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Posted 16 May 2013 - 04:58 AM

Hey everyone! So this is my first attempt at writing up one of my many story ideas! I'd love to hear some honest feedback because I really want to improve on my writing skills. :) Thanks for reading!

Life is normal for 16 year old Lissa Bennett, until the day she starts seeing the future. When images of events that have not yet occurred begin to appear to Lissa for no apparent reason, she and her best friends try to piece together what’s happening and what it means.

When her visions seem to revolve around Daniel, the local ‘loner’ whose brother has gone missing, should Lissa risk everything to help, or leave well enough alone?

Chapter 1

Charlotte wanted to watch a Rom Com. I was sick of Rom Coms. We watched one every single Friday because Charlotte always got her own way. But on this particular night, I wasn’t having any of it.

“Horror films are boring, Lissa. They’re all the same.” She wailed at me, clutching the bag of DVD’s she had brought over.

“Char, stop being a wimp,” I replied, whilst looking through my DVD collection. “My house, my rules.”

“I knew we should have had film night at my house.” She said sullenly. Film night is tradition for me and Charlotte on a Friday and even though all she does is go on about how we should be out with everyone else our age on a Friday night, she secretly loves to stay in and watch films. Girly films anyway.

I heard shuffling coming from outside my door.

“And where do you think you are going?” I said to my sister, who was trying to sneak past my room.

“I’m only going to Stacey’s house, not that it’s any of your business.” She snapped back at me.

“Dressed like that?” I asked, suspiciously, as I took a look at her outfit. The skirt she was wearing didn’t do much in the way of fully covering her thighs.

“Oh my God, like who are you, my mother?!” She stomped off down the stairs.

“If I were your mother then you wouldn’t be speaking to me like that you cheeky little—’ She cut me off by slamming the front door.

“God Lissa, no need to be so harsh on her.” Charlotte said as she collapsed down on to my bed.

“Harsh? I’m attempting to save her from becoming a clone of Stacey, because in case you haven’t noticed, she’s starting to act a lot like her these days.” I grimaced at the thought of my sister being friends with Stacey. That very same Stacey who had the supermodel looks and the platinum blonde hair that I’d like to shave off if I could ever bear to be that close to her. It still freaks me out to think back to when we were best friends. Thank God I came to my senses. I still remember the first day that I met her.

It was summer and furniture was being carried into the empty house next door. I saw a girl about my age sitting on the doorstep, looking glum. As a ten year old I was a friendly child, so I went up to her and asked if she was okay. When she looked up at me, I could tell that she had been crying. Next thing I knew, she was in tears. I sat down next to her and asked if she wanted to come and have some ice cream at my house. Within an hour she had told me that her parents had split up and she had moved here with her mother. She missed her father terribly and only got to see him every two weeks because he lived far away. I felt so sorry for her back then, she just looked really sad and her red, curly hair made her look small and vulnerable. We became inseparable that summer.

She enrolled at my school in the autumn and together we laughed our way through each day. A few years later, the two of us were thrilled to be attending the same high school together. We had big plans.

“We’re going to rule the school Lissa!” Stacey would say to me excitedly. “Just you wait!”

And wait I did because once we were at the school, we realised it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. It wasn’t as if we were total losers. We spoke to others in our classes but no one really seemed interested in becoming friends with us. That was when we met Charlotte. Charlotte was confident and super friendly, but no one seemed to sit by her at lunch. The minute we asked if we could sit down, she was off, chatting to us like she had known us for years. Two became three and high school became fun. Well, at least until Charlotte got her first boyfriend. I was thrilled for her. His name was Ben; he was cute, smart and adored her. We’d spend hours in her room as she told us all the gossip from her dates. I grinned along with her as she talked about him. Stacey didn’t. Stacey glared. I knew that she was feeling a little jealous but I just assumed she’d get over it.

Charlotte was looking forward to her first summer as a girlfriend but promised not to leave us out.

“We need to make sure we go shopping together as least once a week.” She said to us.

“Well actually,” Stacey said, “I’m going to be away most of the summer. I’m going to spend the holidays with my dad.” This came as a complete shock to us as she hardly ever mentioned her dad or the job offer he took to go and work in Dubai.

It was two weeks into summer when we said a sad goodbye to Stacey. It was the first summer since meeting her that I’d spent without her. That summer seemed to go on forever. Even though Charlotte kept her promise to spend time with me and Ben equally, I missed having Stacey around. I couldn’t wait until September when she’d bounce back to school, probably with a tan to die for!

And bounce back she did. Only when she walked through that classroom door, the back-to-school chatter silenced. I didn’t even recognise her. The reds curls had been replaced by super straight, platinum blonde locks. She ran over to my desk and dragged me into a hug.

“Omigod Liss! You’re SO not going to believe how amazing my summer has been!” Off she went, going on and on about various summer romances and how hot she’d looked in her new bikini. There was something completely different about her. It was like one big act.

When lunch finally came around, we spotted Charlotte on our usual table. She nearly spat her food all over poor Ben when she saw Stacey. Then Stacey waltzed right up to Ben and started asking him about his summer. She was even batting her eyelids at him, right in front of Charlotte. This continued for the rest of the week. I saw Charlotte slowly losing her bubbly attitude and confidence so I urged her to talk to Stacey.

“There’s no point Lissa. Ben is right under her thumb and she knows it. He’s going to leave me for her. I know he is.” Seeing the sadness on Charlotte’s face as she sat in my room, knowing that the time she had spent with Ben now meant nothing to him since Stacey had come home, made me angry. Stacey had changed. The Stacey I knew wouldn’t do this. Something had changed her that summer and whatever it was, I wasn’t going to stand there and watch it destroy Charlotte.

I stormed to the house next door immediately after Charlotte had left.

“Hey babes!” Stacey invited me in, “Everything okay?”

“No Stacey,” I replied. “No it’s not.” She led me up to her room and settled down on her bed. I stood by the door. I wasn’t planning on staying long.

“What has gotten in to you?” I just got straight to the point. She blinked at me a couple of times before replying.
“What do you mean babes?” She said innocently.

“You know exactly what I mean. This whole ‘Stuck-Up-B****’ act you’ve got going on around school. And Ben? Do you have any idea what it’s doing to Charlotte to see you hitting on her boyfriend right in front of her eyes?” I waited for her to apologise or realise how awful she’d been and promise to quit being the way she was. She didn’t.

“I can’t help it if Ben is attracted to me.” She said with a sly smile forming on her lips. “Maybe Charlotte should learn to keep her boyfriend on a tighter leash.” I was shocked. I didn’t recognise the girl in front of me anymore.

“We could be everything we ever talked about being in high school, Lissa.” She had this devious look in her eye.
“Don’t tell me you don’t remember? It’s all we ever used to talk about! We were going to be pretty, popular and queens of the school. We can still have that, me and you! BFFs!”

“What about Charlotte?” I’d said.

“What about her?” She replied. “I could easily just stop paying attention to Ben and he’d go crawling back to her. Once Charlotte has Boyfriend Ben back in her life, she’ll forget all about us. We don’t need her, we never have needed her. I mean, what has she got to offer you as a friend that I haven’t?”

I just looked at her. Her eyes were gleaming as she thought about the two of us sailing through the rest of high school together, going to all the parties and bagging all the boyfriends. I didn’t want any of that, I just wanted my loyal best friend back and it was clear that I wasn’t going to find her.

“Goodbye Stacey.” I said flatly as I turned to leave.

“I don’t need you either you know. You’ll be sorry when you’re still stuck on that same crappy lunch table with one loser of a friend.” I didn’t even turn back to look at her.

Charlotte turned up at my door in tears the next day. She had caught Stacey and Ben kissing at the park where she walked her dog every night. I had no doubt in my mind that Stacey had planned this the moment I walked out on her the night before. Charlotte was heartbroken, lacking in confidence and clearly burnt by Stacey’s devious actions. Within weeks, Stacey was queen of the school. I have no idea how she did it but the whole school idolised her, even the older students. She and Ben were the ‘It’ couple and she even had two new girlfriends, Nicole and Megan, who were just as pretty and perfect.

After Stacey made it clear that Charlotte and I were to be ignored, we became outcasts.

Fast forward to just over a year and here we are now. Me and Charlotte: still outcasts and still sitting at our crappy lunch table, whilst Stacey continues her reign as the queen bee. She had everything any sixteen year old could possible wish for: looks, popularity, nice clothes and a ton of male admirers.

I couldn’t stand the sight of her.

“Hey, at least your sister is actually gaining a life.” Charlotte’s voice pulled me away from my memories. “I mean, she’s like what, 14? And she already has a way better social life than the two of us.”

My blood had run cold the first time I’d seen my sister, Jade, talking to Stacey at the bottom of her drive way a few months ago. The minute she came through the door I pounced on her, asking what she thought she was playing at by talking to her.

“She was only asking if I wanted to come to her party tomorrow.” Jade had said. I was so tempted to tell her that this was just another one of Stacey’s tricks to make my life more difficult but I knew it was already a lost cause. Jade had always wanted to be part of the popular crowd at school and getting attention from Stacey was like winning the lottery to her, even though she knew how I felt about it.

“If having a social life means hanging around with Stacey and her friends,” I replied back to Charlotte. “Then I’d much rather be a loner thanks.”

“Well I wouldn’t.” Charlotte said, clearly envying the ‘amazing’ life of Stacey. Also completely forgetting about what she had done to her in the past. Charlotte was forgetting that the only reason we didn’t have a social life is because Stacey had branded us freaks. There was no particular evidence to back up her accusations but what Stacey says goes. So if she said we were freaks, then we were freaks.

“Right then my fellow friendless loser,” I said as I walked towards my TV. “You win, pick a film.”


I regretted taking pity on Charlotte and letting her pick the film. We ended up watching a Japanese love story that was a) full of mush and B) hard work to watch due to me squinting at the screen in order to read the subtitles. At least I learnt one thing: I could most definitely benefit from some reading glasses.

“If you find that entertaining,” I said to Charlotte. “Then you, my friend, need therapy.”

“Ha-ha.” Charlotte said sarcastically. “I have the sequel in my bag if you wanna watch that? I just know you can’t wait to find out what happens next!”

“Funny.” I said whilst throwing a pillow at her. “You know, your taste in film is positively vomit-worthy.”

“You’re one to talk. You watch films about horrific murderers or dead girls coming through TV screens.” Charlotte replied whilst flicking her black hair back into place.

“Well at least I’d know how to survive if a mad-axe man walked into the room right now.” I said triumphantly. “You’d be the one cowering in the corner waiting for your white knight to come and rescue you.”

“Yeah right and you’d be cowering right beside me. You might come across as a cold hearted cow but I bet you’d totally wimp out in a real life horror situation.”

“Well I guess we’ll just never know how we’d react in a real life horror situation,” I walked over to turn the TV off, “because we aren’t likely to end up in one.”
If only I knew how wrong I was.
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Posted 17 May 2013 - 11:06 AM

Why did the chapter have to end like that? I want to read more, Stacey sounds horrible and seems similar to many people I know. Charlotte and Lissa seem nice. The first chapter wasn't exactly what I expected, but was really good. I cannot wait to read more.

Millie May
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Posted 20 May 2013 - 01:25 PM

Why did the chapter have to end like that? I want to read more, Stacey sounds horrible and seems similar to many people I know. Charlotte and Lissa seem nice. The first chapter wasn't exactly what I expected, but was really good. I cannot wait to read more.

Millie May

Thank you! Glad you liked the start! :)
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Posted 23 May 2013 - 02:27 AM

Here's the second chapter to my story, hope you guys like it! :)

Chapter 2

I was going to kill Jade for eating the last of the ice cream. I needed something sweet and full of sugar to help me recover from that awful film.

“We’re going to have to settle for chocolate cookies I’m afraid!” I shouted up to Charlotte, who had stayed upstairs in order to check Facebook on my laptop.

I walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a packet of the cookies. I was about to make my way back upstairs when everything seemed to suddenly look brighter. I stood still and realised I felt light headed, like I’d gotten out of bed too quickly. Then, a sharp pain shot through my head. The edges of my vision became blurry and I was just about to shout for Charlotte when I saw a grainy image of her in my mind. She was standing behind my bedroom door with a sly grin on her face. She was planning on jumping out on me once I walked in the room. As quick as I saw it, the image was gone, along with the light headedness and pain.

I panicked. What the hell was that all about? I thought to myself as I slowly made my way up the stairs. I ran my hand over my forehead. I didn’t feel hot or anything. Maybe it was a migraine? As I approached my room I slowed down and tiptoed towards my partly opened door. I knew it was crazy but I was curious. Once I had made it without making a sound, I poked my head round the door and instantly felt freaked out by the sight of Charlotte. There she was standing there with a sly grin on her face, exactly as I’d seen her in my mind downstairs. Her face instantly turned to disappointment as she saw me.

“Oh! I was going to scare you!” She pouted as she walked out from behind the door. “How did you know I was there? Am I really that predictable these days?” She said, giggling. “You know me too well, Lissa Bennett!”

I wasn’t really paying attention to one word she was saying. I just shoved the cookies into her hands and sat on the bed, trying to get my head around the weird image I had just seen.

“Lissa? You okay?” Charlotte sat down next to me.

“I knew exactly what you were going to do Char.” She looked at me funnily.

“Well it’s not really one of my most original pranks.” She said, assuming that I’d just guessed that she was going to jump out at me from behind my bedroom door.

“No, I mean I really knew. I saw it. In my head. I knew exactly what you were going to look like hiding behind that door.”

“You mean you had, like, a vision or something?” Her eyes widened as she spoke. “You know some people are totally psychic and can tell the future and stuff!”

“Char, I’m not a psychic. It was probably just one of those freaky occurrences like De Ja Vu.” I said, coming to my senses and realising the logical explanation.

“Yeah, but De Ja Vu is when you feel like you’ve done something or have been in that situation before,” Charlotte was determined to dramatize the whole situation. “You saw what I was planning to do before you walked up the stairs. Clearly meaning, you saw the future.” Charlotte was nodding wisely, like friends predicting the future was something she dealt with on a regular basis.

“Char? You watch way too much TV. I’m probably stressed out from having a drama queen for a best friend.” I let out a yawn. “Or I’m just tired.” I walked over to the window and stared out onto the back garden of the house next door. “I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I’d like since I keep getting late night texts from Jade, asking me to let her in through the back door.”

“Hmmm… I’m sticking to the psychic story, it’s more exciting.”

“Whatever you say, Charlotte.” I settled back down onto my bed without giving another thought to the matter.


I will not be sad to see the back of Hayfield High School next year. We only came back a week ago but I already hated the sight of the place. I breathed in the familiar scent of oil paints as I walked into Mr Weldman’s room and took my seat at the back table that I had decided was mine from the moment I stepped into the classroom four years ago. Mr Weldman walked in and set his old age laptop down onto his desk. He was the one thing I was going miss about the place. He smiled at the few of us who are here ten minutes early.

“I can always count on you four to be here before I am!” He said with pride. Bless him. He actually thought that we are here early all the time because we were punctual people. I happen to know that four of us get the same bus into school. The bus with the manic driver, who we’ve come to the conclusion, drives faster because he wants to leave us behind as quickly as possible.

Hayley bounced through the door, eyes shining as brightly as her new shoes.

“Hey Lissa!” She forced her way through the stream of students starting to make their way into the room. “Is Charlotte here yet?” She asked.

Hayley was an excitable person. She joined our school last year, moving from a private, all-girls school. It took her a while to adjust to the loud and boisterous males of Hayfield but at least she had the common sense to come and sit with me and Charlotte. We did warn her on that first day that by placing her tray next to ours at lunch was social suicide but she couldn’t have cared less. Hayley was sweet and highly obsessed with cleanliness. You could bet your life that she’d have a hand sanitizer in her handbag at all times. People thought she was a bit loopy. She fitted in with me and Charlotte perfectly.

“Could your shoes be any more polished? I could use them as a mirror.”

“Nice to see you too,” Hayley perched herself on the edge of my desk. “I see dumb, dumber and dumbest aren’t here yet, thank god.”

Right on cue, in walked Stacey with her two minions. Immediately, her fan club were at her feet:

“Oh my god Stacey, have you had your hair done?”

“Wow Stacey, fab outfit!”

“I saw your new pictures on Facebook, you look amazing!”

Oh how I love to hear the constant compliments from her many admirers on a Monday morning.

I spotted Charlotte walk into the class. Stacey blocked her way.

“Wow Charlotte, nice jacket. Was it made from your grandmothers curtains?” A s*^%$$%^^ went around the room. I was just about to stand up ready to defend the vintage jacket I helped pick out, when Adam walked in.

“Wow Stacey, nice hair colour. Pity its fake.” He grabbed Charlotte’s arm and walked her to our table. Stacey opened her mouth for a comeback but Mr Weldman told everyone to hush and sit down.

“Quiet now please!” Mr Weldman yelled over the noise of the class. “Now, I have a few notices to tell you this morning. Miss Wilson is currently recruiting new members for her drama club. If any of you are interested…” I noticed Charlotte sliding a note across the desk, so I reached for it.

“are you still seeing futures?”

I rolled my eyes at her and put the note in my pocket. I knew she was never going to let that one moment of madness from Friday night go.


“Who do you think will sit at our table once we’ve left next year?” Adam asked the three of us. It was lunch and we were at our usual spot on the table in the corner of the cafeteria.

Adam was the last person to join us at the table last year. Up until then, he had just been a simple loner who drifted around the school by himself. He sat near us in the cafeteria and I often saw him watching our conversations at lunch. It was only when he came to throw something in the bin near our table and heard me, Charlotte and Hayley having a heated debate about whether aliens exist that he sat down and offered his opinions. It turned out he was a bit of a science geek, but geeks were welcomed with open arms at our table.

“Probably a new bunch of outcasts looking for a place they can call their own.” I said as I stared at Hayley’s lunch plate. “Hayley, seriously, what are you eating?”

“It’s healthy,” she said defensively.

“It looks like vomit,” I replied.

“Just because you’re quite happy to shovel anything and everything into your face, doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Honestly, you’re as bad as Adam.” Hayley glared at the slice of pizza Adam was currently holding. I looked back at her ‘healthy’ vomit dish. I wouldn’t think twice about choosing the pizza.

“Why does he always look so gloomy?” Charlotte was staring over my head at someone. I turned to see Daniel Evans coming towards our table with some trash. Things like that happen when you sit on a table right next to the bin. Within seconds Daniel’s dark, looming shadow came across our table as he approached the bin. Charlotte was right, he did look gloomy. And quite intimidating. And also quite cute, if you liked that sort of thing.

I realised then that I’d been staring at him whilst thinking this. He looked back at me with curiosity. I realised I probably looked like a fool and turned back to my lunch. He tossed his empty can into the trash and smirked at us all. I felt bad. He must have known that we were talking about him since the conversation had come to a complete stand still when he approached. He walked off just looking amused.

“He’s strange isn’t he?” Charlotte said the minute he was out of ear shot.

“Why? Because he doesn’t act like most people?” Adam asked.

“Because he doesn’t talk to anyone.” Charlotte watched him walk out of the cafeteria.

“Are you forgetting that I didn’t talk to anyone until I started to talk to you guys?” Adam looked at us all.
“Exactly,” I said to Adam. “You turned out to be awesome. You never know, Daniel might be a secret sweetheart.” Hayley looked at me like I was insane.

“He has a tattoo, Lissa.” She said.

“That doesn’t mean he’s a criminal or a psychotic murderer.”

“You never know. You heard about that boy that went missing two days ago, didn’t you?” Charlotte and Adam both looked at Hayley.

“Who was it?” Adam asked. “Anyone we know?”

“No, I think he went to the all-boys school across town. Apparently he fell in with the wrong crowd and got into a bit of trouble. He was seen arguing with some guy who looked a bit older near his school and no one has seen him since.”

“Oh! Was that what Mr Weldman was talking about this morning?” I knew I should’ve listened.

“Yeah, he wants to know if anybody here knew anything about him or the guy he was arguing with. His description reminded me of Daniel.” Hayley glanced at the cafeteria door suspiciously, as though she thought Daniel was going to run back in with a gun.

“Your being judgemental ,” I looked at her disappointedly. “Just because he looks like he’d hang around street corners waiting to abduct someone, it doesn’t mean he actually does.”

“Like I said,” Hayley stood up to take her lunch tray back. “You never know.” She walked back towards the food court to get a drink.

I thought about it for a moment. Daniel had never done anything out of the ordinary before. Not at school, at least, anyway. He did occasionally look troubled though whenever he walked through the hallways. I’d never really paid attention to him before. I still didn’t think he could be responsible for someone going missing though. He’d been in plenty of situations at school when other guys would be giving him crap and he’d just ignore them and act completely calm. I wouldn’t have.

I looked up and saw Stacey and her fan club walking into the cafeteria. That was our cue to leave. None of us could stand to look at her circus throughout the rest of lunch.

“Come on guys,” Charlotte said whilst shooting daggers at Stacey and Ben. “Let’s move.”


Adam and Hayley left us to go to Chemistry class whilst Charlotte and I headed to History. I loved History. Charlotte hated it and always got annoyed when I shushed her whispering to actually pay attention.

Charlotte was chatting on about a confrontation she’d had with Adam about Star Wars when I started to feel light headed again. Everything around me tuned out and I had to stop and lean on the corridor wall. I felt the same weird pain in my head that I’d felt on Friday night. Then it happened again. An image. This time, it was Daniel. He was walking down the corridor and someone shouted something to him. Then he pulled back his fist ready to hit the guy. Before his fist moved, the image was gone and I looked up to see Charlotte.

“Christ Lissa, are you okay?” She looked concerned and slightly freaked out.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Just feeling a little dizzy, that’s all.”

“Do you want to go and see the nurse?” She asked me. I looked down the corridor and saw Daniel approaching. Right opposite me I saw the guy from the image in my head. I knew what was about to happen.

“So Evans, I heard your brother ran off to join your crack head dad?” The guy opposite me shouted.

Then there it was, exactly as I’d seen it. Daniel’s arm went back as he balled his hand into a fist. The first blow came as a surprise to the guy, but he soon recovered and hit back. Mayhem broke loose in the hallway and people gathered round to watch as Daniel pulled back the guys arm and pushed him face first against the wall. He whispered something into his ear, which must have been a threat because the minute he let him go, the guy turned to the others he was with and began walking off.

The minute they were out of sight everyone carried on walking to class, glancing back at Daniel every now and then.

“Daniel, what did you do to your face?” Mr Weldman walked up the corridor and noticed the blood on Daniels cheek.

“I… Ummm… fell?” Mr Weldman clearly didn’t believe a word of it but if there was ever a teacher to actually stick by Daniel, then it was him.

“Very well then, go and see the nurse and get cleaned up. What are you two doing here?” Mr Weldman turned his attention to Charlotte and I. “Don’t you have a class to be in?”

“Lissa doesn’t feel too good sir. She had a dizzy spell.” Charlotte put her hand on my shoulder.

“Alright, you better go off to the nurse too, then.” I turned to walk and Charlotte went to follow me.

“Not you Miss Hann, you are perfectly capable of going to class.”

“But…” Charlotte went to argue back but thought better of it when she saw the look on Mr Weldman’s face.
“Mr Evans can accompany her there,” He said looking at us all.

Great. Just what I needed. Charlotte gave me an apologetic look before walking off.

“Off you go then.” Mr Weldman looked at us both. I glanced at Daniel and then turned to walk. After a couple of steps I heard him sigh irritably and then he fell in step beside me. The nurse’s office was on the other side of the school grounds and I knew I had an awkward few minutes of silence ahead of me.


“Take a seat over there and I’ll let the nurse know that you are waiting.” The secretary pointed towards some chairs lined up along the peach coloured wall. I sat down on the first one and Daniel sat one chair away, draping his arm over the chair in the middle. I saw him lift his other hand to his cheek which now looked a bit swollen. He winced slightly.

“You know,” I turned to face him. “You probably shouldn’t have reacted. You’ve been at this school long enough to know that guys like him only say things like that to get a reaction from people.” Daniel looked quite shocked that I was even talking to him at first. Then his expression turned irritated.

“What I do is none of your concern.”

“Wow,” I said. “A simple ‘I’ll take that into consideration next time’ wouldn’t have been difficult.”

He dropped his other arm back down to his side and sat with a scowl. Clearly he wasn’t in the mood for small talk. Unfortunately for him, I’ve never been the quite type.

“If it makes you feel better,” I carried on. “He looked totally shocked when you went in for the punch.”
He just looked at me as if I was insane. I had the feeling that my conversation starter was getting nowhere. Luckily the nurse came out of her office.

“Alright, who’s first?” She looked at us both.

“Me.” Daniel practically ran into her office. Was I really that annoying?

When he came out ten minutes later he had a bandage wrapped around his hand. I waved at him cheerily and he shot me an evil glare. So touchy.

“You can come in now, Lissa.” I walked into the nurse’s office and took a seat.

“So,” She adjusted her glasses before looking up at me. “What can I help you with?” I opened my mouth then closed it again when I realised I didn’t have a clue what to say. I couldn’t just come out with ‘Well, I’m having visions of the future!’ I didn’t quite fancy being sectioned.

“I… had a migraine.”

“Do you get migraines often?” The nurse asked me. I spent the next five minutes convincing her that I frequently suffered from migraines and told her I was fine to go back to class now as it was almost gone. She looked satisfied and sent me off with a bottle of water.


I arrived at my English Language class late and took my usual seat next to Charlotte.

“Are you feeling any better now?” Charlotte whispered to me.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I replied, “I just a migraine.” Gosh, I was getting good at this fake migraine stuff.

Charlotte narrowed her eyes at. “You’re lying to me.”

Damn. Why did she have to know me so well?

“I’ll tell you after school.” I whispered back to her.

The last two lessons seemed to drag on forever. Charlotte and I shared last period so the minute the bell went we both jumped out of our seats and were out of the room faster than lightning. We didn’t get very far before Hayley found us, though.

“Guys,” She rushed up to us in the corridor. “Did you hear about Daniel Evans and Steven Waters? It’s been going around the school that they had a fight!”

“We were there.” I told her. Her eyes widened.

“So it’s true then? Gosh, I feel terrible for what I said about Daniel at lunch now.”

I looked at her, confused. “What do you mean?”

“When I said he could’ve been involved in that boy going missing?” I continued to look confused. “Jeez, I thought you guys were there? Didn’t you hear what they were fighting about?”

“Yeah,” Charlotte said. “That guy said something about Daniel’s brother.”

“Exactly,” Hayley said as she waited for the penny to drop. “The boy that’s gone missing is Daniel’s brother.”
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Posted 23 May 2013 - 02:32 AM

Oh My God! You're such an awesome writer !Posted Image Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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Posted 23 May 2013 - 12:26 PM

How do you have time to write such long, brilliant and frequent updates? Your writing is so good and sound extremely professional. Apart from the visions, this is extremely realistic, especially your characters. I really want to read more.

Millie May
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Posted 26 May 2013 - 10:29 AM

^^^ Thank you both for the lovely comments! It's great to hear some feedback! :)
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Your writing is so good that it would be a crime for me not to comment.
Millie May
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Okay so here's the third chapter of Glimpse. I think I may have made this chapter a bit long - I need to plan out my chapters better!

Chapter 3

“So,” Charlotte said the minute we entered my bedroom. “Tell me everything.”

“It happened again,” I flopped down on my bed. “I saw Daniel hit that guy in the corridor before it even happened. I’m going mad aren’t I?”

Charlotte sat down at the bottom of my bed looking excited.

“Are you kidding? It’s awesome!” She said enthusiastically. I grabbed my laptop from the floor and switched it on. “Do you think you can conjure up an image of my future husband?” I pulled a face at her.

“I just want to know what the hell is going on,” I said gloomily.

“Well,” She moved to sit by my side. “We must first consult the higher forces of Google.” She grabbed the laptop and started tapping away on the keyboard. I watched her click her way through various websites.

“They all seem to be about having premonitions in dreams,” She turned to face me. “You’re having premonitions whilst you’re awake.”

“So you mean to say that I’m a bigger freak than the freaks dreaming the future?” Charlotte rolled her eyes at me and continued browsing. I looked over her shoulder at one of the pages she was looking at.

“Some of these stories are really creepy,” Charlotte turned to look at me, her face serious. “There are people who claim to have had premonitions about death and disaster. You haven’t seen anyone dying have you?”

“I think I’d have told you if I randomly started seeing death scenes play out in my mind. In fact, I think I would have taken myself off to an asylum!” I laughed, trying to joke, but Charlotte continued to look at me seriously.

“You will tell me won’t you?” She asked me. “Tell me if you start seeing things that aren’t normal.”

“None of this is normal, Char,” I jumped up off the bed. “I still don’t even think that I believe it.”

“Look,” Charlotte said in a business-type way. “It’s happened twice, so you know it wasn’t a one off thing. It’s probably going to happen again. We need to try and work out how and why this is happening to you in the first place.”

“Maybe I’m stressed?” I suggested. “Stress can cause all sorts of weird things.”

