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And Then He Bit Her...

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#1 CrazyClavie


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Posted 19 May 2010 - 07:35 PM


Hello everyone!

Time has come for a fan fiction challenge.

Since Insatiable’s release (June 8!) is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to use it as inspiration.

The Mission
Your mission should you chose to accept it is to write a one-shot story about any of Meg’s Characters of your choice in which:
  • Someone turns out to be a vampire, or
  • Character A thinks Character B is a vampire.

The Rules:
  • All entries must be submitted by June 10th, 2010, 7 PM NY Time (can check what time is where you live here)
  • There is no specific word count required but try to make it no longer than 5 pages long (approximately 1000 words, give or take).
  • All Characters in the story should belong to the Meg Cabot universe
  • No Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of Night, or other Vampire books crossovers (that would be too easy!!)
  • Be respectful
  • Keep stories PG-13.
  • One Entry per person, please.

The Votes:
After June 10th, there will be a small voting period so everyone can cast their vote (I'll set up a poll once all the stories are in).

The Prize
  • The three stories with more votes will get a button in their story, signaling their win.
  • First place gets to choose the next writing challenge topic for the FF (to be held in July)
  • Plus a copy of Insatiable (Please, remember that Insatiable is NOT a YA book, should you win and not want Insatiable for that reason, you can opt for a copy of Runaway)

Post your entries bellow!

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#2 rockgal


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Posted 21 May 2010 - 07:21 AM

Ooh first poster! :P sorry it's a bit long, I'm rubbish at sticking to limits.


Life has never been normal for me,(if you’re a witch too, you’ll know what I’m talking about). I had thought things would calm down after my cousin Tory was sent away. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her but then I remember she was sent away because she was trying to kill me! Okay, she was trying to steal my powers but same thing. Anyway it turns out I was wrong- about things calming down I mean. I have a new problem now, my boyfriend Zack (wow it feels so good to say type that) is acting weird.

The first time I noticed it was when he took me to the cinema to see a new vampire romance. Halfway through the movie Zack said, “I’m going to get some popcorn” which roughly translated meant ‘Do you honestly think I’m going to sit here for another 2 hours watching a 108 year old vampire declare his undying love to an ordinary girl?’ That’s not what made me anxious (unfortunately I have yet to meet the guy who could sit through the whole of ‘Twilight’ without yawning once). It was the fact that when he came back he didn’t even touch the popcorn! And that’s not all! I noticed some other things too, like the way he kept on shifting in his seat as if I was making him uncomfortable and the way his skin looked really pale in the light of the screen, and also when my fingers accidently brushed his, their iciness sent a shiver up my spine. Even then I had told myself not to jump to conclusions.

It was the Friday after when I really began to worry. I was sitting down at the table, eating my cereal just like an ordinary day. Then from the corner of my eye, I glimpsed the large caption on today’s newspaper.

What the article described was clearly not an animal attack. Bite marks, bodies drained of blood, clothes in tatters but their possessions intact. I have read enough vampire novels to recognise a vampire attack when I saw one. I didn’t suspect Zack until I read that the attack had happened outside the arcade, yesterday at 9pm, which was exactly where Zack had been at that time. Just as I was thinking that my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out absently.

<Zack Calling>

Uh oh, what now? I couldn’t ignore him. If I did, he would know that I knew and then he would come after me! Gulping inwardly, I flipped open my phone and held it up to my ear.
“Hello” I squeaked
“Hey Jean, I was just thinking about you.”
Ooh! Is it okay for a vampire to be thinking about you? I mean he didn’t really say ‘I was just thinking about how much I want to drink your blood’. Eeek.
“Uh, Jean? Are you still there?”
“Yeah I’m still here.”
“Oh good well do you want to come then?”
Come where? What had he said?
“I’m sorry where did you want to go again?” I asked real subtle... Not.
“Mastrianis, you know that new restaurant. We’re all going to check it out tomorrow and I asked if you wanted to come”
Who was ‘we’? What if they were all vampires?! I had better go just to keep an eye on them and make sure they didn’t attack anybody. Anyway, if things got out of hand I could somehow use my powers couldn’t I?
“Urm, yeah sure. That would be nice. And we can get something nice to eat and drink, I mean not drink because-”
“Great, see you tomorrow”

Oh no, this is not happening! It’s not true. It can’t be. Zack didn’t turn up. The others did, but that’s not why I’m worried. I’m worried because it’s sunny. It’s sunny and Zack’s not here. He was never planning on coming at all! Because if he had, someone would have definitely noticed that he wasn’t eating. I’ve just asked Robert where Zack is and he said 'Zack's ill so he stayed at home.' Yeah right!
I’ve figured it out! Sometime after the whole Tory ordeal, Zack was bitten by and changed into a vampire. It’s impossible yet it’s beginning to make sense. I recently found out witches are true so what's to say vampires aren't too! That’s why Zack keeps trying to convince me that magic doesn’t exist, because he’s trying to conceal a secret about his own identity! How could I have missed it?

“I’m sorry, I have to be somewhere” I excuse myself. I jog straight to Zack’s house, not pausing until I reach it. Then I press and hold the doorbell impatiently. Once. No answer. Twice. Still No answer. Three times.
“He’s not in” I turn around. Petra’s standing in our driveway and as I meet her gaze quizzically she elaborates, “Zack’s gone out”
“Where?” I ask deadpan.
“He’s at the theatre” That liar!

“Thanks” I say quickly already racing out of the driveway and up the road towards the theatre a few blocks away. I run as fast as I can. Faster than lightening... almost anyway. But when I barge through the door of the room Zack’s in I realise I am too late. I also realise my theory is correct. Zack is standing over a blood stained body resting on a couch. The door behind me slams shut and Zack’s gaze flashes up to mine. His eyes are instantly filled with something close to fear. I stare wide eyed at his form unable to turn away. He’s wearing a midnight black cloak with an upturned collar, there is dark red blood streaming down from his purple lips which cannot conceal his pure white fangs, his eyes are bloodshot, his clothes torn from a recent fight and his hair is dishevelled. For a second I can’t move.

“Jean” Zack says moving away from his victim and towards me. Then my instincts kick in and I turn and bolt out of the doors. oh my god my boyfriend is a vampire! What am I going to do? Being Jinx, I do the most stupid thing you can do when you’re being chased by a hungry vampire. I run straight into the woods behind the theatre. Look, I didn’t meant to, okay? I should have run out the opposite way to a public area and yelled ‘Help! Vampire!’- Not that anyone would have believed me. Right now, I can hear Zack’s footsteps crunching through the crisp autumn leaves behind me. He’s a lot faster than I am –I’ve just realised he’s inhumanely fast, another sign!– so I know it only a matter of seconds before he catches me. To buy myself time, I slip behind the nearest tree and pause to capture my breath.

