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Mediator 7

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 06:00 PM

Sunsets. You think you’ve seen them millions of times, that is until you’ve seen one from the coast of California. The reflections of all the colors dance along the waves. The sun gets so close to the ocean, you think it will just eat it up. The sky is no longer baby blue, it is filled up pinks, purples, and golden yellows. The clouds are no longer there white out white, they are pink. Pink as a strawberry milkshake. But what makes this the best sunset ever, is not the sunset, not even close. The only thing here-or should I say the only person here-that makes this the best sunset ever is Jesse.
Only a month and a half ago I would come here with CeeCee and Adam and sit here and wonder what it would be like to sit and watch a sunset with Jesse and not look like a dork sitting here alone while there are couples all around me having there weekly sunset make-outs. Now I don’t have to wonder any more, now I get to make people feel like dorks.
I mean if I saw someone all alone I would make fun of them to. I have ghosts bugging me around, ruining my social life. What’s there excuse? What are they vampire slayers or what?
I have a real excuse. They should be enjoying themselves, going to parties, having boyfriends, going to the beach, and having boyfriends. Have I mentioned having boyfriends??
But, I obviously don’t have to worry about that any more. The whole having a boyfriend part, I mean. I got the best one, that not even match.com could find. Please, do you think match.com will find someone with the darkest eyes you ever seen that you get lost in them? Or someone with the perfect face-minus the scar- and with the best set of abs you ever seen. It was destiny that we found each other. Wait did I just think that? God I sound like I’m practily drooling over…
“Susannah ?!?!” This time he shook me. Yeah I’ve been hearing him but a little ignoring gives- most of the time anyway- great results.
“Are you hearing me querdia? “ he asked me, as he stoked my cheek. Proves my point. God I am so drooling over him.
“What , were you calling me?” I said clueless in a cute way.
“Yes, what were you thinking about any way?” Jesse asked as he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me in. Did I forget to mentioned he has the perfect set of arms? It is the only place I feel safe, in his arms. So don’t blame me for melting into them every time he pulls me in. Which I did.
“Nothing important.” I responded. No way am I telling him what I was thinking about.
“Everything about you is important, Susannah.” he said trying to get me to tell him what I was thinking.
“ I’m serious its nothing important..” I paused trying to make up in excuse, come on imagine me actually telling him what I was thinking, that would be too embarrassing.
“ Querida…” he said with a little aggravation in his voice, “ tell me you know you can trust me.”
“ Well I was…”I began to say when my voice got cut off by my phone. I released myself out of Jesse’s arms and reached for my phone in my bag. I was literally saved by the bell. I flipped open my phone, it was text from Paul Slater. It said

We still on for Sunday, Simon?

I know what your thinking, but don’t freak out, it’s not like that. After Paul apologized at the dance for you know making my life hell, we kind of became friends. He just wanted to ask me if I was still going with him to the mall to help him pick out a gift for his new girlfriend. Of course Kelly and Paul wouldn’t last, he moved on to a girl named Cameron, a tall red head, I would say she’s 5’ 6”, and I think she’s right for Paul. She’s not in airhead like Kelly or someone tough like me(ha-ha) she’s normal and I think that’s what he needs so he wouldn’t become an a** again. I’ve met her she’s really nice, but don’t think she’s gumdrops and sugarplums, I’ve seen them fight and she totally wins the argument.

Yeah, how about at five? You drive?

I have a car, I just hate driving on Sundays, talk about traffic and of course were ever there’s traffic there’s headaches. So that usually ends up with me in a really pissy mood and someone’s face in my fist.

Yeah, I’ll drive. Is your pirate boyfriend coming along. (j/k about the pirate thing)

No he’s got work to do unlike your lazy a**. j/k Not.

Nice one Simon, I can hear you and your boyfriend laughing all the way over here.

Jesse, I forgot I was at the beach.

Listen I got to go see u Sunday.

I closed my phone and jammed it in my bag. I turned around to face Jesse. He turned casually to face me, like he wasn’t looking at me the whole time. Not.

“So who were you talking to, Querida?”
“Paul.” I said flat. What, I’m not going to lie to him. The Paul drama is over for good. I hope.
Jesse made an annoyed face. I guess he really isn’t over the whole Paul thing like me. Hey I don’t blame him, I was on the fence too, but as soon as I met Cameron, I knew he was changing.

“Jesse don’t look at me like that. Paul is changing, for Cameron’s sake.” I said while I got up to throw back a Frisbee that two ten years old were playing with, that landed on my bag.

“The thing that bugs me, Susannah is that you forgave him so fast.” I didn’t forgive him that fast it was almost a month before I forgave him completely. Hell, I thought he was playing a joke that the next day when he tried talking to me, I just ignored him. Then, a few days later, he was like, ‘What gives Simon, I thought I called truce?’ And that’s when I knew that he wasn’t joking.

“I just think that everybody deserves a second chance at any thing, a job, friendship, or even… maybe…life.”, I sat down next to Jesse as I said life. I think he got what I was suggesting.

“ Querida, there’s a difference between my second chance and Paul’s” he said as he coupled my face in his hands.

“Jesse, just give him a chance, little by little you’ll see this isn’t one of his games anymore,”

“ Susannah, how can you be sure, you know what Slater is capable of doing.” Jesse let go of my face and was squeezing the sand with frustration.

“ You should come with me and Paul on Sunday, you guys could at least get use to being around each other at least.” I actually thought this was a good idea, you have to start somewhere, might as well be learning how to be in the same room with out going at it.

“ You know I can’t, I have my first classes that day because the building will be closed for remolding the following week and we have to at least start.” Oh yeah I forgot about that, probably because it meant that there was school on Sunday which seemed horrible to me. Jesse on the other hand was glad to start medical school finally, it is his passion. He was first going to attend the Carmel Medical School, then major in a different college.

“Jesse you trust me right?’

“Then believe me Paul has changed. Jesse can we please stop arguing about this now.”
“Now.” God this conversation was really getting old. Talk about really killing the sunset moment. The sun was about to set completely any moment now. I laid down on our beach towel with my arms crossed , closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I really was getting annoyed. Jesse could be so stubborn sometimes and closed minded that it almost drives me insane.

“Susannah” I opened my eyes and Jesse leaned over and kissed me.

“ I believe you.” he coupled my face in his hands.
“I know,” I said with a smile,” Now can we stop talking about Paul”
“I couldn’t agree more with you, Querida.” And that’s all it took for the kissing to start. We just starting making right now and there.(ha sunset make outs)

“Hey ,pause lovebirds, we aren’t going to let the ice cream melt all over are hands.” CeeCee’s voice broke are heads apart. CeeCee and Adam appeared next us. They came with us to the beach, having their own fun since they were now dating .It felt like it was hours ago when they left to get ice cream for all of us.

“ God was there a 10 car pile up at the line for ice cream? You guys took forever.” I said as I took two cones out up CeeCee’s hands.

“ Even if there was, you guys would have found something to entertain yourselves with….” she eyed us while she said it. I immediately gave her a look saying, don’t-start-a-war-with-me-or-we-could-literally-talk about-everything-we-know-about each-that-would-last-a-week look. She glared playfully getting the message.

We all sat down to watch the sunset completely disappear, as we ate are ice cream. The sky was getting really close to the purples and blues. I laid in Jesse’s arms and closed my eyes and breathed. Peace. I was actually watching the sunset with Jesse(and CeeCee and Adam) without mediator worries in my mind, I was at peace at the moment.

“Look”, Adam said breaking me away from my thoughts,” there it goes.” Indeed it was, the sun was disappearing from my eyes, being swallowed up by the water. It looked from where we were as if the waves were actually touching the sun, like if the sun was the ocean’s dinner.

Everything was perfect. Jesse, CeeCee, Adam, and me spending time together, like I once imagined it in my dreams. A couple of weeks ago we all went together to the Carmel Fall Carnival, it was at an intersection. I t was so fun we acted like if we were 13 again, getting on the rides, stuffing are faces, and playing the games we all know are impossible to win. That was a good Saturday. I remember an imagine it, it was late and CeeCee and Adam went to get some blankets to lay out at the beach afterwards, to gaze at the stars. It was so crowded in the street we were walking on, I would have lost Jesse if he didn’t grab my hand and pull me to were they were playing music.
“Jesse were are you taking me?” I said curiously at him.
“You’ll see.”, is all he said with a smile.
He pulled me on to the dance floor that was on the street and we started dancing. At first I didn’t want to dance, but then I noticed that Jesse knew what type of dance it was. It was the type of music he would have danced to before, so I decided to continued. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I remember stepping on him twice and that’s when he told me
“Follow my lead, Querida.”
After that the whole world faded out, the streets were suddenly empty. It was just me and Jesse. I laid my head on his shoulder and we danced till the end of the song.

“See that wasn’t so hard was it?” he said afterward, with his smirk across his face, knowing that I like to do things on my own.
“Ha ha, Jesse.” was my response.

I really thought since that day that nothing could go wrong especially afterwards when we were at the beach, gazing at the stars. The wind was swaying the palm trees and Jesse was caressing my skin with his finger tips as I laid there in his lap, everything seemed so perfect. I should have known better then that. I should’ve know by now that nothing in my life can be perfect, even the exception. Even if it hurts to stay in my tragic reality, its better than the hell I will go through soon. As I look back now on this abandoned beach, I should have never let my guard down with anything, even with the thing I thought I would never had to protect back then, my heart.

*Its my first FF, please give me feedback below and ideas for a title as the story goes on.(by the away I might not post frequently just to let you kno)
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Posted 07 December 2010 - 06:02 PM

By the way that's Chapter One.
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Posted 11 December 2010 - 11:58 AM

oh my god I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y DOES PAUL have TO RUIN EVERYTHING???!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh well, UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!

KAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Posted 12 December 2010 - 04:54 PM

I can’t believe I missed my first hint, you could literally call it a premonition. I’m not even joking, it was that obvious. I guess I became soft.

“Well, sorry guys but we have to go.” CeeCee started packing her things.

“And where are you two going?” Why didn’t she tell me before she was heading somewhere?

“Family thing, Suze, its my Aunt Pru’s birthday at my house,” CeeCee said with such an annoyed look on her face. She really doesn’t believe in all of Pru’s spiritual stuff. If she only knew what I do, she probably go nuts. “Good thing I didn’t finish my homework.” Dam I just remembered I didn’t either, I left my Kate Spade at her house.

“ Hey, Jesse do you mind if we stop by and get my book bag, I left it at CeeCee’s house.” Dam, I so wanted to stay here with Jesse and make-out some more. Guess that’s not going to happen.

“ Yeah, sure, Querida , if you don’t mind we stop by at my work, I forgot to turn in some paper work.” Is everyone so forgetful today?

We gathered are things and headed out to CeeCee’s house. Adam and CeeCee arrived there first, Adam just loves to speed. We stepped inside right behind Adam and CeeCee, I didn’t want to stay here long, Aunt Pru just freaks me out a bit. The last time I was here, I discovered that I could call ghosts by just thinking about them, it really confused me at first. As we entered, we saw a commotion going on in the living room. There were cups and plates everywhere, and a lot of laughter . I leaned over as we passed the living-I wonder why everybody was clearing out?-and whispered into Jesse’s ear.

“We’re not going to stay here long, I’m just going to get my things up at CeeCee’s room and then…”, I didn’t get to finish because Aunt Pru was heading towards me with a huge smile. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t remember me, guess I was wrong.

“Susannah,” her smile made me a little unease, especially when she started to squeeze me like sand with her hug,” It has been a while since I have seen you. I’ve been meaning to ask CeeCee if you would come over so I could read you again. I know there has to be an explanation for that Ninth Key card.” God if she only knew.

Jesse gave me a look of confusion from all that Pru was saying. I never got around to telling Jesse about the whole Ninth Key card thing. “ Aunt Pru, this is Jesse, my boyfriend.” I said with a grin widely across my face.
“ Jesse De Silva.” he stuck out is hand and Pru gladly shook it. “ Very nice to meet you, Jesse.” CeeCee appeared out of the kitchen.

“ Suze if you just hurry you won’t have to say h…” she spread a smile,” Well, I guess I don’t have to say hi for you after all. Aunt Pru, they’re waiting for you in the living room to read Jane.” So that’s why they were clearing out.

“ Well I guess I better go then, nice to meet you Jesse.” All three of us, CeeCee, Jesse, and me anyway, sighed with relief. I don’t know why Jesse met Aunt Pru, he hasn’t met her before. I thought Pru was going to question me some more.

“ Hey, Suze,” She turned around and was heading back towards us. Dam.” Why don’t we do your reading right now, yeah and we could do it with the help of my other psychic friends that way I won’t mess up,” her eyes lit up with just the thought, “ So, what do you say?”

“ Well I’m kind of in a hurry maybe-” , maybe some other time is what I was going to say, but Pru grabbed me by the arm and then we were heading towards the living room with CeeCee behind us.

“ Nonsense, it won’t take long with the help.” She looked at me and saw that I was giving Jesse some kind of S.O.S. look. “ Jesse you go get something to eat with Adam, don’t worry I’ll bring her back, it won’t take long.” I gave Jesse an I’ll-be-okay look, and he and Adam started heading towards the kitchen.

Pru, CeeCee, and I entered the living room. There was a round table with three candles in the middle and some spread around the room. The lights were off and there was no sun light, making the room close to pitch black if it weren’t for the candles. Three women were waiting for us.

“ Jane, do you mind if I do Suze first, she’s kind of in a hurry.” Pru explained to a petite blonde. So she did notice I wanted to leave, but yet she still dragged me here. People.

“Sure, go a head you always read me anyways.” She got up and directed me to her chair that was on the left side of the table. She stood against the wall with CeeCee.

The two other women turned out to be psychics like Pru. They sat on the on the right side of the table. “Where is everybody else?” I broke the silence.

“There either in the kitchen or the dinning room,” Pru responded, “ But don’t you worry about them, you just concentrate. Now Suze, all three of us will link hands, we will each ask you a basic question. Then we, the four of us, will take turns shuffling cards and you will pick one from any of the piles. Understand ?”

“ Yes, I understand.” It couldn’t get any easier, though, Pru had defiantly changed her procedures since the last time I’ve seen her.

“ Well then Sam, you start, then me, and then Rose.”

“ Please state your first name and birthday.” No offence to Sam, but I wouldn’t consider that a question, just
pointing out.

“ My name is Susannah Simon and my birthday is Dec, 3.”

“Where are you from and where do you live? “ Pru asked, I’m pretty sure she knows the second part to her question.

“ Um...Aunt Pru, you know-” I got cut off by Pru.

“ Procedures Suze, just answer.”

I wanted to say fine all do it your way, but remember I’m not Burger King,(I know I’m lame so sue me) but instead I just answered. “ I am from New York and now live in Carmel, California.”

“When did your life gradually change?” Finally a tough question-well not really-and I would have never thought rose would of asked it she looked so timid in the candle light. Why did she say it like if she was confused?

“My life changed when I met Jesse.” I was happy to answer that one. They gripped their hands and started humming. I could have sworn I felt a breeze.

“ Okay, Rose you start.” Rose shuffled the cards and then separated them into four piles. I picked a card from near the middle of the third pile. The Pru shuffled the remaining cards and separated them into three piles, and I picked one card again. Then Sam did the same thing except made two piles and I picked a card. Finally I shuffled the remaining cards made one pile and picked one from the pile.

“ Susannah, now reveal them.” Pru, whispered with her eyes closed, she was trying to concentrate on God knows what.
CeeCee broke the silence that filled the room. “ Suze, I’ll go get your stuff, I’ll be right back.” She walked out , Jane following her out, leaving us four.

I turned the four cards faced up and not a surprise, the Ninth Key was there. The second card had a picture of skull and bones, which I guessed means death. The third card had a picture of a person sitting by a crystal clear river. The last card had a bunch of strange pictures and symbols, I only recognized the hourglass.

