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Princess Diaries IX: Princess Mia

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 12:03 PM

admin-janey Hey everyone, welcome to the chat for Princess Diaries 9: Princess Mia. Please note that there will be spoilers in this chat. Also note that Meg won't answer any questions that might be spoilers for Princess Diaries 10
megcabot Welcome to the Princess Diaries 9 live chat! Thanks so much for coming today! It's great so many of you could be here. It's nice to take a break from writing Princess Diaries 10 (which I'm doing now) and talk to some real live people, instead of characters. So...let's get chatting!
purpreadr Will Mia ever be friends with Lilly again?
megcabot Wow! Spoiler! I can't answer this, sorry!
PicturesqueEpiphany Will she end up with JP at the end of the series?
megcabot Good heavens! Another spoiler! I can't answer this one, either! Wait for Book 10.
kristicatherine I haven't read the princess diaries since about the third or fourth one, do I need to read all of the in between books to catch up?
admin-janey YES! Well, at least #8
PicturesqueEpiphany Why did she go against everything she believes in and eat meat?
megcabot Um, emotional turmoil? I thought that was made pretty clear. Did you read the book?
purpreadr how does Boris know Michael's thought's and feelings? Has he been talking to him?
megcabot Sigh. Spoiler for book 10. People! Come on! Ask me something I can answer!
PicturesqueEpiphany How could she get over the "love of her life" so quickly?
megcabot No one said she was "over it." She just has hope for the future. Did she say what she was hoping for? No.
PicturesqueEpiphany Why did you break Michael and Mia up in the first place?
megcabot Well, these books are based on my life and I didn't go out with the same guy my whole life. Although I did break up and get back together with a lot of guys.
Spartan_Girl Will Mia ever stand up to Lilly? I don't know what reasons Lilly had for the terrible things she did in PD9, but Mia shouldn't let her get away with it!
megcabot Spoiler. I'm just going to start putting the letter S as an answer for all of these!
anya_potato Can you give us any clue as to what will happen in PD10?
megcabot Ah, finally! Something I can answer! Yes...all of the characters will find out what colleges they are going to, and the answer to their true heart's desire. In some cases, that answer may be...a pony.
Pinkroxsprincess I haven't read book nine. Can I still ask Questions?
admin-janey You can, but you might want to leave because the book will be ruined for you.
purpreadr why didn't the media and everyone else approve of Mia's relationship with Michael like they do with her and JP?
megcabot Nerd prejudice.
vimaro22 In the ninth book, Mia's relationship with Lana becomes less strained. Is it Mia beginning to see Lana in a different light, or has Lana matured? Or is it both?
megcabot I think both of them have matured.
michael_n_mia Hi!!!! When J.P. said that he'll take Mia out someday and that she would forget all about Michael, do you think Mia WILL forget about Michael someday SOON?
megcabot S
Spacey JP liking Mia has been SOOO obvious! When did that idea for him to like her first pop into your head?
megcabot Weirdly, when I was watching a trailer for a Winnie the Pooh movie.
technojess Are you planning on making all the princess diary books into movies like the first two??
admin-janey Meg didn't make the Princess Diaries movies. Disney did. And they don't plan to make more.
Spartan_Girl Was the science lab explosion really an accident or did Kenny really do it on purpose, because he seemed so angry and mean in this book?
megcabot Ha, no! He really didn't do it on purpose at all.
Joanne_xo Hi Meg, are you able to tell us if the Mia/Lana friendship will carry on into PD10?
megcabot S
MsHarryPotter why will you take a huge gap between now and book 10?
megcabot S
hobbitfeet64 Will we be seeing Dr. Knutz more in book 10? I think he added an interesting dynamic to #9.
megcabot Yes, he will be in Book 10.
princessmialover92 I know this has nothing to do with Princess Diaries, but will there be another book for All American Girl?
admin-janey Meg has no plans for another book in that series
BlackbirdsWing Meg, I've always wanted to ask you this-what do you hope to accomplish with the character Mia? What impact do you hope she'll have?
megcabot Well, I don't really hope to "accomplish" anything, except entertain people. If I've done that, and maybe given people someone they can relate to a bit, I feel like I've done my job.
