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Kiss Me, I'm Helpless!

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Posted 16 June 2009 - 01:02 PM

This is my new story called "Kiss Me, I'm Helpless". I hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter I : Last Two Weeks

When I first met Warren, I knew he was different. He never hung out with anyone, never answered to anyone unless it was a question worth answering. Everyone distanced themselves from him because there was a rumor going around that he had killed a man and was never caught. Despite the rumors though, a lot of girls liked him. I, on the other hand, never paid much attention to the private lives of people I didn't know. Of course, that’s how I felt until I found who Warren Le Masson really was.

I was a high school senior at Capetian Academy in Bellevue, Washington and I had just recently been accepted into Georgetown University. I was also accepted in Ivy League schools, but I just didn't feel like those colleges were right for me. In less than two months, I was going to move out of the house and finally go to college. I was dreading high school; I wasn't teased or anything, I just hated high school because it was too boring. Nothing exciting ever happened. Just to me, anyway. I never dated but I had good friends and for me that enough. Relationships were just too complicated and I didn't want to risk my heart getting broken. I watched girls my age cry and whine about why their boyfriends broke up with them and it didn't look appealing to me at all. Despite all the drama, Capetian Academy is a wonderful school where I was able to take many opportunities and have experiences that would last me a lifetime.

Capetian Academy was founded by a Frenchman named Jacques Yule who had a vision to create an establishment for young men to be educated and become the leaders of the future. For decades, the academy was an all boys’ institution, until just recently, about twenty years ago. Capetian Academy still brags about its rich history, with beautiful French architecture all around the campus, paintings, statues and other relics brought in from France and curtains cascading down the wooden windows. The school’s garden was once my favorite place but sadly, it was also the favorite hang out of eight hundred other students, which is exactly why I rarely go out to the garden anymore.

"Audrey, look who it is," My friend Tara said with a curious smile on her face.

I looked up and found Warren Le Masson in a leather jacket with his signature aviators. One thing that many girls liked about Warren was his stoic personality and the fact that he just oozes the bad boy aura. The girls' words, not mine. Academically, I didn't know how Warren was doing but when it came to sports, Warren was a shark. Although he had been offered spots in at least three varsity teams, he rejected them all, saying that he was "not really a team player and that he preferred to do things alone”. That comment did not surprise me, but it did anger a lot of jocks, for putting down a great opportunity.

"He's coming this way!" Tara and the other girls squealed as Warren passed and he didn’t even give a damn.
God, how pathetic. Just then, Warren's eyes shifted towards mine and for a moment, he looked at me then quickly looked away and walked passed us.

"I think he noticed you, Aud!" Tara said.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

Moments later, the bell ran and we finally headed to class. I checked my schedule and sighed. Study period for two hours was not my ideal class, but hey, I might need it.

I stared at my book and sighed. Damn, I'm bored. I flipped through the pages with very little interest and I think it showed in my face because Elliott Carter suddenly sat beside me and chuckled.

“Not now Elliot,” I said.

“I’m not doing anything.”

“You’re about to,” I replied. “What do you want?”

“Ok, fine. We need you to help us with our senior prank.”


“You haven’t even heard what it’s about yet!”

“I don’t care. The last thing I need is a bad comment from the principal plus the guilt.” I turned to his dismayed face. “So, no.”

“Look, you don’t even need to participate, just lend us your pig and that’s it.”

My jaw dropped. “You are not dragging Porky into this, Elliott!”

“Nothing bad is going to happen to him, we’re just going to put him in the gym to run around during graduation.”

“That’s a horrible idea.”

“That’s not all we’re doing,”

Elliott was a sick kid and he needed help. I hope his parents find out soon because he was going to need it.

“Warren, what are you doing?” Mr. Sanders’ voice caught my attention and I immediately shifted my eyes to Warren who had a lighter in his hand. “No smoking in school, Warren.”

“I’m not,” He replied.

“Then why the lighter?”

“Why not?”

Mr. Sanders sighed. “Warren, go to the office.”

Warren, cool and collected, stood up and simply grabbed his bag with a smile on his face. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jenny.”

A few chuckles filled the room and Mr. Sanders could do nothing but send him out. Warren Le Masson was the nephew of our principal Mrs. Jennifer Le Masson and he has been living with her family since he was young. At least, that’s what his cousins Tina and Tom tells everyone. The twins are the complete opposite of Warren, which struck me quite hard when I found out. Tina and Tom are juniors and they are one of most spirited students in the whole school. They do everything together and are quite the brother and sister duo, especially when it comes to sports. Apparently, during their gym class, they were able to score six goals in less than an hour in soccer. Which is exactly why they’re both in the varsity soccer team. Although, because they were both separated in girls and boys teams, the twins were not as strong compared to when they are together.

A few minutes later, the bell rang and finally the two hour free period was over. I quickly packed my things in my bag and hurried to the door, that was until Mr. Sanders called me up and asked me to stay behind.

“What did I do?” I mouthed to Tara.

She shrugged and mouthed back, “I’ll see you later.”

I walked towards Mr. Sanders and raised my brow. “Yes?”

“Would you mind helping me with these exam papers, I need to take them to the faculty lounge.”

I sighed in relief and he chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble whatsoever.”

“I’m glad,” I replied and grabbed a whole pile of test papers with me.

“Alright, follow me.”

I entered the faculty lounge and felt somewhat betrayed. The faculty lounge was ten times better than the senior lounge. It looked like an airport, cleanliness-wise. I carefully put the stack of papers on my teacher’s desk and sighed. “Is that it?”

“Actually, if you could hand this to Mrs. Le Masson, that would be great.”

I did not bother asking questions since I owed Mr. Sanders for writing an excellent recommendation letter and obediently, I took the envelope and walked straight out to the principal’s office. I looked around and realized that the halls were less packed than they usually were. I stared at the clock and cursed; the bell already rang three minutes ago. I ran to the principals’ office, without knocking and barged it. Which I shouldn’t have.

Mrs. Le Masson suddenly cleared her throat and Warren immediately stood up, hitting me as he did so.

“Ow!” I rubbed my nose and glared at Warren.

“Woops.” Was all he said and was about to leave the room, before Mrs. Le Masson told him to behave and with a quick nod, he left.

“I’m sorry, I should have knocked.”

She smiled. “No worries, Audrey. So, is there something I can help you with?”

I handed her the envelope. “This is from Mr. Sanders.”

Mrs. Le Masson looked at the envelope for a moment and sighed. “Oh, dear.”

“C-can I leave now?” I asked.

It took her a few seconds to answer, but eventually she did. “Yes, of course.”

I stood up and bid goodbye to the principal upon leaving. It was really weird. It was as if she knew what was inside the envelope without even touching it. I quickly ran to my next class and within seconds, completely forgot about the incident.

Being a senior on the last two weeks meant that we had to come to school for no reason. Guys were playing sports in the gym, while some girls were in the senior lounge listening to music and talking about their boyfriends. Tara and I on the other hand, were in the garden talking about our usual topics.

“What if we’re running and it doesn’t hurt?” Tara asked.

“It just means that the lactic acid isn’t kicking in yet. It eventually does, though.” I laughed. “So...are you ready for college?”

Tara shook her head. “No. I’m not at all. I don’t know what to expect!”

“Me neither, but I’m sure it’s going to be okay. We’ll get a hang of it, eventually.” I looked at Tara and raised my brow. “Tara, are you alright?”

“Audrey, do you hear that?”

I kept silent and listened intently, but I couldn’t hear anything. “What is it?”

“Someone’s snoring.” Tara grabbed my hand and stood up. “Come,”

We went in the school’s maze and followed the snoring. Well, Tara did, I just followed along. We swiftly walked and soon, came to a stop. “Uh, I still don’t hear anything.”

Tara peeked through the bushes and gasped. “It’s him!”

I raised my brow. “Who?”

“Warren!” Tara jumped. “Aww, he’s sleeping! It’s so cute.”

“Do we really need to stalk?”

“We just got here,” She smiled. “He is so dreamy.”

“Sure, he is.”

“Hey...where’d he go?” Tara looked back at me after looking at the bushes. “You think he heard us?”

“Yeah, I did.” A deep voice said behind us.

Both Tara and I screamed upon turning around and I think I even kicked him a little. He covered his ears and groaned.

“You didn’t have to scream!”

Tara put her hand on his shoulder. “Oh my god, Warren, we’re so sorry. We th-”

Warren coolly moved Tara’s hand aside, as if a bug, and replied, “Thought I was sleeping. Well, I was until you two woke me.”

