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Queen of Babble Gets Hitched and Avalon High: Homecoming

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 02:55 PM

MegCabot Welcome to the Live Chat about Queen of Babble Gets Hitched and Avalon High: Homecoming! I'm so excited you're all here...hope you're having a terrific summer...so let's get chatting!
MegCabot Oh, and we can talk Airhead too! And whatever else you want (within reason)!
Marisa Hi. I just wanted to know: How you came up with the idea to Queen of Babble Gets Hitched?
MegCabot You know, it's really based on my own romantic journey with a certain person...I'm not saying who...OK, my husband. Wow, does that make me look bad?
Dancer_Dear03 Is Avalon High still a good read, even for the non-manga lovers?
MegCabot Well, I think so. I think it's more of a graphic novel than a manga.
IAmTheREALPrincessx33 Can you please give us ANY hints for the new Princess Diaries book?
MegCabot Later, dahling. Later in the chat.
booklvr1256 Were the 'History of Weddings' and the 'How to Avoid A Wedding Disaster' sections in the Queen of Babble a result of research or a fantastic imagination?
MegCabot No I thoroughly research all of them! They're based on hours of reading and research, actually. Then I had to rewrite everything I learned in Lizzie's voice.
singdanceloveact When writing the Queen of Babble series, did you always have the full plot in mind?
MegCabot Yes, I submitted the three book story arc exactly as you read years ago.
ericar87 When will the next Heather Wells book be out?
MegCabot Well, I have to write it. But I've submitted the two book story outline already.
emija95 Is it possible to mail you a letter to your home? My mom says that writers like feedback on their books. A lot of people use the internet and not the mail so I figured that it would get to you faster. :-). Keep up the good work!
admin-janey Meg has a PO box. You can write her there. Go to http://www.megcabot.com/contactmeg.php for more info. E-mail is also good.
Brinda I loved the wedding tips from book 2 and 3! Did you write them yourself?
MegCabot I did! But I got them from bridal magazines, wedding experts, history books--all over the place. Too many sources to list, actually.
booklvr1256 Are questions with spoilers allowed?
admin-janey Yep. Please mark the with SPOILER however.
IAmTheREALPrincessx33 Oh my god I am totally in love with Airhead it was such a great book!
MegCabot THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm working on the sequel now.
emija95 What was the first book that you ever wrote? Published or not? And what's your favorite book you wrote published or not?
MegCabot Definitely not published. I have way more books published than not published. I probably have 200 books that were never published. And I love them all the same.
IAmTheREALPrincessx33 Hey meg how many more Avalon high books do you plan on making?
MegCabot Just one more installment of the manga series, Hunter's Moon, which will be out next summer.
booklvr1256 SPOILER : Did you originally plan for Liz to end up with Chaz when you started writing the Queen of Babble series?
MegCabot If she does end up with Chaz, then yes, that would have been the original ending I planned. :
pjbeagle I loved both Queen of Babble gets Hitched and Avalon High Homecoming. What exactly was the process of writing manga and how close did you have to work with Jinky?
MegCabot THANK! I submit an outline to Tokyopop, who usually ask for changes to make it more graphic, then I write a 60 page script, and they give it to the artist (Jinky Coronado) who then submits inked sketches, which I look at and am usually fine with except for occasional wardrobe or facial changes. Then she'll make final art, which I get to look at again in case there's something wrong (there always is, such as with the inking of the script), and hopefully after that it all goes to press right (but it usually doesn't).
IAmTheREALPrincessx33 Does Ellie sort of remind you of yourself in high school(except for the whole king Arthur thing)?
MegCabot Not really. I was more outgoing and flamboyant (I was in drama).
bigfatgoalie For Avalon High, is Morgan Frank Morgan le Fay? It doesn't say.
MegCabot Yes.
anya_potato Did you always want to write a book like Airhead (as in the whole body-switch thing)?
MegCabot Not always. The idea only occurred to me a couple of years ago, while I was on book tour and woke up feeling really gross one morning, and wished I could wake up as someone else...preferably Heidi Klum!!!
Sherkie Hey!!! I wanted to know why you chose King Arthur and his knights as a subject for your book? Does that era interest you especially? Is it the story, the characters? How did you do research for the book?
MegCabot I've always hated that story because it had such an unhappy ending. I wished there was a way things could turn out better for Arthur. So I thought why not have him be reincarnated?
love.earth SPOILER: Why did you decide that Luke would cheat on Lizzie? Did it hurt you to write that (it hurt me to read that)
MegCabot Well, it hurt me when it happened to me. It's based on something that really happened. Sadly, these are things guys (and girls) do to each other. Even guys who seem as perfect on the surface as Luke (and my boyfriend at the time) did. But it didn't hurt Liz (or me) that much, because we both realized perfect wasn't what we were looking for. We wanted someone human.
kitty_cat Why did you want to make the rest of the Avalon high books mangas?
