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Mediator 7

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Posted 10 July 2011 - 01:35 AM

nice chapter but i want more JESSE!!!!

hahaha can't wait for the next update.
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Posted 10 July 2011 - 05:12 PM

Excellent update! I really liked it! :D I love Paul but I bet he has a lot on his mind now with all thats been going on though. :icon_lol: I like that you have a bunch of old characters like Gina and Jack :) You don't really get to see much of them.

I agree though-Wheres Jesse? :P


-MEG :happy11:

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Posted 10 July 2011 - 07:27 PM

AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS.......(for the captital letters and exclamation points thing, it made my day!! :D)




Kayla :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
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Posted 10 July 2011 - 10:33 PM

nice chapter but i want more JESSE!!!!

hahaha can't wait for the next update.

Don't worry, Jesse will come back next chapter. Swear. :)

Excellent update! I really liked it! :D I love Paul but I bet he has a lot on his mind now with all thats been going on though. :icon_lol: I like that you have a bunch of old characters like Gina and Jack :) You don't really get to see much of them.

I agree though-Wheres Jesse? :P


-MEG :happy11:

Thanks! Your right, you barely see any old characters like Jack, Gina, or even Tad. People should bring them back, they really help lead to some good stuff in a fanfic. :D Don't worry, Jesse will be back and in the future you will read from his POV so you can look forward to that.
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Posted 10 July 2011 - 10:39 PM

AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS.......(for the captital letters and exclamation points thing, it made my day!! :D)




Kayla :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Kayla! Thanks so much, I'm honored. :) I'll update as soon as I can. And I like to thank you gurls for helping me reach page two finally! Is it just me or was that one of the longest page one ever?
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Posted 15 July 2011 - 01:06 AM

Kayla! Thanks so much, I'm honored. :) I'll update as soon as I can. And I like to thank you gurls for helping me reach page two finally! Is it just me or was that one of the longest page one ever?

ha it did seem like it!

hurry up and UPDATE!!

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 10:05 AM

Okay, I'm gonna update even though I didn't edit this chapter. I feel bad that its taken me this long. Is it just me or has nobody been updating lately? Usually in the summer this doesn't happen. Well maybe it's just me.

Chapter 11

Homework and me, I really don't think we go together. It's not because I don't get it-well not all the time-it's just I have other things to do. I flip my books close. I'm done, finally.  

Gina, whose been done for minutes, looks at me. Oh, no. I really don't want to-

"We have to talk." Gina says interrupting my thoughts. That's exactly what I don't want to do. 
But, there's no use in avoiding it. 

"So...,"I said. "What's on your mind. " 

"Suze, I didn't want to tell you, I wanted to. But, come on. When do you just say something like this. " Gina got up and sat at the edge of my bed. 

"Um, well I understand, but Gina, we're friends! You should've told me before. Even if I was kind of um, busy. "

"I know its just, I didn't even know if that was serious or not, you know. Oh, but don't get me wrong. I'm not the kind of girl that lets anyone even try to get their way.  It just kind of happened. "

"So out of curiosity, Gina, why are you telling me now?" Gina breathed out. 

"Well after I left, one day I just got an e-mail from Jake. And then by the time I knew it, I was talking to him everyday. Then it hit me." Oh my god, no....could this be happening. Am I wrong or does Jake...

"He likes me Suze, and I mean he really likes me." Oh my god, Jake likes Gina! Why didn't I see this before!

"I'm so stupid!" I yelled out. Gina looks at me confused. I get up and start walking around my room. 

"What are you talking about?!?" Gina yelled. 

"I should've figured it out. Jake asking if I got any mail, obviously the only mail I get from is from you, that should've been a big sign right there." I start blabbing. "And when you came, now that I think about it, you ran to me when you saw me come in. I can imagine how awkward that was to be in the same room after, you know. Oh and the look Jake had, it screamed get me out of here! He was feeling as awkward as you were!"

Gina was going to say something when, of all people, Jake comes to tell us dinner's ready. And we go dead silent. 

"Um, you guys dinner's ready." Dead-and awkward might I add-silence.  Well until I respond way too late, that you can tell something's up. 

"Oh okay." I say. Jake just nods and leaves. Gina and I sigh in relief. I reach out of habit for my necklace to fidget with but there's nothing there. Just my bare neck. I start to panic. 

"Where is it?!?" I start yelling. 

"Where's what?" Gina asks. I head to look for it in my bag. 

"The Key necklace I have. Where is it?" I empty out everything in my bag out on my bed. Eliza's diary flops down by Gina's lap. 

"What's this?" I'm about to answer her, when I remember. I left it at Paul's and the picture-portrait, whatever!-in his kitchen. 

I throw my hands up out of frustration. How could I have forgotten it there? I look at the clock, just my luck. Jesse is going to be here any minute to pick me up. We were going to go eat out and then spend some time together. Ugh! I'll just ask him to swing by Paul's house quickly and hope I don't interrupt anything. Thank the lord, I got ready before I did my homework. Knowing me, especially since I don't even remember learning this stuff half the time, I knew I would take forever. 

I hear distant barking coming from the living room. Somebody's here. I look out the window and see Jesse parking outside. I turn and see Gina flipping the pages of Eliza's diary. 

"Gina do you remind?" I give her a small grin. 

She looked up. " Oh, sorry. It just looked interesting. When are you coming home?". 

"Don't know, probably long," I run into the bathroom to touch up my make-up and grab my bag. I head to the door and stop. "Gina, I haven't seen you talk to Jake since you got here." I turn to face her. She looks up and faces me. "I only here the occasional slip of G, you should talk and find out what really is going on between you guys." Gina bites her bottom lip. 

"You're right. I'll do that." She gets up. She smiles at me. "Come let's go downstairs. Jesse's waiting and I'm st-arv-ing!" we laugh as he walk down the stairs. 

As we both reach the bottom steps of the stairs, I realize that almost everyone is in the living room even though they should have started dinner-but of course Brad is stuffing his face all by himself- minutes ago. Jesse is standing by my Mom's favorite chair looking nothing but gorgeous. 

"Jesse." I say cheerfully and walk to his side. Gina trails behind me a little slowly. 

"Hello, Susannah." Jesses says as he glances at Gina. Click! Wow by just looking at her and he got it.  "Ready to go?". 

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?" Andy asks. My mom responds not even letting us think of good reasons not to. 

"Andy don't be silly. Let them go out and have fun." She gives him a look and I know she told him that he's leaving. Jesse's leaving. The thought just scares me a bit.  

"Well then we'll be on are way then." I say as I gently tug Jesse to the door. "I won't be home that late." I turn to Gina and try to give her the most reassuring look I can. She nods back and silently words out good luck. I don't know why but I can't ask her since Jesse closes the door behind him. My face is a confused mess when Jesse turns to look at me curiously. 

"What was that all about?" he asks. I know what he's talking about but I ask anyways. 

"What do you mean?" I say. 

"Gina and Jake. "

"Oh, them." Jesse raises an eyebrow. 

"And what do you mean by oh, them, Querida?" Jesse opens the door to his car for me. My heart does it's little flip flop in my chest. I'll always fall over heels when he calls me that. Its funny how much I hated that he called me Querida when I came to Carmel. Now it's the thing that keeps me going when I feel I can't take it anymore. It became that little ray of hope ever since Jesse took his first breath of second life and said Querida afterwards. Wow, I'm such a goner, aren't I?

"Susannah?" I turn, we're already on the road on are way to Jesse's. Oh, wait...

"Jesse, um...would you mine if we make a quick stop?" 

"Where did you have in mind?" He quickly glanced and he knows me that good he reads the answer right off my face like a book. "What for Susannah?"

"I forgot something, well more like a couple things,"  Including that bag of tea or whatever it is, now that I think about it. I need a cup of that whenever I'm feeling crummy in the future. "I left when I was there earlier today." I stop mid-sentence as Jesse's head turns a little sharply my direction. 

"You didn't go to school today because you were at Paul's?" His eyebrow raises again once more. 