“Seeing the future is not down to anything that’s happening to you physically,” Charlotte closed the laptop. “It’s spiritual. Maybe the visions you’re seeing are some sort of sign. Maybe they have a bigger meaning.”

“Yeah,” I replied sarcastically. “Seeing you hiding behind my door and Daniel hit a guy is really going to affect my life in a huge way.”

“Okay, that is a bit random.” She pondered for a moment. “I feel bad for judging him so much,” She looked down. “He must have some pretty tough things going on at home.”

“I actually tried to talk to him when we both went to the see nurse,” I almost laughed at how awkward the memory was. “I epically failed.”

“Well, would you feel very talkative if your brother was missing and people were giving you crap about it?” She had a point.

Before Charlotte left she made me promise to tell her if I had anymore ‘visions’ She also told me to ring her immediately if I pictured her wedding. I wondered if it would be cruel of me to pretend that I saw her marrying Mr Weldman.


The next morning, I was a mess. After worrying about the state of my mental health for hours, I had forgotten to set the alarm. Meaning I didn’t wake up until my mother burst into the room, yelling that I was going to be late. After attempting to run half way to school and wheezing the rest of the way, I finally found myself outside the main door. Where I fell up the steps. Seriously, how does one fall up the steps? The notebook I was holding fell onto the floor and several worksheets went flying all over the place. I quickly scrambled around on the floor trying to collect them.

“Here.” Someone waved a sheet in front of me. I looked up and saw Daniel standing there.

“Oh, thanks.” I have to admit, I took a good look at him. Really looked at him. He looked like he belonged in a rock band, standing there in a leather jacket over his school shirt.

“You have History first period, right?” I tore my eyes away from his shirt when I realised he was speaking to me.

“History? Oh yes, I do.” When did I turn into a blabbering idiot? I thought to myself. He walked up to the main door and held it open for me, motioning for me to walk in first with his other arm. He walked through the door behind me.

“So, what do you think about the project topic for this term?” Daniel threw me a sideways glance. I was shocked, to be honest, that he was trying to start up a conversation with me. Didn’t I try to do this the day before, to which he did not react well?

“I’m quite happy with it,” I replied. “I’ve already done most of the recommended reading.”

“Really? Me too.”

“Wait, what?” I didn’t have Daniel down as the History-buff type. We were studying the feminist movement, a topic that was clearly perfect for me. I wouldn’t have guessed that Daniel would be into too, though.

“I find the research quite interesting.” He saw the look on my face. “Why does that shock you?”

“I just didn’t have you down for the type of guy who’d be interested enough about a history topic to do research out of class.” I replied.

“What, may I ask, gave you that impression?” He asked me as a smirk formed on his lips.

“I just… Well…” It dawned on me that I had just completely judged him by the way he looked and the fact that he seemed to have no friends in school. I had marked him down in my mind as a person who wasn’t interested in school or grades.

He started to laugh. “I bet you thought I was some sort of biker guy who spent all his free time listening to depressing songs and wallowing in self-pity?” He looked at me expectedly.

“Well, yeah.” I replied.

“You’re not the first one to think that,” He said, matter-of-factly.

“I’m that guy the shop assistants look at wearily when I’m browsing the shop,” he grinned at me. “I think it’s the hair.”

“I’d say it’s the jacket,” I laughed along with him. “How’s the hand?” I asked.

“It’s nothing,” he pushed back his hair with his bandaged hand. “You were right though, I shouldn’t have reacted. I shouldn’t have given him the satisfaction.”

“He shouldn’t have said that about your brother though.”

Daniel looked at me. “So, I guess the whole school knows that it was my brother who went missing then?”

I felt a wave of sympathy for him. Considering that he’d been left to his own devices throughout high school, it must be strange to suddenly be the talk of the school.

Before I could reply to him, we were at the door to History class. Once again, Daniel held the door open for me. I started to think that I’d completely miss-judged him in the past. Usually I was a fabulous judge of character. I gave him a smile of thanks as I walked into the class. Charlotte’s eyes widened the minute she saw who I’d walked in with.

“You’re late.” Mr Butler, our grey haired History teacher, looked at us over his glasses.

“Sorry Sir,” I said to him with my most innocent face. “It was kind of my fault. I dropped my books and Daniel was helping me.” It was sort of true anyway. Except for the part where I woke up late, got to the school late and happened to cross the path of an also late Daniel.

“Don’t let it happen again.” It was lucky Mr Butler was fond of me because he was particularly strict when it came to punctuality. I went and took my usual seat next to Charlotte.


Charlotte grabbed my arm and looked at me expectantly the minute the bell rang.

“Well?” She said with excitement.

“Well, what?” I asked her.

“How did you end up coming into school with Daniel?” She linked her arm through mine as we headed for the door. I saw Daniel walk out ahead of us.

“I didn’t arrive at school with Daniel, Char,” I could still see Daniel’s head bobbing through the crowd in the hallway. He towered above mostly everyone. “I just saw him on my way to class. I have no idea why he was late.”

“Did you speak to him?”

“No, we walked in a completely awkward silence all the way to the classroom door.” Charlotte rolled her eyes at me.

“Did you ask him about his brother?”

“Like I’d just turn round and ask him why his brother was kidnapped or, according to popular rumour, has run off to be with his drug addict father!”

“I was just thinking that he might need someone to talk to about it, that’s all.” We made our way across the courtyard to get to the science block.

“Char,” I look at her. “Seriously, I can’t even advise you on how to wear your hair. You don’t seriously think I could be someone’s confident for something as serious as a missing sibling. Besides, I’d never even spoken to him until yesterday.”

“I think you’re the first person in four years of high school to have actually walked to class with him.” Charlotte began to giggle and I couldn’t help joining in. It wasn’t a very pleasant thought though. Daniel had gone ignored for so long. Maybe he really did need a friend, especially now.

Adam was waiting by the door for our Physics class.

“So,” he looked directly at me. “I hear you’re close with Daniel Evans now.” My jaw dropped to the floor.

“What!” I grabbed his arm. “Tell me who said what.” He just smirked at me.

“Now that would be telling.”

“Adam!” I gave him a little whack with my bag.

“Okay, Okay,” he laughed. “I surrender. I heard Rachel Burton telling Sarah Green that you’d been skipping class with king of the Goths.”

“Skipping class? I was ten minutes late for crying out loud!” I said defensively. “And he’s not a Goth.”

Adam and Charlotte exchanged a look of amusement before Charlotte said her goodbyes and went into the class next to ours. I walked past Adam, who still looked amused at himself, rolling my eyes and entered the classroom. I loathed Physics class on a good day and since I was feeling irritated, I knew I was going to loathe it even more. I sat down in my usual seat and Adam took his seat next to mine.

I saw Rachel Burton enter the class. Who was she to speculate on my life anyway? She was the pathetic gossip girl who trailed around after Stacey, telling her everything. I was pretty sure that by lunch, Daniel and I would be planning to elope or something. Rachel sat down at the corner and immediately started taping away on her phone.

I felt my own phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and saw a text from Hayley.

“I can’t believe you would skip class with Daniel Evans and NOT TELL ME!!”

I turned my phone off and put it back in my pocket. I wasn’t even going to reply to that. I grabbed my textbook from my bag and slammed it down on to the desk.

“Liss, you and Daniel will be forgotten by tomorrow,” Adam said reassuringly. “You know how quickly news gets old in this school.” I highly doubted that it would be forgotten about in a hurry. Stacey would keep this fire burning for as long as she could. I could just see her eyes lighting up at hearing I’d been spotted talking to the guy who is the schools hottest gossip subject at the moment. She’d be delighted.


By the time lunch rolled around, Daniel and I had secretly dated, hooked up over the summer, plotted a way to burn down the science block and had been smoking together behind the main building. Considering I hadn’t even heard Daniel’s voice before a few hours ago, I’d say the rumours were a bit far-fetched.

“How come I don’t get the rumour mill every time I walk into class with Adam?” Charlotte wondered out loud.

“Let’s see,” Hayley paused eating her lunch. “Half of the school think that Adam’s gay and the other half think he wouldn’t know how to even hit on a girl, let alone hook up with one. So I think you’re pretty safe from rumours, Char.”

I looked over at Adam, eating his lunch, with his dark curls falling into his eyes.

“What’s he like, Liss?” I switched my eyes to Charlotte.

“Daniel? He’s just a guy, I guess.”

“But isn’t he creepy?” She persisted.

“No, he’s just…” I trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

“Mysteriously sexy?” Hayley suggested, casually. Charlotte and I gaped at her. Even Adam tore his eyes away from his lunch.

“You were the one saying he looks like he hangs around looking dodgy on street corners!” I said accusingly.

“Yeah but I’d happily take a guy like him rather than one of them.” She pointed her fork in the direction of the ‘pretty boys’ surrounding Stacey’s table. Each one of them looked like they used more hair products than half of the student female population.

“She’s got a point.” Charlotte said to me from across the table. Adam looked at her, surprised.

“Daniel walks Lissa into class once and now you’re all falling at his feet?” Adam glanced at me and Hayley before turned back to Charlotte.

“We are merely pointing out that he has more depth than a guy who spends longer in the mirror than I do.” Hayley said to him.

“How do you know?” Adam questioned Hayley. “He could be just as obsessive over his hair as you. I mean, it’s long enough to need quite a bit of attention.”

“You were defending him yesterday.” Charlotte said to Adam. He put his hands up in a surrender motion.

“I’m just saying.” He said before getting back to his lunch. I caught Charlotte staring at him a moment longer. She’d started curling her hair lately and that stare made me wonder if Adam was the reason. She looked away and I saw her eyes widen.

“Here’s your new friend.” She said to me with a smile forming on her lips. I looked over my shoulder and saw Daniel making his way to the lunch bar. I caught half of the cafeteria looking at me, including Stacey who was whispering and giggling with the rest of her table. Oh, how I hated her. I turned back to my lunch and saw that Charlotte was still staring in Daniel’s direction.

“Stop gawping at him, Char. It’s like he’s become an overnight celebrity.” I grabbed the cupcake I had on my tray and tore into it.

“Well he has. He’s the first person to ever throw a punch at Steven and his brother is currently missing. He’s just become the most exciting person at school.” Hayley said to me. I ignored her and carried on with my cupcake. I saw Adam and Charlotte quickly look down at their finished lunch trays.

“People will think you’re avoiding the situation if you hide in the library at lunch.” I didn’t even have to look up to see who Hayley was talking to. I was going to kill her. I glanced over my left shoulder and, sure enough, there was Daniel. He must have been walking past with his lunch and looked like he was completely caught off guard by Hayley. I turned my head back to her and glared. She flashed me a cunning smile.

“There is room on our table, you know,” She said confidently. “You can sit down.” I honestly expected him to just smirk and walk off. I was wrong because a second later he was sitting on the stool on my left. Charlotte looked like a deer in the headlines and Adam was eyeing Daniel up and down. I didn’t even want to know how the rest of the cafeteria was reacting behind us. I looked again at Hayley, who started wiggling her eyebrows at me. I really was going to kill her.

“So,” I almost chocked on my cupcake when I realised he was talking to me. “I hear were dating now.” He said, mockingly.

“Well I heard the two of you were caught in the supplies closet by Mr Burton.” Hayley joined in with the mocking. Charlotte laughed nervously, not sure how to adjust to the situation and Adam was suddenly staring intently at his lunch.

“It’s Charlotte, isn’t it?” Daniel said, looking towards her. “You’re in my English class.” Charlotte gaped for a moment before replying.

“Oh, yes, I am.” He smiled at her. I saw Adam tense slightly. He scrunched up an empty packet from his lunch tray and threw it, aiming at the bin but it ended up on floor. I watched Daniel bend down to pick it up and toss it casually into the bin. I looked at poor Adam’s disgruntled face. Daniel started talking to Charlotte about the course reading for their English class. Charlotte seemed wary of him for a bit but within two minute she was happily chatting away. I felt like I was on another planet. And who knew Daniel was such a talker? I couldn’t get him to say more than a few words to me yesterday and now I couldn’t have gotten a word in edge ways, even if I had wanted to. He was clearly pulling out the charm on Charlotte. He had a lot of it. Charm, I mean.

I looked over at Adam again. He seemed completely unhappy with Daniel being at our table. He had been the last person to sit with us on our table for long time, so this was a new experience for him. It was one he didn’t like very much.

“Just when I thought this table couldn’t get any more pathetic.” Stacey’s sing-song voice was filled with glee as she approached our table. She put her empty water bottle in the bin and smirked at us. I shot her a challenging stare. With a final glare at our table, she walked back to her own and continued to whisper with Megan and Nicole.

“Hey,” Charlotte exclaimed. “She clearly skipped her drama class today because she’s in the cafeteria earlier.”

“She came to gloat.” I said bitterly.

“Man,” Daniel spoke up. “She really hates you.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” I said to him. His eyes searched my face.

“You used to be friends with her though, right?”

“Can we please not discuss that unfortunate time in our lives?” Charlotte joined it.

“I didn’t think you were aware of the social dynamics of our school,” I quizzed him.

“Well, you observe a lot when you’re just lurking in the corridors and the corners of the classrooms,” he replied with a mischievous smile. “I’ve heard quite a few reputation-ruining conversations.” Hayley’s head snapped up from her phone.

“Care to share?” It was the first time Adam had spoken since Daniel had sat down.

“Not really.” Daniel replied blankly. Adam stared at him for a moment longer before pulling a book out of his bag, clearly removing himself from the conversation. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“You totally could have used that information for your own benefit.” Hayley said, her mind obviously playing out images of herself revealing the popular crowds most embarrassing secrets.

“Why would I want to?” Daniel asked. “It would just cause trouble for me. I don’t like bringing unnecessary attention upon myself.”

“Unless it includes hitting one of the most popular guys in school.” Adam stated from behind his book. He didn’t see the look of dislike that Daniel sent in his direction.

“I’d love to see one of those guys squirm.” Hayley gestured her head to Stacey’s table.

“I wouldn’t give them the time of day.” Daniel added. Hayley smiled at him. I looked across the table and saw Charlotte staring in awe at him. This really was turning out to be a strangely unexpected day.


The classes for the rest of the afternoon were certainly not pleasant. Whispers, giggles and stares followed me through the hallways of the school. A second year student even came right out and asked me if I was dating the guy whose brother was missing. I really wasn’t used to so much drama. The last time people acknowledged me this much was the day that Stacey decided she would turn the school against me. I could see why Daniel didn’t like attention. I felt partly to blame for the fact that he had to put up with even more crap than what he was already going through. All he did was help me pick up my books and walk me to class. Now, according to the rumours, he’s attached to me. Poor guy.

I practically jumped out of my seat once the final bell rang; I was that desperate to be out of the place. I walked down the hallway to the lobby by the main door. There were two posters pinned onto the notice board about Daniels brother. I went to have a closer look. From afar, the picture of the boy had no resemblance to Daniel, his hair way shorter and fairer. But as I got closer to the picture, I could tell some of his features were just like his brothers’. They had the same light blue eyes. They didn’t stand out as much on this boy, whereas Daniel’s light eyes were a contrast to his dark hair. They had the same nose as well. The name ‘Charlie Evans’ was printed underneath the picture. I realised that I’d hadn’t even known his name until now.

People started piling through the doors, into the lobby. I tore my eyes away from the poster and continued to walk outside. I saw Hayley making her way towards me from the sports building.

“Cross country is a total nightmare!” She said dramatically. “Do you know how many laps Ms Salter made us do of the sports field?” I murmured in acknowledgement. I saw Daniel walk out of the main building. He nodded at Hayley and me before heading towards the school gates.

“Lunch was quite interesting, don’t you think?” I looked at Hayley and saw her smug expression.

“I could kill you, Hayley. You’ve gone and made it ten times worse. Now people definitely think that there’s something going on.” I said, irritated.

“Come on, Liss, I only did what a decent person should do and offered him company during lunch.” She replied innocently.

“Hayley, the guy has sat alone at lunch for the past four years. You’ve never asked him to sit with us before. You, like everyone else, remained uninterested in him until his brother became local news.” She looked quite shocked at the defensiveness in my voice. Adam and Charlotte walked out of the main door and made a beeline for us.

“So,” Adam said to us. “We were thinking that we should all catch a film tonight.”

“That sounds good to me.” Hayley replied with enthusiastically. They all looked at me expectedly.

“I think I’ll give it a miss,” I said to them. “I could really do with an early night.”

“You and you’re sleeping habits,” Hayley said, rolling her eyes. “Suit yourself then. Go and be with your bed.” We started to walk through the school gates and down the street. Charlotte kept glancing at me. She knew I was lying. Truth was I just wasn’t in the mood for socialising.

We said goodbye to each other at the bottom of the road and headed on our separate routes home. Hayley had one last try at convincing me to come to the cinema with them. She gave up and stalked off with a pout. Adam and Charlotte walked off arguing about what film to go and see.

Jade came bounding down the stairs the minute I walked through the front door. She must have only been home for five minutes yet she’d changed out of her uniform and curled her hair.

“I’m off out,” She said to me as she passed by. “Dad is still at work and mum just left to go see Aunt Joan. She told me to tell you that she might be a while because they’re dress shopping for dad’s charity event next week.” She took a look at herself in the mirror by the front door, fluffing up her curls. “She’s left you some food in the fridge.”

“What about you?” I asked her.

“I’m getting some food with the girls.” She said before grabbing her bag and walking through the door without another word. I wished she’d see that Stacey was just using her to get one over on me.

I went upstairs and threw on my favourite ‘lazy’ clothes, which consisted of my old comfy jeans and a holey sweater. I threw myself down onto the sofa, in front of the TV, where I fully intended to stay for the rest of the night. I must have fallen asleep because I awoke with a start as I saw a silhouette in the door way.

“It’s only me,” My dad walked into the room. “How long have you been there?” He asked as he walked across the room to switch on a lamp. It was dark outside so I must have been asleep for a few hours.

“Not long,” I lied. “How’s the organising going?” Dad’s publishing company were having a charity auction in two weeks and he’s been planning it for months. He loves his job. Only three years ago he was stuck in a dead end retail job but he finally decided to try and set up his independent publishing company, like he’d always wanted to. It wasn’t easy and money got tight but we made it through and now dad’s happier than I’ve seen him in a long time. He’s passionate about books.

“Everything’s going okay at the moment. Providing the caterers or the band don’t drop out last minute, everything should go according to plan.” Dad said, cheerily. “Is Jade not home?”

“No, she’s gone out with some friends.” Dad detected the sarcasm in voice.

“She’s still hanging around with that Stacey girl then?”

“Yep,” I said as I got off the couch and stretched. “Do you want a coffee?” I asked him.

“Nope, you know I’m giving up caffeine.” He’d vowed to give up caffeine several times this year, only for us to find empty Starbucks cups in his car a couple of weeks later. I highly doubted that he’d give it up for good this time. He was a coffee man, through and through. I made my way into the kitchen and went over to the coffee pot, only to find it empty.

“Dad,” I shouted from the kitchen. “We’ve got no coffee!”

“Well you’re the only one in the house who drinks it now!”

Jesus, do you want me to start buying my own meals as well? I thought as I walked into the hall and retrieved my purse from my bag. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror. I looked a mess but I wasn’t going to get through my homework without coffee.

I told my dad I wouldn’t be long and headed out the door. It was quite warm for a September night. I stood on the doorstep for a second, not knowing whether to go and buy a jar of coffee to make my own or go the coffee shop and have one made for me.

Yeah, my laziness won that battle.

I headed off towards the coffee shop. It was a quiet, old fashioned place which normally only contained OAPs. I loved it there. I walked in and breathed in that fresh-coffee smell. I ordered my usual espresso from the cheery, red-haired woman who’s always behind the counter.

“You’re a strong-coffee type of girl then?” I spun around, recognising the voice instantly.

“Daniel,” I spotted him sitting on a window table, right by the counter. “What are you doing here?”

He lifted up his cup. “Drinking coffee, I guess.”

“Well, I figured that much. I mean what are you doing here, I haven’t seen you in here before.” I grabbed my coffee from the counter and joined Daniel at his table.

“I’ve just got a job at the snack bar down the road. This place is on my way home so I thought I’d sample the coffee.”

“Congrats on the job,” I took a sip of my still-too-hot coffee.

“It’s just waiting tables,” He said with a shrug. “But it’s something. It keeps me busy anyway.”

“I’m sorry about people talking in school today, about us I mean.” I looked at him over the rim of my cup. He let out a laugh.

“Things like that don’t bother me. I’m quite used to whispers behind my back and besides, there are worse rumours that could be said about me.” His smile had a slight arrogance behind it.

Did he mean that as a compliment? I wondered.

“Well it wasn’t my first choice of rumour but I think I’ll cope.” I said, putting my cup down.

“There are worse people you could be hooking up with in a supplies closet, right?” He definitely had arrogance that time.

“Well,” I leaned forward on the table, “there are a few people I’d place before you, if given the choice.” I said, patronizingly, before taking another sip of my coffee.

“Oh, wait. Don’t tell me you’re secretly in love with that guy you always hang around with.” Daniel raised one eyebrow at me, questioningly. I almost spat my espresso all over him.

“You mean Adam?” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, I love him alright. Like a brother.”

“I get the feeling he doesn’t like me very much.”

“He feels threatened. He’s been the man of the group for years and then today you kind of moved in on his territory.” I said.

“Man? That’s questionable.”

“Hey,” I warned, “that’s one of my best friends you’re talking about.”

“Sorry,” he said with a smile. He had a very nice smile, I’d never noticed before. There’d never been much chance to see him smile before now. It was the kind of smile that made me wish that I’d put a bit of lip gloss on before leaving the house, or tamed my hair at least.

We finished our coffee and headed outside. He walked me to the bottom of my street and said he’d see me at school tomorrow, before heading off on his route home. I watched him walk down the street until he turned the corner before carrying on down towards my house, realising that Hayley, Charlotte, Adam and I might just have a new resident at our table.
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Posted 31 May 2013 - 04:02 PM

This is exceptionally good and I still cannot get over how professional your writing is.
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Posted 09 June 2013 - 04:34 PM

Here is chapter 4 - hope you enjoy reading it!! :)

I woke up on time the next morning and managed to get on my usual bus, which arrived at school early, as always. I took the time to go and properly read the poster on the notice board about Daniel’s brother. It said that he was 14 years old and had last been seen outside his school, St Jenkins School for Boys. I thought back to Steven’s comment about Daniel’s father and I wondered if maybe Charlie really had run off to be with his dad because Daniel seemed extremely calm for someone whose brother had gone missing.

“Concerned about your boyfriend’s brother, Lissa?” I heard Stacey’s heels on the lobby floor and turned to see her by the entrance steps. “Trust you to get involved with a guy who’s troubled.”

“I wouldn’t be worrying about my love life, Stacey,” I turned to her. “If I were you, I’d be more concerned about Ben and Rachel Burton. I hear they’ve been getting extra close lately.” I saw a flicker of panic behind her eyes.

“You’re lying,” She said, before storming off. Of course I was lying, but it was fun to see her squirm. Besides, Rachel Burton could do with a taste of her own medicine. I walked off to class, wishing I could see the look on Rachel’s face when she found out today’s gossip was actually about her.

Classes went by quickly that morning and before I knew it, I was walking to lunch. I nearly did a double take when I saw that Daniel was already sitting down, chatting with Charlotte about the Charles Dickens book they were studying in English. Adam was focused firmly on his lunch, more so than usual anyway. I paid for my lunch before I joined them at the table. I headed for the stool to Hayley’s right, since she had moved up to my seat to bat her eyelashes at Daniel. She was attempting to join in with his and Charlotte’s conversation but since she never listens to a word in English, she didn’t really have much to say.

Charlotte saw me approach the table. “Hey, Liss,” she said, with her usual friendly smile. “Did you catch up on your sleep?” It took me a moment to figure out what she talking about.

“Oh, yeah, I practically collapsed the minute I got home.” Daniel raised an eyebrow at me as I sat down. “How was the film?”

Adam finally looked up from his lunch. “It was awful,” he said in disgust. I gathered that Charlotte had gotten her way then. I laughed.

“You really should have come with us, Liss. The lead actor was gorgeous!” Hayley said to me. I shrugged and glanced at Daniel, who was looking back at me. I was glad to have missed the film last night. I’d had a much better time at the coffee shop.

Hayley’s voice brought me back to the present. “Did you hear about Ben and Rachel Burton?” I smirked to myself as she proceeded to tell me that Stacey had confronted Ben about it this morning. She must have figured out that I was lying about it though because she walked into the cafeteria about ten minutes later, Ben it tow and throwing me disgusted looks.

We still got several stares as we walked out with Daniel after we’d finished our lunch. As we headed through the door, he slowed down his pace to walk in step with me. Hayley went off to the toilet and Adam and Charlotte were walking ahead of us, having a heated debate about something. Probably Charlotte’s taste in music or film, which Adam often questions.

“So,” Daniel said to me quietly, as we walked. “Can I expect to see you at the coffee shop anytime soon?” He said casually.

“Maybe,” I replied, as we gave each other a sideways glance.

The rest of the week went by quickly and assignments were being thrown at us from all subjects. Rumours of mine and Daniel’s scandalous ‘relationship’ had vanished completely. It would have gone on for longer if Stacey hadn’t have been distracted by the upcoming auditions for the winter school production. It was clear that she would get the part anyway, like the past two years, but she continued to talk about it none stop.

On the Friday night, Charlotte came round to mine, complete with a new Rom-Com in hand. It was the first chance we’d had all week to talk alone so she quickly asked me if I’d had anymore ‘visions’.

“None,” I told her, as we sprawled on my bedroom rug. “Nothing what-so-ever.” Charlotte seemed disappointed. I was relieved. After the movie ended, the conversation quickly moved onto our new lunch-buddy.

“Hayley’s being very flirty with him, isn’t she?” Charlotte quizzed.

“Char,” I said, looking at her. “Hayley’s flirty with everyone.”

One thing I’d learned throughout that week was that Daniel was also quite the charmer. Hayley was beside herself, having a new boy-toy to play with and Charlotte, even though she wouldn’t admit it, was also a bit doe-eyed around him. It was no wonder why Adam was a bit pissed off with having him around.

“He has got a nice smile though, hasn’t he?” Charlotte asked me.

“I haven’t really noticed,” I lied. She’d go crazy if she knew I’d had coffee with him twice that week. Not that it was anything exciting, we’d just talked. I tried to ask him about his brother but it was clear that he’d wanted to avoid the subject.

“I have my theories,” he’d said to me with a slight scowl. I could tell that Daniel thought that his brother had left of his own accord. Even the local authorities were starting to believe he was just another run away teen. They were still looking for him though, obviously. It was clear to me that a lot had happened to Daniel’s home life in the past, but I wasn’t going to push him into telling me. Even though we’d spoken a lot, which was still surprising to me, I didn’t know him well enough to poke at his personal life.

“You can’t say you haven’t noticed his eyes, though.” Charlotte said, bringing me back to the conversation.
“What? Oh, his eyes. Yeah, I suppose they’re nice.”

“Nice?” She wacked my arm with the magazine she had been skimming through. “Nice? They’re gorgeous!” She pondered for a second. “Adam’s got nice eyes.” She kept her head down at the magazine.

“Adam’s eyes?”

“Yeah, they’re sort of like, a chocolate brown.” She looked up. I didn’t quite know what to say to that. Luckily, my dad knocked on the door.

“Girls, I’m going over to the pizza place. Do you want one?” He shouted through the door. We said yes and made our way downstairs. I was thankful to have dodged the awkward Adam question.

When we got to the sitting room, we saw Jade on the sofa, her thumbs moving furiously over her phone keyboard. She didn’t bother to look up as we came into the room. I hadn’t exactly been on the best of terms with her since she came home the other day and asked me if I was ‘seeing the freak whose brother had been, like, abducted or something.’

Charlotte and I sat down on the rug, next to the fireplace, as we waited for my parents to get back. I began to feel light headed. I panicked, knowing what it meant this time. It was happening again and this time, I knew what to expect. The edges of my vision blurred as the head pains kicked in. It felt like hundreds of pins were jabbing my scalp. I could tell by the way Charlotte’s eyes widened that she knew something was wrong. Then, the image appeared, clearer than the previous two I’d experienced. It showed the floor of my driveway. There was an earring, near to my doorstep. Then, as quickly as it came over me, it stopped. I focused on Charlotte.

“Check your earrings.”

“I… What?” She said, looking confused.

“Do you have both earrings in?” She raised both hands to feel her ears and, after a moment, looked shocked.
“Oh no, I’ve lost one!”

I stood up and walked out of the room, Charlotte in tow. Jade hadn’t been paying any attention to us so she didn’t bother to see where we were going. I went over to the front door and pulled it open.

Charlotte caught up to me, “Where are you going, Liss?” I took a few steps away from the door and saw something shiny by my feet. I bent down to pick it up and held it out to Charlotte. She looked at me, then at earring, then back to me again.

“You had a vision, didn’t you?” I cringed at the word ‘vision’. It sounded so sci-fi. “I knew something was going on before, you went all weird.”

