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Mediator story

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 06:01 AM

I sat in front of the mirror. My hair was in a bun, with a veil covering it. I was only eighteen and my mom wanted me to wait a few years but me and Jesse decided to get married right after I finished high school. After we got engaged my mom immediately jumped at the opportunity to plan a wedding. Of course that was after I was grounded and mom got over what she called "the mistake of my life". But me and Jesse knew what we wanted. I only had one problem. How do you tell a 19th century man on your wedding day that your pregnant with his child?


The wedding was beautiful, with only relatives and close friends present. I wore a beautiful long white dress, the was long, flowy and a little poofy and of course, white. There was a reception afterwards in Mom and Andy's place. Mom decorated the backyard with flowers. But I couldn't think. I was scared. Scared at what Jesse would say, What my mom would say. I only just got married! I couldn't get divorced. Although Jesse is old-fashioned, so we might stay together but only for the baby. I worried through the ceremony. By the time we got to the reception, I just couldn't keep it in anymore. After the dinner, I grabbed Jesse's hand and dragged him into the house. "What's wrong querida?" he asked, looking down at me with worry in his eyes. "I have to tell you something" I whispered, "please don't be mad with me". He hugged me tightly. "I could never be mad with you", he kissed my forehead gently. "J-J-Jesse" I said, starting to cry. He took me to the living room and sat down, pulling me down to sit on his lap, holding me closely as I cried and cried into his shoulder. "What's wrong sweetie?" I heard mom coming into the living room. "Let me take for a little girl talk" she said, taking me off Jesse and leading me into my bedroom upstairs. She slowly sat me down on the bed and knelt before me. "Susie, why are you crying so much?" she asked me in a calm soothing voice. "Mom, I-I-I" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. I was disappointed with myself. I couldn't go to college. I had no idea what to do with my life anymore. "Susie, is there something wrong with the baby? You didn't lose it, did you?". I looked into her eyes, saw the sadness and worry in them. I shook my head. "Jesse doesn't know, does he?" she asked. "H-how did you know?". "Susie, I saw you throwing up when you smelled the coffee last week. Plus you gained weight. Not a lot, though I'm sure your not eating healthy. You need to think about the baby, Susie. You need to grow up. Right now. Go downstairs and tell Jesse you're pregnant. Tell him that you are going to have a child together. And if he doesn't accept that, then you will move back here. Your room will always be here" she said, kissed my forehead and went out of the room. I heard her telling Jesse to go upstairs. I managed to calm down until Jesse  walked in, and I burst into tears again. "I'm pregnant" I sobbed. He looked at me in shock for a minute or two and then ran to me. "It's ok, we'll be alright" he said hugging me close. And I knew at that moment that everything will be alright.


Author's note:  I found this in some copy I found. I dont know why, but I love writing about Jesse and Suze in the future  :) I know its crap, but I was in 7th grade when I wrote this  :) Sozzy!

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 08:40 AM

Hey! I seems so cool! But it would be more easier to read if you wrote your story in shorter paragraphs...

Are you going to continue it?

If yes, then UPDATE!

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