MegCabot I didn't have an idea for a sequel that was long enough for a full length novel, but when my publisher asked for a manga, I did have an idea long enough for a manga. So manga it became.
Marisa To set the record straight, is there going to be another American Girl book?
MegCabot No, not right now. I don't have an idea for one. But there will be a very short story with Sam in it in a non-profit book called THE WHITE HOUSE: LOOKING OUT, LOOKING IN, due out in September. However, David isn't in it.
LiraelAstarael Hi! Any news about the Mediator Movie?
MegCabot No news, sorry!
anya_potato Do you have any tours in the US planned?
MegCabot There will be a huge event on January 9 at the New York Public Library to celebrate the 9th and final Princess Diaries book. But that is the only US event planned at this time. So book your tickets now!
singdanceloveact When writing Luke's and Chaz's characters (in Queen of Babble series) did you have a hard time not making Chaz have a better personality, body etc . . . than Luke, until the third book?
MegCabot I thought he was pretty cute all along! He was always coming to Lizzie's rescue, you guys just didn't notice (neither did Lizzie).
popcornprincess Meg, Luke was just so fantastic in the first Queen of Babble. What made you turn on him? Are you trying to say that some things are too good to be true?
MegCabot I didn't turn on him. The warning signs were there all along. Maybe you (and Lizzie) weren't looking.
irishbook96 I love all of you books that I've read, yet I was wondering if you had a reason (besides having the idea of writing) for writing "How To Be Popular". If so, what was the reason?
MegCabot I just thought it would be funny to write about a girl finding a book like that and trying to follow those outdated rules. They worked! But in the end, being popular isn't important, is it?
Lumena Meg, when will these books be here in BRASIL? I'm really sad, because they take sooo much time, to translate!
admin-janey Meg's publisher is working on a Brazilian version of MegCabot.com with info about this. Please check out the Distribudora Record site for more info. (Sorry if I spelled this wrong)
hercules SPOILER: Why did you decide to have Lizzie's grandma die?
MegCabot Because in real life, someone close to me died during the period I was starting a relationship with my husband, and he was really there for me when the person who should have been wasn't.
popcornprincess Is Lizzie's grandmother based on your grandmother who told you that you are not a $100 bill?
MegCabot Ha, absolutely not! My grandmother is not an alcoholic, although she is fond of a glass of wine now and then. And she isn't dead. Lizzie's grandma is actually based on my husband's grandmother, who said many of the things Lizzie's grandma said.
rabidrosa But Heidi Klum doesn't write totally rad books. We wouldn't want you to be her. That would suck.
MegCabot No, but it would be cool to wake up looking like her every morning. And she is married to Seal and has an excellent brain for business. Being yourself is great but fantasizing about being Heidi Klum is okay sometimes too.
booklvr1256 What made you decide to introduce the idea of homosexuality in your Queen of Babble Series?
MegCabot Because Lizzie's best friend is based on a good friend of mine from college who came out right after college, and is now living with her life partner and just had twins with her. It just seemed to fit her.
love.earth Will you ever tour in California (or the central valley in California)?
admin-janey Meg has posted her tour dates on MegCabot.com. She is open to travelling to all areas, but has no plans other than what is posted on the site.
popcornprincess Who is your inspiration for Em, Lulu and Brandon and Gabriel?
MegCabot They're not based on any particular people exactly, just made up people in my head.
love.earth Are you ever going to write about Jinx again? I love that book!
MegCabot Actually there's going to be a 3 part manga about Jinx next summer!
Brinda Have you ever lived in a chateau like Lizzie in book 1 of Queen of Babble series?
MegCabot A friend of mine has one so yes; I lived there for a month one summer.
popcornprincess A long time ago, in a chat, you said that future books would have gay characters, or that some of your existing characters would come out. Were you referring to Shari, or are there more?
MegCabot Yes, Shari. Maybe more....OK, I'm going to say this now because I know what you're all thinking: It's not Lilly Moscovitz.
tonyak How is the Queen of Babble movie going? When is it set to be released?
MegCabot They're working on the script(s) and there's a lot of interest from a major studio! That's all I can say right now!
bookworm94 Have you ever been to a place like the arboretum described in Avalon High?
