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Posted 26 September 2009 - 12:12 PM

megcabot Welcome to the JINX chat! I'm so excited to be talking about this book, so let's get started!
admin-janey By the way, there will be HUGE SPOILERS in this chat. If you don't want to know what happens, close this chat!
Jennifer Hi, Meg! I enjoyed reading this story. What parts of this book were based on your life and/or actual events?
megcabot Well, the whole part about the ancestor who was burned at the stake and allegedly passed on her powers is true...the rest of it is made up. I don't even have a girl cousin on that side of the family. But a lot of the New York stuff is true.
Jennifer Was the cover art your idea?
megcabot No, actually, that was all Harper Collins. I like it, though, don't you?
Joanne Hey Meg, what country's cover for Jinx do you like most?
megcabot Wow, this is a very political question...I actually have grown to like them all in different ways.
PinkJelly Hey Meg, big no... HUGE fan. So, how was writing Jinx different than writing say, something like the some of your other Adult novels and YA books?
megcabot JINX was really hard because it was a mystery, but since it was first person, I was trying to keep the mystery from readers while not giving it away by the heroine who was telling the story...so that was a HUGE challenge I never experienced before. I did NOT enjoy that part. The rest of it was great though.
Jennifer Why was Jinx so clueless about Zach being in love with her?
megcabot SPOILER alert: Because she has such low self esteem, it just never occurred to her. She got bolder as the story went on though....
Jennifer How did you come up with the idea of making Tory so evil?
megcabot Haven't you ever had a friend like that, who turned on you? I have....that's what gave me the idea.
basketballgirl10 How long did it take you to write Jinx.
megcabot I actually wrote JINX years ago...I think I wrote the first draft in 2001 or 2002. I finished it in the summer of 2003. Harper Collins waited for a slot to release it this long. So literally...years.
Rising_Star Is Tory just jealous or is she a little emotionally unstable for lack of better words?
megcabot What do YOU think? I think a little of both.
JessMastriani Will there be a sequel to Jinx? Or is it a stand alone novel?
megcabot I really do want to do a sequel and have one planned out. I am thinking about doing a manga one but now I'm not sure. We'll have to see.
Jennifer Are all the references to magic based on fact?
megcabot It depends on what you mean by fact. The spells are either made up or based on spells I read about in spell books. The stuff about witches being burned at the stake or believing what you put out into the universe comes back at you times three is based on actual witch lore....so that's fact.
Susannah Simon Mediator What inspired you to write a book about teen witches?
megcabot Definitely my own family history. Plus, I just books about witches and wanted to write my own.
Jennifer Was the character of Jinx based on yourself or anyone you know?
megcabot She's a little bit of me when I was a freshman in high school and really shy, and a little bit made up.
shadowland750 So Meg, I have a question. You are now like one of the most popular published YA authors, and you still get rejection letters. how many did you get for jinx?
megcabot Ha! I didn't get any for Jinx! My editor loved it right away.
sasha Do you have any rituals or anything you do when you feel like you're running out of writing steam, or are you non-stop?
megcabot Well, not rituals exactly. But I definitely watch a lot of TV for inspiration.
jocelyn Do ideas just come to you and then you run and write a whole novel about them? Can you explain the thought process?
megcabot Sometimes. Sometimes I think about them for a long time, up to a year or more. It really depends on the idea. But if I have a break in my schedule I do just try to write the whole thing as quickly as possible. Other times the idea just has to wait.
Rising_Star The store Enchantments is real. So, have you ever been there? Or did you find out about while researching for the book?
megcabot Of course I've been there! I thoroughly research my books! There's a really nice black cat there that purrs when you pet it. I bought a pentacle necklace there, too.
basketballgirl10 I loved reading it and finished it quickly after reading it. Will she ever use her powers again?
megcabot Ha! That is for the sequel!
PinkJelly Do you enjoy writing fantasy more or less than normal stories? If so, how is it different?
megcabot Hmmm, I can't answer that. That would be like your mom saying which kid she likes best! They're all special in their own way.