“ Susannah Simon, she guides the lost souls of this world interesting.” Interesting?!? What is that suppose to mean?

“ There must be some mistake.” Pru was just about to collect the cards and start over again, but Rose stopped her.

“ There is no mistake Pru.” Her voice sounded louder than before.” This is her, I see her don’t you?” Okay this really getting weird, do they really believe they can see me in the cards?

“ Pru, she’s what you thought.” Oh my god, dot hey think I’m a mediator-well shifter but still-did they really see that? S***, I’m screwed.

There was a long silence and I wasn’t liking it at all. What if they tell everybody or worse tell my mom.
“Susannah we never tell any one about their reading unless they want us to. So whether this is right or wrong , we won’t tell any one, understand? “ Pru was still a little on the fence about it, that was good.

“Thank, you.” Dam I shouldn’t have said that, now they know I am a mediator.

“ Will let’s continue with this, shall we?” Sam said.” Rose you can see things best so if you aren’t correct, we’ll tell you.” Good she’ll be doing the talking, I prefer Rose.

“ Suze the first and second card indicate all of your problems you have with ghosts because you are a mediator.” Rose reminds me of someone, who? “ You’ll receive an unexpected visit and a surprise will come with it. It will make you confront the past and fix the future.” So far so good, I guess. Rose turned to look at the last two cards, her look hardened a bit then sympathy came and took over. “ Suffering will come and break you. You will treat your wounds with this.” She pointed to a picture on the last card. Time.
“ And afterwards, there’ll be a different meaning to one of our questions.” She looked at Sam and Pru, they nodded back. Rose blew out the candles. Sam turned on the lights.

“ Come on Suze, Jesse’s waiting for you.” Pru said cheerfully. CeeCee walked in the room, Sam, Pru, and Rose left us there. I guess I Must have had a confused look on my face, since CeeCee asked,” Is everything alright?”

“ Yeah, I’m fine, where’s Jesse?” CeeCee’s look relaxed, she probably thought that was what I was worrying about.

“ He’s in the dinning room with Adam. Come on you kept him waiting.” We walked to the dinning room.

Waiting. That’s what I did. I waited for it to happen, when I should have stopped it. I pick up a rock and throw it at the ocean. Why was I so stupid? Why?!? I sink down on the beach because I know the answer.

*Thanks Kayla 4 the love. i don't want to give the plot away by giving it a perfect title( I do have one but still suggest one people) and also Kayla I wouldn't blame Paul for everything.........just wait and see.

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Posted 12 December 2010 - 04:56 PM

Oh and that's Chapter 2 I keep forgeting to put that.
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Posted 12 December 2010 - 07:18 PM

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 what IS GOING ON?!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


p.s. whenever something happens that i dont like, i ALWAYS blame paul!! :D
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Posted 17 December 2010 - 01:15 PM

Chapter 3

Get up. Get up. The little voice in my head tells me. I should have listened to that voice before.

CeeCee and I walked to the dinning room, she handed me my stuff and I walked over to Jesse who was talking to Adam, leaning against the window. I just wanted to leave and get away from Aunt Pru and her friends. I hate feeling confused, I just hate it and that’s all Pru does to me, she confuses me. I went over to Jesse and told him it was time to go. He didn’t disagree; I could tell he felt a little out of place. The whole way to the museum, all I could think about was the reading as I looked out of the car window, “You’ll receive an unexpected visit and a surprise will come with it. It will make you confront the past and fix the future.” Then Rose made a look at the last to cards. “Suffering will come and break you. You will treat your wounds with this.” Then she pointed to the hourglass, which meant time. What did it all mean, my past or someone else’s past? Ugh, I don’t get any of it. The thing that is really confusing me is what she said last, “Suffering will come and break you. You will treat your wounds with this.” what was that suppose to mean? I threw my head back out of frustration. We were approaching the Museum where Jesse works. He talks about how life was in Carmel in the 1800’s in the exhibit they have, you would think that his job was just waiting for him to come. We were waiting for the light to turn green when Jesse broke the silence.

“Is everything alright, Querida? “ I turned my head after a while realizing he was talking to me. He was looking at me, was he watching me the whole way here?

“Yeah, why?” I know I should tell him, he’s probably going to ask me anyways, but I won’t tell him. He’ll just get worried and I don’t think this is worth worrying him about.

“You just seem a little distant, and quiet which is odd for you unless you’re worrying about something. You know you can tell me anything, what’s wrong Susannah?” He reached out and fixed a stay hair that was stuck to my lip glossed lips, I always have that problem. The light turned green and he turned and was heading to the museum parking lot.

“Does it have anything to do with that reading they did?” Dam he was right on target. I’m not going to tell him, if you could see the worried look he had on and he doesn’t even know what they told me. He has to be focused for Medical School; I’m not going to distract him.

“It doesn’t have to do with my reading, it’s Jane’s reading, one of CeeCee‘s cousins. They told her something horrible was going to happen, and then right before my reading, I saw a little girl ghost who looked identical to her. After my reading, I talked to her it turned out to be her little sister. I helped her understand that she died and she moved on. She told me exactly how she died and that’s what they told Jane, they told her exactly how someone in her life would suffer. It just freaked me out how right they were.” When I looked out the window, I realized we where at the parking lot already.

“And because they were right, are you worried that your reading will come true?”

“No is just that I’m worried that they will tell people I’m a mediator.” Please don’t ask anymore questions, please don’t ask…. God I hate lying to him.

“They saw that in the reading?”

“Yeah, but I just hope they keep their word and don’t tell anyone.”

“Querida, sometimes you have to have a little faint in people, if they told you that they would keep quiet then trust them. They look like good people.”

“Alright, I guess.” What were we doing here in the parking lot, again? Oh, yeah the paperwork.
Jesse kissed the top of my head; I rested my head on his shoulder, “Don’t over think things.”

“Don’t you have some paperwork to turn in?” Jesse gave me one of his indescribable looks, god I hate when he does that. He smiled when he noticed my irritated look.

“I’ll be right back.” he gathered some papers and got out of the car.

I really don’t know how long I’ve been looking out the window, when I realized that there was a little girl crouched up under a tree. She looked so small. I got out of the car and as I got closer, I noticed this was no ordinary little girl, she was a ghost.

“Hey,” I said as gently as I could. “Are you okay?” I know stupid question, she’s dead, but I’m not sure she knows that. “Do you need any help? What’s your name?” She turned around tears streaming across her face she looked 6 or 7. I may come off as cold sometimes, but her face broke my heart. Her eyes were puffy and red, her nose was red, and her hair looked damp because she was crying in to it. She had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

“¿Donde esta mi mama?” (This means, where is my mom and dad?) She asked. Great I have no idea what she is saying.

“¿DONDE ESTA MI MAMA Y PAPI?!?” She demanded, and then she started sobbing harder. I really want to help her but I have no idea what she is saying. I should really start taking Spanish instead of French.

“¿Dónde está ellos, que le hiciste a mi mamá y papi?”
(This means, where are they, what did you do to my mom and dad?) She started hitting me and taking breaks now and then to sob.

“I don’t know what you’ll saying, I want to help you put I don’t-” She cut me off.

“! ¿ DONDE ESTA MI MAMA Y PAPI?!” She collapsed on to the ground and started to sob really hard. I didn’t know what to do; I just sat down next to her and just looked at her dumbfounded. The pain in her eyes, in her voice it was too much that I don’t even think I could handle. Tears started falling slowly down my face, I tried to pat her back, to comfort her, put she just screamed something

“! No me toques!”
(This means, don’t touch me!) The way she flinched, made me think that somebody had murdered her. “! ¿ DONDE ESTA MI MAMA Y PAPI?!”
“Susannah! Susannah!” I could hear him getting closer. Why do I feel I have seen this girl before?

“Nombre de Dios! Susannah, what is going on?” he kneeled down next to me. I didn’t look at him.

“I don’t understand her.” I finally said. He looked at the little girl.

“! ¿DONDE ESTA MI MAMA, ¿PUEDES AYUDARME A ENCONTRARLA?!” (This means, where is my mom, can you help me find her?) Her sobbing kept getting worse.

Jesse swept her up into his arm and started coming her down, at first she wouldn’t stay still, she hit him and kicked and yelled. I was glad that know one else was there to see. She wouldn’t stop yelling and sobbing, but then Jesse started singing a Spanish lullaby to her. After a while she calmed down, I started to comfort her too after a while. She finally stopped crying and that’s when Jesse started to ask her stuff in Spanish. I’m seriously going to have to take Spanish. She would respond with such pain in her voice, when I looked at her eyes, they would seem to drift off to what ever happened, she would be replaying it all in her head.

After about 5 min. of questioning, she smiled at what ever Jesse said. She looked at me and smiled and said “Gracias” I knew at least that that meant thank you. Then she started to shimmer away, she was moving on. She was gone about five sec. later.

We sat there for a while, we were silent. I got up and started heading towards the car, Jesse realized I left and was coming right behind me. I got in and grabbed a tissue out of my Kate Spade and wiped off the remaining tears, I’m so glad I wore my waterproof mascara. Jesse came in and turned on the car, the clock lit up on the dash board, I so missed dinner. We were silent all the way to my house as he turned on my street, I broke the silence

“What did she tell you Jesse?” I wanted to ask him earlier but he looked so absorbed in his thoughts. He parked and turned off the car.

“Her dad was on a business trip to Chicago. He didn’t want to leave his wife and Sandra alone so he told his brother to go live and take care of them. Sandra noticed how her uncle would want to be alone with her mother, she didn’t like that. At first he was nice to her but since she wouldn’t leave her mother’s side he started to treat her badly. He would yell at her and hit her when her mother wasn’t there and would threaten to hurt her mother if she didn‘t keep quiet about all of this. Two nights ago, Sandra had a bad dream that her dad would never come back and her uncle would keep hurting her. She got out of her bed and went to her parents’ room. She saw her mother crouched in the corner beaten her clothes were tattered and her uncle was standing over her with his shirt off. Sandra immediately started heading back to her room but he grabbed her and brought her back she ran to the phone and started shouting that she was going to call the police, and he was going to go to jail and then he smacked her.” He paused so I could take it in.

“Then he tired her up and made her watch what he was planning to do since the moment he came. And then he made her mother watch…” Jesse sprang out of the car, he ran his fingers through his hair, like he does when he is mad or frustrated. It was too much; it was sick what psycho paths do. And I remembered where I have seen her; I saw her beaten little face on the news yesterday.

“And then he beat her to her death and then her mother.” Jesse looked at me.

“You understood what she said?”

“No, I just remembered why I felt like I’ve seen her before, she and her mother were on the news yesterday. They showed their faces, I didn’t recognize her because compared to her ghost and her corpse, their completely unrecognizable. Her uncle is still on the run” Jesse grabbed me and walked me towards the porch we sat on the steps. How can people be cable of doing that to a 7 year old girl?

“Why was she at the museum?” That’s the only thing that didn’t quite make sense to me.

“She was confused when she saw that her house was completely empty and that her parents weren’t there. They always liked to go to the museum together so she went there.”

“How did you get it her to move on?” You would think that she wouldn’t leave with out her parents.

“I told her that her parents were waiting for her and all we were trying to do was help her get to them.” So, that’s why she said thank you. There’s just one thing that really left me thinking.

“Jesse was that the first time you sang that lullaby?” He looked confused.

“What, do you mean, Querida

“It’s just I could have sworn that I heard that lullaby before,” I looked at Jesse who was trying to look away. “Jesse, have I heard it before?”

“Um… Well, Querida it’s getting late and you missed dinner, I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” he got up to leave; I got up and stopped him from walking away.

“Wait, where do you think you’ll go. Tell me have you sung that to me, just like you sang “Oh, Susannah” the first night I came to Carmel.” I had a smirk widely across my face. Jesse looked surprised that I actually heard that, ha, he thought he had it well hidden well I guess I so busted him.

“Wait, you…what else have you heard?” Ha I so got him.

“Why don’t you tell me the title of that lullaby and then we’ll talk.” I really haven’t heard nothing else besides the lullaby and “Oh, Susannah“, but he doesn’t have to know that.

I gave Jesse a kiss, and then told him goodnight.” Goodnight, Jesse talk to you tomorrow.” I left him there confused and that I think is the first time I left him confused, it usually the other way around.

I headed straight to my room, and changed out into some of my jogging clothes. I went to the kitchen to get an apple or something, I only had a small slice of pizza at CeeCee’s, and I had to face my mom and Andy eventually, might as well get it over with.

“Susannah where have you been?” my mom started. I won’t bore you with the details, but she told me the usual, you could have phoned, we were getting worried, and blah blah blah. Long story short, my mom was looking for a book in my room and she saw how dusty my room and book shelf was and now I’m stuck spending my Saturday cleaning my room and I can’t go out tomorrow, good thing tomorrow isn’t Sunday, Paul might have thought I was ditching him for other reasons.

The book shelf, the key, and the hourglass on the card. I didn’t realize it but tomorrow would be the start of my reading.

* Please comments and Kayla if your confused... then i did my job right
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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:50 PM

oh my god!!!! Y AM I ALWAYS SOOOO CONFUZZLED!!!!!!?????? I NEED TO KNOW what IS GOING DOWN WITH THIS READING THING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and what was the lullaby??

KAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

P.S. if u could do me a favor and make sure u check spelling and stuff like that, that would be great!!! :D
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Chapter 4

I got up the next day at noon, I was so glad Andy had a commercial to do so he had to leave early. If it weren’t for that commercial, we all probably would’ve been forced to wake up early and eat breakfast, and I’m talking about nine o’clock early, on a Saturday!!! But since there was no Andy today for breakfast, everybody got up on their own time. I headed straight for the shower, it was the only thing that would fully wake me up. Last night, I had a dream, or more like a mini horror movie. I dreamt about what happen to Sandra, except I was her mother in my dream. I woke up terrified at about 3 a.m., when Sandra was being beaten to death and I was tied up. I kept screaming for help, but no one would come. I couldn’t go back to sleep, I didn’t want to dream about Sandra anymore. These are the times I wish Jesse was still a ghost, so he would be there and comfort me.

I got out and put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I dried out my hair and decided to braid it back. I headed down stairs, to eat some breakfast, Special K and an apple should do it. I reached the kitchen and saw two bowls of cereal in the sink, Doc and my mom were obviously already up. I opened up the cabinet where we keep the cereal, I grabbed the Special K box and shook it, it was empty. That doesn’t make any sense this is the cereal me and my mom share, and we barely even eat it since Andy always cooks. We have Honey Bunches of Oats, but it has the almonds in them and I hate almonds, so my mom probably ate that. We also have Lucky Charms, but that’s David and Jake’s cereal so I don’t want to finish it. Andy doesn’t have a cereal, in fact I don’t think I have seen him eat cereal. So that leaves, the only possible suspect, Brad, and we were missing his favorite cereal, Coco Puffs.

“Brad!” I yelled heading to the noisy living room. If that milk isn’t the color Lucky Charms turns it, he’s going to get it. I walked over in front of the TV and blocked his view. I glanced at his cereal bowl, and saw a chocolate chips from my Special K cereal.

“ What do you want? Can you move, your blocking my view!” Just like Brad to point out the obvious.

When are conversation was done, I can clearly say I handled that well it went something like this:

Me : “ Who gave you permission to finish my cereal?”
Brad : “ Hey, cool it there was no more Coco Puffs and I decided I should eat it anyways just to prove the fact that it doesn’t help you loose wait, just look at you?” He laughed as he took another spoon full.

I couldn’t believe that he was calling me fat! But I knew exactly, what I was going to tell him.

Me: “It probably took you a while to make that up didn’t you?
Brad: “I-” he got cut off by me.
Me : “ You know what go head and finish this box, and you go get some more and enter that challenge they always have. And then you could dedicate it to Debbie,(I had a smirk across my face) since that is the only possible reason you could want to loose the weight you gained. ” I turned to exit, I heard him say as I left,
Brad: His face gets red. “ For the last time me and Debbie are not going out!”
Me: “ Yeah, yeah, keep chewing for her!”
I clearly won.