“Jean” His voice echoes in the hollow opening “Jean, where are you?”
“Like I’m going to tell you!” I shout then clamp my hand over my mouth. Shoot, I just did!
I hear hurried footsteps and then Zack’s figure looms into view. I back away putting as much distance between us as possible.
“What’s going on Jean?” Zack asks frowning. I take a deep breath in and close my eyes fleetingly. It’s now or never. I have to get this over with. I have to confront him.
“I know what you are” I whisper trembling. For an instance Zack looks surprised but then it’s gone.
“What do you mean?”
I take another deep breath then count of the facts on my fingers,
“You’re impossibly fast and strong. You’re skin is pale white and ice cold. You never eat or drink anything, you never go out in the-
“Wait, I’m having Déjà Vu.” Zach interrupts frowning as he tries to work something out. Then his head snaps up and his eyes are wider than mine were when I caught him red-handed. “I’m not a vampire, Jinx! And by the way summit entertainment has copyright on their scripts”
I ignore that.
“You have blood on your face and I just caught you biting that lady”
“She’s an actor jinx, and as of these past couple of weeks so am I. I was putting together a vampire play for you and you just caught us rehearsing”
“What about all the other stuff?”
“What other stuff?”
“How are you so fast?”
“I don’t know! I guess it’s in my genes”
“And why is your skin so pale and cold”
“That happens to normal humans on cold days”
“You never go out in the sunlight”
“I’m out right now, aren’t I?”
Good point. Let’s forget that one.
“You never eat or drink”
“Yes I do!”
“You never ate at the cinemas and you skipped Mastriani’s”
“I skipped Mastrianis because I had to rehearse and this was the only free time the other actors had this week, and at the cinemas I didn’t eat because I wasn’t hungry.”
“Then why did you go to get popcorn?”
Zack shifted uncomfortably. Aha I had finally caught him out.
“The film was... well it was... kind of boring” Zack shoots me an apologetic grin. Boring?!

“Fine, Fine, Fine!” I admit reluctantly, then I remember something else, “That doesn’t explain all those animal attacks”
“What animal attacks?” Zack asks genuinely curious.
“The attacks on the girls right outside the arcade when you were there”
“That would be my work” drawled a sinisterly familiar voice from behind us. As if in slow motion,both me and Zack turn around and take in the newcomer.
“T-Tory?” I stutter.
“Torrance” Tory corrects habitually.
“What are you doing here?”
“I had an epiphany so I ran away.” She answers nonchalantly.
“What was your epiphany?” I ask but I have a horrid feeling that I already know. She’s dressed identical to Zack, except the blood trickling down her chin is somewhat darker- more realistic.
“I’m not a witch." She begins solemnly , then her expression changes into a gigantic complacent smirk "I’m a vampire. And I’m back to ruin your life.”
Then she swishes her long cloak around her body and vanishes into thin air...

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#3 m0nkey_luvs


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Posted 21 May 2010 - 07:11 PM

Posted Image

Ooooh, I got right on this!!!

A Fanged Twist to my Already Complicated Life
A Sequel to Avalon High (but I haven't read the graphic novels, so let's just pretend they don't exist, ok?) by Anna

As if things hadn’t already been crappy and confusing enough for me, life just had to throw another curve ball my way. I mean, I had always loved red meat, you know, needing the protein and all to keep up with my running and my freakishly fast metabolism. And I had always been a really fast and strong person, it was just who I was.

But this new aversion to random things such as garlic and sunlight was really bugging me. I loved garlic! And how was I supposed to run without sunlight? In the dark? No way was I running at night: the temperature was waaay too cold, plus I wouldn’t be able to see anything and would therefore get lost, due to the fact that I still wasn’t completely used to the whole living-in-Maryland scenario. There just wasn’t enough room in my life for all
this new crap I was running into.

But, I supposed all this other fairy-tale stuff would just have to move aside. Because, fact was, I was becoming a…

Well I wasn’t exactly sure what I was becoming. Yeah, all the signs pointed to “vampire” but I learned within the past few months that you can’t always follow where the signs are leading. I mean, you do that and you could end up being mistaken for Elaine of Astolat, when in reality you’re the Lady of the Lake!

Besides, I’d had it up to my neck in vampires. I had already become completely sick of this Twi-hard thing and wished that my friends would go back to the time when we would dress up in robes, circular glasses, and lightning bolt scars and run around the neighborhood shouting “Avada Kedavra!” at everyone we passed.

“Hey, Elle,” said Will, snapping me out of my thoughts and making me jump close to a foot in the air. “What’s up?”

I peeled myself off of the library book I had been daydreaming on and blinked my eyes a couple times to rid them of the blurred words describing the Civil War.

“Nothing!” I said, clutching my heart, which was beating probably somewhere around five-hundred times a minute. “Um, yeah, nothing, really. Just studying, you know.”

He peered over my shoulder. “You drooled all over the library book.”

“Crap!” I yelled, taking the jacket I had tossed onto the floor to mop up the excess drool and attempting (and failing) to save the words in the textbook that were quickly liquefying into a blob of black ucki-ness.

“Um,” I said, feeling slightly odd. A normal reaction at this time for me would be to turn horrifically red, but it just wasn’t happening. “Whoops.” I quickly closed the book before any of the crazy librarians could see what I had done and then charge me eighty big ones for a single ruined page so that they could buy an entirely new book.

“Hey, Elle,” he looked at me closer. “Are you alright? You look a bit pale.”

My stomach then felt like it had dropped into the pool two stories below where I stood. And all the food I had eaten three periods ago seemed likely to come right back up.

“I’m… fine. I think,” I said.

“Hey,” his face grew soft. “Is this about Marco? There’s no need to worry about anything.
Yeah, this whole King Arthur situation is a little weird, but I guess we’re just going to have to live with it.”

It was only about a week after the police had caught Marco, Will’s evil half-brother, and we had discovered our true identities as reborn figures from the King Arthur myths.

“Come on,” he said, grabbing my hand. “Let’s go for a walk.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I need some fresh air.”

We walked down the steps and out the door, stepping outside into the shade. I took a couple deep breaths of the chilly autumn air and felt a little better. Then I walked out into the sunlight.

That was when the pain began. “Ow!” I cried at first, thinking maybe a bee had stung me on my cheek. I reached up to soothe the spot, but realized the pain was happening everywhere. My skin was almost white-hot to the touch wherever the sunlight hit it.

I immediately ran back into the shade, feeling almost instant relief. Looking around, I saw that my skin was a slowly fading red, like I had been sunburned and it was wearing off.

Except that, when sunburns wear off, they usually turn into tans, right? My skin was definitely getting paler by the second.

“Holy crap,” I said. “Holy friggin’ crap! What’s happening!?”

“Elle?!” shouted Will. “Ellie! What’s going on?”

I could feel something growing among my teeth. My mouth watered, dripping with something that wasn’t exactly saliva. That was when I realized that the library book in my hands- the one I had drooled on- was disintegrating. I looked away from him.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” I said. “Go away, though. Run away! I have a feeling that I could kill you at any second.”

I could hear his playful laugh. “Nice joke, Elle, what’s going on?”

