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Sweet Sixteen Princess and Queen of Babble

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 12:22 PM

MegCabot Welcome to the July chat! We'll be talking about Sweet Sixteen Princess and Queen of Babble today...and whatever else you feel like discussing! So let's get started!
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover MEG whose bed are you laying on?? on your blog?? Is that Stephen King's bed? :)
MegCabot Hey! That's me at the Margaret Mitchell House! It's her bed! I'll be meeting Stephen King (and JK Rowling and John Irving) Tuesday night though...maybe.
PrincessRenee what is queen of babble about?
admin-janey Its about a girl name Lizzie Nichols who flies off to England to visit her boyfriend and ends up ditching him and spending time in a chateau in the South of France. There will be spoilers posted in this chat about the book.
hellocasey94 How are peole picked to win the Queen of Babble book in the contest?
admin-janey Randomly.
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover Janey will there be spoilers for How To be Popular?????? I haven't read it yet. :( i don't want to be spoiled!!
admin-janey No, there will be no How to Be Popular Spoilers
Tharshi hi meg cabot! i love your book BOY MEETS GIRL! and also How many more books will there be in this series?
MegCabot Aw, thanks! Right now that's the second to last book in that series, followed by EVERY BOY'S GOT ONE and preceded by BOY NEXT DOOR. I don't think I'll be writing anymore email stories...except in the GIRLS NIGHT IN/OUT anthologies!
bookworm129 When will the ask meg section of the bords be open agin?
admin-janey Probably not for a while, Meg has to complete the sequel to Queen of Babble and she is so busy working on it.
Alexandra Were you ever interested in fashion like Lizzie?
MegCabot Yes! I used to collect vintage prom dresses. I still have bunch of them. Although sadly they don't fit.
Princess.Mia Is this the Princess Diaries and Queen of Babble chat?
admin-janey Yep, both books.
Mia_Is_Me What about PD spoilers?
admin-janey There may be some.
hrhprincessmia how long did it take you to write ssp?
MegCabot Sweet Sixteen Princess took quite a bit of work. For me, writing novellas is harder than writing a full length novel, because you have to squeeze so much into such a short amount of pages! Plus there was some back and forth with my editor. So a year of planning, and several months of writing!
Princess.Mia What does Margaret Mitchell write?
admin-janey Gone with the Wind!
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover Meg I saw your cat on that cute website, henrietta is BEYOND cute. She is a cutie patootey.
MegCabot THANKS! I know, Henrietta is such a star! She has a star attitude too!
Jesse_s_Querida I LOVE AVALON HIGH!!! are u gona make a sequel?
admin-janey There will be a series of Mangas that will be kind of like sequels.
Neela149 In Sweet Sixteen Princess, how on earth does michael have the money to rent out rockefeller rink???
MegCabot Not to give anything away, but in the book, it's Mia's dad, not Michael, who pays for her birthday surprise.
HeyHoTheCherry0 I didn't read sweet sixteen princess...but i've heard it's really good
admin-janey It is!
starprincess98 Meg, I'm so excited to be on the live chat! Queen of Babble was my first adult book I read by you, when did you write it and whhat was your inspiration for it?
MegCabot Well, thank you! I was inspired by my real life adventures after college! Most of Queen of Babble actually happened to me! Including the bad parts, sadly.
hellocasey94 How long is this chat?
admin-janey It will be around 50 minutes with free chat at the end.
Tofutti Meg, I have a question. Why did you mention "blow job" so many times in QoB? I have not read it, but I've looked around the boards.
MegCabot Because I'm angry about the number of books for teenagers which feature girls giving sexual favors to boys and not getting any back in return, and I wanted to make a point about how NOT COOL this is.
Haunted_Forever Is Queen of Babble related to something that happened to you Meg?
MegCabot Every word. Almost.
Neela149 Do you really hate Andy Millinakas, you bash him a lot in the book
MegCabot Ha! No! I think he's hilarious. My character's opinions are not always my own. You could see how Lilly would hate him and be jealous of him, of course.
Anna will there be any Princess On the Brink spoilers?
admin-janey Nope. That book has not yet been released.
MCabotFan Hi Meg! It's Nicole. I really loved Queen of Babble (especially since I love clothes) and Sweet Sixteen Princess. Did you wear the same kinds of clothes Lizzie liked in college? Or are you more into them now?
MegCabot Hi, Nicole! I was TOTALLY into vintage clothes in college and also when I moved to New York in the early 90s. I still have my best finds!
Princess_of_my_Heart Do you ever get a word in on how you want the cover of your books to look?
