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Posted 26 September 2009 - 12:18 PM

megcabot Hey everybody! Welcome to the January chat! We're really glad you were able to make it! We'll be talking all my December releases--there are a lot of them! So get ready...and let's get started!
Tephy Meg, when did you write Missing You?
megcabot I wrote it a couple of summers ago, actually. I can't remember exactly--Harper had it for a little while before they published it.
Neela149 Nice placement of Smantha Madison in PD8 , very slick!
megcabot Why, thank you! I'm so glad people noticed!
PrincessMonicaR Princess on the Brink: We all love Michael, but JP doesn’t seem to be such a bad guy. We can’t decide. Who do you like better? Why?
megcabot Like the Genovian Press Office, I do not comment on the Princess's romantic life (or I do no longer). Actually, I can't, as I don't want to give away what happens in books 9 and 10.
Hillary Do Mia and Michael REALLY stay broken up?
megcabot See the answer to the above question.
Spartan_Girl Is there anything you can tell us about PD 9?
megcabot I can, actually. It starts the day Book 8 ends.
Emm_is_da_bomb Hey Meg! Which book was the best to write?
megcabot Of the four that came out in December? Definitely Missing You!
balletlover What number book is Valentine Princess?
megcabot It is book 7 and 3/4.
Neela149 Does Mia realize that JP likes her more than a friend? (There aren't many tall blond girls in that book!)
megcabot You will have to read book 9 to find out.
Spartan_Girl Mia is a fan of Beauty and the Beast the musical. Are you a fan too?
megcabot I have definitely seen it a few times! It's cheesy, but I love it!
Titania Will Princess on the Brink be the last book in ther PD seiries?
admin-janey No, there will be at least two more.
Spartan_Girl There's a crazy rumor circulating the message boards that J.P is working for Grandmere or is gay. Can you confirm or deny this?
megcabot I can confirm that neither is true.
Tango Which book was the hardest to write?
megcabot SPOILER alert--DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ PD 8--I hated writing Princess on the Brink more than I have ever hated writing any book in my life. That being said, I think it's a good book. I mean, break ups suck, and they CAN be funny, even though they're sad.
hobbitfeet64 What compelled you to have Michael leave the country in Princess on the Brink?
megcabot Because that's what my boyfriend did when I was Mia's age.
Ellie_and_Mia I have just received Princess on the brink, how long did it take you to write it?
megcabot It always takes me about a month to write the first draft, after a year of planning, then several more month of revisions.
mia_is_me Hi Meg! I read somewhere (one of your recent journals, I think?) that you read books like Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird when you were young. I've just read both of them and I really like them. Do you have other suggestions of classical books like those for young readers?
megcabot I loved Lorna Doone and Pride and Prejudice. Try those to get started, then come back for more.
balletlover Why did you decide to break Mia&Michael up?
megcabot Because my editor made me do it.
Tephy Did you write a sex scene for Rob and Jess like you did with Sam and David, and it was edited out by your editor, or did you just skip it altogether this time around?
megcabot No. For them I wanted it to be private.
vetgrl83 What was your reason for leaving a cliffhanger at the end of PD8? You usually have a happy ending.
megcabot Yes, I do, don't I? But this is a series, and there will be more books. Hopefully Mia will find her happily ever after. But who knows? She messed up, and she's going to have to fix it somehow.
Titania Will Lily ever get a steady borfriend?
megcabot The answer to this question is yes, but it will not be who you might think.
Carolina Have you already written PD 10?
megcabot It is plotted out on paper, yes.
amee Do you have anymore adult series like Size12 and QoB planned once those two series end?
megcabot Yes, I do.
bookluvr25 How many Princess Diaries are you planning to write?
admin-janey The plan is 10 books total.
Hillary Were you upset when you decided to make Mia and Michael break up?
megcabot Seriously, it killed me. I was on the phone crying with my editor--you would not believe it. The worst part was right after I was done writing it--which my editor made me do--she quit (my editor). I was sooooo mad.
alexandra Are you only planning to have three heather wells mysteries? i love heather
megcabot I'm not sure. A lot of things are going to get wrapped up book 3, that's for sure!
Spartan_Girl Is it true that Avalon High has been optioned to be a Disney Channel Original movie?
megcabot Yes!
missy did any of pd8 happen in your real life? what part?
megcabot Everything but the princess stuff!