I looked him face on and he gasped. “Who are you? What hap-happened to Ellie?”

“Will,” I said, my heart beating extremely fast again. “Will, Will! Run away! I think I’m a- a-”

“Vampire,” it was barely a whisper but it sounded louder than a roar coming from his mouth.
He looked at the ground. “I suppose anything could happen, couldn’t it? It was only a matter of time.” He looked at me again. “Things are changing much more quickly than I had suspected here at Avalon High. I had hoped, of course, but I just didn’t suspect you would be the first.”

“What?” I was confused.

He grinned, revealing gleaming white fangs, and stepped towards me.

Hope it works for ya!

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 03:44 PM

Posted Image

This is the first something I've written in a VERY long time, so I apologize before hand for it's....shite-ness.
Victoria and the Rogue - What will the neighbours think?

She gazed out into the open, slowly rocking herself. She wondered where he was? What he was doing and who he was with?

"I've lost him," she whispered.

She felt tears run down her cheeks and fall down into her lap. After 7 years of marriage he had finally realised he deserved better than her. She'd known this day would come. Had even dreamt about it, but everytime she'd spoken out loud he'd always laughed and told her she was talking nonsense.

‘I want YOU Vic, remember that. Always.’

Looking up at the night sky, she watched the stars glitter and sparkle. She wanted to stamp her feet, and cry like a baby. She wanted to slap the woman who had stolen her man but most of all she wanted him. She wanted it to be like it used too. Out in the open sea. Complaining about the filth, and his employers necklines and their manners. She wanted it all back.

She turned back to the house, closing the back door. She walked four steps into the kitchen when she heard a knock. Her heart sped up and she quickly turned back round.

There he stood. Her man. Her husband.


"Victoria. I have something I need to tell you." She felt her stomach dropped. There was no escaping this. The time had come to let him go.

"I know Jack, it's ok. I don't need you to say the words." She walked closer towards him, the sliding door between them.

He dropped his head in sadness. "Victoria open the door so I can explain this to you properly, please. I know you must think I'm a monster but I'm not, I promise." He pleaded.

Victoria shook her head. She placed her hands on the glass wanting to reach out to him, but knowing she had no right. Not when he didn't want her. "I can't Jack, I'm sorry. I don't think you're a monster, I’ve never thought that. I'm just surprised it took you so long to figure out. Everybody could see it. They all knew."

"They've known?" He asked, his eyes widening.

"Yes." She whispered.

His body took on an expression of fear. His hands as white as a sheet against the glass. "Oh God. I wanted to be the one that told you. You must hate me. Fear me even. I couldn't bare to look at myself in the mirror at the beginning but then I read my father's journal and I understood. I mean...I don't understand it all, but I get some of it. I was hoping we'd be able to work through it together but I see now. I've always known that what people think matters to you. I'm sorry. I'll leave."

Victoria’s brows furrowed further as he continued to talk. She watched him sigh in defeat and slowly turn around. "What you're father's journal has got to do with this I'll never know, but if you think I'll stand by and watch you have a mistress or two, you have another thing coming. You may be the best Captain of the Sea, but it doesn't and never has had power of me."

"WHAT? You think I have a mistress?" He shouted through the glass door.

She felt her blood travel faster through her veins in anger at his ridiculous acting. "I know I don't have the best brain, but I know when I'm being lied too, especially when I see it with my own eyes."

"Woman. What have you been drinking? What are you talking about?" He stepped back up the glass door, staring intently down at her.

"Oh don't play stupid. I know! You're ship docked three days ago. You've only just arrived back. It doesn't take a genius, plus Mrs Grully saw you with a woman. An EXOTIC looking woman. She from India as well?" Her hands were on her hip and she tapped her foot repeatedly on the floor, waiting for his next bout of acting. Instead he laughed. Laughed as if he finally understood the joke, and couldn’t believe it.

"Are you laughing at me?" She whispered in anger.

He quickly stopped, knowing all to well that an angry Victoria wasn‘t somebody to be trifled with. "No Vic I'm not laughing at you. Could you just please open the door and let me in?” He asked, kindly. His eyes searched for hers but she wouldn’t allow herself to make eye contact.

"Why can't you let yourself in? You have the keys."

"Because I can't."

"What kind of ridiculous answer is that?" She asked, laughing snottily.

His face turned into a frown. "Victoria!" She knew that face. Had lived with it for seven years. She knew it meant business.

"Fine, but this is the last thing I'm doing for you Captain Jack, after you've come in and gotten your things you can show yourself out."

As soon as the door was open, he walked in and grabbed onto her arm. "Get your cheating hands off me."

"Please Vic listen. For once, just listen." His eyes pleaded with hers, his face contorted into desperation.

“Okay.” She whispered. He gently let go and took a step back.

“Remember my last birthday when I was complaining of a toothache and a stomach bug?” He asked.

Victoria‘s face turned into a scowl as she remembered the day. “Yes, I remember. Also the part where you disappeared whilst I was cooking you soup and didn't appear again until three days later."

He coughed into his hand and continued. "Well that's when it started. Somebody came to me, explained everything to me and that's why I've been missing a lot. It's to protect you.”

His last words confused her. She didn’t understand how this explained the cheating. “ Are you in trouble with the wrong people?” She asked.

He shook his head. “No.” He paused and took and deep breath. “ I am the wrong people.”

“What?” Now she really didn’t understand.

He realised she wasn‘t understanding, he was talking in riddles and truth be told he didn‘t really know how to tell someone that they weren‘t who they thought they were. He paused again and thought as a different way to explain there situation. “You know those sappy paranormal romance novels you read, with the vampires and werewolves and such?”

Victoria realised he was trying to give her frown lines because she didn’t understand at all. At the beginning he was talking about ‘wrong people’ and now her choice in books. Instead of smacking his around, like she really wanted to do at the moment, she answered his question. “Yes.”

“Well… it turns out vampires aren't bitten, they're born.” He paused after his small statement and hoped she understood. When she stood stock still in the same position, her face all scrunched up, he continued. “It's something to do with the blood changing at a critical time in a persons life, and well...my dad had it and he passed it on to me.”

He knew this wasn’t turning well. He knew she wouldn’t react well. But he understood. At least part of him did. How was someone supposed to react when somebody else told them they were now a creature of the night?

“Vic, Victoria? Say something. Please?

She‘d blanked. Whilst he stood there explaining to her about vampires. Her brain had shut off, and then it was pissed. “You're making fun of me again aren't you? Just because I read novels which aren't about boats...

He wanted to shake her. Why couldn‘t she understand he wasn‘t lying? "Victoria I'm not lying. Please look at me, really look at me. Feel this.” He took her hand and placed it on his heart.

The blood drained from her face when she couldn‘t feel anything beating. “Your heart....I can't feel it, and you're skin…It’s cold. Freezing too death cold.”

