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Princess Diaries 10: Forever Princess

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 01:13 PM

Meg Cabot Welcome to the Forever Princess/Ransom My Heart chat! I'm so excited to finally be able to chat about these books with you! Remember, if you haven't read them yet, there WILL be spoilers here...so look out! Are you ready? Let's get chatting! You ask, and I'll try to answer...!
alyssa321 Hi Meg! Let me start off by saying I have been reading your PD series since I was 12 years old and cannot get enough. The only way the ending could have been any better would be if it WASN’T the end! I was just wondering if you were planning to check in on Mia over the years. I miss her so much already!
Meg Cabot I would definitely like to! I don't have any books contracted right now, since I'm busy with my other series. We'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, we have Mia's blog!
xsophiejane Hey Meg, I’m Sophie and I’m a huge fan of yours from England and I was wondering Is this how you thought your last book would turn out when you started the first?
Meg Cabot Sort of. The main points anyway! Of course I couldn't have predicted things like 9/11 and text messaging, and of course Britney's breakdown....
jagodagurl Meg, are you sad that the book series has ended?
Meg Cabot In a way. I keep thinking of things for Mia to write about in her next book and then I remember...Oh, there is no next book. So, since I keep thinking that, maybe there'll have to be, someday!
saraheartz Why did you choose to end the series this way?
Meg Cabot Well, this was how I always pictured it ending from when I first conceived of the series!
kahx812 What was your favorite part of this book?
Meg Cabot Hmmm. Probably prom night!
xsophiejane Which was the hardest book to write?
Meg Cabot Definitely Book 2. Book 2 is always hardest for me for some reason in every series.
xsophiejane Do you think you will do another Princess Diaries book in the future, maybe showing how Mia's life turned out when she is a bit older?
Meg Cabot Hopefully!
missdrew89 Hi Meg! Did you always intend for J.P. to be a villain? Also, I LOVED the happy ending. Thanks for writing such incredible books. I started reading them at 11, and now I'm 19.
Meg Cabot Yes (although he isn't a villain, he's just confused). That's why there were so many clues that you all (and Mia) should have picked up on. And you're welcome!
shreenad By writing Ransom My Heart, did you mean to demonstrate how Mia is truly real as many of her fans believe her to be?
Meg Cabot What do you mean? She IS real!
purpreadr did you plan the whole series from the beginning (first book) or did you plan as you went along?
Meg Cabot No, it was planned from the beginning pretty loosely, but there was definitely a story arc.
princess_lexi Was it your original intention, back when you were writing the first Princess Diaries book, to come full circle--with Mia ending up with Michael despite the distance and time between them?
Meg Cabot Yes.
Twilighter Hi Meg! After I have read Forever Princess I wondered what Michael's reaction was to Mia telling him abouit her therapy? Greetings from Germany!
Meg Cabot I think he'll be proud of her! And who is to say Michael hasn't had some therapy of his own? Hi from Florida!
Mei Did the situation between Mia and Lilly really happen in your life?
Meg Cabot Not exactly, but I had lots of fights with my own best friends.
shreenad Thanks so much for writing!! I love your books. Each and every one. What is the message behind all the books--the series as a whole?
Meg Cabot I think it's be true to yourself. What do you all think it is?
kdiamond90 What has been the best thing and the worst thing in writing the Princess Diaries series?
Meg Cabot Well, I always like visiting with old friends each time I go to write a new one. And now that it's ending, I miss them. So, there's that.
flipflop6 I know your editor made you make Michael leave because thats what happened to you and your boyfriend. Did your boyfriend come back to you like Michael did in forever princess?
Meg Cabot Yes.
Forever_Princess96 I was really confused at the end of the book. Did or didn't Michael and Mia have sex?
Meg Cabot Yes they did.
StrawberryRibbons Hi : ) I was wondering if you wrote Ransom My Heart and Forever Princess at the same time or one before the other.
Meg Cabot No, I wrote Ransom My Heart before, then rewrote it with Mia in mind.
alyssa321 Meg, I think it was great that you and Mia decided to donate all proceeds for the book Ransom My Heart to Greenpeace! Have you given thought to donating to any other organizations?
Meg Cabot All the proceeds from Princess Project go to The Lower East Side Girls CLub, and all the proceeds from my novella in Prom Nights From Hell go to a literacy foundation. I donate a lot of my novels' proceeds to charities.
cpc93 Hey Meg! I love all your books! Do you plan on writting an epilogue to any of your series, including PD?
Meg Cabot Yes, I want to do an epilogue to the Mediator series someday.
asmileforyou08 Are Mia and Tina still best friends even though Mia and Lily are friends again?