I grabbed Tara’s other arm and sighed. “We should go.”

Warren cleared his throat. “You still haven’t apologized.”

I turned to him and raised my brow. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Audrey!” Tara glared.

He walked towards me with a smirk on his face. “Look, just say sorry and all is forgiven.”

“Sorry,” I said apologetically.

“Whatever,” He grabbed his jacket and walked away, trying to look cool.

When had left, I turned to Tara. “How did you know where he was? We had to look all over the damn maze for him.”

“Couldn’t you hear him? His snoring was really loud!” Tara replied.

“How odd.”

“Maybe you’re deaf.”

“Not likely,” I sighed. “Look, we need to go the bell rang like five minutes ago.”

“You seriously didn’t hear Warren snoring?”

I shook my head. “Not one bit.”

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Posted 16 June 2009 - 01:05 PM

oh I like it...

-lexus :aiwebs_014: Posted Image
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Posted 16 June 2009 - 01:06 PM

Lol, kind of surprised me that someone commented right away when I had just posted. Thanks, Lexus! :D


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Posted 16 June 2009 - 01:18 PM


This sounds awesome!

Update soon please!

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Posted 16 June 2009 - 02:39 PM

Haha, Warren seems cool. I love the story so far! Can I call you Kaoru? (you have an awesome name by the way)


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Posted 16 June 2009 - 02:41 PM

OOoooooh, this sounds ULTRA amazing!

Warren seems very bad boy. *can't stand bad boys*

But, alas, 'tis the perils.

I do NOT think that danger is hot. I think "Danger" is STUPID. But no one listens to me, the one who doesn't know everything, but it always right. *shrugs*

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Posted 16 June 2009 - 06:15 PM

Hmm I like it!

It seems to me that everyone has a little superpower :P
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Posted 17 June 2009 - 02:20 AM

Chapter II : Welcome to Capetian Academy

The next day, while students were out on the weekend, I was at school for the welcoming of new students. Saturday was the freshmen tour, sunday were the sophomore and the junior tour. I waited outside the entrance of the academy to welcome the upcoming freshmen. Freshmen had to be taught the ins and outs of the school beforehand. Otherwise, there were going to get lost, no doubt about it. The campus was an old French mansion, that was practically a palace and it is hard to find someone who can’t stay put. A tour was essential.

About twenty or so students stepped out and looked around the beautiful surroundings. I wasn’t surprised, I was exactly like them when I first started attending the academy.

“Welcome to Capetian Academy,” I smiled at the youngsters. “I am Audrey Davis, senior class president and I will be giving you a tour of the academy.”

“Now if you could please just make two lines of even numbers, we shall start the tour.” I waited for them to make their lines which took a while, but they eventually got a hold of it. “Alright, follow me.”

I took them to the main hall and stopped in front of the portrait of Jacques Yule and faced them.

“This is Jacques Yule, founder of the Capetian Academy. He was a nobleman, philosopher and teacher. With his wealth, he was able to build this school and support the academy with his connections and funds. Jacques Yule was French and as you can see, the whole campus is French, as well,”
“Now, that,” I pointed at the office. “is that the registration booth and that is where you sign up if you are tardy. It is important you do this because otherwise, the school would assume that you are absent when you are actually just late.”

A freshman raised their hand and I nodded. “Yes?”

“Do we freshmen get a room or something?”

“Yes, all grades have their own lounges.” The group cheered and I opened the double doors. “Follow me and I’ll take you to the freshman lounge.”

After a fifteen minute break, I took the freshman class to my second favorite place in the school, the François study room. Not as big as the main library, the study room has one of the most beautiful interiors in the whole school. 19th Century French furniture, books and texts that date back as early as 1400s, portraits of royals and beautiful women and expensive tableware all over; for me, it was a haven.

“The François Study was a room designed by Jacques Yule’s cousin, Timothy Yule. Despite what most people say, nepotism is definitely a good thing when it comes to architecture.” I smiled. “Unfortunately this room is off limits and you need permission from the principal to go in. But I just had to show you the study.”
“Students wishing to study are asked to do so in the main library on the second floor. There are three other libraries: Cambridge, Morningwood and Bellevue. Cambridge for sophomores, Morningwood for juniors and Bellevue is for the seniors. Unfortunately, freshmen do not have their own library, so the main library is the only place for studying. Are there any questions?”

Almost immediately, a guy from the back of the group raised his hand. He looked like any other student, although he looked like one of those guys who got bullied once in a while.

“And you are?”

He cleared his throat. “Arthur Jameson. Can we check out the cafeteria next?”

I raised my brow.

“I have allergies.” He replied.

I smiled. “Oh, of course. Follow me,”

We headed down to the first floor and I quickly opened the giant doors for the students. The looked around in awe and Arthur Jameson came to the front and his jaw dropped. “So you serve food here right?”

“The dining hall serves all sorts of food from different countries. If you’re feeling French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian or even Greek, we have it all. Allergies are not an issue, since you have already given your medical history prior to coming here. The kitchen will know who you are and what your allergies are, if you have any.”

When the freshmen left, I decided to visit the garden for some relaxation time. It was actually quite rare for me to go to the garden two times in a row, but the campus had always been beautiful and I have never seen all of the school yet because of its massive size. I quickly fell on the soft grass and closed my eyes, with my iPod on and the warmth of the sun on my skin. The thing that I loved most about Capetian Academy, was that it was like living in a palace with beautiful gardens and the feeling of living in a dream that never seemed to end. That was how gorgeous the campus was to me and as boring as I thought high school was, that never changed the fact that Capetian was a wonderland. Soon, without realizing it, I fell asleep on the grass and could not care less of the world.

“Hey, you. Wake up.”

I opened my eyes and felt someone poke my cheek. I sat up and realized it was Christina and Thomas Le Masson. However, it wasn’t them that poked me, it was their cousin Warren and he did not look too happy.

“What are you doing here?” Warren asked.

“I was giving a tour to the freshmen.”

Tina smiled. “We know, but shouldn’t you be at home or something?”

“Do you love school that much?” Tom chuckled.

“Well, what about you three?” I asked.

“We live here.” Tina replied.

“Oh, right.” I stood up and suddenly felt like hitting myself with a stick. The school had hundreds of rooms, there’s bound to be at least three available for the principal and her family. Wait, that was weird.

“How do yo-”

Warren pushed me to the direction of the school and sighed. “Can you just go already? You’re not supposed to be here during weekends.”

“Fine,” I grabbed my bag and looked back at them before leaving. They were acting really weird, but I couldn’t be too bothered about them because it wasn’t my business. School was going to end in a week and I needed to start packing for college. Life was moving on for all of us seniors and the school that I once loved dearly, was going to kick me out. It was all going to be over.

When I got home, I found my brother Robert and his friends playing video games. Robert was supposed to attend the Freshmen orientation for the academy but he didn’t show. Now I know why. I walked straight to the television and turned it off, causing the boys to groan.

“Audrey, what are you doing? We were so close winning the race!” Robert looked at me with such anger and I completely ignored it.

“You missed the orientation.”

“So?” Robert pressed the power button on the television and continued playing.

“You were supposed to go! Now Mrs. Le Mason’s going to call mom and dad and they’re going to have to explain why you never came. And guess who’s going to get blamed for it? Me!”

Robert’s friend Jared hit me with a bag of chips and laughed. “Rob, your sister sucks.”

“Yeah!” His friends said in unison.

I glared at the guys and they all froze. “You are in so much trouble when I tell mom and dad.”

“Whatever,” Robert sat back down and continued playing, unaware of the damages I could inflict on him if I ever get in trouble for his screw up. I went up to my parents’ room to check if they were there but they weren’t. Dad arrived home at around six while mom usually was in the kitchen by around four. It was hard having both my parents working full time, but it wasn’t that bad. I did get more freedom, not that I needed it, and I was able to be independent throughout the years. Like my grandmother Sally once said, if no one’s going to help you, then help yourself. Otherwise, you’re not going to survive.

I look through my papers for college and sighed. It’s really done. Finally. I turned on my computer and checked my e-mail. Through e-mail I was connected to everyone, even people that I never really talked to. I had one unread message and I suddenly felt excited, however the excitement died down when I saw who it was from.

