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How A Ghost Stole My Heart

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 07:14 PM

mama mia is all i have have to say(welll for the moment)
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True Romantic

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 09:22 PM

Chapter 19

I woke up to the sound of someone tapping their foot. Now, why would someone be tapping their foot? It was a very odd time to tap one’s foot, I thought miserably. And I was cold. Why was I cold?

Cracking an eye open I looked around and saw…my room. Wondering what time it was, I started to turn around and bumped into something hard. A knee?

Why was there a knee in my bed? It was warm…and naked I realized with a start. The knee was attached to a leg which was attached to a thigh which traveled up to…

Oh dear Lord, there was a naked somebody in my bed! I sat up with a start and realized that I was naked too. And the naked somebody lying next to me was Gregory.

Memories from the past few hours came rushing back to me.

And boy, were they good. The memories I had were amazingly exotic. I remembered just…feeling. No words, just touching. Perfection.

I smiled and lay back down in the comfort of his arms. Even though he was asleep, his arms tightened possessively around me and his nose nuzzled the back of my neck, smelling my hair.

I had almost dozed off when I remembered the foot tapping. I sat up suddenly and looked around the room for someone, but there was no one.

I looked out the window and realized the tapping sound was coming from the huge droplets of rain that hit against the window panes in a rhythmic beat.

“Time to get back to relaxation,” I murmured to myself. I was almost asleep for the third time when I peeked at the clock. It was nearly three!

“crap,” I muttered throwing the covers off my body and some of Gregory’s in the process. He didn’t seem too happy with that.

“Well good afternoon to you too,” he smiled lazily in my direction, sitting up to rest against the pillows. By doing so he revealed a little of his perfectly chiseled abs. A memory surfaced to my mind of running my hands along that washboard stomach not so long ago. The thought alone made me blush ten shades of pink.

He noticed.

However, he didn’t mention it out loud. “What are you doing?”

I looked up at him with an exasperated look. Having wrapped myself in a toga made of sheets, I was trying to put some of my clothes on without him seeing anything and so that I wouldn’t be walking around my room completely naked.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I cried, throwing a chemise over my head and rushing into the walk in closet before he could see the outline of my body through the extremely thin fabric. I would never understand the need to wear such a flimsy piece of clothing. It seemed like its true purpose was to be taken off and not worn as an undershirt.

I grabbed the first dress I could find, which coincidentally happened to be a pale purple dress that seemed a little familiar.

Once I had that on I stepped out of the closet to see a half naked man standing in the middle of my room. It just wasn’t fair how damned good looking he was. I felt like a troll next to him.

He didn’t notice me right away so I was given the chance to admire him from the door frame. His perfectly chiseled body moved with cat-like grace as he stooped to pick up the shirt that had been thrown off his body not a few hours before.

Once he had it on, he looked down and noticed the giant rip down the middle where I had tore in my frustration at not being able to get it off him fast enough.

I giggled quietly, but he still heard and whirled around to face me.

“I guess you were a little impatient,” He muttered, going over to sit on the bed and put his boots back on.

I laughed louder this time and came to sit beside him.

He finished putting his boots on and grabbed me by the arms and flipped me under him. I was laughing and gasping at the same time. I recalled that entry in the journal we had read and thought about Lydia’s descriptions of Gregory’s abilities in bed. She was absolutely one hundred percent right.

I was kissing him and laughing at the same time when the clock on the mantle chime three o’clock. I lifted my head immediately and smacked my forehead into his.

I laughed and clutched my forehead. He rolled over and did the same. We were lying there like that when I heard footsteps in the hall.

“Quick, hide!” I cried in alarm, bounding up and pulling him around the room trying to find a place for him to hide.

Finally I opted for the closet and shoved him inside, instructing him to stay behind the ball gowns at the back of the closet.

I was just shutting that door when the front one opened.

“Damn, damn, damn,” I muttered, getting down on my hands and knees and kneeling beside the bed away from the door. Hopefully whoever it was wouldn’t notice the tangled sheets or the fact that I was hiding in a really awkward place.

Too much to hope for I guess.

There was a small gasp and when I looked up I was staring back into extremely familiar eyes. Silver-blue. My eyes. Or I should say Lydia’s eyes.

“Hi…” I said kind of lamely and then stood up, brushing my hands off while doing so.

“There is no easy way to say this, but…” her mouth was gaping open, and who could blame her. I was wearing her dress and looked exactly like her. Plus there was the fact that I was caught hiding in her room.

“I’m your great, great, great, great granddaughter.”

She took it pretty well, I thought. Anyone would have fainted after that.


“I think she handled that rather well, don’t you?”

Gregory looked up from where he was stooped over Lydia’s body with an annoyed look.

I shrugged my shoulders and raised my eyebrows replying innocently, “What? I probably would have fainted too if I had found it out.”

“The point, my dear,” he said dryly, scooping her body up gently and laying her down on the bed, “Is that she didn’t need to know.”

He was looking down at her with tender affection. I felt my stomach tighten with jealousy which grew tighter when I watched him push a stray hair away from her eyes. Lydia wasn’t going to kill him. I was.

“Are you going to hate me?” I asked suddenly. What if when I did kill him, he would hate me and would start loving Lydia again. It made me wonder…when you loved someone, did you ever stop? I looked just like her. I could have been an easy replacement for something he lost.

“No, of course not. It’s fate. How could I hate fate?” he was looking at me curiously, obviously trying to figure out what was going through my head.

I stepped forward and looked up into his eyes. It was now or never.

“Why do you love me?”

He jumped back a bit. I would be shocked too, if that had come out of the blue. “What?”

I stepped forward again and replied, “Why do you love me?” I shook my head, trying to find the right words to tell him. “I need to know. Please.”

He looked away from me for a moment and then back down at Lydia’s unconscious face.

“I love you because you are smart. And funny. And terribly, terribly brave.” He began. My heart started to swell, but I remembered that Lydia was like that too. I listened intently while he went on.

“I love you because you snort when you laugh. I love the way you dance when you think no one is looking. And sing as loudly as possible in the shower. I love your quirky little habits. And your grace. The way you move.

“I love your passion for Audrey Hepburn. I love your kisses, and your angry little phrases. And I love how you think you can boss me around whenever you please.”

My heart swelled with unspoken emotion. He loved me for being…me. “So you don’t love me because I’m like her?”

He laughed softly, kissing my forehead lightly. “No, how could I? You are both so different. If anything I love you because you are not her.”

I sighed and leaned against his chest. “Good.”

A moan escaped someone’s lips and we both separated and looked down at Lydia. Now that I wasn’t as jealous, I could worry about her.

She grabbed her forehead and moaned, “Gregory.” I couldn’t help feel that little shot of jealousy when she said his name, but I pushed it aside knowing that he loved me. Not her.

We watched as she rolled her head a little from side to side, and waited for her to open her eyes.

The first thing she saw was Gregory. He was greeted with a warm smile. I wasn’t given the same hospitality.

She screamed.

Then she rolled over to the other side of the bed and grabbed a silver hairbrush that was lying on the nightstand beside her.

Gregory walked over to the other side of the bed and tried to take the hairbrush from her grasp. She didn’t like that.

“Who the hell is she?” she nearly screamed at Gregory. “And why the hell are you so calm about this?”

Finally he was able to pry the thing from her now shaking hands.

“Lydia, this is Amelia. Amelia, Lydia.”

She looked from Gregory to me then back again. I hesitantly waved at her which made her pretty eyes grow about ten times bigger.

“Relax; I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to help,” I said quietly, trying to ease her into this as best as possible.

“You speak in an incredibly odd manner,” she said flatly while she walked to her vanity to sit. “Are you from the Colonies?”

I gave Gregory an annoyed look. The Colonies? Please. But I put on a happy face and smiled at her indulgently.

“Actually, after we won the war we decided to call ourselves the United States of America.”

She waved it away. I had a sudden memory of Audrey and her trivial waves. It made me want to puke.

“Gregory darling, would you be a dear and escort this…er…interesting child out?” she asked him. I guess she had perfected the art of pouty lips, but they would have made any super model green with envy.

