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Posted 15 February 2014 - 11:58 PM

Synopsis: This is the story of Livie. She is among the world's most elite in Manhattan, but then she ends up face first in the small little town of Cape Vernon, Massachusetts. She is the new IT girl, not to mention this princess has many new suitors. Who will she choose to love when every guy is pining after her?

 *Please enjoy this story! Positive criticism only!*


             I never thought I would be here. I figured I would always live in the hustle and bustle of New York City. I don’t like this new place, its quiet and has no mall. No Starbuck’s. No subways or taxis on every corner. No hot dog stands. No authentic New York style pizza. No Broadway shows. And what’s worse - no friends. Just a small town on the Massachusetts coast, welcome to Cape Vernon, Massachusetts – or as I like to call it, Cape Hell Hole.

            The drive from Boston train station to my “new” home was a long one it seemed like; maybe, because I didn’t want to be there. I don’t understand why we had to pick up our entire lives and move to his hometown. I want to be back in Manhattan where I belong. I attended the most elite private school in New York, not some public school. I am among the most elite celebrities at all the clubs and galas. Plus, I don’t even like Jack. I can’t stand the way he’s trying to replace my dad.

            “Honey, aren’t you excited to start your new life here?” my mom asked from the passenger seat.

            “And don’t worry; we saved the biggest room for you. Kenny and Shane picked out their rooms and are unpacking as we speak. They’re so excited to be here,” Jack said.

            Kenny is my fourteen year old brother and Shane is my eight year old brother. Kenny is the typical school jock – football, wrestling, baseball – but not entirely a meathead. Shane is your typical eight year old boy – excited about everything, doesn’t know any better, and has big, unrealistic dreams. And then there’s me. I get good grades, nice, sweet, and popular, always loved by everyone, homecoming queen three years in a row. I love shopping and designer things, sparkly things like jewelry, and anything girly. I’m head cheerleader and black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I’m not the type of person you want to mess with.

            We drove pass a sign that read, “Welcome to Cape Vernon population 5,374” Jack drove through what I believed was town square. Little shops and salons lined both sides of the street. There was a banner over city hall stating the town has recently celebrated its 220th birthday. They’re famous for their fudge and fishing, weird combination. We drove another block or two before we turned onto Anarbor Way.

            The house we stopped in front of was gorgeous. According to my mom they remodeled it so there’s a basement/game room/home theater, ten bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, dining hall, enormous kitchen with a secret wine cave, two living rooms, a sun room, a library, a club room complete with stocked bar, DJ booth and all the dance club amenities, a pool and pool house, playground, rose garden, tree house, and a private beach/dock that is shared with the neighbors.

            “Welcome to Ellewood Mansion, Livie,” Jack said. “This house was built by my family right after the Civil War.” The house was a huge Victorian mansion with a face lift. This was nothing like my penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Thank goodness I was able to talk my mom into keeping the penthouse.

            “That’s cool,” I say grabbing my Prada tote bag and Luis Vuitton suitcases from the trunk. Boxes are everywhere when I walk inside; I ended up tripping on my mom’s antique rug from Milan. Thanks for leaving it right in the middle of the hallway.

            “Let me show you to your room, Liv,” my mom says. I follow my mom through the foyer and up the spiraling staircase to the second, then third floor. My room and two guest rooms and bathrooms, reserved for my friends of course were the only things on the third floor. My brothers’ rooms and my mom and Jack’s room are on the second floor. We stopped just outside my door on the landing. The double doors read ‘Olivia’. I was happy to have an entire floor to myself.

            My mom had obviously decorated my room to make me more comfortable. The color scheme was my favorite colors – light turquoise, lavender and white. The room was curved with large bay windows that looked over the backyard and ocean. I had French doors that led to a wrap-around balcony. The walls were lavender and white print wallpaper. The curtains, window seats, lamps, and pillows went along with the color scheme. My comforter was turquoise with lavender and white paisley pattern. There were boxes around labeled things like CDs, clothes, stuffed animals, etc.

            “So you have your own bathroom through that hallway, and your closet is right through there with your dresser and jewelry.” My mom says pointing to the different entryways. We walk into the closet and it was like a second room. There’s a vanity table on the far wall for makeup, on both sides of the table is a whole jewelry display. On one side there was revolving clothes racks and dresser drawers. There was a whole wall dedicated for shoes and the last open space was full of cubbies for purses. My mother had signs everywhere so I knew what to put where – she even labeled a table with hooks on the wall above it as the ‘bra hangers’ and ‘panty table’.  The room was perfection.

            “Mom, this is amazing. Thank you,” I said hugging her.

            “Yeah, I know I did an amazing job,” she says flattering herself. “Okay, so your Smart TV is all hooked up to the satellite, DVR, Blu-Ray, Netflix, and surround system. You have your own phone line. And your brand new Mac desktop is all setup on your desk for you.”

            “Well, I should get started unpacking,” I say opening a box.

            “Okay, well unpack everything, put up all your pictures, etc. and we’ll give you your special gift later.” She said with a wink before turning and walking out of the room.

            Unpacking was long tedious work. It took me until 5:30 to fully unpack everything. I disposed of all the boxes in the hallway. The sun was just starting to set, but not too much. I sat on my window seat and gazed out at the ocean. The pool lights flickered on and suddenly the color of the pool began changing colors from violet to blue to yellow to green to red to pink and then back to violet.

            From my room I could get a clear view of everything. I noticed a white gazebo in the middle of the rose garden. A sailboat sat on the horizon. Seagulls lined all the docks, waiting, just waiting for the sun to reappear the next morning. I saw two little girls playing on a tire swing at the house to my left. Then there was a boy. He was running along the beach in basketball shorts and a sweatshirt, eyes only on that was in front of him. He looked in my direction, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me.

            “Liv, honey, dinner is ready,” my mom said over the intercom.

            As I walk downstairs I think of all that has happened in the most recent years. I really don’t understand what’s been going on. Jack has been trying to buy our love. My mom is a worldwide bestseller and screen writer, so we’re always been kind of spoiled. But Jack comes from old money, the type from the early nineteenth century; he was also some major stock broker on Wall Street – which also makes no sense as to why we moved three and a half hours away.

            All he seems to do is buy us things, even when he started dating my mother. For my seventeenth birthday he bought me a Tiffany diamond tennis bracelet, earrings, and necklace. He had bought Kenny a whole new set of baseball equipment for his thirteenth birthday. And for Shane’s birthday – he got a PlayStation 3. Not to mention my mom’s Harry Winston engagement ring was huge.


            “So do you like it?” they asked smiling.

            “Of course” I say looking at the car in the driveway.

            “We had the windows tinted for you, for more privacy,” Jack says.

            “Well thanks, I really love it.” And that’s the truth. What teenager wouldn’t enjoy a brand new 2014 Range Rover Sport? Jack handed me a single key with a crystal encrusted key chain that read ‘Olivia’. I don’t understand why they are trying to butter me up, but it’s definitely working. I was just fine with my 2012 Porsche Panamera. “Do I still get to keep my Porsche?”

            “Yes. You should take it for a spin Livie,” my mom said. I would but I might never come back. “You can go pick up some groceries for breakfast tomorrow. Here’s money and a list of what I need.”

            “Okay…” I say taking the money and list skeptically. I climbed in my new car. I wanted to just drove away and never come back, but I figured I should at least get the groceries for my mom before running away to Manhattan.

            I drove down the long driveway and through the house gates. My new street was long. Houses lined both sides of the street, but they were a lot smaller than my new “home”. This place wasn’t home; home is in a penthouse apartment in Upper Eastside Manhattan.

            The city plaza wasn’t very busy. I felt out of place driving my new Range Rover when everything around me was trucks and older cars, the newest was probably a 2008. I spotted the market on the corner, parked and walked in. I made sure to get absolutely everything on my mom’s list, or else she would send me back. The cashier wasn’t paying attention when I got to the register. I cleared my throat to get his attention.

            “Hello. Did you find everything alright?” he asked turning around.

            “Yes,” I managed to get out. It was the boy who was running down the beach. He was cuter up close; he had short blond hair and blue-grey eyes, with a perfect smile.

            “That’s good,” he said smiling. “You must be Olivia. Didn’t you just move into the Ellewood Mansion?”

            “How do you know so much about me and I know nothing about you?” I flirted.

            “Well your key chain says ‘Olivia’ and I saw you get out of the car this morning when you first got here this morning. My parents went to school with your stepdad.”

            “That’s cool.”

            “Can I help you out to your car?” he asked.

            “Sure,” I say with my flirty smile.

            “My name is Tanner by the way,” he said. “And I live next door to you.”

            “Obviously, unless you’re stalking me of course,” I joke.

            “I’m not the stalking type, no matter how pretty the girl is,” he smiled. Wow he is so flirting. He’s pretty cute, but…”So are you free tomorrow? Maybe we can hang out?” he sure was feeling lucky.

            “I think I’m busy tomorrow. Sorry. Maybe some other time,” I reply dangling the bait in front of him.

            “Yeah of course,” he fell for the bait. Hook. Line. Sinker “Well, have a good night. See you around.”

            I said bye, got into my car and drove home as the market grew smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror.

            “Honey did you find the store okay?” my mom asks when I bring in the groceries.


            “Did you meet anyone your age?”

            It was if she knew and had planned me meeting Tanner. “Yes.”

            “Guy or girl?”

            “Guy,” oh lord I should have lied. Now I will have to tell her every aspect of my short trip.

            “Does he live nearby?”

            “It’s Tanner from next door.”

            “He’s a cutie,” my mom winked. Holy hell she totally planned the entire thing.

            “Whatever mom; I’ll be in my room,” I said grabbing my purse and heading upstairs.

            I blasted my music and slipped into my silky PJs and robe. I sat on my balcony and gazed out into the pitch black horizon. As I walk around the balcony to the front yard I see Tanner pulling into his driveway, but he didn’t notice me through the trees.

            That night I couldn’t sleep. It must be the fact that I was sleeping in a new room. I ended up falling asleep to the TV.


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:01 AM


            “Good morning Olivia!” my mom said bursting through my door with a breakfast tray in hand. “I made you some sourdough toast, cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage, and your usual hazelnut cappuccino. “Come sit with me on the porch.”

            “Yeah, I guess,” I say forcing myself out of bed.

            “How’d you sleep sweetie?”

            “Sucky. I miss my old life. I need to move back,” I say sipping my coffee and taking a bite of my eggs.

            “Well you can’t. You’re just going to have to get used to this adjustment.”

            “Which is never going to happen.”