He chuckled at her expression. Happy to know that she finally believed him. The rest they could work on. Plus at least she wasn‘t running away screaming in the opposite direction. “Can't freeze to death because I'm already dead.”

“Oh god. I can't breathe,” she proclaimed. Then another thought struck and she felt as if she was about to faint. “What are the neighbours going to say?”

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#5 CrazyClavie


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Posted 22 May 2010 - 06:25 PM

Thank you girls for your entries!!!

And please, keep them coming!!!
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#6 Tilly x

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Posted 23 May 2010 - 12:39 PM

"Nikki! NIKKI!"
"Lulu? What is it?" I said as I pushed my head away from my comfortable bed. I couldn't help but feel dissapointed. Every morning before I opened my eyes I would just sort've pretend that I was back in my real body and In my own bed and that Christopher would be nearby and I always had this recurring dream where I'd tell him how I feel and everything would be great and I'd run into his arms...and then I'd remember. This is not a Nicholas Sparks Novel. And I would wake up and find myself in an expensive apartment with a silk piece of material on me and no Christopher.
"Nikki seriously? Your not gonna tell me you were asleep because like how could you be asleep. Do you not remember that really cute guy coming in and giving us this invitation to a party? A party that everyone who is anyone wants an invite to? Do you remember that?" while she was saying this she was rummaging around in my wardrobe.
"well...yeah a little."
"And lemme guess-"
"I have nothing to wear!"
" Lulu."
"I have looked all over my room, nothing! All I have are those stupid scarfs I bought the other day!"
"Bottom shelf let side four from the right."
Lulu walked to the cabinet and pulled out a sleeveless deep violet mini dress.
A smile spread across her face.
I yawned and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As always I was surprised at the face that stared back at me.
I shook myself and started brushing my teeth.

2 hours later we arrived at a small red door with a golden pheonix on it. A small beautiful girl stood by the entrance she was wearing red contacts and looked dangerous. She followed us as we went in.
"Welcome to the Red1 club. Have a great night." She said in a steady voice. She then walked back to the door so fast we didn't even see her. Lulu turned around and stared at the club floor.
My mouth opened.
This place was huge! All the walls were red wallpaper and there were 2 DJ's behind the turntables and a hypnotic tune was playing. Without even knowing it we started dancing. Lulu was laughing and so was I, everything was a mix of colours and music and heat. Lulu took one of the smoking red drinks the cute bartenders were passing around. Then she had another. And another.
I can't really remember what happened next. I'm sure the drinks weren't alcoholic, I tasted one and it sent a huge energy boost through me. Lulu became uncontrollable. She drifted away from me to a group of tall guys with dark eyes and jet black hair. I saw someone coming towards me and then.
Everything went blank.
I woke up the next morning and my head was pounding like fifteen elephants were jumping on it. I touched it and there was a definite sore spot.
Somehow I got up and went to Lulu's room. She wasn't there.
I got my cell and I called her but she didn't answer.
I would've gone back to the club but I had a photoshoot to do. The entire shoot I was distracted. My mind was on Lulu the entire time.
Was she OK? Was she home yet? Was she hurt?
As soon as Steve (the photographer) let me leave I pelted out of the studio and...straight into a mob of paparazzi. I swatted them away and threw myself into the car. I know this was a really weird way to act but I knew there was something wrong and that something bad had happened.
When I got to the apartment Lulu was sitting on the sofa watching TV.
I sighed with relief. She looked at me and smiled.
Her eyes were the first things I saw. They were bright red and flaming. Her smile was too wide.
"Hey Nikki, You look awful. What happened?"
"Welll...you see,I...uh."
"Y'know those guys I saw at the Red1?"
" Um...yeah."
"Well I'm meeting them later and they really want to meet you."
Then Lulu stopped. Her eyes went wide and they turned to their natural blue.
"Nikki! Get away from Red1!Don't ever go back there. Its...Its evil! The girl and the-the boys and the pain. Nikki! I'm so hungry! I'm so hungry!"
I tried not to panic. This sort've thing doesn't normally happen in the real world.
"OK um. I can get you a smoothie or-or a sandwich."
My hands were shaking as I went to the kitchen.
" Hold on!We have protean shakes smoothie packs, we also have Peanut-butter and jelly if you want a sandwich or-"
"Nikki! I need...I need-"
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Posted 23 May 2010 - 09:20 PM

Tilly - It looks like you triple-posted, I'm deleting the first two post if that's all right with you.

I deleted the double posts. Just letting you know

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No Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of Night, or other Vampire books crossovers (that would be too easy!!)

Question: What do you mean by cross-overs? Does that mean we CAN'T make REFERENCE to one of these series? (no use of characters, but just make reference to them?)


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sorry its a teeny bit long, I just go so into it!

Heather Wells: Quick Fix Diet.

"I vaaaant to suck your blood!"

One of the residents walked up to the desk in pale makeup holding a cloak over half his face. I rolled my eyes as I tapped a pen on the magazine article I was reading about the vampire phenomenon. Halloween seemed to be full of random costumes like normal, but there was an amazing amount of Vampires this year. Not just pale face, red lips, fangs, Vampires. But I saw a couple boys wearing pale make up and GLITTER. How that is a vampire is beyond me... but who am I to judge. The resident scoffed at me and walked back down the hall making the girls dressed in bunny or kitty costumes jump then giggle at them playfully.

Resident Hall Managers (and their assistants) weren't allowed to dress up. Arthur, the new Resident Hall manager, said it was to discourage unauthorized fraternizing with the residents. We were supposed to be examples. Thus no dressing up for this Assistant Resident Hall manager. Instead I was stuck sitting at the desks making sure that no one stayed too long in the dorm and watching all the the other students rush out in costumes. Lucky for me we had a whole BUNCH of candy stashed away to refill the bowls on the counter of the front desk.

Popping my fourth miniature Reese's in my mouth, I looked up only to jump so high I nearly fell off my seat.
"Dude. Heather! What are you supposed to be?" Gavin asked as he grabbed a handful of candy and shoved it in a plastic pumpkin head in his hand. Gavin was dressed in a wetsuit folded half way down showing off his chest that he'd been working all summer on getting. Next to him he held a styrofoam surf board with waves painted on it. At least it was better than a vampire.
Catching my breath and trying not to swallow the Reese's in my mouth whole, I sent a glare toward him.
"I'm a serial killer.... I look just like everyone else...." I retorted as I readjusted myself on the seat at the desk.
Gavin snorted. "Come on Heather. You gotta show a little creativity!"

I turned back to my magazine, knowing full well that he would just away eventually if I just ignored him. And I was right. A few moments later, he was gone. A piece of Dove chocolate found its way into my mouth, cherishing the warmth of the chocolate I continued to peruse the magazine, trying to block out the noise of the residence hall by drowning my Halloween sorrows in mindless trivia and silly quizzes. The next page I turned was a quiz, it had a good looking young an on the page, he looked a little pale and creepy, but still beautiful. The Quiz was entitled "How to tell if your Boyfriend is a Vampire". Out of sheer curiosity I pulled out a pen and paper began to answer the questions.