Meg Cabot Yes, I think you can have multiple best friends. I know I do!
FtLouie512 Do you intend to write any more romance novels like Ransom My Heart as Meg Cabot?
Meg Cabot I don't know. Maybe!
samueltbear What happened to JP in the end? Did he end up with Stacy?
Meg Cabot No. He becomes an entertainment lawyer, I'm pretty sure, and has lots of girlfriends.
StrawberryRibbons I remember Mia saying that Michael would never give up his American citizenship to be able to marry her.
Meg Cabot But he can have dual citizenship!
queensammy Hi! I'm so glad M+M got back together!! It made the last few books all worth it (I've been reading them since I was 11 - I'm 19 now!). My question is, will Mia become prime minister of Genovia or do you see a different path for her (If you've actually thought about it)?
Meg Cabot I don't know! I think she'll be a writer/journalist and leave politics to her dad.
Paige When you first started with the idea for Princess Diaries did you ever think they'd be this huge?
Meg Cabot Well, to tell you the truth I think all writers hope/think their books will be huge. But no, not really.
Sassy_Sarah Hi Meg! First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for a wonderful series of books. I started reading the Princess Diaries when I was 9 and I feel like I've grown up with the books. So my question is: Did you base the fight between Mia and Lilly on an actual fight you had with one of your firends?
Meg Cabot Yes, my best friend from high school and I had a huge fight, but it wasn't about a boy, really. It was more about growing apart really. We're friends now though.
Njgal88 Hi, Meg! I absoluely love the PD series! Do you think there will be more movies? I enjoyed them almost as much as the books.
Meg Cabot No, no more movies that I know of! Sorry!
kahx812 Hey! I loved all of your pop culture references in this one, do you have a favorite "current event" you got to include?
Meg Cabot Hmmm, I think I'm most glad I got the Obamas in there!
Chuz97 The thing that is great about Mia's diaries is that she always goes into so much detail about everything. So how come there wasn't anything after Mia and Michael left the hotel? Not one detail!
Meg Cabot Ha. I know. I wasn't going there because it was like spying on your best friend having sex. EW!
princess_lexi I certainly hope there's more coming from Mia, eventually! But how long did it take you to write Forever Princess in comparison to your other PD books?
Meg Cabot It took a REALLY long time because 1) it's longer than the others, and 2) it was right after I had an ovary removed and also during the whole time the tumor on it was bothering me and 3) I was on major painkillers the whole time I was writing it. So I'm glad it turned out okay!!!!
nickle15 Was it nice to write Ransom my Heart? Going back to your early years as a romance writer, I mean.
Meg Cabot To tell the truth I actually wrote Romance My Heart about 12 years ago and had it lying around. I just brushed it off and rewrote it with Mia in mind. So, I didn't even really remember it. I just wrote it for fun but at the time medievals weren't selling which is why I never tried to publish it.
StrawberryRibbons Were there any parts of Forever Princess that didn't turn out as you originally planned?
Meg Cabot There are lots of parts I wrote that didn't end up in the book. Like originally Grandmere ends up with Dr. Knutz and Mia goes on the Pill. You can read some of the cut out parts on Seventeen.com (go to the Meg In The News section of this site and there's a link).
jagodagurl Why did the covers of your books change so many times? My favorites were the second editions with the pink covers
Meg Cabot Covers get old and they try to freshen them up to reflect the changing times, I think.
flipflop6 I know this is off topic but... i have a question about the tiara auction!!! I saw in USA Today thismorning some tiaras I didnt see on the site? When are those being sold?
Meg Cabot All the tiaras in the article are on the site. There's a 2nd page maybe you missed.
missdrew89 Do you realized that by having Mia write Ransom My Heart, she accomplished her goal of publishing a novel by 21?
Meg Cabot Yes! That was the point. Yay for Mia!
mastershake453 Mia certainly seems like a girl who knows romance, considering she wrote a romance novel. How come she wasn't more willing to talk about her experience with Michael on prom night? That would have been great to read!
Meg Cabot Mia explained why she didn't write about it in her diary.
asmileforyou08 How did micheal find out that Mia's senior project was on olive oil?
Meg Cabot She told him in an email.
twenty-years-from-now When I read the last book i felt like there was a huge change in Mia from her junior year to her senior year that we didnt get to see. Do you think that you could write a PD 9 and a half book so we could see what happened?
Meg Cabot Hmmm, I don't think it would be very fun to backtrack. I would rather move forward. I think it would be boring to go backward.
mahinoor I am only 15 years old can i read Ransom My Heart?
admin-janey Ransom My Heart is intended for adult audiences. You need to decide for yourself if you are ready!