            “Well sucks to suck. Have a good breakfast I’m off to see my publicist to figure out my next book tour, which will be happening very soon. Have a nice day and don’t give anyone grief. I love those pajamas by the way,” she said with a wink. She has always been and will always be the cool mom – which is why I have been allowed to have locks on all my doors, boys stay over, stay out as late as I want, not come home, stay at boys’ houses, which is why I was the beauty queen party girl of Manhattan.

            Watching the beach, Kenny was stretching getting ready for a run, like he does every morning. Shane ran out of the house only to rush up into the treehouse. Then Tanner appeared. He said hi to Kenny before heading into the pool-house. He returned with pool cleaning supplies. Oh wow, he’s our pool boy? I watched him continuously as he poured the chlorine into the pool.

            I had finished my breakfast and coffee so I took my tray downstairs to the kitchen. The calendar on the refrigerator said ‘Mom and Dad Boson appointment’ right around when we are supposed to start school. I wonder what that means. Hopefully counseling; I hate it here. I’m ready to move back to Manhattan.

            “Hey Olivia.” I jumped about ten feet backwards. It was Tanner.

            “Wow. Don’t do that again!” I say. “So what do you need?”

            “Your mom said my payment would be in the kitchen, and to just grab it when I was done cleaning the pool,” he said.

            “Well, I think she forgot to leave the money so I’ll just pay you,” I say heading upstairs to my room as he followed closely behind. “So how much is it?”

            “Just twenty,” he said. I pulled the money from my wallet and handed him the bill. “Thanks, but are you sure that I’m not taking your allowance or something?”

            “Allowance?” I laughed. “I don’t get allowance. Jack just gives us money to buy our love.”

            “Oh I did not know that.” We sat down on my couch. “So are you still busy today?”

            “Very,” I say giving him a cocky smile.

            “You don’t seem very busy,” he said.

            “Not yet anyways. So what are we up to today exactly?” I say with a sly smile.

            “Well we can get to know one another.”

            “Okay shoot.”

            “Full name?”

            “Olivia Faith Carlisle. And you?”

            “Tanner Aaron Henkle. Birthday?”

            “March 24, you?”

            “July 31. Nickname?”

            “Livie, Liv, you?”

            “I don’t have any. Pets?”

            “None. You?”

            “Fish and a dog. Best friend?”

            “Jennifer McNulty. You?”

            “Trever Bellucci. Siblings?”

            “Kenny, 14, and Shane 8.”

            “Emmaliee, 4, Gabriela, 8, Macy, 9, and twins Conner and Adam, 14.”

            “Wow, big family. Soda?”


            “Gross! Dr. Pepper all the way!”

            “Yeah whatever,” he said. I don’t know how but suddenly we were very close. So very close.

            “Well then, I must get going. Maybe we can meet up again later. I have this Skype meeting I have in like half an hour, so I have to make sure I look presentable. Sorry.”

            “It’s okay, see you around,” he said getting up and leaving. As soon as the door shut I ran into my closet and started putting on fresh clothes. I needed to look cute if Tanner and I were going to be hanging out more. By the time I was done I looked pretty cute - pink chiffon and white lace sundress with a turquoise belt and brown strappy Marc Jacobs’s wedges.

            I went over to Tanner’s house. I knocked on the door. Mrs. Henkle answered. “Hi, can I help you?”

            “Hi is Tanner home?” I asked sweetly.

            “Yes, he’s out back. Follow me,” she said letting me in.

            We walked into the living room and out the back door. Tanner was sitting at the base of a large oak tree.

            “Have fun,” Mrs. Henkle says going back into the house. Tanner didn’t once look up from his notepad. He was concentrating so hard on whatever it was he was doing. I walked over and sat down across from him.

            “Hey,” I said smiling.

            He looked up from the notepad, mumbled “hi”, and then was back to his notebook. He wouldn’t look at me. He barely blinked. His hand moved vigorously across the page. I couldn’t tell what he was doing. I was growing impatient. I went to get up and leave, but Tanner said “Don’t move.”

            I looked at him puzzled. I sat back down, “Turn your head to the right a little. Tilt your head up a little,” he said before going back to the notebook.

            “What are you doing?” I ask.

            “Stay still,” he said not averting his eyes from the page.

            I sat still. I watched him as he moved his hand all around the page. He wouldn’t show me the page. I was super curious about what was going on his page. “Can you please show me what your drawing or writing,” I asked.

            “Nope, now please stop moving,” he said not looking at me.

            “Are you like mad at me or something?”

            “No,” he said glancing up with a look of hurt on his face.

            “Then why won’t you look at me?” I pouted.

            “I just did,” he laughed as he glanced at me. “Stop pouting, it’s ruining the picture.”

            I stopped pouting. I stopped talking. I stopped moving. I wanted to see the drawing. What if he was drawing me abstractly? What if he was drawing me as the devil?

            “Okay, I’m done,” he said looking up from his sketchpad.

            “Am I allowed to see?” I asked. He showed me the sketch. “Tanner it’s amazing.” And it was.

            He had drawn me standing by the open trunk of Jack’s car. I was holding my Prada tote and looking up at the house with a shy, scared, irritated look on my face. He included every detail including my Marc Jacobs’s sundress, Jimmy Choo heels, and Tiffany jewelry.

            “I want to add some color,” Tanner says as I continue to marvel at the masterpiece.

            “It’s perfect just the way it is,” I say handing him his sketchbook back.

            “It’s for you.”

            “I get to keep it?”

            “Yes, it’s a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift.”

            “Well thank you,” I say taking the picture from him, “So what are we going to do today?”

            “Well let me go grab my camera. You go grab your car keys and meet me by your car,” he said.


            “Okay so what are we doing?” I asked as Tanner walked towards my car.

            “You just got a brand new car and you’re sitting on the hood? That ruins the car you know,” he said ignoring my question.

            “What are we doing?” I said getting off my car.

            “Give me the keys, I’m driving. Don’t argue or I’m going to have to tie you up in the backseat,” he joked as he opened the passenger side door for me.

            I handed him the keys as I slid into the passenger seat and said,” I like it dirty,” with a wink. He just laughed as he got in.

            He drove through the mansion’s gates and into town. He didn’t speak until he stopped in front of the high school I would soon be attending. “Cape Vernon High School, home of the Wildcats,” he said turning off the car. “Let’s go.” We got out and walked to the school sign. “Lean your back against the sign and look up at the sky,” he said smiling and taking out his camera.

            After the picture was taken, we walked into the main school hall. Lockers lined the walls. It was empty because of summer, but fliers and posters still plastered all the walls. I continued walking as Tanner fell behind. I heard him snapping pictures the entire way. He ended up showing me the entire campus, posing me in every different part of campus. In the quad there is a giant wildcat statue. I walked over and climbed on top of it. He snapped a picture as I laughed and tried to get back down.

            “Ready for our next stop on our tour of Cape Vernon?” he said as we climbed into the car.

            “Sure thing, but I’m starving.”


            “Welcome to Bob’s Backyard Burger! Home to the world record thirty pound burger!” the hostess said cheerfully. “Please follow me to your table.” We were at one of the restaurants downtown.  The place didn’t seem to have a theme other than town history. It was just a little hole in the wall. It seemed to be a very popular place though.

            “I hope the food is good,” I say sliding into the booth.

            “Don’t worry, it is,” Tanner says.

            “Welcome to Bob’s Backyard Burger! My name is Wendy, and I will be your waitress for the afternoon. Can I start you off with an appetizer; maybe some Mighty Mozzarella Sticks or some Zucchini Zingers?”

            “One order of the Mighty Mozzarella Sticks please,” Tanner said. The waitress left and a waiter appeared.

            “Hey Tanner; who’s this lovely lady?” he said.

            “Olivia Carlisle,” Tanner replied. “She just moved into the Ellewood manor.”

            “An Ellewood? Must be nice,” he said. “I’m Anthony by the way.”

            “Indirectly; my step-dad is an Ellewood,” I said.

            He nods, “So what can I get you two to drink?”

            “Water,” I say.

            “Pepsi,” Tanner replied.

            “Okay, I’ll be right back with your drinks,” Anthony said before disappearing.

            “So are you enjoying yourself today?” Tanner asked.

            “Yes,” I said smiling. Snap another picture.

            “I don’t know what to order,” I say looking at my menu.

            “Order a number three,” Tanner said looking at the menu.

            “A chili, bacon, cheeseburger with a side of Bob’s Glorious Garlic Fries? That’s a heart attack waiting to happen.”

            “Just order it, it’s amazing, you’ll love it.”

            And he was right. The burger was absolutely delicious. Of course, Tanner was snapping pictures of my first bite and reaction. The pictures better not be blackmail.

            “Ready?” he asked once I got my doggie bag.

            “Yep, let’s go pay,” I say pulling out my wallet.

            “Liv, this is my dad’s restaurant. It’s on the house,” Tanner said.

            “Oh okay.”


            The Cape Vernon Lighthouse was pretty. The ocean was pretty. It was all pretty, just not in my new Marc Jacobs wedges.

            “You expect me to walk on the beach in these wedges?” I cried stopping just before the sand.

            “Then take them off,” Tanner called walking onto the beach. I took off my shoes and sprinted towards Tanner – which is very hard to do in a sundress. “Good, now go over to the water and pose,” Tanner said pointing to a spot close to the water. I mumbled some swear words in French as I walked close to the water. He kept snapping pictures.

            “Why do you only take pictures of me?” I asked.

            “Because you’re beautiful,” he said.

            “Let’s get a picture together,” I say taking the camera away from him and placing it on his tripod and setting the timer. “Kay pose!” And with that he dipped me and planted a kiss on my lips.

            “Kodak moment,” he said as he looked into my eyes. “Let me show you the lighthouse.” He took my hand. All I could do was nod. I was still speechless from the kiss. I don’t know what to make of it.

            It was a long climb up the spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse. There were no windows, just walls. Lanterns lined the walls, lighting up all of the lighthouse. Opening the door at the top of the stairs, sunlight seeped into the lighthouse.

            The view was amazing. You could see everything from far into the ocean horizon too all of Cape Vernon.  SNAP. Picture after picture; these pictures better look good.

            “I will take that camera and break it,” I said as I gazed out at the horizon.

            “But then we may never see your beautiful pictures.”


            “Are we going home now?” I asked as we climbed into the car.

            “Maybe or maybe I’m going to kidnap you. You never know, so stop asking questions,” he said with the cocky smile of his. I laughed.

            “Why don’t we just go hang out at my house? Jack is at work in Boston and my mother had some meeting with her publicist in Boston, so the only people home would be my brothers.”

            “Sounds like a plan,” he said as we drove through town.

            When we got home it was quiet downstairs, but we heard music from upstairs. I walked toward the source of the music – Kenny’s room. He was lying on his bed playing his Xbox 360.

            “Take that you stupid Chinese!” Kenny yelled into his headset.