Question 1: Does your boyfriend seem to know what everyone else is thinking? But not you because you're special?
Question 2: Does your boyfriend sprinkle your conversations with a lot of obscure facts that only someone who was alive during the french revolution or civil war might know?
Question 3: Does he have a disturbingly small appetite, always telling you he just ate or is going to eat later?
Question 4: Does your boyfriend have large amounts of cash but no determinable means of employment, but he isn't a pimp?
Question 5: Does he occasionally tell you in a deep meaningful voice that he wants to kill you but he's totally restraining himself?
Question 6: Does he buy shirts with his own fave emblazoned on them at Hot Topic?

I stared at the questions. 'SERIOUSLY?' I mumbled to myself stifling a giggle. The questions were ridiculous. I put the pad of paper and pen back in the desk drawer. Heaven knows that Arthur would have yelled at me if I hadn't. As I slammed the drawer shut, a large group of people walked it. It seemed that President Allington wasn't going to dress up for Halloween either. He was in his usual New York College tv shirt, white trousers, his sneakers and his New York College Lettermans jacket.

"Happy Halloween President Allington," I said cheerfully, or as cheerfully as someone could when she was sitting at a desk instead of at home in her brownstone with her hunky boyfriend playing Halloween games of their own in the dark. "Would you like some candy." As I offered the bowl to him I slid another piece of Dove Chocolate in my mouth.

"Don't mind if I do!" the president smiled at me and hopped over to grab a piece of candy. "What ever happened to truly celebrating Halloween. You know, dancing in the moonlight, sweeping away evil spirits, bobbing for apples, when did all that go away?" He pulled out a couple pieces of candy corn and pocketed them.
"You can have all you want sir. Really, we have a ton!"
"That's okay Heather, I'm going to be having a big dinner later..." With a small smile he turned a heel and headed up the elevator to his room.

Midnight was approaching and I had yet to leave the desk. I was in serious need of a Diet Coke. No one had come int eh residence hall in about a half hour. It'd be okay if I left for like 20 minutes to run to the store down the road right? Grabbing some change from the petty cash fund I opened the door to the crisp New York October air. Only to be stopped in my tracks by a girl with blonde hair huddled in the corner of the door frame. Dressed in a 'Sexy' nurse outfit the girl had her hands over her eyes and was shaking nervously. I guess I wasn't going to be getting my Diet Coke.
"Are you okay?"
The girl looked up at me and I saw that it was Elyse Jericho. She was a resident in Fisher Hall, on the third floor. Her blue eyes were full of anger, worry, and fear.
"I... I... a girl is dead"
Dammit not again! I thought silently. Elyse lead me to the girl she found. A petite brunette lay lifeless in a bush by the trash cans. The young woman was dressed in a Princess Leia slave costume, the snake armlet now digging into her upper arm. Brushing a curtain of hair away from the girls face I gasped. I didn't know her. True this was the 'Death Dorm' but I didn't know this girl... and I knew everyone. Trying to see if there was any obvious cause of death I moved her hair a bit more, but the only thing I saw that was out of place were two puncture marks on her neck. Biting on my lower lip I grabbed Elyse's arm and dragged her back to the building. Sitting her down on chair next to the Residence Hall Managers office I grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to her before pulling out my phone.

Dialing a number I know far too well I held the phone to my ear, turning to look back at Elyse to make sure she was doing okay. Well as okay as a girl could be after seeing a dead person.
"What do you want Wells?" Detective Canavan said when he picked up the phone. Though thats better than saying 'Who's dead now?', which would have been a decent question but still rude.
"There's a girl dead outside Fisher Hall. I'm not sure how long she's been there." Detective Canavan didn't even respond he just hung up.
Spinning around to see how Elyse was doing the magazine I had been reading fell to the floor causing Elyse to jump before seeing that the magazine was the source of the sound. Setting it back on the desk it fell open to the Vampire quiz I had looked over earlier.

I don't know what made me think about the quiz. Especially with a dead girl outside, but I did. Reading over the questions again, my brain scrambled for a possible killer, conversations repeated in my head, faces blurred. Blinking at the magazine I inhaled sharply and pulled out my phone again. Taking a step outside so not to spook Elyse I dialed Cooper. Sirens were beginning to wail and head our way, though I wasn't sure if that was exactly a good thing at the moment.
"Heather where are you? I thought you'd be home by now?" I nearly forgot my train of thought as Coopers sultry voice sounded in my ear.
"Coop, there's been another death at the dorm... but I have something to tell you and you're going to think I'm crazy."
"I already think you're crazy and love you anyway, whats wrong?"

I paused, almost not wanting to say anything. But I had to. Even if I sounded crazy.
"I think President Allington is a vampire...."

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Question: What do you mean by cross-overs? Does that mean we CAN'T make REFERENCE to one of these series? (no use of characters, but just make reference to them?)


The rule means that the story has to be Meg's Characters centric.
So no references or characters from other series popping up.


Darth Clavie
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Posted 25 May 2010 - 11:47 PM

The rule means that the story has to be Meg's Characters centric.
So no references or characters from other series popping up.


Darth Clavie

Not even the mention of sparkles? *ducks*
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Not even the mention of sparkles? *ducks*

Sorry, we just want to give everyone an even ground, and since stories were already posted under those rules we can't change them now.

Hope you understand,

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Sorry, we just want to give everyone an even ground, and since stories were already posted under those rules we can't change them now.

Hope you understand,


No worries. That sounds fair. :)
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Question 1: Does your boyfriend seem to know what everyone else is thinking? But not you because you're special?
Question 2: Does your boyfriend sprinkle your conversations with a lot of obscure facts that only someone who was alive during the french revolution or civil war might know?
Question 3: Does he have a disturbingly small appetite, always telling you he just ate or is going to eat later?
Question 4: Does your boyfriend have large amounts of cash but no determinable means of employment, but he isn't a pimp?
Question 5: Does he occasionally tell you in a deep meaningful voice that he wants to kill you but he's totally restraining himself?
Question 6: Does he buy shirts with his own fave emblazoned on them at Hot Topic?

Something tells me you didn't think of these questions yourself...lol.

I like it though.

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Posted 28 May 2010 - 12:34 AM

Mediator, and her brother
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'Well, Dave, I guess you know some of the weird things that surround me and I...I just think I should tell you everything. And I guess I need not ask you to not to tell it to anyone. But if you don't, then I ask you not to tell it to anyone not because its kind of secret or something - ok ok it is - but because then people will consider me mad, and they already think that I am crazy. I don't want to end up in asylum, you know?' I was blabbering, I know I know, but how was I supposed to behave normally when I was planning on telling Doc everything? I mean, i know he will understand and all, but what if he stops talking with me - already he is the only one with whom I am comfortable talking with - and I will end up living a solitary life in our home?

'Suze, what is it? I won't tell anyone, I promise.' David - aka Doc for me - said.