I held up a finger in a condescending manner and replied, “Can I just borrow your…” I couldn’t bring myself to say husband so instead I said, “Gregory for just a sec? Thanks.”

I pulled him across the room quickly and hissed, “Well? What the hell are we supposed to do with her? She obviously can’t be walking around the house while I am! Besides, she was practically taking your clothes off with her eyes!”

He chuckled and looked back at her. I was about to kill him when he gave her a tender smile, but he turned back and gave me that special smile that made my legs turn into jelly.

“I think I like this.”

“Like what?”

“You’re being jealous of her. It’s become rather amusing.”

This time I did hit him. Hard.

“I am not jealous of her. I just don’t like the fact that she is having an affair—with your best friend I might add—and you are busy giving her tender smiles and reassuring glances! Besides, have we not forgotten the fact that she killed you?!”

He stopped laughing and gave me a solemn look and replied, “She doesn’t kill me, you do, remember?”

That hurt. I stepped back a step and out of the warmth of his arms. “Oh. Right. How could I forget?” I asked bitterly.

He realized his mistake and once and cursed softly under his breath. He stepped forward and I stepped back. No way in hell was I letting him get close to me.

“Amelia, I’m sorry. That came out all wrong.”

“But it came out anyway. I need to know…will you hate me for this?”

“No of course not. I love you, Amelia. Nothing will ever change that. Please believe me.” His eyes pleaded with mine. I wanted nothing more than to believe him. So I did.

“Alright. I forgive you.”

He breathed a sigh of relief and enveloped me in his arms, whispering sweet things in my ear.

When I pulled away I said, “But we still can’t have her walking around freely when I am.”

He nodded his agreement and rubbed his chin in thought.

“We could keep her in here until midnight. Besides we have to go home soon. I have a party to throw remember?” In all the hub-bub, I had nearly forgotten the Halloween party that was due to start at my house in a few hours.

Gregory nodded and walked back over to Lydia who had stopped looking at her fingernails, and was waiting patiently for our little pow-wow to be over.

I needed something to do; watching the two of them was making me sick. “Alright, I think I’m going to go for a walk. Just…stay here and talk to Gregory. I’ll be in the ballroom if anyone needs me.”

I was out the door faster than they could reply.

Walking down the halls everything seemed so familiar, and yet nothing was the same. All around me maids were rushing about preparing linens and cloths for the guest arriving tonight.

I had nearly made it to the grand staircase when a frantic maid approached me with alarming speed.

“My Lady, My Lady,” she began breathlessly when she finally came to a stop in front of me. “Which of these do you prefer for tonight?”

She held aloft two different patterns of fabric. One was a crimson red with gold leaves sewn into it and the other was a chocolate brown with different flowers sewn in gold on it. I felt like I was looking at two of the exact same shoe and unable to decide anything.

Desperate for an excuse I cried, “Meet me in my chambers in ten minutes and ask me again!” I brushed past her towards the landing before adding, “Oh, and tell anyone who needs something answered to do the same.”

She nodded nervously and turned a corner somewhere. I kept walking towards the ballroom, barely noticing the people who practically dove out of my way as I walked by.

Eventually I found a deserted hall and leaned heavily against a door. It was good to be able to hear myself think for just a second or two.

I was still leaning against the door when whoever it was opened it. This caused me to land flat on my ass with a rather unladylike grunt.

Before I could get my bearings I was blindfolded from behind.

“Don’t worry dear Lydia, just relax and don’t scream,” purred a female voice from somewhere in the background.

“crap,” I muttered.

Another memory. And this one would be painful.
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Posted 04 August 2007 - 10:43 PM

I love this story so much.
I wonder who the lady is.
Please update soon!

-Frida :icon_study:

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 06:54 AM

I love this story so much.
I wonder who the lady is.
Please update soon!

-Frida :icon_study:

Need I say more?

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 10:55 AM

AH. So great, so great. This story is absolutely awesome. And I can't help but think that Gregory WILL be sort of mad at Amelia for killing him. ALthough I hope not. *worries* He's so hot. *sigh* Lol.

Update again soon!

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 12:02 PM

Isn't that the lady that tells her to kill Gregory?

Great update!! Please update soon!
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True Romantic

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 02:16 PM

Chapter 20

“Such unladylike words,” the woman purred in a deadly calm voice. I realized at once that I was in the parlor and that there were two people. A man and a woman.

I was backed up against a wall and lifted…by my throat.

“Can’t I just squeeze a little harder?” the man asked in a slightly excited tone. I could barely breathe and could feel my lungs start to strain.

“No, no, dear. She must be left alive after all.” The woman replied.

They were definitely of the upper class because they didn’t speak with the heavier accents that many of the maids seemed to have. They also used concise elegant vocabulary that would suggest they had been educated. Plus the man had soft hands, not callused as they would have been if he had been a laborer.

Looking back I was really glad I had read all those Nancy Drew books.

“Now my dear Duchess, I hear that you seemed to have a bit of difficulty accepting your new responsibility.”

I tried to shake my head, which proved a little harder than I anticipated.

“But remember, when I say jump, you say…” she waited for me to answer, but when all I could make come out was a small squeak she shouted, “WHEN I SAY JUMP, YOU SAY…”

“Cant…breathe.” I gasped, trying to get air into my lungs. She sighed and muttered something to her brother and the grip on my neck was loosened.

As ragged air trailed painfully into my lungs she replied with a calmer tone, “When I say jump, you say…”

“How high?” I breathed.

She sounded much happier with this answer and continued on. “Very good. And when I say ‘kill your husband’ you say…”

I remembered this from my memory and replied slowly, “When would you like it done by?”

“Excellent!” she cried, clapping her hands together. The hand attached to my neck immediately dropped me.

I fell to the floor clasping a hand to my throat, drawing in painful breath after painful breath.

I heard slippered feet move towards the door. Before she left the room she added coolly, “Oh, and I wouldn’t mention any of this to your dear husband. There will be consequences if you do.”

And I was left alone in the room.

The blindfold was off my eyes as soon as I heard the door close tightly shut. There was a mirror over the fireplace in the middle of the far wall. I walked over with steady feet and looked at my reflection.

Chunks of hair had fallen out of their pins giving me a disheveled look. My eyes were wide and my hands were shaky. But what captured my attention the most were the finger sized bruises that lined the thin column of my throat.

Not even daring to touch it from fear of pain, I tried to take a deep breath in. bad idea. My throat burned with the strain on my lungs and I started to cough which just added to my pain.

Little breaths, I thought to myself gently. Just keep taking little breaths.

I walked back to the door and peered outside, making sure that no one was there. Quickly rushing from the room, I ran back to the main hallway. It was quiet. Thank god.

No more maids annoyed me in the halls while I rushed down to my room. “God, I hope there is makeup in there.” I whispered to myself.

Once safely inside the bedroom, I shut the door firmly behind me and leaned against it. Just for good measure I locked the door.

When I opened my eyes I found the room was empty. Oh no, what if Lydia had stepped out?

“Lydia?” I coughed painfully. It seemed like the pain I was experiencing wouldn’t go away. My eyes started to water and I fell to my knees clasping my throbbing neck.

I heard a pair of feet on the carpet and then, “Dear God! Gregory, get her on the bed.”

I was lifted into his arms and put on the edge of the bed gently.

“What the hell happened?” he asked when I finally stopped coughing.

I gently tipped my head back to reveal the bruises. Gregory hissed loudly and Lydia gasped.

“It’s alright. Don’t worry,” he sighed as his hands traveled tentatively down my neck, feeling for damages. Apparently he didn’t find any.

“Who did this to you?” Lydia asked, coming to sit beside us on the bed. My eyes had finally cleared and I saw what looked like sincere worry on her graceful features.

I shook my head, but nothing came to mind except the sight of the blindfold over my eyes. “I have no idea.”

Gregory sighed and grasped my hand tightly in his. “I’m so sorry, love. I should have been there.”

Ignoring the glance Lydia was giving us I turned to Gregory and replied softly, “No you couldn’t have. They wouldn’t have taken me if you had been there.”

The look in his eyes seemed unsure.

I couldn’t get involved in this with his wife sitting right next to him.

My throat didn’t burn as much as it had a few moments ago and my voice was becoming stronger and stronger.