Katie Meg, did you always plan for J.P. to become such a major character and such competition for Michael?
megcabot Yes, but I never thought anyone would like him as much as they do.
Rin When reading the book, it seemed like JP was overly concerned about Mia and her losing the princess title. Is he worrying for her own good or does he have some...more selfish plans? (Or is it a spoiler)
megcabot S
R.Skye Is Lana actually being nice, or is it another act? She seems like she could honestly like Mia!
megcabot I wouldn't worry about Lana. She really is just...Lana.
Elaine What inspired you to write this book Meg?
megcabot Well, I went through a big depression when I was Mia's age, or a bit older, and I always wanted to write about it, because I feel like teen depression gets treated weirdly--kids who go through it are often depicted as just...I don't know. Not normal. And it's very normal! So I wanted to write about it. That's all.
bookworm Will there be like a 9 1/2 book between PD 9 and PD 10? PS I LOVED PD 9!!! Totally awesome book, I would sneak chances to read it during class... hehe
megcabot Oh, sorry, no! Believe me, Book 10 is going to be really long enough. It might actually be two books in one (part of it will be online, maybe).
headstrongx0o Hey Meg, have you ever gotten into a HUGE dramatic fight like Mia and Lilly? It happens like, 6/5 (hehe, didn't know how to word that!) here. Drama, drama, drama!
megcabot Oh, God, yes, with my best friend when I was Mia's age. Mia and Lilly's fight is based on it, actually. It waged on for years. We're friends now though.
duchess Why did Lilly turned so mean is it something she can't control
PicturesqueEpiphany I heard a rumor that you didn't want to break Michael and Mia up, was that true?
megcabot Well, I am a very tender hearted person, and I wanted Mia to have a nicer time than I did in real life, but my editor reminded me the books are based on my true life, and my heart was broken in real life, and so Mia's had to be, too. Also that I had a happy ending in real life!
TinaHakimBABA I am so excited about the T-shirt contest you are having. I know it is in conjunction with book number nine, but do the designs have to be solely from the new book?
admin-janey Yes. We might do further contests for other books or other themes though.
Sassy_Sarah Had you always planned that Genovia was going to become a democracy?
megcabot Of course! If it DOES end up happening, which is a spoiler!
SummerTrident When she kissed JP, did she really feel something or was that just hoping she did?
megcabot Ha, that is an S for 10!
amee When you drop in on Mia from time to time after book 10 will it pick up where the last left off or will you skip years? I guess I'm really asking how old do you think Mia will be before you stop dropping in on her occasionally?
megcabot Yes, I will skip time I believe
Kingthedevil666 When will the series end? This one is the 16th book you've written for this series and your second largest series is only 6 books. Is there an end in sight yet?
megcabot Book 10 will be the last official book, so the one I'm writing now.
claire_1509 Why is Mia so determined not to take Michael back? I mean, I know she said she "doesn't want to be that girl", but her Dad has already told her not to let pride get in the way!!
megcabot She doesn't have much of an option right now, does she? It's not as if he wants her!
Sassy_Sarah At the end of the book, Mia kisses J.P. Don't you think that's kind of leading him on since she's not sure how she feels about him and she's still not fully over Michael?
megcabot Well, you have to kiss a lot of frogs (no offense to JP) to find out who your handsome prince is! If you don't kiss them, you'll never know. So, no.
anya_potato Why did you have Kenny and Lily get together?
megcabot Don't you think they're wildly suited for one another? So moody and both geniuses.