From: Thomas Le Masson (Warren_LM[admin edit: you are not allowed to post your email address])
Sent: 6/1/09 2:30 PM
To: Audrey Davis (AudreyDavis[admin edit: you are not allowed to post your email address])

Audrey Davis,

You have been invited to the Le Masson pre-graduation dinner tomorrow night at the Yule Ballroom, 7:30 PM. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring your iPod in case you want to share some music for us to dance along with. Sadly, this is an INVITATION ONLY formal event and you are not allowed to bring along a friend who is uninvited. We hope you can come!

The Le Masson Family

I raised my brow. I have never been invited to a party before and now of all people, the Le Masson’s were inviting me? I never even talked to them nor have I ever hung out with people in their circle. The only Le Masson I talked to was Mrs. Le Masson and that was just because she was the principal. As soon as I closed the e-mail, I almost immediately got a message on my messenger.

Taralicious18: Did you get the invite?
AudreyDavis: Yeah, I just finished reading it. Are you going?
Taralicious18: Of course! Warren’s going to be there, so duh! Are you?
AudreyDavis: Are you kidding me? I don’t even talk to the Le Massons.
Taralicious18: Don’t tell me you’re going to let me go to the thing alone?
AudreyDavis: Can’t you go with someone else?
Taralicious18: No other girl in our grade got invited.
AudreyDavis: What?
Taralicious18: Yeah. I asked Jessie, Mary-anne, Kimi and like everyone! They’re not invited and they are SO not happy about it.
AudreyDavis: Do you know who’s coming? Aside from the Le Massons? Maybe a few guys?
Taralicious18: Yeah, Marcus and Patrick are coming.
AudreyDavis: Marcus Mason and Patrick Hatt? Are they only inviting geniuses or something?
Taralicious18: I would get it if you were invited but why me? I got flunked Algebra!
AudreyDavis: So, do you really want to go?
Taralicious18: Please?
AudreyDavis: Fine. I’ll go.
Taralicious18: YES! Ok, I have to go now but I’ll see you tomorrow!
AudreyDavis: Alright. Bye.
Taralicious18 is now offline.

It was pre-graduation party but only four people were invited? What the hell was going on? I called everyone in the grade and they say they did not have any plans tomorrow night. What was so special about the "pre-graduation" dinner that only four people were able to come? Was it something about school or something else? If I didn't go, then I would never find out. I turned off my computer and opened my closet, looking for a dress I would be able to wear to the mysterious dinner party of the Le Massons.

During dinner, mom and dad were busy reprimanding Robert about missing orientation while I was preoccupied with thoughts about the dinner. No one but four people were invited. What is up with that? There must be some kind of explanation as to why this is so and I was dying to find out.


I looked up and found myself blinking at my dad, clueless of what he had just said. “Yeah?”

“Have you bought a dress for graduation, yet?”

“Nope, I was thinking Tara and I could buy ours together.”

Mom smiled. “Well, maybe you don’t need to.”

I raised my brow. “How do you mean?”

“Mom bought you this expensive dress and she wants you to wear it to graduation.” Robert answered.

“Robert, it was supposed to be a surprise!” Dad shook his head at my brother. “It’s in our closet. We’ll give it to you tonight.”

“Thanks, mom and dad.” I replied. “But really, you didn’t have to.”

“Honey, you have been working so hard this whole year and we just wanted to show you how proud we are of you. You’re going to a great college and you pretty have your whole life planned out! We’re very proud that you’ve done this all on your own.” Dad kissed me on the forehead and smiled at my mother.

I turned quiet after dad mentioned me doing it all on my own because as proud as they were that I was independent, I was still a kid. I needed a little guidance, once in a while. Thing thing was, they got me to become so prepared for everything, that I feel like I was too prepared. For the past four years, while my friends were going to parties and having fun, I was at home studying for tests that would later on help me in the future. That was what all my parents were about--the future--and nothing more. Robert had it way easier than me; he never had to go to an academic camp and spend every summer doing homework. He was having fun, the way a kid should live like.

After finishing my dinner, I quickly excused myself and grabbed my purse.

“Where are you going, Audrey?” Mom asked.

“School. I’ll be back soon,” I answered.

“Make sure you have your phone with you,” Dad called out.

I opened my purse and turned on my phone. “I do.” I quickly left the house and drove out to school, the only place where it truly felt like home.
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Posted 17 June 2009 - 03:08 AM

Kauro!! I've missed you!! :D Posted Image And I am so looking forward to this story! I want to know more about Warren Posted Image...he seems like a guy who would hide what he's feeling real deep inside, and Audrey is just the person who can unlock the door to his heart...Posted Image

Or this all could be me and my retarded fantasies...Posted Image

Can't wait to find out what happens at the party! Oh and the dress! I wonder what it looks like!

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Posted 17 June 2009 - 03:38 AM

As if I needed one more guy to add in my 'fictional love list'....*sigh*...Warren.....

Fabulous story
Please update soon...
Posted Image
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Posted 17 June 2009 - 03:58 AM

Hi, Nadeen! Aww, I missed you too :D I love the icons, they're really cute. haha. I can't tell you much about Warren right now, but all I can say is he's quite a guy :)

Here are some pictures of the characters. There are more coming, but I won't be posting until they show up.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Jennifer Le Masson
Posted Image
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Posted 17 June 2009 - 04:23 AM

Woops, made a little mistake!

From: Thomas Le Masson (Warren_LM[admin edit: you are not allowed to post your email address])
Sent: 6/1/09 2:30 PM
To: Audrey Davis (AudreyDavis[admin edit: you are not allowed to post your email address])

It's actually,

From: Thomas Le Masson (Tom_LM@ Capetian.com)
Sent: 6/1/09 2:30 PM
To: Audrey Davis (AudreyDavis@ Capetian.com)
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Posted 17 June 2009 - 11:00 AM

Chapter III : Capetian Academy at Night

Capetian Academy had a tight security but they always allowed students to go in if they had a valid reason, of course. I rang the door bell and the screen turned on.


I smiled. “Hey, Mac. Can I go in? I left a few textbooks at the lounge.”

Mac the security guard nodded. “Go right ahead, Audrey.”

“Thanks!” The gates opened and I quickly went in, heading to the garden.

As I passed the fountain, I heard a noise that was unfamiliar. The air suddenly turned cold and my whole body felt chilly. I looked up to look at the clouds, but it did not look like it was going to rain. I then turned to the fountain and realized that it had turned to ice. Before I could do anything, I heard a few voices heading my way and immediately jumped behind one of the bushes.

“Tina!” I heard someone exclaim.

Just then, Christina, Thomas and Warren Le Masson stood in front of the fountain and I tried my best to keep low. I could not hear what they were saying and so, I cautiously moved closer.

“What?” Christina smiled. “I was just playing around.”

“Tina, can you please just melt it?” Warren asked.

“Tell Thomas to do it.” She replied.

Thomas sighed and just like magic, his hands flared up and Thomas then directed the fire onto the fountain of ice. I gasped and sadly, a little too loud that Warren told Thomas to stop and they all stood in silence.

“Did you hear that?” Warren asked.

Christina shook her head. “Nope. Did you, Thomas?”

“I didn’t hear a thing.”

Warren walked towards the direction of the bush I was hiding behind and said, “Someone’s here.”

I covered my mouth and tried to remain calm. Oh, my god. What should I do? I need to get out of here! I ducked down lower and crawled my way out of the bush, hoping not to be caught, when I suddenly found myself staring at someone’s shoes. I looked up and Warren and the twins were looking at me, rage in their eyes. My heart started beating faster than normal and I felt like my air supply was cut off.

“What are you doing here?” Warren asked.

“I-I...I forgot something in my locker.” I answered. Yeah, right! Like they’d believe that!

Christina turned to Thomas and sighed. “What do we do with her?”

“Kill her.” Thomas chuckled.

My jaw dropped. “Wh-what? No, I-I didn’t see anything!”

Christina laughed. “Relax, Audrey, we’re just joking.”

“We’re not evil like that,” Thomas winked. “Seriously, though. Warren, do you have any ideas?”

Warren sighed. “We have to take her to Jenny.”

“Mrs. Le Masson? Why? I don’t need to see her, I really don’t know anything!” I exclaimed.

Warren grabbed my arm tightly and said with an uncaring voice, “Just chill! We’re going to see what needs to be done.”

“This is your fault.” Mrs. Le Masson told them.

“Ours?” Warren frowned. “She was on school grounds at eight in the evening!”