'Well, the thing is, you see, I can talk, chat, play, see - do everything that I can do with a normal living person - with the dead ones. I mean the ghost. I am the mediator. I give solace to the souls who are suffering between the dead and the living. Father Dominic is one too...' I blurt out. 'You don't think I am crazy, do you? I mean, I know it is hard to understand and believe, but I am telling the truth. Just trust me with that. I can't redefine the truth, now can I?' I plead.

'I trust you Suze and I know you are not lying. So stop giving yourself hard time. And besides, I always suspected something. I am glad that you told me.'

Well, technically then thank Jesse, I wanted to say, but refrained. He need not get more shocks today, now does he?

'I will talk to you later...’ I said and exited his room, giving him his space and time.

Its all his fault. I mean, Jesse's. Now Doc will think I am crazy. Or mad even. 'He wants to tell you something Susannah. If you don't tell him about yourself and open up, then how could he?'

Crap. All crap. And I had fallen for it. Hey, don't blame me, alright? How could I've denied him when he was using his tactics and charm for it?

'But what if he freaks out?' I had asked, senselessly.

'He won't. Trust me over that.' he smiled. SMILED! After all, how would he understand the meaning? He never was the one to see the dead ones, now was he?

'I told you, he won't freak out.' Jesse interrupted.

'I know. But what is wrong with him? It’s normal to freak out after knowing something, and he didn't! He didn't! Oh my God. What is wrong with him? He is fine, right? He ain't getting bullied or worse, flunking his subjects? Though I highly doubt he will ever flunk anything. But then what is wrong with him Jesse? Oh my God. He is my brother and I didn't notice? I am the worst sister ever! And Jesse, why don't you tell yourself? I mean you know right? So you can tell it too!’

‘Querida, stop blabbering. He is totally fine, and he ain’t getting bullied or flunking anything. But it’s better if he tells you what is up with him. Now will you shut up?’ Jesse said.

2 days later

‘Um, Suze, can I come in?’ David asked.

‘Yeah, of course Dave.’

‘Well, I guess, I should tell you something too. I was coming back from school with Brad when we got attacked by some people. Remember the day, when you were sick from the poison oak?’

‘Yeah. And?’

‘And those people were ferocious. And dangerous. They were fast, strong and had beautiful eyes. I don’t know who they were; I have never seen them before. And they attacked us…’

‘Oh my God. Did something happen? You didn’t get injured right Dave? And neither did Brad? And they went away after that, right? And nothing bad happened, right? ’ I asked getting tensed.

‘No. I am perfectly fine, Suze. I am saying that they attacked us. Brad forced me to run away – I swear I didn’t want to leave him alone, but he left no option – and so I did. I turned back once, and saw blood coming from his neck…’

‘Oh my god…’

‘He turned into a vampire, Suze…’
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The Story So Far...

Well, we got 6 lovely contest entries but there is still room for more!
So please, keep them coming!!!

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Posted 06 June 2010 - 07:05 PM

Deadline in only 4 days!!! If you want to submit your story, please do it soon!!
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You Can Never Go Back

The man stood there, holding Priscilla tightly, and leaned towards her as if he was going to kiss her, but instead, bit her throat, then—

“Eeek!!!” Lucy screamed into my ear. Well, it looked like movie time was over. This was one of my favorites too.

“Lucy, I know you don’t like scary movies, but you don’t have to scream in my ear!” I shouted.

“Well, if you didn’t watch all this gory crap, maybe I wouldn’t scream!” Lucy yelled back.

“It’s not that scary. I mean, vampires are so unrealistic. I mean, they all look like super-models, drink blood to survive, and are immortal.” I said. Lucy just stared at me for a moment.

“Well, of course someone like you would think that. But vampires have been a part of our culture since, like, forever.” Lucy said. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s true! I mean, for all you know, Dracula could be real! Bram Stoker could have actually met him or something!”

“Actually,” Rebecca said as she entered the room “Dracula is based off of Vlad the Impaler, who was a vicious tyrant of Transylvania. “

“See?” I said. Lucy sighed in defeat.

“Whatever, I’m going to bed.”

I thought at the time that she had just given up, and that was the end of it. But boy was I wrong. It was the beginning.


The next day David came over for dinner. He came over during one of my favorite meals, too. Hamburgers. Joy to the world.

But unfortunately, Lucy was still stuck on the subject of vampires. “I’m telling, you, they’re real. One hundred percent. “

“Right, and Big Foot is real too. And the Loch Ness monster.” I glanced at David and smirked. “Oh, and don’t forget werewolves.”

Lucy looked really annoyed. “Don’t make fun of me. I know they’re real.”

“Would you shut up?” David shouted rudely. I was shocked. Everyone was silent. Not that I blamed them. David just sounded so…cold. Not at all how he usually was.”

“David, she was just—“

“No Sam. I don’t care. She’s just being stupid. I can’t take this. I’ll call you later.” He said, and then left.


I came into Lucy’s room later. You think I’d knock, but she was always intruding in my room, so why even bother?

“Lucy, I’m sorry about what David said. He’s not usually like that. Really, but I think that—“

“Save it Sam, it’s just the way he is. He couldn’t change even if he wanted to.” Well, that was a bit harsh. I mean, David was acting like a jerk, but still. That was overboard. She must have seen the look of disbelief on my face, because then she looked up and said to me,

“Sam, David’s a vampire.”

She stared at me, waiting for an answer. But all I could do was laugh. I mean, it was ridiculous. David, of all people. A vampire.

“I’m serious! The reason he was mad was because he didn’t want to expose him! I mean, if you stick around with him much longer, you can be killed, or worse, turned!” she said.

“Lucy,” I said, struggling to keep a straight face “David isn’t a vampire. I was all alone with him at Camp David. Wouldn’t that have been the absolute perfect time to bite me?”

She paused, obviously pondering my question. Maybe she would finally let this go. “Well, maybe he got bit after you went to Camp David.” I sighed. She just wasn’t going to let this go.

“Lucy, I have something to show you. Tomorrow night meet me at the park the park at ten o’clock, okay?”

“But won’t it be too dark?”

“Don’t worry about that. There’s a full moon tonight. It should give off plenty of light. I won’t be able to walk with you there; I have….a couple of things to take care of first. Some things I need to check with, but I’ll come right after.” Lucy looked uncertain. “Trust me, we’re family right?” I gave her a small smile. She nodded. Good. I didn’t have to hide it any longer. The secret I shared with David. Now someone else would know. I whipped out my cell phone.

“Hello? David? What I was talking about earlier? Yeah, I’m telling her. Tonight.”


I waited for Lucy. If she didn’t get here soon it would be too late to show her the secret. I made sure to be an hour early. But fortunately, I heard a crunch on the ground across the park. I smiled. Lucy.

“So, are you sure you want to know? Once you hear the truth, there’s no going back.” I told her. Lucy looked uncertain, but then nodded.