Spartan_Girl Why did Mia finally get breasts? I thought you said in multiple interviews that she wouldn't get breasts because it's not such a big deal.
megcabot Because I went to a bra store and found out I've been wearing the wrong size bra forever. She doesn't actually have very large ones, you know. Just bigger than she thought.
MsHarryPotter Why is Michael trying so hard to try to stay friends with Mia?
megcabot S
michael_n_mia Was J.P. based on anyone in your life?
megcabot Yes, indeed, he is.
Karolinaleja Was Lily just acting angry or does she truly feel like she can never forgive Mia?
megcabot S
amee Will there be any more explosions in book 10? I loved Kenny's mishap in the chem lab. :P
megcabot I don't believe there will be any literal explosions, but there will be many emotional ones, and not just for Mia.
hobbitfeet64 Why is I get the same bad vibe from JP as I do from that guy who went on the shooting spree on Degrassi?
megcabot This is a bit extreme!
anya_potato Do you know if you'll be going on tour anytime soon?
megcabot Yes! I am going to Australia, England, Scotland, Singapore, and Hong Kong in August 2008! I'll let you know where else soon!
anya_potato Did the Chem Lab explosion really happen to you?
megcabot Sadly, no.
PicturesqueEpiphany Why did you decide to add the democracy factor into the book?
megcabot Well, it was always planned. I wanted to show the struggle of a nation as it became a democracy, sort of mirroring other nations we've watched. Only of course it's very different, because it's much wealthier, and the people don't actually care. Mia will still be a princess, and she'll still have to live there, but she could have another job...such as, being a writer.
bookworm Are you sad to finish writing the PD? Will you miss writing new one?
megcabot I will miss the characters, but I'm excited about my new series, Airhead, Allie Finkle, and Abandon.
TinaHakimBABA I think Tina Hakim Baba is a great friend to Mia and makes me laugh all the time. Is she based off anyone you know?
megcabot Yes, she's based on my friend Kim.
Elaine Mia inspired me to start a journal a very long time ago. Was this your intention?
megcabot Well, it wasn't my intention, but I'm glad to hear it!
BlackbirdsWing What made you throw in the "Renaldo family secret"? And why WAS it such a secret?
megcabot Well, that remains to be seen in Book 10! And I didn't throw it in...it was always planned.
janey Can you at least tell us some of the colleges the characters will apply to?
megcabot Well, being New York prep school kids, they'll apply to all the Ivys. Mia, at least, will apply to one non-Ivy.
headstrongx0o Was the whole Princess Amelia story based on an actual event? Or did you just think it up? Either way, it was an awesome little plot twist!
megcabot Thanks! And no, I made it up.
princess_nayab I cried so much thru book #9, will Mia finally get her happy ending in book 10?
megcabot I think so! I guess it depends on what you consider happy!
purpreadr Will we find out more about JP's childhood (throwing bottles)?
megcabot Not his childhood, but more about his life and likes.
R.Skye Thank you so much for writing about depression! It's so stigmatized for those who go through it, like me, but I think your book might relieve some of that.
megcabot Well, you're welcome!
hobbitfeet64 I am a Meg-A-Reader. Will we be getting any new updates soon?
admin-janey Sorry, that's is handled by the publisher directly, so we don't know.
MsHarryPotter what was Lilly thinking when she made that website?
megcabot I think she was thinking that she hated Mia and wanted to vent about it. You'll notice it hasn't been updated in a while though, so I think she's over it.
MsHarryPotter How do you know so much about movies and authors? When Mia compares something, I feel so lost! It's like watching Gilmore Girls!!
megcabot Ha! Well, I'm a pop culture junkie. I read a lot and watch a lot of TV.
Abess Is doctor Knutz anything like a therapist you've ever seen?
megcabot Yes (his name is Knutz), he's based on the therapist I had as a teen.
technojess Hey, Meg! Love all your books! How long did it take you to write p.d#9?? xx
megcabot Oh, a few months!
justlaughwithme huge gap? how long?
megcabot Get ready--21 months! But you'll be able to read about what Mia was doing during that time. IN DETAIL.