"Well, yeah. I was kind of feeling bad anyways but I felt better a little later," I know a little white lie, I felt like I was going to die at Paul's house remember? "And then Jenny showed up and gave me a real bad feeling so I went to see if she killed Paul and Jack was there." Great I'm blabbing. "And then he gave me this journal of my ancestor which I thought was pretty random. And then there was this picture, or would it be called a portrait? Well picture or portrait, whatever, it was in the pocket of the journal and she was wearing the Key I found, Jesse. It was it, and I realized that the petals of the flower were violet jewels or diamonds, which obviously fell out. And I left that there too. I just can't believe I was so careless. Well I guess I was just in such a hurry to leave, I-" Jesse cut me off. 

"And why were you leaving in such a hurry?". 

"He was trying to get information out of me. But I wasn't going to tell him how she died or why she was running for her life, or even less was I going to tell him why she's after him. "

"You're right, those things correspond Jenny to say. "

"Exactly what I told him, I'm not the one who should be telling him that." I looked up at where we were. We were at Paul's house already. "That was fast." I said as we got out of the car. We were walking up the driveway when in the distance we heard a scream. Jesse and I both ran to the house and went inside. The door was open. Smooth, Paul, just smooth. But it didn't matter if the door was locked or not, a ghost doesn't have boundaries. We ran to the dinning room and which was a mess, chairs were flipped and the plates were on the floor broken. Paul was on the ground and Cam was kneeled down next to him looking worried. 

"Okay, what's going on here?" I ask but Paul just looks up holding his head and screams, 

"Behind you!" And Jesse and I turn to a chair hurling are way. Jesse wraps him arms around me and we head towards the ground. And you know what I thought about as we crashed to the ground? 'Yeah, never mind. I can live without the necklace, let's go.' Talk about a little to late. 

"What the hell?" I say at the same time that Jesse said, "What in the world?" 

But here's the weird thing, I expected Jenny behind us, you know, finally putting her little plan in action. But it wasn't. It was, wait no. It's not just some guy ghost, it's, it's...

"Great, this is just perfect!" I yell. Everybody, including Cam who can't even see him, turned to look at me with confusion on who I was talking about. 
"Where'd he go?" I ask. Both Jesse and I get up. 

"What are you talking about Susannah?" Jesse asks me, but I don't answer him, I'm looking around for him. There's a chance I could be wrong, hell I've never seen him before, but I just have this strong feeling. Paul's about to ask me something, but that's when we here it. A loud scream, coming from up stairs, that belongs to a little boy. 

"Jack!" I yell and run up the stairs, everybody running behind me. I hear more noise and follow it. Good, he's putting up a fight. I run into a room that is a apparently a guest room but looks as cluttered as it could be. And I turn to look at the closet as the guy looks in it. Is Jack hiding in there?

 I don't know but I stop thinking and start acting and attack the guy. And to say he looked surprised would be an understatement, you could have sworn the guy was just walking in the park and just strolling around and wasn't attacking an innocent little boy. He wasn't that big, well Jenny did handle him. But she was a ghost and use to kick a**, so I guess.

 I was barely having my fun-yeah cause there's nothing more fun then beating up a guy, really, something is wrong with me-when Jesse pries me off and Paul starts to get some himself, and Jesse joins him. While Cam just stares in amazement that Paul's lip is actually bleeding from a blow from an unknown force. 

I go in the closet and look for Jack but he's gone. Way in the back of the closet is get this, a secret passageway. Im not kidding. It's kind of small, but apparently Jack fits perfectly. 

"Jack!" I yell and I hear a faint response and apparently so did the guy ghost since he dematerialized. I ran out of the room trying to look for where Jack got out, but I'm too late. He's there and he's got him. Everybody caught up to me and is watching, waiting for his next move. 

"Let him go." I say. He gives a smirk and I almost want to loose it right there. But Jack is in his death grip. 

"Who are you! What do you want!". Jesse demands. 

"This is none of your business, so why don't you stay out of it!" He responds, his deep voice seems to echo the whole room. Jesse's face starts to show a face of confusion and I know he's trying to think where he's heard that before. 

"Look," I say. "Revenge is never good. It always bites you back like karma. So why don't we put the kid down and talk about it. "

"There's nothing to talk about, but if you want to here it is. I'm dead, I shouldn't be dead, so I'm going to get revenge on my killer. See simple. Now would you guys just not get in my way, I would hate to put you on my list." He vanishes and reappears by an open window with Jack dangling from it. We try to get closer to him but the guy just warns us not to. 

"Do it and he dies. "

"Come on, you can't do it. Your not a killer." I say. 

"Look," Jesse says. "Yeah, it sucks to be dead," Jesse would obviously know. "But you can't go around killing people out of revenge. Jenny's the one who killed you, not the innocent child. He doesn't deserve to die. "

"Wait! Jenny killed you!" Paul exclaimed.

"He's, well use to be Jenny's boyfriend." . I respond. 

"Yeah, what an innocent little girl she turned out to be. Especially in bed."

"Why don't you shut up." Paul yelled and tried to attack him but we held him back. 

"Yeah you should have seen the little lunatic, she was a doll until she started going crazy. Ha, I remember she told me what she was 'seeing'," he made stupid little air quotes. "And then I was  all 'Alright, Babe' and I had my fun with her, and afterwards I told her she was an insane a** b****, an told her it was over." Our grip on Paul was slipping, if he says another thing Paul's going to go ballistic. "Oh and then I kicked her out of my room crying."

 Are you serious? Screw it, I let go of Paul. If I couldn't hit the guy, someone had to. That's it we lost Paul. And boy did we because he came straight to him and started to beat the living, I mean dead crap out of him. No pun intended, if this guy wasn't moving on Paul was going to beat him to pieces. The guy swung Jack back in right before Paul attacked him. Cam and I-I wonder what she's thinking of all of this-ran to him. 

"Oh my god, he's bleeding!" Cam yelled. "I'm taking him to a hospital." And that was it, she picked him up and carried him away. Jesse walked her out to her car making sure she wasn't attacked. 
I turned back to the fight. 

"Paul, stop!" I yelled. "He's going to kill you!" Paul ignores me. 

"Take it back a**h*** !" Paul yells. 

"Truth hurts doesn't it." He responds. Paul swings to his jaw and the guy ducks to late. He's on the floor laughing and swiping off the blood on his mouth. Paul swipes off the blood from his nose. 

"I don't get why you're defending her. What, did you like her? Or did you just have some fun with her like me?" Paul comes straight for him and their on the ground having a death match.

Jesse comes up to me and we both can't figure out what to do. 

"Jesse, we have to separate them!" I exclaim but Jesse doesn't respond he just points by the corner. 

"Look." I look at the direction he's pointing at and see Jenny by the corner looking at the battle with amazement. How long has she been there?

"Paul!" I yell, my voice echoes. Jenny's yelling it too. 

"You're  going to wish you never stayed!" Paul yells. 

"She's nothing to you! Nothing! You don't live in New York, I've never seen you! Your going to die in vain!" 

"She's more to me then you ever will know!!" Paul kicks him and he slides to the other end of the room. He doesn't notice Jenny. They get up. 

"Oh and why might that be?" he asks. 

"Do you really want to know." Paul says in the most mischievous voice and I know he's going to end this now. 

"Why don't you amuse me Slater." What? How did he know that? He couldn't have known that unless....my eyes look at Jenny. She's crying! 

"Please stop!" She yells, but no one seems to notice but me and Jesse. 

Paul and the guy start at it again on the floor. 

"Let me guess, she's your cousin. Isn't she." he says with such confidence. 

"No, even better." Paul responds and receives a blow to the head and for a moment we thought he was gone but he starts to move slowly but the guy pulls a knife out of his pocket and puts Paul in a headlock. Jesse and I have had enough and we start to attack but the guy uses his supernatural ghost powers and throws us against the wall. 

"Why don't we make your last words that answer shall we. "

"Oh they won't be my last. " Paul says and throws his head back and elbows himself free. Blood gushes out from the guy's nose. The knife falls to the ground and Paul picks it up and stabs him multiple times. He then kicks him in his wounds. 

"That one's for trying to kill Jack." Kick. "That one's for trying to kill me!" Kick. "This one's for being a dick your whole entire life. " Kick. Paul gets down to him turns him over so he's in his back. "And this, this if being a complete  a--h---- to MY Sister!" And he stabs him in his heart in twists the knife around and takes it out. He grabs him by his shirt collar. 