“Lydia, do you have any powder that can cover up these bruises?”

She thought for a moment, studying my complexion with hers. It was exactly the same—go figure.

Grabbing my hand she gently, but firmly, pulled me to her vanity and sat me down in front of the mirror.

Twenty minutes later, you could barely see the marks that lined my throat.

“Thank you so much. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I shall take a tour of the ballroom.” I turned and stood, hugging her quickly and giving Gregory a quick smile.

Before I left the room, he grabbed my hand and held me back.

“Be careful,” he whispered against my lips before placing a tender kiss on them.

I slipped from the room with a pink face and walked quickly down the hall and back downstairs, avoiding any deserted hallways.

Finally I reached the light of the ballroom. It had stopped raining and sunlight poured in through the windows, bathing me in warmth.

As I walked the perimeter of the room I studied the paintings I had gazed at not long ago.

I stopped in front of a painting with a beautiful girl around the age of eighteen. She had long brown hair that curled around her like a halo. She wore a pale pink dress and sat in a winged chair. She reminded me of Audrey with her pretty looks, but deceiving eyes.

I looked down at the name written under the painting. Francesca Elyssa Amelia McClain. Ah, so this was Gregory’s little sister.

I moved on and looked into familiar eyes. Mine…well Lydia’s. She was wearing the deep green dress and sitting in the chair with the rose and black ribbon. This was the one hanging in my room in the present.

Next to hers was Gregory’s. I looked into those familiar eyes and the laugh lines around his lips as he half smiled out to me. He looked so happy. And I was about to destroy it with a flick of the hand.

I was about to move onto another painting when I heard booted feet on the marble floor.

The memory.

I needed to tell him something, he looked very determined. I was Lydia after all and I had to act like the wilting flower. Bracing myself I stepped forward.

“I cannot do this! I cannot kill him! Robert listen to me!” I grabbed his arm, trying to make him understand. He needed to believe the lie I was telling if I was to pull this off.

“Lydia, enough! They will have both of our heads on a platter if we don’t! Do you not care about your future? Do you care about nothing?” he shouted down at me. Then he began pacing the floor, trying to think of something to do. He wanted this? He was willing to sacrifice all for…me? It was romantic, but sick and twisted at the same time.

He stopped suddenly and grabbed my shoulders. “I will do it. We will get a carriage and I will spirit you away…tonight. Just before midnight. We will go away from this place. Paris, Rome, anywhere you want to go. Anywhere but here. I will not let them hurt you if you don’t do this.”

I needed another lie. Fast. What to tell him? What to tell him? An idea came to me, and before I could think about the words coming out of my mouth I cried, “I’m pregnant!”

He stopped and let go of my shoulders immediately. He stepped back. Oh crap, I might have screwed this up even worse than before.

“Robert. It’s your baby!” I cried before he turned and fled the room.

That certainly got his attention.

He turned back to me with a look of shock and happiness spread across his face. “Are you certain?”

“Positive.” I hoped my voice seemed stronger than it really felt.

He shook his head slightly and looked into my eyes with an intensity that made goose bumps rise on my skin.

“I don’t believe it.”

“Please do. And if this baby is to survive, I have to kill Gregory. Tonight. At the ball.”

He only nodded, still stunned with the news. What a web of lies I had created. My only fear is that Lydia and I would get caught up in it ourselves.

“I must go,” he said softly. I nodded and watched him turn to leave. I went back to the portrait next to Gregory’s.

I gasped when my eyes fell on the face in the painting. My attacker.

“Robert!” I called. He stopped and rushed back over to me.

“What is it?”

Without looking away from the attacker’s eyes I asked, “Who is that?”

He laughed for a moment and then asked, “What? Are you daft? That’s Alexander. Gregory’s brother.”

“Oh. My. God.” I sighed before I collapsed to the floor.
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Posted 05 August 2007 - 02:37 PM

Great update! You're such a great writer!!!

Want to hear more! I love the stuff that contains weird time travelling!

..x.. Victoria ..x..
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wind beneath my wings

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 03:33 PM

oh my gosh this just keeps getting better!!! I love how you update so much it helps move the story along more i think. Though it does keep me from the book that i have to finish reading by tuesday. Oh well!

Brilliant update!
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True Romantic

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 05:12 PM

Chapter 21

“Lydia, wake up.”

Someone was patting my cheek lightly. My head was pounding and I could hear the blood rushing through my veins to my head.

“Ow,” I muttered, holding a hand to my forehead in agony.

Someone’s arms were around me, lifting me into a sitting position.

When I opened my eyes there were two blue ones staring back at me. Robert. I was in the ballroom on the floor with his arms around me.

“What…what happened?” I asked hesitantly.

“I told you about Alexander and you just…collapsed. Are you certain you are alright? What about the baby?” he asked, placing a hand on my abdomen.

I nodded absently, my eyes searching for the painting again. Dear God, I knew who the killer was. It was his Freaking brother!

“I have to go,” I said quickly, rushing to stand and practically running for the door leaving Robert behind in a confused daze.

Running through the main hall past the confused looking maids and other servants I ran into something. Or rather someone.

I looked up into cool, detached ice blue eyes. Great.

“Careful, Your Grace,” Alexander said dryly putting an arm’s length between us. “You don’t want someone to get hurt.”

I glared daggers at him. How could he do this? It still didn’t explain the woman, however. I realized at once that I had never actually seen her face. Who was she? I was just about to ask him who she was when two other boys around the same age materialized next to him.

“Hello, Your Grace,” one of them laughed in my direction. He was taller the Alexander by a few inches and had rusty colored hair and brown eyes. The boy standing on the other side of Alexander reminded me of an Adonis sculpture with his bright blue eyes and hair that looked soft as silk and spun from gold.

But as I studied them closer I noticed they both had cold, calculating gazes that seemed to notice everything. They were smart.

“If you’ll excuse us. We have a party to get ready for,” the other boy bowed quickly and pulled Alexander away from me, his eyes never leaving mine.

When they had safely turned a corner I stopped glaring and rushed back onto my original course. Back to Gregory for the umpteenth time today it seemed.

However when I reached the red chamber, I found it in a total uproar.

Lydia was rushing about the room, pulling dresses from every closet and throwing them onto the bed. She paused briefly when she heard my shout, pink, green, and red dresses in her hands.

She continued moving about as if nothing had happened so I pressed, “Lydia, what are you doing?”

“Why I’m trying to find two dresses that look almost the same of course,” she said distractedly, studying two blue dresses and then rejecting them into what I assumed was the discard pile on the floor.

I walked over to her and still her frantic fingers. “Yes, I can see that. Why?”

She sighed and sat down on one of the window seats dramatically. “Because, I have agreed to remain hidden until midnight, but when midnight comes around we shall need to switch places. And of course I cant walk into the room in a completely different dress than I had been wearing a few moments before.”

She had a good point on that. I nodded and looked around the room at all the dresses strewn everywhere. How could one person have that many occasions to have that many gowns for?

Then I remembered the silver dress I had shown up in. I ran to the very back of the closet where I had hidden it earlier and grabbed it.

“How about two of these?” I asked in a hesitant, but smug voice.

She pounced out of her chair and came to examine the dress. After a moment of careful studying, she grabbed the same dress from the very bottom of the pile on the bed.

“This shall be perfect. Now all we have to do is do our hair exactly the same way and everything will do just fine.”

I sighed and told her the truth. “Somehow I don’t think everything will be fine tonight.”


“Are you ready?”



I glanced over at Lydia who was wearing the same dress and hairstyle as me. She looked so poised and ready for tonight. Damn her.

She met my gaze and smiled encouragingly at me. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Just…act like me.”

I nodded slowly, trying to breathe. We were standing at a hidden balcony above the ballroom where I could see the party goers making their way around the room searching for the missing hostess.

“What time is it?” I asked nervously, trying to keep the shaking out of my voice.

She looked out into the hall to a grandfather clock and replied, “It’s nearly ten o’clock.”


“Alright,” she said as she steered me away from the balcony and back down the stairs to the main hall where Gregory and I would make our entrances. “Relax, be polite to everyone and try not to look so nervous. People will think I’m getting worry lines.”