What does this even mean and why me? I thought.

Charlotte could see the look of worry on my face, “At least it comes in handy sometimes.” She laughed nervously, trying and failing to make me feel better. We saw dad’s car pull into the driveway.

He got out, “That hungry are we, girls?” He said laughing. I realised it did look a bit strange, the two of us just standing on the doorstep. Luckily, he didn’t think anything of it and we all walked into the house. I’d pretty much lost my appetite but I grabbed some pizza with Charlotte before she went home. Before she left, she looked at me with a stern face.

“I’m going to do some research for you because if I leave it up to you, I know you won’t do it.” I rolled my eyes at her. “I’m serious, Liss. We need to find out why this is happening to you.” I said goodbye to her, promising to call if it happened again.

I could barely sleep that night, I was seriously freaked out. Am I going crazy? I thought to myself. After tossing and turning most of the night, I woke up just as it was getting light outside. There was no way I was getting back to sleep so I decided to go for a run. I hadn’t gone for a run in years. Maybe it was just what I needed to clear my head. I looked into the mirror whilst I was tying my hair back. I didn’t look too great after hardly any sleep. My brown hair looked darker because of the lack of light, making my face look paler than it usually is. I tried a darker make up once. It was awful. My face was orange whilst the rest of me remained white. Since I vowed never to go near tanning products, I decided I’d just embrace my pale skin. It was times like this, though, when I looked ill, that I resented my paleness.

I got dressed and put my Converse on before heading, quietly, downstairs. I was hit by a morning chill when I opened the front door. I headed off towards the park and almost died before I even got there. Clearly my running skills had completely vanished. I carried on running for a short while in the park before I threw myself onto the nearest bench I could find. Why I didn’t think to bring some water, I’ll never know. I was contemplating throwing myself into the fountain to cool down when I heard someone call my name. I turned and saw, to my horror, Daniel walking along the pathway with a golden retriever. What was with this guy? I’d never seen him around at all for the past four years and all of a sudden he was everywhere. Or maybe I’d just never noticed him around before.

“Not stalking me, are you?” He said with a smile, as he sat down on the other end of the bench. I really wasn’t prepared for company right then. I couldn’t even breathe, let alone have a conversation. I just let out a feeble attempt at a laugh.

“Do you run here often?” He asked. His dog started head-butting his hand so he began petting it.

“Not really,” I said, panting.

He looked at me and laughed, “Do you run at all?”

“I used to. Not so much anymore though, as you can tell.” The dog trotted over to me and sniffed my hand. “I didn’t know you had a dog.”

“Yeah, we’ve had Chief for about 7 years now. He was only a pup when we first got him. My dad somehow thought that getting a dog would make us more like a picture-perfect family,” he said in a bitter tone. I petted Chief and he placed his head on my knee. I’d never really been a pet-person but Chief seemed friendly enough.

“When did your dad leave?” I asked quietly, with reluctance.

He hesitated for a moment, “I was 12 when he finally left for good. By that time though, he was hardly around anyway. I spent so much time making sure my mother was okay that I failed to see how much it was affecting Charlie.” He didn’t look at me as he spoke. “All the times dad had screwed up, I’d managed to hide it from him. I regret that now though because Charlie can’t see dad for what he truly is.” He carried on petting Chief.

I knew I shouldn’t have pressed on but I was curious, “Do you think he’s with him? Charlie?”

Daniel looked up at me, “Two weeks before he disappeared, he told me he’d heard something about where our dad might be. I told him I couldn’t care less and we ended up arguing about it. If he went off to be with dad then that’s his choice.”

“But don’t you want to at least know where they are?”

“I don’t care where they are,” He snapped at me. “If Charlie wants dad to be a part of his life then fine, but I don’t want any part in it. As far as I’m concerned, my father is dead. He died four years ago when he left my mother answering to his debtors.”

I stared at him carefully. He was more cut up by everything than he was letting on.

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking away. “I shouldn’t have asked.”

“People usually don’t ask. They normally just assume.” I looked back at him and he was staring at me with an expression I couldn’t work out. He stood up quickly.

“You think you’ve recovered enough to walk yet?” And just like that, he was back to normal. His guard was back up.

Still, he’d opened up to me, even if it was just for a moment. I stood up and walked alongside him, Chief trotting off ahead of us. We walked around the park in silence but it wasn’t an awkward one. The sun had come out by the time we got to the park gates and it was pleasant. I was disappointed when I said goodbye to him, realising how much I enjoyed his company. I bent down to pet Chief before turning to walk home. I caught sight of myself in a car window. The messy hair, the thrown together running clothes, it was awful. I was instantly envious of those girls who can go for a run effortlessly and don’t even have a strand of hair out of place by the end of it.

When I got home I found everyone in the kitchen.

“Where have you been so early?” My mother asked, eyeing my running clothes.

“I went for a run.” My dad nearly spat his coffee out.

“You went for a run?”

“Yes, mother, why is that so surprising?”

“You don’t usually mix well with exercise. Just getting out of bed during the weekends is a hardship for you.”

“Ha ha,” I replied, sarcastically, as I walked over to the kettle and poured myself some coffee. I looked across the table and saw Jade with her hair perfect and face full of make-up.

“Where are you going?” I enquired.

“Shopping,” she replied, without looking up from her phone. “Problem?”

I knew exactly who she was going shopping with. I opened my mouth to say something but I saw my dad shoot me a warning look. She got up and grabbed her bag before heading to the door.

Before she walked out, mum called her back, “You need to meet us at one.” She said okay before leaving.
I looked at mum, confused. “What are you talking about?”

“I have to get dresses for you both, for next weekend.” I had a feeling it was going to be a long day.


I hated dress shopping. Dresses just looked awful on me. The last time I went dress shopping it was with Charlotte and Hayley for last year’s Valentine dance at school. We didn’t have dates but we were going anyway. They both tried on a bunch of gorgeous dressed which completely transformed them. I put one on, expecting my reflection to transform into some sort of goddess. It didn’t happen. I looked ridiculous. Both Hayley and Charlotte’s dresses brought out their curves. I didn’t have any curves what-so-ever. Strapless dresses just slipped down. Low cut dresses just made me look like a child. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t feeling optimistic about finding a dress that actually looked good on me.

Mum and I made our way to the food court, where we were meeting Jade. After about five minutes, we spotted her. With Stacey.

“Hey,” she gave us a wave as she approached us. “Stacey wanted to help me pick my dress.” Stacey smiled at my mum with a fake niceness.

“I hope you don’t mind me coming along with Jade, Mrs Bennett.”

“Not at all, Stacey,” mum said, brightly. “Let’s get going then. Which shop first?” Stacey flashed me an evil smile before following Jade and my mother.

Stacey suggested we go into a small boutique first because she’d been there plenty of times before. When we walked in all I could see were these tiny, short, girly dresses. I already wanted to vomit. Stacey took Jade straight over to the red dresses whilst going on about how the colour would complement her dark hair.

Mum turned to me, “Which ones catch your eye?” I could tell she was disappointed with my lack of enthusiasm. My mother was a great lover of events that she could dress up for so she wanted me to be the type of girl to get excited over a new dress, like Jade.

I looked at several dresses but it was hopeless. There was nothing that I thought would look even remotely nice on me. By the time I had picked out one potential dress, Jade was already trying on her fourth.

“This one totally brings out your eyes!” Stacey was busy complimenting Jade on the purple dress she had picked out for her.

Mum caught me holding the dress I was looking at, “Oh, are you going to try that one, Lissa?” Her eyes lit up at the fact that I’d actually picked out a dress at all. I really didn’t want to try it on though because that meant having to come out and parade around in it with Stacey watching. I wasn’t going to forgive Jade for this. I sighed heavily before walking into the changing rooms. I set down the dress. It was quite a simple design that came in at the waist and flared out at the bottom. The top part of the dress was blue, whereas the skirt was black. It was pretty to look at but I was doubtful about it looking as nice once I was wearing it.

I slid the dress on and the chest area felt quite snug. I looked in the mirror and almost died of shock. I actually had a cleavage in this dress. I didn’t look so tiny in this dress either, it actually made look taller. It fell to just above my knees. I walked out of the dressing room, amazed to have found I dress that I liked and didn’t make me look a total disaster.

“Good choice, Lissa,” my mother said, sounding quite relieved. “It suits you! I saw a pair of blue heels that would go perfectly with it.” She made her way over to the shoe section. There we had enemy number two: Heels. The minute my mother walked away, Stacey started.

“With your skin tone, Lissa,” she began, smugly. “I would’ve gone for a lighter colour. Don’t you think, Jade?” I saw a flicker of hesitation in Jade’s eyes. “Dark colour make you look… Sickly” She looked from my face down to my legs. I walked off before she could say anything else and joined mum by the shoes. I saw the pair she had hold of.

“You can think again if you honestly think I’m going to wear those things.”

“But Lissa, they’ll match your dress so well,” she pleaded.

“Do you want to spend the night at the hospital? Because that’s where I’ll end up if you make me wear those.”

Mum rolled her eyes, “Seriously, Lissa, you must be the only girl your age that can’t walk in heels. Try them on.” She shoved the shoes into my arms and then went back over to Jade. I tried the shoes on and they fitted perfectly. That didn’t mean I could walk in them, though. I could barely stand up straight. I attempted a few steps in front of the mirror but it was hopeless. I was walking like a chimp. I sighed again and took off the shoes. Mum was going to buy them anyway, whether I could walk in them or not.

We changed back into our clothes and mum paid for the dresses. We walked out of the shop and I almost walked straight into Adam. His eyes widened upon spotting Stacey.

“Hi, Adam,” she said cheerily, flashing her best smile. The two-faced witch.

“What are you doing here?” I said to him, grabbing his arm. He looked confused. I decided he was going to be my escape.
“I was just going to the book store.” He looked at me, still confused.

“Oh, great, I’ll come over with you,” I turned to mum. “I’m going to the store with Adam, I’ll be back later.” Without even waiting for a reply, I was dragging him away.

“Lissa, what the hell?”

“Jade brought Stacey dress shopping with us!” I said, angered. “How can Jade not see how much of a witch Stacey truly is?” We went into the book store. I let go of Adam’s arm and he started to walk off to the classic literature section. He was a sucker for Jane Austen novel.

“Adam, I can’t go on living with a sister who is associated with her.” He had completely tuned me out now. He was off in literature land. I picked up one of the books he was looking at. “How do you even read this stuff?”

“They’re classics,” he stated.

“They’re soppy,” I put the book back down. “You know, Adam, I don’t get you. You *%^## on Charlotte for watching those stupid Rom-Coms, yet you come in here and buy books about 18th century love affairs.”

“I appreciate art. Not the drivel that Hollywood makes and claims it romance.”

“So you prefer the Mr Darcy type romantic hero than the Ryan Reynolds type?”

“Exactly,” he said, moving away from the novels and heading towards the small comic section at the back of the shop. I have to admit, he really did rip apart the stereotypical nerd. One minute he was a historical romance buff and the next, he was a sci-fi geek. I really loved him.

“Oh my God, what if Jade starts inviting Stacey to sleepovers. I cannot have her in my house!”

Adam spun around, “Lissa! Please, stop talking about Stacey. I have to put up with people talking about her constantly for five days of the week. Can I please just have a break from it on weekends?” He turned back around to his comics and I stormed off to the magazine rack. After a couple of minutes, he walked over to me.

“Do you want to go get some food?” I ignored him. “Oh, so you’re sulking now?” I continued to flick through the pages of the magazine I was currently holding. “Look, I understand how frustrating it must be that your sister is becoming friends with the girl who hates your guts, but you have to just put up with it until Jade sees what Stacey is really like.”

I put the magazine down and sighed, “I guess you’re right.” I linked my arm through his and we walked out of the shop. We went over to the food court and shared some fries.

“I’m glad I can eat with you.” Adam said, with a fry halfway to his mouth. I laughed. “Charlotte and Hayley just complain about calories if I offer them junk food.”

“I embrace the calories,” I said as I continued eating. “I’d happily welcome some curves. Any type of curves would be an improvement for me.”

Adam sighed at me, “Are you girls ever happy with figures you have?” I laughed again. Adam was just so nice.

He really would make an amazing boyfriend. I pondered. I looked at him and wondered how guys like him go ignored.

“Adam,” I looked him right in the eyes. “I can tell you anything, right?” He raised an eyebrow at me, curiously.
“If you’re about to confess your undying love for me…” I gave him a friendly whack on the arm.

“I’m being serious!”

“Okay, okay,” He said laughing. “What is it?”

“I’m having visions of the future.” Whatever Adam was expecting me to say, it certainly wasn’t that. But no matter how crazy it sounded, there wasn’t a moment of doubt in his eyes. He knew me too well to think I’d joke about something that sounded so stupid.

He stared at me, his face serious, “Why don’t I get us some more fries?”
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Posted 14 June 2013 - 12:35 PM

Wow,  chapter four is brilliant. The quality of your writing is brilliant. The fact I love this story so much is brilliant. Your characters are so brilliantly believable. Overall - sheer brilliance.

Millie May

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Wow,  chapter four is brilliant. The quality of your writing is brilliant. The fact I love this story so much is brilliant. Your characters are so brilliantly believable. Overall - sheer brilliance.

Millie May


Awww thank you so much! It means a lot! :)

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Here is chapter 5 guys! Hope you enjoy!! :icon_study:


Chapter 5


When I arrived home, hours later, I was exhausted. Adam and I had spent a good part of the day researching, on his computer. Like Charlotte, Adam clicked his way through tons of pointless websites that had no real information.


He asked me endless questions, “It says here that involuntary visions often personally relate to the person envisioning them. Did your visions have personal meaning?”


“I’ve told you this, Adam, the visions are completely random. How does Charlotte’s earring have any personal meaning to me?” He’d lost the will to live by the time we finally called it a day. I told him that I’d let Charlotte know that I’d told him everything.


“You don’t have to go through this on your own, Lissa.” He said to me as I left. I was so thankful to have him as a friend at that point.


I walked through my front door and headed into the sitting room, where Stacey was sitting with Jade.


“Oh,” My mother walked through from the kitchen. “You’re just in time for dinner.” I caught my dad shoot me a sympathetic look. We made our way through to the dining room and all sat down at the table. Stacey sat down opposite me and I knew how uncomfortable this meal was going to be. Mum brought out the food and the small talk began as we started to eat.


“So, Stacey, what are your plans for after you leave school next year?” My mother asked.


“Well, I’ve already applied to several colleges,” she replied. “I’m hoping to study psychology.”


“Oh, that’s sounds interesting,” mum beamed. “I’m trying to persuade Lissa to keep her options more open. She’s only applying to the school’s sixth form.” Great, the topic of discussion turned to me.


“I wanted to break away from the school, spread my wings a bit.” Stacey smiled, sweetly. My dinner was going to come back up if she carried on speaking.


“How is your mother, Stacey? I haven’t spoken to her in a while.” The conversation carried on like that for a bit. I tried to tune it out and focus on my food.


After a few minutes, I realised everyone was looking at me. “Oh, say it again?” I said, mouth half full with food. Not my classiest moment.


“I said that you and Adam seem close,” mum said with a knowing smile. I nearly choked on the potato I was currently trying to swallow.


“Oh, God no, it’s not like that,” I caught Stacey looking gleeful at the awkwardness of the situation. “Adam and I aren’t together.”


“No,” Jade said, “Lissa’s seeing Daniel Evans.” Stacey’s face positively lit up.


“I am not with Daniel!”


“Who’s Daniel Evans?” Mum asked Jade.


“He’s that guy I was telling you about the other day, the one whose brother went missing.” Jade didn’t even look at me.


My mother’s face turned stern, “I read that his family are involved with drugs.”


“His father was a drug dealer,” Stacey added. I glared at her from across the table.


“You’re with this boy,” my mother said in a disapproving tone.


“I’m not with him! And for your information,” I shot a look in Stacey and Jade’s direction. “He hasn’t been in contact with his father for years. You can’t judge him on the actions of his father.” Poor dad just sat looking helpless whilst my mother continued to grill me.


“You seem to know a lot about him, Lissa,” mum continued.


“Well, she does sit with him every lunch,” Stacey added, with a smug smile on her face.


I stood up suddenly, “I’d rather sit with him than with you and the boyfriend that you stole from Charlotte!”


“Lissa, really, is there any need?” Mum looked at me angrily.


Jade’s eyes widened and I could see a slight look of worry on her face. I walked out and up the stairs, to my bedroom, before slamming the door. Stacey was determined to make my life a nightmare. I couldn’t believe that Jade could be such a *%^##, bringing that up. She knows too well how judgemental our mother could be.


It was another hour before I heard talking in the hallway and the front door closing. Five minutes later, Jade opened my door and peered in.


“Go away Jade, I’m really not in the mood right now,” I said, turning away. She stepped into the room.


“I’m sorry, Liss, I was only joking around.”


I turned back around to face her, “Do you not realise that Stacey is going to tell everyone in my year about this? You don’t see what she’s really like, Jade. She’s two years above you in school! Do you really think she’d be hanging around with a third year if you weren’t my sister?”


“You know, not everything is about you, Lissa.” She stormed out, slamming the door shut behind her. She was never going to believe anything I said. I just had to hope that Adam was right and she’d eventually see for herself just what Stacey is like.  


When I checked my phone, I saw a missed call and a message from Charlotte. I presumed Adam must have told her about me telling him about my visions or whatever they were. I dialled her number.


“Lissa, Adam told me that you’d told him! I thought you didn’t want to tell anyone!”


“Char, Adam’s our friend. He’s hardly going to blab to everyone.” Charlotte worried way too much. 


“Well, at least we have help now, trying to figure it out.” She still didn’t sound reassured.


“Anyway, you won’t believe the day I’ve had.” I told Charlotte everything, from the dress shopping to the dinner. She was the perfect listener, adding in ‘that witch’ when it was necessary. It was dark outside by the time I put the phone down. I realised just how tired I was from not sleeping well the night before. I got changed into my favourite comfy PJs and collapsed onto my bed.


Tiredness took its toll and I was asleep within minutes.




By the time Monday rolled around, I was sick of Adam and Charlotte. They were acting as though they were in competition with each other, both trying to crack the mystery of my future telling. I lost count of the amount of times I had to remind them that we were supposed to be working together on this.


My Sunday was filled with constant psychic websites and Adam had even found some strange book about seeing the future. He had it hidden in his text book during Biology class on the Monday.


“This book has more scientifically accurate explanations than all of those pointless websites that Charlotte was looking at,” he whispered to me, on our table in Biology. “It talks about the vibrations of personal experiences and of objects. This could explain a lot if we keep reading it.”


“You know,” I said as I began to pour acid into one of the testing tubes on our table. “As much as I appreciate you trying to help, I’d really like it if you could help me with this.” I held up the test tube. Science was one of his strongest subjects and I was hopeless without him.


“Did you put the right amount of alkaline in there?” He asked, not really paying any attention.


“I don’t know! This is why you should put that bloody book away and help me!” I poured the contents of the test tube into the beaker that was over the Bunsen burner.


“Let me just finish this chapter.” I was going to hit him with that book.


I figured he wasn’t going to help me out with the experiment, so I took matters into my own hands. That explained why, ten minutes later, I was sitting in the nurse’s office, once again.


“What happened?” The nurse asked, inspecting my hand.


“I was doing an experiment in Biology and some of the acid mixture spilt onto my hand.”


“It’s only a little burn. I’ll be able to neutralise the area and get some cream on it.” She gave me a look over her glasses. “The messes you kids get yourselves into.”


When I walked out of her office I almost walked straight into Daniel.


“Fancy seeing you here,” he said, flashing me a smile. “What did you do?”


“I burnt my hand during a Science experiment.” Daniel looked like he was about to laugh. “It’s not funny. I’m hopeless at biology.”


“How are you at chemistry?” he asked, his eyes brightening.


“Even worse,” I replied before I realised he didn’t mean the class. I crossed my arms as he carried on laughing.


“What are you doing out of class, anyway?” I asked him suspiciously.


“I am simply passing on a message to the caretaker.” He held up a note from one of the teachers. “Scared someone’s going to see us and send around a fresh batch of rumours about our class-skipping adventures?” He said, with a wink. God, he was cute when he winked. I laughed and he held his gaze for a little bit longer than usual.


“I best get back to class. Adam was a wreck when I left because I was blaming him.”


“Oh, well, he’s probably planning a candlelit dinner for two to make it up to you.”


I gave him a playful shove, “Leave him alone, you need to stop intimidating him.” Adam barely spoke whenever Daniel was around, I could tell that they weren’t warming to each other.


“It’s not my fault that he can’t handle my awesomeness,” he said with that hint of arrogance that he had most of the time.


“I mean it. I’ve been friends with Adam for years now. You’re going to have to make more of an effort with him.”


“Why should I, when he doesn’t make an effort to get along with me?”


“Fine,” I said, as an idea came to me. “How about we all do something tonight, the five of us?” He looked at me, sceptically.


“I have work until five thirty but I’m free after that,” he replied with a shrug.


“Well, that’s that then,” I said, as though it were that simple.


I told the others in last period, when the four of us had a class together, “I told him we’d meet him when he leaves work.”


“You didn’t think to ask us first?” I could tell that Adam clearly wasn’t happy. Hayley, on the other hand, was delighted.


“What’s then plan then?” She asked, excitedly.


“I thought we could go bowling.”


Her face fell then, “Lissa, you know I can’t bowl. I’ll make a fool of myself.”


“I can’t bowl either, Hayley,” I reminded her.


“It’s never bothered you before.” Charlotte said, looking at her suspiciously.


“She’s part of the newly formed Daniel Appreciation Group.” Adam said bitterly, speaking a bit louder than intended. Unfortunately for us, Rachel Burton was sitting nearby and hearing Daniel’s name, she glanced over at us.


“Keep your voice down, Adam,” I said, motioning my head in Rachel’s direction.


“If you’re all so besotted with him then you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about—” Charlotte cut him off.


“What is your problem with him?” She asked him, quite fiercely. Adam looked at her, shocked at the tone of her voice.


“I… I don’t have a problem with him.” He stuttered at her.


There was a tense atmosphere between the two of them for the rest of the class. I was so relieved when the last bell finally rang. We agreed to meet just before five thirty, in order to go and meet Daniel. Adam was still reluctant but didn’t say anything and Hayley was still glum about having to bowl. All in all, the plan was going great so far. I could see tonight being a real bonding session.


I had some dinner with the family before going up to my room to get dressed. I was suddenly conscious about what I was going to wear. When it was just the four of us, I never put any thought into what I’m wearing. Why did I care now? I didn’t even like Daniel that way. Did I? I settled on a plain white tee with skinny jeans and my leather jacket. I didn’t look any different to what I usually did but why should it be any different? There was no point in even trying to do anything with my hair. It was flat and plain all the time, even trying to fluff it up wouldn’t add any spice to it. I just added a bit of eyeliner and headed for my door. I refused to have a breakdown in front of the mirror. I headed downstairs and saw my mother in the hallway.


“Where did you say you were going again?”


“Just bowling,” I replied.


“You’re going with Charlotte and Hayley, right?” She looked suspicious.


“Adam is going as well,” her eyes lit up. “Oh, and Daniel is going.” Her lips went into a thin line.


“Are you sure you want to be associated with someone like that?” I couldn’t believe how snobby she could be sometimes.

“Like what, mother?” I challenged her.


“He’s from a broken home. There are plenty of teenagers who go astray and get into all sorts of troubles because of their family background. You hear about it on the news all the time.”


I laughed, sarcastically, “So you’re saying that anyone who isn’t from a picture perfect family isn’t worth wasting your time on? Is that it?”


“I’m not saying it like that, Lissa. I’m just telling you to be careful. You don’t want to get yourself caught up in trouble in your final year of school.” She walked back off into the sitting room and I saw Jade through the doorway. She mouthed a ‘sorry’ at me, knowing all too well that the way she had worded herself at dinner the other night had instantly made our mother dislike Daniel. I grabbed my bag and walked out the front door without another word.


Surprisingly, Adam was the first one waiting at the corner of the street of the sandwich bar where Daniel worked.


“Hey, Adam… You smell nice.”


“Well, gee, thanks Lissa. Do I normally smell like an animal farm?” I was about to ask him who he was trying to impress, when Charlotte came around the corner.


“Hey guys, Hayley not here yet?” I looked at her. She was wearing an uber girly dress, all floral and bouncy. Her caramel-coloured hair was curled to perfection. I looked over at Adam, who was also looking at her. In fact, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate in my jacket pocket. I took it out and saw that I had a text from Hayley.


“Unbelievable,” I said, slowly. Adam and Charlotte tore their eyes off each other for a second to look at me. “Hayley decided to go to the sandwich bar. She’s sitting with Daniel right now.”


We walked off down the street, towards the sandwich bar, and walked inside. It was a cute little place. Mostly full of twenty-something’s, typing away on laptops whilst eating. We spotted Hayley and Daniel in one of the far-back booths. We went over.


“Hey guys,” she beamed up at us. “I was going to pass this place anyway so I thought it made more sense to just come and wait in here rather than walk down the street just to come back.” I looked at Daniel. He had a white serving apron on over a black t-shirt and jeans. He stood up and removed the apron.


“I’ll just clock off now,” He said before going behind the bar and disappearing into the back. Hayley stood up out of her seat. She was wearing a short, blue skirt and a low-cut vest.


I raised my eyebrows at her, “Really, Hayley?”


“What?” She said, innocently. “Oh, come on, Lissa. You can’t seriously say you wouldn’t even be tempted to flirt with him, I mean, have you seen those arms?”

Charlotte spoke up, “Have you seen how desperate you look?”


“I’m only having a bit off fun. Besides, it was really awkward, talking to him on my own anyway. We don’t really have anything in common.”


“Vanity, perhaps?” Adam suggested.


“Oh, ha-ha,” Hayley shot him a look. Daniel came back out and I realised, as Hayley had pointed out, that his arms were rather impressive. I must have stared a bit longer than I intended because Hayley elbowed me in the ribs, trying not to laugh.


“Oh, right, are we going then?” I headed towards the door.




I’ll admit it, I really wasn’t the world’s biggest bowling fan, but it was one of the only things that our town had to offer in terms of amusement. We all put our shoes on and headed for our lane.


Adam went first. He was a natural at bowling, making it look easy. Charlotte went after him, also knocking down a decent amount of pins. Daniel went third and got the same score as Adam, who tried not to look annoyed, but I could tell that he was.


Hayley looked at me, “Your turn next, Liss.”


I stood up and braced myself for the humiliation. I took the bowling ball and tried to position myself.


“Your positioning is wrong,” I jumped as Daniel’s voice came from behind me. “Here, let me show you.” I heard him approach and felt him grab my arm slightly. Oh God.


“You need to loosen your arm up a bit.” I glanced over his shoulder at Hayley and Charlotte, who were giggling silently.


Daniel was going on about concentration. Ha! I couldn’t have concentrated on anything at that point. I was too focused on the fact that he had placed a hand on my waist. He was showing me how to swing the ball properly. He stood back and looked at me, expectantly. I realised that he meant for me to roll the ball now, so I just went for it. And for the first time in my life, I got a strike.


I was so shocked that I just threw my arms out and swung around, not realising that Daniel was walking towards me.


I felt my right hand collide with his face.


“Oh my god,” I saw blood come out of his nose. “I’m so sorry!”


I heard stifled laughter coming from the table and looked over to see Adam and Hayley practically choking back tears. Charlotte stood up and glared at them both before rushing over to Daniel.


“Do you want me to get you some tissue?” She asked him.


“No,” he pinched his nose. “I’ll just bleed all over the floor.” This caused more laughter from Adam and Hayley.


“I didn’t realise you were there,” everyone started to look in our lanes’ direction to see what all the commotion was. “I’ll go see if I can get you some ice or something.”


Five minutes later we were all sitting at one of the café tables with the game left abandoned. Daniel was holding a small ice pack on the right side of his nose and Adam was advising him to lean forward rather than put his head back. It was the most civilized I’d seen the two of them be to each other. Hayley was biting back laughter and Charlotte was looking queasily at the bloodied tissues.


I was mortified.


Hayley came up to me and whispered into my ear, “Trust you to end up ruining his beautiful face.” She began giggling again.


“It’s not funny, Hayley,” I groaned. “Why do things like this always happen to me?”


“Stop feeling sorry for yourself.” Hayley went on. “You’re not the one with the bleeding nose. Hey, at least I got out of having to bowl!”


“It looks like the bleedings stopped,” we heard Adam say from across the table. “You can sit down now, Char.”


Daniel put the tissue down but kept the ice on his nose. He looked over at me.


“I really am sorry, Daniel.”


“It’s fine,” he said with a gleam in his eye. “But if this thing bruises then it’s your duty to tell everyone that it happened during a make-out session.” Hayley and Charlotte began laughing, even Adam’s lips twitched.


“Seriously, it’s fine.” He winked at me.


He really had to stop doing that.