I went in to the kitchen and got a bowl of Lucky Charms and then munched on an apple. I put the empty cereal box back with a sticky note on it so whenever Jake got up he wouldn’t have to ask Brad what happened, he would have twisted things. The note said

Sorry, Brad finished my cereal for Debbie!!

I went back up stairs satisfied that there would be no confusion at all. I looked out the window and saw that my mom was outside watering the plants, I guess I can’t jump on to the porch and leave, so I went to go get the Pledge and clean my book shelf and room. Yay for me.

It didn’t take me long to clean my room since I got use to keeping things tidy since Jesse use to always be here. My mom was right about my book shelf, it was really dusty. I had to clean the cover of the books I never read and then clean the shelves. I usually use my shelf to just put old issues of Cosmo. I moved a pile of books and behind it was a statue of a mermaid and two dolphins, they were collecting things. My dad gave it to me when I was probably five and a half. He told me that her name was Celina and anyone who she thought did truly good things would receive help when they needed it. She cold cure wounds and sicknesses; she made potions and remedies. The two dolphins were named Fin and Bubbles (don’t laugh I couldn’t think of names for these dolphins) and they helped her find people and find ingredients. I completely forgot about this ,I haven’t even noticed it was here. I dusted it off and put it on the floor for now.

I finished cleaning the shelves, there were only five, and was about to put the stuff back, but I remembered I had to clean the top. I’m not that tall or that short but I couldn’t reach the top, so I climbed up. The distance between the shelves was a little wide. I cleaned the top and was about to climb down, when my foot slipped off of the second to the bottom shelf, why didn’t I clean the top first? I didn’t fall though because of my quick reflexes, but kicked a dent in that shelf. Great, I thought.

I climbed down. I examined the dent, I noticed that where I made the dent … well...it looked like a little door. This book shelf was attached to the wall so I guessed when Andy bought this house, he just touched it up and painted it. I wonder if this was made when this house was a boarding house when Jesse stayed here?
I grabbed the pledge and hit it hard against the little door, I kept on hitting it until the door broke and opened. I carefully reached inside. I prayed that no spider come out or would bite me, me and insects just don’t do. I felt something at the bottom and grabbed it. It was a key and was covered in webs, I immediately closed the door to prevent anything from crawling out. The key was like the ones they used way back then( like the necklace keys from 4ever21to give you a better visual) and it was looped in an old rusty chain. I took off the chain and cleaned the key with some liquid I found in the garage.

I came back to my room and sat down on my window seat. It was a beautiful silver key it wasn’t fat or to thin, it was normal size, the top of it was shaped like a flower. I didn’t know which one though. It shined when I held it up in the light. I’m not really a vintage kind of person, but I loved this key. I found a silver chain in my drawer and looped the key in it and wore the key as a necklace. I wonder who’s was it and who hid it there?

As I admired the key I could hear Jake yell from the kitchen, “Brad, there are other things you could do for a girl.” And now I can’t help but laugh every time I see the Special k box.

Now I know what other things you can do for a girl and one of them is not to….. Why am I still thinking about this, its been two years, but no, I’m here thinking about it like an idiot. I’m glad I found that key or else I probably kill myself to prevent myself from remembering. It’s a little easier to forget here.

* I hope you guys like it, the next chapters are ones to look foward to, and kayla i looked back and i see what you mean about the spell check thing...i spelled things right, i just wrote words that didn't make sense with what i was saying. I have a quetion, what year is suze in, 2000, 2001, or 2002? it's kind of important for me to know for future chapters and all i kno is it was when Maroon 5 was popular.( if your wondering why i changed the font, it was because you could see the italic better in times new roman, that stuff is important to know.) Oh, and if anyone knows a good lullaby, suggest it! All the lullabies i kno don't really go with the mediator.(if your wondering why this is important, you'll see,and then your be like ohh, i get it! You could tell i have things planned out. ;) )
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AMAZING JOB AS USUAL!!!!! ohhhh i get it now...... the spell check thing.....!!

thanks for checking it though!!!

KAYLA!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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*new reader*
wow, this is pretty good!
i mean, there are SLIGHT grammar probs, but its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
i like the story!
and if it helps, i replied to that.....:)
anyways, post an update of this soon please!

~bookie :mgbumblebee:

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Posted 19 January 2011 - 01:37 AM

Ooo! This is interesting! I like where this is going :) KEEP IT UP AND CONTINUE SOON PLEASE :D
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Ooo! This is interesting! I like where this is going :) KEEP IT UP AND CONTINUE SOON PLEASE :D

I thought this was a little dead since no one posts anything except kayla, so i haven't been rushing to update. I don't know if i should keep going or put this on hold for the summer when i have more time without school. Any thoughts?
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NO KEEP GOING DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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NO KEEP GOING DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Ok expect in update soon then. :)
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Update either today or tomorrow !! :)
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thank you!!!!!!!
but definitely post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV U!!! :D
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^^^whoa I have fans!! It might be two chapters too!! :)
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I AM GOING TO HOLD THAT AGAINST U, U KNOW THAT right!!!!!????!!!!??!!!??!?!?!!?!!!!! :D

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I AM GOING TO HOLD THAT AGAINST U, U KNOW THAT right!!!!!????!!!!??!!!??!?!?!!?!!!!! :D


It might take me awhile though cause I have to edit them since I wrote them on my iPod touch. Unless you want me to post them all messed up they should be up latest Monday 8pm my time. Maybe I'll try during the bears vs. Packers game tomorrow.
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Chapter 4
"Yeah, yeah, I’m up" I told Jesse, as I got right out of bed.

"Did you just get up?" I turned on the shower.

"No, I've been up."

"then why are you barely taking a shower" dam, he heard the faucet,” you always take a shower right after you get up".
"Stalker" I said sarcastically. Of course, Jesse would know, he lived with me for months.
"Susannah, I'm not a stalker, I just-" I cut him off. He sounded a little defensive, he could be so touchy.

" Jesse, I was joking.".


"where are you right now anyways, Jesse?"
"Susannah, I don't know how many times I have told you-". I cut him off.

"Wait you’re at school this early! It is almost 9:30. I thought you were going a little later since its Sunday."

“How late did you think, Querida?”

“I thought at least twelve or later." I said a little unsure.

"Twelve or later! Really, Querida?" I could hear him trying to hold in his laughter, how is this funny?

"Yeah, I know, I’m lazy and proud!” Jesse could not take it any more; he burst out laughing.

"Stop laughing, it's not funny, Jesse!" he just started laughing harder.

"Fine, I’ll talk to you later when you’re done laughing and I get back from the mall with Paul.” As soon as he heard me say Paul, he stopped laughing. Hmm.... I should use that word more often.

"I thought your mom said you couldn't go out?"

"No, she said I couldn't go out Saturday"

" Well I just thought that since you were late that day you got grounded and" I could tell where he was going with this.

"Jesse I thought you said that you trusted me"

" I do, Querida, I just don't trust him."

"Jesse I can take care of myself and I'm pretty sure you've seen that."

"I know Querida, I just hope he is as crazy in love with Cameron as you describe."

"He is Jesse, if you could see the way he looks at her, you be shocked that it's the same Paul." I glanced at the clock in my room; it was ten o’clock.

"Jesse, I think you have to go in already. Its ten."

" well I guess I' I’ll see you later then, Susannah."

"Good luck, Jesse. I love you."

"I love you too, Querida. I'll see you later."


As soon as Jesse said bye, I jumped in the shower, got dressed, and went downstairs. Andy was here, so there was mandatory breakfast. Everybody second glanced when they saw I came down right after David. I usually come down right before Jake comes down. My mom came up to me and felt my forehead.

"Do you feel alright, Susie?"

"Yeah, Jesse just called me on my cell and woke me up."

When I finished talking, my cell vibrated. I opened it up; it was a text from Paul.

[Can we go to the mall earlier, maybe twelve?]
[ Because I think, Cam is going to the mall later. ]
{Yeah, you come & pick me up.}

After breakfast, I went back upstairs and did my hair. It was still wet, I just dried it out and let my hair curl; I don’t even bother to straighten it anymore. I waited for Paul to come outside. Paul came 15 minutes late.

"God, what took you so long?!?"

" It was Cam, she came over by surprise. She wanted to know where I was going today."

"She came to ask you instead of calling you?" that girl is good, I know what she was trying to do. Cameron knows about Paul's d***ness thanks to me because when she transferred from RLS to the Mission, CeeCee and me helped her around. We talked about the jocks, the 'popular' group, etc. This was recently after when I thought Paul's apology was fake so I was still somewhat peeved at him. So when he walked by us and CeeCee said," That’s Paul Slater.", I went a little ballistic on her. Things were said to describe him that I really should not have said, long story short, I guess she does random check ups now.

" I know that seemed weird to me too."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her that you needed a ride to the mall and I owe you big time." he said with a laugh at the end.

"Well it's true you do have some making up to do with me, Paul" a smirk spread across my face.

"Great now I have another girl bugging me." he said sarcastically

"So, Paul, what's-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know the rest," he started to do an impression of me,"' what's life like on planet you wish', tell me Suze since when did you become so Eco friendly and recycle your disses."

"Um, Paul I was going to say what's the game plan for today, but to answer your question, since you started to fume up the earth with your car by driving past the turn for the mall about half a mile ago.".

" what?" he looked around and then turned the car around," Dam".

"You are one smart cookie aren't you, Paul. And honestly, do I really sound like that?"

We reached the mall in no time even though we had a small detour. The mall was starting to get pack with the holidays coming up. So I decided to re-ask my question to save us time.

" So, what's the game plan then Paul?"

"Well you tell me."

"Come on Paul you have to have some kind of idea. She's your girlfriend. "

" Well she really likes photography."

" I know that's why she's in the school paper with CeeCee." Oh come on Paul, you have to have a light bulb in your head that's begging to go off. "Come on Paul you have to have an idea.”

"I already got her a camera, if that's what you’re thinking of Suze.”

"Well you have to get her something really personal, something that tells her that your relationship is serious.” Something that makes her forgets everything that I have said.

"What would you want, Suze?"

" Me? Well I would want a charm bracelet with a locket charm. "


"Yeah, Paul really. "I don't see what the big shock is, yeah I come off as tough, but hey, I'm still a girl. Guys just forget that. A light bulb went off in my head. I grabbed Paul and headed to the store 'Things to Remember'.

"Come on, I know what you can get her."

We went in and I headed straight to the sales lady and asked," What types of lockets do you have?" She showed us a bunch of lockets but I narrowed it down to two by pointing out a lot of problems with certain lockets," this ones to small, this one gets caught in your clothes, this color won't go with any outfit," and other things like that. The two lockets I liked were a silver star shaped locket, please everyone has a heart shaped locket, and a locket that was attached to an old fashion key. (Me and keys)

"Well those are my picks. You pick one for Cam from the two."

" I guess, I'll take the star shaped one. "He turned to the sales lady and said," Can I have the name Cameron engraved on the back."

"Of course, would you like to have us deliver it to you or would you prefer to wait and take it home today?" she asked cheerfully.

Paul turned to me and asked," Are you hungry?"

"Yeah kind of why?"

Paul turned back to the sales lady, "I’ll take it home today, how long will it take?"

"20 min."

" Then we'll be back then. "He turned to leave and I followed him out. We walked to the direction of the food court.

"So where do you want to eat?"

"You decide, I did enough deciding for today." I responded. We looked around and we both started heading towards a Subway.

"I guess we both decided then." Paul said. We got are 6 inches and sat down in the middle of the food court. At first, there was an awkward silence. I didn't know why, we were fine. It wasn't until Paul broke the silence that I figured out what was on his mind.

" So I guess Jesse won't join us ever will he?"

" Just give him time he'll turn around. "

" Do you really believe that Simon?"
He asked the exact question that has been in my head for a while, can I really have Jesse and Paul in the same room. It would be a miracle if they don't go at it. Paul has changed for good and I know it, but still Jesse has a different opinion. I know it's hard for him to let go of a grudge, just look at the whole Maria thing. I know, there's a huge difference there. They actually killed Jesse, but Paul did try to, but at the end, he helped me save him.



"Wow, I was right on target, wasn't I?"

"No, I was just thinking about why on earth would someone tall were a cropped shirt? It’s just not logical. "I slurped my slurpee. Paul gave me a look.

"Really, Simon? You went in a deep thought because of that. Come on now, I've dated air heads and your diffidently not one."

"Ha, you admitted it. "


"Alright, to answer your question, yes I really do believe that." we went into another awkward silence, but it was cut short since we had to go get the locket.

The lady saw us coming and went to a shelf to get a red box with a teal ribbon. It was the opposite of the Tiffany's gift box. She was going to hand it to us but I stopped her.

"We like to see it first, please.” she opened the box and handed Paul the locket.

"What do you think?" he asked me.

"It’s perfect. She'll love it. If she doesn't, I'll have to make her." a devilish smile curved up my face, I couldn't stop it.

"Suze. "

"What. You know I would. "I turned to the saleslady.” Thanks, the engraving looks lovely. "

We grabbed the locket and were about to head out, when I noticed that Cameron was entering the store. So, I did the first thing that came to my mind, I shoved Paul to the side and pushed him to the ground.

"What the fudge!!" Paul said as he hit the ground, except he didn't say fudge.

"Shut up, Cameron just entered." I looked at Paul and noticed I knocked over some ornaments.


"I thought I told you to shut up!!" I turned my head and saw the saleslady staring us down. "Can you do us a favor and distract the red head that entered the store? Please?" She looked at Paul, the knocked over ornaments, and then me. I know, not really a deserving picture.

"Fine." She walked over to Cameron.

Paul got right up and headed to the door. He got up so fast, that he forgot her locket. I grabbed it and headed to the exit. At first, I was trying to leave all spy like to make sure I wasn't seen, but then I thought, I don't have to hide from her. So I walked right by her. She saw me and looked at the bag. Dam, that's why I had to hide from her. I gave her a wave and tried to walk away really fast but she caught up to me. Where the hell was Paul?!?

"Suze, wait up." I had no choice but to stop and let her catch up.

"Oh my god, Cameron. What are you doing here?" Really, why the hell are you here!!!

"I was just looking for Paul's anniversary gift, what about you Suze?" we started walking towards the exit.

"Oh, I just bought something for Jesse."

"Can, I see?" Dam she knows something, I'm screwed!!

"Um...it's a little personal and...cheesy." Cheesy!! God, I've had way too many concussions.

"Oh..., well is Paul here? I know he dropped you off, I just don't want him to see me."

"Yeah, he went to go get his car. We parked a little far. "

"So, you guys are leaving?"

"yeah. "

"Good, I can shop in peace." she paused. "Um, Suze ?"


"Has Paul told you about what he wants?" God, what's up with these people? I feel like I'm their little kid and they keep asking me what the other one said about the other.

"Cam, I think you know Paul a little better than me."

"Suze, come on I know he has told you something."

"I really don't know what Paul wants."

"but you know what I want?"


"Suze, I know you came to help Paul with my gift can you help me with his? Please?" Dam how can I say no.

"Fine,... I'll get rid of his ray bans and you can get him the new ones that are coming out."

"thanks, Suze." we made it to the exit. "now I'll let you find Paul. " she waved good-bye and left. I grabbed my cell out of my Kate Spade, where the hell was Paul?!?


"Where the hell are you?!?"

"Um, Suze you know that thing you are screaming into, it's my ear!!"

"I don't care if it's the dam president, I have every right to scream at you for abandoning me! You left me there and Cam saw me-"

"So, you don't have to hide from her?"

"Well, I had to since I had her present which you abandoned too. "

"Oh s***, I left it there."

"Don't worry I have it with me. Where are you?"

"In my car. "

"Well come get me at the exit." I hanged up. Sometimes I doubt Paul has... well lets say guts. I went outside and Paul pulled up. I got in.