“Right,” I nodded, immediately relaxing my face as best as possible. Everyone needed to believe our masquerade. Gregory’s life-well death, I amended with a small smile—depended on it.

Standing at the other end of the main staircase was Gregory. He was wearing the silver-blue waistcoat with a black jacket over it. There were knee high riding boots on his legs along with buff colored pants. All in all he looked ridiculously hot.

When I looked into his hazel eyes, I felt all my fears for the night disappear like the mist of mornings. Steeling myself, I tied the lace ribbon that would act as my mask around my face. The vial containing the potion that would kill Gregory was tucked safely in my corset, ready to be slipped into his drink at the toast.

Lydia gave me a little push forward. I met Gregory in the middle of the landing and took his arm.

“Ready?” He whispered close to me.

“No, but it has to be done anyway.”

He nodded and kissed me quickly before leading me down the steps to the ballroom.

We were announced upon reaching the doorframe. It was weird hearing the title that was supposedly mine. The Duchess of Evington.

I smiled politely as everyone in the room applauded us. There were hundreds of unfamiliar faces hidden behind masks of every kind.

Everything was a spectrum of color and it nearly took my breath away.

The orchestra struck up a note and a waltz commenced. Gregory looked down at me with a loving smile and asked, “May I have this dance, My Lady?”

“Of course,” I said and was led onto the dance floor.

We twirled around the room in a series of dizzying spins. I was smiling and laughing from the grandness of it all.

We danced like we’d rehearsed a thousand times, like it was a part of our souls. There was something wrong though, something wasn’t right.

Turning quickly I saw Alexander’s dark gaze boring down on me. Beside him were his buddies who also gave me leering stares.

Gregory must have felt my back tense up because he held me a little tighter than propriety dictated and asked, “What’s the matter?”

I let the frown that creased my face relax and I shook my head. “Nothing. Let’s just have a good time.”

He nodded, but I could still see worry hiding in his eyes.

As the waltz came to a close we clapped and my gaze searched for Alexander once more, but he was not there.

Gregory went to fetch me some lemonade and I was left alone at the edge of the dance floor for a brief moment of solitude.

“Lydia! Darling, oh such a lovely party!” I heard someone cry from across the room. A cute little brunette was rushing towards me in a dress that reminded me of Little Bo Peep. Complete with the Sheppard’s stick thing. Her mask covered most of her face, made up of white lace, crystals, and pearls, but I saw she had a heart-shaped face, full lips and brown eyes that matched her hair.

I smiled, hoping that she wouldn’t notice the confusion on my face. “Oh thank you so much!” I replied in my best English accent. Who was this?

“Don’t you just love parties?” She asked in an annoyingly bubbly voice that made my skin crawl. This girl was incredibly annoying.

“Mhmm, Oh look, Gregory is here with refreshments!” I cried in an overly excited tone. She looked over her shoulder at his approach.

“Here we are,” Gregory said brightly as he handed me a fluke filled with lemonade. He turned to Little Bo Peep and smiled brightly. “Countess Kenwood, how wonderful you look!”

My head snapped up to study the Countess’ face once more. Wasn’t this who Kaylie was going to be for the Halloween party?

“Oh my dear Duke, you simply must call me Katherine!” She trilled, patting his arm affectionately. Just when I thought her voice couldn’t possibly get more annoying, she surprised me by shrieking.

“I adore this dance! Gregory darling, you must dance with me!” Before he could respond, Katherine had thrust her Sheppard’s stick into my hands and grabbed Gregory’s hand and was practically shoving him onto the dance floor.

I was left standing there in utter shock holding a stick that completely clashed with my outfit.

Well, at least I was alone for a few minutes. I contented myself to watching Gregory twirl Katherine around the dance floor with ease. It made my heart ache knowing what would happen tonight.

I was giggling to myself as I watched them bump into another couple when I heard from behind me, “Don’t mind Katherine. She just gets overly excited sometimes.”

I turned around and found myself looking into the most beautiful emerald green eyes that were attached to an equally beautiful face.

He had a strong angular jaw and the most gorgeous blonde hair I’d ever seen. He reminded me a little of one of Alexander’s friends, but when I looked into his eyes they were filled with kindness and happiness.

“Oh, I know. She is a very...excited person,” I smiled at him genuinely. He seemed nice, whoever he was.

Something flashed in his eyes and for a second I thought they narrowed a little. But he quickly regained his kind, relaxed manner and smiled.

“Come, let us dance.” He said, holding his hand out for me to take. Without knowing who this person was or why I felt like I could trust him, I let him lead me onto the dance floor for a quicker dance than the waltz.

We had been dancing for a few moments in compatible silence when he spun me out onto the back patio where a few people were lingering, catching their breath from the hotness of the ballroom.

“What are we doing out here, my Lord?” I asked innocently enough, looking out into the dark gardens outlined in the moonlight.

When I looked back into his eyes, I had to step back a bit. He looked positively livid.

“Who are you?” he asked as he stepped closer to me.

“Wh-what are you talking about?” I asked in a breathless voice. Oh God, he must know. How could he know?

“I said, ‘who are you?’ Don’t make me ask again.” He stepped closer until we were practically nose to nose.

“I’m Lydia McClain, Duchess of Evington, of course. And I think sir, that it is time you left,” I said in as strong a voice as I could muster while on the inside I wanted to run and hide.

He laughed, but the sound was not pleasant to hear. “You are someone, but definitely not The Duchess of Evington. So I will ask one more time, who are you?”

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak, so instead I gawked. How did he know? I thought I had played the part well enough, and I had only just met this man. So how the hell did he know?

“Why won’t you tell me?” he wondered, beginning to pace in front of me. “Is it because Gregory doesn’t know? Or does he?” He paused in front of me and smiled wolfishly. “Perhaps I should just go ask him myself.” He started to turn away and my options were wearing thin.

“No!” I cried. He stopped instantly, and slowly turned around.

“Ah, that’s what I thought.” He smiled again, this one filled with that arrogant ‘ha I win you lose’ twist to it.

“Before I tell you, how did you know I wasn’t Lydia?” I asked, curiosity taking over.

“Simple, Lydia doesn’t look at Gregory the way you did. With love in your eyes.” He sounded smug about it, the arrogant jerk.

I nodded and looked away, embarrassed that my emotions were so easy to read.

“That..and Lydia doesn’t like me. At all, actually. She never smiles genuinely at me.” He added gently.

My head snapped up. Were my first impressions of him wrong? Had he done something bad and couldn’t be trusted? I was suddenly aware of how alone we were out here.

He seemed to notice my expression and quickly amended, “She once bid for my attention. I didn’t respond the way she had hoped. I knew how much Gregory loved her and would never want to get in the way of it.”

Well, at least some of the worry left me. But that still didn’t answer who he was or why he wanted to know why I wasn’t Lydia.

“Which brings us back to the question of your true identity. And where Lydia is,” he added.

Sighing aloud, I did the only thing I could.

“You’re right. I’m not Lydia. But I’m related to her...distantly. I can only tell you that she is safe and will return soon. I’m sorry, I really must go.” I rushed past him and started back to the ballroom.

But at the last second I turned and asked, “Who are you? And will you promise not to tell anyone about this?”

He sure took his time answering, I thought I might die from the anxiety that held my emotions captive.

“I will not tell a soul of this. You have my word as a gentleman. My name is Calvin-“

“The Earl of Kenwood.” I said before he could finish. Boy oh boy, how he could stand being married to Katherine was a wonder. “Thank you for the dance,” I said quietly before returning to the roar of the ballroom.
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Posted 05 August 2007 - 05:43 PM

Brilliant! Amazing! Perfect :P

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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Posted 05 August 2007 - 06:14 PM

Brilliant! Amazing! Perfect :P

Can't wait for the next chapter!

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That was a great update.
Can't wait for the next one!

-Frida :icon_study:

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Wow those updates were great. Absolutely amazing.
Update soon I can't wait! :eusa_clap:

Tay <333 :spinstar:
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i finished reading htem last night!
i cant believe tahy were actually her memories!
and they finally did it!
update soon

miss hasta
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True Romantic

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Chapter 22

Just as my feet stepped inside the open French doors, I was grabbed by the arm and pulled into a dark alcove. I was turned around and a hand was placed over my mouth.