“Two months ago….David started to act very strangely. And one day, on a dark night like this, I discovered the truth. Now, it terrified me. I wanted to run. But the bond between me and David was strong. So I stayed and became like him, because I loved him.” Lucy gasped.

“But that was the only way. You see, once you know the truth, there are only two choices, die, or become one of us. I wasn’t going to make you face the truth, but you were so persistent and kept saying that David was a vampire; I thought that you would eventually figure it out. So I gave you the choice.”

Lucy looked terrified, but it was too late now, she knew the truth. Those were the rules. I double checked by asking the elders of the clan too. As the moon light finally shone through the trees onto my skin, I pounced at her before she could run, so I could change her into one of us. A werewolf. When I finally bit her, I said, “Sorry Luce, there’s no helping it now. Like I said, you can never go back once you’ve learned the truth.”
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Posted 06 June 2010 - 07:15 PM

First of all, I'm pretty sure no one is going to vote for mine, but I don't care anymore! It was fun!

Second of all, I think mine looks a bit short but the word count on Word said I had 991, and I didn't want to exceed the word limit...so.....Oh well!
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Posted 07 June 2010 - 10:38 AM

Oh, there's another Jinx post but... oh, well. 998 words...

Blood Red Roses :m:

I stood in front of the mirror pulling back up my hair. With my hair down, it sort of took over and defied gravity.

Zack decided that tonight was the perfect night to take me out for a mysterious date. Except he must have not cued in my hair, or the humidity for that matter, that it needed to be nice. It was worse than trying to play “Ave Maria” with a broken string. In other words, it was being impossible.

I looked at the clock and slid into my green silk dress that Petra picked out knowing that tonight had to be perfect and so far, it was.

Knowing Zack it will be in Central Park with little rose petals tossed about. He always was the best at figuring out what was perfect. It was like his super power.

That and making me fall head over heals in love with him after three simple words. Heck, I was in love once I saw him sitting there just sipping a coke.

I grabbed my clutch and ran, or as close to a run that you can get going down stairs in heels, right into Petra.

“Glad I caught you,” Petra smiled steadying me. Which was hard with me teetering like I was. “I wanted to give you theses,” she handed me a tiny wrapped package, “they were my mother’s and since you’re like my own, I wanted you to have them.”

Once I unwrapped them, the door bell rang. “Thanks you, Petra,” I said hugging her. “Gotta go.”

“Be careful! Tonight there’s a full moon and you know how nature gets around you.” Her words brought back a flash of memories and I winced toward the handle.

“Will do.”

I turned the handle and peered out. Zack’s hair was still wet from his shower and perfectly windblown. Not at all affected by the humidity like mine was. His black v neck and jeans made him look even more like a model.

“Hey,” I said shutting the door behind me.

He turned around and smiled up at me. “Hey,” he said holding his hand out to me. “You look…marvelous. Are you sure your Aunt Evelyn won’t have a coronary if she sees you out here like that?”

He slipped into the taxi and pulled me in after him. He knew perfectly well that my Aunt Evelyn and the rest of her family were in Hancock visiting Tory, or whatever she was calling herself now.

Portia was only here, and not off with Willem cruising to the countryside, because Mom didn’t want me to stay alone in New York City. Especially now that I had a steady boyfriend. She was scared that he would seduce me with his jaded New Yorker ways.

“Were here,” he said. I looked out the window and grinned. He had decided to take me to our favorite place: the park.

Then he handed the cabbie a twenty and lifted me out of the taxi.

“This way, Miss,” He bowed indicating to a huge oak tree near the middle. It towered over the rest and was full of knots and twists in the trunk.

“Why thank you, Sir,” I said curtsying before tearing away from him and running to the tree.

When I hid behind the tree waiting for him to appear, I glimpsed down, and there was a full romantic dinner. Rose petals, two cokes, and everything a girl could want. Almost as if he was taking notes on what I loved and this was the big test.

He definitely got an A.

“Pretty isn’t it?” He asked from behind me holding my clutch. I grabbed it and thanked him, then he slowly lowered me to the ground, like I was breakable.

“It’s gorgeous. How did you know I was craving a coke?” I joked taking one.

“I don’t know,” he blushed, “that’s what you got on our first date.”

“But, what about the Burger King hat?” I asked picking up a cardboard do-it-you-self crown.

He reached over and gently pulled it from my hands before setting it on top of my head. “It’s your crown,” he said, “because every princess needs a one.”

He smiled and leaned closer. He kissed me slowly and carefully, holding up my chin. My mind melted like dark chocolate under a heat lamp.

Then, while my mind was temporarily out of service, his lips slid down to my neck. The lights, not to be confused with stars since there were none, twinkled in front of my eyelids, like I was back in Hancock with actual stars. Then I felt something weird on my neck. Like teeth.

My eyes sprang open.

Then my mind went to the movie we saw last night about Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which was actually based off of Vlad the Impaler. He had a fascination with women’s necks just like-

Just like Zack with mine.

Everything fell into place. His all too perfect looks, how he seemed to know just what I needed like he had done this all before, his disappearing for my birthday and odd weekends to go to rural New York.

And if witches were real, than it wasn’t so far fetched to think that vampires were, too.

I reached into my clutch and dug through the tissue paper before my hand curled around the crucifix earrings. I pulled them out and shoved them into his face.

“What the-”

Then he flew off of me and made a sickening smash into the tree opposite us. His body laid still, tossed over its roots.

Breathing hard, I sat up and looked where he crashed, but there was something on top of him, pining him down.

Then that thing was in front of me, with Zack’s blood dripping down her chin.


“Miss me?” she flashed her fangs diving for my neck.

I fell against the tree and the crucifixes dropped from my hand. The vampiress shrieked before she fell over, bursting into dust.



Wow, it looks even shorter on here... hope this is good enough.

em :cat:
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Posted 08 June 2010 - 04:17 PM

Oh, by the way, mine's an All American Girl fan fiction.
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Posted 08 June 2010 - 04:40 PM

Posted Image

I hope you enjoy. I think it is a little long but I hope you will over look it because you love it! ;)

The Vamp next door

To: Melissa Fuller

From: Jerrygarciarules

Mel,I know you are in there so just open the door so we can talk.

To: Jerrygarciarules

From: Melissa Fuller

Stay away! I’ll call the police.

To: Nadine Wilcox

From: Melissa fuller

Help! John just tried to bite me!

To: Melissa Fuller

From: Nadine Wilcox

Oow! Kinky! Don’t do anything until he gives you the ring! And apologises! What did you do?

To: Nadine Wilcox

From: Melissa Fuller

No you don’t understand! He tried to bite me and he had ffffffffffffffffffff

To: Melissa Fuller

From: Nadine Wilcox

Melissa! Melissa! Pick up your phone! What happened? What has John done? Answer me!