"What did she tell you?"

" Sorry that's confidential. "

"Suze come on, I'm sorry I left-"

"I can't tell you. "


"Because it has to do with your gift. I don't know why the both of you are so helpless when it comes to gifts. "

"She wanted help for my gift?"

"Yeah. "

"What'd you tell her?" he smiled, hey, he wasn't wearing his ray bans. I have to find them.

"Sorry, it's confidential. "

"Then what can you tell me. "

"Well, she knows where her gift is from. "

"Did she see the locket?"

"No, I lied to her and told her I got something for Jesse, but she didn't believe it. " We had another awkward silence after that. I don't know what's up with these strange awkward silences we've been having. We were approaching a red light, Paul got into the lane to turn to my street and he started to laugh.

"why are you laughing?"

"you should have seen the look on your face when you saw Cam. "

"Me, you should have seen the look on your face when I told you I saw Cam. You looked all scared and worried." Before I knew it, I started laughing to. "Or when I pushed you down, oh my god, your face looked like I have told you that someone was coming to murder you." I started to laugh harder.

"I don't think it was worse than when you realized you pushed me down and knocked over some ornaments. "

"it was and you know a bunch of people have seen me run and asked me to join track, I'm surprised no one has asked you. You ran so fast out of there , I didn't even see you. " I heard a car stop in the lane next to us.

"Well then I guess next spring we could be track partners." We stopped talking but couldn't stop laughing. I was almost out of air. I lost all of it when I saw Jesse next to us, staring at us. Paul realized I stopped laughing and looked in my direction. But seeing Jesse wasn't the reason I couldn't breathe, the girl next to him made me loose my breath.

And there we were at a red light, staring at each other. Wondering what was going on in the other car. Green light.

I wish I never saw that girl, I guess you could say things weren't going in order as predicted.

Chapter 5

Stupid light; stay red, stay red!!!! But it didn't, Jesse went straight and I turned to the left. My first instinct was to call Jesse like a psycho, but I couldn't do it because of two reasons:
1) I'm not a psycho girlfriend and
2) Paul would hear the whole thing.
So I just had to wait until I got home to call Jesse.

Sadly, Paul and me didn't have another awkward silence like I was hoping we would, I guess the whole hysterical laughing broke the wall that was between us. I was honestly hoping I wouldn't talk about this with Paul, but nothing ever comes out how you want it to.

"So, I can honestly say that this has been the most interesting day in November.” I didn't say anything back.
"Too early?"

"Too early, Paul. "I looked out the window.

"Well, if it helps I agree with your theory.”

"What theory?"

"The one were it's not logical to wear a cropped shirt if your tall. " he said with a grin.

I couldn't stop the smile that came up. "Wow, Paul I didn't know you noticed those things. Don't ever tell Cameron that."

"Why? Because I'll come off as an airhead."

"That and you'll seem gay."

"Thanks for the tip, Suze." We pulled up into my driveway. I was about to get out but Paul stopped me.

"Thanks for helping today, Suze, I really hope this wasn't a one time thing."

"What do you mean by one time thing?"

"Us, hanging out, being friends-" I cut Paul off.

" Paul, the past is in the past where it belongs. And besides, we have to be friends if we're going to be track partners. " Paul smiled at that.

"Suze, you really have to stop cutting people off. "

"I'll work on that. " I was about to leave but Paul stopped me again.

"Suze, are you alright?” No! No! Stop right there Paul, don't go any deeper.

"Yeah Paul, I'm fine. Can you stop stopping me from leaving?" I looked down at my feet and saw Paul's Ray Bans on the floor. Jackpot.

"Suze,.....you no what never mind just go really ballistic on him." I looked at Paul, at let out a smile. Paul spared me.

"Do I ever do anything but." I opened the door and as I got out, I kicked the Ray Bans out at the same time. Once they hit the floor, I stepped on it really hard and they broke instantly.

"What was that noise?" Paul asked. I picked up his Ray Bans and showed them to him.

"I'm so sorry Paul. " I tried to make the face I made when I knocked over the ornaments, which was really hard. Those looks just come naturally, but I'm a mater of disguises, well sometimes.

"Don't worry about them. Now I have a reason to get the new ones that are coming out. "

"No, don't!" Of course, I found a way to screw things up.

"What? And why can't I Suze?"

I smiled and said, "Because it's confidential." And with that, I started to walk towards the front door. When I reached the porch, I turned around and Paul was backing out of the driveway. "Bye, Slater."

Paul yelled back, "Bye, Simon." , and left.

I went inside and not to my surprise, everybody was home. It did surprise me that Brad was here but it wasn't a shocker. I yelled, “I’m home!" and went to my room. I could obviously not call Jesse anymore and really go ballistic like Paul said to do, there are too many ears here. So I would just have to wait until later to call him. I was going to ask my mom if I could go out to eat with Jesse, but since I missed dinner on Friday, I don't think she would let me.

I wonder what Jesse is up to right now. And as if he read my thoughts, my phone started to ring with his ring tone. Do I answer it or not and make him think I'm busy? The choices a girl has to make. The phone stopped ringing, the ultimate solution for a girl, and I decided that I would answer it the next time he calls. I dumped my bag out and put it back in my closet. I grabbed my makeup bag and placed on my dresser. I knocked over the key I found in the wall, I forgot to wear this today. I picked it up and put it on, it really completes a look.

My phone started ringing again with Jesse's ring tone. This time I answered.
"Hi, Jesse, how was your first day?" I heard noises by the window, went over, and saw Spike scratching it. Shoot , I forgot to give him his breakfast.

"It was great, how did your day with Paul go?" he didn't sound mad or frustrated, but he sounded a little sarcastic for some reason.

"Good, can you hold on for a second I have to feed Spike." I put the phone down, grabbed the bowls and cat food from under my sink, and poured it for Spike. I carefully opened the window, the ungrateful cat still wants to attack me even though I'm the one who feeds it. Spike came in like a maniac but settled down once he saw the food and water. I grabbed my phone.

"I'm back. Hey does Spike still like you even though you’re alive now?"

"I don't know I haven't seen Spike since I was still a ghost. "

"Really? I thought you loved that cat. " There was a crash and I turned and saw that Spike knocked over his left over food." Spike! Hold on a second, Jesse. " I grabbed a towel and placed it on top of Spike and wrapped him up and placed him on my porch. "I'm back again. You should really get that cat to live with you because I really can't take him anymore."

"Were you being aggressive with him? That could've made him act like that. " And he still defends the thing even though he might not like him anymore.

"Nope, I wasn't being aggressive with him. He's just being usual Spike, hating me for life, but willing to take a bullet for you." Jesse laughed at that.

"Well listen, Querida, do you want to go out to eat for dinner?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Not really going out, just pizza and a movie at my place."

"Sounds perfect. Come for me in about an hour?" I needed 30 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes to convince my mom and Andy.

"Sounds good, see you later, Querida."

"Okay, bye."

I went to my Mom and Andy's room and found my mom there working on some article. When I first came to Carmel, I tried to avoid this room at all cost. Now I really don't care what goes on in this room, but that doesn't mean I want to know.

"Um, Mom can I go out to eat dinner with Jesse today?" I scratched my head.

"Yeah no problem, Susie." I knew she would say no, think, think of something convincing.

"I know I missed dinner Friday, but it won't happen again. I prom-" My mom cut me off.

"Susie, I said yes."

"Really?" That was a lot easier than I thought, really it was. Last time I promised them the world to go out and miss dinner. And the way my mom said yes sounded really suspicious. "Do you want to get rid of me or something?" That was the only reason I could think up why she said yes so quickly.

My mom gave me a look. "Suze, don't make me change my mind."

"Okay, okay I'm leaving." I turned to leave.

"Don't come home late, understand?"

"Yeah, I understand!" I yelled from the hallway.

Well, that wasn't as time consuming as I thought. I got ready in about 30 minutes like I predicted, but that still left me with 20 minutes to kill. Spike came back in my room, hissing at me, so I decided to mess with him. I grabbed a flashlight and made him try to catch it. Ha , he looked so mad when he couldn't get it. I decided to go wait outside so Jesse wouldn't have to say hi to everyone, but that cat was determined to catch that light. He kept running to attack me every time I tried to end it. So me being a total genius, pointed the flashlight at the window, opened it, and out goes Spike. I locked my window and headed outside.

I didn't wait for Jesse long, he came earlier than I told him too. He was probably planning on say hi to everyone since I drag to get ready, but since I miraculously was ready before he got here, he couldn't do that. I got into his car as soon as he pulled up and kissed him.

We pulled apart and Jesse asked me, "Are you alright, Querida?" Jesse backed out of my driveway and started heading towards his apartment.

"Yeah, why?" Do I look sick or something because it seems like everybody has been asking me that.

"Its just that you were ready before I got here."

"Oh, I told you to take long because I thought it would take me a while to convince my mom to let me go out, but she said yes right away." I made a kind of confused face. "I got ready and had a half an hour to kill so I just messed with Spike and went outside to wait for you." Jesse glanced at me.

"What's wrong, Querida?" His face full of concern.

"Its just that I could have sworn that she was trying to get rid of me. She didn't even think about it. "

"And saying yes was a bad thing?"

"No, Jesse. I know my mom and I can make out most of the time when she's trying to hide something from me. " I paused. "Jesse we have to go back and find out what's she's hiding from me."
I looked through the window and saw that we were close to Jesse's apartment.

"Susannah, I think your imagining things. " I turned to look at him. He had the same look on his face when he was trying to avoid the whole lullaby thing. "Maybe your just seeing things."

"Jesse, do you know something about what's going on?"

"Nothing is going on, Querida." It doesn't matter how much Jesse tries to convince me. I know something is going on and Jesse knows something.

"Jesse; tell me." We reached his apartment and Jesse was parking. Jesse's apartment is about two miles and a half from my house, right next to the apartment building was a forest preserve. I think it's one of the few places I haven't been to.

"Susannah-" I could tell by the tone he was using that he was going to just keep beating around the bush. What's going on, Jesse doesn't keep things from me. The thought of it really got me a little mad, how could he be hiding things from me? I couldn't take it anymore so I got out of the car and started heading towards the apartment building. I could hear Jesse calling me from the distance, but I didn't turn around. I walked in and didn't even bother to take the elevator, I took the stairs. Jesse's apartment was on the third floor anyways. Jesse's apartment was at the end of the hallway to the left of the stairs exit.
I grabbed the extra key from the plant next to the apartment next to Jesse's. I opened the door and walked straight to the bathroom. I locked myself in, I know what your thinking, really mature Suze, really. I don't care I'm going to find out the truth.

"Querida,"Jesse yelled from a far,"Querida, open the door stop being so childish." I don't care if I seem six, I'm not going to let Jesse keep things from me.

"I'm not coming out until you tell me what you know."

"Stop, messing things up for yourself, Susannah. " Wait, how am I killing things for myself?

"What are you talking about?" ok, I opened the door, but hey I'm getting somewhere. Jesse backed away a bit when I opened the door, like if I was about to attack him. I wasn't, more like cornering him.

"Jesse, " I hissed a bit. "Jesse, can you please tell me." I was approaching him slowly and at the same time Jesse was backing away. He kept backing up until he hit the wall and couldn't go any further. " Jesse, " I said in my last pleading attempt," can you please tell me?" I was so close to Jesse that I could whisper it into his ear.

"Querida.". Again, I could tell he was going to beat around the bush. His phone rang, he took it out of his pocket, and since we were so close, I could see who it was. It was a text, from, get this, from my mom. Jesse quickly put his phone back into his pocket. I knew what I had to do to find my answer.

"Jesse, why is my mom texting you?" I backed away from Jesse a bit.

"Nothing, she just wanted me to tell her when you where going home?"

"Oh, well I'm kind of hungry Jesse. What are we going to eat?"

"What do you want to eat,qu-" I quickly reached his phone from his pocket. He tried to snatch it back, but I didn't let him. I put the phone behind my back.

"It was nothing, huh, Jesse?" I so got him.

" Susannah," He ran his fingers through his hair. He always does this when he was frustrated. "Give it back."

I smiled and whispered in his ear, “Tag, your it." And ran like hell to the living room. Jesse was actually chasing me and laughing; we were both laughing.
"Come on Jesse, you can do better than that. " Jesse gained speed and grabbed me by the waist. He picked me up and pinned me down on the couch. I bumped my head.

"Owe," I said rubbing my head with laugh.

"Are you alright, Querida?" His old world manners came back.

"Yeah, of course. "

"Then give me back my phone." he tried grabbing it from my hands.

"Nope, it's not going to be that easy. You have to tell me what you know or I'll just find out." I smiled and so did Jesse.

"Are you sure that is the only way, Querida?" he got on top of me and started kissing me on my neck and getting closer to my lips. oh my god, Jesse was trying to seduce me. This is a new method for him. I could see his old world manners going out the window. And okay, I was totally going to enjoy it. Hey, I'm not a perv, Jesse rarely let's his urge free and I am so going with it.

"Jesse," I didn't want to make him stop," I'm sorry to say it's not going to work." He got closer to my lips.

"Don't answer before your sure, Querida.". He made it to my lips and we were making out. His hands were all over me. I couldn't help resisting any more( Yeah, I was resisting, I didn't want him to think I was giving in) I gave in. And I dropped his phone on the floor but Jesse didn't notice. We kept going until the stupid manners came flying in.

"So are your lips any looser, Jesse?” He was still on top of me.

"No, but apparently your fingers got looser. " He waved his phone in his hand. I tried to snatch it but failed. Jesse got off of me.

"So are you hungry?" Jesse asked I didn't answer. I settled for my last attempt, the silent treatment. "Come on , Susannah.” He said with a slight laugh and smile. "Don't be like that." I put two pillows on my ears and drowned out his voice. He just laughed and tried to pull the pillows off.

"Can't use you super strength anymore, Superman?" I said with a slight sarcastic tone.

"Susannah, you have to understand that there are things you can't know."

"Why for my own good?” I put the pillows down.

"Well that and you'll find out later anyways." I looked at him.

"How soon?"


"Well why didn't you tell me that before!" Seriously, we would have ate already.

"I don't think you gave me a chance, Querida." I was about to say something, but what could I say. He was right I didn't give him a chance.

"Sorry.” I said with a slight smile.

"It's okay. I should have known you would react this way. You are so impatient. "

"Yeah, I know.” I got closer to Jesse. "So how soon is soon?" Jesse smiled and dragged me to his room. The doorbell rang, it was the pizza guy. Jesse went to the door. I looked around Jesse's room. His room was organized; he had a normal size closet filled with neatly folded and hanged clothes, picked by me. We spent a whole entire day at the mall picking his new wardrobe, you didn't expect him to go to work with his black tights and white shirt with laces were buttons should be. Jesse was so tired when he got home that he collapsed on the rug in his living room. Jesse's has a two room, living room, kitchen, full bath, and a small dinning room apartment.

I really like that Jesse doesn't have to share his apartment. I wouldn't mind it so much, but I prefer to be alone with Jesse, I've gotten use to it. Being alone with Jesse I mean. It's been hard getting use to sharing Jesse with the world, but I can't be selfish. I am though, just a little. Jesse came back in with plates and a pizza.

"So what movie are we going to see?" I said while grabbing a slice. A grin curved on Jesse's face and I realized what a stupid question I asked.

"Jaws." Jesse responded. Of course, we were watching jaws for the billionth time, I didn't argue though. It was Jesse's favorite. And happy Jesse means that he is up for other things, if you my drift. Hey don't judge me, I'm a junior.