"Time to go." Paul sneers and the guy disappears and Paul's body drops unconscious. 

"Paul!" Jenny yells and runs over to his body and holds him in her arms. 
"I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" She sobs. She strokes his hair. 

"You should be sorry!" I yell. "I should've seen that this was your stupid plan all along!"

"What are you talking about, Susannah?" Jesse asks. 

"Everything! Me sending her back to the Shadowland, so she can buy herself time to go to New York and tell her stupid boyfriend about the family he kept her from ever meeting, the perfect plan for revenge of his death. To kill her family. She wanted to kill them, but at the end she couldn't do it so that's why she told him. But apparently you couldn't watch it either."

"I said I'm sorry! I didn't even know I had Jack as a brother. I just saw him dangling out the window and just came and saw it and I, I , I just couldn't. " She sobs. "Where's Jack! Where, is he okay?" She starts to have a panic attack. Jesse gets down to comfort her. 

"He's alright, Cam took him to the hospital. " He grabs her hand. "Just calm down, there's no more danger anymore. " I get down too. 

"I'm just glad this is done with. Jenny do you have any other psycho path friends or people after you?"

"No." She sniffs. 

"Good, very good."

"Susannah." Jesse raises an eyebrow. 

"What. I'm just making sure. " Jenny gives a little psycho path laugh. 

"You know. I've always thought you were um, something special in a good way. If we would have met before I bet we would have got along just perfectly. " Jenny grins. And in that moment Paul awakes. 

"Paul!!" Jenny yells and hugs him tight. She let's him go and he sits up. Jenny gets serious and starts yelling at him. 
"Don't you ever do that again! Are you stupid, he's a ghost. He could've killed you! " Paul just stares at her in amazement. 

"Well, that's an interesting way of saying thank you. " Paul says.    

"Thank you?!? For what?!? Almost getting yourself killed! You think the son of satin would be smarter. " Jenny paces around. 

"I don't get where all of this is coming from, the whole big sister act, I thought you hated me. " Jenny stops dead in her tracks. 

"Look, Paul. I was an idiot and just really pissed off that I was dead and I had a family that didn't even know me. And we were never going to meet or have siblings to tease. I would never be able to make a complete fool of you in public." She said with a grin but quickly disappeared. "And I was never going to have a hug from my mom or dad." As she talked slowly, tears came rolling down. "I was never going to have anything of what you had, and that just really made me mad. I couldn't handle it! It just made me want to kill someone! How could they have the heart to abandon their first child, their only girl! I just..," She broke off with sobs and walked out of the room. Paul followed her out but the door shut in his face. 

"Let her calm down, Paul. " I said. 

"But, I can't just let her-" Jesse cut him off. 

"Susannah's right. Let her calm down. She'll be okay, there's always suffering. It hurts but she'll make it through. " 

"I'm not saying you guys are wrong but I know how Slaters are." Paul ran out of the room to look for her. 

"But, Paul!" I yelled. Jesse came over to me and placed his arm around my waist bringing me closer to him.

"Don't worry, Querida." Jesse said gently. "I guess Paul knows what he's doing." We walked to the door and out on to the hallway. I tripped on something that when I picked it up, I almost went ballistic. It was one if Jack's toys. 

"Jack! We have to go see Jack!" And with that we made are way to the hospital. During the car ride over, Jesse said something that haven't even occurred to me. 

"I wonder how she's taking it all in." 

"Who are you talking about?"

"Cameron, I wonder what she thinks of what happened."

"Oh my god, Cam! I forgot all about that. Do you think she said anything?"

"No, I don't think Cameron would do that. She's pretty smart. "

"I guess but still there is a chance that she said everything and she's in a straight jacket somewhere... " I said almost yelling. 

"Susannah, calm down. We're here. ". We got out and headed straight to the emergency room. We found Cam sitting down on a chair being questioned. We went up to her. 

"I told you, he fell off a bike. ". Cam said for what sounded like the third time. 

"Miss," The nurse said,"I find that hard to believe. The patient broke his arm and a couple of teeth. The patient would have to have landed from a pretty high height, the fractures in his arm indicate that." Or he was thrown down fast and harder by a supernatural being. Just saying. 

"He did. It was um, my fault. I was waving at him from the house and he turned to look at me. He didn't see the huge rock. His bike bumped into it and sent his straight into the air. ". The nurse looked at her suspiciously, Cam looked so jumpy and nervous. 

"I just feel so bad it was my fault." Cam said quietly. The nurse eyed her some more but I guess believed her since she went,

"It's okay honey," She patted her back. "Accidents happen. ". Tell me about, I thought to myself.  

"Cam, where's Jack?". I asked. The nurse turned the corner and left. She looked at me forgetting we even existed and slowly responded. 

"Room 23A, down the hall.". She looked from me to Jesse obviously trying to find some kind of explanation. 

"Um...," She began. "Never mind I'm not even going to ask...yet. Well at least not you guys. ". She gave us an evil eye. Jesse and I nodded and silently walked away. 

"Slater is doomed." Jesse said as we turned into Jack's room. 

"You couldn't be any righter. " I said.

"You're going the wrong way.". A voice shouts. 

"Which is the right way then." I ask and turn to see the person who's been following me

*****Please comment. I would love some feedback. I don't know when next chapter will be up but I assure you that Jenny and Paul well fix there business.
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 10:09 AM

Sorry guys, I should've spaced out the italic better so you don't get confused. They don't go together, it continues from the last italic in the last chapter. If that makes sense.
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 11:53 AM

that was a looong update... but still amazing ;D
update soon :) <3<3<3
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Posted 30 July 2011 - 12:41 PM

Hey! I was just about stop by to ask for an update when...BAM. There it is! And a LONG one two :D YAY!!!

Aww poor Jack. I feel sorry for him. He shouldn't have gotten hurt. :(

And I actually feel kinda bad for Jenny. I mean that doesn't justify all the other stuff she's done but I hope Paul and her do work things out :)

Hehe. I love Jesse and Suze. He's so funny all the time with his little comments. Suze and him are perfect for each other.

"I'm just glad this is done with. Jenny do you have any other psycho path friends or people after you?"

"No." She sniffs.

"Good, very good."

"Susannah." Jesse raises an eyebrow.

"What. I'm just making sure. " Jenny gives a little psycho path laugh.

Haha. Suze! That seriously made my laugh! :P

Keep up the good work! I love this story and you need to update soon please!! :heartbeat:


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Posted 31 July 2011 - 12:19 AM

Hey! I was just about stop by to ask for an update when...BAM. There it is! And a LONG one two :D YAY!!!

Aww poor Jack. I feel sorry for him. He shouldn't have gotten hurt. :(

And I actually feel kinda bad for Jenny. I mean that doesn't justify all the other stuff she's done but I hope Paul and her do work things out :)

Hehe. I love Jesse and Suze. He's so funny all the time with his little comments. Suze and him are perfect for each other.

Haha. Suze! That seriously made my laugh! :P

Keep up the good work! I love this story and you need to update soon please!! :heartbeat:


Haha, that was my favorite lines in this chapter. I was channeling a little Suze, Jesse, and Jack cab scene were they take Jack home in the end of Darkest Hour.
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Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:04 PM

Hmm I want your opinions, which name do you think sounds better Annalia or Anna with middle name Lia or Annabel? I know pretty random but I guess this name would have to be the name of that one girl at school that acts all that and is a total fake. You know a Spanish Kelly. :)


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Posted 03 August 2011 - 08:26 PM

To post a chapter or to not post a chapter.... decisions, decisions...thoughts?
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Posted 03 August 2011 - 08:33 PM

To post a chapter or to not post a chapter.... decisions, decisions...thoughts?

Is this even a contemplation? POST!
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Posted 03 August 2011 - 09:15 PM

Is this even a contemplation? POST!

Well here it is just for you Meg!


"Name?" I ask the guy....

"Watch out!". Somebody yells from across the sand. I duck as a frisbee flies by. I stand up and throw it back and Cam approaches me. 

"Here," She tosses one of the sodas she's caring. 

"Thanks." She sits next to me and we watch the waves, and Jesse and Paul surf them.-Jesse's pretty good.-That's right, Jesse and I came with Paul and Cam. I'm as shocked as you are

"So, um," I say "Did you and Paul talk yet?". 

