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Racing Heart (PG-13)

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#1 emily briana

emily briana

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Posted 09 October 2007 - 03:56 PM

Racing Heart (PG-13)

<H2 style="MARGIN: auto 0in">Chapter 1</H2>

“Are you ready?” my brother asked, his forehead creased with worry but his eyes glinting with excitement. How can I not be ready? I was born ready for this.

I was having a little hard time hearing him because of the crowd around us. The music was loud, the cars were on, their engine’s roaring, everybody drinking and dancing, and what made it all the worst was that I had vampire hearing, so yeah, I could also hear all the hearts; I know, kind of would have given you a headache, but when you’ve been half vampire since the day you were born, you get pretty much use to it.

I looked around for my friends and caught sight of them over at the bar, talking to the new hot bartender, which is no surprise, since they were the flirting type.

“Yep, as ready as I’ll ever be, baby” I cracked my knuckles and opened my driver’s wing door. It went up smoothly, automatically, and the car’s alarm beeped for a second.

“Just remember, don’t jump the line like you always do. Then we’ll have to start the race all over again” he scowled at me and I smiled innocently. I can be such a cheater when it comes to winning.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Who am I racing tonight anyway?” I glanced around curiously.

“Jake Chavez, from Louisiana” he gestured to the tall guy sitting on the hood of a black BMW 2007, black hair, lean but still a little muscular, to put it short, he was hot but so not my type.

“How much?” I asked; my eyes still on the Jake guy.

“10,000 dollars” he grinned. I whistle approvingly and nodded.

“How many laps?” I asked. I was already used to asking the questions, I been in the racing business ever since I was fifteen years old. The questions were practically written inside my head.

“Two laps are ok” he shrugged.

“Nice, I’ll race him. How are the police scanners…GPS?” I inquired him. I didn’t want to get arrested…again.

“They are all good, no trace of polices around, and everything is safe so far. There’s no need to worry” he squeezed my shoulder reassuringly.

“I have gotten arrested five times already, Greg. Let’s not piss our old man again” I rounded my shoulders and sat on my driver’s leather seat, slipping in and placing my foot on the gas pedal.

“Don’t forget to buckle” my brother sang. I rolled my eyes and reached for the wing door’s handle up above, almost hitting Greg on the forehead as I pulled it down to shut it. Everybody in the crowd quieted down and started gathering around, making a big rounded circle around my car and Jake’s.

I turned the ignition smoothly and the car purred to life. I have two and a half years with this car; I know all there is to know about it. I know when something is wrong, I know where everything is; it has never given me any problems.

I glanced out my window shield and winked at my opponent. I smirked as he smiled wolfishly at me and winked back, mouthing ‘call me’. Dream on, boy, I thought with a chuckle. Guys, they are so pathetic.

I rolled my eyes and took hold of my gear, griping it tightly until my knuckles were white but not tight enough to crush it with my inhuman strength.

I moved the gear into Parking and rubbed my hands together. It’s time to warm up my baby. I placed my hands on the wheel, pressed on the gas pedal and the car accelerated; the meter’s needle went up to 80 MPH, the car’s engine roar like an angry animal; the tires screech loudly behind me, white smoke came from my tail, the air smelled of burned rubber; The two mufflers coughing out fire.

The crowd behind me backed away in surprise, probably trying not to get burn with the fire spilling out of my mufflers. Some of them laughed and grinned goofily. Some even tried to reach out and touch the fire but snatched their hands back when I pressed on the gas again. Let’s just say we like to keep our audience safe and out of trouble. We no likey calling the ambulance.

I heard the crowd outside cheering loudly, screaming encouragements at me. It’s been two and half years in the street racing business, what do you expect? Practically everybody in town knows me. There were about 2,000 people outside; most of them are from my school. Some even come from other states just to see the race.

The people over at the bar stood and came to join the circle, taking their drinks with them. Some were older, about fifty and forty and some very young, twelve and ten perhaps. It really does surprise me to see new people coming in every single Saturday.

My brother—the flagger—walked into the midst of the roaring cars, standing in the small space between Jake’s and my car. He held up a white t-shirt and stared at me through the tinted front windshield. I knew he was worried that I’ll get hurt, but I have done this millions of times, I’m a professional people.

I put my gear into drive and waited for his signal. Three, two, one; he released the shirt and there were three loud honks from the monster truck beside me. I press on the gas pedal and the car left the starting line like lightning; I raced down California’s nearly empty streets and smirked as I looked at my view mirror to see Jake almost catching up to me. People on the sidewalk cheered and jumped, startled, as we passed them.

My car roared as I pressed down on the gas, trying to go faster. I am so not going to let him win this. I glanced to my left to see that Jake was right beside me. He smirked as he outran me and I chuckled.

He wants to play rough; I’ll give him rough. I opened the black plastic cap on top of my gear and looked hesitantly at the red shining button. Oh, well, it’s not like I haven’t used it before. I pressed down at the button and bit my lip to hide my wicked smile. That’ll show him.

My cars engine screamed and I sank back in my seat as my car’s speed doubled, gravity and force pushing at my body so hard that I though I was going to break my seat, the air left my lungs. I was going 200 MPH already. I flew passed him easily and couldn’t help but laughed maniacally as I saw his bewildered face; I outran him easily. Like a rabbit outruns a turtle.

The buildings and lights passed me like blurred; it almost looked like in the video games, with the lights flashing pass you and buildings; that’s how fast I was going, everything was a blurred, just a game.

I raced through the city and this time, no police was there to interrupt my victory. Thank god, or I would have been in deep trouble for pressing that button and for breaking the speed limit, I was going one hundred and seventy five miles faster, the speed limit was twenty five miles per hour. Now, you don’t want to think about in how much trouble I’ll get if I get stop by a cruiser. They’ll probably make me a prisoner now and keep me locked for the rest of my life. My father wouldn’t probably even bother getting me out this time.

I made a sharp turn and my tires screeched. I gripped the wheel to keep from crashing into the building beside me as I made the turn and smiled as I saw the finished line just half mile ahead of me. The victory is mine!! I passed the finished line with loud cheers around me; it sounded like I was in a football stadium with millions of people around me, cheering just for me. I smirked and made a sharp stop, my tires leaving a round dark mark on the road. I turned off my car and sighed in relief. No one has ever beaten me before and it’s going to stay that way I suppose.

I stepped out of my yellow 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and was quickly engulfed in huge hugs and wolf whistles. My tight white tank top ended just above my pierced belly stud and my baggy jeans were comfortable and loose around my curvy hips. The southern California breeze cooled my hot face.

“That’s my girl” my brother held up his big hand, fingers spread, and I slapped it with mine in a high five. “And here’s your prize” he handed me my 10,000 dollars and I smirked and shook hands with a still shock Jake.

“Thanks for the money, man” I slapped his back and smiled. And that’s when I froze; the smile slipped off of my face, as I smelt something in the air. A vampire was near by.

“That was extremely impressive” I heard a deep rich British voice say behind me. I turned around slowly, deliberately, to be confronted by the hottest guy ever; he was total god.

He was very tall and big, at least 6’3, wore dark jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket that gave him the bad boy impression. The shirt he wore molded to what looked like rock-hard pecs beneath and well defined muscled stomach. He had black sleek hair that stopped just below his earlobes and fell nicely onto his eyes, his ridiculously-long-lashes-for-a-guy framed bluer than blue eyes yet his pupils were outlined with purple—weird. He looked down at me in interest and spectacularity.

I crossed my arms and settled my sharp gray gaze on his face. His mouth was very appealing, tempting; full bottom lip that you can sink your teeth into—very naughty thought but I can’t help but notice things—and curved upward into a sexy crooked smile. He looked at me with amusement in his eyes.

What’s a vampire doing in town? I couldn’t help but pondered. It isn’t something very much common in California.

The crowd silence as they stared at him and then at me, than back again. His accent was very deep, crisp, rich and sexy, making my insides go all exciting. He did look exciting yet a little dangerous, I saw the crowd keeping a very good distant from him, so their humans instincts must have warned them. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated in his presence, not that I was going to let him know that.

“Who are you?” I retorted. My brother squeezed my shoulder warningly but I shook him off. Only because he was hot doesn’t mean I’m going to be easy on him.

“Are you the racer I’ve heard about? The ‘undefeated one’?” he quoted and for some reason that irritated and annoyed me. He took long lingering looked at my profile and his eyes danced, my annoyance heightened and I couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. “I expected you to be someone much more…intimidating and a man, perhaps” he smirked and I clenched my hands into tight fist. Was that an insult? Oh, he’s so dead.

“Easy now, A.J.” my brother whispered in my ear and I scowled. The only people that knew about me been a half vampire was my father and brother, but there was something about this guy and the way he looked at me that made me wonder if he already knew my little dark secret. And he did seem a little…familiar I guess.

“Is there something wrong with me being a chick?” I asked sharply. I am not liking this guy; he just hit a nerve.

“I have never met a woman who does street racing, it’s a dangerous sport” his steady gaze stayed on my face. True, but only because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t street race. Women have rights too.

“What’s your name?” I glanced up at him through glaring eyes, my gaze unwavering.

“It does not matter. You must be A.J., it’s a pleasure to finally meet you…again,” he murmured the last word so that nobody but him could hear it. But me having strong powerful hearing caught that little word as if it was shouted. I retrained myself from questioning him about it for fear that’ll he suspect something, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t wonder. Who is this guy and how does he know me?

He grinned down at me and struck out his long-fingered big hand. I stared down at his hands with a raised eyebrow and didn’t make a move to grasp it. His lips twitched for a second before he pulled his hand back, but there was a lot of laughter in his eyes. Was he laughing at me? My jaw clenched with a quiet snap and I crossed my arms to keep from slashing out at him.

“Yes, I am, what do you want?” I stared at him with curiosity yet anger. I was known as the ice lady—supposedly the ‘pet’ name my friends decided to choose for me because of my grumpiness and temperamental mood swings—, just the littlest thing would make me charge like a bull, and my target at this moment was the god standing in front of my with dancing eyes and a small smile on his lips. This guy got right under my skin in just seconds; that’s a record there.

“To race you, of course. You against me, how ‘bout that?” he challenged. I considered his answer and nodded.

“How much?” I asked, all of a sudden interested.

“100,000 dollars, it’s that enough for you?” the crowd whispered to each other and my lips twitched. That’s a lot of money, not that I had enough to spare, but when life gives you lemons…

“It’s more than enough, honey” I smiled, suddenly easing up on him. Every opponent has to pass my test, and that’s how he or she can deal with my temper. If they can’t handle my grumpiness how do you expect them to handle the race? “Where’s your car?” I asked.

“Over there” he gestured with his chin. I followed his gestured and my eyes settled on his car. His car made everybody gasp and start buzzing to each other once again, but I stood there, unimpressed. It was a 2007 Ferrari F430 Black Miracle, it was certainly eye catching and breathtakingly beautiful, very sleek; most important of all, it was as fast as hell. You don’t see much of those around here. I turned my gaze on the guy and narrowed my eyes, feeling threatened.

“Where are you from?” I asked, feeling more challenged than ever.

“Rome, Italy” he grinned. Hmm, that sounds quiet familiar.

“And you heard of me from all the way over there” it was more of a question then a statement.

“What can I say? I used to street race there, is where my inspiration for cars came from; a lot of Americans traveled there for the same purpose. Maybe you’ve heard of him? What’s his name again? Let’s say, Joshua, per se. Does that ring any bells?” as I heard his name anger race through my veins, that son of a b*itch. Exes are so pathetic. I turned my suddenly dark angry eyes on him.

“Yes, I have” I growled. His lips twitched as he stared down at me. He finds me amusing now, does he? Before anything else could happen—like me punching his gut; won’t want to ruin his god like face now, would we? — We heard the police sirens. Sh*it! They found us!

Everybody started parting and rushing to their cars, making their escape. Great, just when the things were starting to get interesting. I took the keys out of my pocket and stared at the ‘guy’, who stood as still as a rock in the same spot.

“Another time, British-boy, next Saturday, be there or be square, baby” I turned on my heels and walked to my convertible. I could feel the guy’s gaze boring into my back as I walked away. I opened wing doors and smirked. I was not going to let 100,000 get away that easily. I slipped in and turned on the engine.

I couldn’t stop myself for stealing another quick glance at Eric before speeding away. I am going to have to watch out; there’s a vampire in town and he could be dangerous. But I doubt he came all the way down here just to race me, he certainly wants something more and I’m going to have to find out what. Hopefully is not ‘food’.


I parked my car inside my garage and stepped out, slamming the door as quietly as possible. I glanced at my neighbor’s house and saw as the lights turned on. I made a run for it, running quietly to the front door…to safety.

My neighbors, yeah, you don’t ever want to wake them at one in the morning or there’ll be a shoe been hurled at you from the second story window. And that would be very unpleasant, just to let you know.

I live in this two-story house with my brother, Greg. My father is kind of a billionaire and owns this big company where they make cars—his gift to me when I turned 15 was to give me one of his specially design cars that was specially made for me, and that’s my little baby with whom I race with all Saturdays.

He bought the house for Greg and I when he remarried, so he could have ‘private time’ with his new wife. And ok, that’s just gross. I shudder every time I think of his words. Those were the most disturbing words I have ever heard in my life, and that’s why I barely go to visit him now.

I glanced down at my watch and groan. I only have 6 hours of sleep until school. Why can’t I just be home schooled? In Dominican Republic kids can go to school in the afternoon so they could spend the morning sleeping in, why can’t America just give the poor teenagers some slack, or should I say, some sleep!? I turned to my white front door and slipped the key in, unlocking the lock.

The minute I stepped into my room, I started to undress. I slipped off my top and dropped it on the floor, along with the rest of the clothes I have worn this past few weeks, it’s a wonder that my room doesn’t stink.

I took the elastic out of my long dark silken hair and it fell into soft long waves down to the small of my back. My father doesn’t want me to cut it, since this was the same color hair my mother had and it was as long as mine, sometimes I wonder if he has gotten over my mom or something…I think not. Let’s not tell his new wife about that, I’m sure she wouldn’t be please…though the idea doesn’t sound so bad. A smile crept to my face.

I dropped my keys on bedside table and headed to my closet. I opened the double doors and stared at my clothes, surveying them slowly.

Please no girly clothes this time, please, I pleaded mentally. I groaned as I caught glimpse of a skirt and some very colorful, very bright clothing. How many times do I have to tell Orinda that I will not wear stupid dresses and skirts? I growled silently. I took hold of the clothes—snatching them from the hanger— and threw them on the floor; after awhile of doing that there was a big pile beside me.

They were designer clothes, Calvin Klein, Charlotte Ronson, Cynthia Rowley and other designers. I’ll just give them to some of my friends; they must have cost a fortune and I won’t want to throw them out.

My new stepmother irritates me to death. Doesn’t she get that I hate bright colors? That I hate wearing skirts and shorts? Oh, but that’s not the only thing I hate, you see. I also hate lots of things about myself as well; I hate the dimples that appear on the corner of my mouth whenever I laugh or smile—everybody thinks there are cute, but I think the opposite; I think they are pretty damn annoying! —And I especially hate my name. My name is Ashley Anna Johnston, but I go by A.J. I just turned seventeen about a few weeks ago and I’m a half vampire street racer, yo!

Ever since my brother took me to my first street race I have been awed by the speed—I was always the fastest runner back in Junior High when I was on the girls’ track team—and ever since that day I always went to races with him. That was until I turned fifteen and got my own car—I know, illegal since you’re suppose to be sixteen to drive but who cares? I looked old enough back then.

And, I am sure you have noticed; I am a tomboy. Oh joy! I love hockey, football, and wrestling, car racing; all that involves speed and punching, but mostly car racing and wrestling. Wrestling is what my brother and I do in the backyard when we have time; Girls rule, boys drool. I chuckled silently.

I stripped off my baggy pants and slipped on black stretchy short shorts and a gray tank top. I usually wear shorts to go to sleep, and I make sure I don’t let anyone see me in one of this, but my brother. Sure, I am kind of slender, have curves in the right places and the grayest eyes ever—something that a lot of guys have pointed out—, and even though I tried very hard to not stand out much in school, I still catch a lot of boys’ attention. After all, I am the palest girl in that institution.

Orinda thinks that is a ‘such shame’ that I wear those baggy clothes instead of wearing the ones she buys me, she says I’ve ‘got to show off those curves and that ass’, but whatever, it’s not like I am going to listen to her, she’s not my mother and she was not going to be bossing me around; I hate when people do that.

I looked down at my watch and started doing my before-going-to-sleep routine. I stepped out into the dark hallway and opened the bathroom door, stepping in and flipped the lights on. I turned to the mirror and stared at my face. The circles were starting to appear under my eyes, I am going to have to go hunting soon; I won’t want to slip tomorrow at school and scare the children away.

My lips were a deep cherry color, always stands out against my very pale face, it gets kind of annoying when I am talking to my guy friends and all they do is stare at my lips with this longing in their eyes, and kind of disgusting too since I think of them as friends and nothing more.

I turned my back to the mirror and raised the hems of my tank top, staring at my mark, or birthmark if you want to call it that. Back then when I wore bikinis it was kind of hard to come up with an explanation when people see the fascinating mark. ‘Oh, my god, where did you get that tattoo?’ yeah, really gets on my nerves.

So what I do now is wear some shorts and a t-shirt when going to the beach with my friends. California’s hot sun kind of dehydrates you, there’s no choice but to go to the closest beach just half a mile away from my house. I tried to tan once—by soaking myself with soda (coke), they say it really helps you tan faster—and nothing happened at all. I guess I’m going to be the pale freak for the rest of my life.

I walked back to my room after brushing my teeth and closed the door. I didn’t want anyone disturbing me, but I guess that little wish wasn’t going to be granted any time soon. I was just about to turn the lights out when there was a tapped on my door. I went and answered it. My brother stood there looking at me with a relief facial expression.

“I lost you in the crowd and thought the police handcuffed you. You had me scared to death” he glared at me and I rolled my eyes.

“I know how to take care of myself, Greg, remember, vampire girl here” I gestured to myself, trying to get a point.

“Yes, but when you live with me, you are my responsibility, vampire or not” he growled and I scowled at him.

“Whatever, Greg” I rolled my eyes and waved a hand at him, dismissing his response.

“Yeah, whatever, just remember to stay by my side next time” he kissed my forehead and pushed a dark lock from my face. My brother is very overprotective when it come to me, I am his half immortal little sister and he fears that something will happen to me one of these days, that someone is going to find out what I am.

At that precise moment I heard a noise downstairs and grew suspicious. I hope is not one of his girlfriends.

“Who’s downstairs?” I asked, curious.

“A friend of mine, now don’t worry and just go to sleep” he growled. Whoa, mood swings. And that’s, ladies and gentlemen, where I got my grumpiness from.

I slammed the door on his face and turned the lock. There, no more disturbing. I clasped on my bed and closed my eyes. I should have told him about the vampire guy who challenged me but I don’t think that’s such a good idea, I don’t want to put my brother in danger. Fifteen minutes later, I drifted off into a deep slumber…. too bad it didn’t last too long.
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Posted 09 October 2007 - 03:59 PM

yay 2nd thread! :D
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Posted 09 October 2007 - 04:01 PM

I'm happy 2nd thread!!


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Posted 09 October 2007 - 04:09 PM

Second thread! Update soon!


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Posted 09 October 2007 - 04:16 PM

Woot! Second thread!

Emily :icon_flower:

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#6 emily briana

emily briana

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Posted 09 October 2007 - 04:28 PM

Chapter 2

“A.J. wake up, it’s time for school” my brother shook my shoulder gently and I groaned.

“Leave me alone, just five more minutes,” I murmured. I heard as he walked away, heard my dark curtains been pulled open before the sunlight hit my close eyes. “God Greg, you know how much I hate the sunlight! Why you do that for?” I complained but he ignored me. I grasped my pillow and pressed it on my face, trying to block the sunlight.

“Wake up, now!” he hissed and I glared at him through sleepy eyes. I pushed my black covers away roughly, swung my legs off bed and stood. I pushed passed him and headed to the bathroom in the hallway. I still don’t see any point why I have to go to school; I’m almost failing all my classes anyway, and have a least twelve detentions to make up this week. I’m always getting into trouble at school.

I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and slipped on black baggy jeans and a tight low cut dark blue t-shirt; the low cut t-shirt were the only things that kept me alive in this weather. I put some makeup over my mark to cover it; I’ve tried to take it off when I was 14 with a lighter and that didn’t go so well; I just ended up burning my dressing table instead; the house almost caught on fire.

I slipped on my white skater shoes and pushed my hair back into a ponytail. I took hold of my skateboard before stepping out of my room. I don’t drive my car to school; it would only catch attention and why would I want to drive a car when my school was at least two miles away from here? So I just skateboard there instead, it’s good exercise. I like been on my feet and running and stuff, I have no idea why though, maybe it’s got to do with the vampire thing.

I skipped down the stairs with my skateboard in hand. But stopped dead when I heard a deep unfamiliar voice in the kitchen.

“I didn’t even recognize you last night, I would have never suspected that you’ll grow so tall and big, man, you’ve changed a lot,” my brother said, disbelieve in his voice. Who was he talking to?

“Well, here I am” that voice, where have I heard it before?

“So, you are street racing now, huh?” I heard my brother ask. What? Street racing?

“What can I say? It’s a hobby” I finally recognize the familiar British accent. My blood ran cold and my jaw clenched. What’s he doing here?

“Still, weren’t you planning of becoming a doctor or something?” my brother asked. A doctor? The guy is a vampire for god sake’s! How can he become a doctor? Well, I’m going to have to wait and find out myself.

I placed my skateboard down and sat down on the bottom steps; a little eavesdropping wouldn’t hurt anybody.

“Well, I’m still planning on becoming that, I’m just taking a little break from the studies and such before I graduate” my ‘challenger’ chuckled. Oh, so he must be one of Greg’s friends. GREG WAS FRIENDS WITH A VAMPIRE!

“So, she street races too, huh?” I smirked at the shock still on British boy’s voice.

“She’s a maniac driving, you saw the race, right?” my brother laughed.

“It was very impressive, the speed and the turns. It was pretty cool, especially that car of hers. That is some car,”

“She learned how to drive herself” I could tell my brother was proud.

“What happened to her?” British boy lowered his voice. Huh? Do I know him or something? Does he know me? He had said something last night at the race too.

“Well, she changed when mom died, she was usually very nice and stuff. Now all she wears is dark clothes and always listening to rock music. Don’t ever want to mess with her, trust me,” My brother warned but he sounded a little sad too.

My mom was a vampire and Greg is my stepbrother. My dad was married his mom when he was having an affair with my mom, the whole affair thing changed when they found out about me two months later. So my dad had no choice but to divorce my brother’s mother—who he was tired of—and married my mom, but Greg loves me nonetheless, as though I were his biological sister. I have to say that my father was a jerk to leave his mom like that, but you can’t change the past now, can you? I knew I had to stop the conversation; I don’t like people talking about my changes or my past.

I took a deep breath to calm myself, just clear my head and forget I ever heard their conversation, and walked into the kitchen casually. They stopped talking as they saw me stepping in and the vampire guy looked at me, his eyes gleaming. I always knew how to cover my emotions, but I wasn’t sure if I covered it well enough because of the way Greg’s friend was staring at me. It was almost as if he knew that I was eavesdropping on them. Of course he knows, he has vampire hearing and he obviously heard my heart beating and breathing. I looked back at my brother, and he smiled at me.

“A.J., you remember Eric Reynolds, right?” my brother inquired. But I wasn’t listening anymore; the world around me went still and I felt my heart skipping a beat. I stared at ‘Eric’ with wide eyes. He’s…a vampire? How could that be? I remember him been one hundred percent human two years ago, how could this happen? Unless…he was changed while he was in Italy.

A frown pulled at my eyebrows and I bit my lip, I felt a little sheepish. Well, you can’t blame me for not recognizing him; he had light brown hair, not dark black—though it did look good on him—his eyes were green, not bright blue. And he is much taller now, his skin was a snow white; the beautiful tan gone forever. He was much bigger and muscular, with broad shoulders like an athletic. He was like a whole new person.

Not only that, but Eric was also my ex boyfriend, something that not even my brother or anyone in this town knew about, we tried to keep it a secret since he was my brother’s best friend and succeeded successfully. He didn’t know about me been half vampire back then and I suppose he doesn’t know it now.

I stared at Eric and pressed my lips together, I was angry and I had no idea why. Was it because of his change? Or was it because he was here, in my house; he was back? Maybe it was both.

“What’s he doing here?” I demanded and Eric’s eyes smiled up at me. He thinks this is funny, huh? It was clear that he was enjoying my outburst. I wanted to come up to him and slap that little smirk away.

“I invited him,” my brother said all too casually.

“How can you invite the guy who challenged your little sister? Not just any guy, but Eric Reynolds” I crossed my arms and pouted. “I’m really hurt by the lack of support here” I sighed sadly.

“Oh, you’re no innocent, A.J., so cut the cute face” my brother glared at me.

“You are supposed to be supporting me not betraying me to Eric!” I shouted and he flinched. I was about to say vampire but thought better of it.

“Please, is seven in the morning, I am not in the mood for your yelling today, A.J.” he grumbled and rubbed his temples, as if he was about to have a headache. Well, he should be, because I was not about to stop, not now when that idiot sat right in front of me. I clenched my hands into fists and took a deep breath. Just calm down, and don’t do anything rash, like smack both their heads with a pan. I glanced at the pans hanging on the kitchen wall and dismissed the idea. Not good.

“Good morning to you too, Ashley. It’s been a long time” Eric propped both his elbows on the table and leaned forward, flashing a dazzling crooked smile at me. I ground my teeth together and threw him a dark look. I turned my back to them and opened the top cabinet, taking hold of a pop tart.

“Actually, it’s A.J. now” I growled and Eric’s eyebrows went up, kind of like he did before when he found something very amusing.

“What did I tell you about the low cut shirts, Ashley?” my stupid of a brother ask. I glared at him and hurled a piece of pop tart at him, but he ducked.

“Do not call me that, damn it. Did you not hear what I just said to Eric?” I growled. My brother has a strange ability of hearing words but also forgetting about them the next second. It was like the words went through his ears, travel through his head for a short moment and coming out his other ear, strangely nonexistent words he calls that. I saw Eric watch our little fight with an amuse expression on his face. “And I don’t care what you think of my clothes, Greg” I said indignantly.

“You better not let dad catch you with that belly ring, he will kill you if he found out, you know” my fingers brushed against the small diamond bud on my belly button and I smirked.

“You should see the tattoo that I got on my shoulder blade” I chuckled at his horror struck face. Oh god, I just love torturing my brother. When people started asking about my mark long ago I decided, what the heck, why not get a real tattoo? After all, it wasn’t such a bad idea.

“What! When did you get it?” he asked, dumbfounded.