MegCabot My publisher asks for my opinion, and TRIES to abide by it, but sometimes they come up with better stuff than even I could think of. Queen of Babble's cover is a good example.
OrbitzAroundMusic Will you be writing anymore sequels to your stand alones anytime soon?
MegCabot Hmmm, not that I can think of. Except for the Avalon High manga, all my new books will be new stand alones or the first books in new series.
Tirzah Meg, why did Grandmere pick ANDY to replace Mis in the My Super Royal Sweet Sixteen?
MegCabot Because MTV told her to and she was desperate to promote Genovia to a younger demographic.
Kalei723 Hey Meg! I was curious if any other of your books like Queen of Babble, How to Popular, etc. Would be turned into mangas like Avalon High's sequel.
MegCabot Not sure yet, but I'll let you know!
Neela149 Hey meg, do you like TaB energy?? It's really good!
MegCabot I think it's too sweet. I like regular TaB, it's more peppery.
bookworm129 How come when Lilly told J.P that she loved him all he said was "Thank You"?
MegCabot Um, you will have to read PRINCESS ON THE BRINK to find out.
Smile Hi Meg! First, I want to congratulate you over your new books... I just finished reading Queen of Babble, and I loved it! My question is: Do you relate to Lizzie more than you do to your other female characters? Because there's the thing about tomatos, witch she doesn't like, and about what the prom-guy did to her... that's you, right?
MegCabot Ha! Well, Lizzie IS probably the most autobiographical of my characters, especially since everything that happened to her in QOB happened to me just out of college.
candy_suga how old is mia going to be when you finish the books
MegCabot 18
HeyHoTheCherry0 What's the title for the sequel to size 12?? i mean do you know??
admin-janey The current title is: It's Not Over Until the Phat Chick Sings
starprincess98 Meg, when I reas Sweet Sixteen I noticed you mentioned "Avenue Q" and "Wicked" two of my FAVORITE MUSICALS EVER! Have you seen them, or do you want to?! Oh, and I LOVE that JP is a theatre junkie like me!
MegCabot Well, thank you! I mentioned them because they are musicals readers of mine have sent me the soundtracks to, so I know you guys like them!
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover Meg why was queen hardcover but Size 12 was not?
MegCabot I'm not sure! Publishers decide that kind of thing based on the story, and they must have thought QOB was a hardcover story and Size 12 isn't!
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover no its not its ITS NOT OVER TIL THE SIZE 12 CHICK SINGS :)
admin-janey You are right! Oops!
Supersonic_Pie Hey Meg, are you good at repairing/tranforming clothes like Lizzie in Queen of Babble?
MegCabot I actually can sew and used to make a lot of my own clothes in high school. I wanted to be a fashion designer. Now though I think the tailor does a better job, so I take my stuff to him and tell him what to do!
Alexandra does the cream of tartar thing really work?
MegCabot According to many websites I consulted! I never tired it.
starprincess98 Did you do the same thing that Lizzie did when your boyfriend, like Andrew did, acted like a jerk?
MegCabot Yes.
mile What are you working on right now? (not RIGHT now, but... you know)
MegCabot Right now I am working on the sequel to Queen of Babble, about Lizzie's first few months in NEW YORK CITY, job-hunting!
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover Meg did you choose the title for IT'S NOT OVER TIL THE SIZE 12 CHICK SINGS? wow what a mouthful.
MegCabot It was thought up by my editor.
babypbunny Hey meg! is there a title for Princess diaries 9 yet?
MegCabot Sorry, not yet! Princess Diaries 10, though, is called FOREVER PRINCESS.
tephy Was Queen of Babble the original title for your book, or did you have something else in mind?
MegCabot Actually originally it was called BLABBERMOUTH. But there is already a YA called that. Michele Jaffe was the one who thought up QUEEN OF BABBLE. That is why she is a goddess. Among other reasons.
starprincess98 Meg, the Queen of Babble cover is my computer backround and everytime I look at Lizzie's perfect nails I get so jealous since I bit mine! Do you still bite yours? lol
MegCabot I do. That is why I have started getting weekly manicures, to keep them neat so I won't pick at them!
bookworm129 Why do you write 1/2 books inseted of full sized books?
MegCabot Sometimes I get ideas that aren't full-sized book length!
admin-janey Maureen asks: I think you may have mentioned this in a couple of books. What do you think makes British accents so irrestible? I go weak at the knees every time I hear one. How can I prevent this problem?