She looks at her soda can and answers, "Yup, we did." She sips. 

"Well, did he tell you-" Cam cuts me off. 

"Not to tell anyone, yeah. I get it." She looks hard at the soda can, trying to decide something. She turns to look at me. "You know," I sip my soda. "I'm supposedly a descendant of a supernatural or mystical, whatever it's suppose to be called, being." 

"Well that's, wait! What!" I spit my soda out so hard, I can barely breathe in between my coughs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw both Paul and Jesse fall because of my reaction. 

"What," I say with my voice a little hoarse. "Are you talking about!?" Cam gently pats my back. 

"Whoa, do you want some water?" What, no? Just answer me Cam! Paul and Jesse stroll on to the beach. 

"Cam, you better tell me before they-" 

"Susannah." Jesse says as he puts his board down. 

"Hey guys." I try saying smoothly but it's a complete fail. Stupid hoarse voice. 

"Are you alright?" Paul asks. Really, Paul, really. 

"I'm fine, I just kind of choked on my soda.". I smile, that was probably my second mistake, saying that. The smile was really a big warning sign for them because come on, who smiles about almost choking?

"Simon," Paul sits down next to Cam. "You know we'll find out eventually, might as well tell us."

"Susannah," Jesse cracks a can and takes a seat next to me. "Paul's right." Whoa, there's a first. "We will find out anyways, might as well tell us now, Querida.". Jesse whips out one of his smiles. I try my best to not melt. 

"I don't think you will." Cam says with a very mischievous smile. No wonder Paul likes her.  

The sun gently starts to set and we are gaze at it. As we talk I draw a picture in the sand, barely listening. 

"Really, out of all the things you can do as a ghost. The only thing you miss is being invisible." Paul's voice got my attention.

"What's so wrong about that?" Jesse asks. 

"Well," Cam starts as she collects her things. "There's a lot of things ghost can do, they have supernatural strength, they move things with their minds, and can easily transport from place to place. I get why Paul thinks being invisible is not really important. "

"Being invisible has it's advantages." Jesse says simply. And I agree with him, invisible Jesse was all for me. Sharing is caring, but all these stupid girls who check Jesse out make it so dam hard. 

"I get Jesse's point." I smile at Jesse who reaches over and puts his shoulder around me. Paul grins and shakes his head slightly. 

"Well I guess it does." He says with a slight laugh. 

"Paul can you help me take this stuff back to your car?". 

"No don't even bother. I'll take it. " And without another word, Paul takes the stuff from her hands and starts walking to the lot. 

"Hold on, Paul. I'll join you." Jesse collects our things and takes it to his car with Paul. I swear, I'm waiting for them to break out and start break dancing flash mob style or something. That's how bizarre this seems to me. It'll get some getting use to. 

"I know it seems weird to me too, especially considering all the things Paul has told me." Cam says taring my gaze from them to her. 

"It's a good thing, though." I say. Cam turns and looks towards the ocean. I continue drawing in the sand. I'm drawing my key necklace. I'm no artist but I look at it and feel like something's missing. 

"The sky looks so beautiful even after a sunset." 

I look up from the drawing I have been making in the sand to see Jenny strolling along the water. I'm silent. 

"You see her, right?" Cam says. 

"How do you know?"

"You're facial expression says it all."

"Hold on a sec." I get up and walked over to her. "Jenny!", I call. 

"Chestnut." She turns to look at me with a smile, a genuine smile. I join her by her side. 

"So did Paul catch up with you yesterday to talk?" 

She bit her lower lip, "I don't think I can face him again. He can't forgive me. I wouldn't forgive me."

"So I take that as a no?" She laughs gently and a strand of hair gets stuck in her lip gloss. 

"What are you doing here, Suze?" 

"Just hanging out with, you know, Jesse and Cam..., and um,"


"Yeah, Paul."

"Well, I guess I better get this over with. "

"You should." Both Jenny and I make our way back to Cam and sat down. We wait for them to come back. 

"So..." Cam says slowly. "We aren't alone right now, right?"

"Right, Jenny has to talk to Paul." I say as we see Paul and Jesse making there way back. 

"I think I should ride with you and Jesse so they can talk. Is that alright with both of you guys?" I turn to Jenny. 

"That would be nice. Do you mind taking her, Suze?" 

"Not at all." I get up and grab Cam's arm. We stroll away towards very confused Jesse and Paul. I grab Jesse's arm and swing around and we leave. 

Jenny's POV

I'm screwed. 

That's probably the only right way to say it, sense I always thought fudge was not a proper substitution. It just made things funny when it clearly isn't suppose to. Who the hell even thought of that?

Maybe I should've told Suze to stay. 

No, wait. What am I thinking she's sixteen. And how old am I? I can fight mine own battle. I can deal with a sixteen year old boy who is really pissed at me. Right?

Pshhh, my parents can't even do that. 
Why do you think Paul's here in Carmel. What am I thinking, I'm so out of here. 

I begin to dematerialize when Paul shouts. 

"Jenny wait!". I make myself solid again and walk right up to him. 

"Are sure that's what you want?". My gaze locked on him. I barely have to look up to him.  

"Jenny, I just-"

"Answer me, Paul. I can gladly just leave without this fake brother sis talk stuff because honestly we were never that. So just let me leave. I don't want to hurt you anymore." The words just tumble out of my mouth. I don't know where the hell they're coming from. I just know I have to let him down. 

"Jenny, let me talk. "

"No! I don't want to hear a single word. I don't want you to feel sorry for me. In fact I don't want you to feel anything for me!" I turn to run but his hand catches my arm and pulls me back to him. His hands grab my arms and as much as I tug, he won't let me go. 

"Jenny, why are you acting like this! I know this isn't you!"

"This isn't me! This isn't me! You don't know me! And you never will! And you know why!" I scream and can't stop the tears that come down and the hurt that are suppose to be hidden in my words. 

"And why is that!"

"Simple. Because I'm dead." I start to sob and fall to my knees. Paul catches me as I fall and we sit on the beach. I sob in his arms.  

"Don't you get it? It doesn't matter what happens, what I say, or what you say. Because at the end of the day, I'm dead. That's never going to change!"  I burry my head into his chest. 

"Look at me." Paul says in one of the most gentle tones I have ever heard. I slowly lift my head, my blonde hair falls in my face. He gently pushes my hair out of my face. "I don't care about any of that. I don't care that you're dead. Death isn't a problem for me."
He adds a gentle laugh. We stay silent. It's uneasy but the more we stay silent the more ridiculous this seems to me. I never act like this. Something inside of me tells me to let go. Let go of all the hurt. I need to move on and accept my new life. Which isn't so bad I guess. I got Paul and Jack. 

"Well it's just, ughh" I say as I stand. Screw the tears, they're not going to get me any where. I wipe them off. I grin. "And to think I was so close in discovering...what does it matter now." I shake my head.

"In discovering, what?" Paul stands and once more barely towering over me. 

"In discovering how to become the Metade."

"The what?" 

"The Metade. A supernatural being which is said to have lived long ago. It was basically a half ghost half human. The Metade could have all the supernatural powers and still be human. The Metade was turned into one with a spell or potion, or something like that. I didn't get to figure it out."

"And where on Earth did you hear about this." Paul asked amused, forgetting the break down and emotions we let out. Accept and move on is our thing I guess. 

"Mermaid ancient folk tale."

"Could you be anymore of a Slaski." He put his arm around me and turned me away from the ocean. We walked up the beach to the parking lot. 

"Hey, what's that suppose to mean." My voice let's out a little laughter. 

"Not a good thing; I assure you." He says, his sarcasm so easy to detect. I gently levitate some sand and chuck it to the back of his head. 

"Hey!" He let's go of me and brushes off the sand. "You know, you're just asking for it."

"Oh please bring it, Willy!" His eyes bug out so big, I can't help but burst out laughing. 

"Who told you!?!"

"Oh chill. You were like six when that happen and it didn't last long. Besides, Williams isn't a bad middle name."

"Not about that! Who told you about the Willy!?"

"I really don't think summer camps should even still have your info. but they do. How long has it been since anyone has called you Willy The Whale."