“I told you not to use your powers when outside the school. But did you listen? No. Now look what’s happened.” Mrs. Le Masson looked at me and smiled. “Don’t worry, Audrey. I’m not angry with you.”

“Mrs. Le-”

“Please, call me Jennifer.”

“Je-Jennifer, I really didn’t mean to cause you any problems, I just wanted to get something-” Before I could finish, Warren immediately cut me off.

“She’s lying,” He said.

I glared at him and he raised his brow. “Why do you always come here?”

Christina and Thomas looked at me as if waiting for an answer. I turned to Jennifer and replied, “This is the only place where I feel relaxed and safe. I don’t know why, but it’s as if I belong here, you know?”

“You definitely don’t belong here.” Warren turned to Jennifer and clenched his fists. “We can’t just let her go when she knows about our powers, right? This is against the rules!”

“Warren, do not interfere.” Jennifer nodded at the three and motioned for them to leave. “I need to speak with Audrey alone for a minute.”

When they had left, Jennifer stared at the door and it immediately locked. My eyes widened and I think my heart was palpitating, too. It all seemed so new and so weird, that it was as if I was in another planet.

“Audrey, you are aware of the dinner tomorrow night, yes?”

I nodded.

“Tomorrow night, everything will be explained to you and tomorrow night, will be the comeback of the Capetian dynasty’s House of Valois.” Jennifer patted my hand and smiled. “Make sure you tell your father about your plans. Maybe he can explain a few things, as well.”

When I got home, I immediately ran to my parents’ room and knocked as loud as I could. First the Le Massons were freaks that had superpowers and now maybe my parents know about everything? How could I have not known when I have attended the damn school for four years? Everything was suddenly turned upside down and my life was suddenly beyond normal.

“Honey, it’s almost one. What’s so important that you had to wake us?” Dad asked.

“Dad, can you tell me the truth about the Le Massons?”

Upon hearing the name, my father froze. He looked back in the room and silently closed the door behind him, motioning for me to follow. Dad grabbed a chair and sighed. “Have you gotten the invitation?”

I nodded. “What is going on?”

“When I was your age, your grandparents told me about the rich history of our family. As you know, our ancestors came from France and moved to Britain then eventually migrated to the United States.”

“What does this have to do with me?” I asked.

“You see, way back in the past, your great-great-something grandfather, was...a very important man.”

“How important?”

“So important, that if he wanted to change a law, he could do so within seconds. You see, for many years people like the Le Massons have been hiding because they are afraid of getting caught.”

“By whom?”

“There are many evil people in this world, Audrey. They would do whatever it takes to take control of others and it is the responsibility of...certain people to stop them.”

I started to laugh really hard after my dad stopped talking and felt a little embarrassed when he didn’t laugh along with me.

“This is not a joke, Audrey.” He said.

“I’m sorry, dad. Seriously, though! It’s like a superhero movie, or something.” I chuckled.

“Well, this is the only explanation about the Le Massons’ powers, don’t you think?”

I stopped. “Do...do we have powers?”

Dad smiled. “I do.” He stood up and stretched. “Now, look closely, I haven’t done this in years so this might look a little rough.” And with that, dad jumped to the side of the wall and walked. Up to the ceiling. I was looking directly at him and he was standing vertically across me.

“Oh my god.”

Dad laughed. “So, do you believe me now?”

I nodded as dad jumped back down on the ground. “Dad, that was amazing!”

“My back hurts, though.” Dad stretched for a moment and grabbed his coffee. “I’m glad none of you inherited this from me.”

“Wh-why? That’s so cool!” I exclaimed.

“With powers, comes responsibility.” Dad replied.

“How do you know neither me nor Robert has powers?”

“I checked when you kids were born. Nothing.”

“What if we’re late bloomers?”

“I wouldn’t count on it, Audrey.” Dad smiled. “Look, just go to the dinner tomorrow night. I’m sure you’ll learn more about yourself than you've ever imagined.”
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Charles Davis [Audrey's dad]

Posted Image
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Aw I love it!

Update again soon! Can't wait to see what happens at the dinner :o

sarah :D
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I love you
I love this
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O my God.....The have SUPERPOWERS!!!
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Posted 18 June 2009 - 03:01 AM

O my God.....The have SUPERPOWERS!!!

Hey shaheen you have left HAUNTED!

Oh my gosh They DO have super powers!!!!!!!!!!! EEEKKK update soon!

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Posted 18 June 2009 - 03:46 AM

I'm loving this!! (My God! I must have just sounded like a Macas ad. Yuck)

I'm guessing she is a later bloomer and really has superpowers. How EPIC would that be?

~Jamie xx
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New characters! :)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sasha and Shareen
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Posted Image


Tara and I entered the ballroom and were shocked to find at least a hundred people inside having drinks and chatting, happily. I looked around and found Marcus Mason and Patrick Hatt by the drinks table and I quickly walked over to them.

“You guys, who are all these people?”

Patrick shrugged. “I have no idea. I just got the e-mail and my parents forced me to come and here I am.”

I turned to Marcus. “What about you, Marcus?”

“Same. My dad was yelling at me when I told him I didn’t want to come.” He replied. “I don’t know what the big deal is, it’s just some stupid dinner.”

“If you don’t want to be here, then leave.”

We all turned and found the Le Massons staring at us as if he did not belong. Warren and Thomas were in tuxedos while Christina was in a beautiful gown that made her look like a goddess. Did people with powers always look the way they did?

“Nonsense, Warren!” Christina motioned for the waiter to come over and handed us a glass of champagne. “Drink up, my friends.”

Thomas called up a couple of girls from a crowd and smiled. “You guys, come over here!”

Christina laughed. “Everyone, these are our cousins, Sasha and Shareen.”

I blinked. Sasha and Shareen were identical twins, blonde just like Christina and Thomas, Sasha and Shareen looked like those Abercrombie and Fitch models except they looked more elegant and mysterious. Their eyes were a shade of gray and their lips were red and full. It was like looking at a couple of French dolls. I wonder what their powers are, I thought.

“Wow, you must have a lot of cousins, Warren!” Tara smiled at him.

Warren did not respond and so Christina did it for him. “Our grandparents had ten kids, each of which have a median of 2 children. It’s quite big.”

“So, can anyone fill is up with why we’re invited to this family dinner?” Marcus asked.

“Just out of curiosity, have you told your parents about tonight’s event?” Thomas looked at us and waited. “Did they react oddly or something?”

Tara nodded. “Now that you mention it, my mom did act really excited when I told her I was coming.”

Christina smiled. “Interesting.”

Warren cleared his throat to shut us up. “Quiet, she’s going to speak.”

Right on the clock, Jennifer Le Masson stood up on stage and lightly tapped the microphone. “If I could have everyone’s attention, please.”

The ballroom fell silent and everyone’s eyes were on the principal. “First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for coming to the annual dinner and I would also like to welcome our guests for this evening.”

Everyone clapped and smiled at us before quickly turned their attention back to Jennifer. “Tonight, we celebrate the homecoming of the Capetian dynasty members. Houses of Burgundy, Vermandois, Dreux, Courtenay, Artois, Anjou, Bourbon, Valois and the house of Evreux.”

As the crowd clapped louder, Thomas and a group of guys with him cheered, “Yeah, Capetian!”

“Uh, Audrey?” Tara whispered in my hear.


“What the hell is going on here?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Let’s just ask the questions later and listen.”

“Later this evening, we will have the welcoming ceremony, but until then, please enjoy the night and have fun!”

The music started and with a blink of an eye, the dance floor was filled with people dressed in the fanciest ball gowns and tuxedos. Thomas, of course, grabbed Christina and pulled her to the dance floor, Patrick on the other hand asked both Sasha and Shareen to dance and they accepted, while Marcus, Warren, Tara and I were sitting on our chairs, watching everyone else have fun.

“So is it always like this, man?” Marcus asked.

Warren turned to him and nodded.

“W-Warren, do you want to dance?” Tara smiled at him but Warren shook his head.

“Sorry, I don’t dance.”

Tara turned to a light shade of pink and becoming slightly pissed off at Warren, I was planning on slapping him on the face, until he sighed and looked at me with his empty eyes.

“Don’t even think about it,” Warren said.

I quickly sat down and held my purse tightly. What are we even doing here? This is obviously a family event for the Le Massons, yet we’re here as if we belong! Which we definitely do not!

“I know, I told Jenny that but she wouldn’t listen.”