MegCabot Yes, there actually is a place call Anne Arundel Park in Annapolis where I used to go running which was the inspiration for a lot of that story.
meli I noticed in your world tour schedule (in South-Africa) a lot of days the schedule says "events at all-girls school". Do you know what schools in Johannesburg will be involved?
MegCabot Not yet!
popcornprincess Is the Stark corporation supposed to be Target?
MegCabot No...but that's a good guess.
popcornprincess Did you have to research video games for Airhead?
MegCabot I did. I even played World of Warcraft. I died instantly. I suck at games.
Blaire411 If it were not for your books Meg, I would not bee a bookaholic. So Thanks for the most wonderful books ever.
MegCabot Thank you so much!
MCFanofDolphins One time, you said that you might right a short story on Suze and Jesse after the sixth mediator book. I was wondering, is that going to happen? If so, when? :)
MegCabot Well, not a short story, but an epilogue. I hope to do it one day. I'll keep you posted.
emija95 When you were in school... were you popular?
MegCabot Absolutely 100% not. I hated the popular people and thought everything they liked was dumb. And I still do. But I enjoy reading about them.
Ronnie The Ghost Whisperer isn't an adaptation from The Mediator Series?
MegCabot No, it is someone else's story.
shaili I love your paranormal novels. Can you give us more information about the Abandon series?
MegCabot I can only tell you that it won't be coming out until late 2009. Sorry!
Lexy Hi! I'm 13 years old and I really want to start writing a novel. What's the best way to pick out a topic to write on?
MegCabot What do you feel passionate about? What do you really want? That's what you should write about (but disguise your main character so no one knows it's you).
emija95 When you have writer block how do you overcome it?
MegCabot Watch TV or go ride a bike or help your mom with the dishes. Or don't think about the story EXCEPT right after you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed in the morning.
manateegirl Do you like to go on tours or would you rather be writing?
MegCabot Sometimes touring is a nice break, but ONLY when you don't have a book due!
manateegirl In How to be Popular did you write the tips (from Kitty's book) or did you find them somewhere else?
MegCabot They're all real tips but they've been rewritten in a different "50's" voice, and they're from all over the place, mostly taken from airplane business magazines, etiquette books, society handbooks, that kind of thing.
singdanceloveact Haven't you mentioned that you are planning on another Queen of Babble book, not necessarily soon, but eventually? If so, then I think it's a great idea (not that it really matters what I think!)
MegCabot No, I will be writing more Heather Wells books, and another adult series, but QOBGH is the last book about Lizzie. She's found happiness at last.
pjbeagle Will the Queen of Babble movie, if it ever happens, incorporate all three books or just the first book?
MegCabot I believe all 3 books.
emija95 When you tour do you bring your husband with you?
MegCabot No, someone has to stay home and take care of the cats!
IamThePrincess.com Meg, how do you do to make more than a book at a time? to be honest, you're my super hero
MegCabot Well, I just write one at a time. Then when I'm done I get bored so I start another! That's not heroic, it's just my job. But thanks!
popcornprincess Christopher had long hair. I hate it when guys have long hair, do you like it?
MegCabot Sometimes it's hot, but I'm glad he cut it.
emija95 I know that you type when you write what's your WPM (words per minute?)
MegCabot 80
love.earth SPOILER: Why doesn't Chaz ever warn Liz about Luke, other than the fact that Chaz doesn't want to be her revenge ore rebound guy?
MegCabot That's the reason. He loves her and wants her to want him for the right reason, if she's going to want him at all.
ericar87 Are we going to write anymore Pants on Fire books?
MegCabot Oh, no, sorry, that's a stand alone!
hercules I know that you've written a 4th Size 12 book. Can you tell us when it's coming out and anything that will happen in the book?
MegCabot Actually, I'm still in the first draft stages of this book, but as soon as I have the details I'll let you know!
pjbeagle Can you give us any tidbits about Being Nikki?
MegCabot Hmmm...I could, but then I'd have to kill you. Suffice it to say, there's a lot of kissing.
Lexy How many books so far are you looking at writing for you Airhead series?
MegCabot 3 so far.
anya_potato Do you have any other new books planned for the near future?
MegCabot There are two new Allie Finkle books coming out, The New Girl (out next month) and Best Friends and Drama Queens (I think that comes out early next year). Plus a special bonus book written by a character from the PD series. Other than that and PD 10 and Airhead 2, that's all I've got!
jolie I just wanted to say thank you, your blog and books have really inspired me to keep writing. Also, your video blog about your diary (Luke+Leia+Chewbacca) had my husband and I rolling. :)
MegCabot Thanks so much! That's sweet!
likedude Are you planning any more series (other than Abandon), including ones with like three books? I assume they will be coming out way later?
