s? I can't remember.
bluedolphin Do you think that people should read the book before entering the chat?
admin-janey Yes, or else you will pick up spoilers and ruin the book for yourself. Also, its a waste of time for Meg to answer questions that you can find the answers for in the book.
margaret how many more years do you plan to write the princess diaries series and will the end be rewarding
megcabot Book 8 will come out in December 2006 (or really more like Jan 2007), Book 9 in Jan 2008, and Book 10, Jan 2009. So that's it. I think it's better to quit while people still like the series, rather than drag it out until people hate it.
sassysweetstart what are you reading at the moment?
megcabot Thanks for asking! Fringe Girl by Valerie Frankel.
megcabot Just to let you guys know, I am not posting answers to questions about spoilers in the series!
dudette_red Are there going to be anymore adult novels like the Boy NEXT DOOR?
admin-janey Its not the boy series, but Meg is starting a new adult series called Queen of Babble.
Vookie Do you still get excited seeing your name in print on one of your new books?
megcabot ABSOLUTELY!
purrfectprincess Did you react like Mia did when you got your first rejection letter?
megcabot Oh my God, her reaction was MILD compared to mine. I was devastated. I entered the SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE fiction contest EVERY year and NEVER won. Then they asked me to be a judge after I got published! I was so happy.
GurlNextDoor In any of the books are Mia and Michael going to have some kind of adventure?
megcabot If they don't break up, maybe....
laxgrl1403 Is AEHS a real school?
megcabot I'm sorry, the one in the books is made up.
Alexandra What island-country would you buy?
megcabot Indiana, of course!
headbanger4ever why didn't u put any illustrations in the PD books
megcabot There is an illustration in PARTY PRINCESS.
dealebooks Are you ever going to write a book with Key West as the backdrop? It seems like KW would have some great characters
megcabot Why, yes, I am! Stay tuned....
pog_mia What is your favourite book?
megcabot Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.
HRH_Ft_Louie Will we learn more about Perin? She seems like an interesting character
megcabot Why yes, you will. In Book 9.
sassysweetstart what is queen of babble about and how many books are going to be in the series?
admin-janey Its about a girl who graduates from college and flies to London to visit her boyfriend. Its really funny so far, and I have only read about 50 pages of it. It will be out later this year.
laxgrl1403 I laughed really hard when Lilly referred to Mia's dancing as "sexy dancing." Was that meant to be funny or serious because every time she wrote "sexy dance" I laughed?
megcabot It was supposed to be funny! So it was good you laughed!
nuriney Hey meg!! Ho many wpm can you type after all this experience writing??
megcabot About 85!
Maya I know that you loved Jane Eyre (in fact, you recommended it to me!). Have you read any of the other books by the Brontes?
megcabot I have! But I don't like any of them as much as Jane Eyre!
Theboynextdoor Was Michael trying to avoid Mia when she sent him the sorry cookie? I'm a little confused on that,,,,,,,,,,,,,..................... :/
megcabot Hmmm, maybe you should read it again then. Because he did explain.
Mrs_Man Janey, are you pleased or aggravated with your acknowledgement in the book? Pleased that you were mentioned, or annoyed that it was so short?
admin-janey Why would I be annoyed? I was surprised and happy!
fat_louie They are going to break up? :(
admin-janey Sorry, that's a spoiler and Meg won't answer it! You will just have to keep on reading!
laxgrl1403 What happens if you get writers block and can't meet your deadline?
megcabot Editors give a certain amount of lead time to their deadlines. So if you are about three months late, the book can still be published on time. Anymore than that, they have to change the publication date. If you NEVER write the book, you have to give the advance back.
MeggyGal Will you be very sad when the series is over, Meg?
megcabot I will! I'll miss it a lot. But it will be nice to be able to write about Mia when I FEEL like it, not because I HAVE to because I have book about her due. You know what I mean?
Areea When you walk into a book store and see Princess Diaries or Mediator or your other books out there on display, how do you feel?
megcabot Good...as long as they're in a good area in the store! If I find them in a dark corner, I usually move them somewhere better...don't tell anyone!
pog_mia Have you read anything by Sophie Kinsella?
admin-janey Yes, Meg has mentioned before that she has.
purrgrowl Is 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU 5 going to be released in hardcover or paperback?
megcabot MISSING YOU (1800 5) will be a mass market paperback!
Theboynextdoor What is Key West?
admin-janey Its an island off the coast of Florida where Meg currently lives.