Warren was reading my mind and answering my questions without even looking at me! Tara and Marcus on the other hand, were staring at Warren as if he were a crazy man. I would not be surprised if he was. Marcus grabbed Tara and smiled at her.

“Tara, would you dance with me?”

Tara, nice girl that she was nodded and followed Marcus on the dance floor, leaving Warren and I alone and not speaking to each other.

“Can you please stop reading my mind?” I said sternly.

“You’re the one asking questions, I’m just helping you out.”

“Do you have any idea why we’re here?”

“No, I don’t. I’m trying to figure it out, but I just don’t get why you guys are here.”

“Gee, thanks. It’s like you really don’t want us to be involved.” I said sarcastically.

“Actually, I don’t. This is our business, not yours.”

I stood up. “Look, I just want to know what the hell is going on and I want nothing of it. Once everything has been said, I promise you that I will not be involved in this weird fiasco.”

Warren stood up and towered over me like some giant. “You watch what you say, Davis. This fiasco has been kept secret for hundreds of years. Don’t treat this like it’s nothing. A lot of people have died for the houses to succeed.”

Unable to say anything else, I stood there staring at him for a few seconds, before someone pulled me and saved me from the awkward situation. Thomas put his hand on waist and twirled me around the dance floor.

“Thank you so much, Thomas.” I said to him.

“Call me Tom,” He smiled. “And you’re welcome. Sorry about him, he’s just not used to new members. We actually, haven’t let anyone in any of the houses for more than fifty years.”

“You guys aren’t immortal or anything, are you?”

He laughed. “We’re still human, Audrey. We just have...special abilities, that’s all.”

“At least you got one. My dad told me I don’t have any.”

“Not even one? Then how are yo-”

“I know! I shouldn’t even be here, but Mrs. Le-, I mean, Jennifer told me to come and my dad too, and here I am.”

“I’m sure there’s some explanation. Don’t worry about it.”

“So...you’re the fire guy, huh?”

Tom chuckled. “Yes, I am.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

“Thanks, although not as cool as Warren though.”

I raised my brow. “What’s his talent?”

“He’s psychic and a time traveller.”


“I know. He rarely talks about where he goes to though.”

“Or when,” I corrected.

“Ah, nice one.” Tom laughed.

Moments the later the music slowly died down and everyone clapped their hands to commend the musicians. “Come and join us at the garden, we’re doing a little show.” Tom whispered and offered his hand.

Smiling, I took it and we both rushed out of the ballroom and headed to the garden. Whatever ‘show’ he meant, I was sure it was going to be interesting.

As we entered the maze, people just about my age, were playing around with their powers. The only people I knew of course, were Sasha, Shareen, Warren and Christina. As odd as it may seem, Sasha and Shareen had different powers. Sasha and Shareen were making a small tornado with a mini version of rain and everything. It looked so real but it was too small to do much harm.

I turned to Tom. “Are they?”

“Yeah,” Tom smiled. “Shareen controls water while Sasha can control the wind. Together they can make quite the storm.”

“That’s so bizarre!”

“I guess,” Tom looked around and suddenly looked wary. “Guys, where’s Tina?”

Warren pointed at a beautiful young woman and smiled. “Cassandra did it.”

The woman named Cassandra had hair the flowed like silk, her skin was pale but radiant, her cheeks were so pink, I wondered if she was blushing. Cassandra handed Tom a Siberian cat and giggled. “Tina asked for it.”

“The...cat is Tina?!” My eyes widened.

Tom snapped his fingers and a small flame lit up. “Change her back.”

Cassandra sighed and with a pat on the forehead, she placed the cat on the ground and within seconds, transformed into Tina.

“You are so not fair, Cassie!” Tina shouted.

“Hey, hey. Play, nice.” Warren stood in front of them and nodded at Tom. “Why don’t you introduce the norm to Cassie, Tom?”

Tom turned to Cassie and sighed. “Uh, Cassie, this is Audrey Davis. Audrey, our other cousin, Cassie.”

I gulped. She looks powerful...and dangerous. “Hi,” I said in a weak voice.

“She is,” Warren replied.

“Warren, can you please stay off my head?” I asked politely only to be scoffed at.

Cassie shook my hand and smiled. “My, my. What a delight.”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” Tom cleared his throat. “Cassie can...switch souls with bodies.”

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

“Thank you,” She replied. “I love my powers. Makes me feel stronger than any of these bozos. So, what can you do, Audrey?”

“I...I don’t know.”

“She can’t do anything,” Warren frowned.

“Oh, well I’m sure there’s something!” Cassie snarled at Warren and turned to me. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find out what your power is. It took three years for my powers to develop.”

“Yeah, from when she was born!” Warren sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. “Once the norm is gone, please tell me. Until then, I’m going to be right over here.”

Tom grabbed my hand and shook his head at Warren. “I’m really sorry about him, Audrey. He’s...adjusting to this whole thing, you know?”

“It’s alright. I am adjusting as well.”

Warren suddenly jumped up and hushed everyone. “Cease and desist. Someone’s coming.”

The twins immediately stopped their tornado, while Cassie and Tina lowered their voices but were still arguing. The others also stood quietly, waiting for the person to show.

“Coming closer,” Warren whispered.

“Tina, you’re stepping on my Prada shoes!” Cassie exclaimed.

“It’s not my fault you feet are enormous!” Tina replied.

“You guys shut up!” Tom whispered.

Suddenly, the bushes moved and frolicked in such a way that I suddenly felt like someone was going to kill me. I held Tom’s shirt tight and made sure he was near by to protect me. I’m not ready to die!

“You won’t.” Warren replied.


I screamed and hit the person continuously, trying to prove to Warren that I was not weak and that I could handle myself.

“Ow! Audrey, stop hitting, it’s me Tara!”

I opened my eyes and stopped. “T-Tara?”

“Your best friend?” Tara looked around and raised her brow. “Mrs. Le Masson asked me to tell you guys that the welcoming ceremony is about begin,” She rubbed her arm and frowned. “That really hurt.”

“Wow, you sure showed her, huh?” Warren smirked.

“Hey, at least she tried to help out.” Tom replied.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “Alright, let’s drop it. Everyone head back to the ballroom.”

Warren, you a$$hole.

Warren grabbed my arm and glared. “What?!”

“You heard me.”

“Audrey, let’s go!” Tom called out.

“I’m coming!” I skipped passed Warren and smiled, feeling victorious.
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Posted 18 June 2009 - 08:19 AM

Do we get to find out about her power soon?

Cassies pretty!

Update soon!
~Jamie xx
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Haha, I think they're all pretty! Except the guys, they are good-looking. :]
Powers! Wow!! xD That's pretty awesome.

Previous update:

“My back hurts, though.” Dad stretched for a moment and grabbed his coffee. “I’m glad none of you inherited this from me.”

Haha, that's all he can say after his power-act. xD

Update soon!


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Do we get to find out about her power soon?

Eh, maybe ;)


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Kaoru! That chapter was a...half-cliffy? Yeah, 'cos you left it at where they're going to the ceremony but it wasn't actually stopping at an exciting part, where we all rip our heads out in anticipation...Posted Image

Okay I don't think that makes any sense at all...so never mind. I just want an update soon!! I NEEED to know if she has any powers! And Warren is kind of a hot-head. If he had been reading MY mind at that moment...well let's say that he would've seen pictures that would make him wish his powers had a censor button...for violence I mean...NOT the dirty stuff...I think... :D

Well in conclusion I'm saying...UPDATE!! Or else...Posted Image

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Hehe...that was nice...especially about the a$$hole part....He SO deserve it!
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Chapter IV : Welcoming Ceremony

When we entered the ballroom, the guests parted and made way for us, as if we were people of importance. Cassie and Warren instructed Patrick, Marcus, Tara and I to form a line, facing Jennifer, her husband, Mark and two other adults that looked just a little over fifty years old.

Cassie nodded at Patrick and motioned for him to come forth. “Go to Jennifer.”

Patrick then slowly walked towards Jennifer, who offered her hand to help him up the stage. “Patrick Hatt, year 12 class A. Son of Bethany and Stephen Hatt of the Evreux house, you have been chosen to be part of the Capetian dynasty and are destined to be a member of the Evreux house. Do you promise to uphold the laws and duties of an Evreux knight?”

Knight? I thought this was just some sort of power struggle, now it’s about knights? Don’t tell me there’s a king and queen, as well? Warren, what is going on here?