So after Jaws-I still don't get how Jesse is so into even though he knows what is going to happen-I picked up are plates and washed them. Jesse was hitting the shower. I know what your thinking but remember, it's Jesse we're talking about. So the shower was off limits because the door was locked. I went to his room and went to the balcony. Did I forget to say he has a balcony? Well he does and the view is beautiful, not as nice as mine but it had a beautiful view of the forest. The sun was gone by now, it was nothing but stars and the moon in the sky. You never could see much stars in NY because of all the building lights. Unless you got away from the city, the only for sure thing was the moon. Here though, it looks like you could see every little star. It's been a while since I looked at stars, with all the ghost and all. The last time I really looked at stars, not just glanced at them, was with Jesse, when he was still a ghost. Like if I've been calling him, the door opens and out comes Jesse, exposing the best abs I've ever seen. He's just wearing pants and that's it. Oh happy days. I turn my head back at the stars, does Jesse remember that the last time he looked at stars, he was a ghost? Yeah, it's a little creepy how Jesse kind of knows what I'm thinking because he came-sadly with a shirt-and leaned on the rail next to me and said,
"Do you remember when it was the last time we looked at stars together, Querida?"

"Yeah, it was my house in September and you were still a ghost. " There was a silence but not the awkward ones I have with Paul-or use to have- we took a moment to gaze at the sky.

"How was your first day, Jesse?"
I turned to look at him.

"It was interesting, I met a lot of people." He kept looking at the sky.

"Like who?" And by who I mean who was that chick in your car?

"I guess your asking about Ana aren't you?" He turned to look at me.

"Is Ana the one who was in your car? " I asked making sure a sounded a little clueless.

"Yes. I gave her a ride home since her car broke down and I'm still a little clueless with mechanics so I couldn't help her car, so I offered her a ride."

"Oh, I see." I knew there was no reason to go ballistic. I turned and looked at the sky. It seemed a little clearer to me.

"So how was your day with Paul ?"
I could hear a little annoyance in his voice.

"Good, we went to the mall and got a locket for Cam, we ate at the food court while we waited for the engraving to be done, and then we acted like psycho paths at the store trying to hide from Cam when she walked in, you know usual day. "

"So I guess that's why you were laughing like maniacs afterwards?"

"Yeah pretty much.” I said as a smile crept up on me. " I wish you could have seen the look on Paul's face it was to die for. " I let a out a little laughter. "Maybe you could come with me another time. " I waited for Jesse to respond, but he didn't. "Jesse?" I looked at him, his face was a little sad. "Jesse," I reached up and turned his head gently to face me. "What's wrong?"

He took a little breath and grabbed my hand." I'm leaving, Querida."

"What?" I didn't shout it like I thought I was, it came out almost like a whisper. "Why?"

"We can't wait until the constructions done so we are going to Carmel Valley College. We are lucky enough to be able to go to there since we are from a Community College. We'll be able to take there medical classes with a scholarship. Even though it's called Carmel Valley it's a little far from here, it's about a two or more maybe three hour drive. So I'll have to dorm to not keep going back and forth. " I was silent, I couldn't believe it, I've got use to have Jesse so close and when he moved out of my room when he was a ghost to the rectory, and I felt like he was so far away. Now he will be. "I'll still come on the weekends, I only would go to school Tuesday through Thursday."

"When are you leaving?" It felt like it took forever for me to say something.

"Next Sunday." I swallowed hard. I only had a week to be close to Jesse before he leaves. Why does that feel like it's only a day? Oh and he's leaving on the first day of fall break, yay for me.

"Susannah?" he coupled my face in his hands. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm happy for you Jesse. You’re going to fulfill your dream, why wouldn't I be all right. "I said that a little forced.

He pulled me in for a kiss. "I'm glad you’re fine with me going.”

"Why wouldn't I, it isn't like your going to another state.” I said with a little laugh.

"I'm glad things are fine then.” Yeah just peachy. Jesse's phone buzzed and it was a text. I didn't see from who though but who else does Jesse text besides me?

"I think it's getting late, Susannah. I better take you home. "And with that we headed out the door and to his car. It was a quiet ride until some jerk cut Jesse off. Jesse swore loudly in Spanish, I never hear him yell it. He always says it under his breath, but this time I heard it loudly enough to ask someone who understands Spanish what it meant. We were really quiet after that until I started to chuckle.

"Why are you laughing, Querida?".

"Nothing, never mind.”

"No tell me, Querida,".

"Fine, you got cut off by an old lady."

"Really?" We reached my house and my next-door neighbor was going inside. I realized that my neighbor cut off Jesse, who I may mention has a walker. I just smiled at her when she waved at me.

"That was her, Jesse. "


"Yup" I saw through the window of my house that everybody was in the living room. "Huh, strange?"

"What?" Jesse saw my gaze and looked at the window. "Oh, you better go, Susannah. They're waiting for you." I looked at Jesse, then I remembered that Jesse got a text and my mom was testing him before.

"Wait this soon?!?" I asked Jesse.

"You better go in. " I didn't second think it. I turned and gave Jesse a kiss and exited his car. As I was walking up the porch I heard Jesse say,

"Say hi for me." I turned around and said,

"Okay, bye Jesse. "

"Bye, Querida."

I watched him drive away and then entered my house. Everybody was in the living room and a guest was sitting in my mother's favorite chair. She jumped up and said,

"Suze!" And gave me a hug, her copper hair bounced as she ran.

"Gina, what are you doing here?!?" I can't believe she was here.

"Your folks flew me out for fall break, I'll be here for two weeks, then," she turned to look at Andy and my mom, “Can I tell her?" They nodded their approval." And then for your last week of fall break, your coming to NY with me!"

"Are you serious!!"

"Yeah!" I couldn't believe it, I was going to NY! I raced to Andy and my mom and hugged them both.

"Thank you, thank you!" I let go feeling a little weird that Brad, Jake, and David were staring at me with amazement.

"Your welcome, Suze." Andy said feeling a little surprised by my reaction. My mother on the other hand had a big smile on her face.

"Oh, you deserve it Susie."

"Yeah and we don't." Brad said. Andy shot him a look and shut him up.

My mom continued," You deserve, Susie you brought up your grades and we haven't had any incidents." Both of those are because Jesse has been taking care of the minor ghost problems we had in the last month or so.

I said one final thanks, grabbed Gina, and headed up the stairs, but I stopped dead in my tracks. I haven't even noticed the girl sitting on the stairs. In fact, no one has, but of course, no one can, except me.

And that's when it begun, an unexpected visit and a surprise. They forgot to mention that the surprise was a bad one.

**Ha surprise, update came early. I think i deserve an applause. :eusa_clap: Thank you happy face. Leave comments, and if i made mistakes, tell me. Next chapter is were the story really starts!! :spinstar:

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Whoops those are chapter 5&6. :spinstar:
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Whoops :P I wrote testing when I meant texting in the line in chapter 6 I think it goes something like," then I remembered my mom was testing Jesse before..." so again whoops that's suppose to be texting not testing.
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total shocker!!!!!!!
argh, UPDATE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow love it! This fan fiction is very interesting, I'm excited to see what happens next! :)
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Yikes, I'm so sorry I haven't updated, all post two chapters soon, but after that....sorry guys but I'm going to have to stop and wait until the summer to continue. I've just got a lot going on right now, but here's the good news when I post in the summer, it's going to be a finished story, with a...wait for it......a sneek preview of the sequel. So don't worry I'll be back and with a good plot too, I hope. You guys will have to decide that. :)
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TIME FOR AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I LUVED FIVE AND SIX by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY FOR THE LATE COMMENTS!!!!!!!! :D
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Chapter 7

“Come on, Suze!" Gina tugged me, but I remained froze, staring at the mysterious ghost on the steps that was eying me with a smile.

"Yes, come Suze. Let's go up stairs and talk up happy old life. "The blonde ghost said and got up and walked to the top of the stairs. I still remained frozen. "God, what is wrong with mediators." the ghost said leaning against the rail of the top of the steps. When she said mediator, I snapped back and pulled Gina up the stairs and straight to my room. Who is this ghost? I closed the door, thinking that that would stop her but she walked right through the door and sat on my window seat.

"Dude, this is going to be some fall break. I'm telling you, we have to go to some rocking parties. "Gina sat down on the day bed we got the last time she came to visit me. Gina looked through her bag and took out some joggers. "If you don't mind Suze, but that flight wiped me out how about we talk later or something because I can tell by how quiet you are that we're not alone.” The ghost's eyes widened a bit when Gina said that we're not alone.

"Thanks, Gina. I'll explain all later." I smiled at her. I love her to death for understanding my problems.

"Promise, no excuses."

"I promise, G.” I said with a laugh. I wonder if Jake and Brad are going to still call her that.

Gina gave me a look, "We'll talk about that later." Then she dived into her pillow and five minutes later, she was gone.

I got up and stared the ghost down. She got up too. She looked older than I did; she had blonde hair shinny like gloss, at a little passed shoulder length, and blue eyes. She was wearing a complete fashionable military look complete with a cute army shoulder bag. She noticed that I was eying her outfit.

"What, I at least wanted to die looking good.” If she didn't say it, so snotty I would have complimented her. Her arms were crossed. God what was this girl's problem. I was going to ask her what she wanted, but then Gina groaned. Instead, I said,
“Step outside." And walked over to my window seat and stepped out onto the porch. She did the same. "Ok, what do you want?" I said firmly and rude once we were outside on the porch.

"Whoa, two face *%^## much."

"Watch it or you'll be sorry understand, Blondie.”

"Love the compliment, Chestnut." Her smirk was driving me insane.

"Listen here, corpse. I'm the mediator here and you're going to listen to me if you don't want to get hurt. Either you tell me what the hell you want or move on. But of course if you're indecisive, I'll kick you to your next life!" she widened her eyes and smiled at me. "What is wrong with you, you bugged eye freak!" Her eyes didn't widen this time; they filled with anger.

"Now you listen here you,” She looked at me up and down. "Wow, beautiful choice for sunny California, is that real leather or nothing but faux like you.” How dare she question my motorcycle jacket! I pushed against the house.

"Now you listen here! You’re going to move on or I'll make you! I'm not helping you with anything you want, understand!" I let her go.

She brushed off her clothes like if I threw dust all over here. "I didn't come here to ask you for help. I just came here to warm you to stay out of my way! You can't stop me mediator! I'm going to get my revenge if it's the last thing I do! Please, you think being a mediator makes you special, it doesn't it's a curse! A curse I wish I would have never got! If I wasn't a mediator, I would be alive right now!"

"Wait you were a mediator!" I let her go. I couldn't believe it; I'm talking to a mediator ghost! She ignored me and kept talking, or more like screaming.

"So, stay out of my way mediator or you'll die with them!"

"And may I know who you are going to kill and throw out the window all the things you use to believe in when you were a mediator, like stopping ghosts from killing people!"

"Everybody who is related to people who hurt me. My ex boyfriend and his chick is off the list. So all I have to is finish the job here with the people in California who would have prevented my death but didn't."

"Stop talking in riddle and tell me names! Names!"

"There is only one name you have to know and that's mine. Jenny, don't you forget it mediator!" She hissed and then she disappeared. I sat down on the roof and kept admiring the stars. I thought about the look in her eyes, betrayal, hate, and revenge were all their. For some reason I kept remembering the look Paul had the first time I went to the Shadowland. The look in his eyes was almost like her look. I don't know how long I was out there, but it was probably a while since Gina woke up, and when you come back from a flight from the other end of the country, you are pretty exhausted.

"Suze?" Gina poked her head through the window. She sat down next to me.

"What time is it?"

"It's late, Suze, but you’re not getting out of this conversation. Spill details about that ghost!" A promise is a promise so I told her everything.

"And then she disappeared." I finished.

"What was her name again?"
Gina asked curiously.


"Jenny what!" Gina yelled. What's wrong with her? "Was it Jenny Slaski!?!" Wait back track!

"Wait did you say, Jenny Slaski!?!" Oh my god, no!

"Yeah, she died about a week or so ago. It was a car accident. No offense, Suze, but she became my girl when she transferred about 6 months ago. "

"You never talked about her in our letter!"

"I did remember, but I would call her Jen. " It's true, now I remember Gina mentioning her. I started to replay everything she told me.

"And may I know who you are going to kill and throw out the window all the things you use to believe in when you were a mediator, like stopping ghosts from killing people!"

"Everybody who is related to people who hurt me. My ex boyfriend and his chick is off the list. So all I have to is finish the job here with the people in California who would have prevented my death but didn't. "

California, Slaski or should I say Slater!! I stood up fast and went inside to get my ghost busting stuff.

"Suze," Gina said as she climbed back into my room. " Where are you going?"

"Listen, Gina " I put on my shoulder bag. " Don't worry I'll be back. Get some sleep, it's going to be a long day tomorrow." She was going to protest, but she stopped herself.

"Fine, but be back at least by one."

"Deal." I got on the roof and jumped safely onto my front yard. I took my keys out of my pocket, got into my car, and started it. I'm so glad I got my car, I'm tired of ridding boy bikes in the middle of the night. Those seats hurt. I backed out my black Toyota Corolla out of the driveway. I was heading to Paul's house. I have to warn him that some psycho relative is going after him and his family.

I got there in about ten minutes. It was so quiet outside and calm. I'm glad that only Paul and his grandfather live in Carmel or else we'd have a serious problem. I didn't know how I was going to get in if she was already here. I took out my keys, and fidgeted with it. I can't just burst out and tell him. What if it's a coincidence that she was a Slaski. I didn't know what to do so I got into my car, and drove and drove. I didn't know where I was going I'll I did was think on what I should do; should I blurt it out or ignore it all together? When I looked up, I realized I was at Jesse's apartment. I guess I should ask him. I walked into the building and took the elevator up to the third floor. Irang the doorbell and waited. About three minutes later, Jesse opened the door with boxers and a white t-shirt. I hope he doesn't answer the door like that to everyone, but yeah I don't blame him it is a little past midnight.

"Wait here, Querida." He closed the door gently. Dam, he opened the door and was now wearing jeans. "What are you doing here, Querida." His facial expression was a mix of surprised and confused.

"I have to talk to you." He saw that my look was worried and grabbed me into his arms and pulled me in to a hug.

"What's wrong?” We went into the living room. We stood in the middle.

"Well, Gina came-"

"I know that, Susannah."

"Really, but how did you-" I cut myself off mid sentence. It all started to connect. The texts, avoiding the subject about my mom getting rid of me, and what he said when he dropped me off, " say hi for me. " Jesse let me go.

"You kept it from me Jesse!"

"It was really hard, believe me, Querida."

"When did you find out?" How did he keep this from me, this was huge, a surprise visit from Gina.

"A couple of days ago, are you mad that I kept it from you? Is that why you're here?" Here's Jesse thinking that I'm mad because he kept this from me? Isn't that sweet, and I keep the reading from him. I started to feel bad that I kept that from him. I should just tell him, but later, right now we have bigger problems.

"No, that's not why I'm here. I'm here because of Paul. "Jesse made a face.

"You came here at midnight to talk about Paul?"

"Well yes and no, it has to do with a guest that came with Gina. " I said very sarcastically. "A guest who is dead. "


"Her name is Jenny Slaski." Jesse remained silent and I realized that he didn't know about the last name.

" You might want to take a seat this might take a while." And I started to explain everything about the last name and what happened. Jesse was patient and silent through out the whole thing, nodding and saying yeah now and then.
"And then Gina told me her last name and I sneaked out of the house to warn Paul about her, but I didn't tell him anything because what if I'm wrong. What if she's a different Slaski? Jesse, I don't know what to do?"

"Well I think we should talk to this ghost and then decide if we should warn Slater. "

"I guess but what if she does something or what if she goes after Ca-"

"Susannah, she could be hearing us. You do know that?" What was he talking about? Well he was a ghost and I know for sure he use to stalk me when I first came, but not in a creepy way though. Then I saw a figure move by the kitchen.

"Come out of the kitchen now, Jenny." she came out with her stupid smile.

"Well it took you a while to see me. " she took a seat.

"What did you hear, Jenny ." she didn't respond, she kept staring at Jesse. I snapped my fingers in front of her face. "Hello, I'm asking you something."