“What were you and the Earl of Kenwood speaking about, Lady Duchess?” A cruel voice whispered in my ear.

My reply was muffled against Alexander’s mouth. When he didn’t release me I opened my mouth and flicked my tongue against his palm. As I expected his hand left my mouth immediately.

“Bloody Hell, what did you do that for?” He cried angrily, wiping his palm against his black breeches.

“Well, how did you expect me to answer with your hand firmly over my mouth? Honestly, you can be awfully dimwitted for someone who is plotting to murder his brother!” I replied, crossing my arms over my chest and glaring at him.

“As if you care. The brat growing in your belly is not his, and once he is dead the child will have a legitimate name by its real father.” He spat at me.

“How did you-“

“Know?” he finished for me before I could finish my thought. “Oh I know everything that goes on here, whether you think I don’t or not. I do. And so does she.”

I didn’t need to ask which ‘she’ Alexander was talking about. The only problem was I didn’t know who the ‘she’ really was.

Somewhere in the background I heard a clock chime eleven. Oh God, it was almost time. Panic and self-loathing flooded me and I couldn’t stand it. It had to end somewhere.

I realized at once what I had to do. I had to prevent Gregory’s death.

Regaining my façade of composure I looked directly into Alexander’s eyes and said, “Mark my words, you will get your comeuppance. I promise you, that. And so will she.”

He only laughed and replied, “And who’s going to stop me? You? I’m trembling in my boots with fear.” He sobered up and said in a deadly calm voice, “We shall see who is getting their comeuppance in an hour.”

I needed to get away. Fast. I turned on my heel and rushed back into the crowd, searching for Gregory. He was standing near the grand staircase talking with Katherine and Calvin.

I walked as calmly as I could over to the trio and put on a bright smile.

“Darling, there you are. I was afraid I had lost you for a moment.” I smiled at Gregory, placing my hand delicately on his arm.

“No, I am not lost, just catching up with old friends.” He smiled at the couple, but looked back into my eyes and knew something was wrong.

“Katherine, Calvin, please excuse my wife and I,” he made a polite exit with me in tow. We found another alcove to occupy before speaking.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He asked, his hands cupping my cheeks.

“I can’t do this. It’s too much. You don’t deserve to die.” Tears stung at my eyes as the weight of what was happening hit me. He would never be a ghost and I would never remember him after tonight. I would lose him just as I had feared. And this time, I couldn’t stop it.

“Amelia, you have to. Please believe you have to do this.” He whispered fiercely.

“No, I really cannot do this. I won’t do this to you!” I couldn’t stand this anymore. I knew he would hate me no matter what happened in the end. And if he was going to hate me, I’d rather it would be because I had saved his life.

“Amelia,” he said. That was it. Just my name. But within it the word was so many pleas.

“I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for doing the right thing than for adoring me for a lie.” I whispered. They were the most romantic words I had ever said and I meant every one of them. I couldn’t live my life knowing that it was a lie; that I had won Gregory unfairly.

“No. No, you cannot do this. Do you understand? It’s not just our future at stake; it’s your entire family’s as well.” He grabbed my shoulders and for a moment I thought he might shake some sense into me.

“What are you saying?”

He sighed and released me. “I’m saying that if I don’t die tonight. You nor any of your family members will ever be born!”

Oh. My. God. I had never thought of that. The fact that because Gregory had died, my entire family had been created. The reason I was alive. My family tree could be traced back to this very night. And I had met the founders of my family.

“Oh. My. God.” Oh yeah, I was verrrry eloquent tonight.

He realized that all he had tried to impress upon me had finally sunk in. He pulled me in close and stroked my back gently.

I had no choice. I had to kill him. And he would hate me for it. I just knew it.

After a moment we pulled away and I had the urge to tell him that his brother was the one plotting his death. But I couldn’t, not until the right moment. Not until midnight.

“I should get back,” I said in an awkward voice. “People will be wondering where their hostess is.”

He nodded and let me go.

As I stepped back into the crowds I felt tears fall down my cheeks. I quickly wiped them away before anyone could notice and plastered a smile on my face.

There were so many people at the masquerade. There were costumes and colors everywhere. Men and women in provocative dress, flirting and dancing with one another.

It was one night where society didn’t have to conform to the rules it was forced to follow in everyday life. A person could be anyone they wanted. And be with anyone they wanted.

Countless people came up to greet me, several men danced with me, and for a few moments I was lost in the magic of this place.

It was like stopping and looking at all things forgotten. People long since dead in my world, people I would remember forever, just as they were now. Young, old, beautiful, ugly. They were here, and they were real.

I was spinning in a whirl of color and glory. Money and wealth. Everything whizzed by me in the blink of an eye.

And all too soon the glory came to a sudden stop.

I could hear the chimes of the clock. Midnight. My world suddenly came crashing down around me, and nothing was going to change it.

I searched all around me as guests grabbed flukes of champagne and waited patiently for host and hostess to make the traditional toast at midnight.

I found Gregory standing alone at the refreshment table holding two glasses. He caught my eye and nodded encouragingly.

I walked to him as if in a trance. This was really happening. I was about to commit murder. Gregory’s life was about to go out, like the flame of a candle. And his death would make way for new life. My life.

When I reached his side, he turned so his back was to every guest and I was shielded from view. I knew the vial of poison was in my cleavage, but I didn’t want to pull it out. It was too hard.

Gregory seemed to notice my distress, so he grabbed my hand and forced it to grasp the vial. But when I couldn’t pull the stopper out and pour it into a glass he did it for me.

He actually poured his own death into a glass.

Only once it had mixed in with the champagne did I dare look into his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks.

“shhhhh, it’s alright. I promise.”

I shook my head, but didn’t say anything else. What else could I say to him? He was forgiving me for killing him. And I still felt awful.

“Gregory, there’s something you need to know about who is trying—“ I started to tell him the truth about his brother, but Katherine rushed up to us.

“Come on you two, it’s nearly midnight, you must make the toast!” She pulled our hands until she was dragging us across the ballroom and up the grand staircase.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, I present the Duke and Duchess of Evington, your hosts!” Katherine called out across the ballroom.

I was practically panting with the need to breathe at this point. I could see Alexander smiling devilishly at me from the floor, his lackeys hanging off of him like love-sick puppies.

Then I heard Gregory’s calm voice call out across the room. “Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife and I are so happy that you could join us this evening on a most sacred night. It is with pride and pleasure that I ask you all to take up you glass and praise our hostess and my beloved wife, Lady Lydia!”

A roar exploded throughout the ballroom as everyone cheered for me. I had never felt more disgusted in my entire life. This was wrong. Lydia shouldn’t be commemorated for this.

I watched in horrid fascination as Gregory lifted the glass to his lips. No, I couldn’t let him. Someone shouted something and suddenly the room went silent.

It took me a moment to realize I had been the one to shout out. Everyone stared at me with a mix of curiosity and fear.

Clearing my throat I stood straight and looked out at our audience, silently challenging them.

“Amelia, what have you done?” Gregory whispered to me.

I shook my head. “I have no idea.” I turned to him, tears falling down my cheeks once more. It was five minutes until midnight, there was still time for history to correct itself. But first, Gregory had to know the truth.

I turned back to the crowd and said in as clear a voice I could muster, “There is a murderer here in this room tonight. He has tried to kill my husband. By using me.”

The gasps and cries of fright around the room were so loud I had to stamp my feet and scream for silence once more.

I turned back to the love of my life who was just standing there in horror.

“Gregory. It was Alexander. He’s the one who tried to kill you.”

For a moment he was silent, then his eyes widened and the color was suddenly lost from his face. He looked just like a ghost. How ironic.

“No. It cannot be,” he whispered, suddenly searching the crowd for his brother.

“Behind you, brother.”

Something cold pressed up against my temple and I was hauled backwards.

Alexander’s cold laugh echoed through my soul sending shivers through my body. The barrel of his gun against my temple made me realize how precarious our situation was. I had never felt so afraid for my life before. Not even when Mike had tried to rape me.

“Think you can escape can you? It won’t work.” He said in a low tone so only the three of us could hear it.