I had hoped that Warren would tell me something but he just stood there, beside Cassie with his usual apathetic posture. I looked over to Patrick’s confused face and couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what I’m agreeing to here.” Patrick turned to us and shrugged.

Jennifer smiled. “I have called your parents and they have given me their permission. Once you formally accept, everything will be explained. I promise you.”

Patrick looked doubtful, but the assuring voice of Jennifer made him finally accept and with a big smile on her face, Jennifer replied, “Neil Patrick Hatt, by the powers vested in me, I now declare you a knight of the House of Evreux. Please stand and face your fellow Capetians.”

The whole ballroom filled with applause and cheers and with a quick snap, Jennifer asked one of the members of the Evreux House to have Patrick stand with them and wait for the others to be taken in. After Patrick was Marcus and the words of the initiation were the same.

“Marcus James Mason, year 12 class A. Son of Elizabeth and Robert Mason of the Burgundy and Valois houses. You have been chosen to be part of the Capetian dynasty and are destined to be a member of the Burgundy - Brabantine branch. Do you promise to uphold the laws and duties of a Burgundy knight?”

Marcus accepted even without knowing the rules that he had to follow and once again, after his turn a member of the Burgundy house took his hand and led him to where the members of the same house stood.

“Oh, my god. Audrey, I’m not ready for this,” Tara whispered.

“Just go, you’re being called out.” I replied.

“Tara, come on stage.” Jennifer smiled.

“Wish me luck!” Tara winked before being escorted by Warren and stood in front of the crowd.

Jennifer took her hand and nodded. “Tamara Joan Ferguson, year 12 class B. Daughter of Megan and Hamish Ferguson of the Vermandois House. You have been chosen to be part of the Capetian dynasty and are destined-”

As Jennifer was speaking, I looked over to Cassie and Warren who were mouthing the words that Jennifer was saying. I smiled. They have memorized the words and actually saw the ceremony as a boring event. Of course, the older members would say otherwise.

“Do you promise to uphold the laws and duties of a Vermandois lady?”

“I do.”

I looked over to the house of Vermandois and noticed that all of them looked so exquisite and gorgeous that I was not surprised and I saw Cassie escort Tara to the applauding crowd of Vermandois. The air suddenly turned dry when I realized that everyone was looking at me, waiting for my turn on stage. I gulped.

“Come, Audrey.” Jennifer said.

I walked onto the stage and faced everyone. “I-I’m not sure.”

“Don’t worry. It will all be clear once this is over.” She smiled. “Jane Audrey Davis, daughter o-”

“Wait!” I exclaimed. “Before I agree to this...I need time to think things over.”

“Are you kidding me?” Warren stood away from the crowd and had his arms over his chest. “Are you seriously going to ruin the ceremony for a little thinking time?”

“Watch yourself, boy.” A man from the house of Burgundy said. “Let Jennifer decide.”

I turned to Jennifer and sighed. “Please, just give me time to know what I’m getting into.”

After a few moments of silence, Jennifer walked over to her husband and exchanged a few words. I stood there waiting and suddenly felt so lost when I looked around the room. Three of my friends were already part of this but unlike them, I felt really uncomfortable with the whole situation. I could not just say yes to something that I was not sure about. Any person in the right mind wouldn’t.


I looked at Jennifer with fearful eyes.

“Since you are of an important legacy, we are willing to give you time to think. We are giving you until monday morning to decide.” She looked at the crowd and forced a smile. “So for now, I would like to present you the newest knights and...lady of the Capetian dynasty!”

Everyone clapped and cheered at them, of course, not me who was still unsure of everything. How could they accept when they didn’t even know what was going on? We were going off to college in less than three months and being involved in some sort of cult was not going to help us! When I went off stage, Cassie, Sasha, Shareen and Christina all came up to me and smiled. Sort of.

“We need to teach you about the history of our society,” Cassie said.

“Who told you to do that?” I asked.

“Warren,” Sasha and Shareen said in unison.

“Why is he always telling you guys what to do? I mean, Cassie, you’re older than him, shouldn’t you be bossing him around?”

“Warren is our boss. We answer to him.” Christina replied.

My jaw dropped. “Seriously?”

“Yeah,” Cassie sighed. “Look, I’ll take you away from school tomorrow and we’ll help you straighten things out.”

“No need,”

We all turned and found Jennifer and Mark with big smiles on their faces.

Christina raised her brow. “What do you mean?”

“Audrey, this is my husband, Mark.” Jennifer nodded at the man next to her and smiled.

I shook Mark’s hand and stood closely to Cassie. “Uh, aren’t you guys mad at me?”

“Upset but not mad.” Mark replied. “Audrey, I need you to talk to your pa-father about this. Ask him about everything and make sure he does not leave any facts behind. If you find out more about your family history, then maybe you will change your mind.”

“You can leave now.” Warren appeared out of nowhere, behind Jennifer with a straight face.

“Excuse me?” I turned to Cassie and Christina.

“Sorry, this event is for Capetian members only. Since you technically failed the initiation, you are now...uninvited.” Cassie replied.

“Oh.” I turned slightly pink of embarrassment but thankfully, Tom stood beside me and put his arm around my shoulders.

“I’m sure she’ll be with us soon,” He smiled.

Jennifer nodded. “I hope so. Audrey, your friend Tara is talking to a few people, do you want me to call for her?”

I shook my head. “No, thank you. I’ll just be heading out.”

“Okay, I will see you on monday, Audrey.” She said. “Please, choose wisely.”

As I said my goodbyes to everyone, I noticed Warren grab Tom by the arm and whispered something while looking at me. I looked away to give them privacy, but I did not really care about what he was thinking anyway. It was not important.

Chapter V : Dad’s Secret


My mom kissed me on the cheek and welcomed me home. “What’s wrong, Audrey?”

“Nothing, I just have to talk to dad about something.”

“Oh, alright. Well, he’s right upstairs working.”

I ran up to my dad’s home office and even though I was a little ticked off, I tried my best to remain polite and respectful as possible, despite the fact that my father did not tell everything I needed to know.

“There’s my Capetian daughter!” He said when I came in. “How did it go?”

I sat on a spare chair and sighed. “Horrible.”

“How so, pumpkin?”

“I...didn’t agree to it. Yet.”

I expected dad to be angry with me since it seemed like an important tradition but I was surprised when he just merely smiled and grabbed his pen. “Oh, well. If that’s what you want, then I can’t change your mind.”

I raised my brow. “You’re alright with my decision?”

“Absolutely! I mean, it wasn’t that much of a big deal, anyway.”


Dad continued on with his work as if nothing had happened and I suddenly became suspicious. It was as if dad did not really want me to part of the Capetian dynasty; he even looked happy! “Dad, why are you happy that I’m not joining them? Are you hiding something from me?”

“Not at all, honey.” He replied, still keeping his focus on the work that he was doing.

“Your voice cracked.”

“It did not.”

“Did too!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Dad!” I exclaimed. “Please, tell me everything. And I mean, everything. I just...I need to understand what’s going on here.”

He swiveled his chair towards me and sighed. “Look, for almost eighteen years I have succeeded in protecting you and Robert from the dangers that lie along the road that I once took. I’ve been there and it is not a place that you want to get to know. Twenty-one years I have kept this from your mother and I am not going to tell you, your brother or even your brother about everything. I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not let you endanger yourself or this family.”

“Dad, I just want to know where I came from. I am not at all interested in having powers or fighting or whatever. I just need to know the truth.” I looked him in the eye and waited for an answer. After a moment of silence, he finally gave in.

“First of all, I need you to know that I did this for your good. Do not be angry with me if you find yourself wanting to be more like them. I am giving you a chance to choose but do not blame me if you soon realize that you have made the wrong choice, whatever that may be. Now, I wish my dad gave me a few words of advice before I chose my path but sadly, he did not and I had to learn the hard way. So, listen up to what I have to say. When I was fifteen, I discovered my powers and I suddenly felt like more a loser than anybody. I knew no one else who had a special ability and I wanted out. Let me tell you, I was afraid out of my mind. I did not know who to turn to and I felt so lost and alone. Then one day, while I was walking around my room, your grandparents saw me and they were shocked at what they had seen. Well, my father was not at all shocked but my mother was. It was then that my father told me everything about the Capetian dynasty and its houses, my powers and everything. So, he asked me to choose between being a normal kid or to take an opportunity to be a hero of some sort. I was fifteen, so of course I told him I wanted to be part of the tradition.”

“For years, I trained with my fellow Capetians and then we ended up fighting a few...creatures, let’s just leave it at that.”

