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Writing Forum Guidelines

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Posted 06 July 2007 - 01:58 PM

Meg Cabot Message Board Writing Forum Guidelines:

*Disclaimer: We realize that to some older members, these rules will seem silly. However, we ask for your understanding, as MCMB is targeted towards a younger aged crowd, and so, the content therein must be appropriate to everyone.

First of all, we ask that no one acts on a rule break themselves. The administration staff has recruited capable moderators to check the forums and, should they find questionable content, act on that accordingly. If a moderator for any reason misses something, the users are more than welcome to point it out with the REPORT! Button located right below the person’s avatar and information in each individual post. Individual handling of rule breaks could cause fights to erupt, and we try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the forums.

1) Do not exchange contact info. This comes in the form of saying your street address, phone number, email address, surnames, IM screen names, or linking others to pages where your info can be found or with forms to send emails.

2) If you have criticism, present it in a constructive manner. If you don't have something nice or helpful to say, don't say anything at all. Likewise, if you’re receiving constructive criticism, please be gracious about it.

3) Do not go off topic. This forum is to discuss writing, the stories, and the updates. Please refrain from making useless posts, such as those with no content or with an overwhelming amount of smilies. Make your posts relevant and mature.

4) Do not use chatspeak. As this is the Writing Forum, we endorse proper grammar and coherent spelling. English is not everyone’s first language, so please make the way you express yourself the clearest way possible.

5) Please respect the following procedures:
All poetry goes in the Poetry Corner. (Fiction and Poetry only.)
All short stories go in the Short Story/Essay Corner.
Any writing queries go in The Zone, or, for more in depth discussion, the About Writing forum.
When your story reaches 500 posts, please make a new thread and transfer all portions to the new thread.
If you use lyrics of songs, please provide the song's name, artist, the album, and the year of release of the song.
If you use any artwork, please provide your source. If your source is a nondescript online photo album, please specify so.
Please keep a limit of five stories per person and one tagteam. (Applies only in Fiction and Poetry.)

6) By posting your story, you are thereafter claiming originality for it. Unless otherwise cited, anything and everything you post should be fully yours. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and can result in suspension or expulsion.
Also please note that you post your stories here at your own risk. As much as we regret to inform you, we cannot do anything to stop anyone from copying your story and claiming it as their own. If you would like to have your story removed from the boards, please get in contact with a moderator in the appropriate forum sticky.

Content Regulations:

Please note that we appreciate that art should be something free spirited, and we respect that everyone has different styles. If you feel restricted with any of these, we apologize in advance: we must keep the site clean for underage users (and parents!) to read.

The following is not allowed:

Graphic description of self mutilation/harm. This includes suicide, cutting, eating disorders, etc. Vague passages that define the existence of these themes within the plot are acceptable; detailed passages describing any of these occurrences are not.

Graphic sex scenes. This includes any type of sexual scene. Vague passages that define the existence of these themes within the plot are acceptable; detailed passages describing any of these occurrences are not.

Graphic violence/rape scenes. Vague passages that define the existence of these themes within the plot are acceptable; detailed passages describing any of these occurrences are not.


Any rule breaks will be forwarded to the board administrators. Any further “punishment” will be assigned by the administrators, depending on the severity of the rule break.

Please note that these rules are subject to change by the moderators and/or administrators: please check periodically for any alterations.

Thanks for your attention!

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Posted 14 October 2007 - 10:29 AM


With the growing number of fanfictions in the Fiction and Poetry main forum, we ask that users please ensure they cite where they drew the baseline for their fanfiction from. As already specified, by posting stories here, you are thereafter claiming full copyright for it, unless you specify otherwise. Please cite all your references prior to writing.
Please note that citing includes full title, author, publisher and year of publication. Band stories need the band name, record company, and members.

Another thing we'd like to address is the increasing, "I need (number) of readers before I update!" style comments. The objective of these forums are not to get you a fanbase, but to get you helpful literary critiques. These posts are subject to deletion.

Thank you for your attention.
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