A group of guys, about our age, walked past our table. Suddenly, Daniel’s face darkened. I turned to look at the guys. One of them stared at Daniel. He was lanky with his hair cropped short. A fleeting look of panic crossed his face for a moment before he turned back to his friends. I looked over at Daniel, questioningly, but he continued to shoot daggers in their direction.


“Maybe we should call it a night?” I suggested. “The game kinda crashed and burned, no thanks to me.” Everyone seemed to nod in agreement so we left the table.


Daniel threw the ice pack away and put a hand up to his nose, tentatively. He winced a bit when he touched it but he acted as though it was nothing. I gave him a sympathetic look.


Once we were outside, we said our goodbyes and headed off in separate directions. Adam and Charlotte only lived one street away from each other so they headed off together and Hayley walked with me and Daniel until she had to go in her direction for home.


“Who were they?” I asked Daniel, curiously, once Hayley had gone.


“What are you talking about?”


“The guys who came into the bowling alley, I know you knew them.”


“They were friends of my brother,” he grimaced as he spoke. “Let’s just say I didn’t exactly get along with them.”


He looked at me, pushing his hair off his face. “The guy who was looking at me was Tyler. He’s known our family for years. His father had frequent ‘business’ deals with mine. My mother couldn’t stand it but she didn’t really get a say in the company my father kept.”


“Do you think this Tyler guy might know something about your brother?”


“I confronted him about it the night after Charlie went missing, swore he knew nothing. He was lying though.”


Even though Daniel acted like he didn’t care, I knew that it was getting to him. It was his brother and he was worried.


I stopped walking and looked right at him, “You will find him, Daniel.”


He studied my face for a moment, his pale blue eyes standing out more than ever in the evening light.


“If he wants to be found,” he turned and carried on walking.


We walked to the corner of my street in silence. When we got there, Daniel turned to face me again.


“Well,” he crossed his arm. “I think tonight went pretty well.”


I looked at the side of his nose. It didn’t appear to be bruised; just a little red. His hair had partially fallen over his face again and I had the urge to push it back. The urge to play with hair all the time was concerning me. I’m not used to male contact. The closest I’d ever got to a guy before was when I made out with Charlotte’s cousin at her fifteenth birthday party. Now that was an experience I didn’t want to repeat.


But still, there hadn’t really been a guy that I’d wanted to spend so much time with. Sure, there were plenty of good looking guys around school, but I never went near any of them. Most of them seemed completely irritating anyway. The experience of wanting to spend so much time around Daniel was new to me. It unnerved me.


I took a step back, “It could’ve gone better, but at least I didn’t break your nose.”


“The whole point of tonight was to get me and Adam to stop throwing daggers at each other. You achieved that, even if it was just for tonight,” he said with a smile.


“Yeah, I guess. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I gave an awkward little wave before turning to walk down my road.


I heard him say a goodbye as I walked. When I got about halfway down the road, I glanced back over my shoulder. Daniel was still there, watching me walk.

Even though I didn’t have the first clue as to why I was seeing glimpses of the future, in that moment, I was glad for it. If it hadn’t have been for my vision of Daniel in the hallway, he never would have spoken to me that morning I was late. I would have carried on not paying attention to him, judging him without even knowing him.




The next day, I had to wait until second period, history, to see if I had caused visible damage to Daniel’s face.


I breathed a sigh of relief when I walked in and saw that his nose was looking just fine. Surprisingly, he was sitting on the edge of mine and Charlotte’s desk, having a conversation with her. Even though Daniel had been sitting with us at lunch, he hadn’t really approached us in class. He saw me walking over and stood up.


“Look, no bruise,” he pointed to his nose. “Guess we’ll have to save that make-out rumour for another time then.”


I gave a sarcastic laugh. Upon closer inspection, I could see that his nose was slightly red, but it wasn’t really noticeable unless you were looking right at it.

Mr Butler walked into the class, then, and I took my seat next to Charlotte as Daniel headed for his own desk at the back of the class.


Lunch was remarkably less awkward than it had been previously. Adam and Daniel weren’t exactly talking to one another, but they were no longer shooting disgruntled looks at each other over their lunches. It was a start, anyway.


I noticed that less and less people were staring at us in the cafeteria. Now that Daniel sat with us on a regular basis, it was no longer hot gossip amongst the other lunch tables.


By the time I got home that afternoon, I was in a much better mood than I had been for the past couple of weeks. I was even feeling positive enough to have a conversation with Jade, though she was cautious not to bring any mention of Stacey into it. We heard mum and dad having a debate in the kitchen. By the sounds of things, it seemed there was a problem with the caterers for Saturday night’s charity event.


“I’ll sort it, Kate,” dad’s voice rang through the house.


“You better, and fast,” mum sounded more concerned than dad.


She was a very proud woman, so everything had to be perfect in order for her to maintain her social status. I was nothing like my mother, personality-wise. I may have gotten her brown hair and brown eyes but I certainly didn’t get her attitude. I was glad of that fact because I found her intolerable sometimes and I knew she felt that way about me.


After dinner, I made my way up to my room and sat myself down in front of my laptop, ready to make a start on some homework. It didn’t take long for curiosity to get the better of me and instead I opened Google. I felt stupid for just typing it in the search bar but pretty soon I was looking through the search results for ‘seeing visions of the future’. None of the websites on the first couple of pages had any information of real value. Charlotte was right about saying a lot of the stuff on the internet was about seeing the future in dreams. In terms of having a vision whilst being completely conscious, there wasn’t much to go on.


There were a few forums on some sites, with people who had also had visions of the future, but theirs occurred after a near death experience or something just as traumatic. I got more and more frustrated with every website I clicked on. Most of the stories sounded completely bogus and once again, I was beginning to question my own sanity. Realising that I wasn’t going to get any answers, I shut my laptop and went to bed.




Saturday morning came around quickly and my parents were up in arms. Dad had apparently managed to get someone else to do the food last minute but mum wasn’t happy with it.


“You should have phoned around more places, Steve!” Mum was pacing around the sitting room. “Serving them sandwiches, they’re expecting a meal!”

“I’m sure they won’t mind, Kate. It is a charity event after all.”


Mum continued to stress, making sure that every little thing was to her satisfaction. Even though it was dad’s event, a lot of my mother’s work colleagues were coming along, so she had a social status to maintain.


Jade was locked in her room, spending the whole day getting ready. I have no idea why, no one of our interest was going to be there. It was mostly going to be older business people who had more money to spend. If Jade had hopes of a young, attractive millionaire, then she was going to be highly disappointed. At 4pm, my mother appeared in my doorway with her hair in rollers.


“Why aren’t you getting ready?” she demanded.


“We don’t have to be there until six thirty, it’s not going to take me over two hours to get ready.”


She gave me a stern look.


“Fine, I’ll get ready now!” I huffed.


I walked over and shut my bedroom door, then got my dress from my closet. I put it on and revelled in how gorgeous it was. I wasn’t, however, looking forward to putting on those heels. I sat down in front of my mirror and stared at my reflection for a while. I dug out blue and silver eye shadows from my make-up kit. I was good at doing eye make-up but I preferred doing it on other people rather than myself. Hayley adored the smoky eyes look I gave her for lasts years Valentines’ dance. If I was going to be humiliating myself in heels, then I decided I might as well look my best when I did.


I put a little powder on my face and then began work on my eyes. I didn’t getting many excuses to play around with make-up so I was quite content, sitting there surrounded by eye shadows, glitter pots and mascaras. By the time I was finished, my eye make-up looked amazing, if I do say so myself. It was a miracle what a bit of eye shadow could do.


Mum opened my door and poked her head in, “Are you not doing anything with your hair?”


There was no pleasing the woman.


I grabbed my curlers from my draw and waved them at her. She rolled her eyes before walking off again. I plugged in the curlers and waited for them to heat up. I hated curling my hair; there was just no point in it. It took forever to do and then it would flatten within an hour anyway, no matter how much hairspray I used.

Once the curlers were heated, I attempted to add a few loose curls to the ends of my hair. I examined myself in the mirror. The curls did make my face look softer. I added dark red lipstick for contrast, to complete the look. I checked my phone and saw that I had another half hour before we were due to go so I put the heels on and practiced walking around my room.


I really was a pathetic excuse for a girl. My knees kept bending awkwardly as I walked in them; it looked like I’d had an unfortunate accident in my pants. I was so tempted to just put my black ballet flats on.


I practiced walking round a bit more and I was starting to stand up straighter. Proud of my achievement, I attempted to walk down the stairs. I had to take it one step at a time but I made it to the bottom without any casualties. I put my phone in the blue clutch that my mother had bought for me the other day.


She was standing in the sitting room, fixing dad’s tie. She looked classy as ever in a long, tight-fitting, peach dress. Jade walked down the stairs with a lot more grace than me in her even higher heels. Anyone who didn’t know us would think that she was the older sister.


“Your hair looks gorge,” she said to me. “You should curl it more often.”


Her dress fitted her perfectly and was extra dazzling with a sparkling sliver belt. Her also dark brown hair was pulled up into ponytail of curls.

Our mother noticed us, “Oh good, you’re both ready!”


Ten minutes later, we were in the car and on our way to the town hall, where the auction was being held. It was decorated beautifully and each circular table had a small bunch of purple, pink and blue flowers placed in the centre.


The only other people there when we arrived were dad’s colleagues who had been helping him organise for the event. There guests weren’t due to start arriving for another fifteen minutes. A couple of waiters were placing plates of sandwiches on the buffet table. Dad went over to the stage and started to test the microphone, since he was hosting the event.


Mum, Jade and I placed ourselves on the table closest to the stage that had our seating cards on. Mum was out of her seat the minute the guests started to stream in. My Aunt Joan arrived a few minutes later and Jade and I were beckoned over to greet her. As I got out of my seat, I stood awkwardly on my heels and collided with one of the waiters.


“Sorry,” I apologised and looked up at him.


It was Daniel.


He looked at me and realised who I was, “Lissa, you really have to stop throwing yourself at me or you’re going to end up injuring more than just my nose.”


I just stared at him for a moment, surprised to see him. “What are you doing here?”


“I am working, what’s your excuse?” I pointed to the stage, where my dad was currently standing.


“That’s my dad,” Daniel looked over.


“So he must own Fictous Publishing then?”


“Yep, my dad loves his books.” I took a moment to look properly at Daniel.


He was wearing a waiter’s suit, complete with a black waistcoat. It looked good on him, really good on him. I looked back up at his face and realised he was surveying me. I felt heat creep into my cheeks. He was opening his mouth to say something when I heard my mother calling me over. I looked at Daniel, apologetically, before walking over to her. Jade was looking at me, slightly open mouthed.


“Who was that?” mum asked curiously.


“That’s Daniel,” I replied. She narrowed he eyes.


I greeted Aunt Joan and she asked me a few conversational questions. I’d never really gotten along well with her. Being my mother’s older sister, she’s just like her but more uptight. I managed to escape after some small talk and went back over to my seat.


Daniel was pouring wine into glasses on the table nearest to mine. As he walked back to the buffet table, he smiled at me. I was surprised by how happy I was to have him here. My happiness was short lived when I caught my mother sending disapproving looks from across the room, where she was talking to a colleague.


As the guests started to sit around the tables, my dad made his way back over to the stage. I gave him discreet a thumbs-up before he walked up the few steps. As he began tapping the microphone to check it was on, I heard the double doors open as a couple of late arrivals made their way inside. I looked over and my stomach dropped.


It was Stacey and her father.

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That chapter was brilliant, it was long and extremely well written, without sounding forced. It's hard to say much about this because it flows so well and your characters are believable that as a reader I don't feel like analysing it, I just want to read more. I feel as if the way you write seems a lot more natural than even some professional authors and your characters seem slightly more carefree and less serious than most. Your writing is just so enjoyable to read. Please update when you can.


Millie May

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That chapter was brilliant, it was long and extremely well written, without sounding forced. It's hard to say much about this because it flows so well and your characters are believable that as a reader I don't feel like analysing it, I just want to read more. I feel as if the way you write seems a lot more natural than even some professional authors and your characters seem slightly more carefree and less serious than most. Your writing is just so enjoyable to read. Please update when you can.


Millie May


Aww thank you!! *sends virtual hugs*

I'm working on the next chapter at the moment! :)

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Aww thank you!! *sends virtual hugs*

I'm working on the next chapter at the moment! :)

I look forward to reading it.

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Hey! So it's taken me longer to do this chapter because i've been working away on another story for Camp NaNoWriMo this month! But here is chapter 6!


Chapter 6


I instantly looked across the table at Jade, accusingly. She shook her head at me.


“I didn’t invite her, Lissa.” she whispered frantically.


Mum went over to great them. I hadn’t even known that Stacey’s father was home from Dubai, he only comes home for business meetings every few months. After a few pleasantries, Stacey and her father made their way to a table close to ours; I noticed their seating cards, S. Miller and D. Miller. My mother came to sit back down.


“What is she doing here?” I hissed at mum.


“Her father wanted to attend the auction. He’s only here for a week before he goes back.”


I looked over at Stacey. Her platinum blonde locks were pulled up into a perfect knot at the top of her head and she was wearing a short, figure-hugging, emerald green dress. She locked eyes with me and flashed me a twisted smile.


At that point, Daniel came over and offered my mother another glass of wine. She looked at him and answered politely with a yes. She studied him as he poured the wine into her glass. I was completely on edge, not wanting her to say anything to him. My mother was not afraid to speak her mind. Luckily, she refrained from saying anything but she kept glancing at me.


Daniel looked over in my direction when he finished pouring the wine and he obviously saw from the look on my face that something wasn’t right. He scanned the room and spotted Stacey. He looked back down at me with sympathetic eyes before walking off again.


When I looked back at Stacey, I knew that she’d recognised Daniel. She shot me a smug smile before turning back to her father.


“So, Daniel is a waiter?” I heard mum ask me.


“He works for a sandwich bar,” I shrugged. “It must be the same one that dad hired last minute for the food.”


“Oh, right,” mum watched Daniel walking around the room, offering wine to the guests. “At least he has a job.” I rolled my eyes.


“He’s actually quite cute, dressed like that,” Jade observed.


Mum narrowed her eyes, “Pretty faces can hide a lot trouble.”


“Mum, he’s not troubled, okay? He’s just worried about his brother.” Before mum could say anything else, dad cleared his throat and began talking into the microphone.


“Hello everyone, thank you for attending tonight’s special charity auction.”


The auction itself was pretty dull, just a bunch of rich people bidding on rare books. But at least it was all for a good cause. Stacey’s father didn’t even bid on anything in the end, considering my mother had acted as though he’d been desperate to attend.


Daniel caught my eye quite a few times throughout the auction. One little old dear kept pestering him for more wine and I had to supress a giggle when she scolded him for telling her she’d had enough.


After the auction was over, the guests started splitting off to either the buffet table or the bar. I hung around at our table for a bit until Daniel came and sat down opposite me. He wasn’t really needed now that people were going into the bar area for something a bit stronger.


“Remind me to never let myself get roped into doing this again,” he said as he sat down. “Students wanting a light snack, I can deal with. But posh, old women who don’t know when to stop with the drink? Never again.”


I smiled at him and he held my gaze for a while.


“It wasn’t all bad though,” he added as his gazed dropped to what I was wearing.


Suddenly, my dad seemed to appear out of nowhere, “So, how did I do?” He sat down on the chair nearest to mine.


“You did great, dad. There were a couple of good bidding wars tonight. How much did you raise?”


“I don’t know the exact total yet but I know we did well,” he said proudly. He looked over at Daniel. “Ah, you must be one of our last minute waiters; you don’t know how much I appreciated you guys stepping in at such late notice.”


“No problem, sir.”


Dad held out a hand, “The name’s Steve.” They shook hands.


“I’m Daniel,” Dad’s eyebrows rose just a little. “I go to school with Lissa.”


“Oh, right.” Dad glanced over at me, a smile forming at the corner of his mouth. “I best be getting back to the guests anyway, most of whom I assume are in the bar.” He stood up. “Nice meeting you, Daniel.”


“You too,” Daniel replied politely. He turned back to me, “Your dad seems cool. Are you going to the bar area?”


“Yeah, I will in a minute, I’ll probably just get some food first.”


Daniel just looked at me, waiting for me to stand up. I really hoped he would just go to the bar because, truth be told, I really didn’t want him to witness the car crash that was me, walking in heels. I realised he wasn’t going to go without me, so I stood up and so did he. I cautiously began walking over to the buffet table and Daniel watched me with amusement. I was practically shuffling across the floor and I heard him laughing.


“It’s not funny,” I glared at him. “I’m not a high heels kinda girl.”


“Yeah,” he laughed. “I can see that.”


He strode over and held his arm out for me. I laughed before taking it, even though we only had to walk half way across the hall. We pilled a few sandwiches on a plate and made our way into the bar area. I couldn’t spot mum or Jade, so I just sat at a small table with Daniel and we shared the sandwiches.


“I’ll have to go and help the guys clean up,” he said to me before standing. “I’ll come back when I’m done, if you want?”


I smiled, “Okay then.”


He stared at me for a little while longer, his expression unreadable. I looked over his shoulder and saw Stacey standing near to her father. She was looking Daniel up and down, differently from the look of disgust she normally throws at him. He followed my gaze and saw Stacey. He turned back to me, looking sympathetic, before walking back into the hall. Stacey watched him walking out of the bar area. I wanted to throw drink all over her but I doubt my dad would appreciate that.

Before I knew it, my mother had me cornered.


“Where have you been?” she inquired. “With that boy?”


“His name is Daniel and, yes, I was with him because you guys just disappeared on me.” I saw Jade approaching, listening to me and mum.


“He looks good in formal wear,” she stated.


I turned to her, “He was a freak the other day, according to you.”


“Yes, but that was before I saw him in a waistcoat.”


Mum rolled her eyes at us both and then walked off, looking for dad.


I glanced over to the bar, “Where’s Stacey gone?” I asked Jade.


“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “I haven’t really seen her much tonight.”


I could see her father but she wasn’t there anymore. I scanned the bar area, her blonde locks weren’t in sight. She’d probably gone straight to her girlfriends to tell them that I looked hideous and that my hair was a mess and that I couldn’t walk in heels. Well, the heels part would be totally true but I was quite proud of my hair and make-up tonight.


Jade and I sat at a table drinking cranberry juice for a while. Jade tried to get a glass of wine from the bartender but he just laughed at her. As some of the guests started to leave, I got up and walked back into the hall, looking for Daniel. The hall was almost cleaned out. The buffet tables had been emptied and the tables were being pushed to the walls. I spotted Daniel in the far corner, near the stage. Stacey was standing next to him.


The pang of jealousy that I felt came as a complete surprise. She was standing there, flicking her hair and flashing her smile. She was turning on the charm, like she always did when there was a guy around who wasn’t already paying attention to her. Daniel was staring at her with a blank look on his face. I heard someone walking up behind me and turned to find Jade.


She looked towards Stacey and Daniel and then looked at me. She looked like she couldn’t figure out what to say so she just turned around and walked back out again. She didn’t want to admit that the ever perfect Stacey was so clearly flirting with another guy, who was unworthy of her attention just the other day, regardless of the fact she had a boyfriend. Jade didn’t want to admit that I was right. I was just about to turn around and walk out before they could spot me when I heard Daniel call my name. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that he was walking towards me.


“Hey,” I smiled at him. “The guests are starting to leave so I just came to say goodnight.” I glanced over his shoulder and saw Stacey standing with her hands on her hips.


“Goodnight, Lissa.”


I turned and saw Jade waiting for me. I started to walk towards her, feeling proud of myself for not slipping over in my heels once during the course of the night.


“Hey, Lissa,” I glanced back at Daniel. “You look lovely tonight.” He said, sincerely.


My eyes widened, not sure how to react. Stacey’s model-worthy pout turned into a frown.


“Umm thanks,” I replied. Clearly, I lacked in practice at receiving compliments.


I turned back round to Jade, who was looking at me with smile playing on her lips. She opened her mouth to say something as we walked back into the bar area.

“Don’t even go there,” I warned her.


Ten minutes later, we were in the car, on our way home. Mum was too content gossiping to realise that none of us were even paying any attention to a word she way saying. Jade kept giving me sideways glances, smirking. I was busy analysing the nights events and worrying about the size of the blister I could feel forming on my heel.


“Tonight went really well, I think.” Dad said when we walked through the front door. “Did you have a nice night, girls?”


Jade giggled, “Oh, Lissa had a lovely night.” I shot her a glare.


“Glad you enjoyed it, sweetheart.” Dad said, oblivious.


I kicked my heels off and headed up the stairs, hobbling slightly. My poor toes, I thought as I walked. How do girls wear these things all the time? The minute I’d changed out of my dress, I practically collapsed onto my bed, exhausted. When I actually tried to fall asleep however, I couldn’t get Daniel out of my head. He’d looked at me differently that night, I could tell. I hadn’t realised how much I’d wanted him to look at me that way until that night. It unnerved me as much as it thrilled me.




On Monday morning, I met Charlotte on the way to school so that I could tell her everything about Saturday. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her on the Sunday because she had been at her grandmothers all day.


“Do you like him, Lissa?” she asked me.


“What do you mean?”


“Oh come on,” she grabbed my arm. “You know what I mean. Do you like him?”


“I don’t know Char, I barley know him. I…” I trailed off, thinking about it. I liked spending time with him. A lot. That, I was certain of.


We walked into registration and I immediately saw Stacey’s head turn towards me. She gave me her usual snooty look, but this time it clearly had more venom behind it. I was relieved to get out of the classroom when the bell rang for first period.


Charlotte and I headed to history class, expecting to see Daniel. He wasn’t there. Nor was he at lunch later that day. We pondered as to where he could be, assuming that he must be off sick. That was until I saw him in a corridor when I was on my way to English, slightly late because the physics teacher had kept me behind over my grades.


“Hey, where have you been all day?” I could tell instantly by the darkened look on his face that something was wrong.


“Nowhere, I just had something to do at lunch.” He  was lying.


“Anything I can help you with?” I asked him.


“Not really, Lissa.” His voice sounded strained. “I’m late for class, I’ll see you later.”


He walked off without another word. I watched him walk down the corridor, confused. He’d been fine on Saturday. I went off to English but I didn’t take anything in, I was too busy wondering what was wrong.


When the final bell rang, I met up with the others and waited to see if they mentioned anything about seeing Daniel. None of them did so I kept my mouth shut. Later that night, I went into the coffee shop, wondering if he’d show up at all, but he didn’t.


When I walked into the cafeteria with Charlotte the next day, Daniel was back in his seat at our table.


“Where did you disappear to yesterday?” Charlotte asked him as she sat down in her usual seat next to Adam.


“Oh, I was in the library, I had to do some serious catching up on an assignment.” He replied casually.


The others didn’t question it but I knew it wasn’t the truth. I didn’t say anything, however, but I did try to catch his eye. He was concentrating on his lunch and seemed distant.


Stacey walked in about ten minutes later.


As she walked past our table, she smiled, “Hi, Daniel.”


She continued to walk over to her own table and sat next to Ben. Hayley immediately whipped her head to face Daniel.


“Why is she talking you?” Only Hayley could just come straight out with it.


I’d told Adam and Hayley that Daniel had been working at the charity event but I’d failed to tell them that Stacey had turned up.


“She was at Lissa’s dad’s charity auction at the weekend.” he said to her, glancing at me.


Hayley shot me a look, “You didn’t tell me that the wicked witch of the west had been in attendance.”


“Yeah, she came with her dad. Apparently he’s home from Dubai for a little while. I managed to successfully dodge her for most of the night though.”


I looked at her over my shoulder. Ben was talking to her but she was texting on her phone, not listening to a word he was saying. She looked up in our direction every now and then, smiling at Daniel.


Charlotte and I looked at each other, knowing what was going on. Daniel Evans had become one of the most interesting people at school recently.

If it was talked about, Stacey wanted it.




I don’t know why I’d thought it was a good idea to go to the sandwich bar that evening. Once I was nearly there, I was regretting it immensely. But I was there now and I wanted to talk to Daniel. I opened the door and walked in.


It was warm inside and provided relief from the chilly wind that had picked up outside. I spotted Daniel, almost immediately, in the same black clothes and white apron he’d been wearing last week. I couldn’t help remembering how great that t-shirt made his arms look.  


He looked up and saw me. I walked over to a booth by a window and sat down. He walked behind the counter, with the empty plates he was holding, and took them back to the kitchens. He emerged a minute later and made his way over to my booth, sliding onto the bench opposite me.


“What brings you here?”


I felt brave, “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong? And don’t lie to me because I know something’s up.”


He stared at me for a moment, “Can you wait twenty minutes?”


I nodded and he stood up and went back to work. Twenty minutes later, he took off his apron and after some small talk with another waiter; he made his way over to the booth.  


“Do you want to go get coffee?” he asked.


I said okay and we both walked out, back into the cold. We walked in silence until the coffee shop. We ordered our drinks and Daniel jumped in to pay for mine. I know it was just coffee, but I’d never had a guy jump in to pay for anything for me before. We sat at our usual table and just stared down at our coffees for a little while before Daniel looked up at me.


“You remember that guy from bowling the other night?” I nodded. “He knows something, something about my brother.” He looked back down at his cup. “My father was in trouble, owed money, as usual. Tyler saw me walking home on Saturday night; he told me that his father knew of the man that my father owed money to. He is a well feared man in that community, apparently.”


Daniel looked back up at me, “He told me that Charlie had found out where our father was staying and he went to go see him. The night that he went to find him, there were ‘debtors’ there to collect money from my father. Tyler told me that his father knew the debtors had left after Charlie arrived, but these are the type of guys who don’t leave a job like that unfinished.”


“Is that the night Charlie went missing?” I asked him quietly.


“No,” he shook his head. “He never came home from school the day after that. I should have known something was up that night, when he came home late.”

“Why didn’t he tell you? He’d just spoken to his dad, who he hadn’t seen in years.”


“Because Charlie knew that I didn’t want to hear anything about him.” I could see Daniel thinking it over, “If I’d have just listened to him more, I would have realised just how serious he was about finding dad.”


“It’s not your fault, Daniel.” I wanted to reach out across the table for his hand, but stopped myself.


“I got a text from Tyler on Monday morning. It was the address of the place my father had been staying in. I skipped class and went down there but the place was empty. I think he left town to avoid having to pay up and I think Charlie left with him.”


He blamed himself, I could tell by the look on his face. Charlie’s story had almost ground to a stop now. There weren’t as many people looking for him now that they thought he was with his father. The police were starting to seem more interested in his father because of the crimes he’d committed in the past.


“The police will find your father, Daniel, and Charlie will come home,” I tried to reassure him.


“But what if Charlie doesn’t want to come home? What if he resents us for splitting him away from dad? He’d always idolised him because I never allowed him to see what he was really like.”


“You were protecting him,” I determined. “You did what any brother would do.” He attempted to give me a small smile but I could see how much he was cut up. “If you ever need any help, you can come to me. You didn’t have to go to that house alone.”


His face turned curious for a moment, “Why do you care so much?” The question was unexpected  and I didn’t know how to respond.


“You’re a friend, now,” I told him. He continued to look at me, curiously.


“You know, I was quite shocked when you tried to talk to me in the nurse’s office. Not many people would just try to start a conversation with me. Well, not in the past, anyway.”


I thought back to how he’d looked at me like I was insane that day.


“It was Hayley that invited you to sit with us though,” I stated, thinking about how mortified I was when she asked him to join us.


“Yeah, but let’s admit it, Hayley just wanted a bit of attention. She liked that people were gossiping about it. No one forced you into getting to know me, you did that yourself.”  


“Well, I’m stuck with you now, aren’t I?” I laughed.


“There are worse people you could be stuck with,” he replied with the arrogance he had sometimes.


I’d discovered a lot about Daniel in the past couple of weeks, learning that he definitely wasn’t shy. The fact that he’d never spoken to many people in school was simply because no one gave him the time of day. Probably because he wasn’t the average guy you’d find at our school. Like Adam, Daniel was falsely labelled because he wasn’t trying to be like everyone else.  


He finished his coffee, “Are you done?”


I took my final sips and nodded. We both stood up and walked outside. It was starting to get chillier, with it being the first week of October. We were in the middle of a conversation about our history coursework when I heard my phone ring. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that it was Adam.


“Lissa, where are you?” His voice sounded excited down the phone. “I think I’ve found something about your visions!”

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 01:48 PM

It's hard to describe how brilliant this is at any time, let alone whilst feeling utterly exhausted, but I will try. Your writing is practically flawless and I couldn't criticize it if I tried. It is descriptive without being too wordy and flows so well. I loved how you spoke about Daniels brother and Lissa`s visions, whilst still letting the story progress. Your characters are scarily realistic at the moment, as they are likeable but still have their faults, even in some of the best books I have read, the characters are not this realistic. I also thought that was a brilliant way of finishing an amazing chapter.