“They’re not human?” I asked.

“Not exactly,” He replied. “When I met your mother, I knew I could not put her in harms way and so, I told my father and the leaders of the houses that I wanted to stop being a Capetian and wanted to live a normal life and here I am. A normal middle-aged man with two wonderful kids and a lovely wife. End of story.”

“So you gave it all up for us?”

He nodded. “All for you.”

“Was it that dangerous?”

“When you enter the world of the Capetians you will soon realize that all the things that you thought were improbable were more real than you have ever imagined. I will tell you one last thing and maybe this can tip the scales on your whole decision making.”

“Oh, yes, please help me out here. I’m still a little overwhelmed," I stood up and braced myself.

“You, my dear, are of royal descent of the Capetian dynasty.”
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Hi! :mgwave:

I love your stories!

Warren is very mysterious and I can't wait to find out more about him...

Will Audrey end up having a power?

Anyway, it's a great story and I can't wait to read more! :D



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#28 melissa_fuller_trent


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Posted 19 June 2009 - 08:28 AM

Will Audrey end up having a power?

Maybe, if I figure out what it is, of course. Heh ;D


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Posted 19 June 2009 - 08:28 AM

Okaay now that was a cliffy <_< not cool!

She's ROYALTY!?! Damn. I wonder if she's gunna take up the offer...

Hope so...because it means there's gunna be more Warren...unless there's gunna be more Warren either way...being called an a$$hole bonds two people for life...!

Update soon!

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Posted 19 June 2009 - 10:41 AM

Royal descent of the Capetian dynasty??...Well, I wouldn't want to be in her shoes!! I like my life boring
Posted Image
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#31 x--JinxedAngel


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Posted 19 June 2009 - 04:30 PM

Royalty... I hope she agrees. It'd be more fun. xD


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#32 crazee_top


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Posted 19 June 2009 - 09:01 PM

That was epic.

You know how Cassie is older yet Warren is the boss, well if she joins since she is royalty would she become the boss/ co-boss?

Or something like that.

Please update soon!
~Jamie xx
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#33 melissa_fuller_trent


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Posted 20 June 2009 - 01:21 AM

I am not going to tell you, your brother or even your brother

Sorry, it's : I am not going to tell you, your brother or even your mother....

You know how Cassie is older yet Warren is the boss, well if she joins since she is royalty would she become the boss/ co-boss?

That would make her the leader of the whole Capetian community ;)
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#34 melissa_fuller_trent


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Posted 20 June 2009 - 09:04 AM

Here's a VERY short but important chapter :)

Chapter VI : A Royal Capetian?!

I walked around the halls, hoping not to see any of the Capetians but low and behold, Tara and Marcus caught up with me, with big smiles on their faces.

“Hey, guys,” I forced a smile.

“You need to see Mrs. Le Masson ASAP.” Tara said.

“Yeah, I think you should go now.” Marcus added.

“Actually, I’d rather not. I have decided that I will not join the Capetians.”

Tara smiled. “Fine, your loss. Since last night, I’ve been having wonderful conversations with the most elegant and beautiful people,”

Marcus sighed. “You have to at least tell Jennifer why you’re not joining.”

“I can-”

“Ah, there she is,”

I turned and found Tom, Christina and Warren stand behind me. “Have you made your decision?” Tom asked.

I nodded. “I’m out.”

Warren shrugged. “Whatever, come on guys.”

Christina frowned. “I really hoped you would be a Capetian. I mean, it’s annoying being with Cassie all the time.”

I chuckled. “I’m sorry,”

Tom took my hand and looked into my eyes. “Can you at least see mom?”

“Please?” Christina and her brother looked at me that I could not help but say yes.

“Fine!” I replied. “But that’s it, okay?”

“Done!” Christina smiled.

Jennifer asked Tara and Marcus to wait outside her office while Warren, Tom, Christina and I were sitting down the awfully comfortable couches while the principal served us tea.
“You’re a stubborn child, you know that?” Jennifer smiled.

“Uh...I guess.” I replied. “It’s just that, my father told me how dangerous it is being a Capetian and I do not want to harm anyone, especially my family.”

“That’s the thing, Audrey. We train you to control your powers an-”

“If she has any, that is.” Warren chuckled.

Jennifer glared at her nephew. “If you knew who Audrey really was, then you would definitely regret your words, Warren.”

Christina stood up. “Mom, what do you mean?”

She sighed. “It is not my place to say.” Jennifer turned to me and nodded. “Would you mind telling them, my dear?”

I shook my head. “I’d rather not.”

“How modest.” Jennifer smiled and looked at Warren. “Tell me, who was our last modern king?”

He thought for a moment. “King Charles XI of Valois. Why?”

Tom raised his brow. “What does this have to do with Audrey, mom?”

Christina gasped. “King Charles...Charles...Charles Davis’ daughter is...” Her eyes widened. “Audrey Davis!”

Warren’s jaw fell. “No f#cking way.”

Tom turned to his mother. “Are you serious?”

I smiled. “Hi,”

Jennifer stood up and took my hand. “My darlings, I present to your Princess Jane Audrey of the Valois House.”
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Posted 20 June 2009 - 10:26 AM




luv ya xx
-Zoe :020:

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Posted 20 June 2009 - 07:30 PM

Ahh brilliant!

She HAS to accept the offer. You know, like...eventually :P considering the rate she's going at with this whole denial faze.


Update soon, please!

sarah :D
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#37 Dreamy_Girl


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 04:45 AM

Hey! New reader.
This story is really cool.

Oooooooooh... magic, houses, dynastys!

Dreamy xx
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Posted 21 June 2009 - 06:48 AM


Man, I missed some updates.

Your a really talented writer.

And this story rocks too!


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 11:06 AM

I could tell you that I totally cried out. In happiness. Hahaha. Well, something like that. xP
HAH! Take that Mr. I-Am-So-Much-Better-Than-You-Warren!! :lol:

Also, I love the Family names. Sounds epic.


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 11:47 AM

New character: Jack Bauer (haha) Grade 11 Class A

Posted Image

Chapter VII : No Powers, No Problem!

“This way, your highness,” Tom smiled.

I quickly turned a bright reddish color and hit him lightly on the arm. “Please, call me Audrey.”

“Oh my god, this is so cool!” Christina exclaimed. “We are hanging out with a Capetian royal. How awesome are we?”

Jennifer laughed. “Audrey, we took you to the Capetian headquarters for a reason.”

I looked around and felt confused. “But...this is the François study room.”

Tom grinned. “Why do you think this place is off limits to students?”

While we were all headed out to the study, both Warren and Tara became awfully quiet, while Tom, Christina and Marcus were too excited about finding out the truth about me, even though I had just found out about the whole princess thing last night.

“What are we doing here?” Warren asked.

Jennifer asked Tara to sit down and sat across her. “Tara, tell me have your powers shown yet?”

She raised her brow. “I’m sorry?”

“Any special abilities? Talents that you have that you deem...unusual or unnatural?”

“Oh.” Tara sighed. “My senses. They’re...quite extraordinary.”

Tom nodded. “Ah, heightened senses.”

“We’ve got hers figured out pretty fast,” Warren added.

Jennifer then turned to Marcus and asked him to sit down and take Tara’s place. “Marcus, what about you?”

“Do you mean powers?” He asked.

She nodded. “Tell me the truth.”

Marcus chuckled. “You know, I never thought I was much of a nerd until I found out what my power was,” He put his hand over a book on Jennifer’s table and with one movement, the book turned into a gooey gray liquid, dripping on the carpeted floor. “I can manipulate molecules.”

“Wow,” Tom clapped. “That’s awesome.”

“You know you’ve been studying too much Physics if you actually can manipulate molecules and whatnot.” Christina giggled. “In all seriousness, that’s pretty cool.”

Marcus smiled. “Thanks.”

“Impressive,” Jennifer said. “Audrey, my dear. Have you figured out what yours is yet?”

I froze. “No.”

“Is this possible?” Tom asked his mom. “I mean, no offense, Audrey but how long does it take for a Capetian’s powers to develop?”

“Usually, an average Capetian discovers their powers before ten years old. However, the Valois members are known to be...late bloomers.” Warren replied. “Could it be that her body has yet to develop?”

My jaw fell. “Excuse me?”

Jennifer shook her head. “I’m not sure. I mean, her father did not discover his powers until his teenage years. Perhaps, we should wait a little longer.”