            “Be a little nicer Ken,” I said walking into the room.

            “He just killed me like two seconds ago!” Kenny said angrily as he threw off the headset. “Hey Tanner.”

            “Hey,” Tanner replied.

            “Where’s Shane?” I ask.

            “With Macy and Gabriela next door,” he said.

            “Um okay. Well we’re just going to be upstairs hanging out, maybe watching a movie,” I say leaving; Tanner following close behind.

            “Don’t get pregnant!” Kenny yelled as I shut the door. What a little crap disturber. I laughed embarrassed. Tanner just continued following me upstairs to my room.

            When we walked in, my phone went off repeatedly. I forgot my phone so I had twenty-three missed calls and voicemails, and at least forty text messages. “Holy crap,” I say looking through my phone.

            “What type of phone is that?” Tanner asked looking at my phone.

            “iPhone 6.”

            “That hasn’t even been released yet. How did you get one?” He asked skeptically.

            “My dad – my REAL dad – is one of the head technology designers at Apple. I rarely get to see him because he lives in California. He constantly traveling, he and my mom have been divorced five years now. I wish I could see him more,” I sigh.

            “Why didn’t you just move in with him when your mom got remarried?” he asked when I joined him on the couch.

            “He’s out of town too much. It would be the same as staying with my mother,” I say sadly looking at my phone.

            “So whatcha doing?” he asked looking over my shoulder.

            “Just checking my Facebook, what’s your name so I can add you?”

            “Tanner Aaron Henkle. It’s the one with me standing on the beach, right there,” he said pointing. I clicked ‘add friend’.

            “Who’s this Domonique Spellman that’s posting on your wall 24/7?” I ask.

            “My ex-girlfriend,” he said.

            “Does she know that? Cause everything on your wall is ‘baby I love you’, ‘call me’, and ‘let’s hang out later’, etc.” I say not making eye contact. There is no way in hell I’ll be the ‘other girl’.

            “I dumped her a month ago because I walked in on her doing the dirty deed with some asshat from Boston who was at this party. She kept saying it was an accident, but ever since then she’s been trying to get back with me ever since.”

            “Well she’s missing out,” I say sliding over onto his lap. I lean forward and kiss him passionately. He kisses me back and it was everything you could ask for and more. He was perfect. The kiss was perfect. And I couldn’t believe that I was falling for a small-town boy.


            “How was your day today, Livie?” Jack asked when we sat down to dinner.

            “It was good. Tanner and I went all over Cape Vernon. We had lunch at Bob’s Backyard Barbeque,” I said helping myself to some pasta. I love having a chef.

            “So you and Tanner have become close?” my mom asked pouring herself more wine.

            “Yeah, he’s really sweet,” I say with a smile.

            “That’s good, have you heard from any of your friends?” she asked.

            “Yep, they all miss me,” I say pushing the peas around on my plate.

            “So here’s an idea, we’re having a house warming party. So your friends will be attending too. I have already placed a call; they will be here next Friday. And guess what; I have my tour dates and I will be leaving after Labor Day for a two month long book tour. I will get back just before Thanksgiving. Do you guys think you can handle that?” my mom says excitedly.

            “Yes mother,” me and my brothers mumble.



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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:04 AM

                        Meet me by the pool in five?


            It was nearly one in the morning, but I figured I had nothing better to do. I tiptoed downstairs and out of my house. It was surprisingly warm outside. Tanner was sitting at one of the tables by the pool when I walked out.

            “Hey,” he said. I sit down at the table. I wanted to show you the proofs from today. I edited most of them, but I wanted to show them to you in case you didn’t like some of them.”

            “Cool. Show me the money,” I say as he turns his computer towards me. I started clicking through the pictures. “These are gorgeous what do you plan on doing with all of them?”

            “Well, the really good ones will be framed, and then the others will be put into a photo album, maybe I’ll put some in my portfolio for art school,” Tanner says.

            “Which art schools are you planning on applying to?”

            “Ones on this side of the country of course – Hartford Art School, Yale University School of Art, College of Visual and Performing Arts at Dartmouth, Parsons New School for Design, and I think New York Institute of Photography,” he says as I continue looking through the pictures.

            “So you’ll be around where I want to go,” I say with a smile. “I’m applying to Yale, Dartmouth, NYU, and Colombia. I am hoping to be back in New York, we still have our penthouse apartment there, so it will be perfection,” I sigh.

            “Good luck to you,” he says with a smile. “So do you like the photos so far?”

            “Yes, I definitely want to help you pick your work for your portfolio.”

            “Of course.”

            “So will you be at my mother’s party next weekend?” I say closing his computer.

            “The house warming party?,” he asked. “Yeah, my whole family will be there. Your mother practically invited the entire neighborhood.”

            “Good, you’ll get to meet some of my friends,” I say with a smile.

            “Can’t wait,” he says smiling back.


            I awoke to sunshine streaming through my large bay windows. The birds outside were chirping happy little melodies I heard the voice of our housekeeper telling me that my breakfast was ready on the coffee table with the latest issue of Cosmo. My week has been extremely laid back. All I did was go on runs, do some yoga, watch Netflix, and pretty much lock myself in my room. Tanner visited me every day; we were starting to grow close but neither one of us made a move after our little make-out session the other day.

            The party was tonight. I wanted to be present and show everyone in town how fabulous I am, but at the same time I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good outfit. I guess my friends and I would see how the evening played out.

            “Oh Livie dear!” a voice called from the outside of my door.

            “Yes?” I ask swinging my door open to see my mother holding her purse and paint samples.

            “I’m going to Lowe’s in the town over with the painter. I’ll be home in an hour or so, but the caterers will be here soon as well as Debra to get the ball rolling on party setup. The DJ will be here at five to set up and the party starts at six. Yours and your brother’s friends will be here by three. Please make sure you and your brothers are ready by five-fifteen at the latest.”

            “I will mom,” I sigh. Great, I get to sit at this stuffy party.

            “Have a wonderful day sweetheart,” my mom says before turning and leaving. Oh gawd, I need some major retail therapy. Credit cards and CosmoVogue, and laptop in hand I was unstoppable. Marc Jacob shoes and complimenting purse – got it. J-Crew sweaters for fall – bought it. Gucci sunglasses – check. Chanel peacoat – duh. Prada backpack – like you even have to ask. Five pairs of Lululemon black leggings – why not?

            My shopping came to a halt when I spent more than my original budget. Oh well, it’s not like I can actually max out my credit card. Plus, I got rush shipping on everything, so I should be getting at least twenty packages tomorrow. I figure I should at least pick out an outfit for tonight, but I can’t decide what to wear. It needs to be sexy, fierce, and make a statement – something along the lines of ‘I’m hot. I don’t want to live in this tiny town. Love me or hate me, but you will respect me.’

            “OH OLIVIA!” I heard a squeal from my third floor landing.

            “In here!” I call. It’s my best friend Jen. She has an eye for fashion; she will know what to wear tonight. I pop my head out from my closet to see her; our gay best friend, Jasper; my long time best friend and ex-boyfriend, Lucas; and our minion in training, Natasha. I missed them so much. “Guys I’d love to chat, but I have no idea what to wear tonight!” I say.

            “Liv, what message are you aiming for tonight?” Jen says dropping her bags and rushing into my closet.

            “Jen sweetie, I could kill you for dropping that Fendi purse on the floor,” Jasper tisked as he and Natasha rushed into my closet as well.

            “Don’t worry guys, I’ll just sit here and watch a little TV,” Lucas called after them.

            “Kay guys, these are different outfit choices for tonight but I’m not sure how I want to approach this. I want something sexy and fierce that makes a huge statement considering the entire town will be here tonight.”

            “Did you want the whole leather leggings-and-sequined-corset-Easy-A type of look? Or a cocktail dress? You have so many options here I can pull together something fierce!” Jasper said looking through my closet excitedly. This was why I enjoy having a gay best friend.

            “I’m not sure! I’m weighing every option,” I say slumping onto my vanity seat.

            “Well if you want to make a good impression and to make the people of this town want to be your friend, I would stay away from the Easy-A look. This is what I’m thinking, and please bear with me,” he said taking a deep breath. “Kay, so this is how it is going to work out. Jen will pull the Easy A look with the leather leggings, a red sequined corset top, and black pumps with natural face, but a Smokey eye,” he says pointing at the various pieces of clothing scattered all over my panel divider. “Then, Natasha will play up the sweet and innocent with this simple pink chiffon strapless cocktail dress, nude heels, and the neutral tones for makeup. You my dear are going to be fierce in this sexy black corseted cocktail dress. The gold sequins accenting the corset of the dress and the skirt of the dress being black feathers creates a sort of sexy Gatsby-esqe outfit that will be turning heads in the right way. I suggest a ruby red lip stain, your sparkly gold pumps, and diamond stud earrings.”

            “I have no idea what I’m going to do without you Jasper!” I sigh at his brilliance. “Can you move in already?”

            “No, but you’re welcome. Don’t worry, I will look dashing in my Armani suit, and Lucas out there will be rocking the Armani shirt with suit vest. He’s going for a Zac Efron look that he will definitely be pulling off,” Jasper said with a wink before leaving the closet.

            “Are you excited about tonight?” Jen said slipping out of her clothes and into a robe for hair and makeup.

            “Not really, I’m only doing this to establish dominance among those I will be attending school with. I need to be on top,” I say following suit and slipping into my monogramed robe and started curling my hair. “So how will you two be doing your hair?”

            “I’m just going to straighten it, innocence is key right?” Natasha said taking a straightener to her wavy hair.

            “I’m going to pin it half up in a poof with a clip. Curls all around,” Jen said putting rollers in her hair. “I still can’t believe you moved to the middle of nowhere. How are you enjoying the small-town life?”

            “I cannot wait to get out and be back on the Upper East Side, gawd I hate it here. It’s pretty, but I need town cars and shopping on fifth avenue, not online shopping and living in a place known for their fudge and fishing,” I whined.

            “At least your house is gorgeous,” Natasha piped up.


            “Hey Liv, what’s going on with the boy next door?” Jen asked.

            “Let’s see, I already told you about our little impromptu photo shoot, but we only kissed once. We’ve grown close as friends, but I’m not sure if I want to be tied down to a small town guy that wants to get out with likelihood of returning and being stuck here forever,” I said smugly.

            “Well, what about Lucas? Have you thought about his offer?” Jen said prying.

            “I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know. I really don’t want to do the long distance thing. And there is no way I would be able to stay in New York year round, despite my many propositions,” I say as I continue to curl my hair. “I guess we’ll see what this little trip of yours will bring us.” Truthfully, I had no idea what this trip was going to bring. Luke and I were the IT couple of Upper East Prep. He was my Homecoming King, Winter Ball King, Spring Fling King, and my Sweetheart Dance King.  He is he BMC – Big Man on Campus; captain of the football team, basketball team, and baseball team, School-wide president, lead in the school musical, and Harvard’s first choice.