Gregory looked defeated. It broke my heart.

“Alexander. Why?”
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what she do!?
everythig was goign fine!
update soon

miss hasta
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Nooooo!!! Bad Amelia!! Bad! :o This is so sad/suspenceful/romantic/addictive and I'm absolutely loving every minute of it! Update soon! :love7:
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I've been reading this and just wanted to say it's really good ;)

Update soon


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This is getting really good! Update soon!

Emily :icon_flower:

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oh my god

update soon

Love Sophie

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Posted 06 August 2007 - 04:17 PM

Nooooo!!! Bad Amelia!! Bad! :o This is so sad/suspenceful/romantic/addictive and I'm absolutely loving every minute of it! Update soon! :love7:

Oh my Wow. I need to know what happens next please update soon!!

Tay <3
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Okay! I just read the first chapter and I'm hooked!!

All right I'm heading back to chapter two now!!

Michelle :P

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True Romantic

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Chapter 23

Time seemed to stand still. I wasn’t aware of the guests below us. The women were screaming and trying to find cover, while the men grabbed their hidden guns, knives, and swords from their respective hiding places.

Gregory was staring at the gun pressed to my temple in horror. “Alexander, why?”

He laughed again and pulled me back farther out of Gregory’s reach. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Calvin taking his gun out and inching his way up the staircase.

“Do you think he needs a reason?” I asked faintly. Alexander became angrier, if that was possible, and pulled my hair.

“Shut up, filthy *%^##!” He cried, the gun in his hand waving wildly in front of my face. Okay, that was it. No one called me a *%^## unless I had deserved it. I was tired of playing the trembling female.

I had two options. One: I could stay trapped beneath the barrel of a gun, or Two: I could find some way to get myself out of his grasp. I liked option two better.

Gregory had been trying to talk his brother down and it had made his grip on my hair loosen. He was becoming distracted, and all the while I could see Calvin inching closer and closer to us.

“Alexander, stop this.” Gregory had gotten closer to us in the time I took to figure out what to do. “Look around you, every gun here is trained solely on you.” Gregory was pleading with his brother here.

“No! I won’t go down this way! I won’t do it!” Alexander was becoming frantic, and I was suddenly afraid he might do something stupid.

“Put the gun down, little brother.”

He looked at Gregory for a long moment, but Calvin’s movement on the staircase distracted him. A shot went off and I saw Calvin fall.

The women below screamed and I gasped. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I had really screwed things up this time.

“You see? I’m not afraid to shoot! I’ll shoot the next person who comes anywhere me or the girl!” He shouted to everyone in the ballroom.

But his gun was hanging limply from his hands and I knew it was now or never. Pulling my arms forward, I thrust my elbows as hard as I could into Alexander’s stomach. He fell back with a grunt of pain and I took the opportunity to grab the gun he held and get away.

I crawled my way to the staircase where my new friend had fallen.

“Calvin? Calvin, are you alright?” I whispered in fear when I saw the amount of blood that covered his white linen shirt.

“Yes...I think so,” he muttered angrily, pulling himself into a sitting position. “It’s really only a scratch. The bullet hit my shoulder. I’ll be fine. Go help Gregory.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and tore a strip of fabric away from his cape and wrapped it around the top of his arm to staunch the bleeding before turning to see Gregory and Alexander fighting on the floor.

I pushed myself to my feet and started towards Gregory, but he called out “Amelia get to the bottom of the stairs!”

Torn between wanting to help and wanting to do as he said I hesitated. But reason took over and I knew he could handle this. I made my way down the stairs and into the rush of frightened guests below.

I rushed down the stairs in time to see Robert rushing up to meet me.

“Lydia, we must go! Now!” He was trying to pull me away, but I wouldn’t budge.

“No, not until the end!” I cried, pulling my hand free of his grasp and rushing back to the top of the stairs.

“Lydia!” a girl was rushing up to me wearing a peacock costume complete with the emerald green mask. Francesca, Gregory’s sister.

“Lydia, what’s happening? Where are Gregory and Alexander?” She rushed up to me and started up the stairs, pulling me behind her.

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out,” I muttered while we ran up the stairs, which is not an easy thing to do in a corset and full ball gown.

When we both reached the top of the stairs we watched as Calvin and Gregory wrestled Alexander off the ground and had him pinned against a marble pillar.

Anger flooded me. This man had nearly strangled me to death, kept me prisoner, put a gun to my head, and ordered me to kill Gregory!

“Stay here,” I pointed at Francesca before I stalked up to him and pointed the gun in his face. “Why do you want Gregory dead?” When he didn’t answer I put my finger on the trigger and flipped the safety lock. “WHY?”

Sweat dripped down his forehead and he was shaking where he stood but I didn’t care.

“I-I-was a-acting under o-o-orders! Sh-she bought up all my gaming debts, and told me to do what she said. Or she’d kill me too! I had no choice! I swear it!” He cried searching our faces, begging for mercy with his eyes.

“Who is she?” I fairly growled. Whoever this woman was she had to be pretty damn evil to think up such a plan.

Alexander’s gaze reached beyond me and I looked over my shoulder to look at Francesca.

“It was her. All along. It was Francesca.”

She stood still for a moment before bursting out laughing.

“Me? You think I would do such a horrible thing?” She laughed again. “He’s gone mad.”

I had to agree with her, it did seem pretty far-fetched that a girl no more than eighteen could plot the murder of her oldest brother by using her other brother.

“Oh this is terrible, simply terrible,” she said starting to pace.

I stepped forward and put my hand on her shoulder. “It will be alright. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

She looked at me and sighed again. “I know. That’s the problem.” A knife materialized in her hand and she pulled my around and held it to my neck.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed. “You have GOT to be freaking kidding me here!” It was his sister? I mean what was this, a family operation. Well, in a way it kind of was. Oh the irony.

Gregory stepped towards us, Alexander forgotten where he stood.

“Francesca, why you? Why did you do this?” he asked.

“I stand to gain everything in the event of your death, of course. the title, the house, the fortune. All of it.” She said it like it was supposed to be obvious.

Something wasn’t right here, Francesca was the youngest. If Gregory died, then Alexander inherited the title and the fortune.

So I decided to speak up about it. “No you wouldn’t. Alexander would.”

He chose that moment to put his two cents in. “No, she promised that I would get the title as long as she got half the fortune. You promised,” he added to her.

Francesca laughed and I felt the knife dig deeper into my skin. My stomach rolled over when I felt moisture dripping down my neck to the bodice of my gown.

“You stupid idiot. Do you really think that I would let you have the fortune? Ha, you truly must be mad. Of course I'm going to say that madness drove you to kill our brother and his dear, dear wife and then I'll see you off to jail before taking control of everything.”

Gregory stepped closer to us and Francesca freaked out.

“Don’t you dare, brother dear.” She leaned in close to me and said softly into my ear, “It would have been so much easier if you had just done what you were told. It would have all been over.” She paused and looked at her brothers. “Well for them at least. Gregory would be dead, Alexander would be in jail, and you would be free to remarry. But not anymore.”

My brows knitted together in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“That brat that is in your stomach is now the result of your untimely demise. So sad.” The knife drew more blood as she pressed it harder against my neck. Gregory started forward.

“No,” I said despite the dizzy feeling I was starting to have from lack of blood. “Now you’ll go to prison too. Now you won’t get the fortune.”

She hesitated for a moment. “Lies! I will get what I want. All of it.”

The grandfather clock chimed midnight. If Gregory didn’t die now, then I would never be born. It was never meant to come this far. I just wanted him to hear the truth while he still breathed.

Another thought came at me. The real Lydia. She would be coming from her room to make the switch at any second. Crap, crap, crap.

Tonight was so not going the way I had hoped.

Gregory seemed to understand what was happening. I prayed for forgiveness and opened my mouth.

“Francesca, you can still do all you planned. You can still have what you want. I won’t tell anyone. I swear it.”

“Liar, I don’t believe you. You die too.” She pushed me away from her, and I fell to my knees grasping my bleeding neck.

She smiled down at me. “But not before watching him die.”

The knife left Francesca’s hand before I could even cry out. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of it hit Gregory square in the chest.