Lily Do you prefer writing supernatural type books, or ones with more of a realistic plot? I think that you do both amazingly, because you make even the supernatural ones realistic...but I was just curious.
megcabot Each one is a challenge in it's own way. I'm glad I get to do both, because just as I'm getting tired of doing one kind, I get to jump to another, and it's like I get to recharge.
starberry When will the first manga sequel of Jinx be out?
megcabot Ugh. I just found out not until NEXT YEAR. I am so mad about that. I really can't believe it. July 2008. That is so stupid. I'm really furious it's going to take that long.
Rising_Star There has been some discussion of this on the forums and I was wondering what exactly were Tory and Shawn doing every free period?
megcabot S-E-X.
trublond27 Hi Meg! Loved the book. What was your favorite part of the book to write?
megcabot I really liked the end in the gazebo when--well, if you read it, you know. It involves a shirtless boy.
ScatteredParchment I have a question for Meg about Tory, she seems a little insane to me and I was wondering if this is based off of actual experience with someone like that or if it's just your imagination?
megcabot Well, I DID work in a college dorm for ten years. There was a LOT of drama!
JessMastriani Will the upcoming Heather Wells book be the last, or do you think you might write another one someday?
megcabot BIG BONED will be the last book for now, but never say never! I'm not contracted for more, and I'm taking a break from adult books for a while to concentrate on middle grade books for a while. But I do plan on getting back into adult books eventually.
cabot_fan_15 Do you have any other adult novels in the works?
megcabot Just Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, after Big Boned.
shadowland750 Will there be a book tour with Jinx?
megcabot No, sorry, this chat is it!
liltay what in the end was the real reason tory didn't like jinx?
megcabot SPOILER alert: Because Jinx was the one with the powers, not Tory, and she was jealous.
Susannah Simon Mediator Was Lisa, being so sweet and kind, based on someone in your real life?
megcabot Sure, lots of people...but not witches! She was more based on all the nice English and creative writing teachers I've had who were so encouraging to me about writing (which is a sort of magic of its own)!
shadowland750 Wow Meg, that was a long time! How did you cope with Jinx not being able to be published until today?
megcabot I totally forgot what it was about and when I had to start doing interviews about it when it was published, I had to reread it!
sasha The first PD book came out when I was 15, I've pretty much grown up with Mia (although, she's taking much longer lol). Even though I know all good things come to an end eventually, is there a specific reason you chose not to take Mia to college?
megcabot I don't know. When I first conceived of the series, I just pictured it ending when she turns 18. But now that I'm at that point, I'm having a hard time letting go! So maybe, if I DO go back to doing adult books, they'll be about Mia in college, etc. We'll have to see!
lollypops123 Do you have a special place to get your inspiration, or it just pops into your mind?
megcabot No, really, ideas just pop into my head. It's very rare when they do, so I always try to have a pen handy!
jocelyn What adult fiction do you recommend? Are you reading anything good now?
megcabot Right now I am reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR WHATEVER by ANNIE CHOI, a memoir. It's hilarious and I highly recommend it!
trublond27 How did you think up the whole mixing the hairs on the doll thing? I mean, was it something that you've heard....or complete fiction?
megcabot This was totally made up, but kind of based on voodoo dolls.
lifehouse_girl Meg, are you planning on writing another paranormal? if so, what will it be about?
megcabot Totally! Right now I'm working on a series called Abandon about a girl who is dating Death (called ABANDON) and I just started a couple of new paranormal series as well but I haven't sold them yet. So you'll be seeing lots of them. There are no vampires in ANY of them.
ScatteredParchment Does JINX feel like a more personal book to you because you wrote it with family history in mind?
megcabot Yes, definitely!
Rising_Star I really enjoyed this book and thought it was really good but I was wondering how anyone could believe Tory and her witch thing . If I had a friend who said she was a witch I would think she was crazy unless she was making a religious decision like becoming Wiccan. So why do Gretchen and Lindsay believe her and join her?
megcabot I don't know. I think they thought it was just a game and they were playing along because they were bored. They were several girls who did this in the dorm while I worked there, and that's kind of how it turned out (they thought it was just a game). Until they drank another girl's blood and her mom complained and they got in big trouble!
