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Weapon Extreme

fantasysuperhero batman fanfiction

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Posted 21 January 2015 - 05:36 PM

Summary: Project Cadmus is training a group of gifted kids to become future weapons of the U.S. Army.


Disclaimer: I do not own Batman Beyond. This is loosely based on Batman Beyond.

Chapter One: 

Amanda Waller walked out, eyes squinting as she viewed the vast expanse of towering forestry in the distance. A small breeze blew, ruffling the edges of her cerulean suit. There on the balcony she felt for just that moment like a god.


Below her stood the open space of fresh, green grass ad beyond that a forest of shrubbery, large oaks, and wildlife; all the her disposal if need be. Smirking Amanda turned back to the mansion and walked back through the glass double doors. Walking with pep in every springy step nothing could take away this moment. For this was the day all her hard work would pay off. Today was the day her Weapon Extreme Team would come to reside in her school. Each child hand picked herself because  she saw some bit of potential in their god-given gifts. She wished that sometimes she would be bless with such a gift but to make a difference was a mutation in DNA really needed?


Her shoes scuffed against the finely finished hardwood floor. A familiar face meet her own chubby one and she smiled. None of this would’ve happened without that of Bruce Payne’s funding. For once he didn't think Waller was trying to get over on anyone, and she wasn't. This project was her own making and her final act of retribution.

Bruce Wayne smirked, running a hand through his still thick  grey locks. He immediately switched the arm with his cane and walked towards her as she came down the wide, marble stairs. She was shaking and all these years passed, yet she couldn't find him any less intimidating. She stuck her chest out and hide her fear. She was supposed to be god remember?


“Why Bruce,” Amanda's old limbs opened wide to give the man before her a hug. “I didn't think you were coming.”


Bruce stepped back for a moment and then placing his cane forward, give her a stern hand shake. Obviously, it wasn't his style to give long embraces when it involved his money. How gallant of him.


“Like you expected any less of me Waller? My money was put into building this mansion. I wanted to be ensured I get it back.” Bruce's blue eyes peered into her brown ones, sending a shock down her spine.


“Nothing to worry about. How's McGinnis?” she asked casually changing the subject.


“As stubborn as ever. Thinks he's entitled to something because of that new wife of his.” Bruce grimaced a little. “To proud, that's his problem.”


“But so are you.” Amanda quickly said causing his eyes to narrow. He chuckled a little.


“So these kids Waller?”


“Each one possesses a unique ability. Each one has so much potential Bruce. You have to meet these kids.”


“My question is have YOU met them or are you just branding them for Cadmus?”


“My dear Cadmus is the future. You know that more than I. From the privileged elite to bums on the street we are going to give these kids a future paved in gold. All they have to do is fly.”


“Literally.” He muttered under his breath. “You act like that’s such a thing is easy”


“For these ten it is.”


“Nothing's ever that easy.” he said quietly turning his back to her. Bruce Wayne headed towards the large brown arced doors to exit. Making his way over he was greeted by a man in a black business suit, an ear piece in his ear and reddish orange hair.


“Ms. Waller. They've arrived.” The man looked at Mr. Wayne for a second, perplexed at why he would want to leave.


“Excellent. I'll keep in touch Bruce.” Bruce just grunted in reply and exited the mansion with ease.


Crystal Ishiyama tucked a strand of her blonde locks behind her ear as she got out the truck her and the other ten were being transferred in. She looked around not knowing what to expect. She hoped she would remain safe with her brother at the end of this. They had nothing and never asked for anything. This was all so sudden for her.


“Hey Gorgeous. Don't look so frightened.” a voice came from behind her. She could immediately tell it wasn't someone she's like. His auburn hair and deep brown eyes eyes peered into her own two hazel ones. He placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump.


“Don't touch me you creep.” she snapped at him


“Oh so you don't like your tanned brothers. Fine then.” He rolled his eyes and headed towards the door. She smirked, knowing he'd be a problem right away.


Her brother Nick stood beside her, towering over his younger sibling. At 6 feet, 6 inches he towered over everyone.


“Don't look so scared Kitty. You have to intimidate these types of people before you even open your mouth.” His blueberry eyes met the hazel ones.


“Why is that? We're freaks like them Nick. No different. We should be in hiding not training.” She turned to face him.


“We have no idea what they're capable of so let them know” Nick snapped his fingertips and made gentle sparks of electricity travel. He gentle tapped his sister, sending volts of electricity through her body. She screamed as it traveled through her and into the ground below. “we make fireworks too.”


A girl with near white hair and emerald eyes stopped and stared. Her nails were rather long, more like freakishly long. She had five inches of nail on her pinky alone.


“What are you looking at Animal?” Nick said as Crystal turned to him in disappointment.


The girl stepped forward eying him like she wanted to slice him open. “Name's Talon. Maybe I should give you a welcoming gift.”