“Two, three weeks ago” I shrugged and kept nibbling on my pop tart. “It was when I went away for two days and when I came back dad got me grounded, best days of my life” I leaned my hip on the counter and sighed. Such a shame it had to end so quickly, I thought.

“You’re nuts, you know that?” he said, sounding very upset. I waved a hand at his offending words dismissively, something I do when I don’t want to hear his voice or comments.

“You want to see it?” my eyes lit up. I took the hems of my shirt and slipped it off easily.

“Oh my god!!” my brother yelled.

“Whoa” Eric breathed. What’s the big deal? It’s not like I am not wearing a bra, god, they make such a big deal about everything. It’s almost as if seeing a girl in her bikini top, but somehow different since this was a bra not a bikini top. It was a dark purple push up bra, not that I had boobs to spare, but I like push up bras, very comfy. And it’s not like Mr. Reynolds over there hasn’t seen me in less.

“Put the f*cking shirt back on, A.J.!” my brother bellowed and I shrug and did as I was told. That was the kind of girl I was; I had guts, I didn’t care what people thought of me, I liked to be myself. I can be a little crazy sometimes, like taking my shirt off in front of my brother and my ex or like jumping on my trampoline in only my underwear—which I do occasionally—or going 211 miles per hour on the highway without getting a ticket or skipping school to go racing with guys with my dirt bike etc.

I glanced at the kitchen clock and cursed. I’m late. I turned to the still shocked brother and the dazed Eric.

“Well, I’ll take my leave now. Good-bye, boys” I flipped my skateboard and hurried out the door. I let my skate drop to the ground and climbed on it, skating as fast as I could to school.

When I got there—fifteen minutes later— I did a heel flip and some of the guys started whistling at me as I passed them. I recognized their faces; they were at the street race last night. But it was clear by the look in their eyes they were interested in me. Please, you won’t be able to handle a girl like me, I thought, smirking mentally.

Seriously though, I try very hard not to stand out in school. I mean; I am not really interested in having a boyfriend. Not that I am lesbian or anything, guys. It’s just that the guys in my school are all *&*^%*^, really immature and stupid. And I am not really sure why they find me interesting. I am a tomboy for moon sake’s. I like wearing baggy pants and do guys stuff, I’m ‘one of the guys’. Don’t guys find that kind of annoying? I suppose not.

“Great race last night, A.J.” they whispered to me and I smirked, school wasn’t looking so bad today.

As the school day passed I spent time with my other skating buddies, Rachel, Michael, Robert, and Kaila. They were also at the street race last night, you know, the girls who were flirting with the bartender, Rachel and Kaila; crazy people like me were this two. We spend the whole lunch period talking about the street race last night. That was until Kaila brought Eric up.

“So, who’s that hot British guy we saw last night? Did you see that ass he had?” Kaila winked at me. I almost spit out my soda. Yes, it’s true, Eric those have a nice ass, I had spent most of my time looking at it before he left to Italy and we broke up. And he has a nice smile too, and killer eyes, he is so yummy; but now that he’s a vampire he’s yummier.

“No, I did not see his ass” I lied; I didn’t want them to think I was thinking about him. They are going find out who he is in a couple of days, and when they do, they’ll think that I’m still not over him because of my dirty comments.

I leaned back in my chair and rested my feet on top of the lunch table when the principle wasn’t looking. I have a least two detentions to make up today, and my dad is going to be so piss. I’m such a troublemaker. Trouble makes life all the more fun.

“He’s one of my brother’s friends. Don’t mind him, he’s a jerk” I took a hand full of her chocolate coated peanuts, managing to throw several nuts in the air, tilt my head back and catch them in my mouth, some of them even between my sharp razor teeth; Mm-mm, so sweet and chocolaty.

And now that I mention my brother, where is he today? I haven’t seen him in the halls or anything. Oh, yeah, and did I mention that my brother was a year older than me and in his senior year? I guess not.

“Why don’t you let Marline say something about that?” Marline was the most popular girl in school, but hates my guts for the attention I’m getting ever since I started street racing, which half of the school always attends to. She’s the queen b*itch.

“She won’t have a chance to say anything. I’ll muzzle her before keeping her on a short leash and lock away in her kennel” I grinned wickedly.

“Meow!” Rachel made a clawing action with her perfectly manicure fingernails.

“Hey, I won’t be making cat noises around the drama queen. She’d eat you alive and spit out your bones for breakfast” I ignore Kaila and took a sip of my soda. I wiggled my fingers in a saucy wave at Andy, a football quarterback with a great ass, as he passed by. He turned and smirked at me, than he sent me a wink.

“I can handle the cold b*itch” I said. Me, Kaila and Rachel leaned back in our chairs and watched Andy walk away, admiring the fit of snug denim to his butt.

“Grrr…” Rachel growled.

“Aah…” Kaila sighed.

“Mmm…” I hummed my appreciation and the guys just rolled their eyes at us and gagged.

Lunch was soon over and we headed to our last class of the day. It was as boring as ever, so I just listened to my iPod all period and ignored the teacher…that earned me another detention later.

When my detentions were finally over, I walked outside the empty parking lot and waited for my brother to pick me up. He was A-straight student; all my teachers loved him. He never even got in trouble before; I wonder how he does it?

I waited for fifteen minutes until I started to get impatient. Where was he? I blew a bubble with my strawberry flavor gum and checked the time on my sidekick cell phone. When is he coming? A minute later, a car pulled up in front of me.

But it wasn’t my brother’s car whose I saw, but an all too familiar black Ferrari F430. The bubble gum popped loudly and I stared in shocked. Oh no, he didn’t. The automatic tinted passenger window went down and Eric’s blue eyes stared at me. What the hell is he doing here?

“Hop in; your brother can’t make it today. Busy working” he smiled as did his eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I muttered and his grinned broadened. I don’t like this; I don’t like this at all.

“Come on, Ashley, for old times’ sake. I’m not that bad now, am I?” yes, you are, you piece of &^%$. I looked around for help. Maybe someone else can give me a ride, but the parking lot was completely empty, the only car I saw was the janitor’s car and I was not going to ask that dude for a ride; that guy creeps the heck out of me.

I sighed in defeat and got in. I’m pretty sure I won’t like skating back home in weather like this; I might arrive with a tan if possible. But I might as well enjoy myself. I have to say, that Eric Reynolds was HOT, hot like the sun, burning like hot cookies, h-o-t hot! Every time he smiles, his eyes lit up, as if his eyes smile at me too. But he’s my brother’s best friend; I have to stop thinking about him that way. And he was my EX boyfriend, we were no more, nothing, zip, nada. You know the saying, out of sight out of mind.

“Aren’t you going to buckle up?” I stared at him like he just grew a second head and blew another bubble. He’s got to be kidding me, right? He smirked and turned on the ignition. Then he raced out of the parking lot. It’s obvious that he’s asking for a ticket. But I didn’t say anything and just put on my earphones and listened to my music. 50 cent, Xtreme, Akon and a lot more, love those singers.

I looked at the speedometer and raised my eyebrows. He was going 180 miles per hour. I glanced up at him and saw the smirk on his kissable lips. Show off, I thought.

I smiled on the inside; it feels so good to driving like this, especially with Eric beside me. It does bring memories back, he used to drive me to and from school, I was still a little surprise when my brother didn’t suspect anything, he must have trust Eric very much.

But no seriously, I think I want him to ride me home from now on, because my brother drives like a granny. He goes like 25 miles per hour, which takes us almost half an hour to get home!!

I turned off my iPod as we approached my house. As we parked in the drive way I noticed my brother getting out of his car. I opened my door and stepped out. My brother mussed my hair and smirked.

“Sorry for not picking you up, kiddo” I pushed his hands away and smoothed out my hair.

“It’s not like I missed you. British boy here knows how to drive better and faster than you. He should give you some lessons” Eric chuckled behind me at my brother’s dark glare.

“You’ve got a smart sister, Greg” he smiled at me and I rolled my eyes. Whatever.

“Good thing I didn’t inherited any of his genes, or I would have been born stupid” I took the house keys out of my pocket and went to open the door.

“Here’s the extra key, Eric. You can stay here as long as you want…that is if you get your apartment. You’ll be transferred to the same school as A.J. and I” I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around.

“What!” I shriek. My brother smirked and Eric looked at me with amusement in his eyes. Doesn’t he ever stop laughing? He must be a happy guy.

“He just moved here from Italy, A.J. he’s looking for an apartment now, and, apparently, he can’t find any in the area. So he’s going to live with us for a couple of weeks until he gets his own place” my brother explained. Oh, no!! This is not happening. No, no, no, no, this is a nightmare, I just have to wake up and that’s it. Everything will be back to normal. I tried closing my eyes and opening them again, but no; that didn’t work because both Eric and my brother stood there, talking to each other as if I weren’t standing beside them. I could feel myself fuming; if possible, steam would have come out of my ears right now.

“Oh, I want to die” I wailed, and spun around, slamming the door in their faces as they both chuckle. I can’t believe that Eric—my ex boyfriend and also a vampire now—is going to live in the same house as me. My life is over!!!
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hehe i'm reading the story again lol
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Chapter 3

I woke up very early to go to school the next day, trying to avoid Eric as much as possible. But when I walked into the kitchen and saw hard rock back muscles, I couldn’t retrain the small squeak that escaped my lips.

Eric appeared to have heard me, because he suddenly looked up and turned. He was sitting on a chair with his back to me, probably thinking from the way he was sitting.

When he realized it was me, he smiled and I felt my heart accelerating. I guess the whole avoiding him plan is not going to work out very well. I noted his extremely white perfect teeth. I wonder how many people has those teeth killed? Just thinking that made my stomach turn. Are people going to disappear now too?

“Good morning, Ashley” he smiled and I tried my best to keep from ogling at his front muscles. I turned away quickly and headed towards the fridge.

“Are you going to keep calling me Ashley from now on?” I asked, rather annoyed and took the milk out of the fridge.

“Yes” he smiled. I heard him standing and suddenly, he was right beside me. He leaned a hip on the counter and glanced down at me. Try not to look at his abs, A.J., I coached myself and poured some milk on a glass. It’s a miracle I didn’t spill any, because my hand was shaking very badly.

“I always hated that name,” I said, or more like grumbled; trying to distract Eric from seeing the slight tremble of my hands, but nothing escaped the all mighty Eric.

“I like it. Sounds very feminine and sweet”

“That’s precisely why I hate it” I glared at him and he laughed. He was only wearing a pair of dark jeans and was bare foot. He looked so hot with his hair damped after his shower.

“Are you going to go on around the house bare chest from now on too?” I asked, not sure if the answer would delight me or terrified me to hell. Eric did the thing with the eyebrow, the corner of his lips twitching.

“Do you have a problem with that?” he asked, sounding serious but the twinkling in his eyes gave him away. I was pretty relief we were getting along great; like nothing really ever happened between us and we were just old friends.

“No, of course not, my house is your house, feel free to do anything you want; you can go around the house butt naked if you want even” Eric choke on his spit and I hid a smiled. That’ll keep him quiet…but I was so wrong.

“I’ll consider the offer” now it was turn to choke. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and turned to stare at him. The laughter in his eyes let me know that he was only teasing me. Different face and body but same old personality; my lips twitched.

“Oh, I’ll so get you for this” I glared at him, but he only laughed.

“Good morning, guys. How’d you sleep, Eric?” Greg walked into the kitchen. He snatched the pop tart I just got from my hand and I smack his arm. Yeah, I bet Eric boy spend the whole night looking for his next prey, his eyes were lighter than usual I noted.

“Great, thanks. I was looking through the Internet on my laptop last night for apartments. Man, I didn’t know California was this popular” Eric shook his head, his face hopeless. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him…not.

“Aw, British boy can’t find an apartment. You know, my dad can give you a floor at his house, he has room to spare, ya know” I offered, waiting to be praised, but got a hard jab on my side from my brother instead. I glared at him and rubbed the sore spot. “I was just trying to help, you dumbo” I grumbled and grabbed another pop tart. The real reason was that I just wanted to get rid of him!!

“Thanks, Ashley; but I don’t think that’s going to work” he grinned and slipped on a red t-shirt over his head, covering the amazing view of his hard rock back.

“Well, I tried” I sighed dramatically and took my skateboard. I was heading to the door when I felt a cold hand grab my arm. I glanced up to see Eric smiling down at me.

“Why don’t you let me drive you to school today, Ashley?” I glared at him as he used that name and yank my arm out of his amazing touch. I am so not going to let this ‘driving to school with Eric’ happen again, past is past.

“I have to skate to keep fit, buddy” I crossed my arm over my chest as he gave me a once over. I already knew what he was going to say by the look in his eyes so I just cleared my throat and shook my head stubbornly. “I’m skating to school, and that’s final. Peace out” I gave him the peace sign with my fingers and left. I have got to stop hanging out with the guys; I really am turning into one of them.


School wasn’t the way I wanted it to be today. Everybody was talking about ‘the new kid’, Eric! I wanted to slap each student—especially girls—and knock some sense into them, especially Rachel and Kaila who were falling all over him. The most shocking moment for the whole school was when they heard Eric’s last name.

The famous quarterback has come back from Italy, oh joy! (Sarcasm) I couldn’t blame the poor students when they started to question Eric’s changes, because he really has change, it was like a whole makeover.

But soon they all forgot about his changes and started questioning him about football, asking him if he was going to join the football team again, but to their great disappointment, he refused.

What made it all the more irritating was that all the girls were drooling all over him like lovesick puppies, especially Marline, who didn’t hold back and started with her flirting. He’s just a guy, not some great Greek god. Well, I have to admit, I did thought he was a Greek god when I first saw him but I don’t think that no more.

We were in lunch right now, the guys and I talking and Rachel and Kaila drooling all over the table as they stared at Eric in the other side of the cafeteria, sitting with my brother. I wanted to smack them in the face; he has bewitched them all!

“I’m not liking this guy,” Michael growled, glaring at Eric from across the room.

“You’re not the only one, Mike” I snarled and snapped the plastic fork I was playing with in half.

“Why aren’t you falling all over him? I remember you guys use to hang out a lot back then, you guys were joined at the hip, completely inseparable. You should be jumping up and down with happiness, but strangely, you’re doing the opposite” Robert, the sensitive one, looked at me closely. “I remember you were pretty gloomy when he left”

“Yes, but that was two years ago, Robert. I was doing just fine before he came back and had to ruin everything,” I growled. “Why did he come back anyway?” I murmured to myself. What does he want? There’s nothing in California for him, nothing to look for, why is he here?

“Robert is right, A.J. You looked like sh*t” I threw them both my darkest glare and they quieted.

“I was pathetic and lame, but all I could do right now is punch his face in and brake that perfect nose of his” I glowered at his direction.

“That’s my girl!”

“Now that’s the A.J. I’m talking about!”

“You guys are nuts” I chuckled and shook my head. “But you know, not everybody is happy he’s back” I pointed out.

“How can you be so sure?” Mike growled; he was pretty piss.

“I’ll prove it to you” I stood from my chair and climbed on top of our table. I cleared my throat and raised my hands, mimicking what people do when they are ready to make a speech. “Ok, everybody, can I please have your attention!” I called. The cafeteria went quiet and everybody’s gazes were on me, their faces expectant and waiting to see what other crazy thing I’ll do this time. “My friends and I were just wondering. Is everybody really happy the famous quarterback, Eric Reynolds,” I threw him a look. “Is back? Is everybody really appreciative? Excited? Or are there those who feel, hmm, invincible maybe, unwanted?” I questioned.

“Duh, we’re excited! Eric is like the hottest and most sweetest guy ever” Marline said with her *%^##y attitude.

“Yeah, what she said!” guess whom answers were those? Yep, the girls.

“What about the guys? I think they deserve a saying in this. Because if they’re not happy, then I understand how they feel, I’m with them! Are you guys happy?”

“Heck no!!”

“This sucks, man”

“My girlfriend is avoiding me now, yo!” I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy who said that.

“Wow, that’s whack. Ok, that’s all I needed to know! Thank you!” I jumped off the table and took my seat. Robert and Michael had their mouths wide open, staring at me with wide disbelieving eyes. “There, you know the answer now. Any more questions?” the cafeteria went back to talking, like what I did never happened, which is basically what they do, since they are already used to me doing this kinds of things.

“Ashley Johnston! To the principals office, now!!” Mrs. Miller, the vice principal, howled at me from across the room.

“Ah-owwwww” I stood, placing both hands around my mouth and howled out loud. Everybody in the cafeteria laughed. Werewolves, creatures I always admired because of their beautiful music. Though I have no idea if they exist.

I picked up my skateboard from the floor and climb on it, skating towards Mrs. Miller as if ready to go to the park. “That’s the 20th detention this weekend, Mrs. Miller. Do I get an award for this?” I stopped in front of her and smiled sweetly.

“Two Saturday detentions for you, Miss Johnston” she snarled. I know I should have been mad but I wasn’t. Does she really think I’m going to attend that crap?

“Works for me” I shrugged. I felt a hand clamping down on my shoulder and looked up to see my brother’s angry face. Oh-oh, not good. When my brother gets involved, this is when things get serious.

“I’ll take her to the office, Mrs. Miller” he smiled at her. Translation: I won’t let her escape, Mrs. Miller.

“Oh, thank you, Greg” she smiled back. She walked away after flashing a glare down at me. She was a big scary woman with a hue mole on her chin.

“B*itch” I muttered and my brother started dragging me from the cafeteria and out the hall to the office. I glanced back at the cafeteria and caught Eric’s eyes. His shoulders were shaking and I noticed that he was laughing. HE WAS LAUHING!! I glared at him and flipped him off before we turned a corner. I couldn’t help but smirk myself. This has to be the craziest thing I have ever done in my life and it feels good, it feels really good. Like I just won the lottery but what I really won was another detention.


“Are you sh*itting me?” I stared at my principal with disbelieving eyes.

“Miss Johnston, stop with your dirty inappropriate vocabulary. Now apologize to Mr. Reynolds before I expelled you from this school” he commanded. I glanced up at Eric from under my lashes and smirked. Yeah right.

“Over my dead body” I whispered.

“What?” the principal roared.

“I said I want to get this over with,” I said briskly, not wanting to get in any more trouble than I already was.

“So what are you waiting for, Miss Johnston?” the principal asked slowly.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured.

“What was that?” he placed a hand to his ear. I seriously was going to slap him any second now, I don’t care if he’s the principal.

“I said I’m sorry!” I repeated, louder this time, wanting to scream it in his ear but thought better of it.

“Better, now go give Mr. Reynolds a hug and a hand shake, like a young nice lady” he smiled and gestured to Eric, who sat opposite from me, looking more at ease then ever. His eyes on my face and his arm cross over his chest, making his biceps bulge. He looked hot.

“Are you kidding me? This is not preschool, Mr. Perry. Nobody hugs to apologize no more,” I explained slowly. “How old are you really, old man?” I murmured; he didn’t appear to have heard me. I mean, didn’t he know this was the 21-century, not the 17th.

“Do you want to be suspended, Miss Johnston?” The principal asked nicely, though it sounded strangely threatening, his eyes were on fire. This man has anger issues; I should suggest a therapy to him, because he really needs one. He’s scarier than my dad himself.

I sat there for a couple of minutes, my arms cross and my lips pout.

“Come on, Ashley, just get this over with” Eric smiled at me gently.

“Shut up, Eric” I snapped, the principal shot me warning glance. Then I sighed in defeat. Might as well get this over with, Eric was right.

I stood from my chair and walked towards Eric. The next thing I did surprised everybody; I placed my hand on his broad shoulder and sat on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck; I took his face in my hands and pressed my lips to his. Maybe this will be an enough apology and satisfy everyone. Then I can get out of this hell.

I couldn’t help but notice that his lips were softer, colder, and sweeter and oh so smooth. I pulled away when I felt Eric starting to respond and stood from his lap, turning back to the principal. I have to say, that this was so much better than shaking his hand or hugging him, there’s nothing better in this world than kissing Eric Reynolds.

“There, happy?” the principal stood frozen, looking at me as if I were crazy. Who knows? Maybe I was. “I’ll take that as a yes” I smiled sweetly and stepped out of the principal’s office, skipping back to my class. I couldn’t help but laugh as I went. I was wrong; this is the best day of my life.
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I made some changes in some of the chapters just to let you guys know :icon_flower:

Chapter 4

I pushed the vegetables around in my plate and glared at my family as they talked to Eric. Having your ex-boyfriend moving in with you it’s not good, not good at all, especially when he’s a vampire now. Especially when your family doesn’t know that the guest sitting just a row from you is a bloodsucker. But that wasn’t the only thing that I was worried about; I feared that Eric would see my mark one of these days. I know that once he sees that mark he’s going to know who I am, know who I really am.

Lots of vampires have heard of me, ‘the first half vampire girl in California, daughter of the beautiful Silvia’. Every vampire has heard of me and the last time a vampires visit town to see me, lots of people started disappearing; it didn’t go too well.

And those vampires weren’t just any vampires, but my mother’s family. Beautiful people, that’s where my mom got her looks I realized, my grandmother is a beautiful 40 year old woman with blond long hair and purple eyes and my grandfather is a ladies man, my uncles and aunts are all drop dead gorgeous, the whole town started gossiping about them. The gossip didn’t stop until three months ago.

It was kind of getting on my nerves too the glances Eric kept stealing my way; those intense and dark eyes that kept sending shivers down my spine, and not in a bad way either. If he thinks I am going to get back with him, he’s got another thing coming. Not that the idea seems bad.

My father wasn’t too happy this afternoon. Apparently, the school had called him and told him about me having detention. It’s not a good sight when my father is angry. My father’s sides of the family are the ones that have the anger issues I realized.

My brother just kept glancing at my murderous face. He has to go; he can’t stay here, what if he finds out my secret? I can’t let that happen, it would be a total disaster!!

I glanced down at my uneaten dinner and stabbed my meat harder than necessary, pretending it was Eric’s face, but making the long expensive table shake and the conversation between everybody stop. They stared at me with raise eyebrows.

“What? The meat is hard to cut” I shrugged and my father looked disapprovingly at me.

“You haven’t even eaten anything” he frowned.

“I’m not hungry” I dropped my fork and leaned back in my chair. Blood, that’s what I needed, the circles under my eyes were growing and my eyes were getting a little darker, kind of like smoke or a storm cloud.

“I don’t accept that kind of behavior in my dining room, Ashley” my father scowled at me. I gripped the arms of my chair. Oh-oh, keep temper in check A.J., I told myself and shut my eyes, taking deep breaths.

“Richard” Orinda looked disappointedly at my father. And that was all, she strikes the last nerve and I could feel my eyes darkening.

“Then I guess I should leave,” I said through clenched teeth. I pushed my chair back and stood up abruptly. I have to get out of here before I do something stupid.

“Ashley Johnston!!” my father called but I ignored him and headed to the front door. I slammed the door and walked towards my motorcycle. I stood beside it, my eyes close and taking deep breaths, I was so angry and hungry…thirsty.

I put on my helmet and turned the ignition, I drove home with venom pooling in my mouth.


When I got home, I slammed my door and went up the stairs to the bathroom; all I need is a hot shower to relax me, anything at all to distract me from my thirst. I stripped off my clothes and turned on the hot water. I stood under the hot spraying waterfall with eyes close.

I have to control myself; I don’t want to hurt my family. They know this is hard for me but sometimes they’re not really helping. I was a half vampire, a thirst blooded monster, with strength and amazing speed. I can never be myself around anybody, not even my family, and I always have to have a good grip of myself. I am stronger than any human being, I could kill without realizing it, and I cannot loose that grip that I have on myself, I can’t last long without feeding or….

I let that thought trail off. The shower relaxed me all right but that relaxation went away when I heard the front door slamming shut and the deep familiar male voices down stairs.

“Let me go talk to her” I heard my brother saying.

“No, let me” oh, no! I quickly turned off the shower, wrapping a towel around myself and tiptoed to my bedroom, shutting the door quietly, locking it. I didn’t want to talk to him; I didn’t want to see him, not like this, not right now.

I just finished slipping into my short shorts when I heard a tap on my door. I really don’t want to talk to him, so I headed for bed and slip into my covers. I have to distract myself and if he sees me this way—dying of thirst with dark eyes—than he might suspect.

“Ashley, are you in there? Can you open the door please?” Eric’s sexy deep voice insisted.

“What do you want, Reynolds?” I turned my back to the door and closed my eyes.

“We have to talk, now, can you please open the door?” he pleaded.

“Go ahead and talk then”

“It’s better if we keep this conversation private and to ourselves, if you know what I mean” I rolled my eyes and stood up carefully, I already knew what he wanted. But did we really have to talk about it now?

I headed towards the door, unlocked it and opened it slowly. I made sure I left the lights out and kept the lamp on to keep my face shadowed. Eric smiled down at me and opened the door wider. I backed away from him, wanting to be as far away as possible. He let himself in and closed the door quietly behind him.

“Talk” I crossed my arms and glared at him. He stared down at me and looked me up and down.

“Nice PJs” he smiled, than got down to business. “Look, I know why you’re acting this way. And I am sorry for making you uncomfortable, but—”

“I really don’t want to talk about what happened between us, Eric. It was long ago and long forgotten” I smiled reassuringly, but his eyes were unconvinced. “And yes, I do feel terribly uncomfortable to have you around again, but I’m sure I’ll get use to it” I patted his impressively hard muscled arm reassuringly. What was really making me very uncomfortable was the fact that he was a vampire. I never had a vampire around me this long.

“What happened to you, Ashley?” he asked, a frowned caught his eyebrows.

“People change, Eric,” I uttered.

“But you changed a lot, this is not small change, Ashley. The last time I saw you were almost 3 years ago. That’s lots of change during so little time” I’m not the only one who has changed, I wanted to say but kept my mouth shut.

“Look, Eric, I’m really tired and I have to go to school tomorrow. Maybe you should leave now; I have to wake up at 6” I pleaded. I didn’t want to talk about this. I really don’t.

“We will finish this conversation, Ashley, whether you like it or not” he whispered in my ear—he eyes serious for the first time—before leaving my room. I watched his muscular back retreating before closing the door. I leaned against it for a second and closed my eyes. Great, this just keeps getting better and better…not.

Sure, when Eric and I broke up and he left I was pretty messed up. During our relationship I felt guilty for not telling him about my secret. But when he left I felt relief I didn’t have to go through that. I guess fate brought him back again, because it wanted him to know about me for some reason, some mysterious and interesting reason.
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Chapter 5

I didn’t go to school today, instead I faked a fever and my brother totally bought it, but I’m not sure about Eric, he was looking at me with narrowed eyes. The minute they stepped out of the house, I pushed my covers back with jeans on, an old t-shirt and black boots; you know, the kind you wear when you ride a motorcycle, with the chains and all that.

I got a call last night, this guy wanted to race me in a dirk bike, I accepted. So I was meeting him today in this mudded field. I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail and took the keys to my motorbike.

You might be thinking I do all this stuff for the money, but the real reason is, I like this, I love competition and challenges, I love racing, and I especially love winning, I was never a good loser.