            “Picture this – you and Lucas spending Thanksgiving in Martha’s Vineyard sipping the world’s finest wine, like you have every Thanksgiving,” Natasha piped in.

            “Tasha, keep it to yourself,” Jen snapped. Sometimes Natasha just needs to remember she is our minion. I finished curling my hair and had luscious curls cascading down my back like a waterfall, but pinned it back like Rachel McAdams’ hair from the Notebook in the scene where James Marsden’s character proposes to her – one of my signature hairstyles.

            As soon as we’re done with our hair we all slip into our outfits for the night. We all looked fabulous. Jen really did pull off the Easy-A look and Tasha really did pull the sweet and innocent look with her outfit, which was perfect for our minion in training. When we walked out, the boys were already in their suits – and damn did they look good.

            “So party started about half an hour ago. It looks like everyone is here,” I say glancing out my window. I look down at my phone only to see a text from Tanner asking where I am. “Let’s get this party started!” I say looking at my friends. I took Luke’s arm and I lead my group of friends downstairs.

            The party was buzzing with activity. I knew for a fact that all of the kids were in the game room and movie theater, but everyone age fifteen and up were in the pool house. We attempted to sneak through the party quickly once we got downstairs, but that definitely didn’t happen – both my mother and Jack ended up stopping us. I grabbed a champagne flute off the tray a passing waiter was carrying and downed it. I continued to walk arm in arm with Luke despite my better judgment, I was going to have fun and not worry about what other people thought.

            The backyard was full of people just like the house was. The pool house was packed with teens watching movies, talking, and dancing to the blaring music. We strutted into the pool house like we owned it – in which my case I actually did. I was the new IT girl in town whether they realized it or not. There was a cliquey group of people in the corner gossiping and giving me the glare of envy when I walked in on Lucas’ arm.

            “Olivia darling, I need a drink like now,” Jasper scoffed.

            “Liquor cabinet is in the kitchen, fully stocked with all of our favorites. The combo is my birthday,” I say as Jasper starts typing away on the keypad to the liquor cabinet. There was no one in the kitchen but us, so we started getting shot glasses and pouring shots.

            “Ah, yummy tequila,” Natasha says before downing the shot.

            “You know,” Jen said. “Tequila makes my clothes fall off.”

            I stifle a laugh before downing a shot of tequila. We continued taking shots and drinking and laughing. Then the so-called “popular” crowd had to come over and talk to us.

            “Hi, I’m Domonique, I don’t believe we’ve met,” she said with a fake ass smile. Oh God, Tanner dated this?

            “Hi, my name is Livie. These are my friends – Jasper, Lucas, Jennifer, and Natasha,” I say with my best fake smile as I lean on Luke.

            “So I see you guess are drinking, mind if my friends and I join you? Everyone else here is kind of a buzzkill,” she says leaning in.

            “I don’t see why not,” Jasper says handing them shots and chasers.

            “So are you from around here?” Domonique asked before downing a shot.

            “Liv just moved here Dom, this is her house and her party,” a voice said. I turn to see Tanner standing there with his hands in his pockets. Dom just continued to smile sweetly.

            “Hey Lucas, don’t you have something to say to Liv?” Natasha drunkenly slurred from by the kitchen sink.

            I looked at Luke suspiciously. He looked at me and then proceeded to simultaneously pull something out of his pocket and get down on one knee. I just stared wide-eyed. “Olivia Faith, I love you with all my heart. I have and always will. I know we’ve had a rough patch recently but I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Will you marry me?” Luke asks opening a little blue Tiffany’s box to reveal a stunning two carat square diamond in a halo setting.

            I had no idea what to say, I glanced around only to see Tanner walking away. I look at Luke. I have always wanted to spend forever with him. I always pictured a beach wedding, three kids, him a successful lawyer turned senator and me a stay at home mom. Our children would attend the most prestigious prep academies in the Upper East Side.

            “Lucas, I have and will always love you, but I’m not ready to be engaged yet. I’m eighteen years old. I have no idea what the future has in store for me. I do not want to have a long-distance relationship right now. If we’re meant to be then we’ll end up together. I’m just not ready. I need to find myself and be free for a while before I can be with you forever,” I say staring into his eyes. He just sadly looks away, but nods. “The ring is beautiful though.”

            “I’ll wait forever for you Liv,” he says giving me a hug.

            Everyone around us clapped despite my answer. I looked around for Tanner but he was gone.

            “Wow, you’re one lucky girl,” Dom said. “I would love to have a guy like that fawn over me and ask me to marry him. So how do you like it here?”

            “It’s boring as hell here. I miss the club scene The shops! The sights! It was all my life. I can’t wait to apply to NYU and Columbia,” I say sipping my water.

            “Sounds amazing! I’ve never been here, but I want to visit someday,” Dom said. “We should hang out sometime girly! I can tell we’ll be best friends!” More like I take over and you accept the fact that you’re losing power.

            “Of course! Just leave your number on the fridge in the main house’s kitchen and I’ll text you later,” I said faking it.


            The party is kind of boring and my friends and I had all gone upstairs to my room by eleven o’clock. The party was still going but slowly dying. I sat with Luke by the window and watched outside.

            “You know, you were the envy of every girl tonight who saw me propose to you,” he said with a smile. “I know you said that you want to wait it out and see other people and what not, but I will marry you someday Olivia Faith,” he said pushing my hair back from my face.

            “I know you think that, but I want to see what I can do on my own. But you should really get to bed. I have to go talk to someone real quick,” I say getting up and kissing him on the forehead.

            I left the house and walked towards Tanner’s house. Lights are on but he’s home alone – I just saw his parents drinking cocktails with my parents and his siblings were just running around the hallway. I spot him through the living room window watching TV. I knock on the back door to get his attention.

            He looks at me with a glare before finally getting up and answering the door. “What do you want?” he asks.

            “To talk; why did you disappear earlier,” I ask.

            “Cause I’m an idiot.”

            “Obviously!” I laughed.

            “You’re such a *%^## to lie to me like that and lead me on. I should have known a girl like you would have a boyfriend,” he said.

            “A girl like me? What the hell do you mean?”

            “You’re Homecoming and Prom Queen. You’re a future model and absolutely gorgeous. You’re a filthy rich IT girl from Upper East Side Manhattan. You would have never looked in my direction if we were in New York!” He fumed. I stood there at a loss for words.

            “Tanner, you don’t even know the whole story. And obviously you don’t know crap about me, because most of what you just said isn’t true and deep down you know that. Try and get to actually get to know me.”

            “Can you just leave already? Get off my porch and go spend the night with your stupid fiancé,” he said.

            I turned and stormed away. All I heard was ‘*%^##’ before the door slamming.


            “Olivia Faith! You have at least twenty packages sitting in the foyer! You better come get it before I take what I want!” my mom said over the intercom. That is something I like hearing when I wake up in the morning. All I thought about was saving my designers! Jen ever shot out of bed and sprinted downstairs to the foyer with me to collect all my packages.

            I spent last night on my MacBook Pro on Facebook and my blog “The IT Girl’s Guide to Being IT”. I have at least five hundred thousand followers, increasing daily. The boys had gone downstairs to the guest rooms while Natasha passed out on my couch and Jen in my bed. I sat on my window seat with my computer and watched out the window. I saw Tanner go from his living room upstairs to his bedroom.

            His blinds and curtains were open.  He relaxed shirtless on his bed with his laptop. His hair was tousled from all the times he would run his fingers through it. Both of us sat there on Facebook, but both of us too chicken to chat with each other.

            I’m not sure why, but I’m fascinated with him. I sit there and stare at him for a while, taking in as much detail as possible, but he can’t see me – my room’s too dark, but it doesn’t matter because he’s not looking my way anyways. I liked looking at him. I wanted to talk to him and I felt bad for what had happened at the party.


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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:06 AM


            It’s now Monday. My friends have all gone home, and it’s been two days since I’ve talked to Tanner. The only time I’ve seen him is when I look through my windows. I want to talk to him, but I can’t. I know he hates me and it’s all because he thinks I lied to him when I never did.

            I need to go do something! I can’t just sit here and mope about not talking to Tanner, so I grabbed my keys and sat in my car. I just ended up sitting there and staring out the front window, the text I just received didn’t surprise me:

                        Hey chica! We MUST get together before school starts               next week! Maybe shopping? Text me!  :)


            Her and I have been texting back and forth since the night of the party. She’s pretty cool I guess, she definitely wants to be my new BFF, but Jen has held that position since we were in diapers. Another text? Really Dom, I don’t like you that much, please stop! But opening the text I saw it was not Domonique.

                        Don’t just sit there in your car. Get out and come             over to my house, just come in the doors unlocked and              everyone’s gone. I’m in the living room. Let’s talk.


            Let’s talk? I could at least see what he has to say. I did as he said and walked straight inside. The only sounds were the sounds of Black Ops drifting from the living room. I followed the sounds to see Tanner laying in a recliner with a controller in his hands staring blankly at the TV.

            “So what do you want to talk about?” I asked taking a seat on the other side of the room.

            He looked at me, but didn’t say anything at first. He just stared at me with those grey-blue eyes.

            “Well if you’re not going to talk, I’m going home,” I say grabbing my things.

            “You’re not wearing your engagement ring,” he says. “I already know you’re engaged, I don’t see why you have to hide it.”

            “I’m not engaged,” I say puzzled.

            “Liv, I saw your elitist boyfriend get down on one knee and propose to you last night. I’m not stupid. You just don’t want to throw it in my face.”

            “Tanner, I said no. I never took the ring from him. We’re staying broken-up. There is no engagement.”

            “Why’d you break up? The ring not big enough?” he mocked.

            “I broke up with him before I moved here. He was hoping to get back together – more like engaged – and I just need space. We’ve been together since we were eleven. I need to see other people and find out who I am as a person. I just need to breathe.”

            “Why did he think he had a chance of getting back?”

            “Because my friends love seeing us together; they told me to picture Thanksgiving at Martha’s Vineyard and us sipping the world’s finest wine like we have every Thanksgiving. I don’t know what I want anymore.”

            He was silent for a while. Maybe I’m just wasting my time. I was getting up to leave when he finally spoke. “I’m hungry, want to go grab a bite to eat?” he said getting up.

            “Sure?” I answered puzzled.

            His car is a 2004 Chevy Silverado, and surprisingly clean for a boy. His music was a lot of rock ‘n’ roll, and various artists I’ve never heard of before.

            “Where are we going?” I asked as we drove out of town.