“No!” I cried, tears falling down my cheeks. Gregory fell to his knees in front of me, gasping for breath. I felt like I was dying right along side him.

“Amelia...” he whispered before falling onto his back.

“I’m here, it’s alright. It’s okay, I’m right here sweetheart,” I whispered to him stroking his hair softly and smiling down at him.

I could feel the life leaving him. His breath became shallower and shallower and there was nothing that would save him. The pool of blood on his chest was getting bigger and bigger, and soon it was all I could see, just that stain of red.

I sobbed for everything I was losing, and everything I was gaining at the same time. Gregory’s life was going out, like the flame of a candle. And because of it. I would be born. My brothers would be born, my dad, my aunt, my grandparents. Everyone. But I was losing him.

Not forever.

I pulled the slip of paper I had been keeping in my sleeve all night. It had the return spell written on it. I knew it would save Gregory. We would go back to the party. I would bring his body back to life, and we could be together.

But the memories of this night would remain with me forever, and because of it, I would be different. Forever different.

I watched as Gregory breathed the last breath he would ever take in this time. Watched as his spirit glided out of him and came to stand by me.

He was a ghost once more. And he was smiling. At me. Why? I had just caused his death and he was happy?

“Amelia, I’m so proud of you. You have done what no one else could.” He grabbed my hands and pulled me up to embrace me.

“I love you,” I whispered as I clung to his large frame.

“I know,” he laughed down at me. “Let’s go home.”

I was about to agree when I heard someone scream in terror.

We both turned to see Alexander rush Francesca and pull her to the ground, pinning her beneath him.

“You stupid *%^##! You promised me! You lied!” He screamed, wrapping his hands around her slim neck. Francesca was gasping for breath and trying to roll him off of her.

They were too close to the stairs. I knew what was going to happened right before it did.

Francesca rolled and they both fell down those great marble steps until they both came to a sickening halt at the very bottom.

I couldn’t look, but I knew Francesca was dead, and Alexander severely hurt. I hid myself in Gregory’s neck and let him comfort me.

After a few moments I looked up into those hazel eyes that I had fallen in love with and asked, “Can we please go home now?”

He smiled and nodded. “Please.”

I looked down at the slip of paper and said the words that would return us home. Together.

There was that familiar, yet fleeting feel of pain and lack of oxygen, but I held onto Gregory the whole time.

When I opened my eyes we were back in the gazebo as if nothing had happened.

I could see the lights in the manor and hear the soft tones of people singing and laughing and talking.

“Oh crap, I totally forgot!” I cried.

“What?” he asked curiously.

I looked up at him and sighed. “We still have another party to attend.”

As we walked out of the gazebo I thought to myself, this had better go off without a hitch otherwise I’m going to be seriously pissed.
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#115 sophiewofie


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Posted 06 August 2007 - 07:47 PM

That was great!!

Amazing, i hope everything else works out or iwill be seriously pissed as well.

Just kidding, well exaggerating is more like it...

Update soon!

Love Sophie

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#116 *JC 90210*

*JC 90210*

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Posted 06 August 2007 - 08:16 PM

I just read your whole story and it totally rocks!!! I have one question though..is Gregory dead or alive now? Update soon, I can't wait to see what happens!

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#117 wind beneath my wings

wind beneath my wings

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Posted 06 August 2007 - 08:20 PM

Wow. That did not go as expected.(With the whole him not being poisoned and such)

Brilliant update!! I was on the edge of my seat!!!
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#118 xxluv heather wells bksxx

xxluv heather wells bksxx

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Posted 06 August 2007 - 09:06 PM

Oh.My.God. I go away for three days and I miss like 5 updates! How thrilling and suspenseful were those updates?I almost fell of my seat!Twice! Please update soon xoxo~Ione~xoxo
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#119 noleey


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Posted 07 August 2007 - 03:12 AM

GOD! I missed so much! Please update soon :)

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#120 Tay-hyper@girl


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Posted 07 August 2007 - 07:12 AM

That wasn't what I expected and I love it!!

please update soon!!

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#121 roni


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Posted 07 August 2007 - 08:53 AM

update soon

miss hasta
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#122 JustlikeJess


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Posted 07 August 2007 - 01:07 PM

Okay so I finally got to read the rest and I love it!!! I can't wait to read more. You are an amazing writer.

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#123 Lizzy1212


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Posted 07 August 2007 - 02:16 PM

Wow! I haven't been on this site in 2 days and you updated! :D Great update!! Please update soon!!!!
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#124 waltersj


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 11:31 AM

This is amazing!
It took me forever to read,
but it was totally worth it!
Update soon!

Ashley Ann
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#125 ~kmk~


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 04:32 PM

Agreed. I just read the whold thing and can't wait for more! Please update asap!!!!!
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#126 PINK14


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 06:06 PM

Hi New reader here! :mgwave:

This story is so wonderful and romantic. So please update soon because I am so hooked. Also just so you know you are a wonderful and creative writer. Update soon!! Please and Thank You. ^_^

Gabi :spinstar:

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#127 marrymejesse


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 07:08 PM

That was the most romantic update so far!
I absolutely loved it.
Update soon please!

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#128 True Romantic

True Romantic

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 10:08 AM

Chapter 24

Gregory was awfully quiet as we made the trek back to the house. In all the rush I hadn’t stopped to think what he must be feeling.

He had just seen his own death, again, and watched his brother and sister betray him.

Looking at the whole event made me realize it would have made for a funny mystery. How ironic.

Francesca was dead. That much was certain. I had seen her fall down the stairs pinned beneath Alexander’s weight and that alone would have killed her. If I hadn’t heard the agonizing snap of her neck, it might not have been so bad.

The silence was deafening, I could scarcely hear myself think in the drowning quiet.

Being a girl who likes to take action of the situations she is thrust into, I decided to break the awkward silence.

“Gregory, wait.” I pulled on his hand and he looked at me oddly, as if he didn’t recognize who I was.

“What is it?”

What is it? What kind of a question is that?

“I think we should talk.” I pulled him over to a stone bench nearby and we sat in silence for a moment.

Not knowing what to say about something of this magnitude I muttered, “Well this is comfortable.”

He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. When I looked into them they were filled with shadows. Shadows I had caused.

“Gregory, I’m so sorry.”

He sighed and cupped my face in his hands. “I thought we were done with all of this. I am not angry with you. You did the right thing. The only thing. Because of you, I get to be here...with you. How can I make you understand?”

I pulled away from his touch, the contact distracting me from my goal.

“No it’s not that. Well, don’t get me wrong, it kind of is, but it’s the fact that I dragged you back there. You didn’t need to see it. You didn’t need to know.”

He was suddenly on his feet, pacing in front of me, muttering to himself.

“Oh dearest God in heaven, please!” he was fairly shouting. “Don’t you understand? I needed to see it. It was painful, it still hurts that my own flesh and blood could possibly do something like this! Yes it hurts. It always will.” He stopped and looked at me with such intensity I thought my skin might catch fire from it. “I needed the closure. I needed for it to be over. Finally over.”

Wow, I thought. That was certainly a mouthful. Here I thought he was feeling terrible for what had happened, but no. Apparently it was a good thing we went back to 1886 and relived the night he died.

“Well it would have been nice to know that ahead of time!” I shouted. He looked confused which only fueled my fire. “Oh don’t give me that look! Here I’ve been this entire time thinking you would resent and hate me for KILLING you! Yes that’s right KILLING you! In case you haven’t noticed, I just committed murder.” Oh my God, it really hit me then. “Oh God, I’m a murderer. It’s official! It will follow me for the rest of my life. The horrible fact that I murdered you.”

Gregory couldn’t take any more it seemed because he pulled me up and crushed his lips to mine. Man oh man, did I want to resist, but he was just so gorgeous, and mine. Did I mention mine?

Eventually I pulled away. Needing air and what not.

“And the worst part about it is your being so...so...” I was too overloaded to deal anymore. I had had guns and knives pointed at me all night, I witnessed a nobleman get shot, and I killed my boyfriend. It was too much, so really I think I was justified for sobbing right then and there.

Gregory caught me before my knees gave out and held me gently as I sobbed away like a watering pot.