PinkJelly What types of Spell books did you read?
megcabot Oh lord, there were so many. I couldn't begin to list them all.
mliss Hey, Meg! Can you tell us what you are working on now?
megcabot Right now I am working on revisions for AIRHEAD, my teen "dramedy" which I just got the cover for...it will be out next spring I think
Susannah Simon Mediator Do you believe in witches?
megcabot Well, yes, of course...I'm related to a bunch of them.
taintedxpaint Hey Meg, you mentioned this on the Pants on Fire tour in Madison that you were actually supposed “the witch“, but you hadn’t experienced ANY powers. Was there ever a time you believed that you WERE a witch? And if I may say so, your magic definitely comes out in writing!
megcabot Ah, thanks! Yes, when I was a teen I tried a BUNCH of spells. None of them worked. My specialty was the SNOW DAY spell that was supposed to make it snow so hard there'd be no school. It never worked, not even once.
amee so are most of the books you are releasing now ones that you wrote years ago (aside from the sequels because those are the ones I notice you mention in your blog to be actively writing)?
megcabot No, Jinx is the only one. I don't know why they held onto it so long. I turned it, and they just were like, "We don't have a place for this yet...."
shadowland750 Did you have to research witchcraft for this story?
megcabot Yes, I did.
Sarah-the-Misfit I know this is a bit off topic but you you have a release date for Big Boned yet? Your website only says November, and for us fans that is a bit annoying ;) Love your books by the way! :P
megcabot Oh, sorry! No, no exact day yet! As soon as I know I'll let you know!
liltay how much research was involved in this book? I mean you had to get the fact about wicca somewhere..
megcabot No, not Wicca. This book isn't about Wicca, which is a religion.
puffin What do you think about the whole thing about those who say that books about witchcraft promote the devil etc..
megcabot That they are ignorant.
sasha Thank you so much for bringing closure to Jess and Rob in the 1800 series, I think all of us reading along needed that. I won't lie, I cried tears of joy.
megcabot Awww, thanks!
lollypops123 Do you believe in the magic that you write in your books? Most of it, anyway?
megcabot I believe in female empowerment any way we can get it.
Rising_Star After reading this book, I thought it had movie written all over it. So, would you be up for a Jinx movie?
megcabot Absolutely! I'm just waiting for the right producer/studio.
trublond27 Weird question of the day: where did you get the cats name, Mouche, from?
megcabot Ha! From the French word for Fly, which is Mouche.
shadowland750 So, I know you like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Do you think Jinx is a witch- like Buffy?
megcabot I think you mean Buffy's friend Willow, who is a witch? And sure...although I don't believe in THAT kind of magic, making things fly and disappear...I believe in the kind of magic that's more about self-empowerment.
shadowland750 Did you read Jinx after it was published, and notice things you wanted to change?
megcabot Well, on page 27 there's a word missing. The word is on the 2nd line from bottom, and it's the word "it". It makes me so mad that it's missing so please correct all your copies.
sasha How do you get so many books out so quickly? I'm a pretty speedy reader, but I feel like I'm reading your books non-stop!
megcabot Aww, well, I know it must seem that way, but it's sort of the way they get published. Like I said, my publisher tends to put them out in batches so they seem to come out all at the same time. But I assure you that's not how I write them.
Susannah Simon Mediator My friend and I were discussing all of your books. In most of them the main characters refuse to believe their love interests love them back until the guys spell it out. Why is that?
megcabot Because they aren't stuck up or conceited.
Rising_Star While reading this book I kept thinking of the movie Practical Magic. Were you inspired by any movies and books like this?
megcabot Well, I never read that book and the movie came out after I wrote this book. But I do like witch books/movies. If they aren't stupid.
Ren Was the character Zach based on anyone you know?
megcabot Well, let's just say my husband does NOT believe in witches, magic, and is an atheist.
ScatteredParchment Hey Meg, I LOVE Jinx and I was curious about how many fan letters you've gotten about Jinx so far?
megcabot Thanks! So far the response has been super positive and everyone wants a sequel!
lollypops123 Do your stories have a little bit of truth behind it, like your own history, or is it all made up?
megcabot No, every book I write as at least one scene that truly happened.
liltay troy appeared so scandalous, but before editing was she nicer or worse?
megcabot Oh my gosh, it's funny you ask, before editing she was a thousand times worse. In the original ending, she almost kills Jinx.
Nina_Finland How many books are you usually writing simultaneously? How about right now?
megcabot Never any simultaneously! I write them one at a time! But I'm usually PLANNING several at a time....