MegCabot Ha! I don't know. I think it is too many movies starring Colin Firth. I suggest we all just keep in mind that just because a guy SOUNDS nice doesn't mean he IS nice.
astrid Do you know when we kan buy QOB in Europe?
admin-janey Where in Europe? Many large bookstores import Meg's books. You can speak with the store manager to get them on order.
Smile Did you always want to be an auther? if so, werer there time you thought you will never be one and nearly given up all your dreams? Did you have other dreams (not, like, being an astronaut, but real ones, ones you can actually achive)?
MegCabot No, I wanted to be a veterinarian, an actress, and then an illustrator. But when I did try to get published, it took many years of rejection...a rejection every day for three years, and still more after that. You have to have a tough skin if you are going to achieve your dream, and never give up!
guitarbabe730 WHats avalon high about??
admin-janey Its a modern retelling of the King Arthur series, set in an American high school.
Tharshi I love you vid-lit video! It is so funny! Is that really what you do all day? because I would so want to be you!
MegCabot Thank you! You do NOT want to be me, I spend half my life dodging repairmen.
bookworm129 Will there be anymore 1/2 books in the Princess Diares?
MegCabot Yes! Valentine Princess will be out December 12, a "retro" look at Mia and Michael's first Valentine's Day together.
babypbunny Hey Meg. You always tour in the USA. Do you think you will maybe in the future come to Canada. For all of us Canadians that just love your book!
admin-janey Meg does come to Canada on occasion. I do not know her schedule for certain, but she has been to signings in Canada in the past.
admin-janey Maureen asks: How do you manage to write so many books in one year? I can't believe the amazing rate that you have new books out.
MegCabot Thanks! I love to write, it was my hobby, and now it's my job, so I love doing it and don't know what to do with myself when I'm NOT writing.
heartmegsbooks will we get to know if mia graduates?
MegCabot Yes.
admin-janey Diana asks: Will Heather and Cooper from the Heather Wells series be getting together anytime in the near future? Their chemistry is palpable, and they're just friends (at the moment anyway). I hope readers won't have to wait until the last book in the series to see these two come together as a couple. That would just be mean! :P
MegCabot You will just have to keep reading! Sorry!
Princess_of_my_Heart Are you going to be sad when you are done writing the Princess Diaries books?
MegCabot I am! Maybe I will go back periodically and visit Mia.
Smile Will you ever write a book about your wedding?
admin-janey The book "Every Boy's Got One" was inspired by Meg's wedding.
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover Meg, why isn't there more Royalty stuff in the PD books? Like mia dictating people and chopping off bad people's heads?
MegCabot Because she doesn't rule Genovia yet. Her dad does. And Amnesty International frowns on decapitation as a form of punishment, as does the European Union, of which Genovia is a member. And Genovia is not a dictatorship.
Mia_Is_Me Can you give us a VERY basic story line of Princess On The Brink? Or at least why it's called that?
MegCabot Well, I can tell you that Mia is on the brink of a lot things...if that helps.
Chelsea_W. I saw you at the Margaret Mitchell house on the 27th. (By the way, you're really beautiful!) I remember you mentioned something regarding finding out more about the guy who hates it when they put corn in his chili..............but I can't remember how/when we could do that. Maybe in a future book? Sorry, awful memory.
admin-janey You can learn more about him in Party Princess.
spartanchic Are you a fan of the book or movie "Gone with the Wind"?
MegCabot I love the book! The movie isn't one of my favorites. Scarlett is so much more evil in the book.
Mia_Is_Me Was it your idea, or someone else's to start your blog? (I LOVE it!!)
MegCabot Thanks! It was my publisher's, but I enjoy it now.
guitarbabe730 Genovia isnt real, right???
admin-janey No. Its Meg's creation, though loosely based on Monaco.
amee821 Meg, are you planning any new adult books or are the Size 12 and QoB series it for awhile?
MegCabot No, I've got some new series, including a new YA paranormal, underway. You'll hear about them later this year or next year!
guitarbabe730 Which book is 1st, pincess on the brink, or Valentine princess??
admin-janey Valentine Princess comes before Princess on the Brink.
Supersonic_Pie Meg and Janey, what book(s) are you currently reading?
admin-janey Meg just gave me a copy of How to be Popular, so thats what I am reading now.
Seussical_CabotFan_ Meg, you are so kind to your readers! You dedicate so much time for writing, you start this website, you hold live chats! You are just too nice. Thanks a bunch! Also, do you wish you had had more input on titles, covers, things such as that?
MegCabot Wow, thanks! I am actually okay with the amount of input I have on my covers and titles. Obviously my publishers are doing a pretty good job, so I'm not complaining!
Princess_of_my_Heart Do you keep in touch with Michele Jaffe? Like asking questions about writing and other things?