Thirty minutes later, I arrived to the field to find at least twenty guys with dirt bikes, maybe 3 or 2 years older than me. I nod my head in greeting and took my helmet off. They stared at me with open mouths and I chuckled.

“Didn’t expect a girl, did you guys?” I laughed.

“We didn’t…” he trailed off.

“What are you waiting for, let’s race” I grinned and slipped my helmet back on. All of them got on their bikes, taking their helmets with them, but I caught some of them giving me winks and wolf whistles. I chuckled and turned the ignition on. I gripped my clutch and smile wickedly, though the guys couldn’t see it because of my tinted helmet. This is going to be so much fun.


I got home with 5,000 dollars in my pocket; the race was excellent, and it was amazing. I stayed with the guys and talked to them, they were nice people. Though some of them weren’t really happy about been beaten by a girl, but they soon got over it. I think I’m going to go hang out with them again, maybe Sunday.

I turned off my bike and took my helmet off. I started towards the front door with a smile on my face. This is better than going to school.

I unlocked the door and stepped in; it was only 12 o’clock, no need to worry about my brother or Eric coming. But as I stepped into the house, my spine crawled with awareness and I jumped as the light flicked on. I saw Eric leaning against the kitchen doorway with a triumph grin on his lips.

“God! You scared the pants off of me, you *&*^%” I placed a hand on my chest, feeling my thumping heart.

“Thought you were sick? What happened? Feeling better already?” he teased and chuckled.

“Just went to buy some medicine” I faked a coughed. Eric stared at my jeans, which were covered in dirt, and raised an eyebrow.

“I fell” I smiled innocently. I could almost laugh at the lame excuse I came up with.

“Uh-huh, come on, now that we’re alone we can talk” Eric grinned as a groan escaped my lips.

“Right, let’s talk and get this over with” I dropped my helmet on the floor and my keys on the coffee table. “But first, if you don’t mind, I would like to take a shower” I smiled sweetly and headed up the stairs.

I tried to stay in the shower for as long as possible, but Eric wasn’t going to give up that easily, he knocked on the bathroom door.

“If you don’t finished right now I swear I’ll go in and take you out myself” he threatened.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I hissed.

“Oh yeah, watch me” I heard a key jingling in the other side and saw as the lock turned. My eyes widened in terror and I shriek.

“OK!! I’ll be out in just a sec, just don’t dare open that door, Reynolds” I covered myself with the shower curtain—I forget my towel—and sighed in relief as the doorknob didn’t twist.

“That’s what I thought; now, if you would please hurry; I would like to get this over with” I listened as he walked away and sighed in relief. I stepped out of the shower and opened the door a crack, I poke my head out and looked down the hallway, clear.

But just for safety, I took the small carpet on the bathroom floor and wrapped it around me—I know, disgusting, but I won’t risk the chances of Eric seeing me nude—and stepped out of the bathroom, quickly tiptoeing to my room. I slammed the door shut and threw the rug on the floor. I grabbed a white top and a pair of baggy jeans before stepping out and going downstairs and into the living room.

“So, talk” I sat as far away from Eric as possible. Eric sighed and leaned forward to rest his elbows on top on his knees. He looked at me with serious blue eyes and sighed once again.

“What happened back then, that kiss…” he trailed off and I bit back a smirk. I’m really enjoying watching Eric struggling for words.

“Yes?” I said slowly, encouraging him to continue.

“Well, I have got to be honest with you, I really liked it” my mouth fell open and I heard my heart skipping a beat. That was not what I was expecting him to say.

Eric grinned and leaned back, looking completely smug. He was pretty much happy that he took me by surprise like this, I could tell by his smile. He flashed me a wicked grin and I gulped.

“Excuse me?” I think there’s something wrong with my ears or something, because I’m not sure if I just heard him right.

“Well, I have to admit, Ashley, you’re a great kisser. Damn, you’re kiss was the best kiss I have ever gotten, it really turned me on” I choke on my spit and stood to go to the kitchen and get myself some water, Eric followed. “And I know you’re just worried that you’re brother will find out about the kiss, but you don’t have to worry, I am not planning on telling him” I took a bottle of water out of the fridge and turned the cap, taking deep gulps. “So…uh…want to make out?” I spit all the water out, choking again.

“You’re” cough “not helping” I coughed again until tears came to my eyes. When I finally got my breath back, I straighten and stared at Eric, looking for any trace of teasing in his eyes…they weren’t any, but I still couldn’t believe this. “You’re just joking, right? Trying to get me all nervous and stuff, am I right or am I right?” I grinned, but the serious look he was giving me made my grin disappear as soon as it appeared.

“I’m really serious when it comes to smooching with the opposite sex, Ashley; especially you” he started to advance, his eyes dangerous and dark, and not in a bad way either; they were smoldering.

“E-Eric, l-let’s just take deep breaths and sort things out like we were suppose to do, remember?” my voice shook and I started backing up.

“Everything is sort out already” he grinned as he stepped closer, my back hit the counter and I felt like a prey being cornered by the predator. And guess who the prey was?

Eric stood two inches away from me now, his cold hands came around my waist and I shiver. Though his hands were like ice, they felt warm on my skin, leaving a trail of fire where his skin had touched mine.

I gulped loudly as he pulled me closer to him, his muscled huge body touching mine. He was so tall, that I had to dip my head back to look at him. He lean closer so our lips were just meters away; but before his lips could touch mine, I placed my index finger in between the small space that parted our mouths, interrupting the kiss, and he frowned. I grinned and pushed him away slowly.

“Nice try, buddy” I laughed and punched his arm, keeping my hands clenched so he won’t notice them shaking. “You have got to work on your way to seduce women, Eric” I patted his arm sympathetically. I could feel my hormones punching me in the gut for interrupting such a kiss. I have been yearning for those lips for a long time now.

“Maybe is you the one I can’t seduce” he grinned, back to his regular teasing mood.

“Maybe” I shrugged and smiled. “Anyway, you better get back to school or you’re going to be late” I gestured towards the kitchen clock and he cursed.

“Bugger, this is your entire fault” he sent a glare my way before taking his keys off the table and leaving. The minute he closed the door I clasped on the closes chair to me and fanned my face. The truth was; he did seduce me, he seduced the heck out of me and now I’m going to have to take a shower again. Not that I was going to admit this to him, but I finally got the guts to stop myself from making the mistake all over again. Eric and me will never be, not with my brother around and especially not without spilling my secret.
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Post the rest!
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Woot woot! :). Update soon!

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new thread....yay!!!

Update soon. After you post the rest. Lol.

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Chapter 6

What else is there to do when you’re home alone besides jumping up and down on a trampoline? One thing nobody messes with is my trampoline; this is where I learn all my moves, my back flips and all those stuff. I could see my neighbor over the fence beside me barbecuing; the other neighbors to my right were just sitting and tanning in the very hot sun. Good, because I want no one interrupting my meditation.

Yeah, it was hot, there was sweat dripping in the valley between my breasts, and forehead, and the baggy jeans weren’t really helping me in this situation. My body might be fifty degrees lower than a human’s body heat—a little cooler—but when there’s cool against warm it kind of creates sweat or something, melting it, right? I think that’s what my biology teacher said yesterday—I wasn’t paying much attention; too busy listening to my iPod.

When the sun started getting hotter—moving higher up the sky—I didn’t have much choice but to do what I always did when it’s hot.

I looked around, to see if anyone was watching me, and stripped off my jeans right then and there. The tall wooden fence my neighbors had build between our backyards covered everything for me, so that left me in my black underwear that has the day ‘Friday’ printed on the front. Pretty silly underwear, I know, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them at Victoria’s Secret, I had to buy it.

I went up and down, up and down, the hot air made my face flush. I felt like I was going to pass out any minute; my lungs felt so heavy. After thirty minutes of doing back flips, front flips; I fell on my back, my chest heaving and my throat dry; it’s a wonder why I didn’t smell like baked chicken.

I couldn’t help but think of Eric, and that just made me a lot hotter. He was going to kiss me and I was going to let him, but I finally got a hold of myself and stopped him, though it took a lot of concentration.

The last kiss we had shared was at least two years ago, not that that was a bad kiss really, it was the best kiss ever; British boy sure knows how to kiss a girl. I wonder if he’s as good as before now.

That thought made me go red with hotness and I couldn’t help but fan my face with my hands. I am going to have to take a cold ice shower. If my brother ever finds out about this he’ll kill Eric and after that, he’ll go after me. You never want to make my brother angry, trust me, he goes charging at you like a bull going after red.

I closed my eyes and relaxed. I swear to god I was just about to go to sleep when I heard the glass double doors sliding open and a deep voice swearing colorfully.

“What the hell are you doing in your underwear, A.J.?” my brother asked, sounding pretty much thunderstruck. I still don’t get why he’s so shocked, it’s not the first time he’s seen me jumping on my trampoline in my underwear, I bet it was because Eric was here.

“It was hot” I answered lamely and kept my eyes close.

“It pretty damn will be with you looking like that” I heard Eric say, laughter in his voice. I turned on my stomach, propped up on my elbows. I opened my eyes and examined Eric for a second before smirking.

“Want to wrestle?” Eric eyebrows went up until they hid behind his hair.

“Wrestle?” he repeated. I stood up and started jumping again.

“Sure, why not? Greg and I used to wrestle all the time” my brother rolled his eyes and sat on the picnic table. Eric grasped a chair and took a seat like the educated gentleman he is.

“And who always won?” he smiled.

“Go ahead, Greg, tell him” I chuckled and jumped off of the trampoline, slipping my jeans back on.

“Hey!” he protested. “You can’t blame me for losing. She watches Smack Down and Raw all the time; she knows all the moves” my brother explained defensively and took a gulp of his beer.

“What kind of moves?” Eric sounded interested.

“Well, there is, The Choke Down, 619, Spear, Twist of Fate, FU, STFU, Scissors Kick, and Rock Bottom. I’ll be happy to show you some of the moves if you want” I offered with a sly smile.

“No, thank you, I prefer my bottom to stay where it is” I burst out laughing. Seriously, this kid says the funniest things sometimes.

But then I stop when I realized something. It’s been so long since I laughed this much. Man, I have changed so much since he came back. And I don’t like it at all.

I frown, started towards the sliding glass doors, pushing them to the side and stepping in. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge, still fresh and cold.

I’ve never drink beer before, but there’s always a first time for everybody, right? I opened the can and took a sip; I tasted it and almost spit it out, disgusting, sickening, it tastes like sh*it; No wonder this thing makes you drunk and after that throw up. How can guys drink this? How can my friends drink this?

I went to the sink and dropped it all in there, the amber liquid going down the drainer.

Mom’s punch was so much better than this crap. But now that I brought my mom up, I couldn’t help but think of her. Just thinking about her got me in a worst mood. It’s been a long time since I played the piano, the piano that is now in the basement, probably covered in dust and cobwebs.

She used to play for me all the time. My throat tightened with emotions, but I held back the tears. I’m not going to cry; crying is for babies, for weak people; and I am certainly not weak. I never even cried on her funeral, I always thought crying would make me look fragile.

I didn’t cry…even though I was there with her at the night of her murder.

“Ashley?” I glanced up to see Eric leaning against the kitchen doorway, looking at me with a frown, concerned. I straightened and pushed some of my loose strands of off my face. There were questions in his eyes, questions that I did not want to answer…ever.

“I’m going to take a shower” I sighed and pushed passed him. I was so not in the mood for talking right now. And you might be wondering why do I always say ‘I’m going to take a shower’ all the time, well, let’s just say that that phrase is one of my favorite excuses.

Later that night, when everybody was asleep, I stepped out of my room and walked down the flight of stairs. Blood, just a drop, I thought.

I never killed someone before, when I needed blood I only drank a small amount of my victims blood, I don’t need so much blood in my system since I was still half vampire.

I opened the front door and stepped out; I already told my brother I was going to hunt today.

I slipped on my helmet and got on my motorbike, turning the ignition and driving out of there when I heard my neighbor yelling angrily next door.

I finally stop in front of a club and parked my motorcycle. This won’t take long, maybe 10 minutes to find the perfect prey and about 5 seconds to get the blood.

I jumped off of my bike and took the helmet with me since nothing is safe in California when it’s around midnight.

I walked into the club and my nostrils were filled with the smell of alcohol, drugs and sweat. I walked right into the crowd and started searching. About seven minutes later my eyes caught a green gaze and I smiled. Perfect.

“Want to dance?” the guy asked me and I nodded, my fangs were already growing with thirst. The DJ changed the song into something much more relaxing and slower, and I moved my body close to my victim’s. I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed my chin on his shoulder, close to his neck.

He smelt wonderful, so sweet and spicy. This is just perfect. It takes me hours to look for such perfect blood.

I lifted my head and pressed my lips against his. We kissed and yet, I drank from his lips without him realizing it. My fangs were small and not quiet visible, but no matter how small they were; they were my favorite weapons.

I pulled back and started walking towards the exit, he won’t notice I’m gone; let’s just say I played with his mind a little.

That night I was home about three in the morning. And that mean three hours of sleep for me.

I slipped off my bike and swear I saw a shadow from the corner of my eyes. British boy just got back from his meal as well, huh? I think it’s time to talk to him about the whole vampire deal…in two months…maybe…I don’t know.
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New Chapter Tonight?

Please say Yes. |o|

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Chapter 7

It was raining pouring outside; it was becoming a flood!! We won’t be able to race today; it’s going to be much too dangerous.

So here I sat on the couch, flipping through the channels, bored to death, my Saturday plans were over. My brother was snoring next me and Eric looked like he was about to pass out any moment now.

Poor him, he didn’t sleep much last night, I bet. I snickered quietly but Eric obviously heard, since his gaze shifted to me and his eyebrows went up, his lids already half close.

“What’s so funny?” a small smile tugged at his lips.

“Nothing, nothing at all” I smiled and turned off the TV. He stared at me for a couple of seconds before closing his eyes and going limp on his chair.

“I’m so bored” he murmured, mostly to himself. “Hey, Ashley” I shot him a glare as he used my name.

“What?” I snapped, irritated.

“Want to make out and make the afternoon a little more excited for me, darling” he smiled the sexy crooked smile and I rolled my eyes.

“You never give up, do you?” I shook my head exhaustedly. He snapped one eye open to look at me.

“You’re no fun,” he pouted, which made his lips look fuller and more tempting, appealing.

“Glad you finally realized that” I placed both my feet on top of the coffee table, bare and small and dainty. I started wiggling my small toes and counting sheeps inside my head. When that wasn’t working I decided to take a shower, I haven’t taken one since yesterday. I know, disgusting right? But the good news is that I don’t stink…yet.

I stood and stole a glace at Eric, who was already fast asleep and looked so cute. I am kind of getting use to him living with us, except for the whole vampire thing. I am still a little bit troubled over that still. I mean, I will never get used to the idea of Eric been a vampire I think. He was always so human and everything, I guess I had gotten so used to the old him that him been a vampire hasn’t really registered in my brain yet.

When I stepped inside the bathroom, I stripped off my clothes and slide the shower door open. It was so quiet that the only thing you could hear was the rain pouring on the roof. This is so bored, maybe a shower will make it a little more exciting.

I turned on the hot water and slipped in, grateful when the water warmed my cool skin.

Eric has tried to kiss me for the pass five days or so, and I am becoming really weak already, my resistance is breaking down and my female hormones were getting out of control. I had never before refused a kiss from him; this has to be the first, and I better get use to it fast before its too late.

This is precisely why I didn’t want Eric to come back, this is how I felt back when he used to come over 2 years ago. Though he is kind of different now, his warm skin is now icing cold like ice. I had crane my head back so I could see his face and look at him in the eye for moon sake’s!! He’s a giant!!

At least school is going well, although sometimes he steals glances at me and when he catches my eye; he winks. He sits with the ‘popular table’ where my brother sits with Marline. I kicked him out when he tried to sit on my table two days ago; the guys were proud but Kaila and Rachel didn’t talk to me for two days.

Sometimes something weird happens; like when I’m close to Eric for at least two minutes my mark kind of tingles. I have no idea why, but it’s still a little weird…it never did that before.

I turned off the water and stepped out, grasping my towel and drying myself. I was drying my neck when the door suddenly swung opened and I was staring into sleepy blue eyes.

But the minute those eyes saw me; they widened and stared at my figure intently. The towel was long enough to cover my private part, but I wasn’t sure about my torso. We just stood there, too shocked to move. Then I let out a loud shriek and wrapped the towel around my body.

“What do you think you’re doing!!?” I screeched and held the towel to my chest. But he wasn’t listening; his now dark eyes were on my long sleek EXPOSE legs. WHY DON’T THEY MAKE THIS TOWELS LONGER!!?

“Whoa” He breathed.

“Stop staring at me like that Eric! Get out!” I shrieked and went and pushed at his chest when he still didn’t move, trying to get him out the door, but he was as still as a rock. Then I felt my towel dropping from my body and squealed. “Don’t look!!” I slapped a hand over his eyes and turned his face up to the ceiling. “Don’t you dare look or I swear I’ll kill you, Reynolds” I growled, and reached down to pick up my towel with shaking nervous hands.

“God, Ashley, you make me sound like a *$^%#” his voice was husky, but he kept his eyes close. He finally opened them when I tied the towel securely around my figure. “I can’t believe you hide those sexy killer legs under those baggy pants, Ashley. You have no idea how beautiful you are” his voice was hoarse and still husky, his eyes smoldering while he looked down at my face.

I snarled and pushed pass him and into the hallway, walking briskly to my room. I was relief when he didn’t follow me, but I could still feel his gaze boring into my back.

You might be wondering why my brother didn’t wake up when I screamed. Well, he’s one heavy sleeper and not even the alarm can wake him up. If there was ever a fire in the house, he would have just stayed there, sleeping like there’s nothing to worry about. Which is good, because then he would have found me naked in front of his best friend and that would have created a problem.

I slammed the door shut and leaned against it. No one in my life has seen that much of me then what Eric has seen today. He saw me naked! But how much had he seen really? Oh, god, I am so going to strangle him!!
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Chapter 8

It was around midnight and my brother was sleeping peacefully in his room. I walked out into the hallway and tiptoed to Eric’s door, tapping it quietly. I heard some movement inside before the door opened. He looked down at me and smiled. I growled inwardly, wanting to punch his face but the noise might wake the neighbors. I pushed him back in the room and closed the door silently, my dark angry gaze on his face.

“What a pleasant surprise” he smirked and my hands balled into fists.

“How much did you see?” I asked as quietly as possible, demanding. Eric was silent for a couple of seconds, trying to comprehend what I’d just ask him I suppose.


“Honestly” I repeated through clenched teeth.

“Well, I didn’t see much, I just saw one beautiful swell flushed breast, long killer legs, and hips, that’s all” he shrugged and smiled. Just the way he was describing things made me want to shiver, but then I was piss off when I felt flattery fill within me as he described my body parts. What was wrong with me?!

Didn’t see much?” I repeated, growling.

“Well, it isn’t much to me, sorry for been a guy here” He held both his hands up defensively.

“YOU SAW MY BOOB!” I shrieked, wanting to slap his face.

“And?” my hand started twitching.

“You think that seeing my boob isn’t much?” I asked in a low dangerous voice. How greedy could the man be?

“Not to me it isn’t” he grinned.

“You are the most greedy selfish ignorant *^#^# guy I have ever met!” I hissed. “Didn’t you hear the shower running before you decided to come in?” I growled.

“I was still a little unconscious, Ashley, I mean, come on, give the man some slack. And besides, this isn’t entirely my fault, you were the one that didn’t lock the door” he accused and I felt anger burning in my eyes.

“Oh, so now you think this is my fault?” I felt like screaming.

“Err, yeah,” he said like it was pretty obvious. Every thought was scattered from my mind and suddenly, I pushed Eric as hard as I could and he landed on his bed, I straddled him with my legs and my hands went around his neck, but before I could ring his neck (which I was seriously going to do. Call me crazy if you want. It’s not like it was going to kill him or anything), he took both my hands and flipped me over so that he was the one straddling me now; Both my hands in one of his upside my head and the other on my stomach to keep me from thrashing.

“LET GO!” I growled, wanting more than anything to kill him. I kicked my legs and was about to scream—didn’t care if I woke up my brother or the neighbors, maybe they’ll call the police and arrest Eric, which right now, didn’t seem like such a bad idea, I’ll accuse him of harassing—when Eric’s mouth crashed against mine and started moving gently, almost caressingly.

I froze at first, my heart thumping loudly in my chest; my pulsing veins could be heard even to my own ears. I wanted to turn my head but Eric’s other hand grasped my chin. I felt my resistance giving away as his cold tongue touched my lips and before I knew it; I was kissing him back.

He let go of both my hands slowly—as if waiting for a slap—but instead of slapping him I wrapped my hands around his neck, gliding my fingers into his soft thick hair and deepening our kiss.

Our tongues touched and caressed; he tasted sweet, almost like cinnamon and I love cinnamon. One of his big hands curled around my calf and his other slid into my hair, loosening my ponytail and sliding his fingers through it, combing it, feeling it. I remember when he used to comb my hair with his fingers before, saying that it felt like silk, that it was smooth and soft like a baby’s. He sure was some poet back then (sarcasm).

I bit his bottom lip softly and smiled slyly as I discovered that I was right, you can sink you teeth into that full plump bottom lip of his, it was almost as if biting into a cherry, a sweet cherry. I sucked on it seductively.

His hand tightened on my calf for a small second and he groaned. He lifted it gently, deliberately and slowly, swiftly hitching my leg around his waist. I shivered as his hand slid upwards, leaving hot trails on my skin, and settled on my thigh.

And remember my theory before, when I said he was a great kisser back then and I wanted to know if he was better now, the answer to that is yes! He’s so much better now; he’s excelente. Right then I couldn’t think of anything but this kiss, this sweet slow sexy kiss.

He pulled away just a centimeter and I gasped, trying to catch my breath. Oh my, where’s this guy been?! Eric’s cold sweet breath fanned my face and made me dizzier than I was already. My eyes were clouded and my hands somehow ended up on his amazing biceps. My chest touched his as I breath heavily. I was feeling hot everywhere, even though Eric was as cold as ice.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he kissed my lips again, his voice husky. I couldn’t find my voice yet so I just nodded my head.

He chuckled softly and brushed his lips against mine. Then he got off of me, his hand sliding down my leg slowly, almost sensually, as he stood.

He stood over me, watching me with eyes that were shadowed by moonlight that spill through his curtained window.

He looked so big and tall, almost dangerous, from where I laid. I stared back at him, my breathing almost back to normal, and my hands on my side, already missing his muscled arms. But I couldn’t help but noticing that my mark tingle yet again throughout the whole make out session.

I was looking at him, but I wasn’t really seeing him, my mind was somewhere else. What did that mean? Why does it tingle like that? It didn’t hurt me but it gives me a happy fluttery feeling, almost as if—oh, that just crazy, how could I think such thing?

Eric was quiet; I could feel him watching my face intently. He looked relaxed, but I could feel awareness and wariness waving off of him.

I propped myself up on my elbows and my loose hair falling onto my face. The silence wasn’t awkward, but almost…thoughtful? I glanced up at Eric curiously and narrowed my eyes.

What was he thinking? It frustrated me not knowing. I wanted to ask him, but it just didn’t feel like the right time. Everything was silent until we heard a noise on the next room. My brother’s room. I shot off bed, almost smacking into Eric’s broad chest. I froze in front of him for a second and he stared down at me with those smoldering eyes. Before anything else happened again, I stepped to the side and walked around him towards the door.

“I have to leave” I whispered, mostly to myself and opened the door, shutting it quietly behind me. I went straight to the bathroom and flicked on the lights, staring at myself in the mirror, grasping the sink with both my hands until my knuckles were white.

My lips were swollen and damp; my cheeks flushed red, my eyes still a little bit unfocused. I looked like I just ran 10 miles in a hot sun sucking at my lip while at it. After I left the bathroom, I went straight to my room and slipped under the bed sheet covers, I drifted into sleep, dreaming about Eric for the first time in years.
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Posted 10 October 2007 - 07:07 PM

Yay! More!
We want more!
I don't think we
are ever grateful
with what we have.
We are a greedy
species. l.o.l
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update soon
we're all waiting
and getting impatient
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Posted 11 October 2007 - 02:44 PM

Chapter 9

The next morning during breakfast everything was…awkward. I avoided Eric’s gaze and concentrated on reading the newspaper; my brother gave me a weird look when he walked into the kitchen and found me reading; it wasn’t something I usually did.

But while scanning the paper, something caught my eye. There has been seven homicides right here in California, all of them girls.

I stole a quick glance at Eric who was talking to my brother in a hush tone.

Is he responsible for this? Has he been too thirsty lately, just like me? Just thinking that made a small squeak escaped my lips. This is not good. People are going to start getting suspicious and paranoid.

Eric’s gaze snapped to mine and held it for three seconds before turning back to my brother. I shuddered, folded the newspaper and placed it on the table.

California wasn’t usually this dangerous at night. You have to talk to him, my inner voice commanded. No way was I going to do that! There has to be another way.

I glanced out the window and sighed sadly. It was drizzling outside. Maybe tonight I could stop by the store and buy some more pop tarts since someone (My brother) has been eating them all.

A frown pulled at my eyebrows as I thought of the homicides. I can’t imagine Eric hurting anyone, especially a girl. He sucks them dry like the sexy wicked vampire he is, my inner voice snicker, the vampire part of me, the monster. But the innocent human half was scared to death.

“Ashley?!” my headshot up and I glanced at my brother, who was giving me the weird look again. Both he and Eric were gazing at me in concern.

“What?” I snapped. I hate it when people intercept while I am thinking.

“I have been calling your name for two minutes already. You okay?” my brother asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine” I lied.

“You sure? You’ve seen to be in the clouds today” I could feel Eric’s gaze on my face.

“I’m fine, Greg” I said through ground teeth.

“Alright then, I’m leaving and won’t be back until tonight. You go back to bed and rest, alright?” he kissed my forehead and grabbed his keys from the table.

I heard the door slamming. And that left Eric and me…alone in the kitchen. I have never felt anymore aware of Eric. It was as if I knew what he wanted, what he was thinking. But, of course, I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I did feel as if…I have grown closer to him ever since our kiss last night; well, you wouldn’t have called it a kiss exactly, but a huge hot sexy smooch that would have left a human blue and gasping for breath.

I glanced up at Eric to see him staring at me, his eyes unreadable.

“What are you thinking?” I couldn’t help but ask him, but quietly this time, a little softer; definitely not the way I talk to Eric Reynolds. This must have been some miracle. I more like demand and scream at him; sometimes I don’t know how he puts up with me. I would have thrown myself out the window long ago if I ever had to hear myself again.

Eric stared at me for a couple of minutes before shaking his head.

