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Here at the Meg Cabot Message Boards, we strive to create a welcoming and inviting environment for readers from around the globe to connect while discussing the novels of Meg Cabot. We ask that you please read and abide by these Terms of Use (Guidelines, rules, etc.) when on the forums.

Be Courteous! Although we all have different opinions, please be courteous to others. Do NOT tease, heckle, bully, insult, taunt, etc. others on the message boards. This will not be tolerated to any extent. Please do not post sarcastic comments as they may be misunderstood by others, especially those for whom English is a second language. Although you do not know other members face-to-face, it is still hurtful to be insulted and bullied online. If someone posts something on this board that you find unkind, please report the post to the administrator or moderator by either using the “Report” button or by contacting the administrator.

Exclusive Threads: You may not start a thread that is meant for a small group of users. Examples are "Thread for Liz and Sue to talk." This is to prevent others from feeling alienated. Be welcoming of others into all threads.

No offensive language: We ask that all members, keeping in mind that these boards are open to people of all ages and backgrounds, refrain from using language that might offend anyone. While every effort will be made by the moderators to remove objectionable content as quickly as possible, it is impossible to catch everything all the time. We also ask that you agree to not blame Meg Cabot or any of the creators or administrators/moderators of this site if you do find something objectionable here.

Be discreet: Any information that you post on this site is also available to the public. It will be indexed by search engines and information you post becomes part of the public record. We are always thrilled when members make life lasting friendships on the message boards, but keep in mind that as with any site, there could be those viewing what you post who do not have your best intentions in mind. Use your best judgment!

Please be cautious when posting the following on this and any website:
-Full Name
-AIM, MSN or other instant message name
-Facebook/orkut/myspace/livejournal or other online profile
-Email Address
-Phone Number
-HomePage/Personal Website/Blog/Twitter
-Name of Place of Worship

We also ask that when posting pictures and photographs, you make sure they are appropriate for all ages. We reserve the right to edit your posts if we feel you have posted a photo or content that is not appropriate or safe. Warnings or suspensions may be issued.

Use proper English: There are many non-native English speakers on this website, and we encourage them to post to develop their English-speaking and writing skills. We therefore ask that those who do speak and post in English to use proper English. This includes NO chatspeak, excessive punctuation, and proper typing skills.

What counts as Chatspeak?
Chatspeak, netspeak, or IM talk is using phrases such as "lol" or "great" instead of typing out full words. Because we have members for whom English is not their first language and members with learning disabilities that make reading chatspeak difficult, we ask that all members stick to standard and proper usage of the English language while posting.

What counts as excessive punctuation?
Please do not use excessive punctuation (!!!!!!! or ?????? or ?!?!?!?!) when typing something. One ? gets across the same message as ??????? and it doesn't run the risk of stretching out the page or annoying people.

What counts as proper typing skills?
Please stick to using proper capitalization whenever possible. It's much easier to read this than it is To ReAd ThIs OR TO READ THIS. When typing in all caps, other members will think that you are “yelling”.
The use of proper syntax and grammar will prevent any of these violations.

Do not spam the boards. Spamming the boards means that you are making posts that do not contribute to the conversation. Examples include: posting the same post over and over again in multiple areas of the site, posting an message that contains only your email address, website, posting advertising or marketing information.

Do not feed the trolls. A person who goes online intentionally trying to make trouble is called a troll. Do not engage with that person. Do not reply, don’t pay them any attention. Report the troll to an administrator.

What happens if you break a rule?
The first time you break a rule, (and if it looks like you didn't know or understand the rules) you will be warned. The warning is simply a reminder to read the rules and to follow them.

When you break a rule, your account will be suspended. The length of time suspended depends on the severity of the rule breaking.

The second time that you intentionally break a rule, you will be banned from the site. In rare cases, we reserve the right to ban a member without warning or previous suspension.

We know that no one wants to be warned, suspended or banned. We are not saying that you are bad or that we don't like you. It’s just that with so many members, we need everyone to follow the rules so that things can go smoothly for everyone.

Please note, if you are banned or suspended from the site you will not be able to view the message boards at all.

Moderating/Pruning Etc...
We reserve the right to delete posts for with no advance warning or without reason. We usually do so to save space, too many off topic posts in a thread, spamming, flaming etc...

Thanks for reading the rules! Now please have fun, play nice, and enjoy the boards!