"Hey, I was a kid who liked candy and thought brushing my teeth was a waste of time. My teeth are perfect now." He says defending himself. 

"Yeah, right." 

"That's it!" Paul grabs a handful of wet sand. "Run Slaski!" He says playfully. 

"Try and get me Slater!" I pick up some sand myself. And after I throw the first hand full, I do. 

***About the whale thing, they do have bad teeth, right? Well if not, oh well my idea of whales do. :) Comments? Next chapter starts the idea that started this all. But, I decided to stir things up a bit, in order for me to update-and I'm not updating until someone gets it right, no exceptions-you have to guess the song from these lyrics:

"What a shame we all became, such fragile broken things. A memory remains just a tiny spark, I give it all my oxygen.."

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Paramore- Let the Flames Begin....

haha good update!
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Paramore- Let the Flames Begin....

haha good update!

Correct! Sorry it's all late about it but I'm posting an update now.

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Chapter 13

Ha this would be were it all began. Chapter 13.
Anyways...I guess just as a warning things get kind of steamy.

"Susannah, hurry the sooner we get there the better."

"Hold on. Your lucky I brought my Converse with me or it probably take us hours to reach the bottom."  I don't even know why on earth Jesse wanted to spend our last Saturday climbing down Big Sur. 

After we took Cam home. Jesse took me too. But that really didn't last long since I was getting ready to go to sleep, and a thought occurred to me. Jesse is leaving in the morning, not right away, but still. 

I got up, got ready and sneaked out to Jesse's apartment. I want to spend every second I have with him. In the back of my head, I know so part of me is kind of reacting like this out of, well...jealously.

I know, Suze is jealous, oh, oh my god. Zombie apocalypse! Ah!

Well, who wouldn't be? It's Jesse we're talking about. Do you know how many girls have asked Jesse out while I was nearby!? I would need more than two hands. And I'm not even counting the times I wasn't there. And when they leave after I make a comeback and stare daggers at them, Jesse starts laughing. He finds my reaction funny.
Really? So easily he has forgotten about when he got jealous at Tad. 

Once I tell him that, I usually feel better.

"Jesse, where are we going?" It was his  idea after I arrived to come here. I have no idea why though.

"The sooner we get to the bottom, the sooner you will find out." 

"Can't you give me a hint?" He turned to look at me and smiled. 

"We're almost there. Hold on."

After what seemed like a while and two almost tripping moments later, we reached the bottom. It's been a while since I've been here. Last time Father Dom, Jesse, and I were on RLS business. 
The beach looked nice and clam despite that the waves here are unridable. The little campsite the RLS angels made was still there, the ashes of the fire spread across the beach a little. I looked in the distant away from the waves but towards the trees. It kind of made a little forest. From above it seemed to cover everything except the beach. 

The moon, a beautiful full moon, hung right above us with some gray clouds nearby. It's reflection shining on the waves. "So now what?" I ask. Jesse chuckles a bit and looks at the moon. 

"Will you ever show a sign that you have patience, my dear?" I playfully roll eyes. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the trees. 

We're deep in the miniature forest and a couple of yards, maybe half a mile away from the beach, I see it. A beautiful little cabin cottage like house, hidden. A nice little swing on the porch. We go and take a seat. 

"How did you know about this place?"

Jesse stares out to the forest. Memories apparently taking him far back in time. "Well it's a long story, but I own it technically."

"What are you talking about?"

"Father Dom was investigating about what my family left behind. He found this. It's abandoned, seems to be forgotten. I remember watching my father come to first see it a couple months after my death. I never found out why he bought it though."

"Why are we here though?"

"Like I said, it was abandoned. Father Dom some how managed for it to belong to be now, thinking it was rightfully mind anyways."

"The man has his ways."

"Some mysterious ways." He takes out some keys and just plays with them and I spot one out that looks really old. 

"Can we go inside?" I ask unable to contain my curiosity. 

"I haven't opened it yet."

"Then why not do it now before you leave." My tone sounding sadder as I say leave. 

"I guess so." We get up and Jesse opens the door. It creaks a bit. 

The place is really dusty. You can see our foot prints in the moon light that shines in through the two windows. Jesse lights up some candles and the place gets visibly brighter. 

I look around and this place seems familiar. I'm kind of cold. 

"I wonder if we could light up the fire place." I say realizing I have no idea if there even is a fire place in here. 
Jesse looks around and sees the fire place towards the left lower part of the house. He goes outside and comes back with a couple logs. He grabs a couple sheets from the bed and rips a piece. He uses it to help start a fire not wanting to burn paper that are on a desk in here. 


"Yeah, thanks." I say arms crossed rubbing my arms. I got over to the bed and got a blanket. I don't care if it's old, I'm cold and my jacket it's doing it's trick today. 

I go over by the desk, blanket around me. Jesse is sitting in the chair which is slightly bigger then a normal chair. 

"Are you cold?" I ask. 

"A little but I'll be fine." I wrap the blanket around him and sit on his lap. The blanket wrapped around both of us, are body heat instantly warming us up. 


"Much." He says and gently kisses me. 

"So what are all these papers?" I ask once we part. 

"I don't know they look like letters maybe. I can't quiet read them, they look like someone spilled water or something on them when they were written."

I pick one up and try to read it. 

"Dear,um, I can't read it but it kind of looks like a h. Dear H, I feel utterly insane writing this. This isn't the kind of person I am, who writes without sending, but I must tell. These thoughts, they confuse me. Why are you in them? I barely even know who you are? Who are you really and why do you make me feel-" I stop. 

"What else does it say?

"I don't know the rest of the letter is ruined." I gently toss the paper back to the desk. "Whoever this H is, it seems like he's messing with this girl." I look around the room and analyze the walls. 

"Whoa." I say getting up. I take a candle with me. "Look at all this hunting stuff." Jesse gets up and we look at all three walls which include some type of hunting gear. One wall has nets, something for setting traps, some knifes, and three sets of bows and arrows. 

"Cool," I grab a bow and an arrow. "I always wanted to learn how to use one of these." I place the arrow in place with the bow. I open a window and shoot aiming at a tree. I hit the the tree a little down then what I was aiming at. 

"Not bad for not knowing how to use one of these."

"Thanks." I say with a smile. I look at the moon and can't help but wonder what time it is. I dig in my pocket for my phone and feel nothing. 

"Shoot I dropped my phone." 

"You probably dropped it on the beach, do you want to go look for it?"

"Thanks Jesse." We headed back towards the beach. We looked around but we couldn't find it. Mean while, when we were inside the clouds formed a little darker and bigger. Good thing I brought a flash light. 

"Maybe we should head back before it starts-" And in that moment it started raining. 
Thanks Mother Nature.
We ran back to the cabin, it started really pouring right before we could reach the cabin. We came in and tried to warm up to not get sick. Jesse added more wood to the fire, I found some more blankets. 

"Brrr, I'm freezing." I say shivering hard. Jesse comes over and we lay in the bed close by the fire. 

"I guess this was a bad idea to come." He says and can't help but grin at his own words. 

"No," I start to clarify, "It isn't a bad idea, I'm with you and that's all that matters." He gently kisses me and I kiss him back. 

I don't know why but something comes over us. Maybe because we're so close and we're wet, but whatever the reason is, we in joy it. Things start getting steamier then they ever had. I'm playing with Jesse thick hair and Jesse arms play with my entire self, fiddling with my bra strap every now and then. We turn, Jesse on top of me, his weight feeling just right. 

"Jesse," I say finally breathing while he kisses my neck. 

After that we just kind of loose it, I don't know but when we finally realize what is happening we both kind of stop. We both look around us. Jesse gets off of me and lays on his side of the bed. I look at him and my eyes shoot straight to his perfect abs. Whoa? When did I take his shirt off? 

I look down at my self, my shirt is also missing. We both just lay there breathing kind of heavily. We finally speak when our breathing has settled a bit. 

"I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to-" I cut him off. His old century manners get really annoying sometimes. 

"Jesse, stop please really." I say and kept help but to grin. He can be such a gentlemen. 

"No it's just that I didn't want to give you the wrong idea of me." 

"And what does that mean?"