Rising_Star I thought this book was much racier then your other ones. Did you think that was important with Tory's acting out and getting the wrong idea of what being a witch means?
megcabot Yes! I definitely upped the racy factor in this book. I surprised myself when I reread it. I had to tone down a few things even. I really think that was more a factor that it was set in an NYC private school where the kids act much older, seeing as how they all have fake IDs and go to night clubs etc.
PinkJelly Did you outline this book, or write is you went along?
megcabot I outline generally in my head before I start writing.
JessMastriani When will your first books for younger kids, not teens, start to be released?
megcabot March 2008
Rising_Star I thought Chanelle was a really cool character? Was she based on anyone you knew or still know?
megcabot Yes! And thanks. Chanelle is based on a couple of people I know. Don't you love the name? I stole it from a real girl I know named Chanelle. Hi, Chanelle, if you're reading this.
lollypops123 Just a little out of the subject, but is Avalon High really going to become a movie, or is it just a rumour?
megcabot No, this is really true. They're working on the script now.
basketballgirl10 Did you like to write in high school or was that just something that started as an adult.
megcabot I have been writing books and stories since I was 7.
BrittneyMaz I love the Queen of Babble books. Will you make another one after Hitched?
megcabot No, this series was only ever planned to be a trilogy, and will end with Book 3.
Rising_Star Can you tell is anything about what your new series, Airhead?
megcabot It's a secret! But it is set in the world of high fashion AND computer gaming. Do with that what you will.
puffin Is there a feminist component to writing about witches?
megcabot Absolutely! Because, as I have said before, I feel like the whole story of Jinx was all about her discovering the power she always has inside herself...and I think, just like all of us are really princesses (sorry to go Disney on you) all of us have the power to do magic...not like "fly on a broom" magic, but "change our destiny" magic...does that make sense?
SporadicalMe In the 1800 series, was there any special reason that there was such a big timeline gap between the 4th and 5th book?
megcabot You mean because I got fired from the series between the two books? That was one reason. Not that I'm bitter ;-)
shadowland750 Do you know anyone who is a wiccan?
megcabot Of course! But there is a difference between what Jinx is about, which is witches, and Wicca, which is a religion.
shadowland750 I heard How To Be Popular is going to be a movie on MTV. IS this true?
megcabot Yes, but I am not sure yet if it is going to be a movie or a TV show.
SporadicalMe Would you ever write a cross-over book, where your characters from one series, meet your characters from another?
megcabot No! I mean, I might mention one character in one series, but they would most likely never appear.
mliss Meg, you say that some of your novels, such as the Princess Diaries, were based on your time in school quite a lot. Do you ever get old classmates claiming to be, or be based on, one of your characters?
megcabot Oh, my, yes. And they are always wrong.
lifehouse_girl Did the rat on the locker door ever happen to you or was it something you made up?
megcabot No, this happened, but not to me!
Susannah Simon Mediator I just finished Prom Nights From Hell (AMAZING)! Did you get together with the other authors or did you all write separately?
megcabot No, I never met or spoke to any of them (except Michele Jaffe, but we were friends before).
BrittneyMaz Do you think you are a witch. I would love to be one.
megcabot Alas, I am not. But I think we all have the power to do magic in our hearts if we concentrate enough!
shadowland750 I read your spread in Seventeen. It was really good, even though I am a guy. Will you ever do any other things like that?
megcabot Sure, if I'm asked again! It was an honor!
JessMastriani When you were researching for the spells and other things for JINX, did any of it start to interest you towards Wicca? Or did you only look at as a writer researching?
megcabot I am sort of a loner so joining anything doesn't interest me. I can't even make it to the meetings of the clubs I belong to. But I love anything that respects nature so Wicca is tops in my books among religions.
shadowland750 How many guys do you see at a book tour? (I am a guy who loves all of your YA and chick lit, and other authors!)
megcabot Wow, thanks! And I see a lot but they are always hiding in the back and claim to be there for their girlfriends who couldn't make it.
Aliyah What age range is for Jinx for? Besides YA, of course. Because I wonder is the YA's are directed to different ages within YA.
megcabot Generally YA is considered 12 and up.