"Aren't you going to introduce me to him, wait you can't he can't see me. But apparently, he knows you're a freak. " So she didn't hear much or else she would've figured out he's like me.

"Let me introduce myself, Jesse De Silva. And you are Jenny Slaski, right?"
Her eyes were full of shock.

"Wait you're a mediator too! And he's your boyfriend! Your both mediators! That's not fair! It isn't fair!" She was mad, why, I think it has to do with her issues. She stood up and was pacing and running her hand threw her hair. "This isn't fair, he's a mediator and you're a mediator! He doesn't call you a freak and runway from you, or worse tell every one you're a mediator! That’s not fair! This is bull! " Yup, this has to do with her issues.

"Calm down, we just want to talk to you." Jesse said in his most patient and polite voice.

"Talk, you want to talk! The last time I talked to my boyfriend, wait, excuse me EX-BOYFRIEND! The last time I did that I told him what I was, he called me insane and a freak!" Tears were running down her cheeks. "And you know he had the nerve to tell everyone and I mean everyone! They were hunting me down cause I was insane and thought I deserved to be locked in the ninth floor of Bellevue!" I was shocked at what she was telling me. My worst fears of being discovered as a mediator happened to Jenny, and she ended up dead.

"So while you were on the run you were killed in car accident?" She looked at me.

"You were talking to Gina, weren't you? Well, you're half-right, if you take out the accident part. I was killed by the crazy people hunting me down. You use to live in New York, you know the stories they use to say about that place. We all thought that they weren't true, and to be truthful they weren't. The things they do are much worse because you're the one they want, you just can't walk away from the story anymore, and you are the story. They follow you around at first, see where you go to hang out, and go to hide from the world. They laugh at the thought that you think you can hide. Then they tip you off by making it seem normal to 'see things'. That's when you get worried since everyone around you thinks you're insane, but they don't so you take refuge in them. I'm lucky I got away, but I guess not lucky enough. The monsters, no demons!, that I call parents told them to hunt for me! They never cared about me and I don't care, they aren't my real parents! But that's another story, you guys wanted to talk to me, so talk!" Jesse and I didn't say a word. We were still taking everything in.

"The hate in a person really shocks people, doesn't it." Her question sounded more like a statement then anything else. I thought at first that she was just a soul who is full of confusion on what to do, but the way she looks, the way she sounds so confident, and the way she stands straight even when she sits. It just kept proving that she was really mad and had a plan. And she can't wait to execute it.

Chapter 8

"Hello, talk people!” She snapped her fingers at us.

"Get your fingers out of my face or I'll break them!" I know, she has been through a lot. I couldn't help saying it, her smile was really irritating me.

"Ooo, I like to see that. " I would have pounced at her if Jesse didn't grip my waist. "Well, then since no one wants to talk, I'm going to go have some fun. " she was about to dematerialize but I called her in my head and out loud.

"Wait, Jenny!" she shimmered completely back.


"Why Paul? What does he have to do in all of this? I know your related to him, but what has he done to you?"

"Isn't being alive enough? Right Jesse?" Wait how did she know that Jesse, well that doesn't matter.

"No it doesn't. Now answer us." Jesse responded firmly.

"Wow, I really thought you would agree with me, oh well. That doesn't matter. " She started dematerializing again.

"Wait!" I yelled again.

"What! Come on, first you didn't want to say anything, and then you do. Mediators. " She sighed.

"You still didn't answer me. What does Paul have to do with anything?"

"I told you, being alive is his problem! But don't worry, I'm going to fix that. " She dematerialized and left Jesse and me stunned.

"We have to stop her, Querida." We both sat down on the couch. I looked at Jesse, I was a little surprised he said that, well more like he caught me off guard. I didn't expect him to say that. But it is Jesse, and he would never just stand their and let someone else get hurt in front of him, even if it is Paul we're talking about.

"What are we going to do?"

"First we should warn Paul. "

"Well yeah." That was obvious to me.

"And we have to help her move on."

"And what if she doesn't?"

"Then we will do it your way. " I knew exactly what that meant. Finally, I get to kick her to her grave. I smiled at the thought and Jesse gave me a disapproving look.

"What, you know my way is effective."
I grabbed my bag off the couch and but it on. "I'm beat, we'll think of a plan tomorrow." I stood up to leave and Jesse stood up to be a gentleman.

"You don't want me to take you, Querida?".

"No, I'll be fine I don't think she'll come after me. And besides, I can't leave my car here. " We walked to his door and said are goodbyes and when I say goodbye I mean kiss.

"Goodnight. Drive safely, Querida. " Jesse said once we parted.

"I will. I'll talk to you tomorrow. " he opened the door for me and watched me walk to the elevator and disappear. I walked out of the building and was heading to my car. It was a beautiful night, there were more stars now than when I was here earlier. Something seemed strange though. I stopped and listened, I heard nothing, no owls and no crickets. So much for she won't come after me.

I turned around. "Jenny co-" I cut myself off mid sentence because there was a medium size peach tree heading my way. I ducked to the ground to my left and hit the floor. The peach tree landed right by me. 'Great,' I thought, 'Just peachy.' I heard in the distance a ripping sound and knew that she was getting another tree. I got up and saw that she was hovering the tree and she was heading my way.

"Suze, I'm pretty sure I told you to stay out of it and by telling another mediator to help, that's getting in to it. " Then suddenly, more stuff came off the ground, rocks and broken branches. My jaw dropped, she knew what she could do. "If I were you, I'd run. "

As soon as I heard ru-, I bolted away from her. I was heading to the apartment building, but she threw branches to barricade the door. I turned to the back of the building, there has to be a back entrance, right? Well, I was wrong, well at least I think I'm wrong. It's too dark to tell. I looked around for anything to take refuge in or hide. I saw the forest, perfect. I ran straight to it and zigzagged my way through it. I kept running I didn't know were I was heading, but I did know I was deep in the forest when I stopped to take a breath. Well, at least now I could say I've been to Carmel's Forest Preserve. I stayed still trying to hear the thud of trees and branches, but all I heard was silence. That was not good. I walked quietly and stopped at a camping ground. I sat down on a log. There was a bunch of used matches on the ground and I saw, ew, a container filled with water and a bunch of leaves. Maybe I should shove it all in her mouth. I kept looking at the container on the ground. I haven't seen those leaves before.

"Stopped to take a breather, Suze?" I looked up and saw Jenny strolling my way. I stood up.

"Yeah, I was but I'm ready for what you're going to hurl at me next. Sad how you have to result to objects when fighting. " I gave her the best imitation of her smirks. It drove her crazy, doesn't feel nice, huh?

She looked around and glanced at the container. She smiled. "Awe, its not that sad, it's fun. " Then she ran at me and tried to pin me but couldn't. We stood up going in a circle, like predator and prey. I kicked her, and she blocked me. She threw a punch, but I ducked. I jumped at her and we hit the ground. We rolled and when she had an opportunity, she pinned me. Then I could see in the corner of my eye, the container heading my way. Then she grabbed my mouth and forced it open, and the stuff in the container. Jenny got off of me laughing.

"Oh my god, I can't breath, I can't breath!!" she kneeled to the ground gripping her stomach.

I tried to spit out as much as I could, must of the leaves came out, sadly, I swallowed most of the water. I turned to see Jenny still having a laugh attack. She is so dead, for good this time. I got up, and rammed my fist into her face. That shut her up, I laughed as blood gushed out of her nose.

"You, *%^##! You are so dead!"

"Correction, you are." I kept laughing. Jenny on the other hand, was getting mad. I stopped laughing when three large trees were ripped off the ground. Then, I boiled with rage.

"Look here, Blondie." I yelled. " I've had enough of your little tantrums and threatening with your abilities! Put down the trees or you'll be sorry!" She threw one down to scare me, and I flinched.

"Make me." She sneered. Hey, she asked for it. I didn't want to do it but she was really irritating me. I don't care if I loose brain cells for doing it. I ran at her grabbed her, closed my eyes, and pictured the Shadowland. I opened my eyes and we were there. We were standing by the hallway with all the doors and below the sky full of stars.

"No, and you're a shifter. You just keep surprising me. " I turned and realized that she was talking to me.

"Well have fun, Jenny. Say, hi to Maria for me since I'm pretty sure you're going to the same place. " I turned to leave but stopped. "I almost forgot, gate keeper!" I saw the gatekeeper appear behind Jenny in his gladiator get up. "I brought a ghost, enjoy." Then I closed my eyes and pictured the forest. 'God, I'm going to have a bad headache when I go back.' I thought. I opened my eyes and saw the three trees on the ground. God what a mess.

"Susannah!" I heard in the distance. Am I hallucinating?

"Susannah!" I heard again more clearly. I recognized the voice, it was Jesse's voice.

"Jesse!" I yelled. I saw him appear out of the shadows of the trees to the camping ground. He saw the three ignoramus trees and horror filled in his eyes.

"Nombre de Dios!" He ran to me and hugged me.

"Jesse, how'd you find me?"

"Gina called worried because you didn't come at one and you left your cell phone at home. I went outside and followed all the mess you two left behind. What happened?!?"

"She went after me because I was sticking my nose in her business. Don't worry though, she's gone now. "

" Where is she?"

"In her second life, hell, or hell. "

"You got her to move on?"

"Well, not really. I gave her a push" Jesse let go of me.

"Susannah, you didn't!"

"I had to, Jesse! She was really irritating me and she's lethal to everyone. "

"You could've killed yourself!"

"I'm fine! I don't even..." How us that possible?

"You don't even what?"

"Jesse, I don't have a headache. I'm fine. I don't feel bad, what, but I always-" I was so confused. There must be something wrong with me.

"That can't be possible, when I went to the Shadowland last month. I got a headache. "

"Well I didn't."

"Did you do anything to prevent it?"

"No..." My words lingered as I thought of what Jenny did to me.

"What is it, Querida?" He noticed my puzzled face.

"It's just that there was this container
filled with water and these leaves I have never seen before, and Jenny stuffed most of the stuff, well not the leaves, down my throat....and I swallowed it. But I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with it. " Jesse looked around and saw the container. He picked it up and there were twigs, leaves, and some gunk at the bottom. I felt queasy just thinking that some of that gunk was in me.

"Are you alright, Querida?"

"Not really, I just want to go home to my toothbrush and-" and sleep was what I was going to say put instead I turned my head and upchucked. I'm glad I put my hair in a ponytail.

"Miss Simon, well then?" I looked up at Sister Mary. Oh, yeah I was in math, and not in my bed like I wanted to be, but that still didn't stop me from dozing off. I'm been so tired lately even though Sunday was three days ago. It's Wednesday and I still want to knock out.

"y=4x+100 squared?"

Sister Mary looked at me surprised. "Yes, correct, Miss Simon." She looked at me a little skeptically. Wow, I totally guessed! It must have been that stuff in that container, ew, no! I don't even want to remember. I brushed my teeth at least 25 times and I still wasn't satisfied! I felt queasy all over again. I asked Sister Mary for the bathroom pass. I went and rinsed my mouth, and afterwards I headed to Father Dom's office. I wonder what he was able to find out since Monday....

"Where were you, Suze?" CeeCee asked as I approached are regular lunch table. I but my bag on the table and took out my lip-gloss.
"You missed the rest of math."

"Taking care of business."

"And what business might that be?" Paul said casually. I jumped at the sound of his voice.

"Whoa, jumpy today Suze?" Adam said.

I gathered my stuff, I can't tell Paul about his relative, especially after what Father Dom and I found out. "I got to do something in the library. See you guys later. " I fast walked my way out of there. I could here Paul catching up to me.

"Suze, wait up!" I walked a little faster. I turned towards the breezeway. "Suze, wait!" I stopped. Paul was going to catch up anyways, since he runs like he's in track.

"What!" I know, I shouldn't be rude. But that's the only way he'll leave me alone.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm fine. "

"Well then why have you been avoiding me all week?"

This is such an exaggeration, I only been avoiding him for like three days. And, well I have to or else I might blurt out everything about his 'relative'. I went to school on Monday and told Father Dom everything, even though I took care of Jenny. He did some digging to find info about her and what he found.......was big. I'm 100% sure Paul would get a little pissed if he found out she was gone and knowing who she was.

"I have not been avoiding you. I've just been busy."

"No, you haven't. You've been avoiding me or why else would you speed walk away from me every time I come near you. " God, I did make it obvious, didn't I? "Did I do something wrong on Sunday or what?"

"Paul, you didn't do anything. "

"Then, what's up with the sudden cold shoulder?"

"Paul, if I tell you, will you promise not to get mad that I kept it from you?"

"What are you ta-"



"Well, then I, found out that a ghost I sent to the Shadowland on Sunday night was-" I got cut off by Paul since he shoved me to the ground because there was a branch hurling towards us.

"What the?" I said and looked around and saw a familiar smirk on a certain Blondie. I turned to look at Paul who was staring at her. Blondie stepped back when Paul made eye contact at her. Whoa, if only Paul knew how awkward this picture was.

It's funny how things turned out at the end. I will always laugh at the first night I met Jenny.

**Tear! Last time i'll update untill the summer. i don't think i'll keep that promise, i might crack and update...we'll see. :icon_geek:
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WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ENDING WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :heartbeat: IM ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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I'm so close to cracking since I didn't really leave a really big cliffhanger, might update.
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Ok, made my mind up I'm gonna update. I just have to edit it. I don't know what to do! I don't want to finish my story, I'll have nothing to worry about. :D Oh, well my problems. Expect an update.
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Oh my god, I think I just delete all of the chapters I've been writing. :( I think I'm gonna cry. :icon_mecry2:
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So guys...I did loose them, stupid computer, but I'm in the process of rewriting and I'm almost done I just need some chapters. But on the bright side the working title Mediator 7 is in no need since I've decided to name this story Hurt (Almost Lover). I couldn't decide between Hurt or Almost lover so there both the title. :) Almost Lover is based on the song by A Fine Frenzy. You could go check the song out, I'll be posting the lyrics when it fits in the story which well most likely be by the end. And just to tell you guys there is a sequel, there has to be the way I end things....
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pleasee update soooonnnnn!
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UPDATE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here it is Chapter 9, a lot of info to process here.

Chapter 9

"What the hell is your problem?!?" This is just great, she came back! She was still staring at Paul. I guess she's never seen him this close. "So, there's no, 'Hey, Chestnut, with a smirk?" I say maybe a tad more sarcastically then what's appropriate for the situation. She finally turned to look at me.

"I told you to stay out of it!"

"Aren't you suppose to be rotting in hell right now?" We had are eyes locked on each other.

"Come on, you know the grandson of Dr. Slaski. You should inform yourself better." She smirked. What the hell is that suppose to mean?

"Suze, what the hell is going on? Do you know her?" Paul's voice turned Jenny's and my head. Apparently, Jenny doesn't want Paul to know the truth.

"Are you going to tell him or should I, Blondie?"

"You say a word and your dead!"

"I think we already did this, Jenny correction you're dead." She glared at me.

Paul was really quiet for once. I turned and realized, he was checking her out. No, more like studying her. Paul isn't stupid, he'll put the pieces together.

"Do I know you?" he asked Jenny. Jenny turned at me.

"Don't look at me, “ I put my hands up to protest. “I didn't tell him anything remember, you interrupted me."

"Who are you and why do you look like.....like, my mom. " She tried hard to hide a small grin but I saw it. We were all dead silent until I spoke.

"Paul, she's-"

"Don't do it. " Jenny yelled.

"Please, like I'm going to start listening to you. "

"I'm warning you!" I gave her a look that said make me. Her look was unreadable. Paul was waiting for me to respond, he was looking from Jenny to me very confusingly. Well if she's not going to say it somebody has to. I gathered all my courage and just blurted it out.

"Paul, she's your sister!" Jenny looked at me and then at Paul. Then she dematerialized. Huh, I didn't expect that, I thought she was going to go after me. We were both quiet for a while, then Paul spoke.

