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If You Asked (A Mediator songfic; Ghost Jesse's P.O.V

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Posted 14 January 2009 - 05:43 AM

Author's Note: A songfic from Jesse's point of view. I was bored and I heard this song and I immediatly thought of Jesse and how brilliant it is for him and his situtation with Suze. Jesse is still a ghost in this and this fic can be set where ever in the later books
Disclaimer: You all know that none of the characters or themes or song belong to me, but stop you from sueing me, here is my disclaimer, I do not own any of the character, themes nor song, they belong to their rightful owns Meg Cabot and the band Longview.
Please enjoy.


If You Asked
By Longview

Hear you talk so loud and clear
Can't help feeling something's near
Though you've not said much
You said it all

I am wrong for her, in every way imaginable.
I am dead, a ghost, a being who is not truly meant to be still walking the earth.
And she is alive; breathing, eating, sleeping, living.
She should be doing the things girls of this time do normally, go to school with only the worries of homework and friends and teachers. Go shopping, be with her friends, and be… and be with a boy.
I am so wrong for her, yet I can’t… I can’t stay away from her.
She is so loud, so full of life.
Her own take of life and the lives around her are amazing to view now that I know how she views them.
I can’t help that feel that something is nearing, something that could change everything about us.
She talks so loud and clear, yet she’s says nothing at all, but somehow she’s said it all.
She is afraid.
Afraid of losing me and that is why I am so wrong for her. I make her fear when she should be happy and content with a normal, finding her own person.
I stop her, from doing that, but I can’t leave her.

Been four weeks it starts to show
Last in line for you I know
Though you've not said much
You said it all

I should have no claim on her.
I should not even be trying to be with her.
I should allow myself to fall to the back of the line, to allow others forward, to allow them a chance to make her happy. But I can’t…
I am so wrong for her, but I can’t, I can’t let them have her.
I am selfish and I keep her all to myself but I don’t feel guilty for that, not truly because, though she doesn’t say anything about it, her smile says it all.
She knows that this is wrong too; this feeling and she has tried to fight against it, at first, but not any more.
She has all but given up on that line that I have no right to be in, but she is still young, little more than a child really, she will continue to grow and with growth she will understand completely that I do not belong here, here in her life.
And when she realizes this, what will I do… no, I know what I should do, what I should be doing even now, or months back in fact, losing my grip, moving on, but I can’t, not while she still needs me, depends on me.

But I'd stay for you
I'd go right through
I'd be here close
When you need it most
I'd be around
If you felt down
I'd bring you flowers
Sit and talk for hours

I will continue to stay, here, with her, so that even if she felt alone in the world, she knows I was still close, when she needs me most.
If she feels like talking, I will sit and listen and she can talk for hours. Because I refuse to go, to move on, as I know I should.
I will stay for her.

Finish up and dry my face
I'm shining like a new penny
I'll never light your eyes up like they should

But being with me has its cost.
She can’t tell people about me. not anyone and the ones who do know of me, who can see me, do not approve of us, one warns us of the conscious, while the other tries everything in his power to break us apart.
She can’t explain to her mother why she declines every single time that boy calls her. Or when any boy calls, which isn’t often but it has happen from time to time.
I shin with a light that has no other equal in the world but at times I can not create any light within her eyes, I can’t make those brilliant, magnificent eyes light up as they should when they are truly happy.

But I'd stay for you
I'd help you through
Though you’re not mine
Already knew
I'd cheer you up
If you felt down
I'd make you smile
I'd be around

But I still stay.
I stay with her because I can’t leave.
I stay for her.
I stay and help when I can, whether with helping or fighting other’s unnatural beings like myself or just helping her with just… being there, listening to her when no one else can for they do not understand her.
I already understand that she is not mine.
That I have no claim for her, but I can be a friend to her.
A friend, who will listen to her and cheer her up when she is down,
A friend, who will make her smile just by being around,

I'd stay for you
I'd go right through
I'd be here close
When you need it most
I'd be your type
Whatever you like
I'd bring you flowers
Sit and talk for hours
I'd cheer you up
If you felt down
I'd make you smile
When you came around

Susannah, when you feared that I would leave when my body was discovered and when my death was uncovered, your fear was unneeded.
I made you worry and fear for no reason, because that is the coward that I truly am.
Even if my body being discovered and my murder was uncovered had been the reasons that were holding me on this Earth, their discovery now means little to me, for though you are not mine, I will stay with you.
And we can continue to sit and talk for hours and I can cheer you up when you are down because of something your stepbrothers or him have done something to upset you. Or if the Mediating has been that bit harder on you.
I’ll always remain close, even if you told me to leave, because where would/could I possibly go?
But I won’t go, I stay here for you.
I’ll stay with you for as long as you wish for me to stay.
I stay because you asked me too.
And as long as you continue to ask me to stay, either with words or a nervous smile or even if you just continue to feed the cat that you dislike so greatly, I will continue to stay with you, helping you with whatever you needed help with.
I will continue to fight to keep you smiling and if staying with you keeps that smile there, then so it.
I stay because you asked.
Author's Note: I hope you liked it.
If you like my writing I have another fanfic, a longer one, on here (somewhere, haven't actually found it yet, but I know its here, i have comments for it and all). Anyway, the fic is called Death Sight and takes place five years after Twilight/Heaven Sent and its obviously about Jesse and Suze's lives and the new challenges in them.
Thanks for reading and please comment
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Posted 16 February 2012 - 04:06 PM

Wow, this is really good, how did you manage to turn a song into a fanfic. You're a really talented writer! :)
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