To: Nadine Wilcox

From: Melissa Fuller

Sorry I didn’t contact you earlier. It turns out that John wasn’t just lying about this name he was lying about who and what he was.
He is not just John Trent but John Trent of The Park Avenue Trent’s! That’s right! He’s a vampire! Apparently After his father was found drinking that girl in The Village and publicly announced that they were all vampires, the Trent’s have been using fake names so they can live normal lives. He said that they don’t normally kill people. He said they just like to use willing donors. That some women (and men) like to have their blood drunk! Eww! Can you imagine? Anyway he said it was just feeding that he would never cheat and he loves me and wanted to tell me but was scared about how I would react.
I was so shocked I just wasn’t able to take it all in. John a vampire! My lovely, sweet, dishevelled John. Who loves the weather channel and crime novels as much as I do! He probably remembered the Great Storm of 1865. He probably met Agatha Christie, hell; he has probably met Sir Arthur Conan – Doyle!!!
John, meanwhile, had come to sit next to me on the sofa.
“Mel please.” He pleaded “I just wanted you to get to know the real me and not the legend. We are just like everyone else but immortal.” He laughed nervously and then took my hand “Oh Mel. I have never felt this way in all my ninety eight years! If only you knew how much you mean to me.” He turned my head so I was looking into his beautiful brown eyes.
“Mel, I’ve spent so many years alone finally you and I can spend eternity together.” Then he took a great big sniff of me and when he opened his eyes they were black. He smiled and I saw the fangs and just as he bent towards me I screamed and ran out the door and to my apartment.
He was calling and emailing me but I wasn’t answering because I was too afraid to answer the door. What if he tried to bite me again? Could I rely on the police to help me if he did attack? I mean it’s not like normal bullets can stop him.
While I was writing to you (real helpful by the way) he jumped through the window on top of me and hissed in my ear “Sorry I can’t let you tell Nadine” before reaching up and deleting the email. He stood up and reached down for me helping me up.
I was so stunned by his leap through my window I couldn’t speak. I thought of that phrase you mother always says to you “he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and remembering his teeth I took a step back from him, right on to a piece of glass!
“Mel!” He cried and picked me up like I weighted nothing (which is no mean feat) and carried me over to the bed. Putting me down and then before I could protest took hold of my leg to inspect the wound. I suppose I should have been worried since I was bleeding but the gentle way he pulled the shards out of my foot and then wrapped it in a towel to stop the bleeding reminded me why I had fallen for this guy.
When he had finished with my foot he knelt in front of me and took my hand.
“Mel I’m sorry. In my excitement at finally telling you the truth, I didn’t wait to find out what your feelings were. I want you to know that I will give you all the time you need to deal with this but I have to ask that you don’t discuss this with anyone, even Nadine. I know you will want to discuss this but I’m not supposed to tell you and the last thing our family needs is for our secret identities be revealed. I will leave you now but please call me when you are ready to talk.” Then he looked at me got up and kissed my forehead and the next thing I knew the place was empty and the phone was ringing.
I know he said not to tell you and as I didn’t know if he had superhuman hearing I didn’t want to talk on the phone but I’m writing this in the bathroom so unless he can see through walls (fingers crossed) you should get this and be able to let me know your thoughts. I really need your help Nadine. Write back ASAP.

To: Melissa Fuller

From: Nadine Wilcox

What can I say? It is always the quiet ones. I have to admit I can understand you running away then he tried to bite you, it seems bad vampire etiquette to just bite someone without asking.
But Mel all things considered, at least he is not the modelizer, ladies man we thought ‘Max’ was. John, admittedly, is a vampire but he loves you and it looks like he was going to tell you anyway (romantic getaway = proposal/ confession that he is a vampire). So maybe you should decided if you can overlook this one admittedly large flaw, and chose to let yourself be loved by someone who really cares about you. Which I know John does – he brought you ice cream when you were sick! If that is not proof I don’t know what is.
I’ll be here if you need me.

To: Nadine Wilcox

From: Melissa Fuller

Thanks for your email. It just confirmed what I had decided so after I closed my laptop, I went over to Mrs Friedlander apartment and knocked on the door. John opened it and looked really surprised when I kissed him on the lips.
“Mel are you sure? You freaked out earlier...” he asked taking me in his arms.

“I know but you were right. I know you and even though you aren’t well human. I know that whatever you are I love you and trust you.”

So here I am snuggled with John on the sofa. He says it’s ok to tell you now, and Mrs Friedlander? Well you’ll read it in the paper in the morning but Max confessed to murdering his aunt to get at her money after sending the morning getting yelled at by Vivica. Apparently she is not all she appears. I’m sworn to secrecy but let’s just say that Mrs Friedlander has nothing to worry about when she wakes up.
I will see you at work on Monday meanwhile John and I are going to spend some time together. Talk later.
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#24 CrazyClavie


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Posted 08 June 2010 - 09:15 PM

Thanks girls!!!

Just a reminder that the we are two days away from deadline!! :)

Oh and that Insatiable was released today!!


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#25 CrazyClavie


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Posted 10 June 2010 - 08:05 AM

We are 10 hrs away from deadline!!

This is your last chance to submit your entry!!!

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Posted 10 June 2010 - 07:18 PM

Okay girls! Thanks for all the entries!!!
Voting Period Starts tomorrow morning!! More details forthcoming.
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Posted 11 June 2010 - 06:54 PM


So, go ahead, cast your vote in the poll at the top of the page

Voting Period ends On June 21 7 PM New York Time!!!
(Check here to see the time where you are!)

Winners to be announced shortly after!!

Get voting!

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#28 *legally brunette*

*legally brunette*

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Posted 16 June 2010 - 09:45 PM

Ah! Oh my God, I just have to say that I'm absolutelyyyyyy luuurrrving all of these! It'll be so hard to pick!!!! Posted Image
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Posted 19 June 2010 - 09:46 PM

Thanks to all whom have voted!

the Voting period closes tomorrow, so this is your last chance to cast your vote and pick a winner!!
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Posted 20 June 2010 - 06:36 PM

Voting Period is Over!

Thanks everyone who participated!!

Official announcement coming SOON!!!
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Posted 22 June 2010 - 10:22 AM

Thanks so much to all for participating!!!
The entries were fab (and thanks for voting too!).

Here are the results:

1st Place - Victoria and The Rouge: What Will the Neighbors Think? by sammyz

2nd Place - A Fanged Twist to my Already Complicated Life by m0nkey_luvs

2nd Place - The Vamp Next Door by hollydy

Posted Image


Clavie & Co-Conspirators.

Ps - sammyz, let me know your idea for the next writing challenge.
To all winners: You'll hear further from us about Da Prize.

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#32 hollydy


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Posted 22 June 2010 - 02:54 PM

Thank you for voting for my story! Congratulations to sammyz and m0nkey_luvs too!
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Posted 22 June 2010 - 03:28 PM

Thanks guys.

Congrats to monKey_luvs and hollydy.

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Posted 27 June 2010 - 10:13 AM

Well I suppose it's my turn :P. Really, really great job to EVERYONE and congrats to sammyz and hollydy, too.

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Posted 20 July 2010 - 11:02 PM

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