Spacey Totally off-topic, but in the picture of you on the home page, you're wearing some amazing heels. Where did you get them?
megcabot Betsey Johnson!
purpreadr How did Mia pay for the shopping spree with Lana if she charged the donation to amnesty international?
admin-janey I think Meg meant that she charged an equal amount to Amnesty International
princess_nayab Why doesn't Michael tell Mia about him having lost his precious gift when he knows it's a huge deal for Mia(she says so in book 1)
megcabot He explains that to her. Because she would freak out and break up with him. Which, if you will recall, she does.
bookworm Is there going to be another Heather Wells mystery? (sorry.. it's not PD related, just curious)
admin-janey Yes
claire_1509 Hey Meg, would just like to say, I absolutely adore your books! So I am desperate to know the exact date of when Princess Diaries 10 is going to be out? Number 9 was very good, but please let Michael and Mia get back together!!
megcabot Well, hopefully next Christmas but I'm a little behind due to my surgery. But hopefully we'll still make that deadline (me and my editor).
MsHarryPotter My hand easily gets tired when I write, but I truly love to write. Any tips on what to do?
admin-janey Meg types
hobbitfeet64 OMG!!! The book was GREAT, but WHY did Mia have kiss JP?? I am sooo sure something is not right with that guy!
megcabot Thanks! We'll have to see! I think she felt like it felt right at the time (snow, etc).
R.Skye Will Lilly and Mia ever be friends again? I don't think I would mind if they weren't. She may be a genius, but Lilly has some growing up to do as well.
megcabot Good point!
technojess Did you plan on having ten books or did you just keep on writing them until you felt the story was complete?? xxx!
megcabot Yes, I felt like the story had to be told in whatever amount of books it took (I think it's 16 or 17 books total with all the 1/2 books).
MsHarryPotter Do you write by hand, or in the computer? Just curious!!
megcabot I use a laptop.
justlaughwithme When I try to picture characters, I picture John Mayer for JP (Idk why), who does he look like to you?
megcabot Oh, in my head he's blonde.
Pinkroxsprincess Will you miss Mia after finishing book ten?
megcabot Yes, but she lives on and always will. And I'll probably visit her from time to time.
Jackie Is Amnesty International a real organization, if so what does it do?
admin-janey Yes it is real. They work to prevent and correct human rights abuses such as illegal imprisonment of political prisoners.
Sassy_Sarah Did you ever have a popular person or a person who was once your enemy become friends with you like Lana?
megcabot Um, once you become a bestselling author, all your enemies want to become your friends.
Spartan_Girl Did J.P. and Lilly really have sex? I know that J.P. said they didn't in PD8 but since so many people are doubting it...
megcabot Really???? You'll have to wait until Book 10 to find out!
BlackbirdsWing You can tell us...does Lilly have Bipolar Disorder (because that would explain SO much!)
megcabot Ha! Well, no not bipolar, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had something.
Katie Could you elaborate more on what you mean by Book 10 being 2 books in one and part of it being online, or is that a surprise for later this year that I shouldn't be asking about?
megcabot A surprise I'm not really sure about yet so I can't elaborate at the moment.
justlaughwithme Do you believe that someone can learn to love or must there be a "love at first sight" reaction?
megcabot Oh, no, you can be friends first and love can later! I hated my husband at first sight!
vimaro22 How do you stay in touch with popular culture that you can relate into the books? You do it really well, and all of the events were recent ones too.
megcabot Thanks! The problem is, these things might become outdated, then you have to change the books (for instance, we recently had to change some of the books for Anna Nicole references, since she died....sad....)
vimaro22 Did you decide to include the Samantha Madison comment on a whim, when Mia says that she didn't do anything to deserve the attention, unlike Samantha Madison, who saved the president?
megcabot Ha! No, that was on purpose to see if you were paying attention! I'm glad you were!
janey Will Michael be back from Japan for PD 10?
megcabot Yes!