HERXROYALXHIGHNESS On the book jacket of my Valentine Princess book it says Boris can declare his love openly to Tina is that a mistake? Because he is with Lilly in the it.
megcabot Yes, that was a mistake on my publisher's part.
Mary I am a fanficton writer myself, so I must ask- what all does Mia write fanfics of? What fics did you write when you were younger?
megcabot I did Star Wars and Anne McCaffrey (sp?) Mia does Buffy and Battlestar Gallactica.
hobbitfeet64 In The Heather Wells series what made you decide to make her a former pop star and not like a child model or tv star?
megcabot In the original version, she was a supermodel, but it didn't work. I thought being a former popstar would be funnier.
missy when does pd9 come out? i cant wait
megcabot This time next year!
bookluvr25 Meg, is Heather really going to have a relationship with her math professor? I absolutely love Cooper!
megcabot OOOOOH YES! Maybe Cooper will realize what he's missing...then again, maybe not. We'll have to see...
Princess-Mediator Did gramdmere REALLY give Mia the key to the room for what Mia thought?
megcabot I have no comment.
missy was it always in the plans for pd 8 to end how it did?
megcabot Sadly, yes.
lovteenidol Hey! i love Teen idol! do you think you'll make a second?
admin-janey Meg has no plans for this.
missy how did u deal with ur bf leaving
megcabot Cried and listened to the musical NINE over and over.
lifehouse_girl What was that whole thing about Clarinetists? was it something that someone you know said?
megcabot No I totally made that up because I am a dork.
hobbitfeet64 Was it difficult writing/ coming up with ideas for writing all the little songs in the beginning of each chapter of Heather Wells?
megcabot No because I made my husband do it. He is a poet.
Emm_is_da_bomb What compelled Mia to eat meat? While I understand she had just had a MAJOR shock but at least would she not instantly regret it?
megcabot You'll find out in Book 9.
PrincessMonicaR Is JP based on a real person?
megcabot Yes.
Emm_is_da_bomb Why did your editor want Michael and Mia to break up?
megcabot A lot of reasons, all of the good. First of all, the issue of Michael's sexuality had to addressed. He's a totally hot older guy--of COURSE he'd have had sex. How would Mia react to this information? She'd freak out. Second of all, she can't just date one guy her whole life--it's not realistic. And some other stuff the Genovian press office doesn't want me talking about.
Ellie_and_Mia What book is Princess on the brink?
admin-janey 8th
Mary I thought it was hilarious how you mentioned the TV show based off of 1-800. Do you like the show?
megcabot I thought it was fine, but it wasn't really based on my books, obviously. I liked the money, though!
missy is your grandma better meg? i hope so!
megcabot Ah, that is so sweet! Thank you, yes, she is!
deathchocolate Hey Meg. I really liked the way you wrote missing you. One of my favorites. Anyways, where did you get the idea for Rob's scrapbook
megcabot Thank you! Well, I don't know, I just thought it was something a guy dating a famous girl would do.
Princess-Mediator Where did the inspiration for Missing you com from, with Hannah and the videos?
megcabot Actually, a case I read about in the paper. Ick!
nina.csi Hi Meg. Would you have kept Michael and Mia together, if you had a choice?
megcabot Oh, of course! You know I'm a sucker for a happy ending!
missy are u really writng any books for kids
megcabot Indeed I am writing a middle grade series. You heard it hear first!
Princess-Mediator Are you Planning any more Supernatural series?
megcabot Yes, I am! Shhhh, it's a secret!
deathchocolate Hey Meg, did you ever have a friend who kept on giving advice from romance books?
megcabot I still do!
missy were u really class president?
megcabot I was vice-president in 8th grade.
HRHHibiscuslover Will there be any other movies aside from Avalon High that will be made a movie?
megcabot Not at the moment.
Emm_is_da_bomb Do you plan out exactly what you want to happen in your series' or do you have an idea and make up the rest?
megcabot I generally plan it out loosely and make up the stuff in between. That's the fun part!
balletlover Are you planning to write another long series after PD is over?
megcabot Not quite as long as PD, but yes.
balletlover Is it true that EBGO & Teen Idol have been optioned to be made into movies?
megcabot Yes, they have! Keep your fingers crossed!
Mary Do you read any of the fanfiction that's online?
megcabot NEVER!!!!