Sassy_Sarah Did you always plan on having the Corn-in-the-chili-guy aka J.P. on being such an integral part of the series? Also, if you were Mia, would you have been as nice to him as Mia was when she was breaking up with him. Because I felt like he was such a jerk for making the paparazzi show up all the time.
Meg Cabot I think Mia felt like she could afford to be nice to him because she has so much and he has so little, and never will be as great as she is, or understand how great she is. That's the point of being a princess, and shows how much she's learned in the past few years. She was being the bigger person and turning the other cheek--something we should all do when we seeing someone behaving as pettily as he was.
DianaSF Hi, Meg. I absolutely loved Forever Princess and am so happy that Mia and Michael are back together. Do you have any favorite Michael and Mia moments in PD 10?
Meg Cabot I love the interview at Caffe Dante. I know I wrote it, but I was on drugs when I wrote it (for my ovary surgery) so I have no memory of writing it, and I could read it again and again. I love it!
admin-janey Have you been on a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park?
Meg Cabot No! I want to so badly!!!!
technojess Did you always plan to have a certain amount of books or did you just write until you felt the story was complete?
Meg Cabot I always wanted there to be 16 books! And there are!
mahinoor Meg do you live in Manhatan?
admin-janey Meg mostly lives in Key West, Florida. She also has an apartment in Manhattan.
nickle15 This is a bit off topic, but who is HE-WHO-WILL-NOT-BE-NAMED-IN-THIS-BLOG?
admin-janey Meg's husband, who likes to keep his privacy.
Rachel Did you cry at any point when writing PD10? (I loved it, by the way!)
Meg Cabot No, I never cry at my own books, but I do laugh a lot at them. There is a private joke with my friends in PD10 that always makes me laugh, and when I gave them all copies they all called me when they got to that point, laughing hysterically. It is the "Put It In My Candy Hole" part.
Bri Do you have an actual release date for Ransom My Heart in the UK? On the chat page thing it said it's out now, but Mia's blog said July, and the UK version isn't even listed on amazon.co.uk.
Meg Cabot Sadly, it is not until July, according to my UK publisher.
flipflop6 Which book do you think Mia did the most "growing" as a person in?
Meg Cabot I think PD9 and PD10.
cpc93 When you were writing this did you imagine Michael with any girls while in Japan or was he waiting for Mia?
Meg Cabot I don't think it's wise to speculate or ask.
StrawberryRibbons Why wasn't Mia more angry about being used by J.P.?
Meg Cabot This is horrible to say, but I think being mad at JP is like being mad at a mosquito who has bitten you. It's just his nature and he just didn't know better, so why waste the energy? It's not worth it. It's better to rise above it.
Snake_Hips Why did you choose for Tina and Boris to have sex before Prom night?
Meg Cabot Seriously, if you were in Tina's situation, with such a hot boyfriend, would YOU wait? I wouldn't.
nickle15 Are Mia and Lilly going to be able to go back to being friends after nearly two years of practically not speaking?
Meg Cabot They'll have to take it slowly and carefully, but eventually yes I think they'll be good friends again (but attending different colleges will help).
princess_lexi I went to nyc/manhatten recently, on a school trip, and I realized that as we were taking tours that many of the places you described were real and life--ie the plaza being right next to Central Park and Grandmere being able to see Micheal and Mia in central park was so life-like (and when I realized it, I was hopping up and down, to my class' dismay) but how much research had you done for it?
admin-janey Meg lived in New York for a long time, so she knows all those places like that back of her hand!
Sassy_Sarah I was really amazed with the character development of Mia over the last few books. She's really grown up alot. What was it like writng Mia with a more mature voice but keeping her zany personality?
Meg Cabot It was a natural progression. She just grew up. I just remembered myself at her age and tried to write from that mindset.
xsophiejane Hey Meg, just wondering if you'd ever write the story from someone else's point of view? or parts of it? what about having Michael or lily telling some of it? or even lars, as he must have seen a lot of it!
Meg Cabot Lars! I love him! But no, I think I would only ever write from Mia's POV. I love her too much to want to write her story from anyone else's POV.
cpc93 Your online diary and Mia's diary seem so similar...did you go back to your own diaries from your teen years and just change things to sound like Mia?
Meg Cabot Almost everything from Mia's diaries is taken from my own diaries (except the princess stuff of course)!
samueltbear What is Grandmere planning on doing now that Mia's dad is prime minister?
Meg Cabot Bossing him around endlessly. No, actually I think she'll stay in NYC to be near Mia.
purpreadr Did you do research on each college that Mia was considering like which ones don't count the SATs, cause that is so cool/real, that gave me another factor to consider in my college search?