“It’s nothing” he sighed. Then all of a sudden, the little frown on his face turned into a smile. I was surprised by the sudden change of mood. “Since we have nothing to do today, why don’t we go to the garage and prepare our cars for the race this Saturday?” his offer was to die for. Anything and everything that had to do with cars draws me in.

“Ok” he laughed at the eagerness in my voice.

“Then let’s go, babe”


I worked on my engine and wipe the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand. Just a few more touches and my car will be ready for the race Saturday.

I glanced sideways and sneak a glance at Eric; all that you could see from him was his nice ass; the hood of his car hid his torso. He looked yummy enough to eat.

I cleaned the black oil from my fingers with a dirty rag and shut my hood carefully. Everything seems pretty much fine to me, like always.

“Hey, Ashley, how fast is your car?” Eric asked, distracted.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked suspiciously. Eric poked his head out of his hood and grinned like an idiot.

“Think I’m going to cheat? Or are you scared I’m going to win?” he smiled teasingly. I snorted.

Yeah right you’re going to win. I have been winning races for 2 straight years, British boy. There’s no way I’m going to break that record now” I patted it the hood of my car as if it were a cat. “I love this car, I call it ‘my baby’”

“That name sounds silly” I shot a glare at him. “But it’s your choice, of course” he said quickly. “Mine it’s called black Miracle. I’ve been winning races for five years” he winked.

“Yeah, well, you’re older than me and were into cars way before I even got to see my first race. And is that what you call your car? Black Miracle?” I couldn’t help but snort again.

“It was its name when I first bought it, why change it when I liked it?” he shut his hood and wiped his black stained fingers with the back of his jeans. I rolled my eyes when he did that and sighed. Boys, always dirtying clothes and expecting their mommy’s to wash it for them, I thought.

Not that the jeans were already stained from all the work he has done to his ‘Black Miracle’. And I have to admit, those jeans look rather good on him, almost as if it were especially made for him; he looked fine when he’s dirty and covered in oil. More manly, sweaty and sexy, totally erotic; he was a man that knew what he was doing.

I think that’s the only thing Eric and I have in common, we like cars and, of course, we are vampires. Well, I’m half soon to be whole, but what’s the difference?

I placed the dirty rag in my front pocket and approached him. He has rather good taste in cars too.

He glanced down at me and smiled that breathtaking smile of his. That’s all he had to do to break the good spirit.

“What?” I retorted.

“You have black oil on your cheeks” he chuckled. “You look cute” he said, with a smile on his lips. I took hold of the rag and wiped my cheeks.

“Is it gone now?” I asked him, not sure if I should have asked him in the first place.

“No, you spread it. Come here and let me clean it for you” he snatched the rag from my hand and caught my chin in his hands before I could protest, pulling me closer. I felt like a child having her mommy wipe her dirty cheeks, though there was nothing childish about how close we were. Our hips touched. We were chest-to-chest, way too close for my comfort.

“Stay still, Ashley” Eric grunted. But I couldn’t, him touching me was making me feel all tingling and weird, especially when my mark was bothering me on my back. He was so close I could feel his coldness through my white dirty t-shirt.

Suddenly, he licked his thumb and started rubbing it on my cheek.

“Ew, gross, Eric” I tried to push away but he tightened his hold.

“Oh, shush, Ashley, it’s not like you swallowed my saliva before, especially last night. You seemed to have enjoyed it very much” I did remember that I was thinking he tasted like cinnamon. He was a good guesser. If only he knew.

It’s weird the things he says sometimes, that’s what makes him so much different from the other guys I have met. He always says what he thinks, always rubbing it in my face. He knew how to handle me and how to shut me up, and that thought made my lips twitch.

I bit my lip to keep from smiling, but nothing ever escaped Eric’s eyes. “What’s so funny?” he grinned and released me, slipping the rag back into my pocket a little top roughly than necessary; pushing my loose pants down, and almost leaving me half naked.

I saw the smirk on his face as I grabbed the belt hoops, and pulled my pants back up before they fell and showed my hot pink panties to the world; fixing them around my hips.

“Oh, you want to play rough now, do you?” I quickly grabbed his pockets and pushed them down with all my might, but the jeans didn’t go further than his lean narrowed hips. “Huh?” I lifted his shirt up to see a black belt tied securely around his hips, catching sight of well define abs. Oh baby! “Oh, you little smart-ass” I accused and punched his chest, though I knew he didn’t even feel it.

“One thing I learned when it comes to spending time with you is to always be prepare. I know all your dirty little tricks, Ash” I was surprised when he called me that; Ash. It was the first time in two years; I never realized how much I missed the little nickname he had given me.

“You know what? You’re not so bad, Reynolds, I think I’ll get use to this” I smile.

“I’m sure you’re already use to me, Ashley” he slipped both his index fingers inside my belt hoops and pulled me closer to him, our hips touching intimately again. My heart skipped a beat. I never really realized how really intimated it is to be around Eric. This is huge! And not good!

“And there you go again, ruining the mood; like always” I pinched his hand and he released me as if I was on fire.

“Sorry, Ashley, I just can’t keep my hands off of you. There’s just something about you covered in black oil. You look so sexy and exciting and so very wicked” he eyes caressed my figure, but stayed glued to my belly ring. “Especially wearing that stud” his finger brushed the small diamond stud, touching my bare skin for the slightest bit for a second.

“Yeah, but whatever you’re thinking right now; it’s not going to happen, Reynolds. So keep dreaming boy” I turned around and walked out of the garage, the place where his finger had touched my skin tingled. This is worst than I thought.

Having Eric back again was bringing back ‘those memories’. And I didn’t want to think about those old days. It would just make me all the more curious and thoughtful. Which is not good at all.
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Chapter 10

There was a light tap on my door and I glanced up from my homework to see Eric leaning against my doorway, looking hot, like always. I had totally forgotten to close my door and lock it. Now this idiot is going to bother me.

I put my pencil down and sat up, sitting on top of my folded legs.

“What do you want?” I was annoyed. I had just started my essay and I had an idea. Now that he’s here I totally have forgotten it. That happens to people—especially girls I bet—when he’s around. He’s just too damn beautiful.

He straightened and walked into my room, sitting down on the edge of my bed and eyeing last week’s clothes that lay on my floor. If there weren’t girl clothes, people would have thought this was a boy’s room, my brother’s for sure. It was the messiest room in the house actually.

But my brother was a cleaning freak, is good he lives here or this house would have looked like the inside of a dumpster if it were up to me. He’s the one that those all the cleaning. But he doesn’t dare enter my room. There’s this warning on my door that says ‘Keep out, I bite!’ which is close to the truth really and Eric decided to avoid.

“I just wanted to ask if you were doing anything tonight. Are you?” his gaze snapped to mine, searching for answers.

“No, why?” I asked cautiously. I didn’t need to ask because I already knew what he wanted, and he perfectly knew what was going to be the answer to the question, a total no.

“Well, I was just thinking, if we could go to this place I know. Where they ride monster trucks” he stole a glance at me. “And race each other” my eyes lit up. I didn’t expect him to say this.

“Race” I repeated, already jumping up and down with excitement. It’s been almost two weeks without seeing a race, and Eric perfectly knew that. He was a kiss-ass, he knew what was going to be my answer already; as long as it has the word ‘race’ in it, I’m in.

“Yes, race” he breathed, as if trying to bewitched me. Too bad he wasn’t succeeding. I bit my lip and stole a quick glance at him, then glanced down at my not-completed essay. Oh, well, I could finish it later when I get back.

“Alright, I’ll go, but if this is a trick I swear to good I’ll rip you to pieces. First I’m going to rip your eyes out, than your arm, than your legs, and then—this is my favorite part—I’m going to rip your—” he covered my mouth with his hand before I could finished my threat. And I was sure he didn’t want to hear the ending of this.

“Ok, I get it” he looked pretty scared out of his wits right now and I was swell with pride and satisfaction.

“And then I’m going to feed your parts to the dogs” I pushed his hand away and finished.

“You scare me sometimes, Ashley, I have to admit it. But I like you too much to lock you in a mental hospital” I stuck my tongue out at him childishly.

“I’ll hunt you for the rest of you life if you ever did that”

“That doesn’t sound so bad, in my opinion” he grinned. I rolled my eyes and kicked him out the door so I could change.


I smiled and bit my bottom lip as the monster truck ran over a pile of totally messed up line of cars. This is the best show I have ever seen in my life. Monster trucks running over cars and racing each other and sometimes even crashing into each other, this has to be the best race ever. There was a loud crowd, all of them cheering and talking. The stadium was full, some people had to stand because all seats were taken.

Eric and I drove two hours just to get here and guess what? We got front row seats!! We were fighting, and slapping each other’s hands when I tried to touch his upgraded Kenwood stereo with a 6.5-inch monitor with DVD capability; arguing over whose car is better, mine or his. It was pretty cool hanging out with Eric again, like old times; but this time like old friends, not something…more.

“What do you think?” he whispered in my ear. I tore my gaze from the race and turned to stared at him. He was looking down at me with a small smile on his lips. He seems to be enjoying the race too.

“I think it’s pretty damn awesome” I smiled.

“I’m glad you like it, I bought the tickets with you in mind” he glanced down at my lips as sipped my soda. The look in his eyes made me look away. I have been trying to forget the whole kissing thing that happened in his room, but the look he had given me right now didn’t exactly help me.

He wanted me, and his eyes said everything. Now and then I would look into those orbs and see desire and lust burning deep in there. Sometimes I’m sure I have that same look in mine, I hope he hasn’t notice, but knowing Eric and his observant gaze, he already has for sure.

“You know what, Ash. I kind of did miss spending time with you; I forgot how much fun you really were. And still are” I glanced at him, surprise when he said that but totally flattered.

“You can be pretty annoying sometimes and very irritation and a total idiot, but I like hanging out with you too, it’s fun having to yell at someone for a reason this time” he burst out laughing and I smiled.

“Ashley, I don’t know why, but I want to kiss you right now”

“Thanks for sharing your thoughts but…no” I scowled at him for ruining the mood and he grinned. That’s Eric to you guys.

I turned back to the race, but my gaze snapped back to Eric when I felt a hand combing my hair. I glanced at him to see him staring at my hair with this longing in his eyes; the look seemed terribly familiar. Oh! Wait, of course it was familiar, he wore the same look two years ago when he touched my hair! Eric was a freak; he loves soft smooth things; wait, let me rephrase that, he L-O-V-E-S my hair.

“Why don’t you wear your hair down anymore, Ashley?” he asked softly, I could hear the curiosity in his voice.

“Because I hate wearing it like that, it’s annoying when it gets in my way. I was going to cut it off but—”

“You were going to WHAT!” Eric sounded sick and dumbfounded. I peek at him and bit my lip to keep from smiling. This is so much fun. Torturing Eric is so much better than torturing my brother.

“My father didn’t allow me to, though” I shrugged.

“Remind me to thank him when I see him again. How could you cut such beautiful hair like yours? Don’t you know how many girls would die to have your hair?”

“I was going to donate it when I got rid of it” I admitted sheepishly and his face was drained from its color.

“You better not do anything to your hair, Ashley. Or I swear I’ll hunt you down” he threatened.

“Do you want my hair, Eric?” I asked him, wanting to know the answer. He was practically obsessed with my hair…or I think he is.

“Only because I like it doesn’t mean I want it…it’s just that…it bring backs so many memories, Ash. Your mother use to brush that same hair everyday, remember? Your hair is the only thing that hasn’t change and I’m glad you decided to keep it” he sounded so sincere; it shocked me.

“I guess…you’re right” I whispered. Besides all the teasing that Eric does to me, I had seen another side of him tonight; a side that likes to keep memories and is very sensitive and sweet. And I’m glad he still thinks of my mother like I do sometimes, it means a lot to me and lets me know how much he really cared for her.

What I meant by all this was…. Eric is a great guy. No matter how arrogant, idiotic, and annoying he is, but still so out of my league.
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Chapter 11

“You’ve seen a little bit jumpy today? Did something happen that you don’t want to tell us? Huh, did it?” Rachel leaned across the table and was literally in my face, looking at me with wide puppy eyes.

“No, why?” I placed my hand on her forehead and pushed her away. She was invading my personal space.

“Well, you just seen a little bit absentminded lately, like your thinking about something” a sly smile appeared on her lips. “Or someone” she looked over to where Eric sat and then back at me.

“I’m thinking about how annoying you are, actually” I corrected, already annoyed. I poked the lasagna the squared piece of lasagna with my fork and gagged with disgust. I took ten dollars from my pocket was about to stand and buy some decent food when…

“Oh, look guys, if it isn’t A.J., the little boy-wannabe?” I heard a high-pitched annoying voice beside me. I didn’t have to turn around to see who it was.

“Oh, if it isn’t Marline, the queen b*itch?” I pouted. Her cold blue eyes sparked and I smirked. “What brings you to the tomboy table? I heard you get zits every time you’re close to one. Not only on your face, but your ass too” Rachel and Kaila burst out laughing before they could stop themselves. Marline’s jaw clenched and her clones covered their mouths to keep from giggling.

“Look, b*itch, I just came to warn you. Stay away from Eric. He-is-mine, get that?” she hissed.

“I don’t see your name on him” I glanced over at him to see that he was looking over to our table. Busted. He surely knew something was up.

“Just away from him, &^%; or you’ll be sorry” I stared down at my lasagna and suddenly an idea pooped into my head. I rose slowly and stared down at Marline. How can such small little girl be so annoying and b*itchy?

“First of all, no one tells me what to do. And second of all, nobody messes with me or calls me names such as *$&$^. Because the %#@* here is you, honey” I took the square piece of lasagna in my hands and looked down at it hesitantly. “I’m going to regret this,” I whispered to myself before looking at Marline in the eye, the eyes that were daring me to do what they knew I was just about to do. “But it’ll be totally worth it” I then slapped the piece of lasagna right in her face and the cafeteria suddenly went quiet. All you could hear was a pin dropping to the ground.

Some ‘oh’, others burst out laughing and others gave a loud gasp before killing themselves with laughter. Eric stared at me with wide disbelieving eyes. I noticed that he had gotten out of his seat and was about to come to my table, but seemed to be frozen in place when I slapped the piece of lasagna on Marline’s face.

She raised her perfectly manicure hands to her face and wiped the lasagna off of her eyes and face, before giving a loud high-pitch scream that almost left me deaf, thanks to my vampire hearing, I probably was already. Then…

“Food Fight!!!!” food was suddenly flying in the air as if they were millions of different color birds. Everything was suddenly loud; trays were been smacked to the table, food splashed on people; everybody had food in their hands and throwing it at each other. Smiling and laughing, for some reason this warmed little A.J.’s heart and that doesn’t happen very often, people! Maybe it was because everybody else was joining the fun now. Trouble makes life a lot more fun.

The vice principal stood in the corner before making her escape through the lunchroom exit; she looked like a scare chicken.

Whip cream splashed Marline in the face and the look on her face was so priceless that I burst out laughing. I took hold of my other piece of lasagna and joined in.


Fifteen minutes later, I sat on the principal’s office, covered in all kinds of food. I could only identify some of them: chocolate cake, whip cream, pizza, barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, and beans. I dipped my index finger on the whip cream upside my head and tasted it. Mmm, very good.

I didn’t get to finish my lunch today. Somehow it ended up on Marline’s face. I snorted and held back laughter. She was crying in the bathroom like a baby, complaining about her hair and perfect hands when the police officer escorted me to the office.

But before they took me away, I sneak a glance at Eric and almost fell to the floor from the laughter; the police officer had to carried me to the office because I was having hysteria.

Eric looked like a desert table good enough to eat, and I’m sure I looked like one too. But I’m certain he’ll taste so much better than me, Mmm-Mmm.

“Now, Ms. Johnston, from what I heard, Ms. Jackson says you were the one who started the food fight” The principal glared at me from where he sat.

“I didn’t start the food fight, Mr. Perry. I got up to throw my lunch in the garbage can—where it belongs, not on someone’s face—when suddenly this b*itch gets on my face and trips me with her heel. I don’t know how, but somehow my lunch landed on her face. I think she did it on purpose though so I could get in trouble. She’s a demon that one, you should hire a priest and I’m serious” the principal sighed and rubbed his temple as if I was giving him a headache, who knows? Maybe I was.

“Tell me the truth, Ms. Johnston” he scowled at me.

I sighed in defeat. “Alright, but she was insulting me with very dirty words and I had to do something about it. I’m not just going to stand there like an idiot; I had to take it like a man!” I smacked a fist to my palm.

“First of all, you should have gone straight to Mrs. Miller and should have told her what Ms. Jackson was doing to you. And second of all, you’re not a man, Ms. Johnston”

“I couldn’t just go to Mrs. Miller, that would be chickening out, and I am NOT a chicken, and yes, I know that I’m not a man; trust me, Mr. Perry, I should know that” I gestured to my breast and Mr. Perry looked like he was about to have a heart attack. “Besides, I’m sure she wouldn’t have believed me since I’m the tomboy and have the reputation of the biggest troublemaker in school and probably the whole town”

“Then maybe if you would stop getting yourself into so much trouble this wouldn’t have been a problem” he said through gritted teeth.

“I know but still, we are young adults in this school, Mr. Perry, not little kids that go running to their mommies when the bullies are bothering them and, in this case, Marline is the bully” I crossed my arms and sighed.

“Can I go back to class now?” I asked him.

“No, you should go back to the cafeteria and help the other kids clean it” I stood and headed for the door. “By the way, you have a three hour detention this Saturday, so I’ll be seeing you there, Ms. Johnston” I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

“You wish” I slammed the door before Mr. Perry could say another word.


I swept the floor while Eric washed the tables. For some reason, Mrs. Miller had partner us up so we could work together. Not that I complained much since watching Eric covered in food and cleaning tables like a housewife was to die for. Though he was making me a little hungry.

I paused and looked down at my work, a frown pulling at my eyebrows. I placed the mop on my side and tilted my head.

“Am I doing this right?” I asked Eric. Eric looked up and gaze down at the floor before chuckling.

“You’re spreading the food all over, Ashley” I looked around the lunchroom when he called me that. I hope nobody heard that. Though everybody seemed to be very busy washing the food off of the tables and walls.

“Don’t call me Ashley while we’re in school, I will not let it go this time” I hissed at him and he laughed. “And why did I get the messiest job here, it’s not fair” I pouted and crossed my arms.

“Because you were the one who started the food fight” He snickered. “Sometimes I don’t know what you’re up to Ashley, but this time you’ve completely blown my mind. I knew you were up to something when I saw you take that piece of lasagna with your bare hands but, apparently, I was too late to stop you from causing trouble” he chuckled quietly. “And what did Marline do that cause you to buried her face in lasagna?” he asked, interested.

“You won’t understand, it’s women stuff” I shrugged and soaked the mop inside the bucket before pulling it out again and starting wiping the floor. Suddenly, he came up behind me and placed his hands on top of mine, where they were gripping the mop, his body extremely close to my back, and his breath on my neck.

“Now, watch and learn” he whispered in my ear and started swaying the mop on the floor gently and swiftly. My body moved with his, but the movements were terribly intimate and I couldn’t help but feel a little flush and…. arouse? Oh god, I have to stop this.

I pushed away from him abruptly and turned to glare at him, well, I think I did, but I wasn’t so sure since I was a little, oh I don’t know, hormonal!

“Watch it, Reynolds” I warned him and walked away to get the job done and over with. But not before I saw that little wicked smile on his face.

“I’m watching all right,” he chuckled.
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Chapter 11

I glanced sideways at Eric as he drove us from school. All students that joined the food fight when I ‘supposedly’ started it had to stay after school for detention. Though nobody was mad. In fact, everybody declared that this was the best day of his or her high school life. Everybody was smiling and talking while in detention, the teacher fell asleep five minutes after detention begin so we did whatever we wanted. It was like having a party.

After we finished cleaning the cafeteria it looked so much better than it did before. The floor was shiny and clean, the tables white and the air smelled fresher.

Eric was still covered in food, as was I, but he looked so much funnier that I needed to bite my lip to keep from laughing. There couldn’t be a day better than this one.

“It’s not funny, Ashley” he shot me a glare and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I burst out laughing. I covered my mouth and my laughter turned into giggles. Giggles?! Are you serious?! I don’t giggle. I took a deep breath and calm myself down, but stayed with a big smile on my lips.

“Actually, it is pretty funny. There’s nothing more amusing than Eric Reynolds covered in food,” I snorted.

“Well, you’re lucky your don’t look a lot worst. I was standing in the middle of the lunch room when the food fight started; apparently, that’s not the best spot to stay in when something like that occurs” he sniffed his collar and frowned. “I smell like a candy bar” he looked disgusted.

“I know” I chuckled. “I’m lucky I didn’t get that much food on me; thanks to my quick reflexes. If I hadn’t had ducked I would have looked like you right now. I mean, looked at my shirt, Eric, its good as new” he smiled in wry humor.

“And now I’m going to change that” he suddenly stopped the car and I stared at him with narrowed eyes.

“What are you up to, British boy?” and before I could blink he took hold of my wrist and pulled me into his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me to his food-candy-covered chest. “Oh, Eric!!” I screech and tried to pull away from him, but it was much too late. I was covered in garbage, my face pasted with what smelled like chocolate frost. I wiped some chocolate from my eyes and glared at him. Wiping my chocolate-coated fingers on his shirt.

“You know, I think you never looked any cuter than you do in this very moment” he choked out as he laughed his ass off.

“You’ll so pay for this, Eric!” I shriek.


Eric was still laughing when we got home. The bite mark on his arms still hadn’t gone way; my teeth printed on his skin as if it were a tattoo. You know, I thought I’d never say this but…Eric those taste pretty good.

Sure, I’ve drink human blood and even animal blood, but never have I tasted vampire blood. And to my great surprise, it tasted better than anything I have ever tried. There were all kinds of blood types in his veins—I bet some blood were from his victims—but there was still a small part of him still there, inside his veins since he was only a two year old vampire…maybe, who knows? But some of his blood still lingered inside of him.

“Damn, Ashley, you sure have strong teeth, this mark hasn’t gone away yet” Eric examine his arm with an interest expression plastered on his handsome face.

“What do you expect? To go away in just a matter of seconds? It takes a least two days for a mark like that to disappeared” that is if you were human, I thought. Eric dropped his arm and smiled.

“You’re right” all of a sudden, he took the hems of his shirt and slipped it off.

“Whoa!!! What do you think you’re doing, Reynolds?” My heart was racing in my chest as I stared at his perfect sculpted define chest. Six pack, amazing sexy looking abs that would have made the football players in my school envious since they like to show off their so call ‘abs’. Oh, wait, Eric was a football player too, maybe he left to Italy with some muscles on him.

But his body, if I remember correctly, didn’t look as great as this. He must have worked out or something while in there because he looked HOT like the burning sun on an afternoon sky. And I was right, those pecs were much more impressive when exposed, not hiding under his clothing anymore. And the biceps, oh god, those strong sexy muscled biceps. He had an athlete’s body, lean and perfect in everyway. He was too perfect!

“You can’t seriously expect me to go around the house wearing a t-shirt covered in food all day, can you? And besides, if I remember correctly, I recall you offering about my being able to go—how do I put this? —Ah, yes; naked, nude…. shirtless, around the house whenever I wanted” he grinned at me, a wicked glint in his beautiful blue eyes. He can’t be serious.

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean that literally” I squeak as his hands moved down to the button of his jeans. This is so wrong in so many ways. I was about to melt right then and there when suddenly; he smiled—looking totally smug— and dropped his hand. His eyes dancing teasingly.

“Relax, Ashley, I’m just going to go upstairs and take a shower. I wouldn’t dare walk around the house nude. I won’t want you to jump on me, not that I’ll mind much” and that was exactly what I was going to do just seconds ago. I composed myself and scowled at him. I hated it when he does this.

“You wish, Reynolds. And you are going to have to hold those pants of yours because I’m taking a shower first” I started up the stairs with a scowl on my face. Stupid vampire.

“Do you want company?” I stopped at the second step and turned to glared at him.

“Bite me,” I snapped. I caught a mischievous glint in those beautiful eyes.

“Right here, right now?” This is what I hated about Eric most of the time, —meaning in a time like this, when I’m angry—his annoying sense of humor.

I was about to go up to him and bite his head off but decided against it.

“I’m going to beat your ass tomorrow, Reynolds. And when I do, we’ll see who laughs last” I growled and ran up the stairs before he could say anything. He doesn’t know what he just got himself into.
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Posted 11 October 2007 - 03:37 PM

Chapter 13

It’s Saturday and guess what? I skipped my three-hour detention to race Reynolds today. Though we needed to move the race somewhere else because there were police all over the place back at the club. And now we were here, in the middle of nowhere!

This was a road with hills and cliffs that almost nobody uses anymore since they built a new one just a few miles away and this one happened to be too dangerous. It had lots of curves and holes, which made the race all the more dangerous and difficult.

We needed to ride around in our cars to get familiar with the place. But we still have to be careful, it would be dangerous if any of us lost control and ran right out of the safety road down those long really deep hills that were at least fifty feet under or more.

I was pretty much surprise to see Marline here about an hour later. But I bet she was probably here to cheer Eric up, since she was wearing a mini skirt, a tight low cut tank and the highest heels ever, she looked like a f*cking prostitute.

I was warming up my car when Marline came over to me with the fake smile on her face. I rolled my eyes and sighed in annoyance. I wanted to punch her face in.

“Wish you good luck on the race, A.J., hope you win” I stared at her with raised eyebrows. Did she just seriously say that?

“Did you drink something that left you totally idiotic?” I asked. Her eyes flashed for a second and her smile tightened.

“Look, A.J., we were friends back then in Junior High, why don’t we just start all over?” she asked, keeping the smile on her face. It looked like she practiced it on the mirror before she got here.

“How about you cut the crap and leave me alone?” I reached for my door and shut it before she could say anything.

Someone tapped on my window and I was ready to snap if it was Marline again, but when I glanced up it was Eric with the usual teasing smile on his face. The window slid down automatically and I glared at him.

“What do you want?” I snapped. I don’t like people disturbing me when I’m working on my car.

“Your brother told me to give you this” he handed me a walkie-talkie. I snatched it from his hand and placed it on my lap. “Nervous?” he asked, a grin on his face.

“You wish. What’s the matter? Are you nervous?” I peered at him from under my lashes and he chuckled.

“Never. But I just wanted to say be careful, Ashley. This roads are pretty dangerous, especially at night, so stay focus” he actually looked concern and that made me soften up a little.

“Don’t worry, Eric, I know what I’m doing” I smiled.

“Mmm, maybe we shouldn’t race today, maybe next Saturday will be better” he offered but I refused.

“Everything is going to be alright, Eric, don’t worry about me. Gosh, you’re sounding like my brother” I scowled. He smiled and brushed my cheek with the back of his hand, the contact shocked me to the core. This time, him touching me, felt…. different. The skin on my cheek tingle.

“Just be careful and stop been so stubborn” he whispered before leaving. I stared after him until he opened his driver’s door and got in, slamming the door shut. He’s so…. sweet. Like cotton candy.