Sassy_Sarah I thought all the parts with Lana and Mia's friends were really funny. Did you have as much fun writing those parts as I did reading them?
megcabot Yes! I love writing about Lana. She's based on a cheerleader friend of mine who was so mean at first. Then it turned out I just didn't understand her. She was actually really, really funny.
Abess What with the whole "No writing in your journal during class" thing? What a creativity buster!
megcabot I know! Mean teachers.
ClarisseRenaldiFan Is Mia going to have to marry to be the queen, like in the movie, or it was completely nonsense Disney made?
admin-janey That was a Disney plot line. Completely unrelated to the books
emija95 Do you still keep a diary, I mean not only online?
megcabot No, I don't have time. I write books instead!
Jon Meg, how come you never have any gay characters in your stories?
megcabot I do! In my Heather Wells and Queen of Babble series. And you obviously aren't paying close enough attention to my YA series, either, if you think there are no gay characters in them.
PicturesqueEpiphany How old/what grade will they be (in) in PD 10?
megcabot Last month of their senior year.
janey Mia donates money to charity after her shopping spree. Do you do penance like that as well after splurging?
megcabot Yes. The guilt.
Karolinaleja Do you think Lily is only angry because of the whole JP thing or do you think her anger has been growing ever since she found out Mia was a princess?
megcabot S!
Katie Some of the people on the boards (including myself) are very upset about the banning of PD8. Are you glad about all the support, or should we just let this issue die down for now?
megcabot Ah, you're sweet! But really, it is a non-issue. I mean, they ban things for the silliest reasons. And I would rather you be having fun! Although I appreciate the concern!
michael_n_mia Is Domina Rei real? Or did you make it up?
megcabot I made it up, but there ARE women's groups like that.
Sassy_Sarah I'm so sad that the Princess Diaries series is ending soon. I've grown-up with these books. Do you have any ideas how to cope with this loss?
megcabot Yes! Read my new series!
page Did you make the www.ihatemiathermopolis.com website?
megcabot Hmmm...I might have...with Janey's help....
Kingthedevil666 A little of topic but... Are you ever going to write books where the main character is a guy?
megcabot Well, I might write one where parts of the narration are from his point of view, but not the whole book.
princess_nayab Was your mother anything like Helen Thermopolis?
megcabot Yes, and she still is.
MsHarryPotter Does someone we know get pregnant in book 10?
megcabot Good grief! No! Oh wait yes...Grandmere. HA HA HA
livster888 When is PD10 planned on being published? Will i be able to purchase all 10 books as a set? 
megcabot I hope they'll put out all ten books as a set, but most likely they'll just put them all out with matching covers, probably starting this March (though not Book 10 of course). 10 won't be out until next December/January.
amanda Do you have to have permission to put in celebrities names? Such as Oprah?
admin-janey No. Famous people's names can be used without permission.
page Will there be more books like Princess Lessons and Holiday Princess?
megcabot I don't think so, not in this country. In the UK they are doing more calendars/annuals, but not in the US.
anya_potato Can you tell us when Airhead will be released?
megcabot Yes, the first book in the Em Watts series, Airhead, will be out in June. I'll be releasing more information on that series soon.
Kaila Your new author pictures look AMAZING! What makeup products did the makeup artist use? You looked extra fabulous.
megcabot Ah, thanks! She used all MAC products.
Kaila Any news on the Mediator TV series/film front?
megcabot No, due to the writer's strike there's no information or movement on any of my optioned books. Sorry!
SummerTrident Does someone we know get pregnant in book 10? Good grief! No! Oh wait yes...Grandmere. HA HA HA < is that a joke?
admin-janey Yes, it's a joke.