            “To this great restaurant I know of. It’s right on the pier of the next town over,” he said. He still wouldn’t make eye contact with me. We continued to sit in silence – which was unbearable. I wish I could get him to stop putting on such a face. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with him. I kind of like him – he’s cute, sweet (most of the time), creative, gentleman-like. The only real fault is his stupid ex-girlfriend, Domonique; the girl wants to be my new BFF – which is so not going to happen.

            “So Livie, how are you?” Tanner asked suddenly.

            “I’m fine,” I said as I continued to gaze out the windows of the truck at the passing forests.

            “So, how about next time your friends are in town we all get together.”

            “No thanks; we don’t need an episode of UFC,” I said bluntly.

            “That wouldn’t happen,” he said parking in front of the pier. I just rolled my eyes. The restaurant was a lovely little hole-in-the-wall place that apparently had the best Mexican food in the area. “They have the best chips and salsa in the world. The Murillo family has been here for a while, so they’re pretty powerful in the area. Shall we?” he asked opening the door for me.


            “Livie, cheer tryouts are next week. You should totally try out with me! It will be my second year on Varsity,” Dom said matter-of-factly. I had finally given into her constant asking of going shopping together. Of course it was only Cape Vernon shopping, which was absolutely lame shopping for the most part.

            “That’s nice. I’ve been Varsity cheer since eighth grade – mainly due to my power tumbling skills and my stunting abilities,” I say nonchalantly as I flip through the racks.

            “I hope to be captain this year. Have you ever been a captain?” she asked.

            “Oh yeah, every year I cheered, which has been since 2003, so…ten years? Never co-captain either. I loved my teammates,” I laughed. She was totally trying to size me up to see what type of competition she had.

            “Gosh, what else do I not know about you?” she asked questionably.

            Of course I couldn’t just not boast about myself, “Head cheerleader for as long as I could remember. Homecoming/Winter Ball/Spring Fling/Sweetheart Dance Queen for three years in a row. I power tumble, black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, Honor roll, UN youth delegate. Carnegie Melon and Notre Dame’s first choice for cheer, but I want to attend NYU or Columbia.”

            “Wow you’re one lucky girl. I was hoping to get Homecoming Queen this year as well as Senior Prom Queen. Fingers crossed!” she squealed. I know I had laid it on kind of thick, but she was going to find out sooner or later.    “So I’m thinking of throwing one last summer/back-to-school party this weekend before school starts. I was wondering if you would like to help me plan it!”

            “Of course, party planning is my specialty!” I said. By the end of the shopping trip, we decided it would be at my house. Everyone from school is invited – it’s not like I know any of them yet. We would have specialty cocktails and my chef would be catering the event with finger foods. I already have a DJ hired; he’s the best in New York City. The only concern is Tanner. He was really quiet during lunch; I don’t think he’ll want to attend this party. Maybe since all of his friends were going he would, but who knows.

            After shopping, I realized this whole competition to be my friend will end up giving her a heart attack. Today I found out that her family is the fourth wealthiest family in town; mine being the first, then Tanner’s, then some other family that has a son and daughter my age. Apparently Dom’s dad was some major lawyer in Boston while her mom was a stay at home mom.

            I realized that night as I lie in bed that I needed to talk to Tanner; this whole we’re friends, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge me is not working for me. He barely acknowledges me when he comes to clean the pool, we barely talked when we went to lunch the other day! I’m kind of attracted to him, but I feel like I’m wasting my time. I would sit and just stare out my window for hours. I would see him running on the beach, hanging out with my brother Kenny, and his twin brothers, Conner and Adam. But today was the day he cleaned the pool.

            I walked out onto my deck just as he finished cleaning the pool. He looked up at me and I waved. Surprisingly he waved back. I turned and walked back inside and got dressed. It was going to be a very lazy day. The party was tomorrow night; Dom was coming over super early tomorrow to help boss people around. She sent me a picture of what she was wearing – black leather shorts, blush pink chiffon spaghetti strap blouse, gold statement necklace, and black ankle boot heels. I myself was going to wear a Marc Jacobs black sequined skirt, cream colored blouse with pearl accenting from Chanel, a skinny red belt, and red Prada heels. I’m kind of excited, hopefully Tanner actually shows up.

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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:08 AM


            “Girly this party is going to be bumping! Everyone is excited to meet you!” Dom squealed. It was true; I had received a couple dozen friend requests on Facebook since I changed what school I was going to be attending. I was kind of excited.

            “Yeah, I’m excited to meet everyone!” I said as I applied my make-up. My fakeness with Dom was starting to fade; mainly because I had no other friends here, but I was still convinced she had a hidden agenda.

            “Okay, so my two closest friends are Veronica and Sadie, and they’ll be here later. But this is OUR party; this is not theirs, so they’re not allowed to be *%^##y like they usually are. Unless they’re doing your dirty work, in which case they’d be happy to,” she snuffed as she turned in front of my 360 mirror.

            “Sounds good to me; do you think there will be any trouble tonight?” I say applying lip gloss.

            “Gawd no,” she laughed. “There will definitely be some hot guys here tonight. Hopefully Tanner and I will get back together. That would make it absolutely perfect.”

            I just nodded while I continued to double check my makeup. My outfit looked amazing as always, Dom looked good too, but it was different. Just as we were done the doorbell rang and guests were arriving. Time to make my grand entrance; Dom and I headed downstairs and there were already lots of people there. They were all buzzing around the foyer and heading out to the backyard where the DJ was. We maneuvered through the crowd that was taking over my house.

            “O. M. G. Dom! This party is so good! It will definitely be the party of the year,” Sadie squealed when they caught up to us. I really don’t like Sadie or Veronica.

            “Yeah, but it’s mine and Livie’s party not yours, so mind your place,” Dom snapped. I held back my laughter.

            “Well, I’ll be back. I need to get a drink,” I say side stepping around Dom and getting out of there quickly before Dom made a scene. The bar was fully stocked with the best of everything. I knew this bartender really well; he’s catered most of my mother’s events. It was like he had my Dirty Shirley waiting for me.

            “Hi,” a voice said next to me. I turn to see this very hot guy. “I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Noah.” He said putting his hand out towards me.

            I shook it, “Hi, I’m Livie.” I said with a smile.

            “I’ve never seen you around before. What school do you go to?” he asked. He was tall, tanned, brown hair, and gorgeous sapphire blue eyes.

            “Cape Vernon High School,” I say sipping my Dirty Shirley.

            “Really” He asked surprised. “I think I would have noticed a beauty queen in our school. Where have you been hiding?”

            Eek! He was so hot and the fact that he was flirting with me just made it that much better. “Actually, I haven’t. I start there on Monday. I used to attend Upper East Side Prep in Manhattan. This is my house…and party…”

            “You’re Jack’s stepdaughter? Nice. My parents went to school with him, as did most of the town at one point. You may leave here, but you always have a way of returning; especially if you’re from old money,” he sighed.

            “That’s what I’ve heard. I’m not staying. I plan on going to college in New York and moving back into our apartment in Manhattan,” I say.

            “I plan on applying to schools in New York as well. Mainly Columbia and NYU, I also plan on applying to Yale and Dartmouth. But New York is where I want to be,” he said. That’s it we’re destined to be together at either NYU or Colombia. “Can I ask you something?”

            “Sure,” I smiled.

            “You want to dance with me?”

            “I’d like that,” I say taking his hand as he whisked me off to the dance floor. He was a really good dancer. We laughed and danced and had a grand old time. I lost track of time and we were completely interrupted by Dom who took over the microphone as soon as the fifth song ended.

            “Hi everyone, I would just like to thank you all for coming out tonight. I hope we’re all having a great time. I would love to give a big shout out to my girl Livie -” she said pointing to me and Noah. “- thank you for letting us throw this party at your house and thank you for planning such a great party! I can’t wait for you to start out the school year with us on Monday!” Everyone started clapping and looked at me and Noah – and we were still holding onto each other from dancing. Can you say awkward?

            After the spotlight was moved away from Noah and I it was clear I was about to become really popular. Noah led me away from the dance floor and over to the bar. I swear Ernie had those Dirty Shirleys stocked in the back because he immediately handed me one. “Thanks Ernie,” I said raising my glass to him.

            I downed the drink as we walked over to one of the tables. We took a seat and continued talking about ourselves, what our lives have been like, as well as what he enjoys doing here in Cape Hell Hole. We laughed for a good half hour before people started coming up to me and introducing themselves to me and tried to get me to dance with them, but the only person I really wanted to be with was Noah. But I did not want to rush into it so fast.

            I realize I should at least mingle with a few other people considering I did not want to rush anything, so the next guy who asked me to dance I excused myself and went for it. His name was Marco and he was basically tall, dark, and handsome. After dancing with him (awkwardly might I add) we talked for a bit and I learned that his mother is from Greece while his father was born and raised here in Massachusetts. He was sweet. Eventually, I went to look for Dom, but she was nowhere to be found. Oh well. I figured I needed to make a speech before everyone started going home, so I went up and took the microphone from the DJ.

            “Hi everyone; some of you know me, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Olivia Carlisle, but you can call me Livie. I recently moved here from Manhattan to live with my mother, novelist and screen writer, Adrienne Hilyer – now Adrienne Ellewood- but you guys probably would know her by Adrienne Carlisle, and my stepfather, Jack, who a greater majority of you guys or your parents know. I just want to thank you guys for coming out and I hope to meet you all at some point or another! Have a great rest of your night and see you all on Monday!” I said. Everyone clapped and continued dancing and hanging out. The party could go on forever; I really didn’t care at that point.

            I hoped off stage and went over to Noah who was sitting at a table just watching everyone who passed. “I have to say, you sure know how to work a crowd,” he said. “Would you like to take a walk with me?”

            “Sure,” I said taking his hand and walking with him towards the beach.

            “Liv, I have to be honest, I don’t know what it is about you, but I am completely infatuated with you,” he said as we walked onto the pier. We leaned against the railing and looked up at the sky.

            “Is that a good or bad thing?” I giggle.

            “It’s good, trust me,” he chuckled. “But, I would like to take you out on a proper date, if that’s okay with you.”

            “Yes, it is,” I smirk. Ah! He is so cute!

            “Okay cool, so I’ll pick you up around noon tomorrow. Dress in workout type clothes, and definitely bring a camera and a camelback or water bottle,” he said.

            “Where are we going?” I asked puzzled.

            “Somewhere amazing, but beware you may be getting dirty,” he smirked.

            “That is fine by me,” I smiled. We continued to talk for a little longer before we ended up walking back to my house. The party was slowly dying, not a whole lot of people were there, but the one person I did see – or should I say two – were Dom and Tanner. Tanner was holding Dom by the waist and they were staring into each other’s eyes.