"I just don't think it's right, that this should've happened especially before I left, I-"

"Jesse, I know you better than anyone. And I know you aren't that kind of guy and plus don't put the blame all on yourself. It takes two to tango. And I guess, we both couldn't help that the dance is so...enjoyable." The scenes instantly flood my mind, and I can't help but think...we were so close to...I almost...I was ready to be with Jesse. 

"Can we just move on from this and enjoy the rest of the night." I say trying to get rid of the awkward ness. I instantly get closer to Jesse and he hugs me. I lay my head down on his still bare chest. I look at his abs and instantly want to caress them with my fingers like I did just a minute a ago. 

I can feel Jesse's warmth on my bare back where his hand rests pulling me still in his arms. He brings a couple a blankets towards us to keep us warm. 

We talk fir a while about a lot of things, it really was all a daze to me. We both get sleepy and just before we both drift off to sleep. We say our goodnights. 

"Goodnight, Querida."

"Goodnight," My voice starts to drift to a whisper. "Goodnight, my almost lover." I whisper with a grin just before I fall to sleep in Jesse's arms. 

**Comments? I'm glad I'm done w/ the side plot and now for the main reason this is called Hurt....

Lyrics for next update (I'm gonna make it harder now, well maybe not)

"Take your time to realize, that you always force a smile in the midst(sp?) of trial."

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And since I see guests every once and a while reading this, I just want to say enjoy! And think about joining. ;)
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Circle by Paramore?

great update!!!
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Circle by Paramore?

great update!!!

Wow I'm a horrible person aren't I? August was ages ago! Updating immediately. :)

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I probably have no reasonable excuse but I'm updating finally if anyone else still read this....Please comment. :) I didn't really edit this so if there are mistakes sorry.

Chapter 14.

"Come on, Simon." Paul said for maybe the billionth time. "It'll be fun, stop being such a buzz kill."

"Paul hold on a sec. I'm trying to finish my homework."

It was now Thursday. Jesse left four days ago and I haven't seen him since. Talked to him sure, but it wasn't the same. I really miss him and Paul here is trying to convince me to help throw a party. I know he's just trying to distract me and that's nice of him but I still really miss Jesse. 

Paul and I were in the school's library. The one place you can do your homework and not have the worry of a teacher catching you. Paul snatched my homework and finished it in a breeze. 

"Now can we discuss this?" He asked. 

"Come on Suze. You should so do it. It sounds fun." Jenny said as she materialized on the other side of the table. 

"You too, Jenny." I said and let out a sigh. "Well, I guess I don't really have a choice. Do I?"

"Nope." They both said. 

"Don't act like we're convincing you to murder someone. Trust be that's a whole different combo." Jenny said poking fun at herself. "This is gonna be fun. Plus it'll help distract you." I smiled, at least they were trying to make me feel better.  

At that moment, Cee, Adam, and Gina walked in. "See I told you she would be here." Cee said. 

"Looks like it's my cue to leave. See ya mortals." Jenny winked and dematerialized. 

"Let me guess, working on homework." Gina asked. 

"Didn't know you were a mind reader." I said as I stood up to leave. 

"One of my special qualities." Gina 

"So I'll see ya..." Paul started. 

"If you want I'll go over to your place and the three of us will plan it."

"So after school then."

"Yeah. Perfect." I nodded and Paul got up and left. 

"So you are helping Paul throw the party then?" Gina asked as she sat on one of the tables. 


"Wait three of us? Who is is helping you two?" Adam spoke. 

"Oh," Whoops, I let that slip. "I said three? I meant two."

"Oh." I let out a quiet sigh. One of these days, I'm going to have to tell Adam I can see ghosts. 

"Well, I guess we should head to our last three classes then." CeeCee suggested. 

"You guess." Gina and I said at almost the exact same time smiling. She just smiled back. 


"Look, Paul." I talked while I placed the last of the food on the table. The early guest would arrive soon. "I get what you and Dr. Slaski are trying to say. I think it's just so far fetch."

"But my Gramps has never been completely wrong has he?"

"Well no but-" I said leaning against the wall in the hallway towards the door. 

"Then there's probably something true in what he's saying."

"But think about it? Us being able to transform into our future ghost selves. Doesn't that sound kind of impossible."

"We're shifters. We are one of the definitions of impossible. I think maybe there's some truth in his research."

"Well there could be but-"

"Ha there you said it. There could be."

"But, Paul."

"No buts, you admitted the possibility." He said smirking. I just smiled back as the door bell rung. 

"I give up." I said playfully which made Paul slightly laugh. He answered the door for the early guest, eager to get wasted at any opportunity. 

At a blink of an eye, the house was in full swing. The bottom level and outside were full of partiers. I was in the kitchen getting something to drink with Cee and Gina. I was wondering when Jesse would arrive. 

"Hey, what time is Jesse going to come?" CeeCee asked, which really creeped me out. It's like she read my mind. 

"He said around this time. I'm just hoping he makes-" The door bell rung and I eagerly went to go answer it. I haven't seen Jesse since he left. His car had some issues, so he couldn't come. It's Friday, almost two weeks this Sunday since he left. 

I opened the door to see Jesse looking hot as usual. He smiled as he recognized I answered the door. 

"Jesse!" I said and jumped to hug him. 

"Well, hello to you too, Querida.". He said happily into my hair. We kissed for a while until someone from the inside yelled get a room. 

"Why don't you get one, then?" I said and turned around to find Paul with Cam behind him, her arms draped around his neck. 

"I already have one here, in fact I might use it later." Cam quickly got off of him at hit his head from behind playfully. "Hey!"

"Watch it." She said playfully. Cam walked over to Jesse and hugged him hello. 

"Nice pants." Jesse said with an eyebrow raised. Cam was wearing these split pants, left leg white jeans and right black. I really liked her style. It was so unique. 

"Thanks." She laughed at Jesse's confusion.  

Jesse and Paul still kind of awkwardly greeted each other but at least they're in good terms. The next song started playing and the music sounded throughout the whole house. The beat seemed familiar to me, a nice soft kind of mellow tone.

  "Cause you remind me of a time. When we were so alive. Do you remember that, do you remember that."

Those words echoed in my head, a haunting whisper. 

"Would you like to dance?" Jesse asked making me forget about those words. 

"Oh." I said coming back from my thoughts. "Of course I would." I smiled. 
We walked outside to the porch which served as a lovely dance floor. Jesse and I danced to almost all the songs. We were having so much fun. The house was crowded with juniors and seniors but we found times to be together alone...
Well until she came. 

Jesse's phone started ringing. He answered it. As soon as he hung up, he said he had to go. 

"Why in such a rush?"

"Anna finally decided to come with me for the weekend. Carmel's her home town. She went to mission. She graduated last year. She wanted to come visit her friends and say hello to Father Dom. Her family moved away though."

"Wait, Anna the girl who you gave a ride to?" I said as we headed to the front of the house. 

"Yeah. We have the same classes and we both want to become a pediatrician."

"What coincide." 

Jesse laughed. "That's exactly what we thought." He smiled. 

"Where is Anna staying anyway?" 

"Her best friend recently moved into my apartment building, so she'll be staying there." Wow, that really is a coincide. Too much if you ask me. 

"I promised her I would take her out the first day she got here. I owe her, she helped me a lot these two weeks. I-" He stopped mid sentence to glance at me. I hid the disappointment of losing time with Jesse. I don't know if he decided to ignore it or he just didn't see it, but he kept talking. 

"I really hope you two can get to know each other."

"I would like that." I smiled and grabbed his hand and we walked to his car. 

"You sure Paul isn't going to be mad that you left, Susannah."

"Probably, but I'll deal with that later." We got in his car and drove over to his building. 

As we pulled in the parking lot, I could see someone standing by the door. The person saw the car and walked a little towards the door light. You could see it was a girl. Her hair shinned one of the richest colors of brown I have ever seen. It was dark but it had highlights which made the color stand out. We walked towards her. 

"Anna." Jesse asked which didn't even sound like a question. He could tell it was her. 

"Jesse." She said, her Spanish accent almost bare audible. Almost like she didn't want it to be that strong. She ran to him and hugged him quickly. I just stood there awkwardly. 

"So you're Anna." I spoke grabbing her attention. She smiled a little too widely and sweetly. 