Millie May 

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 12:18 PM

It's hard to describe how brilliant this is at any time, let alone whilst feeling utterly exhausted, but I will try. Your writing is practically flawless and I couldn't criticize it if I tried. It is descriptive without being too wordy and flows so well. I loved how you spoke about Daniels brother and Lissa`s visions, whilst still letting the story progress. Your characters are scarily realistic at the moment, as they are likeable but still have their faults, even in some of the best books I have read, the characters are not this realistic. I also thought that was a brilliant way of finishing an amazing chapter.


Millie May 


Thank you so so much! I always love your feedback! <3

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 11:23 AM

Thank you so so much! I always love your feedback! <3

Really, sometimes I think, I should write more, because your writing deserves good feedback. This story is just brilliant and I can`t wait to read more.

Millie May

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 04:52 PM

Here's chapter 7!! Hope you enjoy reading it! :)


Chapter 7


I could tell he was excited by what he’d found out. I was curious.


“Can I come over? I could be there in ten minutes.” he asked frantically.


“Okay then, I’ll see you in a bit.”


He said a hurried goodbye before hanging up the phone. Daniel looked at me, curiously.


“That was Adam; he wants to help me with my physics work.” I felt bad about lying to him but I certainly couldn’t tell him the truth.


Daniel raised an eyebrow at me, “It’s a bit late for studying, isn’t it?” he asked suspiciously.


“Well, Adam thinks anytime is a perfect study time,” I laughed nervously.


I was usually an expert liar but I found it difficult, not telling the truth to Daniel. We got to the corner of my street and said goodnight.


“Thanks,” Daniel’s face was serious, “for coming to talk to me.”


“Anytime,” I replied. “I’m a good listener. I ask too many questions sometimes, though. I’m shamefully nosey.”


He smiled at me and I hesitated for a moment before turning to walk down my street.


“Have a fun study date!” I heard Daniel call behind me, mockingly.


“Ha-ha.” I replied sarcastically, without turning around.


As I approached my house, I saw Adam walking towards me.


“Christ, Adam. Did you run here?”


“Let’s got inside,” he beamed.


We walked up the driveway and I opened the door, Adam trailing in behind me. Mum came out from the kitchen as we walked in. Her eyes widened when she spotted Adam.


“Hi Adam,” she said, overly cheerful. “I didn’t know you were coming over.”


Clearly, she thought that there was something going on between Adam and me.


“We’re just going to work on our Physics project.” I rushed Adam up the stairs before my mother caused further humiliation.


I shut my bedroom door behind us and we sat down on my rug. Adam dug around in his backpack for a moment before pulling out a book and placing it between us, looking triumphant. It was the same stupid book he’d been reading the other day.


“You’re not still going on about this, are you?” I groaned.


He rolled his eyes at me. “Have some faith, will you.”


He turned to a chapter with the title ‘Precognition and You: Embracing Your Inner Eye’. I fought off the urge to laugh.


“Adam, this isn’t some cheesy sci-fi movie.”


“Don’t be so quick to doubt this, would you have believed a few months ago that’d you’d soon be seeing visions of the future?” He had a point.


I looked back down to the book and began reading the first page.


“Do you mind explaining this to me in English, please?”


He sighed at me before picking up the book.


“Precognition is the ability to witness images of the future. Some visions of the future may be set in stone but others may be changeable. It all depends on whether the user is witnessing destiny or probability.” He looked up to make sure I was following.


“So me finding Charlotte’s earring was my destiny?” I laughed.


Adam frowned at me and continued reading, “People with the ability may foresee one future scenario or they may witness several outcomes for a scenario, giving them a chance to take certain actions that determine which scenario occurs.”


“So I can change what happens after I’ve seen it?”


“Only if you see several outcomes,” he sighed. “You only see one thing at a time, meaning it’s more likely to be set in stone.”


“Why me, though? That’s what we wanted to find out.” I waited expectantly for an answer.


“I don’t know Lissa,” he sounded apologetic. “It doesn’t seem to say anything about why you get them, but maybe reading about the visions could help us to understand that. At least now you know that there are other people out there who experience stuff like this, it’s not completely bogus.”


I knew Adam was trying his best, but I still felt completely lost. I wanted to know why I was seeing these things because if I knew why, I might have a better chance of stopping them.


Adam looked at my facial expression. “I know it’s frustrating, Liss, but we’ll get there, don’t worry.”


“Get where?” Jade opened the door and strode inside.


“You know it’s rude to eavesdrop?”


“I wasn’t eavesdropping. I was just walking past the door,” she looked at me, innocently. “What’s frustrating?”


“Having to face telling mum that Adam and I aren’t dating,” I replied. Adam started laughing.


“What’s that?” I followed Jade’s gaze and saw that she was staring at the book that Adam was holding. He casually stuffed the book back into his backpack.



Jade’s face fell. “Oh, that’s it?”


Looking disappointed, she walked back out again without another word, shutting the door behind her.


“Smooth work there,” I teased Adam. “Someone’s a good liar.”


He shrugged. “I was merely protecting her from the crazy truth.”


We sat there for a little while longer, skimming through some more pages of the book. Adam told me that he’d read more of it tonight, if he could. I walked him down the stairs and I could see my mother sitting on the sofa. She looked up and smiled at me as I walked past to see Adam to the door. I was going to have to set the record straight once he was gone.


“See you again soon, Adam!” I heard her call enthusiastically from the sitting room.


Adam laughed silently at the look of horror on my face.


“She’ll be inviting you to dinner next,” I muttered whilst he continued laughing. “You won’t find I so funny then, believe me.”


I opened the door for him and then joined him on the doorstep.


“Where did you go today, anyway?” he asked.


“What do you mean?”


“You were walking down the road when I arrived.”


I had an inner debate as to whether or not to tell him I was with Daniel.


“I… just went to get a coffee.” I replied slowly.


He didn’t seem to realise that I wasn’t telling him the whole truth.


“You and your coffee addiction,” Adam shook his head whilst turning to walk down the driveway. “It’s unhealthy.”


I said goodnight to him before going back inside and closing the door. I turned around and found mum standing there, eyebrows raised, expectantly.


“Mum, I’m not dating Adam,” I snapped at her.


“But he’s so sweet, Lissa.” I just groaned and walked past her, to the stairs. “You could do a lot worse, you know!” she called after me.


“What, you mean like Daniel?” I knew she was scowling without even having to turn around.


I went back into my room and got ready for bed.




Even though it was only half way through October, assignments were coming at us thick and fast. We final year students also had some exams before Christmas. With the exams and all of the assignments we had to do, I could tell it was going to be a stressful few months.


I’d always hated exams. I either went two ways with them: amazingly well, or failing enormously. There was no middle ground when it came to me and exams. I wished these ‘visions’ would spring into action when I needed them most and would show me the exam papers in advance. Now that would be more helpful than finding one of Charlotte’s earrings. 


A wave of excitement went round the school though, when posters appeared in the corridors, advertising a Halloween Ball. Our school had never put on a Halloween dance for us before, so it was safe to say that everyone was going a bit crazy about it.


“So, have you guys seen the posters?” Hayley said with excitement as she sat down at the lunch table. “What are we wearing?”


Adam looked at her like she was insane. “We’re not going!”


“Oh yes we are,” Hayley stated. “A Halloween Ball is more exciting than prom.”


“We have to get planning our outfits!” Charlotte added excitedly.


Adam looked ready to head-butt the table. I looked over at Daniel in time to see the look of amusement on his face.


Hayley looked at him, “Are you up for going, Daniel?”


“It could be fun.” he replied.


I was shocked; it didn’t really seem his kind of thing.


Adam put his head up then, “Alright, as long as you don’t dress me up in drag.”


“Why on earth would you think we’d do that to you?” Hayley said deviously. “We’d never want to put you through such humiliation.”



“You should be Batman, Adam, since you love him so much,” Charlotte teased.


“Are you volunteering to be Robin, then?” He gave her a mischievous look.


“No way,” Hayley jumped in. “Us girls need to plan a group outfit, get Daniel to be your Robin.”


I let out a laugh at the thought of Adam and Daniel dressed as Batman and Robin.


“I would pay good money to see that,” I added, still laughing.


“We only have two weeks so we need to get planning.” I could see the cogs turning in Hayley’s brain.


I was feeling apprehensive about letting Hayley take charge of the costume planning; I’d probably end up dressed like a ^$#@$^^ty cat, if she had her way.


“We’ll start tonight, my place.” She said to me and Charlotte. I looked over and saw the same look of doubt on Charlotte’s face.


So that’s how we came to be sitting on Hayley’s bed hours later, trawling through thousands of Halloween costume websites, looking for ideas.


“I’m not going as a sexy bumble bee,” I shot Hayley’s latest idea down. “How do you even sexify a bumble bee?”


“What about mistress maids then?”


“I have this amazing idea,” I stood up. “Why don’t we actually go as something scary?”


Charlotte giggled and Hayley just looked at me like I was insane.


“You’ve lost the point of Halloween, Hayley.”


She rolled her eyes and stood up, “I’m going to get a bottle of water.”


She went off down the stairs and I joined Charlotte back on the bed.


“Can’t you just whip up a vision of what outfits should be?” she asked.


“To see whether or not Hayley has us in stockings and suspenders?” We started laughing.


I thought about the visions for a moment, “Did Adam tell you about the stuff he’s been reading in that weird psychic book of his?”


“Yeah, he told me the other night, after he left your place.” I raised my eyebrows at her. “We just went for a walk.”


“Yes, but what kind of walk? A friendly walk, an important talk walk, an ‘I want you behind that tree’ kind of walk…”


Charlotte’s eyes went as round as saucers and I rolled around laughing.


“Don’t go there, Lissa.” she warned.


Hayley came bursting through the door, “We can go as sexy cats!”


I put my head in my hands, “Can we not have something more original?”


Hayley pouted at me, “But think of how cute the ears would look.”


I wiggled my eyebrows at Charlotte, “You could go as Catwoman, Char. I bet Adam would like that.”


She threw one of Hayley’s fluffy pillows at me, “We are not going as cats.” 


Hayley had sat back down and was clicking away on the laptop, furiously.


“Girls, we’re going as sexy cops.”


I went over to look at the costume picture that she had on screen, “I refuse to wear that.”


“Oh but we’ll look amazing, Liss!” she wailed. “We could even get Adam and Daniel to dress up as robbers.”


I still wasn’t persuaded. I had feeling of dread just looking at the tight fitting police uniform, complete with stockings and a hat.


Charlotte leaned over to look, “It’s better than cats, anyway.”


“It’s settled then,” Hayley closed the laptop. “We’ll go into town this weekend and get the outfits.”


I opened my mouth to protest but she cut me off, “It’s not open for discussion.” She said with a stern look on her face.


There was no point in arguing with her now; she was set on the idea.



On Saturday afternoon, we were in the fancy dress store in town, trying on police officer outfits.


The leather skirts were insanely short and Hayley was insisting that we teamed them up with fishnet tights and stiletto boots.


Charlotte’s eyes mirrored the horror I felt as she stood in front of the full length mirror in the changing rooms. We each had low-cut, black shirts and belts with handcuffs hanging from them. I’d never felt so ridiculous.


“I’d rather have gone as a dead bride.” I complained.


“Where’s the fun in that?” Hayley asked as she put her police hat on.


I looked over at Hayley’s perfectly tanned legs and then looked down at my own pale thighs. I did not like this outfit one bit.


“My talents are being wasted. If we were actually going as something scary, I could have done some awesome Halloween make-up on us all.” I said glumly.


“Oh, stop complaining. We’ll look better than Stacey.”


“I don’t care what Stacey looks like, not everything is a competition, Hayley.” I tugged the skirt down a bit more, wondering how I was going to survive next Friday with my dignity intact.


“Next year,” Charlotte said through gritted teeth, “we’re going as Disney Princesses.”


I burst out laughing, “I’m putting dibs on Belle.”


Hayley rolled her eyes at us before going back into her cubical, to take her outfit off.


We all got dressed back into our clothes and paid for our outfits. Hayley was pleased with herself as we walked out of the shop.


“We’re going to look perfect,” she promised. “Have Adam and Daniel agreed to be robbers yet?”


“Adam would rather wear nothing.” Charlotte said.


Me and Hayley glanced at each other and started giggling.


“I mean he’s not too keen on dressing up. He didn’t really want to go to the Halloween ball in the first place.”


“It’s not exactly hard to dress as a robber though,” I told her. “All they’ll have to do is find some striped sweaters.”


“I’ll text Adam later and make sure he’s onto it.” Charlotte reassured.


After I got home, I took my outfit out of the bag and realised that my mother was not going to be best pleased with me leaving the house in it. I walked out of my bedroom and headed to Jade’s door. It was open and she was sitting at her desk, doing some homework.


“Jade,” I walked in. “Are you going to the Halloween Ball?”


She turned around, “Yeah I am, are you?”


“Yeah, what are you going as?”


“I’m going as a cat.” Oh please no, I thought. What’s the big deal with cats on Halloween? “What are you going as?” she asked me.


“A cop,” I told her, sitting down on her bed. “It was Hayley’s idea.”


Jade’s eyes widened, “You let Hayley pick the outfit?” I nodded. “How ^$#@$^^ty is it?”


“Mum’s not going to let me out the door, let’s put it that way.” Jade stifled a laugh. We spoke about our outfits for a little while longer before I went back to my room and called Hayley.


“I need to get ready at your place,” I told her down the phone.


“It’d make more sense for us all to get ready together anyway. Oh, Charlotte called me before, Adam and Daniel have agreed to be our robbers. I told Charlotte that she could handcuff Adam for any bad behaviour but she didn’t take it very well, she’s a little sensitive lately.”


I had to wonder if Hayley was completely blind to what was going on between Adam and Charlotte these days.


We said our goodnights and hung up. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the Halloween Ball but I wasn’t going to be a kill joy for everyone else. I decided to suck it up and get on with it.


It was just one night, after all; surely I could survive one night in a mini skirt and stiletto boots.

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 11:12 AM

  Brilliant chapter, I am exhausted so I will comment when my brain is functioning properly.

Millie May

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Posted 24 August 2013 - 05:15 PM

Here's chapter 8! :)


Chapter 8


The school was buzzing with excitement on the day of the Halloween Ball. There were so many rumours going around about what Stacey was going to be wearing.

I wanted to vomit already.


During history, I heard Rachel Burton telling someone that Stacey might be going as a sexy pirate. Someone else jumped in, saying that they heard she was going to be Wonder Woman.


We sat down at lunch and went over the plans for the Ball, “So, girls, bring your outfits to mine at four and then we can be ready to leave at six.”


“It’s going to take you two hours to get ready?” Daniel looked at us all like we were crazy.


“Perfection takes time, dear Daniel,” Hayley stated. “The two of you need to be here by six fifteen, okay?”


“Don’t worry, Hayley,” Adam said to her. “We don’t have a full face of make-up perfecting to cause us to be late.”


Hayley gave him a sarcastic smile.


“So,” Daniel had a coy smile on his face, “do you ladies have handcuffs and other disciplinary objects?”


Hayley smirked, “You’ll just have to wait and see.”


Once I got home that afternoon, I went up to my room to pack away my outfit, ready to go to Hayley’s. I saw Jade lingering around, looking a bit anxious. She’d never really been to a big high school event in the past so I just assumed she was nervous.  


“Have a good night, Liss,” She called after me as I walked down the stairs.


“You too,” I replied. “I can’t wait to see your tail.”


When I got to the front door, mum came out of the sitting room.


“You didn’t tell me what your costume was.” Oh, here we go, I thought.


“It’s just a police woman costume.”


Her eye’s narrowed, “A police woman costume? Well, I can’t wait to see the pictures, have a good night.” She waved me out of the door. I wondered how disappointed she was going to be when I came home and told her that my camera decided to brake for the night.


I got to Hayley’s on time and Charlotte turned up a few minutes later. Hayley went to work straight away, telling us what hairstyles would suit us best and what lipstick we needed to wear. She already had her hair in rollers and immediately started to place some in Charlotte’s hair. Then she turned to me.


“You know my hair fails at curling.”


She grabbed her curlers from her dresser. “Not with these curlers it won’t.”


I decided it was best not to argue with her and let her get on with it. Twenty minutes later, she pushed me in front of the mirror. She had completely transformed my hair. Instead of the small curls I could only achieve with my curlers, she’d created bigger and much looser curls that bounced when I moved my head.


I loved it.


I set to work on our make-up, then. We all had my signature smoky-eye look and dark red lipstick. I have to say, I was a little disappointed to be sat on Halloween, doing make-up that wasn’t all blood and zombie-fied.


“You know, it would have been way more interesting if we’d have been zombie cops.” Hayley rolled her eyes at me.


After Charlotte and Hayley removed their curlers, we started putting on our outfits. Hayley looked incredible, as always. I stood in front of the mirror and took a look at myself. The dark red lipstick was a total contrast from my usual, soft pink lip-gloss. My eyes looked mysterious and alluring and my hair just completed the look. The same had to be said for Charlotte. I hadn’t seen her look that confident in years. Everything that had happened with Stacey and Ben those few years ago had broken Charlotte, but tonight, she looked amazing and she believed it.


“See,” Hayley triumphed. “I told you we’d look amazing.” I immediately began to feel more excited for the Ball.


With a last look in the mirror, we went downstairs. Hayley’s mother was more relaxed than mine and didn’t seem to mind the shortness of the skirts we were wearing. She drove us to the school and we got out of the car. We could see from outside the school gates that the main entrance had been decorated with pumpkins and cobwebs.


“Do you think the guys will be here yet?” Charlotte pondered.


“They best be,” Hayley said. “I warned them not to be late.”


We walked into the school grounds and bade our way to towards the main entrance. There were other people arriving in all kinds of costumes. There were dead school girls, clowns, sexy clowns. There were even a group of girls who’d dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease. I instantly envied their choice in outfits. It was freezing outside and fishnets were not worn for warmth. I also despised these boots already.


As we got closer to the main entrance, we saw two guys in striped tops by the door. It was Adam and Daniel. They both had on black jeans with long sleeved striped sweaters. The also had black masks covering the face around their eyes, which stood out brightly amongst the dark. Adam’s eyes practically popped out of his head when he saw us.


“We cannot be held responsible for any of this,” I said as we approached them. “It’s all Hayley’s fault.”


“You look amazing.” Adam said, complimenting all of us but looking directly at Charlotte.


She noticed it too and even though it was dark, I knew she was blushing.


“We all look amazing!” Hayley added with excitement. “Are we going in then?”


I glanced at Daniel and saw his gaze fixed on me. If he didn’t look away soon then Charlotte wouldn’t be the only one blushing. I felt heat creep in to the back of my neck as I returned his stare.


“Guys, come on.” Hayley was practically jumping around, eager to go inside.


We all walked through the main doors and into the lobby. We handed in our tickets and made our way towards the main hall.


The hall was covered in fakes cobwebs and huge spiders, dangling down from the walls and ceiling. There were green, orange and purple lights all around us and there was even a giant caldron in one part of the room that had fake smoke coming out of it. I don’t think our main hall had ever looked so exciting. Hayley went whizzing off to take a look around. We saw her blonde hair bobbing away amongst the crowds of students. I tried to call her back but the music was too loud for her to hear. I looked around to see if I could spot Jade anywhere but I couldn’t find her, there were way too many cat outfits around.


The four of us just stood there for a while and looked at the people around us. I could recognise a few people from our year dressed as typical pirates or superheroes. The younger students were a bit more creative though, dressed as giant babies or astronauts. I envied the first and second years, who didn’t care what they looked like and whose outfits weren’t judged by the people in their year.


I glanced at Adam, who was looking uncomfortable. Parties were really not his thing, even if was just a school ball.


“Shall we go check out the food?” I asked him.


He perked up a bit then and we walked over to the table where the food was set out. I was in cupcake heaven, picking out a bright orange one with a little iced bat on the top, when Hayley found us.


“Nobody recognised who we were when we first walked in!” she said to us, face flushed. It was clear she’d been on a quick dash around, listening to the gossip.


“I take it the Stacey circus hasn’t arrived yet?” Charlotte asked.


“No,” Hayley told her. “But I’ve heard that she and Ben have planned matching costumes.”


“Of course,” Charlotte said bitterly.


“I didn’t drag myself here to talk about Stacey all night,” Adam said sharply. “So can we please just forget about her and continue to demolish all of these delicious cupcakes.” He turned back to the table and grabbed another cake.


“I’m with you on that one,” I chimed in, also grabbing another cake. Daniel looked at us in amusement.


Hayley’s face fell slightly. “Are none of you going to dance?”


I pointed to my feet. “I can barely walk in these things. If you wanted me to dance, you should have let me wear normal boots.”


“You won’t learn to dance in heels until you try,” she said to me, sounding more like my mother. “Now get onto that dance floor.” I looked at her like she crazy for a moment before she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the centre of the hall, where a few people were dancing.


“If I fall over, I swear I’m going to make the rest of your life a living nightmare.” She laughed at me before starting to dance.


Charlotte came over to join us and grabbed mine and Hayley’s hands. We spun around in a circle, laughing.


“Please don’t make me fall over!” I shrieked.


Adam and Daniel were just standing at the side of the dance floor, staring at us. People were standing around us, watching, but we didn’t care. I noticed people turn their attention towards the entrance to the hall so I stopped spinning to see what they were looking at.


It was Stacey. Dressed in a more provocative version of the costume we were wearing.


She had stockings and suspenders, teamed up with a shorter skirt and a shirt that was tied just underneath her chest, showing off most of her flat stomach. Her blonde hair was straightened to perfection and she had a police hat on her head. She was linking arms with Ben, who was dressed as a robber.


People from our year went over and fussed around her whilst the younger years looked on admiringly. I turned to Charlotte and saw the look of fury on her face.

“How did she find out?” she fumed.


Hayley’s eyes widened at Charlotte’s anger. “Well cops and robbers isn’t a very original idea, I should have thought of something else.”


“No,” Charlotte continued. “No way is this a coincidence. She found out somehow, I know she did.”


She was starring daggers at Stacey from the middle of the dance floor. Stacey’s eyes found us and she smirked. That was when I saw Jade trailing in behind her, looking sheepish in her cat costume.


“I know exactly who told her,” I said through gritted teeth.


I was about to storm over there when I felt a hand on my arm. I turned and saw Daniel standing there.


“It’s not worth it,” he looked at the three of us, still holding my arm. “Don’t waste your time on her.” I looked over at Adam, his eyes pleading.


“You’re right,” I said to Daniel, before turning to Charlotte. “It’s not worth ruining our night on her.”


I turned back and shot Jade a glare, showing her that this wasn’t over. She looked guiltily back at me, eyes full of regret, before walking off with Stacey.


We walked off to go and sit at one of the tables. Charlotte was still furious, “What a complete *%^##!” She was watching Stacey, all over Ben and lapping up the attention. A part of me still wondered if she still had some feelings for Ben. Hayley looked crest fallen and Adam was looking at us all, not knowing what to do.


“Look on the bright side,” Daniel broke the silence. “We are much more convincing robbers than Ben. The guy can’t even steal a kiss; he has to wait for permission.” I had to laugh. Ben was Stacey’s lapdog who obeyed her every wish.


“Feel free to steal a kiss anytime, guys,” I joked to them both.


“I might just take you up on that,” Daniel winked at me. Although it was only meant as a joke, it made me feel a little flushed.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jade walk over to the food table.


I stood up. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Daniel gave me a questioning look. I turned and walked over to Jade.


“Why did you do it, Jade?” She turned around, quickly, not knowing I was behind her.


“I… I didn’t mean to tell her,” she stuttered. “It was an accident!”


“Is this how it’s going to be now? Do I have to watch everything I say from now on, just in case you go blabbing to Stacey?” She just stared at me, sorrowfully.

I was too wound up to notice Stacey walking over. “Everything okay here?” She said, sickeningly sweetly.


“This is pathetic, even by your standards, Stacey,” I turned to face her. “You always have to go one better, don’t you?”


She continued her fake niceness. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Lissa.” There was no point even wasting my breath. I was turning around to walk off when she continued. “How’s Charlotte tonight? I do hope she’s enjoyed seeing exactly why her boyfriend left her for me.”


“You total witch—” I turned around, ready to walk back towards her when Daniel appeared out of nowhere, blocking my way to Stacey.

He put his hands on my shoulders. “Don’t go there.”


“But she—”


“I know,” he cut me off. “But let it go, you’re better than that.” He turned me around and walked me back towards our table, his hand lingering on my back.


“You could have at least let me throw a drink over her,” I said moodily.


He laughed. “As entertaining as that would be, it wouldn’t have done you any favours.” We sat back down at the table and Charlotte looked concerned.


“What’s going on?” she asked me.


“I’m just fed up of seeing Stacey walk all over Jade.” We sat in silence for a little while. The excited mood from earlier had pretty much vanished.


“Dance with me?” Hayley nearly spat out her drink and Charlotte’s eyebrows raised as I turned to look at Daniel, in horror.


“What?” I asked, astonished.


“Do you want Stacey and the rest of those guys to see you sitting here glumly for the rest of the night? Show her that you don’t care.”


“I’d rather stay seated and keep my dignity,” I lied.

Truth was I wasn’t scared to dance. I was scared to dance with Daniel. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it was more a case of how attached I was becoming to him. I feared that being that close to him might just make things even more difficult.


“Well somebody needs to dance with me before I get up and start dancing with Adam, because I’m bored.”


Hayley laughed. “Well, that I’d like to see!”


“Seriously, Liss,” Adam warned. “Dance with him.”


Daniel stood up, took off his mask and held out his hand. Defeated, I took his hand and stood up.


“You might wanna be careful in those boots, Lissa,” Hayley teased.


gave her a threatening look as Daniel pulled me away from the table. The song that was playing wasn’t exactly slow, but it wasn’t a fast song either. Daniel must have decided to treat it as a slow dance, though, because he put both hands on my waist and pulled me closer towards him. I didn’t know where to look or where to put my hands, I just stood awkwardly for a second before coming to my senses and linked my hands around the back of his neck.


After a moment, I felt brave enough to look up at him. There were other people on the dance floor, couples and friends who were messing around, but in that moment, I felt as though we were alone. I was so close to him that I could see the darker speckles of blue in his pale eyes. I saw his gaze travel from my eyes to my lips and I felt heat rush to my cheeks. I wasn’t a weak person, through the years I had managed to build up a thick skin, determined to protect those around me rather than worry about what people thought of me but with Daniel looking at me the way he was, I felt vulnerable.


After what felt like hours, I dragged my eyes away from his for a moment. Over his shoulder, I saw Stacey glaring at us from across the room. She stood up immediately and dragged Ben onto the dance floor. I spun round so that my back was facing her, I couldn’t let her ruin this moment for me.


The song came to an end and Daniel took one of my hands and twirled me around. I laughed and suddenly, the look in his eyes changed. His gaze mirrored how I’d felt during that dance, just for a fleeting moment. Then he just went back to his usual smile again and winked at me. We turned to walk back towards our table and I could feel Stacey’s eyes burning into the back of my head as I walked. When we got to the table, I realised that it was just Adam and Charlotte sitting there.


“Where’s Hayley?” I asked, looking around.


“She got bored and went to go flirt with one of the math geeks,” Charlotte informed me, pointing to Hayley, standing across the room with a guy dressed as a mummy.


I looked at Daniel again, to see if he looked as affected by that dance as I was, but his expression was still unreadable. Stacey appeared to have lost all interest in Ben now that Daniel and I had stopped dancing. She had walked back over to Jade and the other two sheep that follow her around. Ben was standing at the side of the dance floor, looking awkward. For a fleeting moment, I caught him looking over at us, particularly Charlotte. She quickly averted her eyes from his direction and I saw him walk away.


Suddenly, Adam’s hands slammed down on the table.


“Right, that’s it.” The three of us stared at him, wide eyed. “I’ve taken about as much as I can handle of this night. I say we get out of here and go watch a scary movie, and quickly, before Hayley starts making out with half of the math club.”


I looked over at Hayley; she was twirling her hair and giggling now.


“I second this notion,” I said before I walked over to the table that she was near. “Come on,” I grabbed her arm. “We’re leaving.”


She pouted. “But I was just talking to… you know, that guy.” I pulled her across the room, back to our table. “Why are we leaving, anyway?”


“We’d rather spend the night in front of a horror film.”


“No, we wouldn’t,” she argued. We got to the table and the others were standing, ready to leave. “Char, you don’t want to leave do you?” she pleaded. “You hate horror films.”


“No movie I see tonight will be scary as that,” Charlotte was staring at Ben, who had re-joined Stacey.


Hayley huffed and began to walk to the main door. Stacey gave a sarcastic wave as the rest of us walked out.


“So, where are we going?” Charlotte asked.


Adam looked back at her, over his shoulder. “We can go to mine; you know how awesome my horror film collection is.”


Charlotte sighed. “They’re better than Lissa’s, anyway.”


I gave her an offended look. We found Hayley waiting by the school gates, still sulking.


“Come on, Hayley,” I draped an arm over her shoulder. “This will be more fun.”