"How?" I turned to look at him. He was leaning against a wall and slumped down to sit on the floor. I joined him. Like I said somebody has to tell him if she won't, even though it's one of the most awkward things to say.

"Your mom and dad were in NY, and they were young. And while there,...well....the unexpected happened. They weren't ready for a kid. So they gave her up. About two years later, they had stable jobs, changed their last names, and had you. "

"Why didn't they mention her or try to find her?" the expression on his face was confusing, I couldn't read it.

"I guess they probably found out she was adopted. " This was getting really uncomfortable. I started to fidget with my necklace. I twisted the key around my fingers, a habit I've picked up on since I found this. I always do this when I'm worried or nervous now.

"How did you," he paused and turned to look at me. " This was the ghost from Sunday. "

"Yeah, it is."

"You sent her away without letting me know who she was!"

"It's not like that, I didn't-"

"You should have told me right away, Suze!" He got up to leave and was about to storm off, but I stopped him.

"Paul, I didn't know she was your sister! And I had to Paul or else..."

"Or else what?!?"

"Or else she was going to kill you!"
Paul was silent. "And your family." Again, silence. "And me. " Stone cold expression. "She came with Gina and told me to stay out of it or else, but that just made me get involved." I blabbed. "I was going to warn you on Sunday, but maybe she was some other Slaski. So I went to ask Jesse what I should do. "

"Lover boy knows?"

"Yeah, and at his house,“ I continued to blab and just for this last time, I let the lover boy comment slip. "Jenny came and told us how she died, told us she was going to kill you, and to stay out of it. Then I was going home and she attacked me because I told Jesse about her. Then I ran into the forest and she shoved something down my throat. I got pissed, punched her and sent her to the Shadowland. "

"How did you know she was my sister?".

"Well, I knew she was related to you, so on Monday, I told Father Dom everything. He did some digging and today I found out she was your sister. "

"Why does she want to kill me, Suze? What the fudge did I do to her!?!" He slammed his fist against a locker and the classroom doors swung up. People swarmed around us. I turned my back on him for a minute.

"I don't know Paul, I guess I'll see you," I stopped myself when I turned back to face Paul. I was talking to nothing but air. He was gone.


"You did what?!?" CeeCee and Gina said together. We were walking towards the parking lot, finally I get to go home.

"I told him what I found out."

"And you just blurted it out! You could have at least been a little more Oprah and Dr. Phil and less Jerry on him!" Gina exclaimed. What? Gina's weird sometimes.

"Well, it was either now or never."

"You could have told him later. "CeeCee added.

"And let Jenny have a chance to kill me and stop me, and Paul, no way."

"I still don't get none of this mediator stuff, I thought once you were gone for good, you were gone." CeeCee had a point, I don't get it either. I just feel so bad for her, she likes to know the truth and be certain about it. All this mediator stuff confused her when I told her months ago, when Jesse was alive again.

"Well the only person who can explain is Paul. " Gina pointed out.

"Yeah, but I think I should give him some space for now until the whole dead sister reunion sinks in. " We made it to my car, CeeCee left us to get her ride home with Adam. I ran straight to my bed once we got home and collapsed on to it. Gina came in and opened my window.

"Your mom left a message saying that they'll be coming home late since it's their date night. Dinner is in the oven we just have to reheat. "

"Let's head to the beach, G." I said with a grin. Jake and Brad are still calling her that! It just makes me laugh, but then Gina hangs out with them a lot and I don't even want to know what they do. *shiver* Although, Jake has kind of kept his distance this time.

"Fine but don't you want to attempt some of your homework. You've been slacking and your parents might take your keys away if they find out. "

"Fine, mom. I'm on it. " I said with a groan. Gina gave me a look that said does-this-outfit-make-me-look-old? I laughed. After I finished, I mostly guessed since I had no idea we were even learning that stuff, we headed to the beach. I really needed to relax.


"You ready to go?" I looked up and saw Jesse. I haven't seen Jenny or Paul since Wednesday that was really worrying me. So I told Gina and called Jesse to come to beach on this Thursday night. We all just relaxed, chilled by the waves and tried to forget about the world. We all failed miserably.

"Yeah. " I said looking at the palm trees.

"You sure, we could stay if you want. "

"Nah, I don't want to make Gina feel like a third wheel, and I'm still tired about Sunday anyways. "

"Are you feeling alright, Querida?"

"Yeah, what did you find out about the gunk?" Jesse took the stuff to a medical history teacher. He knows about herbs and all that stuff. Jesse became his favorite student on the first day since Jesse knew a lot about some of the healing properties in plants. Well, duh, he use to use them. So he did a favor for Jesse and found out what was in that container.

"There were some leaves from a Celia tree."

"Never heard of it. "

"Well not a lot of people do considering it's thought to be extinct. There was also Ginger root and rain water from the storm we had last week. "

"Great." I felt a little queasy not a whole lot but I know I'll always react like this when I'll remember it in the future. I stood up to leave. Jesse and I walked together to my car and Gina was sitting in the driver seat of my car.


"What, Jesse didn't tell you?" Gina yelled out the window.

"Again, huh?". What was going on.

"We have something to take care of, Querida. We better get it over with."

"And what would that be?" I said a little excited.

"Jenny of course. What did you think?" Oh, he meant that, ugh. Jesse coupled my face in his hands. His beautiful olive colored hands. "I can't let her be a threat to you anymore. " Aw, I love when he wants to protect me. I wish he wasn't leaving, but what can you do? I'll at least spend every second with him until he leaves, which has to mean something, right?

I gave Jesse a quick kiss and headed to my car to get my bag.
"See ya, G." Gina gave me a look.

"You're never going to let me live it down are you?"

"Not a chance. " I said as I walked away. She started my car and left. I jumped into Jesse's car. We were 10 minutes into the ride when I realized I didn't have a clue on where we were going.

"Wait, where are we heading?" Jesse made a very annoyed face and I knew where we were going.

"Yeah, she would most likely be at Paul's." I said. "I should ask Dr. Slaski about my headache gone MIA."

We arrived at Paul's house and his car wasn't there. I wonder where he went. " I guess we could at least talk to Dr. Slaski. " I said. We walked up to the porch and knocked. His nurse opened the door.

"Oh, I haven't seen that face in a while. " she said.

"Is Dr. Slaski here?" Jesse asked.

"Of course where else would he be? Come in I'll bring him to the living room. " We stepped inside. She left Jesse and me. We just stood there and looked around.

"I haven't been here in a while. " Whoops, did I say that out loud? Jesse gave me a look, guess I did. "What, I haven't. ". The nurse came back with Dr. Slaski in a wheelchair. After what Paul did to him, he got a little weak, but according to Paul, he was improving. And well, I kind of didn't believe him. But now I see he wasn't lying.

"I'll leave you guys so you can chat." The nurse said and left.

"Well, if it isn't the girl who agreed that my grandson was Satan. " Jesse and I glanced at each other. Dr. Slaski started laughing and so did we, very awkwardly. "Will what brings you here, is this the guy you where going back in time for?" I blushed.

"Yup, this is him, alive. "

"Jesse De Silva, nice to meet you. "

"Well back at you, so what brings you to my neck of the woods?" I smiled, he's diffidently changed. He use to play sick so people wouldn't think he was crazy for believing in shifters and ghosts. Look at him now, without a worry in the world.

"We came to ask you if you know of any known cures for using shifter abilities." Jesse said tearing me from my thoughts. Dr. Slaski glanced at us and at the bag containing the stuff that I swallowed in Jesse's hand.

"How did you two find out?" My eyes widened, so there's a cure or remedy.

"Not in the most pleasant way, but we'll get to that later. So there is a remedy?" I asked and my eyebrow raised when he dragged to answer.

"Well, there use to be. But it doesn't work with out one key ingredient, Celia leaves. " I grabbed the bag from Jesse.

"Well, apparently those trees aren't gone after all. " I handed the bag to him.

"Where on earth did you find this!?"

"It was in a container filled of dirty water that I got shoved down me. Which I threw up happily. " Dr. Slaski looked at me.

"You wasted it? "

"Well not really, I took a ghost to the Shadowland and didn't feel bad afterwards."

"So this is the real stuff and it's gone, what a shame. "

"But if those leaves were there then there has to be a tree some where. " I said.

"No, someone could have saved the leaves from a long time ago. "

"That's not true, if they were old even if they were wet, they would have crumbled into pieces, but these didn't so they have to be recent." Jesse made a good point. This caused everybody to got into a deep thought, I was right in the middle of deciding if we were to find the leaves, would I drink it again or gag in horror, when Paul walked through the door and to the living room.

"I knew that wasn't your car, Suze. " Paul said as he walked in and saw Jesse.

"Well, well if it isn't my grandson who finally decided to come home, where have you been?"

"So you weren't home?" I asked. Paul glanced out the window and I knew where he was and so did Jesse since he looked at my gaze and said oh.

"You went to go tell them! Just like that!" I blurted out.

"What?" Dr. Slaski said.

"I had to know from them, they can't keep it from me forever!"

"What are you two talking about?!?" Dr. Slaski yelled.

"I'll explain," Jesse said. " Why don't we go to the kitchen. " Dr. Slaski nodded. Jesse gave me are you okay with it look and I gave him a yeah it's Paul I can handle him look. They left to the kitchen.

"So how did it go?" I said after a silent pause.

"What do you think!" Whoa, I'm guessing not well. Paul's face was full of confusion and hurt.

"Okay, fine then-"

"Sorry, I'm just, I'm just not at the talking stage yet. I need to think. "

"You'll have plenty of time later. Tell me what happened. " He stood there for a moment then took a seat. I did the same. "So,....What did they tell you?"

"They realized that I knew a lot so they didn't even try to deny it. She is my sister and I'm never going to...."

"Know her?"

Paul stood up and paced, a trait apparently he had in common with Jenny. I didn't tell him though. "There's no point all she wants is to kill me. I'm pretty sure bonding isn't on her schedule. "

"Maybe she can scribble it in."

"I don't think that's even a possibility, Suze."

"How do you know that, Paul. You didn't see the look she gave you, I don't think she's ever been that close up to you. Or when you told her she looked like her mom, no one has ever told her that. You didn't see her but I swear, I saw her grin at that. I think we just have to let her cool for awhile. " God, I'm really becoming some type of Dr. Phil. The past can really screw over the future. And I always get stuck in the middle of it. I immediately thought of the reading, "You will confront the past and fix the future." I didn't know I was doing both at the same time.

I left my thoughts and saw Paul was staring at me. "What?"

"When did it happen?"

"When did what happened?"

"When did you decide that violence wasn't the solution when it came to ghosts."

"No I haven't I just think it's only necessary when the ghost really bugs me. "

"I liked the kick-ass Suze better. "

"Ha ha, she can come back right now and show you she hasn't gone anywhere. " I cracked my knuckles which is something I find really creepy, but I did it anyways.

"Never mind."

"Paul, have you seen her since.."

"No, you?"

"No." Disappointment filled his eyes. I couldn't help but feel a little responsible for what was going on. I shouldn't have told him the truth like that.

"Well, changing the subject here, we found a cure, remedy, for using shifter abilities. " His eyes, which were looking out the window, darted my way.

"What?" We went in the kitchen to join Jesse and a very surprised Dr. Slaski. We told Paul about everything. I could feel Jesse was very uncomfortable here, hey he wanted to come here, but I decided to leave anyways because obviously Jenny wasn't here. Where the hell was that girl?


Thank the lord it was Friday. Pro of it being Friday: I get more time to finally spend time with Jesse without interruptions. Con of it being Friday: It means that we are getting closer to the dreaded Sunday of Jesse's departure to college. I really have been trying to block that date out with the whole Jenny dilemma, but it was useless, that day was coming. Ugh, I wish someone would blow up all the schools so I wouldn't have to waste my time there. But not with people in the schools, I mean. That would be tragic, imagine the head of the stature of Ju- never mind his head was already blown up and hit me in the stomach. Wasn't that a fun night?

"Come on Suze, let's go. We're going to be late!" Gina yelled from my room. Her voiced echoed as she entered the bathroom. She looked at me," Suze you aren't even dressed!"

"It won't take me long, G. Go down with the rest of them and wait for me in my car. Can you grab me a bagel?"

"Yeah, just hurry will you." The tone in her voice sounded different. Something was wrong.

"Is something going on, Gina.“ I put on a top, which one?, I have no idea, and looked at Gina.

"Well...,I rather you didn't know anything. It would just creep you out. " What is she talking about?

"Gina, I'm not going to judge you or anything, maybe it depends if we're talking about you hanging out with a psycho path, but if you're not....then there's no reason to keep anything from me. We're best friends we don't keep things from each other. " I could tell Gina was deciding on whether to tell me or not, so I turned to my closet and pulled out some dark wash jeans and my Converse.


"Gina, tell me."

"Fine, I went to second base with Jake." Then she ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

At least somebody was happy that fall......

Yay. I updated! I had a little writer's block but i'm all cleared and ready to finish this. Please commen. Thanks
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YYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luved it as usual!!! PLLEEEAAASSSEEE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

KAYLA!!!!!!!!!! :D
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YYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luved it as usual!!! PLLEEEAAASSSEEE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

KAYLA!!!!!!!!!! :D

Aww thanks, Kayla. I luv your capitalized letters and exclamation points no matter what any one says. :) I'll update when more people comment.

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WOW! I can't believe I've missed this! This was the first fanfiction I ever read on here (not kidding)! I can't believe I forgot about it all this time! I had no idea it was YOU who wrote it! :D Then again I read this when I was a guest so I never was able to comment... :)

Well anyway,

Great story! I really think this is one of my favorites on here! I love to see all the mediator characters after the sixth book! Please update soon! :D I'm really loving it!

PS. Love your writing! Love your style! This is truly amazing! :eusa_clap:


-MEG :heartbeat:

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WOW! I can't believe I've missed this! This was the first fanfiction I ever read on here (not kidding)! I can't believe I forgot about it all this time! I had no idea it was YOU who wrote it! :D Then again I read this when I was a guest so I never was able to comment... :)

Well anyway,

Great story! I really think this is one of my favorites on here! I love to see all the mediator characters after the sixth book! Please update soon! :D I'm really loving it!

PS. Love your writing! Love your style! This is truly amazing! :eusa_clap:


-MEG :heartbeat:

Wow, how long has this been up then. I don't even remember. It feels like you've been a member here since forever.
I love that I was your first fanfic, that really means a lot to people. I'll update as soon as I can. Promise!

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Wow, how long has this been up then. I don't even remember. It feels like you've been a member here since forever.
I love that I was your first fanfic, that really means a lot to people. I'll update as soon as I can. Promise!

Strangely enough I've only been a member for seven months...:P Haha. But a lot can happen in that time. :D

But I'm serious though! I can't believe I found this story again. Its really freaking me out in a good way. :D



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:mgwave: Yeah, um...I've really got nothing to say right now. Chapter 10...tada! :a_smil08:

Chapter 10

Ok, I'll admit it. I was shocked, yeah I suspected they had something going on, but I really didn't believe it deep down inside. And I didn't think they were doing that in his room. But I really wasn't mad at Gina, yeah it rather grossed me out, but Jake isn't my blood brother so I was okay with it until Gina shouted something from the bathroom.

"Um...Suze," I put my ear on the door, her voice sounded muffled.


"That was kind of last time I came.” What the hell!! Why didn't she tell me!
Yeah last time she came, I was kind of occupied with the whole Michael and RLS Angels thing but come on. This was BIG! This was HUGE!

"Let me guess, this time she went all the way." A voice said behind me. I turned to see the person I suspected to see, Jenny. "What not happy to see me?" I walked over to the wall by my window and leaned on it. God we are already late as it is and then Jenny has to come, somebody please tell me why my life has to be so complicating?

"Gina come out of the bathroom, and go tell Andy (my mom was already at work) that I'm not going to school. Tell him I have really bad cramps." Gina came out with a confused face.

"So you're not mad at me?" I turned to face Gina.