Meg Cabot Yes, I did! I spend hours on college websites and message boards, like those ones where you go to find out your chances on getting in to certain places, and post your entrance letters? It was brutal reading people's messages when they didn't get in.
kahx812 Will Michael now become the king of Genovia when Mia is queen?
Meg Cabot No because Genovia is a principality so Mia will always be a Princess, and I think Michael be Prince Consort.
FtLouie512 Do you think it will be hard for Mia and Michael to keep up their relationship while Mia's at college?
Meg Cabot No, her college is quite near NYC.
princess_lexi What made you decide that Mia could eat meat? Was it to prove that maybe she was changing, as well as growing up (or am I reading into a little too much?)
Meg Cabot No, I think she was just having a breakdown, and that was part of it.
ericar87 Later in life do you think Mia and Michael end up married or do you think they meet other people.
Meg Cabot I think they end up together. I can't see them with other people.
xsophiejane In England, the book is called Princess Diaries: Ten of Ten, did you come up with the names of the books for England, or did someone else?
Meg Cabot No, the UK publisher came up with all the UK titles. Except Sixsational, which Michele Jaffe came up with when the UK publisher became stumped.
FtLouie512 Is Caffe Dante real? I live on MacDougal St and have never heard of it.
Meg Cabot Yes, it's real! It's right there.
iirenee.xox Did Michael quit Columbia University to go to Japan?
Meg Cabot No, he got school credit for going there. It was part of his courses.
Snake_Hips Are Perin and Ling Su a couple?
Meg Cabot Yes, they are.
Forever_Waiting Hey Meg! I've always liked Michael best, but did you ever think that so many people would become fans of JP? [I wish I were in Florida right now, it's freezing over here in the UK!]
Meg Cabot It's not really very warm here in FL.And no, I thought there were enough signs that JP was kind of shady that people would catch on to him, the way Boris did.
MiaheartsMichael Hey Meg! I was wondering why Mia's Last name is Thermopolis. Wouldnt it be Renaldo, being that was her fathers last name? Yet since they divorced wouldnt Helens name come up first? Thermopoliosadf
admin-janey Actually, Mia's parents never married. Because Mia was not a "legitimate" child, she has her mother's last name.
shreenad I found that the message was to listen to your heart and I really appreciate that there's so much that you're writing for us young readers! (Even though I'm not young anymore). Were you ever confused or stuck in the series--as in did you ever feel that you didn't know what would happen next?
Meg Cabot Great message! I think that's true, too. No, I pretty much had a blueprint for the series in my own life/diaries.
gasparwaffles Will Michael and Mia ever marry?
Meg Cabot Oh, yes, definitely. Imagine how Grandmere will act then.
admin-janey Are Jean-Luc and JP based on the same guy?
Meg Cabot No, actually they are not!
cpc93 You have really helped me through a lot of hard times, made me laugh when I feel like crying. Does writing books like PD help you deal with stress or is it a stressor?
Meg Cabot Aw, thanks! Actually the PD series is a little of both at times to me!
dblouie Is albert einstein high school real or not????
admin-janey Not
Njgal88 Is it strange switching genres all the time? You have Ransom My Heart for adults, teen books, and now you have Allie Finkle! Is it hard deciding what's for each audience?
Meg Cabot No, actually, I really enjoy it. I would go crazy writing the same thing all the time.
hachi08 Michael was so swoon-worthy in PD10! I was clutching my "I <3 Michael Moscovitz" shirt the entire time. Did he try dating anyone else while in Japan?
Meg Cabot I really don't know and I don't WANT to know. If he did it wasn't serious though. He said his heart always belonged to Mia and I'm sure if he went out with anyone else it was only to try to get over her (unsuccessfully of course) because she was seeing JP.
smwatson28 Did Mia tell the rest of her friends about getting into every school she applied to?
Meg Cabot No, she would be too embarrassed about that to ever tell. That would be bragging and unprincesslike.
DianaSF I love the Rebel Princess CD by the Switchblade Kittens. Brown Eyed Boy is probably my favorite song, and I like the tune of Frenemy even though I don't think Lilly is a frenemy to Mia. She's a good friend. Do you have favorite songs from the CD?
Meg Cabot ME TOO! BEB is my favorite. I also love Size 12 Is Not Fat.
ericar87 Why didn't Mia's parents freak out when Michael brought her home the morning after prom.
Meg Cabot Because she's 18 and a legal adult.
kahx812 Did you get "Micromini Midori" 's name from the character on GuitarHero (Or maybe it's Rock Band)?