I shook my head out of the clouds and turned on the ignition. The car purred to life and my brother got into position. Eric’s car appeared beside me, waiting to race.

“Are you ready?” my brother talked to me through the walkie-talkie and I nodded. He gave a sharp nod before turning to the monster truck beside us. This time we were going to wait for three honks to start the race.

I clenched my wheel and my foot twitched on the gas. I was finally going to do this, not with a stranger, but with Eric Reynolds. I stole a glanced at him and he gave me the thumps-up. I couldn’t help but feel…nervous. Well, you can’t really blame me, I have never raced against my ex boyfriends before and certainly not Eric.

Suddenly the first horn was heard and I jumped in surprise. Then there was the second. My hand gripped the wheel and I took the gear, moving it to Drive. Then the third was loud and, without hesitation, we both took off like lightning.

We raced through the almost dark roads like ghost, so quiet and quick. We were tied and that made me all the more competitive. I didn’t know if Eric was going slowly for my sake, but if he was, oh, he’ll be in such deep trouble when we end this.

Then that’s when the curves and turns begin, I stayed on the same speed without stopping or slowing and made the turns swiftly and deliberately. And Eric was doing better than me since he has been racing for who knows how long.

He would glance at me a couple of times; I guess to make sure I was doing all right or if I had outran him. It frustrated me that we were still tied; I wanted one of us to go faster. We did out first lap, just another one to go and there’ll be a winner.

Everything seemed fine. Me racing down the dark roads, with the headlights on, guiding me. That was until Eric started outrunning me. I opened the cap on my gear, ready to use my weapon.

That’s when the curves started again and I couldn’t use it here, so I let Eric go on first and I followed after him. This time the curves were different because we had taken a different route, a longer one. I noticed this really sharp turn and pushed down at the brake pedal a little. I glanced at the speedometer and frowned. It hasn’t change. I pressed more forcefully on the brake, but I just kept going straight, without any stopping.

I started panicking then; I stepped on it repeatedly and held the wheel while looking for the walkie-talkie with shaking hands. My hands grasped something and I snatched it up and held it to my lips.

“GREG!! Something’s wrong with my car!! Its not stopping, bro!! Tell me what’s wrong?” I shouted through the walkie-talkie, my wheel getting out of control.

“What!!” my brother shouted back, sounding alarm. I saw the end of the straight road—there was a curve coming up—where a hill started ahead of me—about half mile away—and my eyes widened; oh no. This is not good.

“OH MY GOD!!” I shouted and let go of the walkie-talkie to make the turn.

“Ashley!! What’s wrong!?” My brother shouted through the walkie-talkie and I could hear others talking worriedly in the background. I tried the emergency brake but noticed that it was broken. What the hell? Somebody had broken it!! I stared at my last hope with tears in my eyes. Good-bye, my baby.

“Oh god” I breathed and lifted my hands to protect my face as my car ran right out the ramp and flew through the air like a plane. Everything seemed to freeze for a second; it was just my car, my pounding heart and I. Before I hit the earth with such great force that if possible there would have been an earthquake. The front window shattered and some glasses cut my arms. I hit my head on the wheel and the car went rolling down the hill like a bowling ball, with me inside.

I rolled with it, hitting my ribs with the gear and gasped when I heard a crack. I cold smell blood in the car, my blood. I could hear my brother shouting to me somewhere in the walkie-talkie. Then the car came to sudden stop, flipping over once before coming to a rest on the earth, leaving the car upside down. My lights went on and off like alarms, my engine coughed out smoke, making weird rattling sounds.

I groaned and I could taste blood in my mouth. I was lying right on top of the gear; my back would surely be bruised by tomorrow. I placed my arm over my eyes and let out a soft quiet sob. This is goodbye to my car and my secret. I mean, who could survive something like this? I just went rolling down a 100 deep feet hill!

I felt the door on my foot and sat up with a groan, wrapping my bloody fingers around the handle and trying to open it, but it was stuck. I smelled gasoline and smoke and realized that my engine was on fire and still running.

I knew I had to get out of here before I was baked chicken. I leaned back and kicked the door with my foot, using my vampire strength. The door went flying off, smacking against a nearby tree with a metallic sound and I crawled out, feeling like I was going to throw up.

I stood up and held the small pine tree for support. My sides’ hurt like hell, my ribs were broken. My mark started tingling; burning this time, and it didn’t feel pleasant at all. I could feel my ribs attaching back together, forming, slowly inside my body. The process was painful, but I bit my lips until I tore at the skin to keep from screaming.

My head was spinning thanks to the rolling I had done and my stomach turned. Now I knew how Kaila and Rachel felt when they rode on the rollercoaster.

You know, I thought I would have never said this, but I’m lucky I’m half vampire. Or I would have been a corpse right now.

But before I could do anything, I walked back to the car, spitting blood out of my mouth, and check the brakes again. Oil was spilling out of the tube. My eyes widened with realization when I saw that the tube have been cut off. Someone had really tried to kill me!!

And that was all it took before something came up my throat and all I had eaten today came back out.

“Ashley!” I heard a familiar voice calling. My head was swimming and my ribs were hurting, these healing processes hurt like nothing I have ever experience. I had never broken a bone before.

I coughed and more food came up my throat. Uh, this is so nasty. “Oh my god! Ashley!” I threw up again until I thought I was going to be the skinniest girl in school tomorrow and I grasped the tree nearby for support, or I would have clasped for sure. “Ashley, are you all right?” his voice was next to me now. I didn’t have the strength to look up at him. “Look at me dammit!!” cold hands cupped my face and I stared into blue panicky eyes. I felt relief swelling inside of me when I saw those eyes and relaxed.

“I’m fine,” I croaked. Tears rolled down my cheek and a small sob escaped my lips. I was in a lot of pain right now and I couldn’t help but do the thing I hated the most, especially with someone around me; crying.

“Oh, Ash” he took me into his arms and I buried my face in his chest, inhaling his sweet scent. “I thought you were dead, but thank god you’re not” he whispered in my ear and kissed my forehead, his big cold hands rubbing up and down my back soothingly.

I gripped his arms as the pain increased on my ribs, letting me know that the healing process was almost over.

“Did you get hurt? Tell me where it hurts?” his hands were practically all over me, checking for injuries.

“Someone tried to kill me,” I whispered and his hands froze.

“What?” he whispered back.

“My brakes, somebody cut my brakes” I croaked and spit out some more blood. His eyes widened for a second before we heard sirens upside the hill.

“We have to get you to the hospital” he scooped me up into his arms and started walking before I could protest.

“No, you can’t” I pushed against his chest. “Put me down, Eric. Please, you don’t understand” I was scared out of my wits now. I can’t go to the hospital; I wasn’t normal. I was a mythical creature, a monster, not human.

“You could have injured your blood vessels, Ash. You could have a concussion, your ribs might be broken” he was glaring at me now. I never had seen him so worried and irritated.

“Please, you don’t understand, Eric. I’m not-I’m not normal,” I whispered so lowly that I didn’t think he had heard me.

“I always knew you weren’t normal, Ash” he said sarcastically.

“No, you don’t get it, Eric. If you turn me in right now I’ll could be exposed to the entire world, they could kill me” I whispered, frightened, images of the future forming in my head. He paused and looked down at me, confuse. He must have seen the fear in my eyes.

“What are you talking about?” he whispered, curious.

“I can’t tell you, but if you do this, my entire family will be exposed. We have been keeping this secret for years and we can’t let this ruin everything” I pushed against him once more and he let me go. When my feet touched the floor, that’s when the terrible pain begin. Right where my mark was. I flinched and groaned.

“Ashley?” Eric sounded really concern now, maybe even scared.

“No, don’t come…any…. closer” I gasped. I could feel my back burning. “God, what’s happening?” I whispered, mostly to myself.

“What’s the hell is going on, Ashley Johnston?” now he was really serious. A shudder ran down my spine and I felt like I was on fire. I couldn’t take the pain anymore; I started sobbing.

“I-I have t-to go” I started towards the woods, my hand over my burning mark. A hand grasped my arm and I stared up to angry blue eyes.

“Dammit, Ashley, what’s happening? What the hell is going on?” he growled, he was infuriated, raged. I stared up at him through teary blurry eyes.

“Just take me somewhere, j-just not t-the hospital” I pleaded and grasped the sleeves of his shirt. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his neck. “Please, Eric, don’t ask questions, just do it…. for me” I whispered against his neck. I press myself closer to him and brushed a kiss to his neck. “Please” I grasped the back of his shirt as my mark started burning again and bit my lip to keep from screaming. I had to get out of here and I was sure I wouldn’t make it without Eric. He was the only hope I had.

“Let’s go, Ash,” he said hesitantly and I smiled.

“Thank you, Eric” I pressed my lips to his for a second before pulling away. I winced and stroke my mark to cool it down. Eric scooped me up in his arms before I could say anything and started towards the forest.

“Sleep now” he whispered in my ear and I happily obligated him. Kissing his jaw before closing my eyes and drifting off into a deep dreamless sleep.
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Chapter 14

I woke up in an unfamiliar king size bed; the quilts were a soft tan silk that caressed my expose legs soothingly, like feathers; that seemed to relax me a bit. I tried to swallowed but realized my throat was dry, my stomach growled and my head was killing me. The room spun when I sat up.

I stared down at my profile to see that my clothes had been discarded and replace with a white t-shirt long enough to cover my underwear. The shirt smelled wonderful, with a familiar sweet spicy manly scent. My dark silken hair spilled over my shoulders down to the small of my back. Where was I?

I remember that events of last night and started panicking. I glanced around the room. The only furnishers were the bed and bedsides table and the drawers. Where’s Eric?

“Eric!” I called him. I am not usually this panicky but my stomach was empty and my body was numb as if I hadn’t moved for years, my nerves weren’t really helping me. My gaze landed on the open door, where Eric stood, arms crossed and gazing at me with concern.

“Feeling better?” he entered and sat on the bed, feeling my head with the back of his hand.

“Where are we?” I asked, or more liked croaked. I needed water.

“My apartment” he smiled. I stared at him in confusion but let it drop for now.

“Where are my clothes?”

“Your pants are in the drier and your shirt didn’t make it, sorry. So I just let you borrow one of my shirts for now” he shrugged. No wonder the shirt smelled so good, it had his scent.

“You changed me?” I was horrified. Though I knew Eric would never feel me up unless I was conscious. He’s not a bastard.

“It’s not like I’ve seen you in you undergarments before. Here, drink this. You sound horrible” I glared at him and took the glass of water from his hand. He was been way too honest. I know I sound horrible but he didn’t need to come and rub it in my face. I gulped the water down, leaving not a single drop.

I stared at Eric for a couple of minutes, just silent. He saved me last night; he had gone through all this trouble, brought me to his apartment—though I had no idea where it was—and tended my wounds while I was unconscious. I smiled and scooted closer to him, wrapping my arms around his narrowed waist and burying my face in his broad chest.

“Thank you, Eric. For everything” I kissed his jaw. I felt his hands sliding down my back in a lovely caressed before I pulled away. “Watch it now, boy. Only because I said thank you doesn’t mean I’m going to be easing up on you now. So don’t jump to conclusions” he smiled and shook his head.

“Still the same old Ashley, huh? I thought you’d change after what happened but I guess I was wrong” he stroked my jaw with his thumb. “Stop pretending to be strong, Ash. Sometimes you just have to let it all out, it’s better that way” he whispered. I had no idea what he was talking about. “Anyway, I called your brother and let him know you were here. He was relief when he heard that, I guess he didn’t want you to go to the hospital either, huh? He’ll be here pretty soon” he stood and ran a hand through his hair. “Come on, let’s get you some breakfast before that stomach of yours scares the crap out of me” I kicked his shin with my foot and stood up abruptly. That wasn’t such a good idea; I felt like the blood in my brain was flushing down and spreading throughout my body, I wobble.

“Mmm” I held my head when the room started spinning. My legs started shaking and when I was sure I was about to clasps, Eric’s hand went around my waist and held me.

“You’re slowing me down here, Ashley” suddenly, he scooped me up in his arms. I didn’t bother protesting, since I was sure he wasn’t going to listen—he was too stubborn—and rested my head on his broad shoulder, closing my eyes.

When we entered the kitchen, Eric placed me on a chair and pushed a plate of all kinds of fruit in front of me.

“Eat it, it’ll help your stomach”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m studying medicine, Ashley” I made a little ‘oh’ sound and grasped the fork. I noticed that my hand was shaking. Shaking really badly, like an earthquake, like an old lady’s. I frowned and heard a chuckle. I glared up at Eric and stabbed the strawberry before bringing it up to my lips.

“So, when did you move in?” I started making conversation since having Eric sitting opposite from me, staring at me with those intense eyes of his was making me squirm in my seat.

“Last week. I asked your brother if I could stay until the race yesterday”

“When were you planning to tell me this?” I was angry. I hate when people keep secrets from me.

“Today” he grinned. “But I wasn’t expecting the accident last night” he frowned. I couldn’t think of anything to say after that and just ate my breakfast, starting to feel like my normal self bite after bite.

“What happened last night? What was wrong with you?” I dropped my fork and it hit the plate with a metallic sound. “You sounded like you were in a lot of agony” he looked worried now. “But what makes this all the more strange is that you’re perfectly fine now, Ash. A normal person would have broken his or her skull or ribs, or maybe even die. But all you had last night were some cuts, which have mysteriously disappeared while you were unconscious” I felt my lip, expecting to feel the cut I had, but there was nothing, just soft warm smooth skin.

My gaze snapped back to Eric’s suspicious ones and I gulped. He’s getting suspicious already. I composed myself and acted casually, hiding my emotions.

“You were saying something last night too, something about a secret your family has or something like that. What was all that about?” I should have expected the questions someday or maybe even tomorrow, but I didn’t know he was going to start interrogating me now.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I picked up my fork and started eating again, but not before I saw a flash of anger in his eyes. Not a good sign, people. An angry Eric was never a pretty sight.

“Stop playing games with me, Ashley. I want to know what’s going on” I gulped the strawberry down; my throat seemed to have tightened, with fear.

My family has been keeping this secret for 17 years, and Eric is not going to ruin everything now. Imagine the millions and zillions of vampires that will come after me when they hear about this. My mom’s parents have warned me about this. Half vampires were threats to the vampire society, especially female half vampires. They would either make me their wife or slave, maybe even their little prostitute and toy. Half vampires were considered weak and worthless.

Only because I knew Eric was one of them didn’t mean I was suppose to tell him I was half vampire. Even though I have known Eric for years now, I still didn’t really trust him. ‘You can never trust a vampire’, that’s my grandmother’s saying.

Images of my mother fighting a vampire formed in my head and I closed my eyes, trying to push them away. They were just memories. Another vampire—supposedly my mother’s fiancé—killed her and she too had been a vampire. Now you get what I meant by ‘never trust a vampire’ right? Sure, my mother and my father were happy, but only for a couple of years. There was a little conflict when other bloodsuckers found out there was a mortal married to a vampire. So they had no choice but to divorce. I stayed with my father, but I occasionally went and visited my mother once or twice. It was safer living with my father since the vampires were suspicious of my mother having a child.

Of course, then I got to meet her new ‘fiancé’. That bastard had turned out to be a very bad son of a b*itch vampire, an enemy; and ended up killing my mother right in front of me when I was only five freaking years old. I always thought of him as a good guy when I first met him, but I was so wrong.

He had committed suicide when he got rid of my mother, stabbing his heart with a stake while I was cowering in the corner, holding my teddy close to me, and watched the whole scene.

A terrible frightening scene for just a five year old, I lasted ten years in therapy. My whole childhood had been a disaster with terrifying nightmares, and I didn’t even know I was half vampire until I turned ten—that was the faithful day I attacked my ‘prey’. A son of a gun who was teasing me and trying to peek down my blouse—yes, I started disabling breast when I was the age of eight. Boys back then—and today still— spend much of their useless life staring at my breast. Even Eric can’t help himself sometimes.

When I entered junior high I was starting to draw the seniors attention—yes, high school seniors. Back then, if I ever wore a skirt to school, now that would have been a total mess.

So, yeah, I had a pretty hard disturbing sucky life. Now, I don’t think Eric is planning to kill anything, or me for sure. But I stop trusting vampires when I was five, no matter if they were family or friends. And, as you probably know now, I don’t like to talk about my so call ‘past’.

At the precise moment, the bell rang and I sighed in relief. Save by the bell. Eric glared at me and stood to answer it. The look in his eyes said everything, ‘we’ll talk later’. I gulped and finished my breakfast, not tasting the delicious meal at all.
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Posted 11 October 2007 - 03:56 PM

Chapter 15

I stared out my window as my brother drove me home. I left, leaving Eric angry with me, so he probably won’t talk to me for some time, though I can’t blame him, I can be pretty stubborn sometimes. That tends to annoy people.

I still wore his shirt; with my clean-blooded stain jeans and not-so-great-looking skater shoes.

“He’s starting to ask questions, A.J.,” my brother said out of nowhere. I turned to stare at him and found him with this really serious expression on his face. When it comes to people getting suspicious of me he’s usually like this. Let’s just say he takes this whole vampire business seriously.

“I know,” I whispered. I wasn’t too happy about this either.

“What are you going to do?” my brother wanted to know.

“I don’t know,” I murmured.

“You going to school tomorrow?” he asked.

“No” I didn’t want to see Eric right now. I’m just going to rest tomorrow and prepare for a hunt. I did lose a lot of blood yesterday and no kind of human food was going to return that amount of blood to my body.

“Alright then, but I have to let dad know about this, A.J. He has to know”

“He’s going to kill me,” I whined.

“I’m sorry” and he did sound sorry. I sighed and closed my eyes; I needed to rest.


OK!! I admit it; I miss him, all right? I miss having Eric around, hearing his voice, his laughter, the teasing in those blue orbs. Even though I see him at school it’s not enough, I just want him back in my house!

We don’t talk that much anymore, we barely even glance at each other. He was mad, mad because I didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. And then I was mad, mad because he’s making such a big fuss out of this.

But I know how Eric is; he likes to earn people’s trust. He keeps their secrets as well as he keeps his own. He’s a person you could trust and easily get along with. But that still didn’t change my mind; I was not going to tell him anything still. He can be nosy sometimes.

My mark was still bothering me, hurting once in a while, but not as badly as before. I’m going to have to contact my grandmother so she could explain what’s happening to me.

But Eric not talking to me was not the only problem you see, one of my old friends—he’s a detective now since he graduated about four years ago…. and my ex-boyfriend too—is investigating about my mysteriously-cut-off-brakes on my car. Well, what used to be my car, and now it looks like crap.

But guess what? I got a new car!! Is still a Lamborghini—the same model as my old car—but different color; black, I love black. It mysterious and dark, just like me! And it has white flames painted on the sides; it’s so cool and artistic. Though I was going to make some changes, like place a new red emergency button on the gear and spinners, oh yeah, that would totally rock.

I was so lucky I still had money from my other races. That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, you need to safe money, so when something happens—like your baby being destroyed—you can buy a new baby. Though no new car will ever replace my first baby. I am going to miss that car, but I have to move on.

The bell for dismissal rang and I stood and grabbed my skateboard. I skate through the hallways—teachers yelling at me—and high five the guys. I was going out the door when I smacked into a hard strong chest. I would have landed on my butt if it weren’t for the arms that came around my waist.

“Ouch” I rubbed my nose and glanced up to lock eyes with gold familiar ones. My mouth dropped opened and my eyes widened. “Uncle” oh my god, it was really him. “Uncle!” I flung myself into his arms and kissed his cheek repeatedly. That earned me weird stares and envious looks from the girls. Well, I have to say, that my uncle was a total hottie, didn’t look much older than 25, with his famous smile and his blonde dirty hair.

“How are you, darling?” he kissed my forehead and smiled.

“I’m so much better now” his grinned broadened and he winked at the girls that past by, making them stumble over. I rolled my eyes and punched his arm. “Stop doing that, you’re going to give the poor girls a heart attack with your amazing looks” he chuckled and took my hand.

“Let me ride you home, tesoro” his Italian accent clear and smooth, thick.

“Let’s go” I walked across the parking lot to his car. A nice sleek silver BMW. Stares followed us but I ignore it, my uncle did the opposite though. He knew he was gorgeous and knew everybody thought the same; he was a ladies’ man. That’s why he’s still hasn’t married yet and he’s more than 200 years old. He likes to gamble a lot also.

“What are you doing here anyway?” I asked as I opened the passenger seat and hopped in.

“You grandmother ‘sensed’ that you needed her, so we’ll be here until tomorrow” he turned the ignition and back out smoothly.

“Granny creeps me out, man” I shudder.

“I know” he followed my shudder and I smirked. This is going to be a fun two days.


“So, can you do something?” I asked. I lay on my stomach in bed, my grandmother’s finger brushing over my mark.

“I’m sorry, dear, but there’s a purpose for this and I cannot stop it” she sat on the edge of my bed.

“What do you mean?” I sat up and pulled my shirt on again. This sly smile spread across her lips and she shook her head, her white blondish hair shaking with her. I frowned.

“I cannot tell you, child, you must find that out for yourself” she chuckled. You have got to be kidding me.

“Grandma” I whine. “You’re not been fair” I pouted and she laughed.

“You’ll find out soon enough, darling, do not worry yourself” she stood and walked to the door.

“How about a theory?”

“It has something to do with… σχέση” she chuckled.

“Oh, come on, grandma, you know I can’t speak or understand Greek” I complained.

“Good night, my little angel” she opened the door and closed it behind her. Great, just great. My only answer was spoken in Greek and I couldn’t even understand it.

I flopped down on bed—landing face first—and groaned into my pillow. What is happening to me??! I have to find out what’s wrong. Not even my own grandmother wants to tell me.

“σχέση” I repeated the word softly, for some reason, I liked the sound of it. But what did it mean?
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Chapter 16

I was walking down the empty hallways of the school, skipping English class and planning to go to the park with my skateboard in hand when a hand comes over my mouth out of nowhere and I was pulled into the janitor’s closet.

I was pressed to a cold strong chest, one hand grabbing both my wrists and the other covering my mouth. But before I could kick the weak spot…

“Sh, it’s me, Ashley” his British accent calmed me down a bit. He let go of me and I backed away, almost tripping over a bucket.

“What’s wrong with you? I was seriously going to kill you just a second ago” I withdrew my fangs and put a hand over my racing heart.

“Sorry, but we seriously have to talk” he flicked on the lights and his blue eyes locked with mine.

“If this has anything to do with what happened Saturday then I’m out of here” I went to reach the doorknob when his hand came over mine.

“No, this has nothing to do with that, though I’m still a little curious” I turned back to him and tried to back away again, but my back hit the wall. We were way too close; he was invading my personal space, like always.

“Then what do you want?” I hissed. This closet was way too small; I could hardly breath. Eric’s presence always makes me feel this way.

“I just wanted to talk to you, Ash. Look, I know I have been a jerk—” I snorted.

“Try the biggest jerk of all jerks” I crossed my arms and scowled at him.

“Fine, the biggest jerk in the universe, I get it. But we can’t keep doing this Ashley, just ignoring each other like this—“

“If I remember correctly, you were the one ignoring me” Eric glared down at me, annoyed.

“Will you please let me finish?” I rolled my eyes.

“Go ahead and make it fast, I don’t want to get in trouble for skipping” Eric raised his eyebrows at me but let it go.

“I’m sorry, Ashley. I understand why you don’t want to tell me what happened that night, but it’s just really frustrating because—” he paused, like he just realized he had said too much.

“Why would this be frustrating?” I asked, puzzled and annoyed.

“You won’t understand; it doesn’t matter anymore. But I just want us to talk again and…just pretend that this never happened, Ashley, I really don’t…like it when we fight” he frowned.

“I kind of knew that already” I remembered when we used to get in fights a couple of years ago. We didn’t stay angry at each other for long, two or three days later we’d just end up making out on the couch.

“So, do you forgive me?” I stared up at him and an idea popped into my head. A smiled crept over my lips and Eric seemed to know I was up to something since his eyes narrowed.

“I’ll forgive you if…you tell me what Σχέση means” I grinned, smug. I remember he traveled to Greece before. Let’s just say Eric is the kind of guy that likes to visit different places.

Σχέση” he repeated the word slowly then looked at me with a confuse expression. “Why do you want to know what it means? Where did you learn that word?” I glared at him.

“Stop asking questions and tell me what it means,” I growled.

“Why is this word so important to you? Why do you want to find out for?” he taunted with a small wicked smiled on his lips.

“Just tell me what it means, dammit. Before I lose my patients,” I snarled.

“Fine, but first, you’ll have to do something for me” he smiled, looking at me with mischievous eyes.

“Are we negotiating here?” he nodded slowly. “I’m not liking the sound of this”

“Oh, well, then I suppose you don’t want to know what Σχέση means” he reached for the door but I stopped him.

“Oh, alright dammit. Just tell me what you want” I growled, frustrated. His eyes sparkled with triumph.

“Don’t be angry, Ash. I won’t be asking for nothing big”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want a kiss”

“A kiss?”

“Yes, a kiss, and you and me, going somewhere this Saturday”

“Are you asking me out?”

“I guess I am”

“I don’t like you, Reynolds”

“I like you too, Ash”

“You said it wasn’t going to be something big” I whined.

“I’m not asking for much, Ashley, stop been so whiny”

“You are a greedy man, you know that right?”

“I’ve been told” I glared at him for a minute after giving a sigh of defeat.

“Fine, Reynolds, you win. Now tell me what the word means,” I pressed.

“But if I tell you what it means now, you’ll chicken out and cancel our date”

“No, I won’t”

“Yes, you will”


<H1 style="MARGIN: auto 0in">“Will”</H1>“I won’t

“Yes, you will” I was seriously going to slap him any second now. I don’t know how to spell Σχέση so I can’t look it up on the Internet, Eric is my only hope.

“What if I promised you?”

“You’re are a big liar, Miss Johnston. And I should know that since I’ve known you long enough” he smiled. He knew he had me cornered.

“Fine, Reynolds, you can take me wherever you want”


“Don’t take that too literally, British boy,” I warned and he grinned.

“As you command, my lady” he vowed and deepened his British accent. I rolled my eyes and turned to open the door when someone cleared his throat behind me. I turned slowly and stared at him with raised eyebrows.


“I believe you own me something” he licked his lips in a kind of sensual intimated way and I gulped, my heart skipping a beat. His lips looked so…yummy and juicy.

I sighed and turned to him fully. Well, a deal is a deal. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled his luscious lips down to meet mine. Eric didn’t let me take a deep breath before his lips were pressed to mine in a hot lingering kiss that made the little room hotter and the air harder to breath.

I guess I got too carried away because I buried my fingers through his soft silken hair and he pressed our body’s closer together, his hands on my hips. Oh, Jesus, he’s such an amazing kisser; I’ll never get enough of him. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip and nipped, my breath caught.