Talon came charging at Nick, who wasn't at all prepared for that. With her nails she swiped passed his face quickly  after pouncing on him with her feet. Crystal's eyes widened at the sight of red. She covered her eyes and tried to remain calm, all the while something brewing inside of her.


Nick grabbed on to the girl small ankle and sent a shock of a hundred volts or more through her tiny body. Then her threw her in the direction of the rest of the group with blood streaming down his face. A scratch from his left eye down to his mouth remained.


Unfortunately, where he tossed the briefly immobilized Talon wasn't the best place. In an instant fire came raining down spreading. The boy from before wasn't to happy about having a 150 pound girl dropped on his head.


“You think you're so hot. You have no idea.” The boys hair immediately turned from brown to flames. Around his whole body were circles of red hot fire. Lifting his hands her willed a column of fire upwards and toward Nick. All the while a seemingly dormant Crystal still remained in well proximity of her brother.


“Oh crap!” Nick yelled running, which was a fail. By the time his feet started moving the flames were coming down. He rolled to his knees and snapped his fingers. Thunderbolts echoing behind the sound of his snap. When the thunder and fire collided an explosion occurred that neither Nick or the other boy would’ve seen coming. Both boys on either sides of the yard eyes widened. Everyone else got on the ground preparing to die any moment.


Nick shut his eyes tight as tear streamed down his cheek. He was an idiot. Fireworks. What was he thinking?


But to his surprise when he opened his eyes a moment later, assuming he was dead he saw the flames and thunder explode inside a giant black orb of energy. Everyone watch in awe as the explosion dissipated within the dark confines.


All anyone could so was clap for the amount of power exerted. Now wondering whose power saved their lives everyone looked around. But no one seemed to be using their powers now. Nick looked over at his timid sister, making sure she was safe. The orb disappeared soon after.


“Alright!” An older woman African American with short grey hair and wearing a blue suit stood on the top of the stairs, clapping along with the group of children. “What a nice show but it's time for us all to get acquainted. That is if you haven't already.” Waller eyed the two explosive boys, they both hunched back for a second.


Following the elderly woman into the mansion everyone looked in awe at paintings and truly beautiful sights of the mansion itself. They assembled at the center of the living room where the two staircases separated. The ten children plopped down on the three sets of couches while Waller sat in the only chair, facing all of them.


“My name is Amanda Waller. You each have been called to my attention by your gifts Every single one of you has a power. Every one of you can change the course of history. You must learn not only to handle your own power but help your comrades handle theirs.” Amanda stood up looking every single person in the eye. “Let us begin.” She pointed to a random person. “You tell us about yourself and show us your power.”

“Me?” The African American girl with long dark hair said.


“Yes YOU! Don't be shy. We won't hurt you.”


“Eh. After that display outside, I'm not so sure.” She stood up tying her long black locks back in a ribbon. All was quiet as all eyes were on her.


“Name's Nala Potter. I come from Brooklyn. Dad runs a store, mom teaches jujitsu. Don't *#&$%% with me or I'll slice you into pieces. Enough said.” Nala sat down quickly as Waller smirked at her.


“Show us what you can do Nala. Your power.” Amanda lifted her hands up signaling her to stand again. Nala sighed getting to her feet.


“See that vase across the room on that table.” Everyone nodded. “Well now you don't”


In an instant a glowing green sword appeared she wielded the blade expertly as she made two small upper cuts of the sword and vase crumbled into dust. No one even knew she had done until she saw the sword disappear into air.


“So yea. I cut things. Hope it won't be you next time.” Nala smirked, plopping back down.

“Excellent Nala. Who's next?” Her eyes met a girl with red hair and blue eyes. She stood up instinctively.


“Felicia Romney. Daughter of a stock holder. I can make your wildest dreams come true.” Everyone giggled at that statement as she stamped her foot on the ground. “No really. Think of any food Ms. Waller. Anything.”


Felicia put her hands to her forehead and in just a few seconds the coffee table was filled with lobster tails and shrimps with cocktail sauce. Everyone gasped and reached to taste the food. Although as soon as they touched it the food was gone like it was never there.


“It's only temporary. I'm afraid. I have to concentrate a whole lot for it to continue.” She finished her statement and sat down with poise.


A boy with sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes stood. “I'm Christopher Reed. Call me Chris, call me Big Time. Don't play me for no fool. That picture of that fruit basket over there. We're about to have some fruit.” Chris glared at the painting concentrating on the details. “OK.” Lifting his hand up a hundred fruit baskets appeared. Amanda picked up a ripe, red apple and bite into it, She spit it out quickly. The inside was hollow.


“I can only do what I see in the picture. Sorry.” He kicked over a basket as he sat down.


The girl, Talon from before stood up. Her near snow white hair and light blue eyes caught everyone's attention. What was more compelling was the 8 inches of nails on her hands.