Meg Cabot Ha, no. I have never played either of those's games. Is that a real character?
nickle15 Mia has always really hit my heartstrings as she goes through the same problems I go though as a high school student (sans the princess-factor). It reminds me that everyone goes through those problems. So thank, you , Meg
Meg Cabot Youre welcome!
cpc93 You have written books set in a lot of the places you have lived, do you plan on writting one were the protagonist is based in Key West?
Meg Cabot I don't know. It would be hard because this is a REALLY small town and I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes!
nickle15 Did you carry around your journal like Mia did? In class, in cabs, etc...
Meg Cabot I did have a tiny notebook so yes....you can see it on one of my YouTube videos....
shreenad Wow, Meg. Are you saying that even BORIS is based on a real person?
Meg Cabot Ha, yes. Well, he is a mix of two people.
missdrew89 I'm so glad you decided to have Mia go to her senior prom; I was hoping you would after Princess in Pink. Were you obsessed with prom in high school (I was)?
Meg Cabot Oh yes! But then I became disillusioned with it, like Mia.
Tibbi-S Hi Meg. My English isn't very good, but I hope you will understand me. So, I love FP! Happy end was amazing! And now the question: Does Mia smell to Michael so good as he to her?
Meg Cabot Oh, yes, she does. But he would never admit it, I'm sure.
DianaSF Did you base the whole Michael's-neck-smelling-great thing on your own life?
Meg Cabot No comment.
nickle15 Did Michael have to drop out of Columbia to go to Japan, or take a break? Is he still enrolled?
Meg Cabot Actually he got a Masters degree, remember from the ceremony Mia snuck into?
dblouie I know you said that you will report on Mias life now and then but how long will we have to wait until we can hear from her??? =)
Meg Cabot Well, you can check her blog but it will be awhile until a full length book because I have to write some other books first! A lot, actually.
purpreadr How big was the supply closet in the G&T room? Was it walk in or just shelving?
Meg Cabot Walk in.
flipflop6 Do you think Grandmere evoloved as a character by the end? Do you think Mia will become closer to her? Like when decorating Mias dorm buttercup yellow?
Meg Cabot Um, no to both questions.
dblouie Will Michael and Mia live in genovia?????
Meg Cabot Part of the year.
MiaheartsMichael Has Grandmere Grown fond of Michael, or does she still hate him? By the way it was minus three degrees where I live on friday! BRR!
Meg Cabot Yuck about the weather. And I think with the robotic surgical arm and him being rich now, she definitely likes him better.
ellierox What is Mia going to study in college?
Meg Cabot Probably English.
nickle15 I loved how Mia matured between her junior and senior year because I have done the same (I am a senior now). Did you go through that same transition your junior/senior year? Is that the time most teenagers mature?
Meg Cabot I think so. What do you think?
Sassy_Sarah I though it was cool that Mia listened to the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack (It's one of my favorite cds. I love the combintation of punk and classical music) while writing. What did you listen to while writing Forever Princess?
Meg Cabot It was the Marie Antoinette soundtrack of course!
flipflop6 Why is Mia getting a dorm off at college? I know she could afford any housing she could want.
Meg Cabot Because that's how you meet new people and make friends at college!
loola I love your books meg! PD has been my fave series ever since i can remember!! Do you think their might be a chance for a Princess Gets Hitched?! PLEASE??????? I'm begging. :)
Meg Cabot Ha, great title. We'd have to do Princess Diaries the College Years and Princess Diaries, Career Girl, first!
loola Did you pick the title "Princess Diaries " ?
Meg Cabot Yes, I did. Believe it or not, I saw the books, The Vampire Diaries back in the 90s, and I thought, I'm going to call my book, The Princess Diaries. HA!
princess_lexi How long did it take for your very first book, in general, to get accepted by a publisher? (PS--pd is amazing (: loved the ending, iI would've cried if she DIDNT end up like she did)
Meg Cabot Hmmm, a very long time. After I got an agent, it still took about a year.
technojess Do you prefer writing series to single books? If so why?
Meg Cabot I like both. It's good to have a change.
DianaSF So what DID Michael do in Japan to get so extra good-looking and fit? I love that one of Mia's friends said that he got hit with an awesome stick!
Meg Cabot Ha. He just worked out a lot with weights. I think to vent his frustrations.
Meg Cabot OK, I have to go now. Thanks to everyone who came to the chat today! It was really great talking to all of you! Thanks so much for sticking with the Princess Diaries series all of these years! Sorry Princess Mia couldn't be here...Have a great weekend, and remember to tell your friends about the tiara auction!

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