"And you must be Susannah!" She said way to cheerful. This girl was piling out a rainbow. "I've been dying to meet you!" She walked up to me and stuck out her hand. 

"Let me introduce myself properly. I'm Anna Lilia Diaz." I reached out and shook her hand. 

"Suze Simon." 

"Oh I know." She said. What the hell was that suppose to mean?

"So Jesse," She turned to face him. "A promise is a promise and you know how I feel about keeping promises.". She smiled. 

I looked at her. She was about my height a little taller, barely. She had honey brown eyes and long eyelashes which she battered too much for my taste. Her hair was down, hair parted, and clipped to the side. She had her hair down and its length reached her mid back. She wore a floral skirt with a sweater set. She screamed goody two shoes, but the look in her eyes told the opposite. 

"Where would you like to go then?" Jesse asked looking at both of us. 

"I honestly don't care. You came to visit Suze, where ever she wants is fine." 

"Well, we could go back to Paul's." I suggested. 

"I'm up for a good house party then!" Cheerfully once again, she said. Ughh. 

We drove back and the scene looked even crazier. 

"I wonder if I'll recognize any of the new seniors." She pondered with herself. 

"Suze, where did ya-"Cam stopped and Gina came to a sudden halt when they both saw Anna. 

"Oh this Anna," I said over the music. "She came to visit. She goes to college with Jesse." 

"Hello girls." She smiled which relaxed Gina and Cam. 

The party continued on. I danced with Jesse, and so did Anna. I would go somewhere to be alone with Jesse and so would Anna. She recognized people but wouldn't let Jesse out of her sight. A slow song came on and she dragged Jesse out before I could. I stood there until Paul came and took me out to dance. 

"Who's the Spanish beauty?" I gave him a stern look. "What? People have been asking."

"She goes to college with Jesse, her names Anna."

"Looks a little familiar to me."

"Graduated from the mission last year."

"Ah, no wonder." We both danced and stared at Anna and Jesse. 

"Is it just me or does that girl smile way to often." Paul laughed at his own remark. 

"Wow, get out of my head. That's exactly what I've been thinking."

"Hmm, I don't know. I talked to her a couple times last year. She seems....different."

"How different?" I looked up at him and looked back at her. 

"It looks like she's putting up an act." We stop talking and the song ends. 

I head over to one of the food tables and see that we're out of drinks. I grab the bowl full of ice where we had the drinks and head towards to kitchen. I enter and as the door shuts it gets quiet. The kitchen is off limits. I'm all alone until Miss Anna Lilia enters. Her sweater set gone, she has a tank top with a low scoop. Her hair is frizzy from all the heat out there. 

"Oh, hi Anna." I say as I place more cans in the bowl. 

"Wow, you almost sounded believable." I turn to see her smirking. 

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh you know very well what I'm saying." She walks to the other side of the counter and stops. "You don't like me because you think I'm a threat to you and Hector."

"But I-"

"No, no. We don't want to be liars do we? You have all the right to be worried because you're right."

"What!" Is this girl serious?

"Look at your self darling. How old are you? How old am I? You're just a mucosa niña." She laughs. 

"Look here, you have no idea who you're messing with!" I walk over to her, our faces inches apart. 

"Oh I know exactly who I'll be dealing with. The question is do you?" She looks at me innocently. "I don't think so. You're nothing but a teenager. Jesse needs someone who will satisfy his....needs and he can't get that from a niña, can he?" 

"You're nothing but a hypocrite ^$#@$^^-"

"I cam be all those things but at least I'll at least thankfully never be compared to you!" She laughed and I punched her. 

She glared at me but still laughed. "Don't get angry now, I'm just taking whats rightfully mine. Your only warning. Back off or face the consequences." 

And with that she walked out and I later learned Jesse drove her home and came back. I was left there angry and dumfounded. I think back now I see I was almost there, part 3 of that of so lovely reading. I'll I needed for my suffering was hurt and that was right around the corner.E

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Posted 18 September 2011 - 10:50 AM

I don't know why there's a random E at the end... Random. Anyways the lyrics for the next update are "On the corner of main street, just trying keeping it in line, you say you wanna move on..."

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Posted 18 September 2011 - 01:57 PM

great update!

the Killers- Read my Mind:)
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Posted 09 October 2011 - 08:27 AM

I don't if I want to continue this or use my plot to write an original story....so Im sorry if anyone still reads this but I've been busy with high school and been thinking a lot about this since I've been struggling with the next chapter.
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Posted 16 October 2011 - 08:45 AM

-new reader-
please continue and uh BUMP?
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Posted 17 October 2011 - 09:17 PM

-new reader-
please continue and uh BUMP?

Working hard to try to make it through but if I do continue I basically have to finish the story to make sure I like it and won't change my mind.

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Chapter 15

So these next chapters leading to the ending are crucial. They control how I’ll finally decide how I’ll start the sequel. That’s why it’s been hard for me. So don’t get mad but I need to speed things up a bit, because I really want to start writing the sequel. I won't anbandon this. I'll finish this, soon. :icon_geek: Please comment!! Here it goes.

“Somebody better tell me what the hell I’m suppose to do because you guys just confused me even more!” I walked into my room and fell face first into my pillow. Gina and CeeCee followed me in. I regret asking them for their advice on our way back from CeeCee’s house.

“Don’t listen to her Suze,” Gina said as she dropped her stuff on the daybed. “Tell the bi.t.ch off and make it clear that she has to back off!”

“But Gina,” I turned to look at Cee as she spoke, “What if that’s exactly what she wants Suze to do? What if she goes running to Jesse saying how you bi.t.ched her out for no reason and denies what she told you.”

“And makes me look like the stupid immature jealous girlfriend.” Gina turned to look at us.

“You can’t just let it go, though! You have to say something!”

“I am but you guys really got to stop confusing me.”

“Gina, we can’t let Suze run over there and make a fool of herself!” Cee walked over to the daybed.

“But CeeCee, you can’t be serious? You can’t tell Suze to let it go.” Gina stood up and faced CeeCee. Their faces inches apart.

“Guys, I can handle this. You guys really, cool off.” But they just ignored me and kept bickering. Well, that was until my books from my bookshelf came crashing down by a familiar ghost.

“God, enough with the bickering. She just asked for your advice, not a headache.” Jenny walked over from the bookshelf and held out her hands. “Wanna help me do a neat trick Paul taught me?” She bit her lower lip as she waited for my response.

“Okay....” I gave her my hands a little reluctantly, but I gave them to her. I felt a pinch in the center of my palms. Little by little, she started glowing stronger and stronger, until she was glowing enough to make both Gina and CeeCee gasp.

“Oh my God.” Gina covered her mouth.

“Who are you?” CeeCee asked getting over her shock quickly and going straight to the facts like a true reporter.

Jenny let go of one of my hands and turned her body towards the both of them. “My Name is Jenny Slas-Slater. Jenny Slater.”

“As in?” CeeCee asked.

“Yes, as in Jenny, Paul’s dead older sister.”


“So let me get this straight, you followed me from New York to California?”


“And you were the ghost trying to kill Paul.” CeeCee asked.

“Can we get over that?” Jenny shifted her body uncomfortably. “I’m over the whole ‘how come I’m dead and your not thing’.”

“Weird.” Cee said. “Your life is weird, have I ever told you that, Suze?”

“Oh you don’t have to tell me. I found that out all by my self.” I said with bitterness on my tongue.

“More like bizarre if you ask me.” Gina said as she stood up from the daybed.

“Anyways,” Jenny stood up and started walking around casually. “Moving on from the whole I can see Paul’s dead sister. Won’t we helping Suze out with something.” She smirked.

“Jenny, you have to-” Gina started to explain but Jenny instantly cut her off.

“Nope. Stop. I heard the both of you two and lets forget about that. Here’s what you’re going to do.
Well, the way I see it, it’s simple as cherry pie. If our ^$#@$^^y lady decides to leave the safe friend zone, you simply expose her and beat the living sh.it out of her.” She paused.

“If she doesn’t, you tell her off right now and don’t beat the living sh.it out of her. There solved, I’m a genius.” She bowed slightly but dramatically, none less. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“But what about Jesse?” CeeCee asked. “You should tell him about this even if she hasn’t done anything.”