Neela149 Hey Meg, I loved Size 14 is not fat either! Can you tell us what the murder mystery will be in Big Boned??
megcabot Heather walks in to work to find her new boss shot in the head!
HERXROYALXHIGHNESS Is J.P the leo Mr.Steve was talking about??
megcabot Hmmm...I wonder.....
Spartan_Girl Will anyone end up dying, like Mia's dad was killed off in the movie? I hope not because I really liked her dad's part in this book. I had a feeling he still loved Mia's mom.
megcabot What??? NO!!! No one dies in the PD series.
megcabot Wait, I take that back, someone does die in PD9, but she was dead in the beginning of the book anyway.
welsh_gal I really liked PD8, I loved it in fact, I'm glad Mia and Lilly have broken up, will they get back together? I prefer Mia minus Lilly to be honest.
megcabot Well, I will tell you one thing about Book 9: Mia and Lilly's relationship only gets worse during it.
Pokcutie What is the 4th book called?
admin-janey The 4th book of the PD series is Princess in Waiting
HRH_Ft_Louie-Lauren Meg, I really love how you finished up Missing you. Thank you for writing it for us. Did you have any idea how you were going to finish the series? Were there many differet ones? Or did you originally finishing it off at book four?
megcabot No, I originally planned to write a lot more books in the series, but the original publisher opted not to buy more books when the first four did not sell well. Fortunately HarperCollins agreed to let me finish off the series with a fifth book. Obviously when I started the series there wasn't a war, etc, so all of that I had to work in...and I think it ended up well. I'm pleased with it, and glad you liked it!
Emm_is_da_bomb What made you want Michael and Judith hook up, I know it surprised me. Did you have that planned all along?
megcabot Well, it just seemed like the kind of thing a couple of crazy New York City prep school Computer Club kids would do. It wasn't personal. Though Mia took it that way.
balletlover What is the title of PD9?
megcabot Right now it's called Princess Mia, but that may change.
pr1ncess3 If you were in Mia's place, would you have been able to give up "Your Precious Gift" to keep your boyfriend?
megcabot Dude, I so never cared about my precious gift. I lost it on a horse when I was 9, I'm pretty sure.
Emm_is_da_bomb Will there be a Missing 6?
megcabot Sorry, no, Missing You is the end.
Spartan_Girl Will we ever see Michael again?
megcabot Well, he lives in Japan now. So, not for the time being, anyway.
HERXROYALXHIGHNESS Did you actually write the song Tall Drink of Water for the book? Did someone write it for you? or help you write it?
megcabot Busted! My husband wrote it. I like to think he wrote it about me....
HRH_Ft_Louie-Lauren Meg, I liked reading your journals in Cosmo!girl. The lists reminded me of AAG and PD. They sounds like good ideas to me (especially the oreo part)
megcabot Thank you! I told you the Princess Diaries are based on my real journals from when I was that age....
mia_is_me PD8 contained a lot more mature content than the other books. Was this purposeful because sexuality is a big part of relationships in highschool, or just part of the story line?
megcabot Well, yes, and also because Mia is growing up. She's 16 now, and this is the kind of thing girls that age are often dealing with, especially when they are dating college age boys!
missy hey meg just wanted to say thanx for being such a great author. Your books make me want them to never end
megcabot Awwww, thank you so much! You have no idea how nice that is to hear!
deathchocolate Why did you have Michael sleep with Judith? Why not some other character?
megcabot Well, please keep in mind the Princess Diaries are supposed to be primarily funny books, so many of the choices I make ARE made for comedic effect....
Caro In high school, did you have a best friend like Lily?
megcabot Yes, I did.
balletlover Are there going to be anymore PD novellas?
megcabot At this time, I am all novella'd out.
Mary Do you have any advice on how to get published without an agent? Because personally, I can't afford one.
admin-janey If you work with an agent, you do not personally pay the agent. He/she takes a cut once your book is sold.
missy will we ever get to see what it is like when Mia is like 30 and really queen
megcabot I can tell you no, and the reason why is because Genovia is a principality, which means it is only ruled by princes and princesses, NEVER a king or queen. Disney changed that for the movie, but they were wrong.
welsh_gal Why didn't Mia go after Michael after she kissed JP? Did she subconsciously WANT to kiss JP?
megcabot The Genovian Press Office forbids me from commenting.
vetgrl83 Did you always know you were going to be a writer?
megcabot No. I thought I would be a veterinarian or an actress. I am as surprised as anyone it turned out this way.
bartender_713 I LOVED Avalon High- I just finished reading it. How many books are you planning on for that series?
megcabot That will just be a manga series of three books.