Kaila I loved the two revamped Mediator covers you gave us a preview of. Do you think they'll ever eventually get used? I'd loved to see what the rest would have looked like.
megcabot No, I really pushed for those, but the booksellers felt as if the books were selling well enough with the original covers. Someday I'll post all the covers for you. They were really cool (although the girl who was supposed to be Suze was scary thin, I thought).
Kaila  Meg, have you started the judging for the Seventeen Magazine Short Story Contest? I realize there were probably over a 1,000 entries. How will the judging process work? I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I'd give a vital organ to have a character named after me appear in a Meg book! Ha Ha!
megcabot Ah, thanks! No, they haven't started sending me the entries yet. I don't think I'll hear anything until March at the earliest. I'll post on my blog when I hear something! Good luck, though!
technojess Sorry this isn't exactly topic but why did the names of some of the Mediator series get changed??
admin-janey They didn't. But the UK books have different names.
ClarisseRenaldiFan Have you chosen the winners of the t-shirt contest yet?
admin-janey No, the contest goes until the end of the month
bookworm Since it's senior year in the 10th book for Mia...will the prom be included??
megcabot Oh yes, prom will be play a MAJOR factor in Book 10. In fact...remember Tina's prom night fantasy. That's all I'm saying.
vimaro22 You've had an Age 13 and Up mark on your books ever since the first one. I have to admit, I've been reading them since I was 10. Why was that there, because I never read anything TOO mature...?
megcabot Really? That makes me feel better. I never thought there was anything too mature in them, either, but booksellers say they've had complaints from parents, apparently about the "condom" remarks. Oh well. Safe sex!
Elaine How come the UK books have a different naming style, that is, based on the book volume?
megcabot When I first sold the books, the UK publisher felt that "number" titles sold better, and so they've been making up their own titles ever since.
PicturesqueEpiphany Whatever happened to Josh Richter?
megcabot He's a gross frat boy at Duke, I think. Or Princeton? One or the other, I can't remember! I have to check my notes! But I know he got all paunchy from too much beer!
scout Did you write a short story called "A Tall Drink of Water" for 17 magazine that was based on PD? (a long time ago)
megcabot Yes! But later I turned it into the novel Princess in Love. So you didn't miss anything if you've read that book.
Brinda Will Mia give up meat in book 10?
megcabot I guess this isn't too much of a spoiler...as of Book 10, Mia has become a flexatarian--that is, she avoids meat when possible, but she will eat it at state dinners.
technojess Sorry this is a random question but I watched a video of a day in the life of Meg Cabot and I was just wondering what is your cat called??
admin-janey Her cat is called Henrietta
amanda Meg, do you keep up on gossip? Like the whole Jamie Lynn fiasco? If so, how do these make you feel when people always say bad things?
megcabot I do believe there is too much snark at the moment on the Internet. I just think people are saying and posting way too many negative things. I too have been guilty of it but I'm really trying to cut back! I think everybody needs to remember, these are PEOPLE we're talking about!
PicturesqueEpiphany What made you decide to make the covers look like a real diary/journal?
megcabot That was my publisher! Aren't they great???? I love them....
Katie In case you care, I'm pretty sure Josh Richter went to Yale. Because Mia was all "Ha ha Lana, my boyfriend is going to college in the same state as me!" Just thought I'd share that.
amanda Does book 10 have a title?
megcabot Book 10 is called Forever Princess!
megcabot OK, Josh Richter went to Yale...that's right! Thanks!
technojess will you be visiting Northern Ireland on any of your tours?? For Signings, etc..??
admin-janey No plans at the moment, but never say never!
justlaughwithme I sent a letter about two weeks ago asking for a book plate with your autograph. It says it will take about a month, but I check the mail hopefully every day! Do you sign it personally?
admin-janey Yes, Meg signs personally
megcabot OK, that's all we have time for today...although I think there might be free chatting now...anyway, thanks so much for coming today! You guys have been the best! Now I have to get back to work on Book 10, or I'll never finish! Thanks again and--keep reading! Love, Meg

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