Areea I noticed Mia was more mature about her relationship with Michael and about other things in this book, too. Was that intentional?
megcabot Like most 15 year olds, Mia is growing, and hopefully maturing, as she gets older.
flutegirl Is Number One Noodle son Real?
megcabot It used to be. Sadly, it closed. I miss it!
purrfectprincess you once said that *most* of your historical adult novels are out of print, does that mean that some are still in print? If so, which ones?
admin-janey Send me an email and I will let you know.
Hazel_Eyes_Princess Do you ever read your own books in your spare time?
megcabot Oh, good heavens, no. That wouldn't be very relaxing. I would keep finding errors.
PK How's Henrietta doing?
megcabot Henrietta is great, thanks for asking!
terrierfan5000 which book would you suggest for summer reading preferably on the beach.
megcabot Hmmm, QUEEN OF BABBLE by Meg Cabot (due in stores May 23). HA HA!
japanese_fanatic Who is Janey?
admin-janey I am the administrator of MegCabotBookClub.com. I run the chats and message boards and I update the site.
HRH_Ft_Louie Can we PLEASE learn more about Jinx...like now?
megcabot Hmmm...okay, if you don't tell anyone:
megcabot Jinx By Meg Cabot If it weren't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all. It wasn't just the power failure the night Jean Honeychurch was born that earned her the nickname Jinx: misfortune seems to follow her wherever she goes. Which is why her parents have shipped her off to stay with relatives - including her beautiful and sophisticated cousin Tory--in Manhattan until some of the trouble Jinx has caused back in her small hometown dies down. But Tory is too caught up in her own popularity to pay attention to her cousin from out of town...at least until Jinx's chronic bad luck starts wreaking havoc in Tory's perfect world. It's then that Jinx learns that beneath all her cousin's big city glamour lies a twisted world.
pog I heard that a write only gets 9 percent of the book, is that true?
megcabot Yes, that is true. Well, 10%. That is why only 2% of writers make their living from writing books alone. You have to sell A LOT of books to be able to afford your rent!
sassysweetstart will you write anymore historical novels? I really like them.
megcabot Thank you! I don't have any planned right now, but you never know!
Alex Why did you decide to make the new 1-800 book later in Jess's life?
megcabot Because a lot of time has gone by since the last book in the series came out. For instance, 9/11 happened. The world has changed, and so has Jess.
LaEspanola If you were stranded on a deserted island, what's the one thing you would bring?
megcabot My husband.
fat_louie Janey was mentioned before as being in the book, is that true? Sorry to say if she was I didn't notice. Sorry.
admin-janey I am in the acknowledgements, not in the actual book.
Areea I loved the theatre stuff in this book, Meg! I'm a big theatre person. Was it based on your own experiences in drama and theatre?
megcabot Yes! Grandmere said a lot of the same things my high school drama coach used to say to us! It scarred me for life.
GurlNextDoor Are there ever going to be a sequel to Avalon High (a book I LOVED!!) ?
megcabot Don't tell anyone, but...maybe! Although possibly it will be in manga form.
hgffh Do you listen to any of the audio version of your books?
megcabot I try not to. Because when I do, I just flinch at all the writing mistakes I made. YOU as a reader maybe wouldn't notice them, but I do.
laxgrl1403 Where is your favorite place to visit for a book tour?
megcabot Wow, that's a good question! I guess any bookstore where someone actually shows up is my favorite!
Maya You've said how much you hated math in high school, but how did you like chemistry?
megcabot Ugh. I only passed due to the kindness of my teacher, who had a lot of study sessions.
Neela149 are you going to take pictures w/ people on your tour?
admin-janey Yes, Meg will snap a photo with you if you bring a camera. She can't really spend a lot of time with any one person though, so please be respectful of the other fans there.
Hazel_Eyes_Princess When will Jinx be out? =)
megcabot September 2007.
nuriney In high school are there really that many cliques (eg popular people nerds etc)
megcabot In MY high school there were.
margaret Janey will this site ever have open competitions like on mugglenet for Harry Potter for J.K. Rowling?
admin-janey Probably not. Mugglenet isnt an official JK Rowling site, its a fan site run by fans.
CVsupergirl IMDb says some of your books are going to be movies, is this true?
admin-janey Many of Meg's books have been optioned for movies.. it doesn't mean that a movie will actually come out. We just have to wait and see.
MeggyGal Meg, I do not know if you have ever announced this ever, but are u a vegetarian, also?
megcabot No. I have tried to be, but I really, really love meat. I love animals, too, though. So I'm messed up.
laxgrl1403 What's a manga?
admin-janey Its a japanese graphic novel.
pog what's your favorite princess diaries book?
megcabot I really love Princess Lessons and Perfect Princess. They're the only ones I can read again without freaking out.
pog_mia Will there be any more books in the BOY series? They are my favourite books by you
megcabot Thank you! I do have a short story coming out this May in an anthology called GIRLS NIGHT OUT which includes a character from the New York Journal, but that's the only one planned at this time.