MegCabot Every day!
Chelsea_W. Wil Meg read all the questions submitted?
admin-janey No, I only forward a selection of the question. We have had 330 questions so far!
blumysts Queen of Babble Tour- During your stop at Chicago you had a reallly cute pink purse. Is it possible to find out where you bought it from?
MegCabot Thanks! It is a Marc Jacobs, and I got it at a department store. You could probably find it by Googling Marc Jacobs pink hobo bag or going to Saks.com.
Princess_of_my_Heart How many questions do you normally get with a one book chat? just wondering
admin-janey Sorry, I actually have no idea. You can count them on past transcripts if you like.
Princess_of_my_Heart What age do you think the PD books are for, because you have a wide variety of readers on your boards, and I think they all love the books. Some people are even 19 or older commenting! We love the books...-in hushed tones"keep the series forever going!!"
MegCabot Aw, thanks! It is intended for readers 12 and up, but truthfully when I write I am thinking of adult readers. I was surprised when the book was bought by a YA publisher. I always intended it to be for grown up kids like me!
tephy Meg, do you and Janey know each other in person?
admin-janey Yep, Meg and I have met and talk often.
bookworm129 When Will princess on the brink be out in stores
admin-janey January 2007 in both UK and USA
Krissy Can you tell us a little bit about how you write? I know from your website you typically sit on your bed with your laptop, but... do you plan first? Or do you just go at it? Do you work on one project at a time?
MegCabot I do plan! You have to plan a bit, or it would be like going on a trip with no tickets or destination in mind. You have to know a little bit about where you are going and how you are going to get there. I usually write up a page or two synopsis before I begin writing, then write notes to myself as I go along, to remember things I need to put in before the end. And yes, I work on one book at a time.
blumysts Queen of Babble- Did Lizzie end up keeping any of the clothes she found in the attic?
MegCabot You'll find out in Queen of Babble 2!
hi When is QoB2 coming out?
admin-janey July 2007
xCrystalx Can you say anything about the new book Missing You?
MegCabot I can! Missing You is the 5th and final book in the 1800 WHERE R You series. In it, Jess, who has moved from Indiana to New York City to attend Julliard, along with her friend Ruth (who goes to Columbia), has lost her powers due to post-traumatic stress from working for Homeland Security...or HAS SHE??? Rob, her exboyfriend (OR IS HE?), doesn't believe it, and comes to NY to ask for her help. You'll have to read it to find out what happens.
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover meg did you know someone like jp?
MegCabot Well, I hate corn.
Princess_of_my_Heart Are any more PD books coming out in 2006??
admin-janey Valentine Princess will be out in Dec 2006
nbh Have you read Sophie Kinsella's books and do you like them? Which one's your favourite?
MegCabot I have! And I love them! I think I like the original Shopaholic best, but they're all fun.
nbh Will Queen of Babble be set in New york?
MegCabot Yes, Queen of Babble two is set in NYC.
babypbunny Meg, I love all of your books. You mentioned the fish on top of the courthouse in how to be popular. Are all of your books like mediator, etc. based on real places that you have seen. (other than Genovia) :D
MegCabot Yes! I try not to write about places I haven't been (exception, SHE WENT ALL THE WAY, when I wrote about Alaska. Big mistake).
Seussical_CabotFan_ Meg or Janey, What is the best book either of you have read? (Not including Meg's books!)
admin-janey I really love the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe Books. I am also really into the Vampire Chronicles.
Princess_of_my_Heart Have you ever told someone that you loved them and had them say "Thank You." ?
MegCabot No. But once someone told me he loved me and I was so shocked that's how I replied (thank you). It did not go over well.
Supersonic_Pie Meg, what did you do for your sweet sixteen?
MegCabot My mom had a Smurf surprise party for me!
babypbunny Meg, Can you tell us alittle about Princess on the Brink?
MegCabot In Princess on the Brink, Mia is starting her junior year, and Michael has made a startling announcement. Grandmere has been booted from the Plaza while it goes condo, and Lilly and JP...well, something may have HAPPENED between them over the summer, and Mia is determined to find out what it was.
bookworm129 Is there a chance that some time in the future you will write another Mediator book?
MegCabot I never say never, but it is unlikely.
GeorgeCarlinIsMyLover meg, now that you're in your 40s do you feel like you cant remember what being a teen is like? do you like being called a teen queen like hillary duff?
MegCabot I am NOT in my 40s. I am 39.
starprincess98 Mmeg, on your Vid Lit (which I loved and watched every day for about 2 weeks!) you mentioned that you get A LOT of emails. Do you read them all and respond to most of them?