Hasn’t done anything yet.” Gina chimed in. I swallowed hard at just the thought.

“Well he does deserve to know even though I think you have nothing to worry about. It’s Jesse we’re talking about. Face it; he just loves you too much.” Jenny said.

“You know, you’re right. Enough of this, I’m going to tell her right now.” I jumped off my bed grabbed my motorcycle jacket and my boots.”

“Now that’s the Suze I’ve come to know. Been wondering where she went.” Jenny said as she tapped her fingers across her skin. Then just like that, she dimmed back to her regular glow.

“Whoa, where’d she go?” Gina asked.

“I lost your energy connection.” Jenny talked as she picked up the books using telepathy. “Only lasts for so long.”

I turned to Gina and CeeCee, “Explain later.” They nodded understanding; I walked out the door and to my car. As I drove all the nervousness, It had started to melt away.

‘It’s Jesse. Why am I worrying so much?’ I thought. ‘We trust each other. I trust him. I trust him so much we almost.’ The memory of our night in the abandoned cabin came flooding back. My cheeks heated up instantly. ‘We were so close, it almost happened.’ My thoughts reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. They gave me confidence, our love gave me strength.

I pulled over to the parking lot to Jesse’s apartment building where Anna was staying with a friend. ‘Of all places.’ I sighed with annoyance. I walked over to the doorman who was familiar with me by now.

“Um, you wouldn’t happen to know where an Anna Diaz is staying.”

“I think she’s up on Jesse’s floor. Across the hall three doors to the right”

“Thanks Erick.” I smiled and took the elevator up. I knocked on the door, a blonde with a phone to her ear answered.

“Can I help you?”

“Do you k now where Anna is?” I said bitterly.

“Three doors to the left across the hall.” Then she closed the door shut.

“Rude much.” Of course, Anna would be at Jesse’s apartment.

I walked over to the door and was just about to knock until I noticed the door was slightly open. I let myself in. I was not prepared for what I saw. Jesse. Anna. On the couch making out. Don’t know how my brain processes it but I know I have to leave now and never come back. Just when I start turning run far away from here, they break free.

“Susannah.” Is all Jesse manages to breathe out before I slam the door and run down the stairs, skipping the elevator. I run out the door and straight to my car. I drive. And drive until I somehow manage to make it there. I look up at the house. Rose looks out Aunt Pru’s window.

She walks out to my car parked in the driveway. I roll down the window. She looks into my tear stained face.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Chapter 16

We walk to the backyard, Rose insists that we leave Aunt Pru out of this.

“I figured,” she begins, “You wouldn’t know where I lived. The day started way to sunny, I knew you would come.” We sit down on a bench.

“How did you know?” She sighed.

“We are not ready to talk yet.” I look at her confused, she looks so young but I could feel how wise she was.


“This is a misunderstanding. Go back and fix your problems and you will see that there is nothing to threat yet, my darling.” She pulled out a handkerchief and I gladly accepted. I wiped off the few tears I had.

“Well thanks, I guess.” I gave back her handkerchief and walked back to my car. I drove home and as I turned to my street, I saw Jesse standing against his car in my driveway. Now I know Rose said to talk about it but I was still pissed so I sped up and passed my house. Jesse saw me and ran to the driver’s seat. I went to the one place Jesse wouldn’t dare to barge into and would feel offended. Paul’s house. I know, I know, low plow Suze. Cut me some slack, I was pissed.

I parked in Paul’s long driveway and ran to the door. I rang the doorbell and just when Jack answered the door, I saw Jesse park in the driveway. I ran inside and closed the door shut almost knocking down Jack.

“Whoa,” Jack said once he steadied himself. “What’s wrong Suze?” Jenny materialized in an instant and I could hear Paul making his way down the stairs.

“What happened.” Jenny asked I was at the break of crying all over again until Paul came in the picture. For some reason, seeing Paul converted all that hurt I had into pain and rage. My face changed from crestfallen to enraged in an instant. Paul was just about to say something when the doorbell rang.

“Susannah.” We could hear Jesse faintly. Everybody turned to look at me.

“We need to talk.” I grabbed Jenny’s arm and dragged her to another room. Paul followed and Jack tried to but told him.

“Make sure nobody gets in.” And stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Suze what’s going on?” Jenny asked.

“That fuc.king sl.ut. I hate her!!”

“What did she do?”

“No! It’s what they did! They were making out with the door wide open!!” I tried holding back the few tears that started coming back. I failed miserably, I wasn’t bawling though. You could just tell I was really hurt.

“He cheated on you!?!?” Jenny said disbelieving.

“He did what now?!” Paul came in almost looking as enraged as we were all getting. “I better have heard wrong or else.” Nobody started to correct him, so he turned out of the room and headed towards the door. ‘ Oh shoot. I should not have came here. He’s going to kill him.’ I ran trying to stop Paul and saw just when Paul opened the door and punched Jesse smack in the face.

“Ouch.” Jack said witnessing the whole thing.

“Paul!” I yelled. Jesse stumbled back outside and Paul followed him.

“Don’t get in this!” He punched Paul in the gut and he stumbled back.

“I’ll get into whatever I freaking want! Plus it’s not like you didn’t deserve it!” They went at it rolling around the floor until they were pried off each other and frozen still by Jenny. Her hands were held out keeping them still.

“You know I did not wake up saying ‘I’m going to break up a fight today!’ “ She smiled widely.

“Susannah, we nee to talk.” Jesse looked at me.

Jenny turned and looked at me. “Suze, do you want to talk to him?” Rose’s voice echoed in my head ‘Go back and fix your problems.’ I nodded.

She sighed and let go of Paul and threw Jesse back, he fell backwards.

“Jenny!” I warned.

“Hey that’s nicer then I would have done.” She grabbed Paul and they walked to the house leaving me and Jesse alone.

I didn’t even bother helping him up. I just stood there, arms crossed, and waiting for an answer.

“Explain your self.” He got up and walked over to me.


“Don’t.” I stopped him. “Look I don’t got all day, I have a life you know?” He could tell I was being cold hearted, just how I am with annoying ghosts. I was treating him like any other ghost and he could tell. He looked hurt by that.

“Susannah don’t be this way.”

“Be what way!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t know what happened.” He kept his voice calm, which just made me even more mad.

“I don’t need to know, I already saw!”

“Susannah, Anna came over-”

“For what a cup of sugar?” I said. Even Jesse could sense the bitterness in my tongue.

“She came over to talk. She was worried that her parents where divorcing and broke down crying.”

“And you comforted her like a good friend.” I rolled my eyes, the girls smart, I’ll give her that.

“That’s exactly what I did because I thought we were friends. Apparently she didn’t think the same.”

“Really Jesse, how can you be so clueless!” Jesse stared at me dumbfounded. “Oh my god!” I turned around from him and started pacing around. “How could you not notice!! She followed you everywhere, butted into every conversation, and laughed at all of your jokes. Let’s face it Jesse you’re just not funny.” I continued rambling and rambling until Jesse finally spoke.

“But wait, if you knew she was after me and I obviously wasn’t the one being forward. Why are you mad at me?” I stopped dead in my tracks and took a breath. I spoke calmly.

“I’m not mad because you guys kissed, okay maybe a little, I’m mad at you because you let her. I trusted you Jesse, and you obviously hesitated to stop her.” Jesse’s face softened. He grabbed my face gently.

“Susannah, you know that I love you right.”

“Well I-”He cut me off.

“You know that right?” He asked again and we stared into each other’s eyes. His deep brown eyes bore deep into my green emeralds.

“Yes, I do.”

“Don’t ever doubt that.” He hugged me and I hugged back. I rested my head on his chest, my worries leaving me. I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me gently. I somehow managed to believe things were fine now. I was so naïve.

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 02:04 PM

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yes please. update. pretty good yeah. ime new here, and right now, i love the writing. <3 keep up the good writing

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Hi.....been awhile...
I honesty don't think I'm gonna continue this. I kind of want to start all over from scratch but I don't know if I have the time anymore for that. I really want to try because as I was going down the pages I see that it wasn't all that bad and there might be something to save here.
I'll let you know if I change my mind but as of today this is offically discontinued.
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