Hazel_Eyes_Princess Does Mia's adventures in your books reflect off your own personal experiences? Or do you come up with the stuff as it goes along?
megcabot No, it's all pretty much stuff that happened to me in high school. Except the princess stuff.
Hazel_Eyes_Princess I heard that All American Girl is becoming a movie. Is this true?
admin-janey The movie was cancelled last year. Maybe someone else will pick it up..
Theboynextdoor When Mia did her dance, where was Michael?
megcabot Right there watching! In horror.
pog Is Jinx a book?
admin-janey Yes, its a book.
MeggyGal Omg I heard that you went to MY TOWN for a tour a while ago, but it was when I was little and not into your books yet. Do you ever go to towns twice, Meg?
admin-janey Sometimes she does.
Manteli Meg - will you and Michele Jaffe ever do another advice blog together? Maybe you can act as special guest advice blogger on her site, like she used to do on your's?
megcabot Aw, thanks! Yes, we both want to do one, we just need some letters! So write into meg@megcabot.com with some questions for our advice column!
japanese_fanatic Does Mia like Seventeen Magazine?
megcabot SIXTEEN magazine is what it's called in Mialand. And I think she likes the fiction contest only.
Mrs_Man How long is the chat usually?
admin-janey 45 or 50 minutes with some free chat at the end.
poodlegirl You mentioned Jane Eyre. What other classics do you recommend for middle-schoolers?
megcabot Wow, there's so many! Some I loved were LORNA DOONE (sooo romantic, also funny) and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.
mollyollymolly how did henrietta lose her eye?
megcabot No one knows. We found her as a kitten that way. One vet says he thinks someone poked it! But I think it was scarring from an upper respiratory infection that went untreated until I got her.
GurlNextDoor Do you think a 7th grader like me could be a writer? I mean I write books of my own but I sometimes get the feeling they will never get published/
admin-janey There have been some novels published by teens. However, not many. Keep on writing. You won't get published if you give up.
flutegirl Janey, How long have you been the admin?
admin-janey Since we opened on May 28, 2004
MeggyGal Do you think you could think about using a plot I thought of as a story? 
admin-janey Meg cannot use a plot volunteered by a fan. She is not supposed to read them. All of the ideas in her books have to be her own. Sorry.
amee821 Is Queen of Babble going to be a series and if so how many books are planned for so far?
megcabot Yes! So far there are three books in the series (two as yet unwritten).
amee821 I believe I read somewhere that you wrote Size 12 Is Not Fat a long time ago. Did you write its sequels back then too or are you currently writing them now that Size 12 is published?
admin-janey Yes, the sequel for Size 12 has been written and is currently in revisions.
mia_michael4ever was there a Lana at your high school??
megcabot Oh, yes....
CVsupergirl Are you going to make a sequel to Teen Idol? that is my FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME!
megcabot WOW, thank you! No sequel is planned yet, but if you liked Teen Idol, you'll probably like HOW TO BE POPULAR, which will be out in September.
dealebooks Meg, I read Hex and the Single Girl because you recommended. I think I've liked everything you've recommended You have great taste!!
megcabot Well, thank you very much!!! I liked that book a lot!
weallarebornmad did you WANT all your readers to ADORE j.p.?
megcabot Ha! That wasn't my intention, no. But do they?
weallarebornmad janey will we have another admin chat for the anniversary??????????
admin-janey No, the last one wasn't very successful. I am simply not that interesting and I could not implement many of the suggestions I got.
sassysweetstart do you like figure skating and did you ever take lessons?
megcabot Yes, and no.
mia_michael4ever was there a mrs. martinez in your life, meg?
megcabot Many! I've had a few teachers who really hated my writing style. Fortunately, I also had a few who loved it! They really encouraged me.
RosiePolieOlie Janey-How come my questions aren't being answered?
admin-janey Sorry, there have been hundreds of questions asked so far, we can't answer everything!
nuriney In the How to Be popular summary the main character wants to become popular. Have you ever tried to become popular?
megcabot No, popularity is never something I have actively sought. What I have always sought are fun, interesting friends, and somehow the popular people in my schools and towns have never seemed that interesting to me.