“The worst part about it is I’m being so what, Amelia?” he asked gently in my ear as he rubbed my back and smoothed my hair.

“So nice! You’re just being so nice. I really don’t think I could handle something like this,” I said in between hiccups.

“I know, I know,” he smiled down at me. He had the most amazing smile I had ever seen. It was pure sensuality wrapped up in hot man meat. My man meat, cooked to perfection. Rare.

“Can we please be done with this? Can we please go inside and enjoy your party?” He asked after a few more hiccups, some residual sobs, and the rest of my tears.

“Okay.” Wow, ‘cause that’s not the lamest thing to say at all.

As we stood to go inside, I remembered. “Crap!”

“What? What is it?” Gregory was so cute when he was worried for my life.

“We have to make you alive again, remember?”

After a few muttered curses and some more pacing, he turned to me and nodded.

As he started back to the cemetery, I called out, “I’ll meet you back there, I need to get Kaylie!”

He disappeared without saying another word and I practically sprinted back to the ballroom.

Too lazy to go around the whole house I raced up the back steps to the terrace outside the ballroom and rushed through the open French doors.

The crush of people was all too familiar and everyone was wearing masks. I ignored the people calling out my name and complimenting the party and my outfit and made a beeline for Kaylie where she was standing next to the stairs.

I couldn’t help but cringe a little when I approached the stairs, but I pushed back the wave of nausea and stalked right up to Kaylie.

“OH my God! Amy, look at you!” she cried when she saw me approaching, abandoning a man in a familiar cape and mask. No time, I thought to myself.

“How did it go? Look at you, is that blood on your neck real? What the hell happened? Next time I’m totally coming with you.” The words were pouring out of her mouth faster than the speed of light, I could barely understand what she was saying.

“First of all, speak English woman! Second of all, we have no time. We have to do that thing in that place before I have a complete nervous breakdown!” I almost shouted, drawing the attention of several guests standing nearby.

Her face lit up and she shrieked, “Oh goodness, in all the excitement I nearly forgot! Let’s go!”

Before I knew it, we were zigzagging in between people and cutting through the dance floor right back out to the terrace and into the darkened gardens.

We reached the little family cemetery in no time at all and Gregory had already lit the candles around his sheet-covered corpse. He held the book aloft for me when we reached him.

“Okay,” I said quietly, not wanting to wake anything else that might be out here tonight.

Gregory pulled out a small knife and handed it to me. I cut my palm open and tried to control the yucky feeling that was oozing through me.

“My blood.”

Kaylie did the same to her palm and said softly, “My blood.”

“Kaylie?” I asked, looking at my best friend. She was laying a lot out here by helping us.


“Thank you.”

She smiled and nodded. Even though I know she hates to cry, I could see tears misting in her eyes. She shook them away quickly and said, “Come on, let’s hurry this up.”

I nodded and said again, “My blood.”

“My blood.”

My eyes never left Gregory’s as we chanted the spell aloud. We held out our hands over the sheet and let the droplets sink into the corpse beneath. “See you on the other side,” I whispered to Gregory.

“My blood, your blood, our blood.
Blood to Blood return to me.
Blood to blood Bring life to thee.
Blood to blood I summon now,
Bring back this life tonight and now.”

Kaylie and I chanted the spell over and over until I could feel a wind picking up and the candles started to blow out one by one.

“Amy, Look!” Kaylie pointed to Gregory and I gasped in horror as I watched him start to fade.

“No,” I whispered. I wanted to rush to him, to stop what we had started. But I couldn’t it was too late. I was losing him. And this time there was no second chance.

“It’s alright,” he smiled to me, but I could barely make it out in his hazy form. “I can feel something.” He looked up at me and said something, but I couldn’t hear him. Only a whisper and it killed me to hear.

“I love you.”

He disappeared completely from sight and I fell to my knees in defeat. It didn’t work, and he was gone. Forever.

Not caring about the disgusting corpse I would find beneath the sheet, I tore it away and cried over his body.

Kaylie put a hand to my shoulder as sob after sob wracked my body. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t want to. I had been through so much with him, for him. Only to lose him in the end. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t.

I don’t know how long I sat there, cuddled next to a corpse, but all I knew was that I was completely hollow. And that I couldn’t open my eyes.

“Amy,” Kaylie said after who knows how long.

I shook my head, wanting the earth to open up and swallow me whole.


I opened my eyes to see the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Ever.

Gregory’s body was wrapped in white light so bright, it looked like a ball of sunlight. I scooted backwards in awe and watched as his body was lifted into the air.

It almost reminded me of that last scene in Beauty and the Beast where the Beast is turned back into a human. Because that’s what it looked like.

Flashes of light surrounded us, blinding us. Kaylie helped me to stand and we watched as the orb of light faded away and something else returned to the ground.

It was Gregory. In the flesh. He had never looked so beautiful to me. His gorgeous hair was tousled and the white linen shirt he wore was open a little revealing some of his perfect chest.

But something was wrong. He wasn’t moving and his eyes were closed. I rushed over to him and knelt beside him pressing my ear to his chest to listen for a heartbeat. Nothing.

I started pounding on his chest and shouting, “No! I won’t lose you now. Not now. Not ever! Do you hear me? Never!” Tears were falling again as I started to give him mouth to mouth.

I was about to give up with my mouth attached to his when his tongue suddenly flicked to life and thrust at mine. I was in a lip lock with Gregory! He was alive! And still giving the best kiss of my life!

I pulled away and noticed that his eyes were closed. “Hey, you open your eyes!” I lightly slapped his cheek in an attempt to wake him up fully. I knew seeing those hazel eyes would make it real for me.

He moaned and mumbled something.

“What? Speak up honey.”

“Someone’s foot is on my hand!” He shouted, his eyes popping open. They looked at me with an intensity that melted my heart.

Kaylie squeaked her apology and stepped away as I helped Gregory sit up.

“I feel...alive,” he whispered in awe.

I laughed in between the odd tear or two. “And thank God for that!”

We all laughed and stood together, ready to go back inside.

Kaylie went in ahead of us, giving us a blessed moment of privacy.

Gregory looked down at me with such love in his eyes I nearly melted into a pile of goo right on the spot.

“Thank you,” he whispered, touching his forehead to mine. “For everything.”

“Oh, no biggy,” I said waving it off as if it was nothing while my heart was pounding a mile a minute in my chest.

He laughed and kissed me gently. “I should get dressed.”

I nodded and watched him go, admiring his butt in the moonlight. Now that he was alive again I couldn’t wait to take him shopping. He was going to look amazing in jeans.

I rushed up to Kaylie and we walked back into the party together. I remembered the guy in the cape and asked, “Hey, who was that guy you were talking to?”

She merely smiled and rushed off until I lost her in the crowd.

I was laughing softly to myself, thinking of all that had happened tonight when someone grabbed me from behind.

Before I could scream, a hand was wrapped around my mouth and I was being pulled back outside. The familiar feel of a gun was pressed against my temple.

I was really getting tired of getting grabbed tonight. It wasn’t fair at all. Anger was soon replaced by fear, however when I heard the all too familiar voice in my ear.

“Let’s take a walk shall we?”

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#129 roni


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 10:18 AM

come on! everything was perfect!
and now mike is back!
update soon

miss hasta
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#130 *JC 90210*

*JC 90210*

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 10:31 AM

Why can't everything just stay perfect?!? I hate Mike. Update soon!

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#131 ~kmk~


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 11:08 AM

I agree^^
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#132 Lizzy1212


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 11:37 AM

Is someone going to save her?!?!?! Please update soon!!!!
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#133 waltersj


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 12:00 PM

I loved the reference to Beauty and the Beast!
It created the perfect image!
I was so excited that Gregory was alive,
but now Mike holding her a gun point!
Can't the guy just move on?
Update soon!

Ashley Ann
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#134 wind beneath my wings

wind beneath my wings

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Posted 09 August 2007 - 12:13 PM

all i can say is ... WOW!!!! That was amazing. as always.

Brilliant update (on the edge of my seat AGAIN!!)
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#135 JustlikeJess


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Posted 09 August 2007 - 12:29 PM

Mike is horrible and taking things to far. Someone needs to get rid of him. I loved the update.

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