Then, all of a sudden—I guess we were too caught up in our moment—someone cleared his or her throat behind us and we parted abruptly.

We stared at the janitor’s glaring face, both breathing hard, lips damped and swollen and terribly flushed. This is not good. And this is all thanks to Eric. I shot a glare at him before we both followed the Janitor…. to the principal’s office.
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Chapter 17

“Smooching…in the JANITOR’S CLOSET!!” the principal bellowed. “What were you thinking?!”

“We weren’t” I spoke up and earned a glared from him. I made a zipping motion, locked the corner of my mouth and threw away the invincible key somewhere. The principal’s glare just deepened.

“You, Ms. Johnston, I would have expected this from you, but never from you, Mr. Reynolds” he looked disappointed.

“I’m sorry to say this, Mr. Perry, but I’m only human,” I snorted without realizing it. Now that’s funny. Eric eyebrows shot up but he continued. “And Ms. Johnston happens to be terribly irresistible. You have to admit that she’s good-looking and gorgeous” it was my turn raised an eyebrow. Whoa, he’s deep.

Mr. Perry stared at him with blinking eyes, then his gaze shifted to mine. I swear to god the old man checked me out before turning to gaze back to Eric, loosening his tie a bit. Ew, that’s just gross. Eric must have seen my expression for he chuckled quietly so only I could hear it.

“Uh, yes, Mr. Reynolds, um, I do believe that the young men in this school are…terribly attracted to Ms. Johnston because of her recklessness, boldness and…wittiness. But you know better than that, Mr. Reynolds. You know how women are”

“Yes, actually, I do” he shot a glance at me and I felt like sticking my tongue out at him like a five year old.

“I will let it go this time, but if this happens again…” he didn’t finished the sentence; he didn’t have to. Eric and I stood up and took a pass to return to our classes.

When we stepped outside I growled at him.

“You ruined my plans, Reynolds,” I hissed.

“Sorry, Ash, I’ll make it up to you this Saturday” he grinned and I glared at him. “Or, I can escort you to class, if you want” I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever” I turned the corner to where my calculus class was.

“Is that a yes?” he called.


“No, that’s a yes, or no, that’s a no?”

“No, that’s a no” I snapped. He grinned, looking smug. Woo-ho, I can’t wait until Saturday…not.


“You’re leaving me?” I whispered, disbelieving. I stared at my brother, still wearing my pajamas, and eyed the luggage beside him.

“It’s our last class trip to Italy, A.J. We’re all graduating in two months. If you don’t want to stay alone go ahead and stay with dad then” he offered but that thought horrified me.

“No way am I going to stay with dad. Not over my dead body”

“Are you sure?” he looked concerned and unsure.

“Yes, I’m sure, Greg. I’m a dependent woman, I know how to look after myself” well, almost.

“Look, if anything happens just call Eric, alright?” I knew that if I didn’t agree to his terms he would keep bothering me so I nodded.

“But when did you decided to go to Italy? Why is everybody suddenly hiding things from me?” I was annoyed and irritated.

“It was a quick life changing decision, A.J., I just bought the ticket yesterday. Well, I’ll be going now, my plane leaves in thirty minutes. Take care and stay out of trouble, ok?” he kissed my forehead and took his luggage. I waved as he drove away before closing the front door with a wicked smile on my lips.

Now, let’s calculate. No brother, no Eric and most importantly, no school. I have the house all to myself and guess what that means? It’s time to bring in the par-tay!! This is going to be the best week ever! I took out my cell phone and started dialing Rachel’s cell number. She’ll let the whole school know before you could blink. She was a professional quick planner. Can’t wait!
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Chapter 18

The sound of the doorbell woke me up and I groaned. There’s no school today for moon sake’s!! Who would come and bother me at—I checked my watch and growled—nine in the morning? I pushed the black quilt away and walked groggily down the hall and down the stairs—keeping a hand on the wall so I wouldn’t fall since I was still half asleep.

I opened the door and groaned when I saw who it was.

“What the hell are you doing here? Do you know what time it is?” I was going to slam the door in his face but his hand flashed out and held it open. I would have pushed and close it, but I was too tired to fight him.

“You’re brother has been calling you for the last two days and you don’t answer the damn cell phone! Do you know how paranoid he gets when it comes to you been safe? He woke me up at five this morning, demanding that I’ll drop by and see if you were still alive!” now that I look at his face, I can tell that he doesn’t like been disturb while taking his beauty sleep either.

He entered the house and walked straight to the living room. I closed the front door quietly and stumbled after him, flopping down the nearest couch, landing face first. Eric was already snoring on the other long couch. He must have stayed up late last night. I didn’t bother taking a comfortable position, just stayed there since I was too tired to move. Partying all night does that to you.

I yawned and closed my eyes, before falling into a deep slumber.


I woke up to find Eric’s face looming over mine. I screamed and landed butt first on the wooden floor. I rubbed my butt and groaned.

“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled at him. I rolled over and rested my cheek on the floor, planning to go back to sleep again.

“Your annoying brother is on the phone, go talk to him before I break your sidekick to pieces, Ash. This is the second time he has done this and I don’t think I want a third time” I lifted my head and glared at him, though I didn’t know if it looked like a glare since I was still unconscious.

I sat up and grabbed the couch for support as I stood. Eric watched me with amusement. I probably looked like a drunk. I struggled to stay up right and stumbled up the stairs.

“You need some help there, Ash?” Eric sounded like he seriously was going to burst out laughing. If I was conscious I would have yelled at him and call him all kinds of names but right now all I was thinking about was going back to sleep and a warm bed.

“Hmm” I waved a hand at him in dismiss. I only made it halfway up the stairs before I flopped down again and rested the back of my head on the wall, closing my eyes and wanting to go back to sleep. Let’s just say I have been partying a lot this past two days and haven’t gotten more than two hours of sleep. I probably looked like a corpse, with deep circles under my eyes that were pretty transparent against my pale white skin, barely breathing since I forget to take breaths every minute now and then; I was so wasted.

I heard Eric sigh; a hand grasp my wrist and I was suddenly being slung over a broad shoulder and carried up the rest of the stairs. I didn’t bother protesting, I was pretty sure I looked like a giant doll thrown over Eric’s shoulder right now, already half snoring.

I felt Eric placing me on my bed again and covering me with a blanket.

“Sorry, bro, but your sister is totally passed out. Call her tomorrow, I don’t think she’s going to wake up any second now—” he was cut off. “No she’s not drugged! Where are you coming up with this stuff?” the door to my bedroom shut close quietly and Eric’s voice trailed off. Ah, peace and quiet; sleep. Half a minute later I was snoring.
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Chapter 19

“Are you ready to tell me where are you taking me?” I asked for the fifteenth time. Eric just sighed and shot me a glare.

“Why are you so impatient?”

“Why are you so mystified?”

“Am not”

“Are too”

“Why do you say that?” he took his eyes off the road and stared at me with bright blue eyes. His eyes stood out more in the darkness I noticed, kind of making him look mysterious and dangerous…alien kind of.

“No reason, I’m just saying” I shrugged, mentally slapping myself.

“I say you’re the mysterious one here” he smiled and his teeth flashed in the moonlight. I stayed quiet after that, but, apparently, Eric had other things he wanted to say. “You think I’m mysterious?” I turned to stare at him and found that his eyes were on my face, surveying my reaction slowly. “And be honest with me on this one, Ash. I want to know what you think of me now that I look…different” something flashed in his eyes but it was too fast for my eyes, I might have imagined it.

“Well, to be ‘honest’, I was a little surprise when I found out that you were Eric Reynolds. Never in my entire life would I have figured that out on my own. And to be fair, I really can’t say anything about your changes since…you are not that only one who looks different. I can’t judged you” I smiled. “But there is a question I wanted to ask…for a long time now” his lips twitched.

“What is it?” I took a deep breath and turned to stare at him.

“Where are your parents?” Eric’s smile tense but he quickly recovered. It was so fast that I barely noticed. That got me suspicious. Has he been showing his true emotions lately, or is everything just an act?

“They still live in Italy” he smiled and his eyes returned to the road ahead. His eyes had turned darker during this discussion.

“Have you talked to them yet?” I asked, curious.

“No, I…haven’t talked to them since I came back” he sighed. I decided to drop the subject and Eric looked extremely grateful for that. “What about you and your father? You guys aren’t that close anymore I’ve noticed” I frowned and crossed my arms.

“My dad is a jackass,” I snarled.

“But he’s your father, Ash, no matter what. Nothing is going to change that” he smiled. “Though I am still a little puzzle”

“About what?

“Your mother’s death” I winced.

“I-I don’t like to talk about that” I whispered. I looked out my window and Eric seemed to have sensed my sadness, for his hand covered mine.

“I’m sorry, Ash” I slipped away from his touch and frowned.

“Why did you come back anyway? You said you were staying in Italy permanently”

“I have a lot of reasons”

“Give me one of them” he stared down at me with his blue fascinating eyes, a small smile on his lips.

“Not yet, maybe someday” he smiled beautifully. We stayed quiet the rest of the ride until we stopped in front very familiar looking cliff. The sky was the color of purple, blue and indigo. It looked so beautiful. It was twilight. A memory tugged at my mind and my eyes widened with realization.

“Oh god” I breathed. Eric chuckled and I glared at him. “I want to go home,” I demanded. “Take me home, Eric!”

“Come on, carissima, for old time’s sake”

“Don’t call me that” I hated it when he goes all-Italian on me.

“I used to call you that, remember?”

“No” I growled.

“Of course you do, you just don’t want to bethink it” he smiled gently. “I bet you also remember how we use to come here every day after school and watch the sun set” I turned my face away from him, away from the view. “Holding each others hand, leaning against one another, you remember that, Ash. You said this was your favorite place in California” his lips turned upward, his eyes looked far away. “Let’s go outside and relive the moment, Ash. Just the two of us for the first time in two years, preziosa” he spoke Italian like a native, I hated it. It made his voice sound so…irresistible.

“I don’t want to” I whispered.

“What are you afraid of, Ash? Just tell me and I’ll do anything to make you feel safe again…confident” I turned to stare at him. His eyes were sparkling with sincerity and fondness. This was too much. “What are you afraid of? Do you think I’m going to hurt you? Are you afraid of me?” that thought seemed to have disturbed him more than it did to me.

“No, I’m not afraid of you Eric, why would you think that?” I whispered softly.

“Because it’ll be something very common for a human—I mean, a girl like you” he seemed upset now, he knew he had said too much. But I pretended not to notice for his sake.

“I’m not afraid of you, Eric” I said it harsher than I intended to. I guess I was upset too that he would think such thing.

“Then what is it?” he looked ahead, not meeting my gaze this time, but avoiding it.

“ I don’t like to think of…my past that much. I would prefer forgetting it than reliving it” I replied softly.

“Why?” he looked at me now, confused.

“Because I don’t have a lot of pleasant memories. My past, Eric, is what I’ve been trying to run away from” I sighed. We stayed silent after that. Just looking ahead at the darkening sky. I can’t believe that I told Eric this; I am starting to trust him too much. I’m opening myself to him. I couldn’t take the silence anymore; I wanted to get out of here.

My hand moved to grasp the door handle but a strong masculine hand grasped my arm. I looked up to see Eric’s barely visible face. It had grown so dark that you could hardly see anything but his glowing eyes.

He tugged at my arm gently and pulled me into his lap, his lips brushed over mine in a light feathery kiss, I barely felt it. I sighed and shivered. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, resting his chin upside my head. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. It felt so good to be in his arms again…too bad it was only for a while.


I took a bite of my hamburger and sighed, so juicy and delicious. I was surprise when Eric took me to the restaurant we used to go to long ago, this was where we had our first date two years ago. They sell the best hamburgers here and I missed it so much.

“Like it?” Eric smiled knowingly. I gave him the thumbs-up and took another heavenly bite. “I can’t believe you haven’t been here since then, I remember you used to come here almost everyday for these hamburgers” he chuckled.

“I know, but I guess I forgot about them. I was too caught up with…stuff” I took a bite of my fries. I didn’t bother asking why didn’t he order a hamburger, he only ask for a glass of water that still stood untouched in front of him.

He stared at me with unreadable eyes and I stared back, sipping my soda. We stared at each other, waiting for someone to give up and break the gaze, but no one made a move, we stared at one another unblinking. That’s another thing about Eric and me; we are both very competitive.

After a minute Eric’s lips broke into a smile and he chuckled.

“Still a very determine woman, I see”

“Don’t hold your breath, Reynolds” I finished my burger and sipped my coke.

“Oh, I won’t, I always liked that about you” he sipped his water for the first time and frowned a little. I snickered and shook my head. That water is not going anywhere now, it’s going to stay in his system now; he’s going to have to cough it out later.

“You’re funny” I chuckled.

“How am I funny?” he raised an eyebrow, a small smile on his lips.

“I don’t know, you just are” I shrugged. He been trying to act as humanly as possible this past month, I had to give him credit for that. A couple of minutes later, my plate was empty.

“I always did like your appetite, Ash. Most girls would just order salad, but you” he shook his head and chuckled. “You were always different” he had no idea how true that was.

“You have no idea” was my only respond. He propped his elbows on the table and leaned closer, his face just inches away.

“What’s that suppose to mean, mademoiselle?” I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“It means you don’t know me” I flashed him a sly smile. “But I, Reynolds…” I leaned closer “I know you better than you think” his eyebrows shot up.

“How so?”

“I can’t tell you yet, maybe someday” I shot his words back at him and his eyes narrowed. I stood and grasped my jacket before he could say anything else. “Are we ready to go?” I asked sweetly. He stood and pulled the wallet out of his back pocket. His eyes were still on me as he placed the money on the table.

We walked outside silently and he opened the passenger door for me.

“Thank you” he nodded after I hopped in, closing the door gently and walking around the car to his driver’s door.

We were driving down the dark highway when it started drizzling, or more like pouring. I frowned and sighed in annoyance.

“Great” I glared up at the sky.

“Why don’t you stay with me tonight, Ash? You can crash at my place” he smiled. He is spending way too much time talking to my brother. I mean, who says ‘crash’ anymore? Though it did sound kind of funny with his British accent.

“I don’t think so, Eric”

“You can use the guest room, Ash. I don’t want you to stay alone in a weather like this” he frowned.

“Thanks but no thanks” I smiled sweetly.

“What? You’re scared I’m going to try something on you?” he smiled wickedly.

“Pluh-ease, you try something and I’ll cut your hands off” he chuckled at that.

“Come on, Ashley, its just going to be one night” I shot him a glare and his eyes widened. “No, no, no, no, not like that, Ash. What I meant was that you could stay in the guest room until tomorrow, nothing more” he smiled, trying hard not to burst out laughing. “Besides, you brother will feel better if he knows you’re staying with someone and not alone in that big house”

“I don’t know, Eric” it was a hard decision because he was right about my brother. My brother trusted Eric enough to take care of me. I was still thinking about this when Eric spoke.

“Well, too late now, I already made the decision for you” I noticed we were already at his apartment and I glared at him. “I can’t drive you home in a weather like this” he gestured to the pouring outside. It was thundering and the rain was coming down so hard that it was thumping on the car’s roof like drums.

“Fine, Eric, you win…again” I opened my door and get out quickly. Three seconds later, my small t-shirt was soaked along with my jeans. Freezing water ran down my spine and I shriek. I ran to the entrance, my teeth already chattering.

Eric took his time and came casually towards the entrance. I glared at him but I was sure he couldn’t see me since the parking lot was dark. I think the electricity went out. I am going to be alone in a dark apartment with Eric? Oh-oh, that doesn’t sound so good. Not good at all people.
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I so cant wait for chapyer 28!!!!!! Eeeeeek!
Muccchhho lurve

-MiMi xx
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Chapter 20

We entered his warm apartment and I sighed in relief. Eric started lighting candles and my vision became clearer. The apartment was already full I noticed. With a black leather couch, a screen TV with DVD player and VCR, a glass coffee table and a love seat. The dining room had a four chair oak table. The apartment looked pretty impressive; it was nice. He did a pretty good job with the furnisher.

“Where did you get this stuff so quickly?” I asked, impressed.

“I still have money in my bank account” he smiled.


I shivered again and took off my shirt, twisting it to shake the water out. My hair was damped, sticking to my face and my pants felt heavy.

“Hey, Eric, where’s you drier?” I looked up to see Eric’s gaze on my boobs. Typical Eric. I rolled my eyes and ran a hand in front of his face. He snapped out of his daze.

“Oh, y-you’ll see a door inside the kitchen to your left and there’ll be a drier for you” his voice sounded hoarse.

“You have a shirt I could borrow?” I asked, enjoying watching him struggling with words with me half naked in front of him.

“I’ll get that for you” he left and disappeared around the corner, coming back with a black t-shirt.

“Thanks” I smiled and walked to the kitchen. It was dark inside here, but I could still see a little. It’s great been the only half vampire girl in California.

I threw my pants, shirt and bra inside the drier and left it to dry, slipping on Eric’s black shirt. And like always, it smelled great. It only went up to the middle of my thighs but it was good enough.

I walked back out the living room and found Eric on the couch; the candles in the dining room outlined his perfect masculine body, looking deep in thought. I flopped down beside him and stared at him curiously, he stared back.

“What are you thinking?” I whispered softly.

“That’s an interesting tattoo you have on your back” he smiled, his eyes shadowed by the darkness. Panic rose inside of me and I could hear my pulse thumping inside my ears.

“What tattoo?” I squeaked. Had my make up come off because of the water? But the saleslady said it was waterproof!! Sweat started forming on my forehead and my hands started shaking, I clasped them together so he wouldn’t notice, but like I said many times before, nothing escapes Eric’s fast gaze.

“I don’t know, the one on your lower back, it was covered in something so I couldn’t see it very clearly, but it did look kind of familiar” he smiled and brushed a strand off of my face. How did it look familiar? “Did the artist do a mistake or something that you wanted to cover it up?” he chuckled. I sighed in relief and smiled shakily. That was too close.

“Something like that” I laughed nervously.

“Can I see it?”

“NO!” his eyebrows shot up. “I mean, no, it’s too ugly. I don’t even show it to my friends. I don’t like showing it off” I smiled, but he looked unconvinced.

“It’s all right, Ash, if you don’t want to show me, it’s ok” he smiled reassuringly. But I could tell by his voice that he wanted to see it really badly. I looked down at my locked hands and played with my fingers. Then I remember something and looked accusingly at Eric.

“Hey! You were supposed to tell me what Σχέση meant, remember?” I poked his chest hard.

“Damn, I was trying to distract you all day” he smiled guiltily.

“You cheater” I accused him. “Now tell me! What does it mean?” I glared at him, grasping him by the collar of his shirt. He looked very much amused by this.

“It means special relationships, Ash. No need to get touché” he chuckled. I let go of his shirt and smooth out the wrinkles, liking the feeling of his collarbone under my fingers.

“So, it means relationships?” he nodded.

“That’s why it’s been hurting all the time, than; because a relationship is coming?” I whispered to myself, not really understanding.

“What’s been hurting?” I looked up to see Eric gazing curiously at me.

“Oh, nothing, just something my grandmother told me once. I just wanted to know what it meant. Thanks, Eric” I smiled and stood.

“Anytime, Ash” he stood up too and I craned my neck to look up at him. Whoa, he was too tall. “Good night” before I knew what was happening, Eric pressed a kiss to my lips. “Like how the shirt looks on you by the way” he winked before walking out of the living room and disappearing around the corner.

I looked down at myself and remembered that I didn’t have a bra on, so yeah, my breast were molded against the fabric. My cheeks became red and I crossed my arms over my chest. That little sneaky vampire.

When my breath finally came to me, I straightened my shirt and followed after Eric, walking into my guest room and flopping down the soft mattress. I sighed and closed my eyes, letting sleep come over me. I felt into a deep slumber, dreaming about Eric.
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Chapter 21

I rolled over to my stomach and sighed, smoothing my hands over the soft comforting blanket. This was the best mattress I have ever slept on, it was so soft and comfortable; I slept like a baby last night. I was well rested and felt like a one year old again with a lot of energy; I was in a good mood. I’ll have to ask Eric where he got the bed later.

Before I could plan on going back to sleep on the heavenly mattress, someone brushed their fingers over my back, cold smooth fingers. I jumped up in surprise to see Eric’s wide disbelieving eyes staring back at me.

“What are you doing here?” I shrieked and covered myself with the blanket. The shirt that I had borrowed last night had rolled up while I was asleep and barely covered my ribs, exposing my stomach and my purple panties.

“You…” he was looking at me in total shock, disbelieve, and…ownership? What the hell?

“Why are you staring at me like that, Eric?” I whispered, curiously. My heart pounded in my chest and my palms became sweaty. He stared at me after a couple of seconds, and then shook his head, as if to shake out of the trance. What’s with him?

“Uh, it’s nothing. I just came in to tell you that breakfast was ready. I’ll wait for you outside so you could…change” he left the room slowly, almost as if he was in a daze.

I stared after him, confused by his reaction. What was wrong with him? Did something bite him or something? I noticed my clothes on top of the drawers and got up to change.

When I finished changing, I went out and walked into the kitchen to see Eric sitting on one of the chairs in the breakfast table, deep in thought. He’s been doing that a lot lately and it was kind of getting annoying. What was he thinking about anyway?

I cleared my throat loudly and he glanced up. When he saw me standing there, with crossed arms and tapping foot, he smiled and gestured towards the plate on the counter; toasts, sausages, fried eggs, and orange juice.

“You know how to cook?” I asked, surprised.

“Of course I know how to cook” he looked offended. I smirked and took the plate.

“Thanks, Eric” I smiled and sat.

“Anytime, Ash” I took a bite of my eggs and while I ate I could feel Eric’s gaze on my face. It was kind of getting annoying.

“Stop staring, Eric. It’s getting on my nerves” he chuckled and stood. “What were you doing in my room anyway?” I asked, taking a bite of my sausage.

“I was going to wake you up for breakfast, but you are a pretty heavy sleeper, Ash. So I need to let myself in and wake you up, but then…” he trailed off, staring back at me with those smoldering dazed eyes. “That’s all” he finished.

I looked down at my breakfast and kept eating, getting suspicious. If that was all he did why did he look so daze and shocked? Was it because he saw my panties? Oh, come on, he has to get over that already; he has seen me in my panties before, so what’s so different about seeing me in one again? Men, I’ll never understand them.

“Ash?” I glanced up at him to see his face inches away from mine; I was taken aback by the closeness.


“Look at me” and I did. I looked at him right in the eyes—into the very depths of them—something that I have never done ever since I found out he was a vampire. Sure, I have gazed at him in the eyes, but never into them. I knew from experience the kind of advantages vampires had when they have their prey’s eyes locked with their own, they can control us that way.

I saw gold, indigo, pink, and auburn in those depths, almost like a dazzling bizarre rainbow and felt a strong pull inside my head. Desire and lust clouded my mind and I closed my eyes, trying to shake it all out. What was he doing now?

“Stop it, Eric” I whispered.

“Stop what?” his lips brushed over mine.

“Whatever you’re doing,” I murmured. His lips traveled along my cheek and back again.

“I’m not doing anything, Ash” he whispered and pressed his lips to mine. He gave me the briefest kiss but it still left me breathless. What was he doing to me? His hand cupped the back of my neck and he deepened our kiss.

This kiss was different, it was slow, cautious and gentle; it felt as if like he was looking for something. My eyes slid close and I kissed him back, trying to help him, I guess. What was wrong with him? What was he looking for?

His hand slid from my neck and down my back, his fingers brushed over my mark and I shivered in pleasure. That’s when I felt a shot of electricity go down my spine and settle on my mark altogether. I was so surprised that I jumped back, almost falling off of my chair; my lips left Eric’s luscious full ones.

“What the hell?” I yelped. Eric’s eyes gaze at me warily. I bit my swollen lip and stared at him with crease eyebrows. I shouldn’t have done that. I grasped the arms of my chair to keep from touching my irritated mark.

“Cool down a little bit, Ash. I wasn’t going to bite you” he smiled. I glanced at his extremely white perfect teeth and bit back my sarcastic comment.

“I want to go home,” I whispered. I didn’t bother acting all tough and cool because to be honest, I was freaked out! What the hell just happened there?

Eric stared at me with his dark gaze, his eyes scanning my face carefully. I kept my face blank but I was sure my eyes gave me away.

“Finish your breakfast first, Ash. I’ll go and change” he stood and walked out the kitchen. I stared after him and frown. What the hell is going on here?
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Can't wait till chapter 28!!!!
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Chapter 22

“He’s staring at you, you know; and I don’t think miss queen b*itch is liking the attention you’re getting” I glanced over my shoulder and my eyes locked with Eric’s blue ones. He’s been doing a lot of staring ever since I slept over his house lately.

“What is up with him?” I whispered, confused.

“I don’t know, but I have a feeling he likes you” Rachel waggled her eyebrows at me.

“Head over heels in love with you” Kaila jabbed my side with her elbow and winked. I rolled my eyes and stood, not liking where this conversation was headed.

“I’m going to the bathroom, be right back” I turned and headed to the exit. The vice principal’s eyes watching me like a hawk.

I walked into the bathroom and glanced at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were darker than ever before and my throat burned with thirst. My friends never questioned my changes since they’ve known me for a long time now and are used to it already. It’s hard been around them when I’m thirsty and I always try my best to come up with an excuse to avoid them most of the time. If I ever hurt any of my friends I would literally kill myself, then I wouldn’t have to go through life with guilt and shame weighting on my shoulders.

I splashed my face with cold water and sighed. I have to stop skipping my hunts. Then I heard the door to the bathroom opening and heels clanking on the hard floor. I growled inwardly and straightened, my eyes locked with Marline’s blue ones that were glaring at me through the mirror.

Her lips were turned into a sneer and get eyes were full of hatred and…wonder? Why?

“What are you doing in school? Aren’t you supposed to be in the hospital or something? I heard you were in a big accident” her high-pitched annoying voice rang in my ears.

“Well, I survived and didn’t suffer any minor injuries. As you can probably see, I am safe and sound, and am still going to be for a long, long time” I flashed her a mocking smile. The corner of her mouth twitched with distaste and she crossed her arms.

“What is so freaking great about you, anyway? You’re nothing but a conceited freaking *&#%$ tomboy”

Excuse me?” I turned to stare at her right in the eye; I could feel my eyes burning.

“He keeps staring at you as if you were a goddess. You probably brainwashed him. I really don’t get what boys see in you. You are nothing but a stupid irresponsible girl who doesn’t know what to do with herself,” she snarled. I stared at her; my eyes could have burned holes into her if possible.

I glance at her expose throat, and smiled predatorily. If I could only kill her right now, it would be so easy, like a flick of a finger. I can do it if I want to, no one will notice. Though I was pretty sure that I don’t want to taste a dirty blood like hers. She didn’t exactly smell that appealing, and you could probably tell that since she hasn’t been one of Eric’s victims this past month.