Christina smiled. “Oh, well! She can still hang out with us, right mom? I mean, she is royalty.”

Jennifer nodded. “Of course.”

Tara stepped forward and caught our attention. “Excuse me, Mrs. Le Masson, may I please be excused?”

The principal nodded. “Yes, you may. Oh, before you leave, I want to invite all of you to next week’s House of Capet masked party. We will also be inviting the members of the Carolingian dynasty. They’re quite excited about the return of a royal since Charles left it all up to the heads of the houses.”

“But...we’re never invited to the adult Capet parties,” Warren replied.

“You are now,” Jennifer replied. “You kids are practically adults, I might as well allow you kids to see what we do during the parties, don’t you think?”

“Who are they?” Tara asked.

“The Carlovingians ruled the houses years ago until we came along,” Tom grinned. “We’re good friends now, though.”

“Carlovingian men are very hot,” Christina whispered to me.

I smiled. “Really?”

She nodded. “Everywhere you look, it’s like...paradise.”

Jennifer cleared her throat. “That’s pretty much all I have to say. You may all leave now.”

When we all went our separate ways, I tried to catch up to Tara but it was like she was in a hurry. Either that or she was evading me, as if she did not want to be with me or something. When I finally got to look her in the eyes, she looked at her watch and raised her brow.

“Yeah, what’s up?” She asked.

“Uh, Tara are you trying to hide from me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “I mean, since the ceremony, you’ve been acting really weird.”

“I’m not trying to hide from you at all. It’s just that...I really need to get in touch with my Capetian side, you know? Last night we had this long talk and they really want me to be involved in this. I mean, I got phone numbers of members of my house and we’re all hanging out this weekend and stuff. It’s all new to me and I really want to enjoy this.”

“So...what’s the problem with us?” I asked.

“Well, I know you’re not that...social with other people and I really need to give them a good impression. I’m going to train with these people and I need to get on their good side.”

“Oh. Listen, Tara, you’re my friend. And if you want to hang out with other people, I’m perfectly okay with that. It’s not like we’re in kindergarten or anything, you can go on ahead and make other friends.”

Tara hugged me and smiled. “Thanks for understanding, Audrey.”

“Hey, that’s what friends do, right?”


Even though my life suddenly took a surreal turn, life was still pretty much normal at school. In about four days, I was graduating and finally moving out of the house. Life was really boring and I needed the excitement that college had. All my forms were sent, all signatures given and now, all I needed to do was relax. Free period, was the perfect time to do so. I was at the garden, taking a nap, trying to forget everything that was going on. It was relaxing. With my mind relaxed and my inner most thoughts pure and calm, I dreamed of a place that had different species of plants and flowers. Vines all around and trees that stood like enormous giants, selfishly getting the sunlight all for themselves. Animals and other organisms that benefitted from each other’s existence, helping each other out in their environment. Then suddenly, the beautiful surroundings were shook by an earthquake and I quickly tried to run away, but I couldn’t. The earthquake became stronger and all the animals had suddenly disappeared.

“Wake up!”

I opened my eyes and found Warren’s hands were on my shoulders. “Wh-what?”

“How did you do that?” He asked.

“Do what?”

“The garden. Just a few moments ago it...vines and flowers were growing up from the ground.” Warren’s eyes widened. “What the hell did you do?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know! I just...I had a dream about this weird place and it had plants and trees and all those things you described.” I glared at him. “You’re hurting me!”

“Shut up and answer my question!” Warren exclaimed. “You...can control plants?”

I shrugged. “How should I know?”

Warren took my hand and pulled me up. “Come on, we need to see a friend of mine.”

Warren and I looked around the juniors’ lounge to look for a “friend” of his with no luck. I did not know who we were looking for nor did I seem to care. So, maybe I had the ability to control plants, so what?

“Have you seen Jack Bauer?” Warren asked a random junior.

“Uh, he’s usually at the lounge.” The girl replied.

“He’s not there.”

“Check out Morningwood, he might be there studying.”

“Alright, thanks.” Warren turned to me. “Run.”

“Do wha-” Before I could finish my sentence, the impatient jerk pulled me and ran as fast as his shoes could carry him.

We stopped in front of a handsome guy, with a book in his hand. I assumed he was Jack Bauer; his hair was a pale blonde, he looked like a typical Capetian. Warren cleared his throat and the guy immediately closed his book shut.

“You know seniors aren’t allowed in our library, right?” He smiled.

“Jack, I need you to check her out.” Warren said as he walked closer to Jack.

I raised my brow. Check me out?

Warren turned back to me and frowned. “Don’t flatter yourself, your highness.”

I stuck out my tongue out of annoyance. “You were being vague.”

Jack stood up and walked towards me, a smiling creeping on his face. “Your highness, you say?” He asked Warren. “Oh, wow. A royal Capetian. Who knew they still wanted to be part of the tradition?”

“I don't,” I replied.

“So, what do you want?” Jack asked Warren.

“Search her memories. I need to find out what her power is.”

"Can't you do that?" I asked Warren.

"I can only read minds. That's it. I can't get a hold of any memories whatsoever."

Jack chuckled. “Why do you want me to do this”

“Yeah, why?” I added.

“Well, I don’t want to be bossed around by some weakling, let’s just say that.” He replied.

“Jerk!” I shouted. “Warren, I’m getting tired of your attitude. Seriously, what the hell did I do to you?” I waited for his answer but he said nothing.

“Jack, can you just do your thing so I can stop panicking?” Warren gave me a chair and nodded. “Sit.”

I sighed and sat lazily on the chair.

“Fine, fine.” Jack put his hands over my head and closed his eyes. “Jane? It’s Jane, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“Jane, clear your head. Too much stuff going on.”

“What are you talking about, my head is clear.”

“No, it isn’t.” He replied. “You’re stressed about college and you hate high school.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed.

“If you don’t want me to read your inner thoughts, clear your head.”

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. Moments later, Jack tapped my temple. “Ouch.”

“I can’t get through.” Jack sat down and sighed. “Your head’s closed up.”

I raised my brow. “Excuse me?”

“What do you mean, Jack?” Warren asked.

“Someone locked up all her memories about her powers. Very strong force field, too strong for me to penetrate.”

Warren turned to me. “Were you aware of this, Audrey?”

I shook my head. “No. I don’t get it. My dad told me that he checked me when I was born. I didn’t have any powers then.”

“Then how the hell did you do what you did in the garden?” Warren fell on the couch beside him and sighed. “You’re a mystery to me, Princess.”

I looked at Jack and raised my brow. “So...you can look into the memories of people?”

“Memories, thoughts, dreams, past, everything.” Jack replied. “I know everyone’s secrets and some of them are so huge, I block them from my head. Sort of the same power as Warren’s but much cooler.”

I whistled. “Wow.”

“Oh, by the way, thanks.” Jack smiled.

“About what?”

“You think I’m good-looking, right?” He chuckled. “I sort of read your mind a little.”

I blushed. “I didn’t think that.”

“Don’t lie to a psychic, Jane.” He winked.
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#41 Dreamy_Girl


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 12:12 PM


Lol. :)

Dreamy xx

PS: I'd like an update very much so... please?

That was a great update, can't wait for the next one.

Earth Power!!

Dreamy xx
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Posted 21 June 2009 - 12:46 PM

Haha, I think it's awesome being called Princess. xD

Wow, that's cool, but kind of mysterious. Haha, Warren doesn't like to be "bossed around by a weakling".


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 02:04 PM

“Don’t lie to a psychic, Jane.” He winked.

Haha, I don't know why I made Jack say Jane instead of Audrey xD Sorry about that

Haha, I think it's awesome being called Princess. xD

I know! Makes you feel extra special! :D


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 02:19 PM

Haha, I don't know why I made Jack say Jane instead of Audrey xD Sorry about that

Maybe only Jack will say that. :D So her first name is Jane...but she likes people calling her Audrey?

I know, it's so cool!


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Posted 21 June 2009 - 02:44 PM

Maybe only Jack will say that. So her first name is Jane...but she likes people calling her Audrey?

Hmm, I'll think about it. I mean, my last story this guy called the main character one name and others called her differently and my editor was like, "Be consistent!" so maybe I should take her advice on this one. Or not ;)

Yep, she likes Audrey better. It will be explained on the next update :D Oh and by the way, a little hint for the upcoming updates: humans are not going to be the only ones involved in the story ;) I'll let you figure out the rest. Hee hee.


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