MegCabot Yes, I am. I just have to sit down to write them. Finding the time to do that is always the hard part, right? I'll let all of you know as soon as I have some release dates, but they're contracted.
booklvr1256 How do you manage to write so much (not that I'm complaining!)? Are you constantly writing?
MegCabot Yes, but I'm trying to work on some vacation time! I have one coming up soon, as a matter of fact!
MCFanofDolphins I was wondering, is your blog your diary? Everyone talks about your blog and I was wondering where I could find it (if I have not already found it).
admin-janey Yes. Its called Meg's Diary and can be read at MegCabot.com
LiraelAstarael I want to ask about the "Forever Princess" - how many days will there be, that Mia writes about? How long will actually the story take in Mia's time? And how long will the book be?(I don't want it to end...)
MegCabot OK, let's do some spoilers here! PD 10 is 400 manuscript pages. I think it takes place over about three weeks of Mia's life (the last three weeks of her senior year) and includes her 18th birthday, finals week, prom, graduation, and the big election for prime minister of Genovia. I can assure you that it also includes Michael returning from Japan (his gig there is up), a final confrontation with Lilly (we do find out why she was so mad at Mia all this time), and we also find out where everyone is going to college (those of her friends who do go on to college). The big climax is at the prom, because why would it not be? Any more questions?
IamThePrincess.com NOW, do you consider yourself a popular person?
MegCabot No. Well, my books are popular with some people, but as a person I feel the same as I did in high school, just a person some people like, and some people don't.
popcornprincess Is Gecks a real store?
MegCabot No, I made it up. Get it at Gecks!
singdanceloveact I'm currently writing a story and I know everything about it, how it begins, ends etc..But can't seem to get it out of my head onto paper. It's like an ongoing movie I love, but can't write. Any suggestions?
MegCabot You're thinking about it too much. The more you think about it, the more it will feel already told. Just write.
manateegirl Do you listen to any music while you write or do you like everything to be quiet?
MegCabot I ALWAYS listen to music! The louder the better (I use headphones). I always listen to rock, usually female musicians.
amee Is there anything at all you can tell us about your new adult series? You've said in the past it will be different from any you've done so far. We need a little bit of a clue!
MegCabot Well, I can't tell you, or it will crawl back up.
popcornprincess Do you have plans to write a long series like the PD books?
MegCabot Maybe. I'll have to see if people like it!
popcornprincess Do you fantasize about certain actors playing your male characters? Like do you have an actor in mind to play Michael?
MegCabot For some books I do, but I don't like to admit it because I'm afraid if they make a movie of it and they don't cast that actor, the actor who they do cast will hear about it and get his feelings hurt. And that wouldn't be nice.
emija95 I have to say this: You are my hero! You have time for everything! I mean, you even have time between books to talk to us! Thank-you!
MegCabot But all writers do that, don't they? Come on, you guys are the heroes, for taking time out on a summer afternoon to come to this! So thank YOU!
rabidrosa How do you have time for touring, writing, blogging, vlogging, and watching Dr. Horrible? Do you ever sleep? Ever?
MegCabot I sleep 9 hours a day! I will admit there's one thing I don't do--exercise! Ever! I hate it! Plus I don't have kids, remember??? So I have more free time than other people. Plus my wonderful husband does all the laundry, cooking, and bill paying (but I earn all the money to pay the bills).
pjbeagle Would ever consider writing a book with a college age protagonist?
MegCabot Well, here is a secret--I said I was ending the PD series, but I don't really want to. And Mia is college age now! So if I were to keep writing about her, she'd be college age. So shhhhhh...maybe I will just keep writing about her. So then I'd have a college age protagonist. But I can't keep writing about her, because I said I'm stopping. It's a problem. Maybe I'll start a new series with a college age girl. We'll see.
malicerh I've been reading your books since I was a young teen I'm now 21 and I still love reading your books (as does my mother, who works in a library) how do you make your books have such universal appeal?
MegCabot Thanks! I don't know. I just write about people I'd like to be.
ThePenguinRuler I just read that a certain character from Princess Diaries will be writing a book, and that it will be published sometime next year. Is that true?
MegCabot Yes! Look for news about it soon! The important thing to know about is that my author proceeds are going to a certain charity (the character is making the donation, too, in the book) so we're waiting to announce this until the fall...so stay tuned!
MegCabot I guess our time is up (well my time is up, I have to get back to work on Being Nikki) so I'm going to go. But all of you can keep chatting for a bit...thank you so much for coming! Have a nice chat and look for Allie Finkle 2, The New Girl on August 5! Thanks everybody!

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