Lily I think that I recall reading somewhere that you used to write fanfiction? What type? Can you tell us a bit about it? Again, off topic...but as a fanfic writer I am curious. :)
megcabot Star Wars! Also Dragonsinger....
shadowland750 do you think writing in First Person POV is easier than in Third POV?
megcabot No, they're both really hard...
SporadicalMe Why is the Princess Diaries series the only one of your books that's released the same time in the UK as is it in the USA? Love the books, btw.
megcabot Hmmm, I don't know. And thanks!
puffin I read in your blog that your Mon's nickname was Jinx. Did she like the book?
megcabot She hasn't read it! She is way behind with my books.
puffin Is Jean's bathroom in the book your own personal fantasy bathroom?
megcabot Totally!
kirsten What would you say to people who think of some of your characters as role models?
megcabot I would say, Thank you very much! I work hard to create characters that I feel represent girls (and boys) that readers can look up to (in this book, not Tory, obviously), who work hard in school and are going to go on to be great adults. So that would be cool if people said that, and exactly what I hope for! On the other hand, I hope people are reading my books for the hot romance, as well!
sasha Ever since I accidentally picked up PD way back in the day, I've been on a quest to read everything you publish. Your writing is fabulous and inspiring, not to mention hilarious. Is there one author who's books you just HAVE to read every one of?
megcabot Yes, Mary Stewart. She is kind of old-timey, but I LOVE the romance in her books. Also, her heroines are FANTASTIC. She is the one author I am DYING to meet. But I would have to go to England. I want to meet her more than anyone.
puffin I just want to let you know I love the racy-ness. I think the scenes from Pants on Fire, Ready or Not etc.. were HOT.
megcabot AWESOME! You are my kind of reader.
mliss Someone mentioned the piece you did for Seventeen magazine. As I live in the UK, I never got to read it, but really wanted to! Do you know if there is a link to a scan of it anywhere?
admin-janey Good question, I will see if I can find a link or something on the site.
jocelyn do you write every single day?
megcabot I do. I can't help it! I love it! I am addicted!
shadowland750 Are you a feminist yourself?
megcabot OF COURSE!!! Can't you tell from my books?
JessMastriani It says on imdb.com that Teen Idol is going to be a movie. Is that true?
megcabot It has been optioned but no studio has picked it up. Avalon High and How to be Popular are much closer to actually getting made and they aren't even listed on imdb.com. That website is really out of date.
jocelyn How do you handle mean/bitchy/obnoxious people? Do you fight back or ignore
megcabot Ignore. It's not worth it.
puffin Give us a hint about PD 9 please!
megcabot Ooooh! Check megcabot.com soon!
puffin Meg did you go to a private school, or public. It seems like a lot of your characters go to private schools. How did you learn about them?
megcabot I did for one year, and my brothers did.
Luvmegbooks4ever What is Jinx about?
admin-janey If you go to the Jinx page on MegCabot.com, there is a plot summary and an excerpt.
Aliyah Are you going on tour any time soon
megcabot I probably will for Allie Finkle in March 2008. So look for me then!
Taren If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which book would it be and why?
megcabot Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibson. That book has everything.
puffin Have you been to Iowa?
megcabot Yes, of course! Loved it.
Taren What is your definition of a feminist?
megcabot Women receiving the same pay as men for the same work.
Aura Do you like to listen to music or have tv playing in the background when you write? Or do you like it to be quiet?
megcabot I love music playing on headphones. Right now I am listening to Fergie (sorry).
trublond27 As a reader of your adult romance novels, has any of your family members ever commented to you on the...er...more...romantic scenes?
megcabot Sadly, yes.
jocelyn Please make more videos!! Your speech in Washington was awesome and I love the Glockenspiel (spelling??) video as well!!!
megcabot Ha! OK, I will.
Rising_Star I thought it was cool when you made that imix for the book Party Princess. Would you ever do something like that again?
megcabot Really? OK, I'll do more of those too.
jocelyn Here's an addition to my question about mean/bitchy/obnoxious people...Do you still encounter them, even though you are a famous author now??
megcabot Sure, all the time. I really just think of them as sad people who need my sympathy.
megcabot Thanks so much for coming to the JINX chat! You guys have been great, and I really enjoyed hearing from you! We'll try to schedule another chat soon...in the meantime, have a great summer! Bye for now....

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