She shrugged me away but perked up a bit as we walked to Adam’s house. He only lived five minutes away from the school so luckily, I didn’t have to walk for long in my boots. Hayley, Charlotte and Adam began a debate about what to watch so I fell back into step with Daniel.


“You must think we’re cursed,” I said to him. “Every night you come out with us, it ends in disaster.”


“I wouldn’t say tonight was a total disaster.” There was a smile playing on the corner of his mouth.


We got to Adam’s house and his mother excitedly asked us about the ball. I loved Adam’s mother. She was always so bubbly and full of life. She and Adam’s father had divorced when he was younger and, although his older brother went to live with his father, Adam had chosen to stay home. He was very protective of his mother. I was about to introduce her to Daniel when she turned to look at him.


“Did you have a good night, Daniel?” she asked.


“Yes, thanks, Miss Scott,” he replied, flashing a killer smile.


She began walking into the kitchen, telling us to help ourselves to snacks. I glanced at Hayley and Charlotte. Adam must have seen the confusion on our faces.


“Daniel came here to get ready, so that we could leave together, on time.” he said, before following his mother into the kitchen.


I hadn’t seen that one coming. Adam came back out with a bowl of pretzels and we headed up the stairs, to his loft. He and his mother had converted the loft into a TV room, last year. When we walked through the door, Daniel spotted the DVDs and headed straight over there, looking at possible film choices.


“Ah,” he looked up at Adam. “I see you like the old classic horror films. Good taste.” Adam went over to pick out a DVD with Daniel and Charlotte slumped down on the sofa.


“I despise horror films,” she said moodily.


“You were the one who was eager to get out of the ball,” Hayley said to her pointedly. “I didn’t even want to go and watch a horror film anyway. You can do that on any night of the year.”


The guy turned to stare at her.


“But don’t you think it’s better on Halloween?” Daniel asked, turning his attention back the DVDs. “It’s more atmospheric.”


“Exactly,” Adam agreed.


“Well, I’m glad the two of you seem to be agreeing on something for once,” I said as I watched them both turn their heads back to the DVD shelf.


I was glad that they were getting along. They had a lot in common, without realising it. I couldn’t help but think back to how Daniel had spoken about his mother in the park, that time. It was with the same protectiveness that Adam had for his own mother.


I heard Charlotte sigh heavily. Clearly, she wasn’t in the best of moods after the Ball. Adam looked up at her for a moment and I saw a wave of sadness cross his face. He realised that he still had his mask on and he pulled it off, putting it on the floor.


As I looked at him then, I knew I could no longer hide from the fact that he had feelings for Charlotte. As their best friend, I couldn’t help but feel a little worried by it. I was certain that Charlotte felt something for Adam in return, but the way she had acted at the ball today had shown me that she wasn’t as over Ben as I’d thought she was. I worried because Adam and Charlotte were like family to me and I didn’t want to see them be torn apart.


After another few minutes of deliberation, the guys had decided on a film and ten minutes later we were watching Carrie. Well, trying to, anyway. Hayley wouldn’t shut up about the ball, continuing to gossip about who had gone with who. The gossip must have bored Charlotte as much as it had bored me because I saw her dozing off.


She woke up about ten minutes before the end of the film.


“What’d I miss?” she asked groggily. We all laughed before Adam told her she’d missed the entire plot.


A few minutes later, Hayley called her mother to come and pick us up.


“It’s okay Hayley, I don’t need a ride,” I told her. “I only live around the corner.” I also knew that if I walked home, I could walk with Daniel.


“Are you sure?” she asked me. “Your stuff is still in my room.”


I told her I could pick them up tomorrow and she didn’t read anything more into it. Charlotte, however, gave me a quizzical look.


Daniel and I said goodbye to the others.  


“Have a nice walk home,” Charlotte whispered into my ear as she hugged me goodnight.


I pulled back and gave her a warning look, to which she just smiled, knowingly. We said goodbye to Adam’s mother before we were out the door and on our way. We walked in silence for a little while before Daniel spoke up.


“You know, you were right,” he grinned at me. “Adam’s not all that bad, once you get to know him.”


“See,” I nudged him. “He’s just a harmless, loveable, geek really.” I laughed to myself, thinking about how much Adam hated to be stereotyped as a ‘geek’.


“Have the two of you ever…” he trailed off, raising an eyebrow at me, questioningly.


“Ever what?” I asked him.




“Oh god, no,” I sputtered. “I mean, I love him to pieces, but just not that way. Besides, he’s—”


“Hung up on Charlotte?” Daniel finished my sentence.


“It really is that obvious, isn’t it?”


He laughed as I realised that I wasn’t the only one picking up on the tension between the two of them.  We continued walking in silence for a bit. It didn’t seem as cold out now, somehow.


“Have you heard anything else?” I asked him. “About your brother, I mean?”


He looked at me. “Tyler has been trying to find out some more stuff from his father.”


I smiled at him, encouragingly. I didn’t know Charlie, but if he was anything like his brother then he’d come to his senses and realise that he’s needed at home.


We came to the corner of my street and Daniel turned to face me. “Thanks, Lissa.”

“What for?” I asked quizzically.


“For listening, understanding,” his face was serious, “for not judging.”


He was standing so close to me that I could see every little detail of his blue eyes. Before I could even process what was happening, his lips came down over mine. I didn’t even have time to think about it, I just kissed him back.


A nuclear war could have broken out around us and I still wouldn’t have been able to drag myself away from him. He pulled his lips away from mine for a moment and searched my face, as though looking for approval to continue. I grabbed the front of his t-shirt and pulled his lips back down to mine. I felt a sense of achievement when I finally got to run my hands through his hair. 


I have no idea how much time had passed once we finally pulled apart. I rested my hands on his chest and looked up at him, his arms still encircling me. We stood there for a while before Daniel took a step back. I looked at his face, trying to read his expression. It mirrored how I was feeling. We had both just took a crazy leap into the unknown and we weren’t quite sure what to do about it. I knew one thing; nothing between us would ever be the same again.


That kiss had confirmed all of those little inklings, those little feelings that I’d found creeping up on me since getting to know him and now I knew he felt the same.

What now? I thought, as I looked at him questioningly, hoping he’d have an answer. He stared at me for a little while longer before breaking the silence.


“You best get inside,” he said, his voice a little breathless. “It’s freezing out here.”


Not knowing how to react, I turned around without another word and began to walk away.


“I told you I’d take you up on that kiss,” he called alluringly, as I walked away.


I glanced back over my shoulder and saw him wink at me, in his usual, flirty way. I carried on walking down my street, smiling to myself as I approached the house.

The minute I walked through the front door, my mother came bounding out of the sitting room, asking me questions. I just brushed them off, telling her that my night was fine. All I wanted to do was go upstairs and think over the nights events, memorising every second.


I saw Jade sitting on one of the chairs in the sitting room, looking worried. I didn’t say anything to her; the events at the dance now seemed a million years away. All I could think of was the past ten minutes.


I kicked off my boots the minute I got into my bedroom and sat down on my bed. I was tempted to text Charlotte but I wanted to keep this to myself, just for now. I wondered how, in the short space of a few weeks, someone could affect me as much as Daniel had. I wasn’t the easiest of people to get along with. I usually found it hard to trust people. After spending most of my high school life just with Charlotte, Hayley and Adam, they’ve been all I’ve needed, all I’ve known. Letting new people in had always been difficult for me after Stacey. Even though we were young when we were friends, her betrayal still lingered at the back of my mind when meeting new people. Stupid, I know.


I don’t know why I seemed to trust Daniel so easily, but I did. A little more than a month ago, he was just the weird loner who looked like a cross between a biker guy and a rocker. Which was instantly stereotyped by the rest of the school, even by me, I’ll admit. But he was so much more than that.


I changed out of my Halloween costume and got ready for bed, still feeling flushed from that kiss. I settled down and easily fell asleep. It must have been about 4:30 am when I woke up and it happened. The thing that I’d forgotten was even a part of my life, the vision. I knew it was coming; the warning signs were familiar to me now, even in the grogginess I felt after just waking up. The lightness feeling that clouded my head, the pin-prick pains that I felt all over my scalp, the blurriness of my eyesight as the image in my mind took over.


It was an image I would never forget.


It was Daniel, lying in a pool of his own blood.

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Posted 25 August 2013 - 01:07 PM

This is brilliant, this is just brilliant. But, the vision at the end, means that I cannot wait to read more, stupid, stupid visions occurring when she`s happy. I am in no way criticizing your writing, in fact It`s the opposite, your writing is so good that I as a reader really care about your characters. Yay, the kiss finally happened.  I feel sorry for Jade, I know so many people like her, people who are quite nice but, spend their time worshiping more popular girls, hopefully unlike them she realises that it`s pointless. Stacey is awful, unfortunately I know girls like her too. 

You really do deserve more readers, this is brilliant and your writing is breathtakingly good.

Millie May

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Posted 27 August 2013 - 04:13 PM

This is brilliant, this is just brilliant. But, the vision at the end, means that I cannot wait to read more, stupid, stupid visions occurring when she`s happy. I am in no way criticizing your writing, in fact It`s the opposite, your writing is so good that I as a reader really care about your characters. Yay, the kiss finally happened.  I feel sorry for Jade, I know so many people like her, people who are quite nice but, spend their time worshiping more popular girls, hopefully unlike them she realises that it`s pointless. Stacey is awful, unfortunately I know girls like her too. 

You really do deserve more readers, this is brilliant and your writing is breathtakingly good.

Millie May


Thank you! Your comments always mean a lot! I'm so glad you enjoy reading the story! :)

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 04:35 PM

Here is chapter 9 - hope you like it! :)


Chapter 9


The image was gone within a flash and I jumped out of bed.


I re-played the image I had just seen in my mind. It looked like some sort of abandoned building; I had no idea where it was. I didn’t know what to do; I was just standing there helpless. In the vision, Daniel had been wearing completely different clothes from the costume he’d been wearing tonight. He’d been in a white, buttoned shirt and a black, hooded jacket. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t have gone home and changed into those clothes, though. He could be about to walk right into what could be his death.


Every vision I’d had in the past few weeks had occurred soon after I’d seen it, so I was certain that Daniel was out there now, about to walk right into this mess and there was nothing I could do. I sat down on the edge of my bed, trying to calm down. I had to think rationally.


Why would Daniel be out so late? I thought to myself. At one point, I even considered calling the police but decided against it. What could I have told them? That I’d envisioned the future and saw the guy I’d been kissing, just a few hours ago, lying in a pool of his own blood? No way, they’d think I was crazy. I realised that I’d never actually gotten Daniel’s phone number from him, so I couldn’t call him either.


I sat there, frozen on my bed, watching the clock ticking. At six, I’d had enough. I grabbed my phone off my bedside table and dialled Adam’s number. It took several rings before he picked up.


“Jesus, Lissa, what is it?” His voice sounded groggy.


“When you agreed to meet Daniel last night, how did you stay in touch? You must have swapped numbers, right?” I asked him, hurriedly.


“What?” He sounded confused. “What’s going on, Liss?”


“Do you have his number?” I asked more forcefully.


“Yes, I have his number.” His voice was full of concern. “Now tell me what’s going on.”


“Just forward his number to me.” I wanted to tell Adam everything but I didn’t have time to explain.


“Not until you tell me—”


“Just do it Adam!” I cut him off.  “Please, I’ll tell you later!”


He sensed the desperation in my voice and told me he’d send it before hanging up the phone. A few seconds later, the text came through from Adam, with Daniel's number on it. I quickly replied with a thank you and a promise to explain everything later.


I dialled the number and got no answer. I felt my stomach drop. I dialled again and to my complete surprise, someone picked up after the third ring.


“Hello?” It was Daniels voice.


Relief flew through me. “Daniel! Thank god!”


“Lissa?” His voice was sleepy and utterly confused.


I froze again, and then panicked. He was completely fine and I was calling him at six in the morning, without even having his phone number. I had no idea what to say to him.


“Lissa, that is you, isn’t it?” He sounded more awake now, more alert.


“Yeah, it’s me,” I tried to quickly think of an excuse. “I lost my purse last night! I was wondering if you’d found it anywhere. I called Adam and it wasn’t at his place so he gave me your number to call you and I was going to but then I fell asleep, but I woke up just now and remembered.” I cringed at how pathetic I sounded.


“How would I have found your purse, Lissa?” Confusion was no longer in his voice, he actually sounded quite amused.


“Well, I thought maybe I dropped it and you saw it after I walked off.” I tried to sound as convincing as possible.


“Wouldn’t you have noticed if you’d dropped your purse right where we were standing?” he asked.


Actually, thinking about, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I’d been so wrapped up in kissing him last night that I totally could’ve dropped my purse, phone, legs if they weren’t attached, without realising.


“Yeah, I guess it seems quite silly now. It was just playing on my mind. Sorry for waking you.” I was about to hang up, ready to bury my face in my pillow and wallow in humiliation, when he carried on talking.


“Well I’m awake now, so why don’t I get dressed and we can retrace last night’s steps to try and find your purse?” he suggested, still sounding slightly amused by the whole situation.


I tried to string a sentence together but the fact that he said he needed to get dressed meant that he wasn’t fully clothed whilst having this conversation and my mind had gotten a little carried away.


“I can meet you at seven thirty, on the corner, near the coffee shop?” he proposed.


“Um… yeah, I guess.” I was trying so hard to sound casual but I was finding it hard to remain calm.


“Great, I’ll see you in a bit.” He hung up the phone and I flung myself back onto my bed. My mind was racing.


What the hell had that vision been about? I wondered. Did the fact that Daniel was safe mean that it just hadn’t occurred yet, or was it just a malfunction? I knew nothing about these images that I kept seeing, who was to say that they weren’t wrong sometimes? I had so many questions but no way to answer them.


I got up and managed to have a quick shower and get dressed in my nearest basic jeans and top. I also put on my converse because I was going to need comfortable shoes if I was to be walking around on wild goose chase, looking for a purse that wasn’t even missing. I put my purse in my bag, just in case an opportunity came up to drop it on the floor and act like I’d just found it.


I quickly put on a dash of my faithful, soft pink lipstick. Although the dark red had made such an impact to my look last night, I’d missed the comfort of my usual pink. My hair was still slightly damp at the ends but it was too late to do anything about that now, I had to leave if I was to meet Daniel on time.


I grabbed my bag and quietly headed downstairs and out the door. I was nervous about seeing Daniel for two reasons. One, we would inevitably have to talk about last night at some point and two; because this morning’s whole situation had been incredibly awkward. Dropping my purse, could I not have thought of something a little more creative?  


I slowed my pace as I got closer to the coffee shop, which was closed of course, due to it being 7:30 am on a Saturday. I felt giddy and nervous, but a part of me was excited by the urge I had to see him. I turned the corner and there he was, leaning against the wall. He was wearing dark jeans that fitted him perfectly and a navy blue shirt. On top of that, he had on his leather jacket, which just made him look more alluring. He noticed me and smiled, walking towards me.


I wanted to try and explain myself. “I’m so sorry for waking you up; I was just worried and couldn’t get back to sleep, because of my purse.”


He looked amused. “It didn’t bother me, I like early mornings.” He grinned and I felt myself melt, just a little bit. “Shall we go to the school gates, start there and walk the route we took last night?”


I nodded and we began to walk in the direction of our school. I felt bad, knowing all too well that my purse was actually safe and sound in my handbag, but a small, selfish part of me was glad to have an excuse to spend time with him.  


We walked in silence for a while before Daniel started up a casual conversation about some of the costumes we’d witnessed at the Halloween Ball. Every now and then, his arm would brush against mine and I’d feel a jolt of electricity at the touch. Before I knew it, we were outside the school gates.


“Right,” Daniel started, looking thoughtful. “We should concentrate on each side of the floor as we walk.”


We turned down the road that led to Adam’s house and began looking for the purse that I knew we wouldn’t find. Daniel kept looking at me every now and then, with the same look of amusement on his face, almost like a knowing smile.


When we got to near Adam’s house, Daniel looked at me. “I presume Adam has looked in his loft?”


“Yeah, it wasn’t there,” I lied.


“Okay,” he said, turning down the road that leads to my way home. “Down this way then, yeah?”


He carried on walking and seemed to be enjoying our little goose chase. I felt myself smile, slightly guiltily. We slowed down the pace as we got to the corner where I usually leave Daniel to go down my street. We stopped and he looked at me.


“Sorry, Lissa, looks like your purse is a goner.” He was trying not to laugh.


“I guess it must be in the house somewhere then.” I knew how pathetic I sounded.


He laughed. “You don’t have to pretend, you know. I know why you really called me.”


“Y-you do?” I asked warily. How did he know?


“I wanted to talk about last night as well,” he grinned at me.


Relief took over for a moment as I realised he wasn’t talking about my vision, how could he? Then I realised want he meant. I looked up at him, mouth slightly open, not knowing what to say. I really hadn’t had the time to prepare for this conversation.


“How about we have coffee?” he suggested.


I raised a brow at him. “The coffee shop isn’t open yet.” It was barely 8am; the place wasn’t due to open for another hour.


“I know, I can make us coffee, I only live a few streets away,” he replied, brushing his hair off his face.


God, he was cute when he did that. Even though I’d had only a few hours’ sleep and was confused about the vision I’d witnessed, there was no way I was going to turn his offer down.


“Alright then,” I tried to act casual. “I could certainly do with some coffee.”


He grinned at me again before he began walking down the street. I followed him, wondering exactly how close he lived.  We had only been walking for five minutes when he turned into a small cul-de-sac. Wherever I expected Daniel to live, it really wasn’t this place. All of the houses were perfect family size and they each had pristine gardens. From what I’d learnt about Daniel’s family history, I just didn’t expect him to live somewhere so… quiet, I guess.


Oh no, I thought. I’m turning into my mother with all this judging.


He walked up the driveway to one of the houses. The garden was full of small flower pots, making everything pretty and scenic. He got a set of keys out from his pocket before he turned to me on the doorstep.


“I should warn you, my mother,” he looked back at the door, lifting his key to the lock. “She’s a very curious lady. Just politely shut her up if she asks you too many questions.” He winked at me before opening the door.


He walked into the hallway and held the door open for me, motioning for me to step inside. The house had an immediate cosy feel to it. The hallway was painted cream and I could see pictures hung on the wall, heading up towards the top of the stairs. I heard Daniel shut the door behind me and I saw a woman step into the hallway, from a door at the back. She was a short woman, wearing a plain top and a long, flowing skirt. Her long, dark hair was braided to one side. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I felt a bit of a ‘hippy’ vibe from her. She looked tired but she broke into a smile the minute she saw us.


“You must be Lissa,” she looked right at me, giving me a friendly smile. “Julia,” she introduced herself. She looked over my shoulder, at Daniel. “Out of bed, out the house and back again before I’d even made you breakfast.” She raised a brow at him before looking at me again. “You’re a good influence, getting him to get out of bed this early on a weekend.”


Julia told us that she was putting the kettle on and walked back into the kitchen.


I shot a look at Daniel. “Early morning person?” I quizzed him.


He looked slightly sheepish before shrugging. He walked past me and I followed him into the kitchen. The kitchen looked like it belonged in a little countryside house. There was a round table in the middle of the room with a red and white checked cloth over it. I liked the homely feel of it; it was a pleasant contrast from all the modern furnishings my mother had insisted upon in our house.


He walked over to his mother, by the kettle. “I’ll make the coffee, are you having one?” he asked her.


“No time,” she replied to him. “I have work at nine. Would you like anything to eat, Lissa?”


I politely declined. I was too distracted to eat anything. Knowing that I’d soon be alone with Daniel put my stomach in knots.


Julia told me to sit down and then took a seat across the table from me. Although she was friendly and seemingly happy, there was sadness behind her smile. I wondered what it was like for her, not knowing where her youngest son is.


“How are you finding school this year, Lissa?” she asked.


“It’s been great so far,” I replied, glancing at Daniel. “Better than I expected.”


“Any ideas on what you want to study next year?” She looked interested. I thought about for a second. I actually didn’t have the slightest clue what I wanted to study net year.


“I’m looking at my options at the moment,” I said vaguely, trying to make it sound like I had actually given some thought to my future.


“I keep encouraging Daniel to continue his art,” she told me.


My eye’s widened slightly. “You never told me you were good at art,” I said to him.


“He’s a fabulous drawer,” Julia told me excitedly. “He has a talent for it.”


Daniel turned away from the Kettle, to face us. “I’m an average drawer, like many people. It wouldn’t be practical to study art; there wouldn’t be many options for me at the end of it.”


Just by looking his face, I could tell it was something he was passionate about. 


“Nonsense,” Julia said loudly, trying to get her point across. “I’ve always taught you to follow you dreams. If you want to draw, go and draw.”  


Daniel rolled his eyes at his mother. I was really curious to see his drawings, then.  The kettle boiled and he turned back around, to pour water into the mugs.

I caught Julia watching me from across the table for a moment, observing. Daniel walked over and placed a mug down in front of me, then took the seat next to mine. Julia stood up.


“I’m off to work,” she announced, before smiling at me. “It was lovely to meet you, Lissa.”


“You too,” I replied cheerily.


She grabbed her bag from the kitchen counter and walked out of the room, to the front door. A few seconds later, we heard the front door close. I turned my head to face Daniel.


“She’s really nice,” I told him.


“That’s the most enthusiastic I’ve seen her act, since Charlie.” His face darkened for a moment. “It was selfish of him to leave without telling her anything.”

He took a sip of his coffee and I lifted my mug to take a sip of mine.


“Hey,” I said in surprise. “You made my coffee right. Not many people can make coffee to please my high standards.”


He looked up and laughed. “Well, that’s a relief.”


“I’m serious; I’m fussy with my coffee,” I informed him.


He replied, still smiling, “I don’t doubt it.”


We locked eyes for a moment before going back to our coffees. We sat in silence for a while before I decided that one of us needed to say something first.


“So,” my voice broke the silence. “Last night, you kind of kissed me.” I held my breath, waiting for his response. I glanced over at him and he looked amused.


“There was no ‘kind of’ about it, and I’d say it was more of a mutual kissing, rather than me kissing you.” The corners of his mouth began to curve up into a smile.


“You started it,” I argued.


“You wanted me to.” I opened my mouth to deny it but I couldn’t. He smugly smiled.


“So, what shall we do about it then?” I asked curiously.


“What do you want to do about it?” He looked at me seriously, eyes locked on mine. “Because I would, very much, like to kiss you again.”


I felt a jolt run through me at the intensity of his words. I didn’t know how to respond. I sat there, looking at the guy who I’d let walk past me in school corridors for the past four years without acknowledgment, who had suddenly become everything to me. I didn’t quite know how to tell him how I felt about him. I figured I had nothing to lose.


“Daniel, I—”


The confession I was about to unleash was rudely interrupted by a knock at the door.


He shot an irritated glance towards the hallway that led to the front door.


“Hold that thought,” he said before he stood up and walked out of the kitchen. A moment later, I heard the front door open.


“Tyler,” I heard Daniel say. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” He didn’t sound all too pleased. I got out of my chair and peered out into the hall.


The guy, Tyler, looked in my direction and Daniel turned around to see where he was looking. Tyler looked back at Daniel.


“We need to talk,” he said, his face looking serious. Daniel sighed. I walked out into the hall, behind Daniel.


He pointed to the kitchen, addressing Tyler, “Wait in the kitchen. I’ll be there in a minute.”


Tyler passed me, recognition flashing across his face as he remembered me from the bowling alley. Daniel turned to face me, his eyes regretful.


“I’m sorry, Lissa.” He took my hand in his and, as cheesy as it was, I felt a spark at his touch. “Can we talk later?”


I nodded, studying his face. I kept seeing the image of the vision I’d seen in the early hours of this morning. The image sent chills down my spine. Seeing him now, so much life in his eyes, it was hard to think about how it could still come true.  It had scared me, the vision, and made me realise just how much I cared for him.

I took a small step forward and closed the gap between us. Reaching up, I grazed my lips along his, briefly, before pulling away. I opened his front door and took a step outside.


“I’ll call you,” he said to me, “I have your number now.” He gave me a mischievous smile, before closing the door.


I pulled my phone from my pocket and saw several missed calls from Adam. I had completely forgotten to text him and let him know that everything was alright. I dialled his number and he picked up almost instantly.


“Jesus, Lissa, where have you been?” There was a hint of relief amongst the concern in his voice.


“Sorry, Adam,” I apologised. “I meant to call you sooner. Can I come round? I’ll tell you everything.”


I told him to call Charlotte; I wanted to tell them both about the vision. We agreed to meet in an hour, so I headed home for a while. I brushed off the questions of where I’d been all morning, from my mother, by saying I’d gone to see Charlotte. 


An hour later, I made my way to Adam’s house and knocked on the door. The minute he answered, he was off.


“What the hell is going on?” he started “Do you have any idea how worried I was this morning? You sounded terrified.”


I was touched by his concern. He closed the door behind me and we made our way up to his loft. He kept asking me questions but I told him to wait until Charlotte got here.


When she arrived five minutes later, Adam launched straight into telling her about my phone call this morning. She frowned, looking confused.


“I had a vision, early this morning,” I began.


They both turned to look at me. Charlotte sat down next to me, on the sofa.


“What kind of vision?” she asked, her expression growing worried.


Adam sat down next to her.


“I saw Daniel. He was seriously injured, or worse.” Charlotte’s eyes widened. “He was in this building, it looked like an emptied out warehouse or something. He was lying on the floor, blood everywhere.” I shuddered at the memory of the vision. His hair had fallen onto his face but I could see bruises beginning to form underneath. His white shirt had been covered in blood and dirt.


“Is he okay?” Charlotte asked, panicked.


“He’s fine,” I assured. “I’ve been with him all morning and there was no harm done.” Charlotte went back to looking confused.


“So it was a false vision, perhaps?” Adam wondered.


“Maybe,” I leaned back on the sofa, “or maybe it just hasn’t happened yet.”


“But the event usually happens quite quickly after you see it,” Charlotte sounded hopeful, “so maybe Adam’s right and you’ve just had a false vision.”


I thought about it for a second. “So is this how it’s going to be now? I’m going to get visions that might not come true and I’ll just have to sit there and worry, not knowing if it will?” I was sick of it all, the visions, and the uncertainty. I just wanted my life to go back to normal.


Adam jumped up. “You could have stopped it,” he paced around the room. “The vision, it might have been going to happen but because you called Daniel and met up with him, it didn’t.”


“No, that’s not it. It was dark in the vision, night time. When I called Daniel to see if he was okay, it was starting to get lighter outside.” I put my head in my hands, trying to make sense of it. Adam continued pacing around and Charlotte just sat looking concerned, biting her bottom lip.


“Maybe there’s something in that book of yours, Adam?” she suggested.


Adam went down to his room and came back a minute later with the book. He sat on the floor and flicked through the pages.


Charlotte looked at me curiously. “What did you tell Daniel, when you called him?”


“I made up this pathetic story about losing my purse. He didn’t buy it.” I told her. “He thought I was calling him because…” I trailed off.


“Because, what?” Charlotte pried. Luckily Adam put his head up at that point.


“The visions you’ve had in the past have been flash precognitions, meaning you see things minutes before they happen,” he said as looked back down at the book. “But there are different types of precognition. This could be more of a danger intuition, which would make sense because your previous visions had been about pretty harmless events; this one was serious.”


“So what is this danger intuition thing?” I asked, not understanding.


“Well, it sounds like it’s just a vision that shows danger, but you can’t predict when it’ll happen. It’s not like the flash precognitions that happen straight after you’ve seen it.” His brow was crinkling in concentration as he continued to stare down at the pages.


“So you’re saying that this vision that Lissa saw could still happen?” Charlotte got off the sofa and knelt down on the floor, next to Adam. She moved her head closer to read the book and I caught Adam look up at her, his face softening slightly.


“What are we going to do, guys?” I sat forward. “We can’t constantly check up on Daniel to make sure he isn’t about to walk into what could potentially be his death. We need to figure out what it is he’s walking into and how we can stop it from happening.”


Adam looked serious. “You shouldn’t mess with the future, Lissa,” he warned.


“What? Do you expect me to just sit back, knowing that Daniel is going to walk into the mess I saw? I don’t know what is causing these visions, but I can’t just see something like that and knowingly allow it to occur.” I was growing more worried, I couldn’t allow what I saw happen to Daniel.


“I don’t know what else we can do.” Adam sounded defeated. He continued, “Do you know if he’s in any sort of trouble, Lissa? Did he tell you anything last night that could have triggered the vision?”


Heat crept into my face at the thought of last night. “No, he didn’t mention anything.” Then it hit me: Tyler. Tyler has been getting information about Charlie. I jumped up from the sofa.


“What is it?” Charlotte asked.


“It’s his brother,” I said quickly. “It has something to do with Charlie and their father.”


Adam and Charlotte exchanged glances.


“What do you mean, Liss?” Adam spoke up. “Has he told you anything?”