“I'm Talon. Since I was a babe they called me that 'because of my nails. Tried to cut 'em off, grew back an hour later. They scratch things. As you can see from Pretty Boys face over there.” Everyone turned to Nick who had a claw mark that already started swelling. They all cringed watching her sit.


“Well I guess I'll stand since that beast called me out. I'm Nick, my sister's here too.” He pointed to his blonde haired sister  and watched everyone gasp. “Yea we don't look alike but it's cool. Yall know what I do. I produce electricity with friction in my fingertips so yea.”


Someone mutter ass hole as he took his seat. He only glared and stayed calm.


“Who'll go next? This is getting quite interesting.” Waller pointed to the boy with dark hair and icy eyes. He stood and all around him cringed. He was very tall with overly broad shoulders and a very solid chest.


“I'm Thomas McGinnis. I came from Gotham City. I can----”


“But wait Thomas, tell us about your family.” Waller said leaning in to listen.


“I'd prefer not to.” He glared back at her. “I absorb hard objects or anything coming towards me and send it back as a shock wave. Can't really do that here so you will see later. That's it. Next.”


“Damien. I make fire, lots of it. Especially when I'm pissed. You all saw I hope.” He looked at Crystal and smirked. She avoided his gaze if anything. “Can't make fire not unless someone messes with my mood.”


“Asssss” Nick muttered under his breath. Damien glared and walked over to him getting close to his face.


“What. Did. You. Say?” Damien hands were clenched beside him in a tight fist. Nick only laughed and spit in his face. The spit started to evaporate upon contact with  Damien's skin. His eyes turned red and his hair turned to flames. Around his fist was enough fire to melt a metal statue. The curtains by the door caught on fire.


“DAMIEN!” Waller yelled. At the sound of her voice the flames turned to smoke and Damien too took his seat with a trail of smoke behind him, causing coughs and watery eyes around the room. After the smoke cleared the meet and greet continued.


A boy with silver hair stood. “I'm Tyler Gage. I like painting and beaches. If something's wet I can change the temperature around it. I know lame power.” He sat down just as soon as he stood up. A man of few words.


Only two people remained two girls. Amanda urged one of them to volunteer but ended up selecting the girl closet to her. She had brown hair with green, piercing eyes.


“I'm Ericka Tucker. I'm afraid of using my powers, always was.” Her voice was like a low murmur. “I, I know YOU,” she pointed to the only girl left who hadn't gone. “have an amazing power you have no idea how to control. It, it wants to break free but you won't let it.”


Crystal look up at her, eyes laced with fear and shock. How did she know?


“I knew everyone's gifts as soon as I saw your faces. That's my power I can also heal, but only myself.” The quiet girl sat down, leaving Crystal to stand. Nick nudged his sister to push her forward and stand. She moved her seemingly heavy body though slender as she was and pushed her blonde hair behind her ear. Twirling a piece of straight hair she began to speak.


“I'm Crystal. You all met my brother Nick. I, my power acts on its own. I don't know why I have it but I'll show you if I can use it now.”


Shutting her eyes, Crystal concentrated on nothing but the raw energy inside her mind. Eyes widened as her hair turned from golden blonde to a dark black. Opening her eyes once more one eye was gray and the other remained hazel. Her entire eye turned black as her strands of black twirled upward in the air like a wave of air surrounded her. As her hair moved more and eyes grew completely eclipsed with black everything in the room became encased with black orbs and floated in then air. She, herself started to levitate as well.


Nick grabbed his sister by her foot and attempted to keep her grounded. Before he could even touch her hand was pointing at him and hen was shoot by a blast of the black energy. Only the sound of  his impact with wall snapped her out of it.


The tables, chairs, paintings, vases and other objects came crashing to the floor with her. Her hair turned back blonde once more and eyes the same timid hazel from before. She ran over to her brother quickly.


“I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Every time I use my powers someone gets hurt.” She knelt down next to her brother as he reached up and gently touched her face.


“It's okay sissy. You sure made some fireworks.” They both smiled at each other as Nick got to his feet and they both joined the other 8 on the couch.


“An interesting day I must say. Please settle into your rooms upstairs and get some rest.” She eyed the other people before her. “Some need it more than others.” Her eyes glued on the two siblings.


As the teens got up and made their ways up the stair it was then she realized that staring back at her was just ten children. Sure they had special gifts but they were all just kids. Kids who needed  discipline fast before things got out of hand.  In the back of her mind she knew this could spin out of control but honestly Amanda Waller didn't care. She never did.


They were just kids. -She thought to herself


Author's Note: This a long chapter but you got to meet all the characters so what do you think? Who's your favorite person so far? Your least favorite? Tell me why. Also comments and feed back are loved :)! Until next time! ~Bre






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