CrazyClavie I just finished Size 14 - I enjoyed it a lot - and I was wondering if Heather is ever going to have that date with Gavin? and if we are ever going to see Heather's mom?
megcabot Heather can't date Gavin! She'd lose her job. But I promise in Big Boned Gavin will find true love.
Emm_is_da_bomb Did you ever intend for PD to be this long?
megcabot I thought PD would originally go for 16 books so yes.
Tango When you started writing PD, did you ever think that it would be this popular?
megcabot Not this popular, but I thought it would be a series, always.
soccer_fanatic Is Judith Gershner based on a real person?
megcabot Why, yes, she is!
Tephy Didn't you once say Michael was a virgin?
megcabot I believe I might have said that based on the knowledge Mia had at that time.
Emm_is_da_bomb Why was Mia's dad dead in the movie?
megcabot I have no idea.
Neela149 That's a lot of bosses she goes through!!! Although I think she should be the boss because she knows what she is doing (and she will figure out how to not get killed!)
megcabot Yes but you have to have an master's degree to be a hall director and she doesn't even have a BA.
Princess_Starz Is Michael included in Book 9 of PD!? I really hope so!
megcabot Michael will be heard from.
deathchocolate What's harder to write? Sad or happy endings?
megcabot SAD!
HRHHibiscuslover A lot of girls in your series talk about losing weight Rachel, Ruth, Lizzie, etc. Did you ever struggle with this?
megcabot Every day. Stupid BMI.
missy Can you share one spolier of PD 9 for those who cant wait till next year?
megcabot OK. Someone at AEHS has started a new website called ihatemiathermopolis.com.
missy Do your already know how the entire PD series will end?
megcabot Oh, yes. It is already written down and submitted to my new editor. And approved.
MagicDreams_4u When does the Meg-A-reader program start?
megcabot Soon, I promise!
Zugahigh do you plan on making any more books that take place in the 1800's?
megcabot Not at the moment!
Amber Hi Meg! You said in your blog that things in the next Princess Diaries book would be literally explosive. Can you elaborate on that
megcabot I mean, there is literally going to be an explosion.
pr1ncess3 Were you planning about mentioning Mia's Dad's "The One", or did it just come to you while you were writing?
megcabot No, I always planned on addressing that issue.
bartender_713 P.S. Would you read my manuscript (or part of it) if I sent it and back me up to a publisher if you felt i and my story deserved it?
admin-janey No. Meg will not do this.
Caro Do you have a title for PD 10?
megcabot The title for PD 10 is FOREVER PRINCESS.
bartender_713 Have you decided what college you (i.e. Mia's mom and dad) will send Mia to?
megcabot IF Mia chooses to go to college, yes, I know which college it will be.
deathchocolate Is there anything similar to a Meg-A-Reader program in Canada or anywhere else? Or no?
admin-janey There was an ambassadors program in the UK. There is none in Canada.
LaurBethM How long did it take you before you found your lit agent? And did that come about through the normal route, or did you stumble upon someone fabulous?
megcabot It took me three years of submitting a query letter every day. Go to the FAQ section of this website and read the writing section, and it will tell you the book I used to find an agent. It was HARD.
missy will we ever hear the PD story from JP's perspective
admin-janey Meg usually says she will not write from a male perspective.
julie Is there really a book about Precious Gift?
megcabot Dude, there are hundreds. They are so lame.
PrincessMonicaR How many different publishers do you work with?
megcabot I have worked with three or four.
lovteenidol when will you have another live chat?
megcabot Next month, I think? I'm not sure, we'll let you know!
Caro Princess Diaries was my first favorite book and because of that, I want to be an author. Ever since then I have read everything I can get (since I live in Brasil it is hard). I have grown up with your books. So thanks for being so great.
megcabot Well, thank you so much! I just talked to my Brazilian publisher and they're buying a bunch of the new books so expect to see them on shelves soon! Good luck!
amanda Do you like your new site, the purple and everything?
megcabot I LOVE THE NEW SITE!!!
megcabot Thanks so much for coming to the chat today! We'll keep you posted about the next chat! In the meantime, we'll be posting some new polls and free book give aways in the next week or two--now have fun free chatting! Bye!

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