"Now's not a good time, I have a visitor. We'll talk later." Gina looked around and sighed.

"Talk to you later then." She grabbed her shoulder bag and left. I slumped down to the floor and sat there just staring straight. I kind of wasn't lying about the cramp thing, my stomach hurt but not in a cramp way, it just really hurt and I already took Tylenol.

"Well then you didn't answer my question, Suze. Aren't you happy to see me?"

"Jenny don't be ignorant you know the answer already." Jenny started talking in a very sarcastic and offended tone. "Well then I see how it is, fine then have it that way."

"Jenny, I didn't mean it that way; you know ghosts just pester you until they get what they want. I was talking about ghosts in general."

"Please, don't lie, you know I just push all the right buttons." She said with a grin. I stayed silent, I really was not feeling good. "What's wrong with you, is another ghost bothering you? You replaced me already! Wow gone for a couple a days and this happens..."

"Jenny, what do you want?" I really wasn't in the mood for her, and it seemed like my stomach was getting worse by the second.

"Really that's all you have to ask me? You don't want to know how I left the Shadowland." This got my attention so I looked up. "I thought it would." She walked over to me and took a seat on the floor right in front of me. "You know you should ask Paul more about shifters instead of wasting brain cells on me.“

"What are you talking about?"

"Shifter ghosts, you and I, well you eventually, get special privileges, like being able to decide when we want to leave this glories world. So, I easily said peace out to the gatekeeper and came back. Sucky thing about it is I ended back in NY. Oh well beggars can't be choosers." She said with a sigh. "Well I got to go; I have things to take care of, just stopped by to tell you about it." She stood up. The most suspicious look she had, it just..., it looked like when she told Jesse and me everything. It was so devious and it screamed you-don't-have-a-clue-of-what's-coming.

"Jenny wait." I yelled, but she didn't instead she just dematerialized with a "see ya". Oh, and that stupid smirk! I let out a frustrated sigh; I'm never going to get rid of her. I got up to get my keys and phone to head to Paul's house when Andy opened the door.

"Hey kiddo, feeling alright?"

"Yeah, just not enough to make it through school." I really was feeling uncomfortable discussing this, because the bottom line is we're talking about my period-even though my stomach ache has nothing to do with that but I think he think it does-so I awkwardly changed the subject. "Are you heading out today, Andy?"

"I have a commercial to fill so I'll be heading out in couple of minutes, but I'll be back don't worry I won't take long. I'll come straight home and won't stay for the editing.". No, I have to leave!

"No, there's no need for that I can take care of my self, take your time."

"Are you sure, because I'll be back in a flash."

"No, really. I'll be fine." I smiled.

"Okay then, I'll be probably won't be back until three then, if you need anything just call."

"Okay, see ya then.” Andy turned to leave and I headed to my dresser to get my purse and waited for the sound of Andy's car leaving the driveway to head outside. I was about to jump into my car when I realized, everybody would notice my disappearance. So instead, I walked to the nearest intersection to get a cab. When I arrived at Paul's house, I noticed an aqua Nissan Altima parked in the driveway. I also noticed Paul in the doorway with Cameron and a short, less buff, and less hot version of Paul. As I walked up the doorway, the kid immediately recognized me, ran to me, and hugged my legs.

"Suze, it's you!"

"Hi Jack. What are you doing here?"

"We came to visit, Paul and grandpa." I take it by we, he meant his parents too. Cam and Paul walked over to us.

"Suze, what are you doing here?" Cam said as she hugged me in a greeting way not in that lovey dobby suffocating way.

"Um..." Well I came to beat Jenny to Paul's house was what I was doing but no way was I going to tell her that. Instead, I completely changed the subject. "Aren't you suppose to be at school, Cam?"

"I am but I'm doing a project with the whole newspaper crew so we're going to meet at by the Clutch. So since I haven't heard from Paul since Wednesday, I came over to see him before, I'll just say I got a flat or something if they ask why I took long." She stopped for a moment as a thought entered her head. “Aren’t you suppose to be at school, Suze?"

Dam! I was kind of avoiding that question because really, I can't just go out in the open and say 'Oh I came to see if Jenny was around since she finally reappeared again. Oh, who's Jenny? She's just Paul's dead sister who happens to be a ghost now and is out to kill Paul and his family. Hey, do you want to go to the clutch later? Hey, why are you looking at me like that? Hey who called the guys with the needles…?’

See not really a good conversation especially considering that she doesn't even no that Paul or me are mediators, or believe in ghosts. Actually, I don't know if she believes in ghosts or not, I've never asked her. Then again when does someone ask something like this out of the blue.

"Oh, I wasn't feeling well so I didn't go to school, stomach ache."

She crossed her arms. "So why are you here and not at home?" Good question, no wonder CeeCee let her join the paper. I didn't have to answer it though since Jack grabbed me and started dragging my arm and the rest of me to Paul's house yelling.

"Suze, come on! I want to show you something! It's cool! Come on, Suze!" I threw Cam an apologetic look as Jack dragged me away.

"Sorry Cam. Talk to you another time!"

"Wait!" She yelled as she dug in her bag and pulled out a zip lock bag with what looked liked herbs in it. She gave it to Paul and started talking to him, I couldn't hear since I was practically at the door, and already walked-more like dragged though that kid was strong for an eight year old-up the long driveway. She gave Paul a kiss, walked to her car, and drove away.

"Suze, come on!" Jack yelled as we made are way to the kitchen where I finally tugged my arm and let go of Jack. "Suze, come-"

"What do you want!" He was a little startled by my yell.

"Suze, I want to show you something really cool I found. After we left the hotel last summer, we went to New York and stayed in this hotel that part of it was a museum. It had really old rooms and we went to go take a tour and-"

"Jack get to the point."

"Well, while no one was looking I sneaked off and was messing around in a room with a book shelf and found this," He turned to grab a bag that was on chair and pulled out a really old journal. "It was in a hole in the wall and I took it. I didn't tell anyone about it, I was going to tell Paul but he was ignoring me then and now he always seems kind of sad so I was waiting until I saw you again. Isn't it cool!"

I grabbed the journal, started flipping through it, stopped at a random page, and read it.

Dear Diary,
The most terrible thing happened, my package was stolen. The new dress I bought was in there and-

Blah, another Maria-ish letter worried over a dress. I read plenty of that already. I flipped back to the first page where it said

Property of:
Eliza Anne Simon

My jaw dropped. Could it be? Could this belong to an ancestor of mine.
"Was I right?" Jack asked. "That lady has the same last name as you, right?" I looked at Jack, his gaze was locked on me and then dropped to my neck.

He started pointing at my neck and yelling, "Hey that's the key from the picture!" I looked down at him and then looked at the key that I found in my room, it almost barely left my neck. I don't know why but I felt that I might loose it if I took it off, and I don't know something deep down was telling me that wouldn't be a good thing.

I took off the key necklace, "Is this what you're talking about?" Jack ignored me, grabbed the journal from my hand, flipped to the back, and took out a picture from a hidden pocket. He held it up to me right below my nose.

"Look, this is a picture of the lady! Look! It has her name on the bottom!" I placed my necklace on the silver counter top. I grabbed the picture and my eyes went straight to her neck, where just like Jack said hung the key used as a necklace just like I was doing. It hung on her neck with the same chain I threw out when I found it weeks ago, but this chain wasn't rusted. This chain looked beautiful, completely different compared to what it rusted to. Well from what I could tell from this miniature portrait. They apparently didn't have cameras when Eliza was alive.

And Eliza, she looked pretty considering no such thing as Covergirl existed. She had the same chestnut colored hair like mine except her was longer since she had it up in this massive bun. She was pretty much good looking considering the cream hoop skirt dress, in other cases it would have made her look just ridiculous-example Maria's sorry excuse for a dress-but this dress just complemented her. Her eyes, I mean. They were violet and she really looked stunning. Her eyes were the big burst of color in the picture.

Wait, what am I saying, why in the world did Jack find this? And if this was in NY, why was the key in my room? How did it end up there.

"Suze, she's related to you right, that's why you have the necklace. It was passed down to you." He grabbed the necklace and looked at it. "Hey, it's missing its jewels. " I looked down at Jack like if he was insane. Which I'm pretty sure he is. What jewels? What in the world was he talking about now.

"Jack, what, what are you talking about?" Jack looked at me very frustrated.

"The jewels are missing, look at the picture, Suze. Haven't you noticed?"

Geez, Jack, I just barely saw this picture. You just barely almost shoved it up my nose. But I didn't tell him this, all though I should have this kid got annoying over these months, I just grabbed the Key from his hands.

"Let me see, Jack" I looked from the picture to the Key. I noticed a lot of things I should have noticed before. I've been wearing it on the wrong side the whole time.

Well, I can be pretty ignorant sometimes.

The metal part of the flower on top was suppose to cradle jewels. In the picture-or would this be a portrait-the flower had violet jewels, each petal its own jewel. The Key I'm holding has petals that look like an ice cream scooper, a little less curved and deep but still suppose to hold something. And also, there's suppose to be a little stone in the middle of the flower, but it obviously isn't there like the flower.

Why are they missing?

"Suze!" Paul's voice echoed as he headed to the kitchen. My immediate reaction made me shove the journal in my bag and glare at Jack and say,
“Not a word, got it.”

"But, why-" Jack's face expression was full of confusion as I cut him off.

"I said not a word. I'll deal with it, and I mean it, Jack, not a word." I know no harm will come if Paul knows, but he just has a lot to deal with and heck, if I don't know what's going on, I should figure it out first, not Paul.

Paul entered the kitchen with a suspicious look on his face.
"What." Jack said as he shrugged and left the room. Thanks Jack. I don't know if I was being sarcastic or not with that.

Paul kept eyeing me suspiciously.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing, um, Cam just wanted to give you this since you weren't feeling great.” Paul placed the bag of herbs I saw Cam give him, on the table.

"Oh, well tell her thanks," I held the bag and dangled it from my hand. "Um, what am I suppose to do with it?"

"Make some tea, it's pretty good. She made some for me, and it made me feel good."

"I don't know if I should, I have a thing against herbs now." Paul chuckled and slightly rolled his eyes.

"Right, you and leaves.”

"Shut up will ya. You know I could always barf on you."

"You could but you wouldn't." Paul said with a smirk.

"Oh, and how do you know that?" I asked with curiosity.

"I just have a feeling." Paul walked over to sit next to me on one of the counter chairs.

"So, what brings-" he stopped mid-sentence and picked up the necklace and picture-or portrait whatever-and looked at me. "What's this?" He asked but he answered himself when he read the bottom of the portrait.
"Eliza Anne Simon, is she, she's your relative."

Okay, no damage done right, he found out, oh well. But I really didn't want him to know about the necklace, the Key. That's my little secret for various reasons, one being I figured out when it might be handy, and I not talking about using it as a necklace. This new discovering, the Key and I have a link, it belonged to a family member. Even though I won't use it for THAT, I'll have it just in case. But trust me I'm not going to go for the stupidest things, a girl only has a certain amount of brain cells. And I stupidly left it right there in the open.

"What's this?" he glanced at the picture. "How did you find the necklace, and the picture?"

"Ugh, long story, can't I just answer your first question?" I put my head down, my stomach started hurting again and it brought a friend, a headache.


"I'll tell you when I figure it out."

"Fine, well answer the first question...Suze are you okay?"

"Paul, you ask too many questions."
I lifted my head. He looked at me strangely.

"Suze, are you feeling okay? You look a little green."

"Really?" I jumped off to go find a mirror, and felt a little dizzy. Paul got up, steadied me and sat me right back down. He grabbed the bag off the counter.

"Let me make you that tea. Do you want to go to go lay down somewhere?" I looked at him, Paul's niceness is something so peculiar to me. I'm still not use to it. I would have never imagined before that the sentence, "Let me make you tea.", would come out of Paul. If you had told me that before, I would have called you mental.

"Na, I want to die right here on the counter." I put my head back on the counter.

"Suit yourself." Ha, I knew it was too good to be true. We were quiet, I had no idea why he wasn't asking me anything. Well, until it clicked, and remember I left the necklace and portrait right in the open. I lifted my head and I was right. Paul was deep in thought, looking at them both, when the kettle started whistling really loud. He poured some tea in a light green mug. Finally, some color around here.

I drank it and I swear it was like magic in a cup. Literally, less than five minutes later, I felt so much better. Paul and I had a good conversation, in fact, I haven't had a normal conversation in a while. I asked him about when he was going to give Cam the locket. And today is the big anniversary! He said he was going to order in and eat dinner here and surprise! Pop, out the necklace. And the rest is improvising from there.

"Okay, Paul, where the hell did Cam get this stuff. It's the best tea I've ever had. It's like magic in a cup!" Did I just say that?

"I don't know, but I love that stuff too. It just made me feel so much better."

"Right,.......you know, I really like that girl. If you hurt her, you're dead Paul." I grinned as I sipped the last of my cup.

"Don't worry, Simon. That's not going to happen anytime soon." Paul said and returned my grin with one of his signature mischievous smiles. Haven't seen those in a while.

"It better not." I gave him a very threatening look.

"I'm shaking with fear," Paul said sarcastically. I got up to pour myself some more tea, and Paul asked me,

"Hey, Simon?"

"Yeah?" I sipped from my cup.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but why are you here again?" All of Jenny's re-arrival came back into my head and made me almost choke. And not to mention the thought of Gina and Jake made me almost want to cough to death-no offense Gina, but really, I don't need those images in my head-, almost. Which I almost did if Paul hadn't gotten up and patted me on the back.

"Whoa, what's going on?" Paul asked as he patted my back, again.

I glanced at the clock, when I left the house it was a quarter before nine, it was almost twelve. Where is she?

"Oh, well, it's just that...how could this have slipped my mind? Um, it's just that..." I rambled.

Paul expression changed. I could hear the click in his head. "She's back isn't she." I swallowed.


"Where is she Suze?"

"Not a clue." Paul paced around.

"I have to talk to her." My head turned to see him.

"Are you sure you want to see her now that you,...you know,...well that you know she's your sister?"

"I have to, I have to know why? What happened exactly? I want details and she's the only one who going to give them to me. I have to know why exactly she hates me." He stopped pacing and looked at me.

He asked. "Wouldn't you want to know?"

"Of course, but I'm just going to say, Paul," I looked into his eyes and the most serious look I can. "Be prepared for what you're going to hear, you won't like it and please don't blame your self or your parents. Things happen, are destinies are already set. You can't change that." Did I just say that? This is garbage I don't even really believe it or do I? I guess some of the stuff Father Dom said finally stuck.

"What are you talking about?" Ha, that's what I'm saying. He walked right in front of me and stopped. When I looked up are faces were inches apart. "You know something, don't you Suze?"

"I'm not the person to tell you Paul," I walked to the other side of the counter where my bag was. "Jenny's the person you need to talk to. All I'm trying to say is that yeah, she suffered and there's nothing you or anyone could've done. It's not your fault, don't believe that." I walked to the kitchen doorway. "I have to go before Andy finds out I'm gone. Say bye to Jack for me."

"Wait, Suze-" Paul tried to say something but I cut him off.

"Oh, and also Paul, good luck tonight and don't screw things up." And with that I turned, headed to the door and left.

I got home just when my mom called to check up on me. I spent the rest of the day being a complete bum and relaxed. I deserve some time to relax after everything I go through. It was my turn to not give a dam about the world. I enjoyed those hours, but they didn't last because David came with my homework-really what's the point there, don't we do enough of that in school?-,but that was my least of my worries. Especially, what happened later. My day of relaxing really went downhill from there. Well what do you expect, my life is anything but relaxing.

Run, run, run. That's all my mind says to do, run and don't look back. I trip and fall flat on my face. I look around, someone's behind the tree. I can feel it.

I don't know when I'll post Chapter 11, but I don't think I'll post it next week. I'll be pretty busy. Please comment, your feedback will really help me thanks! :spinstar:
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