PK Janey, is anything special happening on the MCBC anniversary this year?
admin-janey No, we will have a "party" in games and events next month.
fat_louie What would you say the ages for reading the Princess Diaries books are?
megcabot I would say 12 and up.
weallarebornmad meg will you ever write a book based on when you met your husband at that party and he asked why you weren't babysitting or something?? that was so CUUUUUUTE
megcabot Ha! Maybe someday. I never thought of that. It would have to be a loooong book because it was 10 years from when I met him to when I finally liked him. As a boyfriend, I mean.
flutegirl Was the pink disco ball always the cover of Party Princess?
megcabot Yes! I loved it from the start, it was the first thing they showed me.
weallarebornmad meg how many books do you have planned right now besides the ones you've told us about?
megcabot (evil laugh) I have so many planned that NO ONE knows about, you would freak out if I told you. I live in fear I won't live long enough to write them all.
pog did you actually draw that map in party princess?
megcabot Yes! I know it's not very good.
weallarebornmad Yes, meg! Check out the PD7 board!! Everyone loves JP to bits!!! Michael has competition with your readers!!!!!!!!!!
megcabot Wow! That's funny! Well, I didn't want people NOT to like JP, so that's good.
Rebecca When did you start writing?
megcabot As soon as I could read.
Neela149 Did you ever participate in any sports or extra curriculars when you were in High School?
megcabot I don't like competitions (such as competitive sports) so I have never played sports (except softball, but that was because my dad made me. I hated it). I did do ballet, drama, art lessons, and choir.
mia_michael4ever will there be more make-out scenes between MIa and Michael, some such as in the mediator books (the 6th one).
megcabot Heh. You will have to keep reading to see.
sassysweetstart what is your advice to kids who have to deal with teachers like mrs. martinez?
megcabot Wow, it's really hard, isn't it? There's nothing you can do when a teacher just doesn't like you, except try not to be too big of a pain. But you should speak up when you think something is REALLY unfair. Other than that, just grin and bear it. Eventually you'll move on to a new teacher who might be better.
weallarebornmad Did your husband REALLY write the poems in the book??? they were good. is jp based on him??? HOT JP!!!!!!!
megcabot THANK YOU!!! I will tell him you said that, because yes, he did write all of JP's poems, and all of the songs for the musical, too!
flutegirl When You were in high school, were you labeled as a geek, Regular person or popular?
megcabot I was a "drama freak" or a "brain."
purrfectprincess I just wanted to say that I liked your drawing in PD7, and I like the whale you added, it was cute!
megcabot THANK YOU!!!!
flutegirl was there a Josh at your high school?
megcabot Indeed. He got very fat after graduation, due to not playing sports anymore, and drinking too much beer, which is why I always advise people to only date geeks.
Maya Meg, do you have any tips for taking the AP English exam? The SAT writing sections?
admin-janey LOL. When Meg and I took the SAT, it did not have a writing section. My advice is for standardized test writing, there are books that basically tell you how to do it. Look for those books at the bookstore. Its about having a beginning, middle and end and being organized and answering the question and not meandering off the topic.
flutegirl Meg, do you have any friends like Lilly, or Tina?
megcabot yes, all the characters are based on friends on mine, many of whom I'm still friends with!
fat_louie Do you ever go back and read the like first Princess Diaries books?
megcabot Only when I have to in order to look things up.
fat_louie How did you come up with the play...Im sorry MUSICAL..."Braid"?
megcabot Ha! I don't know. It just hit me one day. My husband wrote all the lyrics though, based on my direction ("Now write one about a warlord")
nuriney When you go to high school, is it true that people usually ditch their old friends. (unlike lilly and mia)
admin-janey Its not always true, though it sometimes happens.
flutegirl Meg can you sing well? Like if there was an audition like in Party Princess Would you make it? I really liked that part of the book.
megcabot I was an Indiana State singing champ! I got the lead in my high school musical (LIL ABNER) sophomore year. But then I got vocal nodules and so ended my musical career.
purrfectprincess I went to Washington DC over spring break and saw Potomac Video where Sam works in RoN. Are the other places mentioned in AAG and RoN (i.e. Capitol Cookies) real?
megcabot Ha! No, I thought I made them up! I can't believe there's a real Potomac Video!
dudette_red Ii was thinking it may be nice if you had some ethnicity in your books to attract world wide readers. Do you perhaps see yourself as having a south asian (say bengali) minor character in one of your books?
megcabot Well, I have Asian, South Asian, Arab, Hispanic, Jewish,  African-American and white characters in my books already! 
Areea What movies are you looking forward to seeing?
mia_michael4ever where can i find your tour schedule??
admin-janey megcabot.com
admin-janey Meg's connection just died. So that's the end of the chat.
admin-janey Look forward to the pick of May, Northing by the Truth by Justina Chen Hedley. More details to come on that.
admin-janey Meg says bye and thanks and see you next time.

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