“His father is in trouble with debtors, and not your average debtors either. Daniel thinks that he fled the area to get away from them and that Charlie has gone with him.” I paced the room, running a hand through my hair. “One of Charlie’s friends has a father who knows of the man that their father is in debt to, he’s been telling Daniel anything he can find out. He called round to the house before and I left so that they could talk.” I had a sinking feeling that whatever Tyler had come to talk to Daniel about was related to the vision.


“Do you think this guy had found out where Charlie and their father are?” Adam asked me.


Charlotte raised a brow. “You were at Daniel’s house?” I ignored her comment and turned to Adam.


“Maybe,” I sat down on the floor, next to him. “I really don’t know.” I hated the uneasy feeling I had, not knowing if Daniel was going to be safe or not. I jumped up again, unable to stay still. “I have to go and see him; find out what Tyler told him.”


“Would he tell you,” Adam looked up at me, “if he was planning to go looking for his brother himself?”


I thought back on the past few weeks, the conversations we’d had.


“Yeah, he’ll tell me.” Charlotte was looking at me quizzically. I knew she wanted to ask me questions about Daniel, but she held back. “I’m going round there now.”


Adam stood up and walked over to me. “Do you want us to come with you?”


I shook my head. “It’d be better if I go alone.”


He nodded and I grabbed my bag from the sofa, heading for the door. 


Charlotte called to me as I walked out the loft, “Call us if you find anything out.”


I rushed down the stairs and out of the front door.

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Posted 12 September 2013 - 11:08 AM

Sorry, I read this two days ago, brilliant update, as per usual. I have been really busy and too tired to write anything, I hope to post a proper comment over the weekend.

Millie May

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Sorry it took me a while to write this one up! Hope you enjoy reading! :)


Chapter 10


I was growing more and more anxious the closer I got to Daniel’s street. I slowed down as I approached his front door. After standing there for a moment, I knocked

and it was a few moments before he appeared in the doorway.


“Back so soon?” he said jokingly, but there was no laughter behind it. His voice sounded hollow.


I took a step forward and asked, “Can I come in?” He hesitated for a moment before standing aside. The moment he closed the door behind me, I spun around to face him. “He told you something didn’t he; about Charlie?” I searched his face and saw worry in his eyes.


“They took him.” His voice was quiet. “When Charlie found my father, they got a look at him; he was still in his school uniform.”


“I don’t understand.” I frowned.


Daniel continued, “The guy that my father was in debt to, his name is Derek. It wasn’t money he owed, it was himself. My father has being doing ‘jobs’ for Derek for years, apparently, and when he wanted out, Derek wasn’t happy.” He leaned back against the wall, putting his head down, looking exhausted. “Derek had helped my father out when he left home. He had nothing, so Derek provided everything for him, the price being he did jobs for him. Theft, drug deals, things like that,” his voice was bitter. “Derek got pissed off when my father tried to get out of it, saying that my father owed everything to him.”


“Tyler told you all this?”


He looked up at me. “He heard his father talking; he knows people. He’d go crazy at Tyler if he knew he was telling me all this stuff.”


“Why would they have taken Charlie?” I asked quietly, afraid of the answer.


“To use him as a pawn,” Daniel’s expression darkened as he spoke. “Tyler told me that Derek had one last job for my father and he refused to do it. Derek sent men to threaten my father, but they saw Charlie and they realised that he was his son. They took him, after school the next day, and they’re using him to threaten my father into doing whatever it is that Derek wants.” He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. “Tyler is going to try and find out whatever he can, find out what this job is, where they have Charlie. They’re still in town, apparently, so I should be able to track them down.” He had determination in his voice.


“Daniel, you can’t. You must tell the police,” I took a step forward, starting to panic.


“You don’t think these guys haven’t dealt with police situations before? They’ll know how to escape if police come after them.” He was scrunching his fists at his sides. I knew that he was going to do everything he could to help Charlie and I feared that it would cause my vision to come true.


“You can’t do this on your own,” I pleaded with him. “If you find anything out, you can’t go after them yourself.”


“You don’t understand, Lissa,” he was getting wound up. “I don’t have a choice!”


“Yes you do, you can chose to get help,” I tried to persuade him.  He turned away, storming down the hall, into the kitchen. I followed him. “You said it yourself; these guys aren’t to be messed with. You’ll be walking into a death trap.” I raised my voice, trying to get him to understand.  


He spun around, wild-eyed.


“You were the one who told me not to give up on him, to go looking for him myself if that’s what it took!” He turned his back to me, facing the kitchen counter.

“Well I was wrong,” I tried to keep calm.  “You can’t face them by yourself; you need to tell the police.”


“What would you do?” He gripped the edge of the kitchen counter, his knuckles turning white. “If it was Jade, what would you do?”


I moved closer towards him. “I’d want all the help I could get to find her.” I walked up behind him and cautiously placed my hand on his broad shoulder. He tensed. “Now is not the time to play hero, Daniel.”


He pulled away from me, suddenly, causing my hand to drop back to my side.


“You think that’s what I’m trying to do?” He turned around, eyes burning. “Play hero? I am trying to protect my brother from a man who won’t stop until he gets what he wants.”


“I didn’t mean it like that,” I tried to explain.


“I think you should leave,” he said suddenly. “This has nothing to do with you so just forget I told you anything.”


“No,” I shook my head. “You can’t just brush me aside.”


“I don’t need your help, Lissa!”


His words stung.


I opened my mouth to respond but my mind was blank. He turned his back to me again and I realised that I wasn’t going to get through to him. I stood there for a moment longer before I turned, defeated, and headed to the front door. Part of me hoped that he’d call me back as I opened the door, but there was only silence.

I closed the door behind me and stood there, taking in what had happened. Within twenty four hours, I’d gained a close connection to Daniel, and managed to push him away again. I walked home completely disheartened. What else could I do to help him?


I flung myself down on the sofa once I was home. Dad was sitting on his armchair.


“Everything alright, sweetheart?” he asked, his face full of curiosity.


I knew I could count on him to tell me straight, no questions asked. “What lengths would you go to help someone you care about?” I stared at him while he pondered.


“I’d do all I could,” he stated.


I continued, “Even if it caused them to turn against you?”


“If it was going to help them, in the end, then yes.”


I could see that his eyes showed concern, but he didn’t want to pry.


“Thanks dad.”


I got off the couch and went upstairs, to my bedroom. I figured that I should probably call Adam and Charlotte, but I just didn’t have the energy to talk to anyone. I lay down on my bed and thought about the confrontation I’d had with Daniel. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so pushy in trying to get him to call the police. But after the vision I’d had, who could blame me for wanting to make sure that it didn’t come true?


If he wasn’t willing to listen to me then there were only two things I could do. I could call the police and tell them the information from Tyler, but Daniel would hate me for it. Or I could tell him about the vision, making him think I was crazy. I couldn’t win either way. I was cornered.


I heard my mother come in from work and about an hour later, she called me down for dinner. Jade was sitting at the table when I got downstairs. I realised that I hadn’t spoken to her since the Halloween Ball. I’d forgotten about the whole costume drama, there were more important things playing on mind than wasting time being bitter about a stupid costume.


She looked down at her food the minute I stepped into the dining room, avoiding eye contact with me. I tried to escape from any small talk during dinner, feeling disengaged. I just wanted to go back to my bedroom. Jade and I were grilled for details of the Halloween Ball by mother. We both kept fairly quiet, not looking at each other.


Finally I managed to escape the dinner table, going straight upstairs. I heard Jade walking up behind me and heard her door close a few moments after mine. I sat at my desk, trying to concentrate on some school work. It was impossible. My mind was still racing.


I got a text from Charlotte, asking how things had gone down. I called her and explained what had happened.


“Is there something going on between the two of you?” I was taken aback by her sudden question.


“Well, I… He kissed me,” I told her.


She drew a breath. “Did you kiss him back?”


“What is this, twenty questions? Yes, yes I kissed him back.” I didn’t really want to be reminded of how I’d grabbed my opportunity with him and thrown it down the drain again just a few hours later.


“What do you think will happen now?” Her voice was barely louder than a whisper.


“I really don’t know, Char.”


After I put the phone down, I flopped down onto my bed, burying my head in my pillow, trying to block out the day’s events.



I awoke the next morning with an awful headache. I crawled out of bed, went downstairs and shuffled into the kitchen to take some painkillers. Dad walked in as I was massaging my temples.


“Headache?” he asked. I nodded. “You won’t want a morning coffee then?”


Coffee, just the word brought images of Daniel flooding into my mind. I grabbed another glass of water and went into the sitting room to curl up on the sofa.


Mum came downstairs soon after, looking preened to perfection, announcing that she was going to see Aunt Joan. I silently prayed that she wouldn’t bring her back to the house for wine later, that was all I needed right now. With a kiss on the cheek from dad, she was out the front door.


A few minutes later, I heard the door open a second time and saw Jade walk in.


“Where have you been to so early?” I raised a brow at her.


“Next door,” she muttered, “with Stacey.”


She looked up at me then, looking like she wanted to tell me something, but thought better of it. I stared after her, curiously, as she made her way into the kitchen. She’d looked conflicted. I began to wonder if maybe Stacey was finally starting to reveal her true self to Jade. At least, I hoped so, anyway.


I went back up to my room to throw some clothes on and spotted my phone on my bedside table. I stared at it for a while, debating whether to call Daniel. I decided against it and took a quick shower. The urge to call him cropped up again, though, as I was drying my hair. I grabbed the phone before I could change my mind and called his number. To no surprise, he didn’t pick up. I hadn’t really been expecting him to want to talk to me, but it would have been nice just to hear his voice. I threw my phone down, onto my bed and pulled on some comfy lounge clothes. I didn’t plan on leaving the house today. I just wanted to wallow in my own self-pity.


After a few hours of wandering aimlessly around the house, looking for ways to distract myself, I started to get fed up. I put my shoes on and decided to go and see Adam. His mother opened the door and greeted me in her usual, cheerful manner.


“He’s got all the visitors today.” I looked at her, confused. “Charlotte’s just left, she came here this morning.” Oh had she now?


I made my way up to the loft and opened the door.


“Hey you,” Adam jumped slightly. “What was Charlotte doing here this morning?” I asked curiously.


He gave me a look, “We were just reading more of that book. Why didn’t you tell me you were planning to call round, anyway?”


I sat down next to him on the sofa. “I didn’t know I was calling round until about ten minutes ago. Did you find out anything useful?” I looked at the book, which was placed next to him.


He shook his head. “What happened with Daniel? Charlotte told me you called her last night.” I let out a heavy sigh before telling Adam what had happened. “Do you think he’s going to find out where they are and go after them?”


“I hope not,” I told him.


“You think that’s your vision? Him getting hurt trying to find Charlie?” he asked. I nodded. “You could tell him, about your vision.”


I shook my head. “He’d think I was crazy. And even if he didn’t, it still wouldn’t stop him. He’d do anything for Charlie.”


“Have you tried talking to him since?”


“No, he won’t talk to me.” I thought about how he’d looked when he told me he didn’t need my help.


Adam moved closer to me on the sofa. “He’ll come round, Liss,” he said softly.


“I hope so.” I rested my head on his shoulder. “These visions are a curse, ignorance is bliss.” When I thought about it though, I wouldn’t have even spoken to Daniel if it wasn’t for that vision in the hallway. So I was thankful for that.


“Lissa?” Adam’s voice was quiet.




“Do you think Charlotte still has feelings for Ben?”


I moved my head to look up at him, taken aback.


“I think she has never gotten over the fact that he cheated on her with Stacey,” I told him. “But I don’t think she has feelings for him, just a lot of ‘what ifs’.” I looked at him, wavy hair falling into his eyes. He looked like he wanted to say something else, but couldn’t quite find the words. “It’s okay, Adam, I get it.”


He gave me a weak smile and we sat there a little while longer, an unspoken understanding between the two of us.


I felt my phone buzz in my pocket; it was Hayley, reminding that I had to pick up the clothes I’d left at hers on Halloween. I told her I’d be round to pick them up soon. Adam walked me downstairs, to the front door.


“You know,” I turned to face him on the doorstep, “you could just ask her to a movie. Alone. Without Hayley and me.”


He smiled slightly. “We could always double date with you and Daniel.” I gave him a playful shove before walking off, down the path.


When I arrived at Hayley’s house, ten minutes later, I could tell she was buzzing with excitement from the moment she answered the door.


“Have you heard the gossip?” she asked, eyes sparkling. I waited for her to tell me. “It’s Ben, he broke up with Stacey after we left the Halloween Ball!”

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Posted 29 September 2013 - 09:14 AM

I probably won't have time to write a proper comment and I have got to accept that so I will write something short and brief now.

I wish Daniel would go to the police, because I don't want Lissa`s vision to come true.

The way your writing, especially your dialogue sounds so effortless is brilliant, I wish I could get my writing to sound that way.

I'm glad she told Charlotte about the kiss, though I suppose it must be a bad time to think about it.

I like the way she associates coffee to Daniel.

I really hope Jade sees through Stacy.

Adams seems really nice I hope he and Charlotte get together in the end.

Ben broke up with Stacey was that why Jade seemed stressed, I still hope Adam and Charlotte get together.

Stacey is horrible.

Amazing chapter as usual.

You really should have more readers.

Please update soon.

Millie May

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 04:13 PM

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the story! :icon_biggrin:

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 09:51 PM

So it's 3:46am UK time and if spent the majority of the early hours of the morning reading what you've written so far of this story, and I must say, loved it!
I've read so many shop brought books lately that have bored me to tears, it's been truly refreshing to read such an attention grabbing piece of littriture.
I can not wait to read more of this my only critisisum is that there isn't more.
I hope there's another update very soon x

Vicky x
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Posted 15 October 2013 - 04:22 PM

So it's 3:46am UK time and if spent the majority of the early hours of the morning reading what you've written so far of this story, and I must say, loved it!
I've read so many shop brought books lately that have bored me to tears, it's been truly refreshing to read such an attention grabbing piece of littriture.
I can not wait to read more of this my only critisisum is that there isn't more.
I hope there's another update very soon x

Vicky x


Thank you so much for your comment, Vicky! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it so far! x

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Posted 15 October 2013 - 04:52 PM

Not a Problem :) Its so much fresher than some of the things I have on my kindle at the moment! Really cant wait for another update.


Thank you so much for your comment, Vicky! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it so far! x

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 04:04 PM

Hey guys! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to update! I'm working on NaNoWriMo this month si it's completely taken over my life. However, here's chapter 11! As always, feedback is much appreciated :) Thanks!


Chapter 11


I didn’t stay at Hayley’s house long. She told me how Stacey’s relationship status had changed to ‘single’ on Facebook and she’d spoken to one of the girls in our class and had found out that after we’d left the Halloween Ball, Ben had started arguing with Stacey. They walked outside and Rachel Burton had heard Ben telling Stacey that he wasn’t going to put up with her anymore and that it was over between them.


Hayley wouldn’t shut up about it and I really wasn’t in the mood.


“We should tell Charlotte,” she said excitedly.


“I’m sure she’ll find out when everyone is talking about it in school tomorrow," I replied bitterly. The news hadn’t exactly pleased me. I knew that Stacey would turn this around in her favour, getting everyone to feel sorry for her.


When I got home, I went upstairs to Jade’s room. “Is it true? What people are saying about Stacey and Ben?”


She looked up from her laptop. “Yeah, it was a mutual break up.”


I let out a laugh. “Right, so he didn’t break up with her?” Jade turned her eyes back to her laptop, ignoring my comment.


I walked out and went back to my own room. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I was disappointed not to find any messages. I contemplated calling Daniel again but decided against it. I just wanted to make sure he hadn’t found out where Charlie had been taken to yet.


I did as much schoolwork as I could before going to sleep that night. Surprisingly, it was a good distraction. I thought it’d take me a while to get to sleep, but with the exhaustion of the past couple of days, I was asleep within moments of my head hitting the pillow.


The next morning, I woke up dreading school. Clearly, it was going to be all about Stacey and Ben. I was already worried about coming face-to-face with Daniel for the first time since Saturday. After a quick shower, I attempted to blow-dry my hair upside down, to make it fluff up more. I just made it look a mess.


Jade was talking to mum when I walked into the kitchen for breakfast. She was telling her something about Stacey’s father going back to Dubai the day after next.

“What kind of business is he involved in again?” mum asked her with curiosity.


Jade shrugged. “I’m not exactly sure. I know he does some property renovations though. He’s bought that old warehouse just outside town. He wants to come back in a few weeks to do some work on it.” Mum seemed impressed.


I grabbed some toast and had a quick coffee.


“Are you okay, Lissa?” I looked up to see mum staring at me. “You seem stressed.”


“Just assignments, I have exams in December.” She looked convinced and went back to reading the newspaper in front of her.


Dad was sitting at the other end of the table, looking over some paperwork. He smiled at me as I got out of my chair and told me to have a nice day. He was looking at me questioningly, obviously wanting to know if I’d taken the advice he gave me the other night. I smiled back at him, acting like everything was fine.


I grabbed my bag and made my way outside. As I got out of the driveway, Stacey was walking out of the house next door, with her father. His expensive car was parked outside so I figured he’d come to take her to school.


He spotted me and said hello. “How’s your father? The charity auction was a huge success.”


Stacey stood there, glaring at me as I replied. He smiled at me before getting into his car. For some reason, that smile made my skin crawl. He was an intimidating man, with his designer suits and fancy cars. With one last glare from Stacey, they drove off.


When I got off the bus, I slowed my walk as I headed into the school, wondering if Daniel was around. I didn’t see him. I walked into Mr Weldman’s class and Stacey wasn’t there. Funny, I thought. I got the bus and still managed to get here faster than her father’s posh car.


 I sat down on my usual desk and a few minutes later, Charlotte walked through the door with Adam.


“Have you heard from Daniel yet?” she asked me straight away. I shook my head. “I’m sure you can talk to him at lunch.” I doubted he would even sit at our table.

The class started to fill up and a few moments before the bell, Stacey walked in. Girls flocked to her.


“You’re so better off without him, Stacey,” one of the girls said to her. Charlotte’s head jerked up. So did Adam’s.


“What’s going on?” Charlotte looked at me.


I sighed. “Stacey and Ben broke up on Friday night.”


Her eye’s widened. “Did he break up with her?”


Hayley walked in at that point, sidestepping Stacey’s fan club. She sat down next to Adam and leaned over him to talk to us.


“I saw Ben on the way in, he was walking on his own,” she shot a glance at Stacey. “I bet she’s turned everyone against him.” Charlotte’s expression remained blank.


“Serves him right.” Adam’s voice was bitter. “He shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.” Charlotte looked over at him, opening her mouth to say something, but the bell rang and Mr Weldman told everyone to hush.


After registration, I walked to class with Charlotte. We saw Ben walk into the class and he looked up at us as he went through the door.


“Don’t even think about going there,” I warned Charlotte.


She looked at me. “We can’t just leave him on his own, Liss.”


I stared at her like she was insane. “Yes, we certainly can! He cheated on you with her, remember that? He can’t just come and be friends with us again like none of that ever happened.”


We walked into class and I shot a glare in Ben’s direction as we sat down. There was no way I was going to let him worm his way back into Charlotte’s life.


After not seeing Daniel all morning, I was anxious when it came to lunchtime. Hayley came bounding over to our table.


“Everyone is talking about Ben and Stacey! There are people saying that—”


I slammed a hand down on the table, cutting off her sentence. “I don’t want to know, Hayley.”


She sat down in the seat next to me, quietly, giving questioning looks to Adam and Charlotte, sitting opposite. At that moment, people started whispering, looking at the entrance to the cafeteria. It was Ben, walking into the lunch queue. That was when I noticed Jade, sitting on a different table. She normally went to the drama club at lunch, with Stacey. I watched as Ben paid for his lunch and walk up to where Jade was sitting. He spoke to her for a second before sitting opposite her.

I turned my head back round to look at the others, whose faces matched my confusion.


Charlotte was frowning slightly. “What is that all about?”


“I have no idea,” I told her truthfully. I looked to my right and saw Hayley staring at me, eyes curious.


“Why don’t you go over and see your sister, Lissa?”


I looked at her like she was crazy. She knows I never approach Jade in school, it was a silent agreement between the two of us, due to the fact that she had become friends with the elite in the school and didn’t want me ruining her chances of joining their ranks.


“You go and see her if you’re that interested in finding out why she’s sitting with Ben,” I replied irritably.


I glanced over my shoulder one more time, to look at Jade, when I saw Daniel walk into the cafeteria. My heart stopped.  He had a black, hooded jacket on over his school shirt. He was wearing the clothes I’d seen him wearing in the vision.


Jade looked over at me, nervously, as though she knew something was wrong, even though there was no way she could have known anything. Daniel paid for his lunch, looked over at our table and then walked right back outside again.


“What’s with Daniel?” I heard Hayley’s voice on my right.


I looked over at Adam and Charlotte. Charlotte continued picking at her lunch, avoiding my gaze, but Adam jumped in to help.


“Didn’t he say he had some work to do this lunchtime?” He looked at me, beckoning for me to go along with him.


“Um… Yeah,” I agreed hesitantly. “He did mention something about going to the library.”


Hayley shrugged, not knowing any better. “He could have said hi before going,” she said before turning back to her lunch. Adam was still watching me intently, knowing something wasn’t right.


I stood up. “I’m just going to get a drink,” I announced. I silently beckoned Adam to follow me.


“Yeah, I think I could do with another drink,” he added.  


Hayley just looked up at us and Charlotte kept looking over at Jade and Ben. We made our way over to the juice bar, pretending to be choosing a drink. I linked my arm through Adam’s.


“Daniel’s dressed like he was in my vision,” I whispered into his ear.


His face darkened. “Are you sure?”


“Well, he usually wears his leather jacket for school. Today he’s not; he’s wearing the jacket I saw in my vision. It just feels odd,” I said, shuddering at the memory of the image in my mind.  


Adam grabbed one of the juice bottles off the shelf and I did the same. We made our way over to the till.


“What are we going to do?” he asked.


It dawned on me. “I have to tell him, Adam.”


Adam looked confused for a second. “Tell him about your vision?” I nodded. “Are you sure you want to do that?” We paid for our drinks and collected our change from the cheery dinner lady. I did my best to smile back at her, even though smiling was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment.


“What else can I do?” I hissed in his ear. We walked back to the table and I unlinked my arm from Adam’s. Suddenly, Charlotte’s eyes widened as she looked over my shoulder. I spun around and saw Ben standing there. Adam looked at him and scowled as he went to sit back down, next to Charlotte.


“What do you want, Ben?” I asked.


He looked over at where Jade had been sitting, she’d left the cafeteria. “Jade’s acting a bit strange. I think something might have happened between her and Stacey.”


“What do you want me to do about it?” I snapped. “She knew what she was getting herself in to when she became friends with her.”


His expression remained blank. “You know what it’s like to get on Stacey’s wrong side. You could at least talk to Jade about it.”


I shrugged at him. “If she wanted my help, she’d have come to talk to me already.” I held his gaze for a while before his eyes switched to Charlotte.


“Can I talk to you, Charlotte?” I couldn’t believe he had the nerve. I was just about to tell him where he could go when I heard Adam’s voice from behind me.




I turned and saw Adam staring at Ben, his jaw set. Charlotte opened her mouth but closed it again, not knowing what to say.


“I was asking Charlotte,” Ben said without even looking at Adam.


“I don’t want to talk to you, Ben.” Charlotte’s voice was quiet but she had a determined look in her eye.


Ben sidestepped around me. “I’ve been stupid Char; give me a chance to explain.” Hayley was just watching the scene unfold with her mouth half open.

Adam stood up. “She said no.” Ben looked quite startled by his sudden dominance. I felt myself smile, full of pride for him. I looked at Charlotte and saw her looking up at Adam, admiration in her eyes.


Ben looked at us all again, his gaze falling on Charlotte, who was still looking at Adam. He scowled and stormed off, walking out of the cafeteria. Adam sat down, calmly, placing his hands on the table.


Then, Charlotte reached out and took his hand in hers. He looked at their hands on the table and then turned his gaze to Charlotte. Hayley looked at me, eyebrows raised.


I smiled, looking at their hands entwined, wishing I could… Daniel, I thought suddenly, remembering what I had to do. We had history, first thing after lunch. I planned to corner him then, try and get him to agree to meet me after school. I had to tell him about the danger he was in.


Stacey and her fellow drama club members walked into the cafeteria then, meaning it was our cue to leave. After throwing our rubbish in the bin, we began to walk out. Adam and Charlotte were a few steps ahead of us, their hands still linked.


Hayley leaned in to whisper to me, “What is going on with everyone today?” I had to let out a small laugh. Despite all of the drama going on lately, at least Adam and Charlotte had figured out their problems.


Stacey glared at the four of us as we walked past. I shot her a smile, just to piss her off further. We walked outside and sat on the wall nearest to the main building, where all of us had our next class. We sat in silence. Hayley was still looking confused over Adam and Charlotte whilst the two of them kept throwing timid glances at each other. I, however, was trying to think of a way to tell Daniel that I’d saw him on death’s door in a vision of the future. Yeah, that’s going to go down well. I could think of no possible way to make any of it sound sane.


When we heard the bell ring, we made our way inside the building. Hayley grabbed my arm.


“Did you know they liked each other?” she asked me quietly so that Adam and Charlotte wouldn’t hear.


I rolled my eyes at her. “Come on Hayley, you must have been blind not to have noticed it.” We walked out of the lobby and Hayley said bye to us as she headed up the staircase to go to her class. Further down the corridor, Adam reluctantly let go of Charlotte’s hand to go into his English class.


I stepped in front of Charlotte, smiling mischievously.


“Don’t even say anything,” she warned before breaking into a smile.  


I bit back a giggle, “Wasn’t going to.”


I saw Adam reappear in the doorway. “Lissa, you need to tell Charlotte about Daniel, maybe she can help you convince him.” He looked at us both before going back into the classroom.


Charlotte’s face grew serious. “What does he mean?” I grabbed her arm and told her the details as we walked to History. “Are you sure it was that jacket he was wearing?”


“Char, that vision has haunted me ever since I saw it,” I said darkly. “Believe me, that’s the jacket.”


We walked into history and I immediately looked at the table in the corner, where Daniel sits. He wasn’t there. We sat down at our table and I knew Charlotte was thinking the same thing as me. Where is he?


A few moments later, Mr Burton walked in and told the class to settle down. Daniel still wasn’t there. I watched the door throughout the class, willing him to stroll in late, but he didn’t. When the bell rang to signal the end of the class, Charlotte turned to me.


“Do you think he’s found something out and skipped class?” she asked exactly what I was thinking but didn’t want to say. I sincerely hoped that we were wrong.

We walked out into the hallway and Charlotte asked me to try calling him. I hesitated.


“Now isn’t the time for holding back. Just call him,” she insisted. I got my phone out of my pocket and dialled his number. It went straight to voicemail. I tried to fight back the rising sense of panic.


“We’ll go to his house, after school,” Charlotte tried to reassure me as we walked to our last class of the day.





I had never been so relieved to hear the school bell before in my whole life. I jumped out of my chair and headed straight for the main gates. A few moments after I got there, Adam appeared.


“Charlotte is going to walk Hayley home and tell her we had to stay behind.” He grabbed my arm, pulling me out of the gates. “It’s too complicated to explain all of this to her right now.” He was right, there was no time.


We hurried down the street, away from the school and I led Adam in the direction of Daniel’s cul-de-sac. I approached the house with the white door, noticing that his mother’s car wasn’t in the driveway. I knocked on the front door, just as Adam caught up to me on the doorstep. We waited for a few moments, getting no answer. I knocked again, more frantic this time.


Adam stepped back. “He’s not in there, Lissa.” We glanced around the cul-de-sac, not knowing what to do next. “Do you not know where that Tyler guy lives?” he asked. I shook my head. We both looked at each other, wondering the same thing, what do we do now?


“Okay, how about we go home, change out of our uniforms, then we’ll meet back at your place and start thinking?” His expression was calm. I agreed and we began to walk out of the cul-de-sac. “I’ll be at yours soon, okay?” I nodded and we both walked off in our different directions.


I got to the house and walked in. Mum and dad were both at work until dinner time. I thought the house was empty until I walked upstairs and saw Jade standing outside her bedroom door, looking nervous.


“Can I talk to you, Liss?” she said in a quiet voice.


I walked over to my room. “Now’s not a good time, Jade. I’m kind of in a rush.” I walked into my room, shut the door and began to pull my uniform off. I felt bad about Jade but I really didn’t want to hear about her spat with Stacey right now.


I pulled on my black jeans and white tee and grabbed my leather jack from my closet. I got my phone from my back and zipped it in my pocket. I opened my bedroom door and Jade was standing right outside.


Her face was serious. “I really need to tell you something.” I sidestepped her, heading for the stairs. She followed me. “Lissa, will you listen to me!”


“Look, I really don’t care about some fall out with Stacey right now!” I was getting annoyed with her.


“No,” she grabbed my arm, “I haven’t fallen out with her, I overheard—”


I cut her off, “I don’t have time, Jade.” I pulled my arm from her grasp and began hurrying down the stairs.


She called down to me, “Stacey’s father has Charlie Evans!” I stopped cold.