MegCabot Sadly, I get so many that I can neither read nor answer any of them. It is seriously too much to do and also get my writing done.
meepiter Hey Meg, I see you write about Harry Potter a lot in your online diary!! Are you excited for JK Rowling's last book to the series of Harry Potter??
MegCabot I'm excited, but I am worried about her killing off one of my favorite characters.
Mia_Is_Me Is Henrietta really smart? What about Gem?
MegCabot I think they are smart. For cats.
Princess_Rosa Can you reccomend some YA books??
MegCabot I can! If you go to megcabot.com, I have a list of favorite reads you can check out under my About Meg page.
starprincess98 Mge, besdies the Princess Diaries, will you be writing more books with bits of other languages tossed in? (in QoB and PD there was un peu French and in the Mediator there was some Spanish).
MegCabot Yes!
blumysts Queen of Babble- Lizzie loves fashion. Do you have a a favorite fashion item or accesory that you can't live without?
MegCabot I am sucker for a nice bag. Prada is my favorite, though I also love Marc Jacobs.
Princess_of_my_Heart Do you have someone who goes through all your emails? Or do they just get ignored?
MegCabot All of my emails go to my editor, publisher, web mistress, assistant, and me. Between all of us, they get read. But only a very few are personally answered, as almost ALL the emails I receive are asking for information that is clearly listed on my website or in my books.
Krissy How do you stay up to date with the teen scene?
MegCabot This website!
starprincess98 Did the Teen Idol movie also get canceled, or are they working on it?
MegCabot No, they are still working on it, although now it is not likely to be a feature film, but a TV movie, or possibly straight to DVD.
Princess_of_my_Heart In your blog you mention "He Whole Shall Not Be Mentioned" or something like that. Can I ask who that is?
MegCabot That's my husband, who doesn't like having his name on the world wide web, due to his many stalkers.
Neela149 Did you like Anne Hathaway ion The Devil Wears Prada?
MegCabot I did! I thought she was great!
starprincess98 Meg, do you ever go on the the MCBC message boards and chat on here on fun?
admin-janey Meg most certainly does visit her message boards.
babypbunny Hey Meg, i heard that there was going to be manga for Avalon Hihg. Do you draw the pictures in the Manga? Just wondering because you are an amazing artist with you greeting cards. I can't believe Hallmark never accepted your cards.
MegCabot Thank you! No, there is a FANTASTIC artist doing the manga illustrations. You guys will DIE when you see them. And yes, it will be Avalon High 2, CORONATION.
Supersonic_Pie Seeing as Queen of Babble contained bits of French, can you speak it? And what other languages can you speak?
MegCabot Just French. I lived in Grenoble for a year when I was 7 and attended French school, so I still remember un petit peu.
Tofutti Meg, I have heard of girls meeting you at your booksignings, and you know them from their screenname on MCBC. Do you read your boards, or do you heard about things some other way?
MegCabot I lurk on the boards. I am watching you guys to make sure you are safe and not fighting. And also to see what you're saying about Justin Timberlake.
hi When will avalon high 2 be released?
MegCabot Summer 2007.
Princess_of_my_Heart When is this chat over? not like i want it to be
admin-janey Its over in about 5 minutes and then we will have free chat.
Smile Do you ever get writer's block? What do you do with it?
MegCabot Writer's block stinks! It generally stems from there being something wrong with the book that the writer hasn't figured out yet. Usually if I quit writing for a few days and go back to the project, I can figure out what's wrong. But sometimes you have to start over, sadly.
Michelle I heard that you oringinally wanted to write 8 books in the 1-800-where-r-u series, so when they let you make a final fifth book did you combine the ideas you planed for the for the books of the sereis you couldn't write, or did u come up with a whole new idea for that book? sorry if this question doesn't make sense!
MegCabot Nope, it makes sense, and yes, that's exactly what I did. That's why there
Michelle I heard that you oringinally wanted to write 8 books in the 1-800-where-r-u series, so when they let you make a final fifth book did you combine the ideas you planed for the for the books of the sereis you couldn't write, or did u come up with a whole new idea for that book? sorry if this question doesn't make sense!
MegCabot a three year gap between book 4 and Missing you.
MegCabot OK, well, that's about all we have time for today! I hope all of you enjoyed our chat. In the meantime, we'll be chatting about my new book, HOW TO BE POPULAR, next month...be sure to look for me on the Today Show this Friday chatting about H2BP, and also in the Sunday August 6 edition of PARADE MAGAZINE (in your Sunday paper)!

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