I shifted my gaze back to her eyes and walked slowly and swiftly towards her, until her face was just two inches away from mine. I looked at her right in the eye without blinking and she stared back fiercely.

“I can’t blame him for not wanting you though. Because you’re nothing but a @#^%” her eyes flashed and I saw her small manicured hands twitching beside her. I chuckled.

“You won’t want to do that, Marline. It wouldn’t be very lucky of you, trust me. If you have anything else to say to me, it’s best if you keep it to yourself because I-don’t-freaking-care; and if you have a problem with guys staring at me because whatever reason, deal-with-it. So be careful with that little annoying tongue of yours, b*itch” I grinned; I could feel my fangs growing inside my mouth. “I bite” I snapped my teeth at her with a click and she backed away like a scared puppy. I ran my tongue over my front top teeth and withdrew my fangs. I think she finally knows whom she’s messing with. She has finally learned her lesson. “Now go back to my brother like a little good girl and leave little Ashley the hell alone, alright?” I cooed. She left like her dear life depended on it and she had no idea how lucky she was.

The door closed behind her and I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it; it was just so damn funny. I think scaring the wits out of Marline is going to become one of my favorite hobbies.


“I’m not going in, Eric. Stop trying to convince me because you are not really succeeding” I sat on the folding chair with arms cross. The hot sun burned my back even though I was wearing a white t-shirt thick enough to suffocate me in this weather; I was sweating like a dog.

“Alright then, do whatever you want, I’m not the one who’s going to suffer from hydration later” he swam backwards with his hands behind his head, his eyes close, he looked perfectly relaxed. Though I was a little distracted by the front perfect sculpted snow-white muscles, he looked like a total god.

“I won’t die from hydration, Eric” I gestured to my almost empty water bottle. Eric just stared at me with raise eyebrows, giving me the look that says that-drop-of-water-won’t-keep-even-a-mouse-alive. I sighed in defeat and gazed longingly at the cool clear shining water. If I go in he surely would try something, I know how he is. He’s a tricky guy.

We were at the big round pool outside in my backyard. I rarely go in, just once in a while since I hate the feel of Clorox on my skin. The pools cover lay nice and folded beside me, no longer to be used since summer was near.

“If I go in would you stop bothering me? And you must promise me you won’t try anything, like splash me with water” I glared at him.

“I might” he grinned and stood, his torso out of the water. He knew he had won the argument already.

“You are so pushy” I complained. I stood and sat on the edge of the pool, dipping my feet in the cool welcoming water. I sighed in relief and splash some water to my hot flush face.

“Aren’t you going to wear your bikini?”

“Nice try, buddy. I guess today is not your lucky day” I chuckled at the disappointment clear on his face.

“It’s such a shame” he sighed dramatically.

“Shut up” I smiled and splash water on his face. “You tomboy pervert” he burst out laughing at that, his teeth flashed in the sun. He looked so hot, so sexy and wet.

He got out of the pool, his swim trunks dangerously low around his hips; he looked so yummy that I needed to bite my lip to keep from humming in appreciation. There’s absolutely no other guy hotter than Eric. My eyes roamed over his perfect body. Mm, he had killer legs too, the sexiest legs I had ever seen in a man before, long and perfect. But then something on his right pelvis caught my eye…

I didn’t have time to see what it was since he grabbed his towel and started drying himself. Hmm, interesting; very, very interesting.
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Chapter 23

“He’s getting suspicious, you are spending too much time with him, Ashley Johnston!” my father roared at me. I sat on the black sofa in his office while he paced back and forth, his forehead wrinkled up in a frown.

“He won’t find out, dad. After all, he’s only ‘human’” I quoted and kept examining my nails. They were getting pretty long, I have to clip them sometime; they might hurt someone.

“Yes, he’s human and that’s the problem. Humans overreact and start jumping to conclusions and coming up with theories. You’re spending too much time with that boy, Ashley. It’s too very risky” he scowled at me.

“Dad, Eric is a friend. Sure, I do spend time with him but that doesn’t mean I trust him enough to tell him my secret” I said slowly, completely bored. I wanted to go home and jump on my trampoline.

“I’m going to have to take your car away” my head perk up at this.


“Because you were almost got killed for doing that silly reckless races” his blue eyes burned.

“Have you forgotten that vampires don’t die in car crashes, dad?” I was getting angry now. Why can’t he just understand that car racing is how I express myself? I can always be myself when car racing.

“I’m taking your car and motorcycle away whether you like it or not, Ashley Johnston and that’s final”

“But I’m fine now, dad. Nothing ever did happen to me,” I protested.

“This is getting dangerously obvious, Ashley. Everything is. You’re doing bad at school because of your street racing, and your lack of injuries are getting people suspicious, especially Eric” he scowled.

“Why can’t you just understand what I’m going through, dad? What I have been through?” I stood, glaring at him with such hatred, hatred I didn’t know I had towards him. “Why care about me now when you never did after mom died!? The only people that do understand me are Greg and grandma, but you…” I glared at him, tears of anger burned in my eyes. “You don’t even know what the meaning of family is. You are a conceited arrogant man who cares about nothing but his business and I’m ashamed to have a father like you” I spat. I took my back bag and hurried out the door before he could say anything. Tears flowed from my eyes and spilled.

Greg wasn’t here to defend me; I was all on my own. I can’t go back home because I know dad will try and follow me. Why can’t he just get it through his thick head that I’m a half vampire? Not a normal little girl who deserves to be punished. I’M IMMORTAL!! A MONSTER!!!

He knows I hate when people order me around and tell me what to do. I wish Greg were here so I could talk to him like I always do when my father and I have a fight. I only knew one place where I could go, but I knew I was going to regret this decision sooner or later.


I ringed his doorbell and dried my tears. Though I was sure I looked like a mess and any amount of make up—not that I ever wore any—was going to make me look better. I spend thirty minutes crying my eyes out in my car.

The door to his apartment opened and whom I saw was not only Eric, but a pretty brunette staring at me with narrowed eyes beside him, her hand on his arm possessively. She didn’t seem much older than me, probably his age, with blue eyes and slender body. Then I realized that this wasn’t just any girl, she was the preferable meal today, and she was pretty. Is such ashamed, how stupid could these girls be. Following a stranger to their apartment just because he’s hot, not that I could blame her because Eric was more than hot.

“I’m sorry, Eric. Did I interrupt something?” I sniffed and wiped a tear away. The brunette was taller than me too. I probably looked like a little lost girl in front of them. Eric examined my face with wide worried blue eyes.

“Ash, what’s wrong?” his voice sounded concern. The brunette didn’t seem to like that at all. He looked like he forgot she was there.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come here and ruin you guys’ date. Maybe I should go” I made a move to leave but Eric grasped my hand with one of his cold ones.

“No, no, it’s alright” then he turned to the piss off brunette. “Look, Cattie, Ashley is a friend of mine and she needs my help right now. I’m sorry”

“A friend?” she repeated. Her blue gaze shifted to me, surveying my profile and not liking what she was seeing. I looked down at myself, wearing baggy jeans and the small cut off black t-shirt. I was totally a threat to her. “There’s no way a girl like her could be your friend, Eric. More like your girlfriend” I snorted and she shot glared at me. I have to say, the brunette was pretty funny; it was her attitude that ruined her image though.

“Cattie” she looked up at Eric and stared into his eyes; her gaze glazed over. My eyes shifted to Eric and narrowed, what was he doing to her? I hope it wasn’t one of those look-at-a-vampire-in-the-eye-and-so-he-can-control-your-mind thingy thing. “Go home, we’ll keep in touch” Cattie nodded slowly and grabbed her purse, and left the apartment without another glance or word at me. Again, that was interesting.

I looked up and my eyes caught Eric’s.

“Come on and tell me what happened” he took my elbow gently and pulled me inside the nice warm apartment.

He walked me to the living room and I sat on the leather black couch.

“I’m sorry, Eric. I didn’t mean to ruin your…date” I was going to say meal but I think ‘date’ sounds more appropriate.

“It’s ok, Ash. There’s a lot more fishes in the sea,” the way he was looking at me told me I was the only fish he wanted. Well, I have to say; he was a pretty damn fine fish himself.

“Dad and I had a fight”

“Ah” he knew in the kind of fights my dad and I get into. Let’s just say that we always got into fights.

“Yeah, so you know how that went, I suppose” he nodded slowly.

“What was the fight about this time?” he asked.

“Well, it was about, uh, me racing and school…and…uh, that’s pretty much it” I shrugged. I looked away. Let’s just say that Eric knew when I was lying.

“Are you sure that was what the fight was about?” he asked, his narrowed eyes on me. I nodded slowly. “I don’t believe you”

“I’m sorry, Eric. But I can’t tell you the other stuff”

“It’s ok, Ash, I’m sure everything is going to be alright in a couple of days”

“No, not after the things I told him. I don’t think he’ll talk to me now. I think he hates me because I…remind him of mom sometimes” I whispered. Eric hand took hold of my chin and tipped it up so I was looking at him.

“You are a beautiful girl, Ash. He doesn’t hate you. You’re his only daughter and he doesn’t want anything happening to you. He wants to protect you like every father protects his daughter, he doesn’t want you to get hurt” he whispered.

“I don’t need protection”

“I know you don’t” I stared at him, puzzled. “I’ve known you long enough to know you can take care of yourself, Ash,” he explained.

“I just hate it when he goes all overprotective” I exclaimed.

“You can’t blame him, if I ever had a daughter like you I would have done the same thing” he grinned.


“You have no idea” he stood and stretched.

“Do you happen to have a tattoo, Eric?” the question popped out of my mouth. Eric looked at me weirdly.

“Actually, yes, I do happening to have one. Why do you ask?”

“No reason” I stood and smiled. That was no place for a tattoo, though I was a little curious. “I just happened to see a little something on you right pelvis yesterday” I smiled.

“Oh, yea, that” he grinned.

“When did you get it?” I asked, interested.

“Long time ago”

“What is it?”

“I’ll be happy to show you” he smiled, his eyes glinting with mischievous.

“Oh, this offer is so irresistible, but I’ll pass” I smiled.

“Let’s go eat somewhere, Ash” He took my hand and grabbed his keys.

“Don’t you have another date?” I teased as we headed for the door.

“Not if you accept I won’t” He glanced down at me with his blue eyes.

“Let’s go, Eric” I rolled my eyes and he grinned.

“I knew you couldn’t resist me” he winked.

“Shut up” I laughed. This guy, he’s so conceited.
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I'm reading it again!lol
Dying to read chapter 28!
Anj x
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Chapter 24

“What kind of mythical creatures do you find most interesting, Ashley?” He asked, his eyes sparking with interest. We were sitting inside Burger King eating cheeseburgers with fries and a vanilla shake.

I pretended to be thoughtful for a second before answering. Why not just tell him the truth? It wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

“Vampires, they are just so sexy, and fast and so damn seductive. Who can resist them?” I told him honestly. He grinned widely and leaned closer across the table.

“I’m glad you picked vampires”

“Why is that?”

“Vampires are very interesting creatures. You find lots of those in Italy” he winked and his eyes shone with mischief. I laughed, because that was supposed to be taken as a joke. He had certainly come across vampires while in there.

He stared at me with those orbs while I played with my fries.

“How about we play something, Ash?”

“Play what?” I looked at him suspiciously. I knew how he was when it came to games; he was a wicked bastard.

“Truth or Dare. You remember when we used to play that back then?”

“How can I forget the day when you first saw me naked?”

“Uh-uh, the first time I saw you half naked. You still had your undergarments” he grinned.

“That wasn’t a fair dare, Eric. I only dared you to take your shirt off, but you; you took it to the next level. You knew how competitive I get when it came to games and you took advantage of that” I sipped my vanilla shake and he laughed, his laughed catching everybody’s attention. What can I say? He had a beautiful deep sexy chuckle.

“Remember the day when we were playing monopoly? Every time either of us won something we had to give up one of our clothing as celebration” he chuckled.

“Yes, of course, and I won” I smiled triumphed.

“Did you ever think that I was letting you win just to see you out of your clothes, Ash?”

“What!” I stared at him in shocked.

“Come on, Ash. Did you really think I would have lost a monopoly game without a purpose? To let the little chance of seeing you in your lingerie run away? After I heard what we were suppose to do if we won, I said ‘what the hell? Let’s let her win and see how she looks with nothing on’ and you looked pretty damn fine to me. And if you see it my way, it actually made me the winner” he leaned back in his chair and smiled.

“You tricky little guy” I stared at him in disbelieve.

“It’s all brains, darling. All brains” he grinned.

“If we weren’t in a restaurant right now I would have jumped you” I hissed. How could I be so stupid? Everything had been a trick and I thought for years that I had actually beaten him on something.

“That would have been interesting”

“That was so uncalled for, Eric” I accused him and pouted.

“Oh, cry me a river, amour” I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll make you pay for this one of these days, Reynolds,” I promised.

“How are you going to do that? Going to dare me to undress in front of you?” he taunted. “I wouldn’t mind” I slapped his arm and he chuckled.

“You are so wicked” I snickered.

“With you around, who wouldn’t be?” he winked. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“So, are we going to play or not?”

“Truth or dare?”


“Is it true that you are a virgin?” the question took me off guard, but I quickly recovered. I leaned across the table and smiled wickedly. Eric’s eyebrows rose.

“You want to go and find out yourself?” his eyes widened at that and I burst out laughing. That’ll teach him.

“And you say I’m wicked” he raised an eyebrow but his lips were curled up into a breathtaking smile.

“I think the question that you have asked me is very much too personal, Eric. So, NEXT!” I all but glared at him. There was no way that I was going to tell him about me been a virgin. I really didn’t have much of a relationship since Eric left; it would be just too risky, and besides, if there are secrets in a relationship how is it going to work out? There would be no trust, no nothing. And I’d probably just end up killing the poor guy, so what’s the point?

“Fine” he looked disappointed, curious and…jealous? I rolled my eyes and took a bite of my fries. So crispy and crunchy and greasy, they tasted so good. It’s a wonder why I haven’t grown so fat, because let me tell you, I eat…. a lot!

Eric sighed and propped his elbows on the table. “Is it true that….” And on went the game.


“There’s a legend, you know” Eric smiled down at me. We were wandering around the dark park, it was already 11 p.m., but neither of us wanted to go back home yet. We walked slowly, at least three inches away from each other.

All of a sudden, Eric reached out and took my hand in his; I didn’t bother pulling away. It’s just that it felt so right. Our fingers wounded together and his thumb threw circles on the back of my hand.

It’s so much of a surprise; I don’t know how he does it, but when I’m with him, I forget about everything and I’m kind of grateful for that.

“What kind of legend?” it was interesting the stories and legends Eric always told. He was a great storyteller.

“When I was at Italy a long time ago” he emphasized, “I stumble upon this…very interesting book. I found it at the cellar of my new house back home in Italy” he grinned, his teeth flashing in the moonlight. I was intrigued already, trapped and terribly curious. “It was very ancient, you could tell, for its cover was…messed up,” I snorted. “You could barely see the words and the papers were all yellow and almost coming apart” we continued walking without through the park, the crickets made a melody together and the breeze was nice and cool. We probably looked like a couple and that thought both disturbed and flattered me.

“What was the book about?” I asked. He glanced down at and smiles slyly. He grasped a loose strand of my hair between his index and middle finger and tucked it behind my ear, his touch lingering. His eyes looked far away and ancient themselves.

“Vampires” he barely whispered. A shudder ran down my spine until I could feel it down my toes.

“What about them?” I breathed, my heart pounded in my chest.

“Symbols, Ashley. There are over thousands Vampyre Symbols. Their creators—masters—carved writings, drawing—marks you may call it—into their victims’ skin after they…bite” his accent had grown thicker and richer as he spoke. He sounded old right now, like a very well trained British gentleman. It was weird I have to tell you.

“Symbols?” I murmured. He smiled down at me and nodded.

“Yes, Ash, symbols. Lost and lots of them, all of them printed on the yellow old papers” he whispered, his eyes looked distant again.

“Do you still have the book?” I wanted to see it, I was incredibly curious.

“Ah, certainly, I wouldn’t leave such valuable thing behind. It’s at the apartment” he gazed down at me, his eyes gleaming strangely. “Would you like me to show you?” I nodded slowly, there was a big lump in my throat and I didn’t think I could speak.


I flipped through the pages slowly with slightly shaking hands. I can’t believe it, I finally found out what my mark—‘symbol’—meant.

“This is insane, Eric. Nonsense and completely ridiculous”

“Then why are you still flipping through it, darling?” he chuckled at my glare. The book flipped open on a page and Eric’s eyes glued to the strange drawing. “This is my favorite, Ash,” he pointed and I followed his masculine finger.

The drawing he was pointing at was a weird shape sword; the hilt was long and rounded—like a circle cut in half—with long pointy cross guards; a black rose wrapped around the blade. It was a very interesting design.

“Why do you like this one the most?” I asked.

“Read, Ashley” he smiled. I glanced down at the paper and begin to read out loud.

Clan Daeva? This is the name of the symbol?” Eric nodded and encouraged me to read on. I took a deep breath and started. Emotional and sensual, the Daeva cultivates both desire among their preys and physical perfection among themselves. Sexual predators and sensual hedonists alike populate the ranks of the clan. Succubus sires look for some combination of charm, culture, seductiveness, desire to achieve, passion and physical beauty. Many Daeva Embrace mortals to whom they have become extremely attached to, but this attachment is almost invariably proved as false, a mixture of lust and simple hunger. Few relationships are as euphoric as those between a Daeva and a newly Embraced childe, and few grow cold as swiftly” I finished and swallowed deeply.

“Which did you find most interesting, Ashley?” he whispered in my ear. I started turning the pages without looking at him—we would probably just end up kissing since he was really close—and stopped when I found the page I was looking for.

“This one” I pointed to the familiar symbol. The same exact one I had on my lower back.

“Ah, the Morotrophians, huh?” I nodded. “Reclusive, isolationist and even shut in, the vampires once known as Monks lurk in the corridors and cellars of the looming institutions of the world. Their domains are wards, prisons and care facilities where prey are weak, tired, sickly or held hostage for private dining” he finished reading.

“I don’t understand though” this wasn’t me; I didn’t do this. I wasn’t reclusive or isolative; this is just too confusing.

“What don’t you understand, Ash?”

“Was this actually…. accurate?” I couldn’t find words to actually explain myself without sounding crazy, but Eric seemed to have understood me.

“Vampires with this symbol aren’t actually like this. The definition is both true and…. falsehood, Ashley. Vampires with this symbol can be the opposite too, gregarious and…incorporate—included. Not everything is what the symbol means” I stared at him and tried to hide my relief. I’m so glad I have him here, or I would have gone crazy.

“Why is the Daeva your favorite? You haven’t explained it yet” I asked him, trying to turn the tables on him.

“It’ll be hard to explain my liking to that symbol, Ashley. I just like it for some very odd reason” if he was lying, he was very good at it.

“Now-” he took the book from my hands and closed it, placing it on the coffee table carefully. “-Enough about vampires. Let’s do something…else” he leaned back on the couch and stared down at me with those burning blue eyes. They seemed confused, frustrated and…hurt? He was even more confusing then I thought.

“Like what?” I raised an eyebrow.

“When are you going to give up, Ash?” the question took me by total surprise and completely off guard. What was he talking about?

“Pardon?” he sighed, frustrated.

“Ashley, why didn’t you tell me?” he looked hurt and confused.

“What are you talking about, Eric?” I was getting panicked now, because I think I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“For how long did you think you could keep the secret from me?” I stayed quiet; my mouth had gone dry, my heart leap in my chest. “There’s a purpose to why I decided to showed you the symbols, Ash. I thought you’d be trustworthier of me and tell me, but I was wrong yet again. You are a very puzzle girl; you know that? And that irritates me to death” he stared down at me with intense blue eyes. “I know what you are, Ash. You can drop the act now”

“Do you now?” I fought to look neutral.

“Yes, Ash, I know” he sighed and rolled his eyes blue orbs.




“I saw it when you were sleeping in the guest room”


“Because my shirt ridden up some time last night and exposed your very nice behind to me when I entered”

“I’ll kill that saleslady” my hands balled into fists but Eric’s hand covered them and started caressing my skin with his very talented smooth cold fingers; that instantly relaxed me.

“Now, now, there’s no need for murder, my darling Ashley. I believe I know how strong you really are. Fighting the saleslady—whoever she is—will be disastrous”

“She told me the makeup was water prove!”

“People lie to get money, my ignorant little Ash”

“I’m not yours, Eric,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Are you not?”

“No! And cut with the all-formal British speaking thing, would you? It’s getting on my nerves”

“But this is the way I speak, Ash. And if you do not like it, then you might as well kiss me to shut me up” he winked, a slight smile on his lips.

“Nice try, Eric”

“Very well, then. I guess there’s no deal. Would you like me to speak informal again?”

“Please” I pleaded. I stood and grasped my keys from the coffee table. “I’m leaving now. Thanks for everything, Eric” I smiled tightly.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where do you think you’re going?” Eric grasped my elbow.

“I’m going home” I yanked out of his touch and started towards the door.

“Wait, now, Ash. I knew you were going to go all freaked out on me before I told you about my knowing your secret, but I just wanted to let you know so you won’t have to hide it from me anymore. I just want you to be who you really are around me, without holding anything back. I wanted to assure you” he blocked my only exit with his tall lean masculine figure.

“Assure me that you won’t go ahead and tell my secret to the world? Oh yeah, I’m really assured now, British boy” I said sarcastically.

“I always hated when you went all sarcastic on me” he frowned. I tried to push him out of the way but it was like trying to push against a wall. “And do you really think I’ll do that to you?” he sounded offended and hurt. I ignored him and kept pushing at his chest. I was not going to give up that easily.

“Get out of my way, Eric” I growled.

“Ash, you can trust me” he smiled gently.

“Eric, get-out-of-my-way” I snarled. Somehow it sounded deeper than I intended, like an actual animal. Then again, why try to make myself sound normal since he already knew what I was?


“Eric! Don’t make this any harder than it already is” I should have listened, both my father and Greg warned me about this, but did I listen to them? No, I didn’t, and this is what happens to little girls when they don’t listen to their parents or older siblings…in a situation like mine, of course.

I was so stupid, so stupid to believe that I could actually hide my true identity from Eric. He was much more observant than I gave him credit for. I’m going to be so dead; so dead when my brother and father find out about this. Seventeen long years hiding the stupid little secret for no reason and then this has to happen. How grateful will my father really be?

My brother and my father worked their asses off just to make my life a little more normal and then here comes Eric to ruin everything. I am now exposed and vampires are going to come after me. And all because of a freaking old crush. So stupid and pathetic I am.

I glared up at Eric. “Listen to me, Eric. This better not get anywhere, because if it does” my voice broke “I’ll be so dead and others will come after me. And I will not lose my family because of you” then I did something I haven’t done since I was four, I used my telekinesis. It was difficult first because I haven’t used it in so long and have never practiced it, but with just a blink of an eye, Eric was hurled from the door and landed on the floor ten feet away from me with a loud thump. I grasped the knob and ran out of there. I’m doomed.
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Chapter 25

I played with the vegetables on my plate and sighed for the fifteenth time. That was when my friends lost it.

“What’s wrong, A.J.? You look so down,” Robert asked, sounding concern.

“I’m fine, Rob, don’t worry” I sighed again. I have been so paranoid ever since Eric found out about me; I have been looking here and there, waiting for a vampire to jump out of nowhere and attack me.

“Come on, girl, you need some fun. You’ve been like this for three days already. It’s like your waiting for something to come and get you” Rachel had no idea how close she was to the truth.

“You need to dance, come on, let’s do the cha-cha-cha” Kaila jerk her hips from side to side and I bit my lip to keep from laughing. She was a really bad dancer.

“Andale, chica” Rachel spoke in Spanish, her native language.

“You guys are crazy,” I giggled.

“Crazy for you baby. Now come on and show me those dance moves of yours” Kaila took my hand and dragged me up to me feet.

“Let’s do the Macarena” I burst out laughing. “Heyyyyyyy Macarena, Ahi!!” I almost fell off my chair. The boys were the same, laughing so hard that there were tears in their eyes and they both were holding their sides as if it hurt to laugh.

“Stop it you guys, people are staring” I choked out. I was having panic hysteria here. But the laughing stopped when…

“Ashley?” I glanced up and my eyes locked with emerald familiar ones. I instantly recognized the eyes and smiled.

“Hey, Jake” I smiled. He smiled back and his eyes gleamed, just like they used to. He’s so cute; it’s been so long since we last saw each other. His dimples were the same and his hair was still the same chestnut color, combed nicely. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie and a white shirt; he looked hot.

“Can I speak to you in private?” I nodded and stood. He was much taller than I remembered. We started walking towards the exit, eyes following us as we went.

“Did you find something?” I whispered to him.

“I sure did” he grinned.

We stepped into the office and Mrs. Colleen lead us to a room where we could talk privately. After all, Jake was a detective from the FBI and what he needed to tell me was better if we kept it as quiet and private as possible.

I grasped a chair and sat, Jake sat opposite from me and placed his suitcase on the table.


“You were right, someone did try to murder you” he was serious and back down to business.

“I knew it!” I exclaimed.

“We did find some finger prints on the tube” my eyes lit up.

“So you have the name of the person who did this, the crazy killer right?” he nodded and opened his suitcase, taking some folders out.

“I believe you know this person” he started looking through papers, as if looking for something.

“I do?” I was confused.

“Yes, the person goes to your school, Ashley” I gulped loudly. This is not good.

“Oh my god” he nodded and handed me the folder. “Is it a girl or a boy?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“Look at the paper, Ashley” I glanced down at it slowly and my mouth dropped opened when I saw the picture of this so call person. “Oh my god” I breathed.

“We are going to have to make an arrest. After all, this was a crime” he stood and walked around the table. His finger came under my chin and tipped my head back, I gazed into those emerald eyes. “Don’t worry, Ashley, we’ll get this person. Then you’ll be safe” his thumb stroke my jaw and I nodded. He pressed his lips to mine in a light-searing kiss before pulling away. “The cops are waiting outside. I have to go now, it was nice seeing you again” he smiled.

I stood up and tried to cool down a little. I won’t want my friends asking me questions as to why I looked so flushed. I forgot how great of a kisser he was; though not better then Eric, of course.

“Thanks, Jake, for everything” I smiled at him.

“Anytime, Ashley” he held the door open for me and I stepped outside. I felt like a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about my murderer anymore, now I can check that off my list.

When I walked into the cafeteria I saw the police handcuffing the ‘person’ and frowned. This has to be the most embarrassing day of her life, been arrested in front of the whole cafeteria. This probably would make the most popular biggest gossip ever.

“You’ll pay for this, b*itch!! My daddy will get me out of jail and then I’m going to kill you!!” she screamed as she was taken by the back door of the cafeteria. Both policemen were practically carrying her out the door as she thrashed in their arms. The whole lunchroom was quiet, staring from me to her with blinking eyes.