            Welp, guess I know why I haven’t seen Tanner this entire evening. Or why he hasn’t talked to me in a while. But I guess it’s okay because I knew it was coming. I just think of it as an episode of The Bachelorette, and Tanner was the one who didn’t get the rose, but every other guy in the school did. I hoped it as going to play out well with at least someone in this school, if not there was always college. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.


            Last night’s ending details are kind of hazy. I remember dancing the rest of the night away with Noah; Dom being all giddy that she and Tanner were back together; and then Tanner avoiding me for every reason imaginable. I slept in a little this morning, but then I remembered I had a date with Noah, who said the date was going to be amazing, and I believed it. He was perfect last night, we almost kissed, but instead we hugged goodbye.

            I was anxious for the date that waited. When he said workout clothes, I picked the best type – black Nike shorts (Norts), my black and white Nike cross trainers, and my hot pink Lululemon workout tank with built in sports bra and black workout jacket.  I also packed my camelback backpack with some granola bars, an extra water bottle, my inhaler (curse you asthma!), my sunglasses, iPod, and cellphone.

            Noah picked me up right on the dot. I was excited about where we were going but I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into. We drove to the outskirts of town and down some road that lead God knows where. We finally parked and we started hiking. Of course I followed him since he knew where he was going, and I did not…

            “This is one of my favorite hiking trails,” he said as we went up a hill. “It’s not that bad of a hike, but the views are amazing and I couldn’t just not show you them. Plus I packed a picnic,” he said motioning to his backpack. Damn he was perfect so far. We hiked for probably an hour before we came to this gorgeous clearing. It overlooked a valley that lead straight to the ocean. When we stopped he pulled out a blanket and started setting up our little picnic. He literally thought of everything – water so we stay hydrated; Spicy Italian sandwiches because no one likes it when turkey gets warm; carrots, apple and orange slices, and small bags of chips with Hostess Cupcakes as our dessert.

            “This is fun. I can tell you one thing, I’ve never been taken on a hike as a first date before,” I smile before biting into my sandwich.

            “Well what is the worst first date you’ve ever had?” he asked.

            “I’ve only really had one first date, two if you count the one with Tanner,” I say shyly.

            “How is that possible? And what did you do with Tanner?” he asked skeptically.

            “Tanner? We did a photo shoot; he showed me around, went to the lighthouse. Nothing bad, but I don’t think it will ever work out with me and Tanner, he started acting really weird the other day and literally stopped talking to me. And I have only been with one guy, so I’ve only been on one first date,” I shrugged.

            “How long were you guys together?”

            “Um…since we were twelve, so six years; give or take a few months,” I said looking down at my orange slices.

            “Why did you guys break up?” he asked sincerely.

            “I don’t know who I am without him. I don’t know who I am with other guys. I needed time and space away from him. I wanted to see other people. Did you hear about my parents’ house warming party last weekend?” he nodded yes. “Well, my friends from New York were here and he literally proposed to me in the pool house kitchen during the party. Dom, Tanner, and her minions saw the entire thing, along with my friends from home.”

            “Obviously you said no, since there’s no ring on your finger,” he said pointing to my hand.

            “Yeah, can I shoot straight with you for a moment?” I asked.

            “Sure what’s up?” Noah replied leaning forward.

            “Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m looking for in a boyfriend right now. I want to play the field but I hate being single and I don’t want to get tied down too soon, but I really like you”

            “Let me tell you something. I like you a lot, which is saying something because I don’t usually bring just anyone to my favorite spot. If you want to play the field that’s fine, I’ll just be sitting here waiting. None of the girls at our school are serious about going to college or have goals and dream big dreams like you do. You’re one of a kind. I will just sit back and let you do your thing, as long as you don’t tell me what you do with these other guys and rub it in my face, I don’t care what you do, as long as you’ll be finding where and with whom you belong,” he said before wrapping his arm around me. He is perfect, but I’m playing the field. Let the bachelorette games begin.

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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:12 AM

Today is my first day of school.  I am super excited, but don’t want to go, but I need to because it’s the day of cheer tryouts, most important day of the week. I was determined to make the first day of my senior year the most memorable. My outfit was perfect – red Marc Jacobs pencil skirt, Dolce and Gabana denim button-down, tan statement necklace, brown Jimmy Choo wedges, and my beautiful tan Kate Spade tote that had a bright red bow on it. The signature piece is my Tiffany diamond studs. The outfit was perfect. Red was a statement color and I was going to be seen.

            When I came downstairs for breakfast Shane and Kenny were already downstairs eating breakfast. My non-fat soy caramel latte was sitting on the coffee-warmer contraption that we received as a housewarming gift. Our housekeeper was busily cleaning the adjacent hallway while the chef busily made our lunches.

            “It’s my baby girl’s first day of her senior year!” my mom cried when she walked into the kitchen. “Have fun at school today. Good luck with cheer tryouts, I know you will kick butt. Now get a move on to school; I don’t want you guys to be late!”

            “Let’s get a move on Kenny!” I say clapping my hands together before grabbing my cheer bag and heading out to my car.

            Cape Vernon High School was on the other side of town. The parking lot wasn’t packed, but I definitely had the nicest car there. Kenny and I go our schedules from the office before disbursing to our own classes. As I walked through the quad, multiple people said hi to me, most of them I didn’t know but I did know that they were probably at my party.

            “oh my god Livie!” Dom squealed. “Your outfit is totes cute!” It was obvious the people with her were the popular people here. I noticed that a majority of them were at my party, but I couldn’t tell you their names. Dom was trying to look good for the first day with her Ralph Lauren bag from two years ago and some floral dress.

            “Thanks,” I said. She started formally introducing me to the group. There was Marco, Tanner, Veronica and Sadie (her minions), Stephanie, Hollie, Delaney, Aiden, Theo, and Trever.

            “Dude where is Noah at?” Theo asked. “He better be here for football today.”

            “He’s running late. He’ll be here just after homeroom. He was having major car trouble I guess…” Trever trailed off before looking at me. “So Liv, can I show you to your classes today or is that place already taken?”

            I glanced at Tanner, when we first talked about me attending school with him he volunteered to show me around, but seeing Dom hang all over him, I guess that offer was off the table. Trever seemed like a nice guy. “I’d like that,” I smiled just as the warning bell rang. I grabbed my Kate Spade and cheer bag and followed him to my homeroom class, which conveniently he had with me.

            Homeroom was a complete waste of time. It literally lasted ten minutes. When asked about my schedule, Trever was kind of surprised by my classes – AP Lit, T.A. for French IV (they didn’t have French V), AP Calculus, Academic Tutor, AP Government, and AP Physics.  

            “I didn’t take you as the studious type,” Trever said. “Where are you trying to get into?”

            “NYU or Columbia, no entirely sure what I want to do yet, but I know I want to be in New York,” I say as he walks me to my AP Lit class.

            “That’s awesome. I know Noah, Steph, and Delaney all want to go somewhere in New York. I, myself want to go to University of Massachusetts – Boston,” he said.

            “Nice, know your major yet?” I ask as we walk into the classroom and take a seat.

            “Civil engineering,” he smiled.

            “That’s awesome.” After comparing classes with Trever, it looked as though we had AP Lit., AP Calc., AP Government, and AP Physics together; perfect for study groups.

            First day of school is always the best – syllabus day, teachers take up so much time talking about themselves and the class that they usually forget that they have a class to teach. My French class was across the hall, so I didn’t need to venture very far. The teacher, Mademoiselle Angelique Pouliotte, was very excited to have a French V student as her T.A. The rest of the day seemed to go by fast until lunch.

            Lunch was interesting. Everyone wanted to talk to me and find out about the new girl and it was like that interview montage of people from the movie Mean Girls where they’re talking about Regina George. It felt as though everyone knew who I was, but only knew tidbits about me. I walked with Trever and Noah into the cafeteria – Noah ended up being in our AP Calc. class and is in AP Government together too.

            We ended up sitting together with the same group from this morning. It was determined that there would be a pool party at my place Friday night before the Friday night football games started up in a few weeks. Dom and her minions were not with us at lunch. I guess they do this thing where they go suck up to the cheer coaches the day of try outs so they could make the team. They are kind of desperate, I really don’t care if I don’t make the team, and it just means I have more time to work out and get my workout blog up and running.

            “So Livie, have you ever met anybody famous?” Hollie asked eagerly.

            “Oh, all the time! My mother is Adrienne Ellewood, best-selling author and screen writer, you guys probably know her by her pen name, Adrienne Carlisle and my birthfather designs the latest iPhones, which explains why I have the iPhone 6. But part-time modeling, and my parents have led me to meet lots of famous people, like right before I moved here, I was partying in the Hamptons at Diddy’s mansion.” I say showing them the pictures on my phone.

            “You are so lucky! I wish I could meet famous people on the regular,” mumbled Stephanie.

            “Yeah, it’s whatever. So are any of you guys trying out for cheer today?” I asked munching on my salad.

            “I am,” Delaney said. “Keep it on the down low, but they’re changing up the team structure this year.”

            “What do you mean?” I asked intrigued.

            “Well this year they are making a performance team that will be on the sidelines stunting and tumbling and doing tricks next to the regular cheer team, but the performance team will be the only team performing at halftime and competitions. So basically the best fifteen girls will end up on the performance team, while the others will end up on the sideline team.”

            “That sounds awesome!” I squeal. There was no doubt about it; I was after that performance team spot.

            Cheer tryouts were immediately after school. I went to the locker room and changed into my cheer shorts, sports bra, and t-shirt. I stuffed everything into my cheer bag, grabbed my tote and walked into the cheer gym. We had to check in with the coaches, fill out some paperwork, and get a number pinned to our shirts. I walk over and drop my things off on the bleachers, throw my hair up into a high pony, and headed to the floor to start stretching. I stretched my splits, scorpion, heel-stretch, needle, bow and arrow. It felt good.

            There were a lot of girls and guys there from every grade there to try out. Dom wasn’t here yet, but Delaney and Stephanie were. We sat together while the coaches introduced themselves and made the big announcement about the new performance team. Dom’s face lit up when she heard. She probably wanted a spot on that team.

            We were split into groups based on grade and then sent to a station to try out at. There was dance portion, motions, jumps, and tumbling. By the end of all the stations and a twenty minute break we would have to perform for the judges and the crowd. I was super excited.

            Luckily for my group we started off at the motions station, easiest station ever! Next we were sent to the tumbling station. That was a piece of cake for me as well as some others, some people not so much – a.k.a. Dom. Her back-handspring was weak and she fell on her face when she tried to do a round-off back-handspring. It was not looking good for her.