“What?” I turned around, halfway down the stairs, to face her.


“I snuck out to see her on Saturday, to cheer her up after her split with Ben.” She walked down a few stairs to be nearer to me, her voice growing quieter. “I knew she was staying with her father so I went round to the house he’d rented. He’d told her not to have anyone over that night so she told me to sneak in the back; I only stayed for a little while.” She took a deep breath, worry filled her eyes. “When I left, I went around the side of the house and he was there, talking with two men. I ducked down the other side of the hedge, waiting for them to go inside so I could leave. One of the men was asking her father about what they were going to do with ‘the boy’. He said they’d let him go once Evans showed up and did as he was told. That’s when I realised they were talking about Charlie. I think they’re using him as bait for something.”


I remembered the seating card on the table, back at the charity auction. D. Miller. Derek. I hadn’t ever known the name of Stacey’s father; he’d always just been Mr Miller. Realisation hit me.


“It’s Daniels father,” I told her. “They’re using Charlie to get to him.” I had a sinking feeling that, somehow, Daniel had found out where Charlie was being kept. “Did you hear them talk about where he was? Where they’re keeping him?”


Jade shook her head. “No, they left after that.”


“Daniel’s in trouble.” I ran the rest of the way down the stairs. “I think he might have found out where Charlie has been taken.”


Jade followed me. “How do you know?”


“That doesn’t matter now.” I faced her. “You need to stay here, cover for me when mum and dad get back.”


“Lissa, you can’t go out looking for them!” Her voice was panic stricken.


I began to open the front door. “I’m just going to try and find help, trust me.” She didn’t look convinced but I walked out anyway, shutting the door behind me.

I stood there for a moment, allowing the realisation to sink in. Stacey’s father was Derek. It made complete sense. When I was friends with her, she told me about her father being broke and then all of a sudden he had a job in Dubai and a never-ending supply of money. There were a number of things he could be doing, illegally, to have gained so much money and power.


I saw Adam walking up the street and rushed to meet him.


“It’s Stacey’s father,” I rushed. He looked utterly confused. “Stacey’s father is Derek. He has Charlie.” His eyes widened.


“How do you know?” he asked me.


“I just do,” I stated.


Adam looked around. “What do we do now?” I took my phone out of my pocket and tried Daniel’s number again. As I expected, it went straight to voicemail. I just stood there for a moment, thinking about the vision. Then it dawn on me.


“I know where it is.” I started walking quickly up the street. “Jade told me Stacey’s father bought an old warehouse, just outside of town. I know where it is.”


“How do you know that’s where they’re keeping him, though?” Adam hurried along beside me.


“The building in my vision, the inside, it was derelict.” I just knew that I was right and we had to get there before it was too late.

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 10:15 AM

Sorry another list comment, but it was such a brilliant chapter and gosh I need to comment on so many stories on here.


 The Charlotte and Adam moment was just so cute with the hand holding and everything, so cute.

Charlotte was right not to talk to Ben, he broke her heart and therefore he can no way come crawling back to her.

No wonder Stacy is the way she is with such an awful father, what an evil bloke.

The jacket, the visions and everything, poor Lissa, why does everything have to be so complicated in her life?

At least Jade did the right thing and told her, she is foolish though, I don`t blame Lissa for refusing to speak to her before.

Please let everything be alright.

Just wondering how many chapters are left? This is so good and so well written.


Then it dawn on me.

Do you mean " Then it dawned on me." I didn`t find anything else though.

Such a good chapter, people like you on this site make me wonder why I bother writing when others are so much better.

Who cares about experience, it`s imagination that counts. 

I love this story by the way, you have a shocking amount of talent.

Please, please update soon and I will try and comment sooner than I did with this chapter.

Why do I type so slowly?

Your writing is awesome.



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 10:59 AM

Sorry another list comment, but it was such a brilliant chapter and gosh I need to comment on so many stories on here.


 The Charlotte and Adam moment was just so cute with the hand holding and everything, so cute.

Charlotte was right not to talk to Ben, he broke her heart and therefore he can no way come crawling back to her.

No wonder Stacy is the way she is with such an awful father, what an evil bloke.

The jacket, the visions and everything, poor Lissa, why does everything have to be so complicated in her life?

At least Jade did the right thing and told her, she is foolish though, I don`t blame Lissa for refusing to speak to her before.

Please let everything be alright.

Just wondering how many chapters are left? This is so good and so well written.

Do you mean " Then it dawned on me." I didn`t find anything else though.

Such a good chapter, people like you on this site make me wonder why I bother writing when others are so much better.

Who cares about experience, it`s imagination that counts. 

I love this story by the way, you have a shocking amount of talent.

Please, please update soon and I will try and comment sooner than I did with this chapter.

Why do I type so slowly?

Your writing is awesome.




Thank you for pointing out the typo, I'll correct it! Thank you so much for your feedback and lovely comments. I really, really appreciate it!

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Posted 09 December 2013 - 12:10 PM

I've said this before and I'll say this again, you deserve these comments and you most definitely should have more readers, you're so talented, please update soon, I need to know what happens.

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Posted 12 January 2014 - 11:28 AM

Hey! Sorry it took so long to update, life has been quite busy over the holidays. But here is chapter 12, I'm getting so close to the end of this story now and it will be the first completed story i've ever written! As always, I really appreciate feedback and of course, if there are any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks for reading!


Chapter 12


We caught a bus at the end of my street and took the twenty minute journey to the outskirts of our town. The warehouse had been derelict for years and there used to be so many kids who went there to freak each other out on weekends, until it was set on fire a couple of years ago and the police secured it off.


“Can you remember how to get there?” Adam was slightly out of breath, tagging along behind me.


I stepped over a log in the small wooded area we were walking through. “Yeah, it’s near the lake. Dad used to take me fishing here when I was younger.”


We carried on trekking through the woods. The path down to the lake was still familiar to me. After a few more minutes of walking, the woods started to thin out and the lake came into view. The warehouse stood on the other side. Even though it was early evening, the November sky darkened quickly.


I glanced at Adam and we both began to make our way down to the side of the lake. By the time we had walked around it, the sky was at its darkest blue tinge. 

The overwhelming sense of dread became more persistent the closer we got to the warehouse. There perimeter of the place was closed off with the metal fencing that the police had put up after the fire. There had probably been many people who had found another entrance into the place before, though.


“We should go round the back,” Adam whispered. “Check out the fencing there.”


We edged our way back amongst the trees and travelled around the outside of the warehouse. Sure enough, some of the fencing had already been kicked in. Splashes of graffiti stood out on the grey, brick walls.


Adam walked in front of me and approached one of the gaps in the fencing. He slipped though, catching his navy jacket on a ragged edge. Once he was through, he held out a hand and steadied me as I steeped over some of the fallen bits of metal to get through the fence. I immediately took off to one of the broken windows on the wall.


Adam grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “Wait, Liss. We need to plan this out.”


“We need to go in there; you look for Daniel, see if you can find him," I told him. "I’ll try and find out where Charlie is.” I tried to pull away from him but he wasn’t having any of it.


“I’m not leaving you.” His eyes pleaded with mine. “This Derek, he’s obviously the leader of a gang, right?” I nodded. “So think about how many people he’s going to have in there, making sure this doesn’t get messed up. If we’re going in there, then we’re going together.” He grabbed my hand and gave it a small but comforting squeeze before we started walking to the broken window.


There were still sharp, broken edges of glass stuck into the window frame. Adam pulled his sleeve up over his hand and pulled at the pieces. They came out easily and he placed them on the floor, making the window ledge less likely to slice my legs up. The thought of possibly ruining one of my favourite pair of jeans did not make this heroic mission any easier.


Adam hiked himself up onto the ledge and slipped through into the warehouse. His face appeared a few second later and he helped me get over the ledge. The room we were in was filthy and the walls were, again, covered in graffiti. The police seriously didn’t do a good enough job on keeping this place secure, I thought as I wandered around the room. We approached the open door on the far wall. The door was hanging off its hinges. I poked my head out and saw that it was a corridor. It had a strange resemblance to hospital corridors. I felt a shiver go down my spine, and not because of the cold.


I stepped out into the corridor, Adam right behind me. The place smelt of dust and rotten wood. There were scraps of rubble strewn across the floor. We got to the end and shrugged at each other, no clue where to go next. I pointed left and we began to walk. I mentally cursed myself for not watching more crime shows.


After walking aimlessly for a few minutes, we turned a corner and saw a staircase. Looking at me for approval, Adam began walking up the stairs with me following closely behind him. We got to the top and came out into another corridor. We saw a faint flicker of light coming from around the corner at the far end.


Adam glanced at me again before slowly starting to walk towards the end of the corridor. It was darker up here than it had been downstairs and there was an eerie

silence. We stuck close to the wall as we approached the corner. I didn’t hear the quiet footsteps nearing us until it was too late. A figure wearing black came around and nearly collided with Adam and me. I was about to try and run before it grabbed my arm and pulled down it’s hood.


“What are you doing here, Lissa?” Daniel’s voice was frantic. I was so relieved that I flung my arms around his neck and hugged him. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back to look at me. He noticed Adam behind me before locking his eyes back to mine. “You need to get out of here, both of you.”


“We came looking for you,” I told him. “You should never have come here on your own.”


He narrowed his eyes at me. “How did you even know where I was?”


“I…” My voice trailed off as I glanced at Adam for help.


He took a step closer to us. “That doesn’t matter right now, what matters is that we find your brother.” He took a deep breath. “We’ve found out who Derek is.”


Daniel looked from Adam to me. “You told him?”


“I didn’t have a choice.” I took a step back. “You refused to let me help you when I knew what kind of danger you were in.”


He wasn’t fully paying attention to me, glancing around. “Just get out of here the way you came in.”


“You don’t understand,” I stopped. How do you tell someone that you saw them bleeding to death in a vision? I asked myself. “Listen, Daniel, I—” He suddenly put a finger to my lips, his eyes wide. There were voices coming from around the corner. They sounded quite distant, obviously at the end of the long corridor.


Daniel pushed me further away from the corner, Adam following us. We stood with our backs flat against the wall. The murmuring voices were too quiet for us to understand. We heard a door open and then close again a few moments later. The voices stopped. Daniel stepped away from the wall, walking back to the corner of our corridor.


I jumped forward and grabbed onto his jacket. “Daniel, you can’t go after them!”


“Let go, Lissa.” He pulled away from me. “My brother is in here, I have to find him.” He peered around the wall before stepping out into the other corridor, disappearing around the corner.


I followed him, ignoring Adam’s frantic whispers for me to come back.


“Daniel!” I whispered forcefully. He turned around, his face irritated. “If you go in there now, I can almost guarantee you’re going to wind up dead!” I said through gritted teeth, willing him to listen.


He went to turn back around again. “You don’t know that, Lissa.”


“I do know that because I saw it!” My voice dropped to barely a whisper. “I saw it.” Daniel’s face was full of confusion. He didn’t have a clue what I was going on about, not that I could have blamed him. “I saw a glimpse of the future – I don’t know how – but I did.”


A look of concern flashed across his face for just a moment. “What are you talking about?” I opened my mouth to try and explain as best I could.


Adam’s voice called out from around the corner before I got to say anything. “Lissa!” he shouted. I spun around and saw two figures step into the corridor; one of them had hold of Adam. I looked up at the men, dressed in black. Their faces looked especially intimidating in the darkness of the corridor.


“You kids really should have thought twice about breaking and entering,” the one holding Adam said in a low voice.


Daniel sauntered forward. “Well there’s not much else to do around here other than exploring derelict buildings.” He was acting like we were just a few teens looking for a thrill.


“Well this is private property now, son,” the other man spoke up. “So I suggest you get yourselves out of here.”


Just as I got my hopes up that we might just get out of this, another voice came from behind Daniel and me.


“Well, what’s this?” My blood went cold as I recognised the voice of Stacey’s father.




I looked at Daniel, panic stricken, willing him to realise that the man behind us was Derek. He wasn’t looking at me. Derek stopped just behind us, not yet seeing mine and Daniel’s faces. The man who was holding Adam by the collar stepped forward.


“We found them lurking around,” he said, “looking for new walls to graffiti, no doubt.” I glanced at Adam, whose expression mirrored the terror I felt.


I heard Derek let out a chuckle behind us. “Well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to find your walls elsewhere, kids.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him take a step in between me and Daniel. I knew he’d recognise me the moment he saw me.


He stepped in front of us and turned to face us. “Why don’t you run along now, before I have to get the police involved?” It was all lies, of course. He just thought we were a harmless bunch of teenagers who he could scare off with police threats. I tried to put my head down, quickly, but it was too late. His eyes narrowed as he got a look at my face. “Lissa Bennett.” He let out a mocking tut. “What an earth would your father say if he knew you were breaking and entering?”


I saw Daniel stare at me. I remembered that Adam and I hadn’t gotten round to telling him who Derek was. I figured he must have worked out that he was the man in front of us, due to his expensive, pristine suit. But Daniel looked utterly confused by the fact that he knew who I was.


I looked up at him, trying to play innocent. “You won’t tell him, will you Mr Miller?” But he wasn’t looking at me anymore. His gaze was fixed on Daniel.


“You must be Mr Evans?” My heart sank as Derek realised who the boy next to me was. He looked back at me, a smile forming on his lips. “Yes, Stacey did mention that you’d become rather close.” I bet Stacey had no idea that her *%^##ing rants to her father about her classmates had put us into unimaginable danger. I bet she had no idea that her father was probably the most dangerous man in our town.


Daniel glared up at him. “What have you done with my brother?”


“Daniel,” I warned. “Don’t.” He ignored me.


I didn’t even notice the other two men that had walked up behind us until Derek looked over my head.


“Take these three to the room upstairs,” he said to them. I spun round to see the thuggish looking men he was addressing. “Mr Evans wishes to see his brother.”

I contemplated trying to run, but I knew we didn’t stand a chance. Before I even had time to think, one of the men had grabbed onto my arm, grip like a vice, as he began to pull me down the corridor. I looked over at Daniel, who was also being dragged along. I heard two sets of footsteps behind us and glanced over my shoulder to see Adam and the other man.


We turned a corner at the end of the corridor and saw a narrow staircase, leading to another upper floor. The men took us up the stairs, every step filling me with more dread. I tried to stay as calm as I could, looking for a way to get us out of this mess. Why hadn’t I thought to bring anything with me? Even if I’d just stuffed a pair of scissors into a handbag, it would have been something to use in self-defence. For a fleeting moment, I thought back to the night I had my first vision, when Charlotte told me I’d fail in a real life horror situation. I almost laughed out loud at the irony.


When we reached the top of the staircase, we were taken through a set of crumbling, old, wooden doors, which led to another corridor. There was a small amount of light coming under a door further down. When we got outside this door, the man who had hold of me opened it and dragged me inside, followed by the others. The light in the room was dim but I could make out a figure, sitting against the far wall. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw it was a boy.


“Charlie!” I heard Daniel call out. The boy's head shot up. He had a few cuts and bruises, but apart from that, he looked relatively unharmed.


“Check their pockets.” The other man that had been on the lower floor had made his way up the stairs behind us and was now standing in the doorway. I felt a hand slip unzip the pocket on my jacket and my phone was pulled out. The same went for Adam and Daniel.


“Could you do me a favour?” I looked up at the man who had hold of my arm and now my phone. “Please try not to scratch the screen. You have no idea how much that thing cost.” He snarled down at me. It was worth a try, I thought. I glanced over at Adam, who was staring at me, incredulous.


The man holding Daniel let go of his arm and he rushed forward to get to his brother. I felt the grip leave my arm and before I had time to process that I wasn’t being held anymore, the four men had left the room and we heard a bolt fall into place on the other side of the door.


Adam hurried over to me. “Don’t scratch my phone?” he said with an exasperated look on his face. “Are you trying to get us killed?”


I took a few steps towards Daniel and Charlie. Charlie kept apologising over and over to Daniel, but he wasn’t listening. He was just holding him, happy to see that he was okay. For now.


I studied the room we were in. No windows, of course. There was a bed along the left-hand side wall and a small table with a lantern lamp on it. I assumed Charlie had been made to sleep here. I shuddered.


“Any ideas?” Adam asked. I sighed and shook my head.


Daniel pulled back just enough to look at Charlie’s face. “Have they kept you here all this time?”


He nodded. “It’s my fault,” he told him, his eyes saddened. “I should never have gone looking for him.” He was talking about his father, obviously.


“I should have listened to you, Charlie,” Daniel reassured him. “It’s not your fault.” He looked up at me and Adam. “We need to get of here.”


I glanced around the darkened room again. There was no way out other than that bolted door. I looked back at Adam, hopelessly. I walked over to where Charlie and Daniel were sitting and sat myself down, leaning my head back against the wall. Why hadn’t I just called the police the minute I realised who Derek was?

I looked over and saw Charlie, glancing between me and Adam. “Who are you?” he asked, his eyes narrowing.


“They’re friends of mine,” Daniel told him. Charlie continued to look at us, probably trying to figure out if he’d met us before.


“I’m Lissa,” I said to him as cheerily as I could, given the situation we were in. “That’s Adam.” Adam gave a nod of acknowledgement and continued to analyse the room, seeing if there was a possible escape for us. There wasn’t.


“Do you know what they’re up to?” Daniel asked his brother.


Charlie looked up at him. “Dad ran off, the night that I found him. I heard two of the men saying that he was wanted back here. They’re using me to blackmail him into coming back.”


“I thought you’d gone away with him, Charlie.” Daniel ran a hand through his hair, his eyes apologetic. “I’m so sorry.”


“I should never have gone to him in the first place.” Charlie lowered his head. “You warned me he was involved with gangs. Do you think they’ll let us go if he turns up? They told me they’d gotten a message out to him to be here tonight.” I remembered Jade telling me that Derek was leaving in a couple of days. Obviously, he wanted to finish his ‘work’ here before leaving.


Daniel sighed. “I don’t know, Charlie.”


I could tell that he was thinking the same as I was. Derek didn’t seem like the sort of man who’d just let us walk away. What was to stop us from going straight to the police the minute we left? It dawned on me exactly how much danger we were in.


Adam walked over to the door, inspecting it.


“You won’t get out of it,” Charlie said to him from across the room. “Believe me, I’ve tried.” He dropped his hand and walked back over to us, sitting down next to me.


“Well then,” Daniel said, his voice surprisingly confident as he stood up and unbuckled the belt from his jeans. I raised a brow at him. “We’re going to need a plan.”

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Posted 12 January 2014 - 12:31 PM

Yes, yes you do need a plan.

Sorry, will properly comment another time, but great chapter, still reading. 

You really do make writing seem easy, but with me everything's awkward.

Anyway I can't believe it's almost finished, don't stop writing afterwards, you have a talent at making both reading and writing seem effortless.

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 11:10 PM

I've only red a Few chapter but I'm in love with it already!

I promise I read more. Post more! :)

Alex ♥
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Posted 27 February 2014 - 01:24 PM

I've only red a Few chapter but I'm in love with it already!

I promise I read more. Post more! :)

Alex ♥


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 01:31 PM

Hey! Sorry it's taken such a long time to update! Here's chapter 13 and, as always, I appreciate any feedback. I haven't had a chance to look through this chapter as much as I should have so i'm sorry if there are any mistakes. Hope you enjoy it. :icon_study:


Chapter 13


To say I had doubts about whether or not this would work would have been a serious understatement. There were four of us in this room. A fourteen year old boy, a comic book nerd, a girl who was terrified of tearing her favourite jeans and a guy who, I’ll admit, looked like he could throw a few punches, but that wouldn’t really matter. We didn’t know how many tattooed, thuggish, gangster men Derek had roaming around this goddamn place.


Still, I tried to keep optimistic as Daniel nodded at me from where he was standing by the door. I began my high-pitched screaming at Adam, hoping that Daniel was right in thinking that one of the thugs would be keeping guard of the floor.


“I can’t believe you cheated on me!” I yelled at him. I was going to enjoy this, I decided as I continued me yelling. “And you choose to tell me this now!” I saw a smirk appear on Daniel’s face.


Adam and I continued our fake domestic until, sure enough, we heard a voice outside the door.


“Shut up in there!” the voice boomed from the other side of the door. Adam beckoned for me to continue screaming at him.  


“Who’s going to take me to the prom now?” I wailed. If we got out of here alive, I was so going to consider taking the drama club more seriously.


There was a bang on the door. “If you don’t keep it shut then I’ll come in there and shut you up myself!”


“Why don’t you shut up,” I shouted at the door. “I’m trying to break up with my boyfriend in here!” Adam put a hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter.


“Right,” the bolt on the outside of the door shifted and the door came open. “I’m not going to tell you again, little girl.” He came bursting through the doorway, heading towards me. Daniel came up behind him and placed the belt around his throat, pushing him forward as he choked and clawed at the belt.


Charlie ran forward and the three of us stepped outside into the corridor. Daniel stepped backwards, dragging the man along with him until he got to the doorframe. He quickly let go of the belt and the man fell to his knees, sputtering. Daniel stepped back and Charlie quickly closed the door and bolted it. We heard a bang on the door. We needed to get out of the corridor and fast. We had no idea if any more of those men were in the rooms here.


The four of us ran to the end of the corridor and turned the corner, to the staircase we had walked up earlier. Adam and Charlie went in front of us and Daniel reached for my hand as we followed them. I felt a spark of hope that we might get out of here unharmed.


That hope died when we turned the corner to find Derek standing there.


He shot us a smug smile. “Going somewhere?”


The four of us took a step back out of shock, but then Daniel let go of my hand and stepped between Adam and Charlie, to stand in front of Derek.  


“Let us go, Derek.” His voice was calm. “This has nothing to do with us.”


“Don’t you want to see him?” Derek wore a cold smile on his face. “Your father?”


“If you think he’s going to put himself in danger for us, then you’ve thought wrong,” Daniel said bitterly. “He stopped caring about us the moment he walked out of our lives.”


“Oh, really?” Derek let out a cold laugh. “Because word has it, he’s on his way here right now.”


“You’re lying,” Daniel snarled at him. “Whatever problems you have with our father has nothing to do with us.”


Derek stepped forward with a look of menace. “I beg to differ. Your father owes me and he won’t come to me without motivation. The two of you are the motivation, just having Charlie was enough but he’ll come running now that the both of you are in danger.”


Daniel took a small step back. “Let Lissa and Adam go,” he said in a quiet yet stern voice.


Derek’s eyes gleamed. “You know I can’t do that.”


Before I even had time to process what he was doing, Daniel had lunged at Derek, pushing him against the wall. Derek was so taken aback for a moment that he didn’t respond instantly. Daniel took those few seconds to look at me.


“Get Charlie out of here!” he shouted.


He could think again if he thought I was going to leave him here. Adam grabbed Charlie by the arm and quickly pulled him past the commotion, beckoning for me to follow him. Charlie was trying to break out of Adam’s grip but Adam wasn’t having any of it. He glanced back as he reached the other staircase, leading to the ground floor.


“Lissa, come on!” he shouted to me.


“Just go,” I yelled to him. “I’ll follow you in a minute!”


Realising he didn’t have a choice, Adam ran down the stairs with Charlie. I stood in panic for a moment, not knowing what to do. Daniel was trying to wrestle Derek to the floor, but it was too late. Some of Derek’s thugs were coming down the corridor now, we’ didn’t stand a chance.


One of them came rushing forward to drag Daniel off of Derek, another came straight for me. He came over to grab my arms and, without thinking, I sharply lifted my knee. He bowled over onto the floor but there were more men approaching us and I knew it was hopeless.


At that point, Daniel stopped struggling, realising I was still here.


“Lissa,” he looked horrified to see me there. “I told you to get out of here!”


“And I told you that I wasn’t going to leave you,” I replied through gritted teeth. His shoulders drooped in defeat as one of the men grabbed my arms and twisted them behind my back. I winced.


Derek stood himself up straight, dusting off his suit. I noticed, with satisfaction, that his nose was bleeding a little. He put his face in front of Daniel’s.


“How did you end up so feisty when your father is so spineless?” he asked, mockingly. Daniel turned his head away from him. “Take them to the room downstairs, Evans will be here soon enough,” he snarled at us before storming down the corridor.


We were dragged downstairs and thrown into a room that had stacks of boxes along the walls. This time, the thuggish looking men stayed in the room, watching us.


“You should never have come here tonight,” Daniel whispered into my ear as we stood in the centre of the large, darkened room, not knowing what else to do.


“What did you mean when you said you saw me?” It took me a moment to realise he was talking about the lame confession of my visions.


I was just trying to string some words of explanation together when the door opened. Derek walked in, blood cleaned from his face. He walked over to one of the stacks of boxes and placed a hand on top of them.


“Do you know what’s in here?” he asked us. I had a good enough idea. Drugs. “Very valuable stuff, it is. Do you know how long your father has been selling this stuff on for me?” Daniel wasn’t even looking at him but he continued anyway. “Five years. Five years he has been making money for me, gaining a healthy profit for him as well, I made sure of that.” He said it as though he was building himself up as generous. “Then one day he took a load of the stock, to sell on, I assumed. But he didn’t turn up with the money. Vanished.” His eyes narrowed. “I don’t like to be made a fool out of. I won’t let anyone get away with taking what is mine.”


I scoffed. “Your precious daughter thinks you went from being broke to being a millionaire through hard work.” He paced towards me. “I wonder what she’d think if she knew how you really paid for her designer clothes.”


The back of his hand came across my face so quickly I didn’t see it coming. My eyes watered from the stinging. As he turned around, Daniel moved forward, ready to lunge at him again. I put a hand out to stop him and gave him a warning look. With a pained expression, he stopped trying to walk towards Derek. He reached a hand up to tentatively touch my cheek, an apologetic look in his eyes.


“Such attitude, Lissa,” Derek uttered whilst turned back around to face us. “You may want to learn to bite your tongue whilst I decide what I’m going to do with.”


I glared at him from across the room. He smirked before walking over to one of the men by the doorway, having a hushed discussion with him. I tried to pick up their conversation but I could barely hear them. After a few moments, he stood there watching me, pondering. It unnerved me.


“You do know that I can’t let you out of here,” he put a hand into his pocket, “don’t you, Lissa?” Then he pulled out a gun. I don’t know why it shocked me so much, I should have expected it. The guy was clearly crazy, why wouldn’t he have a gun?


Daniel quickly moved himself in front of me, staring at the gun in Derek’s hand. A wave of panic swept over me as I realised that there was no getting out of this.

I jumped when the door behind Derek swung open, suddenly. A man stood in the doorway with two of Derek’s henchmen behind him.


“Let them go, Derek,” the man’s voice rang out. “You’ve got what you wanted, I’m here now.” Daniel tensed and took a small step back. I quickly realised who the man in the doorway must be.


Derek’s eyes gleamed as he turned to face Daniel’s father. “I knew you’d show up, not as selfish as we’d like to make out, are we Evans?” he said to him with a false cheeriness to his voice.


“Where’s Charlie?” Daniel’s father glanced over at us, his expression unreadable. He was a tall man, quite well built, but didn’t look like he’d stand a chance against the men standing next to him.


“He got out,” Derek shrugged. “An error on my part. It seems that I underestimated your eldest.” He waved his hand in Daniel’s direction. Daniel locked eyes with his father for a second. His father looked wary, wary of how his son would react after years of not seeing each other. Daniel took a cautious step forward, towards him. “No, we’ll talk in a moment,” Derek continued. “But first I really do need to take care of the girl.” He turned back to face me, raising the arm the held the gun. I froze as I saw his hand twitch at the trigger. Sheer panic took over as I realised there was nothing I could do.


Suddenly, I saw Daniel’s father launch towards Derek and shove him to the floor before the two men either side of him could do anything to stop him. The gun went off but the bullet hit the wall. I didn’t have time to be relieved. I ran towards Daniel as his father and Derek grappled on the floor. With the other men in the room trying to pry the pair apart, I saw a clear pathway to the door. I grabbed Daniel’s arm and headed for it.


Once we were out into the corridor, Daniel suddenly pulled away.


He was frantic. “I can’t leave him, Lissa.”


“Then we’ll go get help,” I replied, eager to put as much distance between myself and this place as quickly as possible.


“Derek will have killed him by then!” Daniel ran back to the door.


I was about to follow him when the wave of dizziness hit me. I stopped and leaned against the wall. Please, not now, I thought as the prickling started to spread across my scalp. I closed my eyes and the image started to clear in my mind. It was Derek, lifting his head up from the floor, reaching his hand out for the gun near him and pointing it. The image went away before I had the chance to see where the gun was pointing. I straightened up quickly, fear rising in my chest.


I hurried towards the door, hearing the scuffle inside.


The gun fired as I reached the doorway.

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 02:35 PM

I really did love the chapter.

I just forgot to comment, sorry I'm feeling a little messed up at the moment.

Please update.

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 03:41 AM

I really did love the chapter.

I just forgot to comment, sorry I'm feeling a little messed up at the moment.

Please update.


Thank you! I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling messed up :( Hope you're alright! *hugs*

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