I have to admit, I felt kind of sorry and sad, I mean, sure I hated her but I didn’t want to see her been taken away by police like this. I would have never thought that my killer would be her. I didn’t even know she was capable of this.

Rachel and Kaila came to stand beside me, each holding my hand as I stared at Marline’s back. Can someone hate me as much and be capable of killing me? I sighed and closed my eyes. There are worst things coming for you, Ash, my inner voice said. And it was very much true.
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Chapter 26

Ash, we really need to talk, call me back alright?” I deleted the message in my phone and listened to the other one. Eric is so annoying!

I’ll be there Monday in the morning, A.J. Miss you, can’t wait to see you” I smiled as I heard my brother’s message and closed my Sidekick.

I walked out the door and locked it. There was practically nada in the house to eat and I needed to do some shopping. It was ten p.m., of course, but I need to eat sometime before I die; my brother is usually the one who does this kind of job but he’s not here. I am starving and I have to have food with me at all times no matter what.

I walked down the dark sidewalks to the near mini super market about five blocks away from my house. I didn’t want to take my motorcycle or my car because I was too lazy to look for my keys right now and that would only waste my energy…. not that I had much. I just wanted my pop tarts and that’s it.

About twenty minutes later I walked back home with the grocery in my arms; I bought at least 10 boxes of pop tart and some other very sugary snacks. It was drizzling outside, but not enough to soak my snacks or me.

I was passing an alley when I heard a gasp of pain deep inside in the dark opening. I froze in my spot and listened closer, not sure if I was imagining things. This time I heard a small whimper.

I don’t know what made me do it, but suddenly, I placed the grocery behind a garbage can, wanting to know what was happening and curious as heck. You know the saying right; curiosity killed the cat.

I walked down the alley slowly; following the sound and walking cautiously, prepare to fight whatever it was. Then froze on my spot, my eyes wide in terror, and my body suddenly felt numb.

The man held the girl by the waist, his mouth on her neck; I saw something dark dripping down her throat. Then I smelt it, blood, making my eyes darkened and my stomach twist.

I held my breath and the man seemed to have heard me. He let go of the girl and her limp body hit the dirty ground; she was dead. I breathe through my mouth and looked at the guy, my eyes locked with really bright blue familiar eyes; except this time they had brown, purple and green and some really dark brown flecks around his pupils and iris…. and they were glowing. They would have been terrifying and scary to others, but to me, those were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life.

Something powerful and skin chilling washed over me, making the hairs of my arm stand up. My vision blurred. This guy has to be a really potent vampire.

“Eric?” I whispered his name, my lips felt numb. He smiled, his teeth flashing in the dark, he looked dangerous and many times more beautiful than ever before at this moment. He was a terrifying and stunning dazzling sight.

Blood still covered his lips, dripping down to his chin. He was in front of me in a flash, one of his cold hands around my waist. I was too shock, too numb to even move. I was still amazed by his beauty.

Sure, Eric was a gorgeous guy, but right now he looked so alien and so magnificent, so glorious. His skin was golden and his hair a shining midnight color, it really did look like silk. His tall lean masculine figure dressed in all black; black jeans and black sweater that outlined his very define muscles stomach and pecs. He looked like a very sexy hot god-like burglar or maybe even a hit man. Oh yeah, a hit man fits him perfectly.

He gazed at me with those ravishing out-of-this-world eyes and cupped my cheek with his other hand. He leaned over and gave me a searing breathtaking kiss. My lips were stained with blood and my hormones all jumped excitedly.

“I’m sorry you had to see me like this, Ash” his thumb stroke my jaw; his eyes were warm and smoldering, looking into mine and making my head spin in circles, my every thought shattered. My heart raced inside my chest and I wanted to reach out and touch him, kiss those red full-sculpted sensual lips of his again. I never felt such desire, what was happening to me?

A tear slid down my cheek, but I had no idea where it came from. I guess it was frustration, frustration because my body wanted to touch him and kiss him—maybe even jump him—but I wouldn’t let it, I was retraining myself. Stop it, Ashley, I growled at myself. My hands twitched beside me and I bit my lip. How can this be so hard?

Eric brushed the tear away with his thumb and I saw him eyeing the teardrop closely, before he lifted it to his lips and licked it off his finger. My stomach twisted. His gaze snapped back to mine and clear my head of any rational thought. He has to stop doing that to me. I felt like a prey at this moment facing her greatest weakness, the sexiest vampire alive.

He cupped my cheek again and started speaking…Latin perhaps. The words sooth me a little and both aroused me, he sounded so sexy speaking like that. Then he decided it was better to speak in English. Good choice, buddy. I was ready to hurl myself at him any moment now. “Now, now, don’t cry, amour. I won’t hurt you, I promise” he kissed my lips again, lingering there for a minute or so.

“What did you do to her?” My voice sounded strange, so husky and hoarse. I finally ripped my gaze away from his to look at the girl, though it was harder than I thought. I eyed the girl’s body closely, until Eric took my chin and made me look at him.

“What I was supposed to do, it’s in my nature” he smiled to show me his fangs. They were much longer than mine, maybe because he was full vampire. I could feel her blood drying on my lips.

“So it was you doing the killings,” I whispered.

“You knew?” he whispered back, his accent was somehow deeper and so damn sexy that all I could do was nod. Suddenly, he frowned. “We have to leave” he pulled away from me and I felt almost like my normal self again, but also miss his warm touch. He was warm!

He approached the girl’s body and touched her arm; the girl vanished before my eyes.

“How did you—” he took my arm and started pulling me out of the alley before I could finish the question. He took the grocery bag—how did he know it was there? —And started walking briskly away, though he kept his breathtaking grace with him. I had to jog to keep up with him; his legs were longer than mine.

I heard the police sirens before we found his car. I felt really sorry for the girl’s family then. What did he do with her? I looked back and licked the dried blood from my lips when Eric wasn’t looking. I almost moaned when I tasted the blood, suddenly wanting more.
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Chapter 27

Eric made a sharp stop in front of his apartment and got out of the car. I didn’t even see when he turned off the car and took the keys out of the ignition. He walked around the to open my passenger door.

“Eric, what—” he took my arm and dragged me out of the car, closing the passenger door. I gazed up at him but I couldn’t see his face, it was shadowed by the dark cloudy night.

We went up to his apartment and he unlocked it, pushing me in and closing it behind me. He leaned against the door, his breathing coming out labored, his face dipped down, his black midnight hair covering his perfect face.

“Eric?” all of a sudden, he hand flashed out and cupped the back of my neck. My body and his came intimately close and our lips melded together. I felt electricity go through my body and melted in his arms. His lips moved over mine roughly and his other hand slid down my back to press our bodies closer, if that were possible since our pelvis were practically crushed together.

I remembered my grandmother telling me about after vampires fed they became very much…. aroused and rough with you. Well, not that I minded much since he wasn’t really hurting me, he was actually exciting me very much.

My small hands explore his chest and his fine soft smooth sweater, liking the feeling of those muscles underneath. His hand found my butt and he gave it a gently squeeze. Whoa, this guy was pretty damn aroused all right.

His lips left mine and he started kissing down my neck, nipping and licking. I hope he wasn’t thirsty anymore, not that his bite would hurt me, but I had wasted enough energy today. I don’t think I’d like it very much if somebody drained me.

My heart pounded in my chest and my breath came out in small gasps. How does he do this to me?

His arms tightened around my waist and his hand, uh, on my buttocks.

“Dammit, Ashley, why do you do this to me?” he growled against my skin. Yep, he was very much aroused.

“I didn’t do anything,” I gasped. He lips landed on mine again and I moaned. Seriously, I would never get tired of the way he kisses, especially when he has his fangs out. I deep my hands into his fine silken soft hair and sucked at his bottom lip; he snarled, aroused.

He was a vampire right now. There was nothing human about him at this moment. He was a predator, careless and rough.

He slipped the elastic out of my hair and scooped me up in his arms. My pulse rang in my ears and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I always hated that elastic,” he said huskily, his eyes shining a purple caramel cinnamon color. He kissed my neck and started walking towards the hallway, which led to the rooms.

I didn’t know how he could walk with his eyes close, I guess that would always be a mystery to me, but right now I was too caught up in the moment to think of anything but the feel of his smooth velvety lips on my neck, kissing my pulse softly as if tasting it.

“Shut up, vamp boy” I kissed his jaw. He dropped me on his bed and somehow—without me noticing—my shirt had come off sometime in our make out session and my black lace bra was exposed. “What did you do with my shirt?” I didn’t even notice when he took it off. When Eric didn’t respond I glanced up to see him staring at my breast with daze burning eyes. The look in his eyes made me shiver until I could feel it in my fingertips. I was so not ready for this.

“Eric—” but before I could finish, his lips were on mine again, his body on top of mine but his arms supporting most of his weight. His warm hands stroke my navel and his fingers played with my belly ring. Too…much…sexiness, I…need…to…breath.

I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest any second now. Nobody in my life had touched me so intimately before and certainly not a vampire.

His fangs teased my bottom lip and he chuckled deep his throat. He certainly was predator right at this moment, extremely wicked indeed. I was probably his desert.

My hands found the hems of his sweater and I tried to slip it off. But Eric was too busy with my lips to pay attention so I just ripped in the middle it with my long strong nails. Eric chuckled above me, amused.

“Extremely impatient woman, you are, amour,” he whispered against my lips. I ignored him and ran my hand over those amazing muscles of his. He was so perfect; I wanted to keep him. I wanted to play too.

I felt his heart thumping once before stopping. That’s another thing about vampires, when they feed, blood flows through their hearts and spreads over their body’, making their heart thump for a least thirty times for an hour.

His skin was smooth and soft, like a baby’s and like his hair. I gasped as I felt a hand on my, um, left breast.

“Eric!” I squeak, my voice coming out breathless.


Your hand

“Oh, come on, Ash, I always wanted to do that” he gave a small squeeze and I shriek. He chuckled mischievously, like the evil little guy he is. His eyes sparked a golden color. He was clearly enjoying himself.

“Off!” he sighed before taking his hand back, but not after feeling me up first. He slipped off of me and stood, walking away to flick the lights on.

“Well, that was fun. We should probably do it more often” he smiled down at me, his eyes glued to my chest. Yeah, like hell. I calmed my heart down and wiped the sweat off of my forehead. The air inside the room was so heavy I could hardly breath.

“We probably shouldn’t. And if you haven’t noticed before, I have extremely sensitive breast, you a**h**” I glared at him, feeling like kicking him. I felt my lips and winced. Extremely swollen, not that his looked normal either; I certainly did damage myself. They looked like two plump cherries and I was sure mine looked the same.

“I’ll be gentle next time” he winked, his eyes still the strange rainbow color.

“Ha! There won’t be a next time” I scowled at him as he smiled at me wickedly.

“We’ll see” I gaze roamed over his god-like figure. My eyes lingered on his pelvis though, where his pants were low on his hips, almost falling, and exposed his tattoo. My mouth practically fell open when I saw what it was.

“Clan Daeva?” I squeak. Then I glared up at him and stood. “You!” I poke his bare chest hard with my sharp nails; he didn’t even flinch. “Daeva cultivates both desire among their preys’” I quoted, angry now. “You were using me!” I accused him.

“Nobody told you to walk into the alley and see me as my real self, amour. But for your information, my beautiful Ash, I stopped using my ability when we got home, I knew you were going to be angry with me if you ever found out I was using my powers on you while kissing” I looked at him suspiciously but he was serious.

“Fine” I huffed.

“Besides, that wave of desire was directed towards my prey, amour, not you” he explained.

“What did you do with the girl anyway?” I started looking around for my shirt.

“Don’t worry, she’s not dead, I only stole a small amount of her blood before you interrupted me. Not enough to actually kill her. I send her back to her house, by morning she’ll think everything that happened tonight was a dream” he sure knew how to plan everything.

“Oh, so you can…shift?”

“Sure” he shrugged, my gaze stayed on his broad muscled capable shoulders for a second before I went back to looking for my shirt.

“Stupid sexy vampire” I murmured to myself and heard Eric chuckle.

“What are you looking for, amour?” he asked when he saw me kneeling beside his bed and looking under it.

“I’m looking for my shirt. Do you know where it is?” when he stayed quiet, I stood and looked at him, arms crossed. He wore an innocent expression on his face and looked so cute that I wanted to kiss him again. I tapped my foot and waited for his answer.

“Well…” he reached behind his back pocket and pulled a totally mess up white shirt up. It was ripped into pieces.


“I’m sorry, amour, but the thing was irritating me” he glared at what used to be my shirt, looking at it as if the poor shirt was an insult to him.

“Give me that” I snatched it from him and pouted. “It was one of my favorite shirts”

“I’ll buy you a new one, I promise, amore”

“Can you stop calling me Italian, or whatever it is, names?” I snapped and he smiled.

“I like it when you’re angry, amour, it very entertaining” I threw him my best glare. “I’ll buy you a new better one, I promise” he cupped my face in his hands and kissed my lips.

“Promise?” I pouted.

“I promise,” he repeated and kissed my lips again. I kissed him back and sighed. God, this guy was spoiling me.
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Yay!! I think we are getting close to where the other story was which means a new update!!! Yay!!! lol

Please do update soon.


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Chapter 28

“Why so serious, Reynolds?” I asked. I was sitting on my desk in art class, drawing my ‘symbol’, since the teacher asked us to draw something that represents each one of us.

Eric sat two feet away from me, staring at the blank paper with a frown. I was too creative in my other art class so they decided to move me up into a higher level. I was taken by surprise when I saw Eric here.

“It’s nothing, just thinking” he raised the drawing pencil to the blank piece of paper and started sketching, his hands moving swiftly across the paper.

“Thinking about what?” I placed my pencil down and studied my drawing. Perfect. Maybe a little shadow would help a little.

“Your brother is coming back tomorrow” he smiled. I raised an eyebrow at him and he sighed in defeat. “I’m just a little angry because I didn’t suspect Marline as your possible murder” he admitted. “I didn’t even know she got arrested until this morning”

“You make such fuss about everything. Marline is gone now, for good” I signed my name at the bottom of my drawing.

“There’s something in your locker waiting for you by the way” he smiled slyly and kept his eyes on his drawing. I glanced at him with narrowed eyes.

What’s in my locker, Eric?” I hissed.

“You’ll see” he chuckled.

“I hate it when you do that” I crossed my arms and scowled.

“Oh, and sorry if I misbehaved last night. I was a little too giddy up” he winked. I snorted and shook my head.

“You were wild,” I corrected. He threw his head back and laughed, drawing the classroom’s attention. After he finished laughing at me he went back to his drawing, though his eyes still danced.

“I still can’t believe that you are a half vampire,” he whispered, mostly to himself. I smiled and tried not to laugh. His face was a mixture of disbelieve and fascination. “It’s no wonder I felt such a strong attraction to you when I first met you. I just couldn’t help myself, it was an irresistible nonstop need to touch you,” he murmured but I clearly heard him.

“What are you talking about, Eric? You weren’t a vampire back then” I was confused now. The guilty look on his face made me suspicious. “You weren’t a vampire, right?” I asked, unsure now.

Before he could answer me the bell rang loudly in my ears and he quickly stood up.

“Eric!” I grasped his sleeve before he could escape.

“This is not the place to talk about this, Ash,” he warned and opened my palm to release his poor shirt from my killer grasp. “We’ll talk later” he whispered. I watched his retreating back before it disappeared into the crowded hallway. He’s hiding something.


Eric and I drove quietly in the car. You might have thought that after what happened two nights ago might have brought us closer together. The truth is, that nothing changed between us. Sure, we talk and aren’t so rude to each other once in a while, but we were still the same, no changes at all.

I tapped my fingers against my lap and sighed. I glanced sideways at Eric and cleared my throat. He sighed in annoyance.

“What is it, Ash?” he kept his eyes on the road.

“I believe we agreed to something in art class” I glared at him. Why was he making me say this? He knew what I wanted already.

The car made a stop and I realized that we were in front of his apartment.

“How about we take this conversation up stairs, amour?” he opened the driver’s door before I could answer. I glared at him and opened my door before he could, and slammed it close; he sent me a glare.

“You know I hate waiting, Reynolds” I snarled and walked to the front entrance.

We stepped into his apartment and Eric’s hand covered mine, he wounded our fingers together. I glanced down at our clasped hands than up at him.

“Eric?” I whispered his name, questionably.

“Illusion, Ash”

“Huh?” I looked at him, confused.

“That was my power, Ash, to make illusions. You might want to sit down” he led me to the living room and sat next to me on his black leather couch.

“Ok, I’m ready, spill” I took a deep breath.

“I kind of played with everybody’s mind when I first moved here; especially yours. You see, Ash, I was always a vampire” my mouth dropped open at that. Did he just say what I think he said?

“What?” I was dumbfounded.

“I decide to drop the illusion and show my real self when I decided to come back. Ash, there was no change; I always looked like this” he gestured to his god-like body. “I didn’t want to use my shape shifting anymore. It’s was a tiring process”

“So wait? You were never changed when you moved to Italy?” I was so confused. Eric sighed and rubbed his temples.

“I was changed November 3, 1763, at age 25 in London, England” my jaw slackened. “My family was changed along with me when we were attacked by vampires one night, since we always lived close to the forest and away from everybody else. We were…reclusive,” he continued. “My father was a duke. My family was a wealthy noble family back then and I was prepared to take my father’s place before the *&%#^ bloodsuckers decided to show up and end the family line” his eyes looked faraway and angry, but his hold on my hand was gentle and caring.

“But how could that be? I would have felt it if you were a vampire” I was so confused that I felt like my head was spinning around in circles.

“That’s another part of my power, Ash. I can control anything and everything. Your mind, your emotions…. your body—” he saw my glare “not that I ever did that” he said briskly. “But the weirdest thing was, that I never knew that you were a half vampire until I saw your symbol. I should have known, but I didn’t. I knew there was always something different about you though, but I would have never thought it would be this” he gestured to me. “Though there was always a very strong main attraction flowing between us…and it wasn’t because I considered you prey when I first met you” I choke on my spit.

“W-what?” I stammered.

“Would you prefer me to lie to you?” I shook my head rapidly. “I grew too attached to your family, but it was you that always had my family worrying. We were joined at the hip back then. Always going out to movies and places, without nobody knowing where we left to, and always coming back around midnight and getting yelled by our parents” my lips twitched. I remembered that like it was yesterday. We used to get in so much trouble.

“My family was waiting for me to make the move and get rid of you, but weeks turned into months and they grew a lot more anxious and expectant. But it was too late, I was already too involved ” he lifted my hand to his lips and brushed a feathery light kiss on the back of it, his eyes staring into mine, turning a gold melting blue color.

“Why did you leave?” I whispered. I was still a little puzzle over that.

“Because my parents got too paranoid and thought that I was spending too much time with you. They were afraid that you’d find about us and expose us. But I knew you wouldn’t do that, I trusted you” he smiled. “I was old enough to make my own decisions and stay here, of course. But I couldn’t abandon my family yet; they were still a little worried. Especially Marie and Anna” Marie and Anna were Eric’s twin younger sisters, they are about the same age as me and they were both stunningly beautiful, with long brown hair and green emerald eyes.

“But my mom was still alive. Why didn’t you know about her been a vampire?”

“Your mother must have been a very powerful vampire then, Ash. Because I felt nothing but normalness and ordinariness from her” he grinned, his eyes grew warm. “Maybe she was protecting you from us. Maybe she knew about us somehow and didn’t want us to know about your immortality. I think she used her powers on you when you were a little girl to make you seem more human when we moved next door to you guys. She was a great woman, Ash, and you were lucky to have her” he smiled.

Eric’s and my family have known each other for years, but the attraction between us started when I went into puberty. Of course, the physical relationship started when I turned fifteen and we were playing spinning the bottle with my other friends in detention. The teacher had left to the bathroom, and two hours alone in the room was enough time for a lot of things to happen; like Eric and I sharing our first kiss. And I always did dreamed of kissing those full pink lips of his, though the real thing was a lot better then the dream.

I was going out with a guy who was much older than I thought, a 25-year-old shape shifter. Others would have been terrified if they knew, but I didn’t see anything wrong with that. I can’t really blame Eric though, because back in his days 15 year olds were considered old enough to marry older men. It’s something very much common in Eric’s situation.

“I know” I smiled gently at the memory of her warm blue eyes. “Where’s your family now, Eric?” I asked, curious.

“They are still in Italy. They weren’t very happy when they heard about me moving back to America” he chuckled.

“Are you staying permanently this time?”

“Maybe, I don’t know” he shrugged. Then why start getting involved with him if he might leave again? I asked myself. And it was very true, if I got back with him and he left, it was just going to make everything a lot more difficult for me.

“Why did you come back anyway?” he glanced down at me and the corner of his lips turned upward.

“I wanted to see you again” he was a man of honesty, he wasn’t afraid to tell the truth. Lying wasn’t something he did very much.

“What do you want from me, Eric?” I whispered. Ok, he came back and saw me, and now what? What else is he here for? What else does he want?

“Right now all I want is trust, Ash. That’s all I have ever wanted from you; trust. It’s that so much to ask for?” he eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

“That’s plenty to ask for in my opinion,” I murmured.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“You can never trust a vampire” I quoted my grandmother’s words. “I mean; looked at what happened to my mom, Eric. Her own fiancé—who was a vampire—killed her. I had to attend therapy for ten frigging years because my five-year-old mind had seen something very much disturbing and horrifying. My mother was killed right in from of me!” I took a deep breath to calm myself. My mother’s death was a touchy subject for me.

Eric stared at me with wide disbelieving eyes and I flinched back, slapping myself mentally. I totally forgot that I never told him about this. Eric’s never really knew how my mother died; he only knew that she was murdered.

“I shouldn’t have told you that” I whispered and looked away.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Ash?” he asked softly.

“Because I told you a millions times that I don’t like talking about my past and my problems” I snapped. He stared at me with warm soft blue eyes and his hand tightened its hold on mine.

“I’m sorry, Ash. I didn’t know,” he whispered.

“Exactly! You didn’t know so it’s not your fault, Eric. Anyway, it was a long time and…it doesn’t matter anymore” I sighed. “Can you drive me home now? Greg’s plane will be landing soon” I stood and let go of Eric’s hand.

He stayed seated for a few seconds, just staring at me with those searching eyes of his. Then he stood and ran a hand through his hair.

“Let’s go” he grasped his keys.

“Oh, and thanks for the shirt” I smiled as he opened the front door.

“Anytime, Ash” he grinned.

“Though I don’t recall asking for a G-string” I glared at him and he laughed.

“I’m sorry, Ash. I just couldn’t resist, the need to buy it was just too tempting” he grinned.

“Whatever” I punched his arm and he chuckled.

“But you will wear it, right?” he stopped in front of his car and glanced down at me.

“We’ll see”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll definitely be seeing”

“You pervert,” I laughed. We teased each other endlessly as we drove home.
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Chapter 29

“Pass the frosting, would you?” I smiled up at Eric’s flour covered face. We were baking a cake for Greg. And doing a very good job…half an hour later that is. Our first attempt didn’t go so well, we were both trying to open the flour sack and after five-minutes, it exploded and got all over the kitchen and us, making us look like snowmen. Some got in my mouth and it didn’t taste so great. Eric’s long eyelashes were white and his midnight hair looked like it was covered in snow.

Unfortunately, Greg’s plane is going to be a little late today. Not that I minded much, cooking with Eric was a lot more fun than I thought; he was a great assistant.

“Here you go, mademoiselle” he grinned. I took the can from him and opened it.

“Chocolate frosting, my favorite, mm-mm” I dipped a spoon into the chocolate and placed it in my mouth. I grasped a knife and started dressing the chocolate cake, enjoying the chocolate-coated spoon.

“Same old Ashley” Eric chuckled. I took the clean spoon out of my mouth and tapped it against my chin thoughtfully.

“Tell me, Eric, if you were always a vampire, then what did you do with the food you ate?” I remembered that he used to eat a lot back then, it was amazing how his beautiful masculine body stayed the same.

“Threw it back up when I got home” I wrinkled my nose in disgust. “What? You were the one who wanted to know,” he said defensively.

“I still can’t believe you got away with it so easily” it was pretty amazing he lasted that long without getting caught. Without anybody getting suspicious.

“I couldn’t believe it either. But at least I got to get to know you better than I thought” he wrapped his hands around my waist from behind.

“You idiot” I jabbed his chest with my elbow and he grunted.

As I dressed the chocolate cake in chocolate frosting, I could feel Eric’s eyes on my face. After two minutes it got on my nerves.

“Stop that, Eric”

“Stop what?”

“Stop staring at me as if I were a masterpiece” he chuckled deeply.

“But you are a masterpiece” he tugged the end of my ponytail. I slapped his hand away and glared.

“I thought we agreed that you’d help me with Greg’s cake”

“That cake is already done, amour” he gestured with his chin and to my great annoyance, he was right. “Anyway, I’ve been thinking—”

“Oh-oh, here we go,” I teased and he sent a glare my way.

“—That we should tell your brother” he finished.

“Tell him what?”

“About us, Ash. Don’t you think is a little unfair that he doesn’t know anything. I mean, he’s my best friend and I’m tired of hiding this from him”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no ‘us’; I mean, there was, but that was two years ago”

“Exactly, there was an us and he never knew about it”

“That’s because he’s ignorant and stupid to notice anything”

“Hey! That’s my best friend you’re talking about and your brother” he scowled at me.

“Ok, Eric, you might be older than me—much older than anybody I have ever met to be more specific—but that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what to do” I glared at him.

“Fine then, do whatever you want, Ash. But you can’t stop me from telling him myself”

“You wouldn’t dare” I sneered.

“You want to bet?” I bit my lip then, stuck. I knew how Eric was when he was determined. He was a man that kept his promises.

“Eric, telling him this might ruin your friendship with him” I tried to be gentler this time, maybe I’ll knock some sense into him.

“Ashley, life is not perfect, you have to suffer the consequences that comes with your actions,” he explained softly. He was getting on my nerve now.

“Dammit, Eric! I don’t want to live with a brother who might not even speak to me—maybe not even glance at me—when he finds out that I have been smooching his best friend behind his back all this time. You’ll lose a friend and I’ll lose a brother. He’s going to feel betrayed!” I noticed Eric looking over my shoulder and tensed.

“We might not have to tell him anymore…. he already knows” he murmured. I spun around to see my brother froze on the kitchen’s doorway, his face blank of any emotion. Oh no. My heart pounded loudly in my ears and my breathing was coming out in gasps. My life is over.

“Greg…” I reached for him. Then, without any warning, Greg was moving. The next thing I know, there’s a loud smack of skins making contact and a crack of bones.

I blinked to see Eric on the floor, holding his lip, a great deal of blood staining his hand. Greg cuddled his right hand to his chest, his face a mix of expressions; anger, pain and the least I wanted to see, the one I feared the most…betrayal.
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