            By the time the actual try out rolled around I was completely warmed up and ready to go. The dance was sassy, so I worked my facials. I ended up doing a toe-touch, pike, and a hurdler combination flawlessly. And when they asked me if I could tumble, I literally tumbled back and forth across the floor throwing all of my hardest skills.

            I sat with Steph and Delaney and cheered them on while they tried out. It was a little nerve-racking waiting the results, but I was confident that I would make the performance team.

            “Okay ladies I know it has been a tough try out for most of you, but I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out and trying out. Not everyone was able to make a team which is unfair, but it is the decision of the coaches and we think these people will make the team great. So I will be calling out by team. First up, the performance competition team; we have Kyle, Kaden, Matt, Roman, Toby, Caitlyn, Meg, Audrey, Hannah, Crystal, Stephanie, Delaney, Livie, Keegan, Brooke, and Sophia. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen.”

            Steph, Delaney, and I were holding hands tightly when she called out the names. We couldn’t help but squeal when we found out we were all on the same team! I could not wait. After all then names for teams were called, we grabbed our appropriate schedules and left the cheer gym. We walked arm in arm out to our cars and excitedly chatted about our new adventure and strict workout regime. Dom, Sadie, and Veronica ended up on the sideline team, and Dom was the one throwing the biggest hissy fit of her life.

            “Girls we have to celebrate!” Delaney said

            “Maybe later this week; I have to take my brother home from football practice,” I said grabbing my keys out of my tote.

            “That’s fine. Have a good evening! See you tomorrow!” Delaney said before they walked the opposite direction of my car. I headed toward my car.

            “Hey Livie,” someone said behind me.

            “Hi Noah,” I said letting him catch up to me.

            “So what are the end results of tryouts?” he asked as we walked towards my car.

            “I’m on the new specialized performance competition team. Dom only made the Varsity sideline team, which kinda sucks,” I say as we get to my car. I open the back seat and throw my cheer bag and tote into the backseat.

            “What’s the difference?” he asked worryingly.

            “Well, the performance team will be on the sidelines too, we do the sideline dance, stunt, tumble, but we don’t cheer. We also are the only ones to perform at halftime during each game and we also attend competitions. While the sideline team only does the sideline dances and cheers with basic stunts but no tumbling and no performing at halftime. Maybe pep rallies, but nothing else. So basically I made the better team and now she’s pissed.”

            “Stinks for her; can’t wait to see you on the sideline though,” he smiled.

            “I’m excited. We get new uniforms too. I’m thinking of donating them - one for games, another for performances. I already sketched out ideas.”

            “Cool, well I was wondering if you were free Friday night?” he asked.

            “Didn’t you get the group text? Kick it at my house. It’s just the group – Marco, Stephanie, Hollie, Delaney, Aiden, Theo, Trever, Anthony, Hannah, Keegan, and Audrey. Possibly Tanner, but Dom, Sadie, and Veronica are not really invited, so keep it on the down low.”

            “Sounds good; I’ll be there” he said with a nod.

            “Awesome, don’t forget your swim trunks,” I say climbing in my car, “I have to go tootles!”

            “See ya around,” he said with a wave.

            As soon as I got home I designed the team three different uniforms – one for home games, one for away games, and one for competitions, even the guys’ uniforms. They looked sick. I got the proofs and sent the screen shots to our new head coach with a proposal of the donation. I quickly received an email back saying that she loved the designs and appreciated the donation.

            When my mom got home an hour later I told her the good news and showed her the new uniforms we were donating. She was excited to be making such a bountiful donation to my new school.

            “Just tell me how much after fittings and I’ll give you my credit card. Maybe this will be a positive change in you to actually like it here and stop fighting me about moving here,” my mother said giving me one of her looks.

            “Maybe, but I still plan on going to school in New York,” I sass. She just rolled her eyes at me. Love you too mom.


            “So do you guys want a sneak peek at our potential new uniforms?” I asked Delaney and Steph when we sat down the lunch table. The boys were still getting their lunches, so our table was pretty empty.

            “Duh,” They squealed and leaned over my shoulder to look at my phone.

            “Okay so the game uniforms are a leotard with a skirt and then a one piece, while the performance uniform is a crop top and skirt. So that being said, the one piece uniform would be the away game uniform for both football and basketball and that’s this one. Then the home uniform would be this leotard with the mesh cutout on the stomach and asymmetrical neckline with a skirt. And then this is the performance uniform for competitions and pep rallies and what not. I am also ordering the matching bows for each. Here are the boys’ uniforms for each as well.” I say flipping through the photos on my phone. 

            “Those are awesome!” Delaney said.

            “I can’t wait. We’re going to rock those uniforms!” Steph said just as the boys showed up to the table.

            “I’m guessing tryouts went well,” Aiden said as he put his stuff down.

            “They did,” I agreed.

            “Congratulations on making the competition team, Liv,” Tanner said as he sat down across from me. It was weird; Tanner really hadn’t spoken to me since before the party. He never even talked to me about what happened between us and made him go to Dom. It’s not like I wanted to tie myself down so quickly anyways, but I feel like I was cheated.

            “Thanks Tanner,” I said moving my food around my plate just as Noah came and sat down next to me and started talking my ear off.

            “So are you free tonight?” Noah asked.

            “Uh, yeah, I guess after cheer practice tonight why?” I asked intrigued. Tanner just stared at me, before looking back at his food.

            “I was wondering if you wanted to study for Calc. and Government tonight since we have those chapter quizzes this Friday?” he asked.

            “Sounds good to me; do you need a ride over to my house or will you be driving your truck over?” I asked.

            “I’ll follow you over. I have my truck with me,” he said with a smile. I smiled back. For once, even with Tanner glaring at us, I felt something for Noah that I really hadn’t felt for anyone before. I’m not sure what it was going to lead to, but I hoped it was going to be a good thing.


            “Hi, darlings, how was practice?” my mom asked when Kenny, Noah and I walked through the front door. Kenny and I mumbled ‘good’. Then my mom turned and saw Noah. “Well hello there, I don’t believe we’ve met.”

            “Hi Mrs. Ellewood, I’m Noah,” he said putting his hand out to shake.

            She took it. “Well hi there Noah, please call me Adrienne. Mrs. Ellewood makes me feel old, and I am definitely not old,” she chuckled.

            “Will do,” he nodded before turning to me with the look of ‘save me’.

            “Okay mom, well we’ll be taking dinner upstairs to my room so we can study for our AP Calc. and AP Government tests,” I say as we walk into the kitchen. I grab a plate and start filling it up. Noah followed suit and then we went upstairs to my room. We dropped our things and sat on the couch and watched TV and ate.

            “So this entire floor is yours?” Noah asked breaking the silence.

            “Well two guest rooms for when my friends come and stay. But yeah, it’s what happens when your mom wants you to forgive her for making you move your senior year of high school,” I say.

            “I’m glad my mom never made us move. For a while they wanted to move to Boston, but then they realized how much they loved it here, and they couldn’t imagine raising my sister and I anywhere else.”

            “You have a sister?” I asked surprised.

            “Yeah, she’s a sophomore. Her name is Gracie. We used to be really close, but now she wants a boyfriend and it stinks when the older brother is a senior at the same school, but it’s not like we could even think about going to different schools.”

            “Makes sense; I swear Kenny avoids me like the plague around campus, but we are fairly close. I actually like my little brothers which is very different from other people.” I said as I finished the last of my dinner.

            “So, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s going on with you and Tanner?”

            I couldn’t help but sigh. “I’m not entirely sure,” I said. “I thought we had something, but then my ex was visiting from New York for our house warming party and he proposed to me, Tanner saw, but never heard my answer, which was no. Then after that he just kinda drifted away from me. It’s as though he hated me, then out of nowhere he and Dom got back together. I’m totally over it because anyone who continues to go back to a crazy girl like that is probably not a great boyfriend.”

            “He doesn’t deserve you and not worth your time. We used to be really good friends but he’s been distant lately. I have no idea what he’s going through. I think it’s because Dom had cheated on him and it’s his first love that he can’t let go of,” Noah said as he flipped through the channels.

            Eventually we started studying and doing homework. He was quiet and just focused on our homework and not much else. I wanted to see if he wanted to go on another date again, but I figured he would be over Friday for the pool party anyways, so I just kept my mouth shut. Then when we finished he didn’t stay long after.

            “Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then,” I say as he gets his things together.

            “Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said giving me a one-armed hug and kissing my cheek. He looked at me quickly like he had done something wrong. “I’m so sorry.” He said flabbergasted.

            “It’s okay,” I said. It’s not like I minded.

            “I’m just going to go now,” he said embarrassed before turning and leaving.


            “Hey Liv,” Tanner said catching up to me as soon as I walked through the main entrance at school.

            “Hi, how are you?” I asked.

            “Good,” he said. “You look good today.” He looked at me sheepishly. I thought he was the cutest thing.

            “Thanks,” I smiled. I was in live with my outfit today – coral and white chevron three-fourth sleeved dress with a high neckline from Marc Jacobs (I know I wear so much of his designs), with a Tory Birch tan skinny belt and matching wedges, and a turquoise drop statement necklace.

            “I’m sorry about what happened between us. I know I should have talked to you about Dom,” he said.

            I was totally caught off guard. I wish I would have known what to say, but before I could say anything Trever interrupted us. “Sup man?” Trever said to Tanner before turning to me and saying, “Good morning Livie” to which I smiled.

            “Nothing much dude,” Tanner said as they did their little ‘bro-handshake’. “I have to head to class and ask Mr. Howton a question from my homework last night. See you guys around.” He hurried off quickly before I had a chance to talk to him about his apology.

            “So, Livie, I was wondering if you would like to go out some time,” Trever asked as we walked into the quad.

            “I would like that,” I smiled.

            “Cool, so if you’re free tonight, I thought we could meet up my family’s pizza joint and make our own pizzas and breadsticks.”

            “That sounds fun,” I smiled. And boy did I love pizza. “I can’t wait!”

            “So I’ll pick you up at eight?” he asked.

            “Yes,” I said.

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Posted 16 February 2014 - 12:15 AM


            Trever picked me up at exactly eight like he said he would. I figured this was a casual date so I just wore jeans and along cotton sleeve shirt. He obviously thought the same thing cause he went simple with a jeans and a white cotton t-shirt.

            “I’m glad you dressed for the occasion,” he said as he opened the restaurant door for me. Bellucci’s Pizzeria was a just like everything else in this town, a mom and pop store. It had been in the family for generations using the recipe Trever’s great-great-grandfather had brought over from Italy. The restaurant was not very busy, but then again it was a Wednesday night. “Hey pops, this is Livie.” He said as we walked into the back kitchen. He said hello back before walking to the front carrying a pizza.

