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Becoming Knightly

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Posted 21 January 2015 - 06:11 PM




Slicing through the lines of silver, reflexive armor, crimson blood and screams of dying man came behind him. With one fierce thrust he calmly executed a soldier. The poor man's body being pierce all the way through. Pulling out with the now rusty brown sword encrusted with the red blood of men came the loss of hope for those mens' wives, friends, and children. All dreams shattered when they met the cold, blackened eyes of the ruthless armed warrior. By the time they could even let out even a bellow of terror the assassin brought down his sword of conceited justice.


Suddenly the great knight lost his footing. Someone came charging at him from behind. Feeling the vibrations of the ground he could only react by taking a quarter turn back. In an instant he felt the draft up near his shoulder. Damn, he was hit, he thought. In examining he couldn't see who cut him/ Maybe he had been hit before and his adrenaline prevented the pain to register. No one could have got him because everyone was skillfully slain. No one would dare.


Ripping a piece of cloth from one of his deceased enemies he wrapped the wound and then valiantly trudged towards the castle.




Laying beneath a heavy pile of gory dead men she almost felt...weightless. The Great Destroyer, The Dark Executioner, The Swift Deliver, or more commonly known as a mercenary with a high ego and a god-like complex had just been injured and he didn't even know. Injured by a female nonetheless.  Although she wasn't skilled with a one- edged sword it did the trick. She couldn't contain herself. He had no idea how much pain he had caused her personally. Her heart beat faster just at the thoughts.


Pushing the weight from the bodies off her she quickly regain her composure. Even if she let her guard down for a second he might figure he's followed. She sighed, stuffing her waist length mocha hair into helmet helmet and moved further on. The mercenary just barely in her sight range. And in that moment she knew. He was planning on capturing the castle. Taking control of the country himself.


“Bastard.” she said as she spat onto the orange grass below her.


She had to stop him before he got there. In her hands she gripped a bow and arrow. She was ready to shoot right there but then she realize the wood would snap upon impact to his heavy metal armor. So she had to wait. Wait until she could make her move.


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