            “So I’ve already made dough, so I’m going to teach you how to knead and toss the dough. Watch this,” Trever said he came up behind me and moved my hands around the dough. We were a little close for comfort, but I kind of liked it. “Kay, so we’re going to toss it now. I’m here to catch it just in case but I want you to try and catch it.” I moved it in circles around my fist before tossing it up and almost catching it. Trever had to save it from flopping onto my head.

            As he fluffed up the crust he asked me what I wanted on my pizza.

            “I want garlic red sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, but I also want the garlic buttered crust,” I said with a smile. “Oh and an order of those garlic twist breadsticks you mentioned at lunch today.

            “That sure is a lot of garlic. Are you sure you want that much if we’ll be kissing later?” Trever joked. I just rolled my eyes.

            The first bite of pizza just made me want more. It was so good. Especially with some cracked peppers and ranch dressing.

            “The ranch totally ruins it,” Trever tisked as he continued eating the pizza. We were sitting at the counter next to each other. There was no one in the pizzeria, but us two. We were told to lock up by Mr. Bellucci.

            “Dude, I put ranch on everything!” I teased as I continued to eat this delicious pizza. “This is good pizza. Certainly nothing like the New York Style pizza I’m used to eating.”

            “You can’t beat authentic Italian,” he smirked. I smiled back. “Liv, you got a little sumtin’ sumtin’ on your face,” he said pointing.

            “What where?” I said freaking out. Great…I went to reach for a napkin, but he already had one ready and was wiping my face clean. Now I was embarrassed. I could feel my face getting red.

            “You know, you’re really pretty,” Trever said leaning in closer. I don’t know what made me do it, but I leaned in until our lips met. Despite us eating pizza, we did not have garlic breath like he thought we would. It was perfection.

            “I have to be honest with you…” I started staying as he looked at me. “I am not looking to rush into a relationship. I just got out of a long term relationship, which ended with a denial to a marriage proposal.”

            “Ouch,” he winced. “But I understand. We’ll see where this goes.”

            “That’s the other thing…I have been on dates with Noah and kinda Tanner, but I’m not into Tanner,” I said.

            “I get it. Of course everyone wants to get at the beauty queen.”

            “Why does everyone keep saying that? I’ve never even been in a beauty pageant!” I cried.

            “Well to be honest, you are so gorgeous that we all think of you as a supermodel/beauty queen, even if you really have never been in a pageant,” Trever shrugged.

            “Thanks, I guess…?” I said puzzled.

            “You’re welcome,” he smiled before kissing me again.


            Cheer practice the next day was intense. We tumbled and conditioned for about an hour, before working on incredibly hard stunting sequences and pyramids. Our music and dance sequence was sassy and fierce.

            This was the practice where we disbursed the new uniforms. Everyone was beyond excited. Each bow perfectly matched the uniform it was supposed to, the one piece uniforms were sleek while the competition uniforms were sexy and eye catching. We even had corresponding pompoms for the game uniforms. We had labeled bags “Home”, “Away”, and “Competition/Performances” and placed each uniform in it so the girls knew which uniform to wear to next Friday’s first home game.

            “These uniforms were a generous donation from Livie. We would just like to thank you for all your input on this team, and we have a very exciting announcement….” Our coach said. We all perked up and listened to what she had to say. “As coaches we have officially figured out who we thing is right for the positions of captain and co-captain. We have decided as a group that the position of co-captain should go to Delaney Larsson, and as captain we have chosen Livie Carlisle.”

            Laney and I were sitting next to each other. We looked at each other before erupting into squeals and hugging each other as everyone congratulated us. This is so exciting. Our coaches gave us special gifts – cheer backpacks with our name, cheer logo and captain/co-captain embroidered into it. Along with special patches for our letterman jackets, tumblers that read captain, and special clips for our bows. We thanked them before we left practice.

            “Holy hell Livie! I can’t believe we’re captains!” Laney squealed as we walked through the parking lot. We have to celebrate! Let’s go to Bob’s Backyard Barbeque on me.”

            “Fine by me!” Steph said.

            “Everyone climb in,” I said when we got to my car – I was daring today and drove my Porsche to school. I saw every guy ogle it in the parking lot all day. We drove over to Bob’s and grabbed our prime booth. It was a common gathering place for the football players and cheerleaders after practice. After games they went to Bellucci’s Pizzeria. There was a lot of buzz today. So far no sign of the sideline cheerleaders, no sign is a good sign.

            “Hello beautiful ladies,” Noah said walking up to our table. “What can a I get for you today?”

            “Sweet tea,” we said in unison.

            “I’ll take a pastrami sandwich with a cobb salad,” Steph said.

            “I’ll have the California Avocado Burger with a side of fruit salad,” Laney said.

            “Tri-tip sandwich on ciabatta with mayo and mustard; make sure there are no fatty pieces please with a side of the cheesy-bacon potato slices with sour cream,” I said.

            “Got it; I’ll be right back with your teas,” he said closing his notepad and walking away.

            “Kay, so someone tell me when Noah started working here,” I asked as soon as he left.

            “He’s always worked here. It’s in his family,” Steph said.

            “I thought Tanner’s family owned this place?” I asked puzzled.

            “They do. Noah and Tanner are step brothers. Noah’s dad owns the place. Tanner’s mom is married to Noah’s dad. Noah’s mom passed away when he and Gracie were younger. Tanner’s parents divorced around the same time. I guess Noah’s dad and Tanner’s mom had a thing in high school before. They reconnected, and ended up getting married. Tanner’s dad, step mother, and his half siblings and the twins live next door to you. The twins go back and forth between houses. Something happened between Tanner and Noah so they’re not as close anymore, which is why he lives next door to you and not across town with Noah. But both of them tolerate each other and work here together,” Laney said.

            “Tanner didn’t mention Noah or Gracie when he told me about his siblings. I find that kind of strange. Plus he had mentioned that Noah and Gracie were part of the second richest family in town, and then his is the third which I don’t understand” I mumbled as I looked down at my phone. Noah returned with our drinks and then left quickly.

            “Are you seeing anybody yet?” Steph asked stirring her tea.

            “That’s an interesting question…” I said.

            “Deets; now,” they urged. So then I went into the whole long story of how I met Tanner and went on a photo shoot field trip where we kissed by the lighthouse, and how we kind of had a thing, but then my ex ruined it with the marriage proposal at the house warming party. Then how I met Noah at the back to school party where Dom and Tanner ended up getting back together, so I ended up going on a hike/picnic date with Noah, where I told him about not wanting to rush into anything. Then I said I went on a date with Trever.

            “Trever and I ended up making out after making our own pizza from scratch,” I said before Noah showed up with our food.

            “So the question is who are you into the most?” Steph insinuated as we started munching on our food.

            “Good question…it’s too hard to choose. I like both of them, but I - ”

            “Hey Livie,” Noah said interrupting me.

            “Hey,” I said.

            “I’m really looking forward to the kick back at your house tomorrow,”

            “Us too,” Laney piped up. But he didn’t hear her he just continued talking to me, “So I’d like to take you out again sometime; maybe Saturday night?”

            Laney and Steph just looked at me wide-eyed. “I’d like that,” I smile.

            “Good, I’ll see you around,” Noah said before leaving us to our meal.

            “Yep, we totally know which one you like more,” Steph said as soon as he was out of ear shot.

            “Hey, I need options. If I didn’t like anyone, I would just end up going back to Lucas and be engaged right now!” I said.

            “Be free, I’m waiting until college to get tied down to anyone,” Laney said.

            “Yeah, but until then you’ll just be on and off again with Aiden,” Steph sassed ass she stabbed her salad.

            “You and Aiden? You two would make such a cute couple!” I squealed.

            “Yeah, but I like the relationship we have,” Laney shrugged. I love these girls.


            “Hey Livie,” Tanner said when I walked into my house.

            “Um…? What are you up to?” I asked puzzled.

            “Oh, your mom had to go to Boston to meet Jack and she asked me to watch Shane until you got home from cheer,” he said as we walked into the kitchen where I filled up my water bottle and he started putting away dishes.

            “You can go home now,” I say.

            “Oh it’s okay. If you want to go shower and what not; I’ll finish helping Shane with his homework,” he said as he continued cleaning.

            “Maybe later; I just need to relax first before I go do my nightly workout and stretching,” I say taking a seat at the counter.

            “So are you and Trever together?” he asked leaning on the counter.

            “Way to be straightforward…” I said avoiding the question.

            “Yes or no”

            “No, we are not. We are friends that have gone on a date,” I say avoiding eye contact.

            “And made out on the pizzeria counter after lock up,” he said looking at me. “Trever and I are best friends, he let it slip. He also mentioned how you don’t want to be tied down and want to lay the field; oh, and that you’ve gone a date with Noah as well, which isn’t hard to believe since you were all over him at the party last weekend..”

            He gave me that look as he waited for my response. “Yeah, well you never told me that Noah and Gracie are actually your step siblings. And it really shouldn’t matter since you and Dom are together.”

            “I love Dom,” he said looking me straight in the eye. “I love Gracie, she’s one of my little sisters, I’ll do anything for her, but Noah is not my favorite person. We used to be close, but we’ve drifted apart over the years, I honestly think you could do better than him.”

            “That really is none of your business. Especially if you two aren’t close. To be honest, he’s super sweet and one of the most driven people I have ever met. Oh, and we’re going on another date Saturday night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be working out for the next hour,” I say grabbing my things and walking down the hall to the fitness room.

            I ended up working out for hour and a half, before I decided to upstairs to shower. Tanner had gone home –thank god. I was definitely curious as to why mom left for Boston suddenly, so I went to the person that would know the details – Kenny.

            “So why did mom go meet Jack in Boston?” I say leaning on the door frame.

            He looked up from his videogame, “You want the whole story?” I nodded. “Kay, so I was talking to dad the other day – not Jack – and he had mentioned that mom had a doctor’s appointment in Boston this week. I asked for what and naturally he said just routine check-up stuff, but I felt like something was up since she hadn't mentioned it. So I snooped a little, they had a fertility appointment. Guess who’s trying to get pregnant?”

            “Shut up!” I cried. “We do not need another kid in this house! But that’s weird that mom had talked to dad about it. Do you think they’ll ever tell us?”

            “They have to at some point; dad said that she’s very adamant about having a child or two with Jack since she’s still pretty young.”

            “Ugh… guess I’m going to just have to accept the idea of having a new sibling before I graduate,” I call as I leave the room.

            Great; if I didn't have enough to deal with. Graduating and moving back to New York is looking better and better.



*Author's Note*

Last post of the story for now! I will try to post the new portion by Monday! Positive criticism only! And if anyone would like to make some banner art, feel free to contact me  :icon_biggrin: I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love,


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Hey, Shelby! Love the synopsis - It sounds interesesting!

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